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Things To Do While Waiting For Your Car's Oil Change Studies reveal that many people cite being too busy as one of the number one reasons for postponing necessary oil changes. Unfortunately, neglecting to get your car's oil changed at regular intervals can lead to a reduced lifespan for your vehicle. Getting an oil change isn't actually that time-consuming: drive-thru services can take approximately 15 minutes, while conventional companies take up to an hour, depending on wait time. Busy individuals will want to make the most out of this time, though, so check out this list of things to do while waiting for your oil change, and enjoy the benefits of multitasking. Work on Your Laptop

Increasing numbers of auto body shops are now offering free WIFI for waiting customers. Call in advance and inquire about whether this service is offered. If so, you can catch up on email correspondence, or shop online while waiting for your oil change to get completed. Have Lunch Many oil change companies and auto body shops are conveniently located just outside of shopping malls, or in busy business districts. By choosing a well-located shop, you can often fit an oil change in during your lunch break. Call in advance to see how busy they are. Most shops will let you drop your car off, leave for lunch, and pick it up within less than half an hour. Exercise Fitness is another thing even the busiest individuals need to find time for. Try multitasking by exercising while you get your oil changed. If there's a mechanic located near your gym, this would be an obvious option. Otherwise, you could always speed walk in the neighborhood while you wait for your service to be completed. Most companies will be more than happy to take down your cell phone number and give you a call once they're finished. Get a Haircut Getting your hair cut or another salon service such as a manicure or eyebrow shaping usually takes about the same amount of time as getting your oil changed. If both businesses are located within walking distance, you can easily drop your car off and then go get your hair done while you wait. You'll enjoy relaxing and being pampered at the salon while knowing you're simultaneously taking care of an important errand. Catch Up on Reading Even if you'd rather not leave the auto shop while waiting for your oil change, you can still multitask.

Almost everyone has something they've been meaning to read—a magazine that arrived in the mail weeks ago, important work documents, or that novel everyone has been talking about recently. Plan in advance, and bring reading material with you to your oil change. Time will pass more quickly, and you'll feel better knowing that you're using your time wisely by catching up on something you've been meaning to do. If you want to extend the life on your car, and keep it running properly, getting an oil change is not optional. Busy people can easily fit this into their schedules by following one of these recommendations for multitasking.

Things to do while waiting for your car  

Studies reveal that many people cite being too busy as one of the number one reasons for postponing necessary oil changes. Unfortunately, ne...

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