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Standard Fractures An orthopedic doctor will treat a number of fractures in their medical career. Some of theses fractures will be simple and require the bone only be set so it can heal. Others will require surgical intervention to fix. Orthopedic doctors are ideal for treating bone fractures, because they have a deeper understanding of the way these bones fracture and what helps them to heal. There are 4 common fractures that an orthopedic doctor will treat. Displaced fracture - In a displaced fracture, the bone snaps in several places and moves so that the bones are not lined up straight. It is common for these fractures to occur as open fractures, meaning the bone will push out through the skin. When this happens, it usually requires surgical intervention from an orthopedic doctor to fix. In many cases, screws and wires will be needed in order to maintain stability of the bone and help it heal. Non-displaced fracture - In a non-displaced fracture, the fracture will appear in the bone, however the bone will still remain mostly lined up. In these cases, an orthopedic doctor might put the person in a plaster cast. In very minor non-displaced fractures, the doctor might even put the individual in a removable cast while the bone heals. Non-displaced fractures typically heal the fastest. Open fracture - An open fracture is extremely dangerous. In an open fracture, the bone will have broken and will be pushing out through the skin. These fractures are always displaced fractures that require surgery to fix. What makes an open fracture even worse is the severe likelihood of infection. When the skin is broken, the chances of bacteria getting into the blood stream go up significantly. That is why an open fracture will almost always require surgery and a stay in the hospital as the bone heals. Closed fracture - A closed fracture is much more common than an open fracture. In these cases, the fracture can be displaced or non-displaces, but the skin will not be broken. As long as the skin remains intact and the bone is not pushing its way through the skin, the fracture is considered a closed one. However, closed fractures can be just as complicated as open ones and can still require surgery to fix. There are many different types of fractures that can occur in the human body. The closed, open, nondisplaced and displaced fracture categories are simply the main categories of fractures that most orthopedic doctors use when classifying a fracture. Orthopedic doctors will treat a wide range of fractures in their careers and are usually the best judge of when surgery is needed over simple casting. If you are based in Bakersfield CA, you may visit the following website:Orthopedic Doctor Bakersfield

Standard fractures  

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