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The Benefits of Chiropractor Care Back pain is a frequent complaint. Not all back pain is the result of an outside influence, such as an automobile accident. In fact, the usual cause of back pain is due to excess stress by inappropriate, habitual motion. "But, I always move that way," is a common complaint during a chiropractic case history interview. It may be, and often is the wrong way to move. Perhaps the body has been flexible enough to compensate for the poor movement, but one day, it has had enough and complains. The result is back pain. However, due to the skeletal structure of the human body, the spine, which carries virtually all of the stress of upright posture and carriage in movement, including its skeletal features, but also muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, bears the tough duty of supporting and compensating for extremity movement. Sometimes, we just exceed its ability to do the job it is called on to do and it complains by the expression of pain. Chiropractic is beneficial in the treatment of back pain. Whether we have caused injury due to moving furniture, falling, or taking a direct hit in football or another sport, the chiropractor is equipped to manipulate the spinal structures to proper alignment to relieve the pain. Studies have shown that a chiropractor can also relieve stress and headache pain by manipulation of musculoskeletal structures of the back. Because the body consists of interconnected electrochemical and mechanical systems, the injurious effect in one area of the body can express pain somewhere else. Since virtually every system ultimately finds its way to and through the spine, chiropractic can address the spine to relieve the painful conditions occurring elsewhere. Some chiropractors will use what some may consider more conventional medical techniques, such as injections of medication directly into muscle, cartilage, ligaments and tendons to treat stresses in these tissues in addition to the hands-on manual adjustment therapy typically applied. These added procedures have proven to be effective in treating acute pain and accelerating the curative process. If a patient is under the care of a chiropractor and a medical doctor, both professionals need to be advised of the other's care to be sure the total scope of treatment is compatible. Both practices address the need to live a pain-free quality of life. It is wise to be sure both are in the loop of the patient's care and treatment in order to assure the goal is achieved quickly, efficiently and without unintended side-effects. If you are looking for more innovative information, you should visit the following website: Orange County Chiropractor

The benefits of chiropractor care  

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