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PR Online For Startups Marketing and PR online can be an effective strategy for getting word out about your company, brand and products. As a startup company you will need to focus on different areas than a company that has been long established and already has a brand. Focus on the tips in this article to provide an effective strategy before product or company launch to enable the most effective marketing campaign possible.

Is it news?

Many startup companies make the mistake of feeling that just because they are opening for business that journalists and news outlets should feel it is a newsworthy story. However is almost 90% of businesses fail within the first five years of operation the opening of a new business is not always newsworthy in and of itself. Finding what is newsworthy to journalists, bloggers or other online media channels is the first item to be decided. Common ideas of newsworthiness include the business launch, a product or service launch, release of compelling data or surveys, news of a high-profile partnership or a response to a current event.

Throw the Right Pitch

Too often startups starts with a large and confused message about whom they are and what the attempt to do. Because it is their first attempt at a marketing campaign it is too often rushed for publication without ensuring its message is targeted, concise and value driven to invoke a positive response from consumers. Having the right marketing pitch can often mean the difference between growing or slowing revenues. For startups it can often mean their own demise. Startup should also consider different pitches for different audiences and ensuring that a pitch to a journalist or blogger is crafted for their intended target markets. Taking the time to customize your pitch for each market segment will prove a better strategy in the long run over trying to hit a home run out of the park on the first try.

Have Useful Assets

If you are going to write press releases ensure that they are concise and on point and never runs over one page. Bloggers and journalists in general read voraciously by skimming which means any written content needs to have a very effective headline in the most important points of the press release should be within the first paragraph. Also have media kits available including company descriptions, photos and screenshots of the product. Offering up unique data on the product to a blogger as an exclusive will also entice them more than getting a cattle call press release. Provide a two-way policy with bloggers and journalists online by following their twitter accounts and developing a relationship online to further enable your efforts of PR online.

PR online has evolved from simple websites and massive SEO efforts to concerted multichannel and targeted marketing campaigns that use a host of various tools and media outlets. Ensure that the future of your company is assured by using a multifaceted approach online in keeping up-todate with technological changes.

Pr online for startups  

Marketing and PR online can be an effective strategy for getting word out about your company, brand and products. As a startup company you w...

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