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牛郎織女 Cowherd and the

Weaving Girl

傳說在很久很久以前,民間有一位少年 從小便與一頭老牛一起在村莊生活。 因此,人人都稱他為牛郎。 A long time ago, there was a legend about a boy who played with his cow since he was very young. The boy was so close to his cow that everyone in the village started calling him “Cowherd.”

一天,老牛突然開口對牛郎說話:「今日你到 碧蓮池去,那裡會有七位下凡的仙女在洗澡遊 玩,池邊會有她們的衣裳。你去藏起紅色的那件 衣裳,找不著衣裳的仙女將會是你的妻子。」 One day, to Cowherd’s surprise, his cow spoke to him. It said, “Go to the Bi Lian Lake today. You will find seven beautiful fairies having a bath and playing in the lake. Take away the red dress by the lake and hide it. The fairy whose dress you have hidden will become your wife.”

牛郎聽從老牛的吩 咐來到碧蓮池。果 然,池中真的有仙 女在洗澡。機會一 到,牛郎走去拿走 紅色的衣裳,那正 屬於織女的。

Cowherd followed his cow’s instructions and visited the Bi Lian Lake. While the fairies were playing happily, Cowherd quickly grabbed a red dress without them noticing. The hidden red dress belonged to one of the fairies whose name was Weaving Girl.

仙女們洗澡完畢後便各自穿回衣裳,其餘六位 仙女相繼離去,只剩下織女一個。牛郎便出去 與她相見,還告訴織女,只要答應與他結婚便 會把衣服歸還。織女答應了牛郎。 After bathing, the fairies decided to put their clothes on but Weaving Girl could not find hers. The six other fairies left the lake, leaving Weaving Girl alone. Meanwhile, Cowherd appeared in front of her. He promised to give Weaving Girl her dress back if she was willing to marry him. Weaving Girl accepted his proposal.

過了不久,織女的母親王母娘娘發現女兒很久沒有 出現了,於是便下凡看個究竟。她看到獨自在家的 織女,便挾她返回到天廷。

Soon after their wedding, Weaving Girl’s mother, Queen Wangmu, realised that her daughter had been missing from Heaven for a while and thus she started looked for her. She was very upset to have discovered that her daughter was living at a new home with her new husband. She sent Weaving Girl back to Heaven.

此時,織女發現牛郎 苦苦的從後追趕,王 母娘娘眼看牛郎快要 追到,便拔下頭上的 金簪,輕輕一揮。瞬 間一道天河就出現 了,將一對恩愛的夫 妻分隔兩岸。 On their way back to Heaven, Cowherd rushed out from his home and called his wife’s name in the hopes that she would return. Queen Wangmu quickly sliced the sky with her hairpin and a silver river was formed. From then onwards, the two lovers were banished to opposite sides and never saw each other again.

但是,他們並沒有放棄,一直盼望著對方。 終於,他們忠貞的愛情感動了王母娘娘。王 母娘娘只好答應他們,在每年農曆的七月七 日,喜鵲會為他們築成一道橋,讓他們可以 越河,與對方相會一天。這個動人的故事一直 在民間傳頌,中國姑娘會在這天為自己祈願, 祈求天賜良緣。 Cowherd was so in love with his wife that he never gave up chasing after her. His love towards his wife touched the Queen and at last, the Queen allowed them to meet each other once a year. She promised them that on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge so that the couple could be reunited for one day. This legend has since been passed down to Chinese women and each year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, in memory of the two great lovers, Chinese women will pray for their own happy

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Cowherd and the Weaving Girl