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Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Shoulder Surgery Unfortunately, you have been experiencing shoulder pain lately, and while you hope the solution is not shoulder surgery, there is a good possibility that it is. Your initial visit to your primary physician revealed that you did, indeed, injure your shoulder, which is not surprising considering the amount of pain that you are experiencing. X-rays were taken and your physician felt around your shoulder to figure out exactly where the worst part of your pain exists. The diagnosis was made and now, you are planning to visit an orthopedic surgeon to further discuss your options.

When you are chatting with your orthopedic surgeon, you and the doctor will discuss methods you can use to handle your symptoms, possible solutions to addressing your shoulder pain permanently, and how you are going to get back on the road to full mobility again. Naturally, just like anyone else would if they were sitting in your shoes, you are going to have questions for the surgeon.

Write the Questions Down

However, no matter how much people plan before their visit to the surgeon, they usually forget several of the questions that were on their mind. Before you go to the appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, sit down at the table with a pen and paper (or get your stylus out for your tablet or phone) and write down a list of questions that you have for the doctor.

To help you cover all of the bases, we have a helpful list of important questions to ask your surgeon at your appointment. Whether you plan to use your phone or your tablet or pen and paper or even a printed list, make sure that you leave enough room to write in some short-hand answers so that you can always refer back to it and you do not have to worry about remembering everything that the doctor says.

Shoulder Surgery Questionnaire:

1) What was the exact diagnosis?

2) Can you explain what was torn/ripped/fractured/broken?

3) Are there alternatives to surgery?

4) What will happen if I elect against surgery?

5) How do you do the procedure?

6) Do I need to get surgery within a certain amount of time?

7) Will the insurance that I have completely cover the surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation?

8) Who will perform the surgery? How many of this type of surgery have you performed? What were the outcomes?

9) Will the shoulder surgery relieve the pain and restore mobility?

10) What risks or complications do I need to be aware of?

11) How do I prepare for surgery?

a. Do I need to stop taking my medicines?

b. Herbal supplements/vitamins?

c. Preoperative preparations?

12) Will this surgery require me to stay in the hospital?

13) How long will I be home from work?

14) What can I expect from the rehabilitation program?

15) How soon will I be able to drive? Take a shower? Start doing physical activities?

16) Will I need to change my sleep position?

Add the questions that you have about shoulder surgery to the list, as well, and do not hesitate to spend as much time as you need with the surgeon at this appointment so that you are prepared to handle everything that you are going to experience.

Questions to ask your doctor before shoulder surgery  

Unfortunately, you have been experiencing shoulder pain lately, and while you hope the solution is not shoulder surgery, there is a good pos...

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