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Top Tips For Writing A Successful Marketing Email by mac Addison

Email marketing is an important strategy for promoting your business. However, studies show that most marketing emails go unread. Follow these tips to write an email that will not only get read, but will also bring in new customers. Create an Outstanding Hook If a potential customer has opened your email, you’ve already succeeded on one count. Now your job is to grab their interest. The best way to do this is with a one or two sentence hook that not only reels them in, but also very concisely summarizes the whole point of your message. Be sure to clarify what product or service you’re selling, why they should buy now, and what the particular benefits are. Doing this in one or two sentences is not easy. Take the time to compose this hook carefully, rewriting as many times as necessary. Remember, without a superior hook, the chances of your reader continuing are extremely slim. Keep Your Writing Clear and Simple If following the line of thought in your email becomes cumbersome, potential customers will certainly stop reading and move on to something else. Do your utmost to ensure that your writing flows well. Avoid superfluous words and flowery language. A good marketing email is direct, clear, and simplistic in style. Don’t Make Your Email Too Long This is probably the most common mistake you’ll encounter in marketing emails. Some go on and on with countless paragraphs describing the virtues of the product they’re selling. Unfortunately, rather than convincing your potential customer to make a purchase, with this type of email, you are much more likely to bore them. Being too verbose also can make you seem desperate to make a sale—the one thing you’d like to avoid. So, keep things as short as possible. As a general rule, this means don’t let your email go over four paragraphs. Keep Your Target Demographic in Mind Who is most likely to buy your product? Is it teens, parents, or retired individuals? You’ll want to make sure that your email copy properly speaks to this target audience. Try to use a mode of writing that is most appropriate for this group. If you’re unsure, browse websites of other companies with similar target customers. Become accustomed to how they write and organize their contents. Then, once you’ve drafted your email, try to get a few friends who are part of this population to read your letter and provide feedback. Make An Immediate Sale Studies show that once a person closes a marketing email, they are unlikely to return to it later. In

this realm, making a sale is a now or never endeavor. So, offer lots of reasons and incentives for your reader to buy immediately. Special promotions and sales are an excellent way to accomplish this. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to writing a successful sales letter. Email marketing services in Boston can also help to ensure that your company has a promotional email that will lead to real sales.

Top tips for writing a successful marketing email by mac addison