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DESIGN PHILOSOPHY My design philosophy goes around these titles that I have read in life and that I hold on to them. • “GREAT DESIGN IS PLEASING, Take your pleasures seriously” - Charles and ray Eames. • “THE DETAILS ARE NOT THE DETAILS. THEY MAKE THE DESIGN” - Charles Eames. • AIMING FOR WOW • PERSUE RELEVANCE • “A DESIGNER IS A PLANNER WITH AN AESTHETIC SENSE” - Bruno Munari So putting all together I think we should design thinking about the most relevant things but paying attention to the details, because are these the ones which at the end makes a Project be WOW ones.





U LOFT A loft for a couple at the Cotton Sail build in Savannah. Made for a couple at they’re early 50th. both are collectors of very unique items as door knobs and wine, therefore their collections were used as an active part of the design.

PICK-EAT For Pave competition. the concept was based on the feeling of wellness you have after eating a food you know it’s quality. If you know the ingredients you can pick better what you want to eat and feel better. This let to the concept PICK-EAT What brought the idea of creating little stations where you could learn the info about the prepared food, buy it and pay it right there or buy only the ingredients. I create 2 paths, the express path to just grab the displayed prepared food and the other more slowly to order your food, learn the recipies and take time to look for the ingredients.

PICK-EAT was based on the search of Spain urban markets. “mercaditos” where everybody loves to go eat, enjoy and take some drinks but adapted to the Brand and location.

United parts for H&M visual group offices Was a group project, where each one had a floor. The floor shown here is the second floor, where the visual team had their offices. This company has open door policy working. to follow this idea, we use an open floor layout with only one close office for the directors, but made with curtain walls so they would be still connected.

METAMORPHOSIS For YMCA The building elements are adapted to create new forms for new functions. this gives a fresh look while preserving the YMCA’S original essence.

Movable walls to articulate a big space into smaller spaces that can be adjustable.

CAPSTONE Equestrian training/ therapy center



boat rider

29” LOA: 29’ LBP: 21’ 35’’ breadth: 8’ 5” Depth: 7’ 74” - 4’ Power: 2 x 200-hp Yamaha F200 4-stroke




Surrealism work. thoughts and words that never are going to be heard or cause a major change in the world because they are trapped in people’s insecurities. Explaining Peiling Gallery’s eviornment, sourrondings and location characteristics graphically.


Grey Markers rendering. for Rendering class. White chalk and eraser technique over black background. Drawing class. Sushi Restaurant. a Relaxing yet exciting place acomplished by the open layout, the use of windows, light and colors.


Both rings were made using hard stones and silver. with different techniques for the round band. Cooper piece cast in water, for the final neckless piece. Jewerly class Cuttlefish cast leaf plate. with a leaf motive.


Furniture class. receiver table. not negative vibes allowed at home Maca-roons, material class. connection without any type of glue


Maria El Masri portfolio  
Maria El Masri portfolio