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The Benefits Of Losing 10 Percent Of Body Weight It may be alarming to realize that losing 10 percent of current body weight may not be sufficient to achieve a body mass that is considered healthy. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control, a person of 5 feet, 9 inches height should have a normal, average weight for appropriate body mass index (BMI) of 147 pounds. A person of that same height who weighs 200 pounds is considered overweight, almost obese, and a loss of 10 percent of body weight, 20 pounds, would still have excess body mass to be considered having normal BMI.

However, that person weighing 180 pounds rather than 200 pounds is going to feel better, have more energy, and will have a greater positive impact on health than if that person merely stopped gaining weight but held at 200 pounds. Added to that, the person will feel more motivated to continue on the path of weight loss. Loss of another 10 percent, 18 pounds, would then achieve the normal range for body weight and BMI.

The initial 10 percent loss will have an overwhelming effect on overall health. Here's a few reasons how and why:

Being classified as overweight (let alone obese) is associated with heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and diabetes; just to name a few of the top contenders for cause of death. The first three in that list are the top three causes of death in the world.

A person should be able to lose 10 percent of body weight just by adjusting their diet to a healthful combination of fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products, and by limiting their consumption of excessive fats (although a small percentage of fat is necessary in a healthy diet).

This change alone, without incurring expense for fad diet pills, powder blends and diet drinks, will likely mean an economic improvement on the personal bottom line. Here's why: fresh

foods of the kinds listed above are virtually always around the perimeter of the supermarket. Most of the processed foods are in the middle and they cost more than fresh foods. Stay on the perimeter, keep fat to a minimum and lose weight. The goal of 10 percent could be achieved in one or two months.

When we snack in between meals, our preferred choices are sweets and fats; feel-good food. This paradigm must also change. Fresh or dried fruit is sweet and has the added benefit of vitamins and minerals in abundance. Nuts provide protein along with a more sensible quantity of fat. Take the 2 months above and potentially reduce it by half just by making this added change.

Get moving. Walk to the supermarket. Walk to the mailbox, but first, take a daily walk around the block. Make it two blocks, then more. Get to know your neighbors. Walking is a low-impact exercise that will still give you aerobic exercise if it is brisk.

Just these few suggestions will achieve the goal of losing 10 percent body weight in just a few weeks. But don't stop there; you're on a roll, but it's not a donut. If you are based in Scottsdale and want a Scottsdale based clinic, you can visit the following website: Scottsdale weight loss center.

The benefits of losing 10 percent of body weight  

It may be alarming to realize that losing 10 percent of current body weight may not be sufficient to achieve a body mass that is considered...

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