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Weight Loss By Metabolic Boost There are weight loss programs by the score, offering diet pills of an abundant variety, diet restrictions like grapefruit-centered, protein-rich, fat-depleted plans, powdered blends, chalky drinks (with no taste like any chocolate from Nestle, Hershey or See's!) and TV-advertised mail-order wheels and steps and pads and chairs and contraptions of every size and shape to shape your butt, abs and biceps.

These products are all directed to the goal of weight loss by two basic approaches: diet and exercise. Some of these products make sense and accomplish their claims; others are sham and shame in a box. What is a person who wants to lose weight to do?

For some, purchased programs that show results are beneficial and are praised by many prior customers. For others, a personal approach is best, either economically or by personal choice. Whatever, the achievement of weight loss by all of these offers is through two joined objectives: diet and exercise. Both always have been and always will be the keys to weight loss.

The simple facts are these: to gain weight, we must consume more than we burn. To maintain weight, we must equalize eating and exercise. To lose weight, we must burn more than we eat.

The eating side seems to be simpler and cheaper than the exercise side of the equation. Time and expense for benefit gained is often a problem. Sure, you would like to join the gym and exercise on the expensive equipment you could never purchase even if you had the room. You often do not.

Exercise is a holy of holies of weight loss, but it is also true that some exercise routines are better than others, just as some foods are healthier than others. The holy of holies in exercise is metabolism. Finding exercises that will give the greatest benefit of boosting metabolism is the key.

For example, there is a simple index finger exercise in two variations. One variation would have you tuck the other three fingers and thumb into a fist, leaving the index finger extended. Rotate the index fingers through their full, approximately 45 degree range of motion, up and down, over and over. The second variation has the same set up, but instead of mere flexing the straight digit, as you flex, truck the index finger on its two outward joints and re-extend them at each extreme position of the rotation. The

second variation involves more motion and, from the fingers' perspective, increases metabolic rate. They will derive far more benefit of the exercise than the first variation.

The same is true of the entire body. If a simple, 4 or 5 mile walk in the neighborhood is a good exercise – it is! – and you habitually make that walk in one hour, either increase the length of the walk, or better, increase your speed of walking. This will boost your metabolic rate and achieve aerobic status; that is, deriving the greatest benefit to your heart, much sooner and enduring longer during the walk.

Weight loss by metabolic boost  

There are weight loss programs by the score, offering diet pills of an abundant variety, diet restrictions like grapefruit-centered, protein...