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Tips For Creating and Maintaining A Successful Company Blog For those who are unfamiliar with the blogosphere, creating a company blog can be an intimidating prospect. Blogs, however, have become an important marketing tool that you should not miss out on. These tips will help you get started on creating and maintaining the perfect blog to promote your business. Find a Host for Your Blog There are many different blog hosting sites available today. Several are free and some charge monthly fees which are generally quite modest. Scan some online reviews of the various sites before choosing. Pay particular interest to topics such as ease of use and the availability of customization. If you're already a reader of blogs, one good strategy is to review a few of your favorites and see what host sites they are using. Write Posts that Are Truly Interesting The key to successful blog marketing is to make sure that your writing is interesting, and does not read like a sales pitch. Choose topics that relate to your company and product, but don't directly advertise. For example, if your company sells cosmetics, write short tutorials on how to properly apply eye shadow, or provide your own reviews and comments on the make-up worn by celebrities at the latest awards show. The key is to keep things relevant, current, and useful. Include Visuals The majority of the most successful blogs are also the most visually appealing. Readers love looking at bright and attractive photographs, in particular. If you're an accomplished photographer, feel free to take relevant photos to accompany each of your posts. In the blogging world, including as many as five or six photos in one post is often entirely appropriate. If you're not good at taking pictures, enlist the help of a friend. You can also consider using photos you find online. If you choose this route, however, it is imperative that you pay close attention to copyright issues. Some pictures are open access, and can be used by anyone; some require paying a fee, and others are free but require that you include a byline crediting the author. Make sure you follow these rules scrupulously to avoid potential legal problems. Update Regularly If your blog is stagnant for too long, people will forget about it. Regular posts keep things fresh and lively, and also demonstrate that your company is active and competitive. Small blogs should try for weekly posts, while those aiming for a larger following will want to include about three new posts per week. Be Interactive A blog is not a one-man show. The entire point of blogging is to interact with others, creating lively dialogue and interaction. Make sure your blog is set up to allow comments, and then check these comments regularly. You'll want to respond to your commenters and keep the discussion

interesting and spirited. Developing a blog can be an excellent way to expand your company's marketing strategy. In addition to following these tips, enlisting the assistance of an internet marketing agency can help to create a blog that will bring in business.

Tips for creating and maintaining a successful company blog  

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