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Letterpress Cards Our Letterpress Cards are designed and printed by us using hand-mixed inks, applied one colour at a time to give them a unique look. They’re printed on card with a soft, tactile texture, which makes them great to look at and lovely to hold.

Fish Face


Mucky Paws

Naughty Cats

Naughty Cats

Naughty Cats

Code: L-C-NC01

Code: L-C-NC02

Code: L-C-NC03

Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button

Four-Leaf Clover

Birthday Present

Rich Tea Biscuit

Custard Cream

Coaster Cards (It’s a girl)

Coaster Cards (It’s a boy)

Coaster Cards (Good Luck)

Coaster Cards (Birthday)

Coaster Cards (Birthday)

Coaster Cards (Birthday)

Code: L-C-CA01

Code: L-C-CA02

Code: L-C-CA03

Code: L-C-CC04

Code: L-C-CA06

Code: L-C-CA07

Gold Star

Nice Biscuit

Digestive Biscuit

Coaster Cards (Congrats)

Coaster Cards (Thank You)

Coaster Cards (Thank You)

Code: L-C-CA05

Code: L-C-CA08

Code: L-C-CA09

Coaster Cards Our Coaster Cards include four different biscuits; ‘It’s a boy’ and ‘It’s a girl’ Cute as a Button cards for new arrivals; a good luck four-leaf clover; a gold star to offer your congratulations and a birthday present to mark that special day. We’ve also added a new range of Brilliant Beard cards for the furry- faced gentleman, Many Thanks cards (to say just that) and a variety of other new designs too.

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2016 Product Catalogue  
2016 Product Catalogue