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Family Fun At A Hudson Valley Resort The Hudson River Valley is one of the most beautiful and historic locations in the United States. Lined with tourist attractions, the well-watered region is lush and green from spring until the trees color in the fall. It also features much geologic interest and was formed by glacial movement during the last ice age and further sculpted by the erosion of glacial Lake Iroquois, its remaining remnant being Lake Ontario, as these massive waters flowed into the sea. At the mouth of the Hudson is New York City on the left bank and New Jersey on the right bank. Left and right banks of rivers are designated from the viewpoint of moving downstream but in an upriver trip, NYC is on your right while New Jersey and the Palisades are on your left. Central Park in New York features huge stones and exposed bedrock rich with evidence of glacial scraping giving your budding geologists a point of interest to start their trip. A few days at the mouth of the river in New York will give you time to visit the top spots in the city such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Park, the city's world famous museums and perhaps even enjoy a theater night. Moving upstream, the towering palisades, cliffs of ancient rock left by the passing glacier, contrast with the flat floodplain on the other side. Beautiful during the growing season, both banks turn to rolling hills as you move north and in a bend of the river you'll find West Point, the jewel in the crown of the US Army's officer training corps. Well worth a touring stop, history was made here. Our finest military officers and not a few Presidents attended this academy. According to Paul Harvey, Jimmy Carter was half an inch too short to get into West Point and so he stood on coca cola bottles, rolling them back and forth to build up his arches and gain the tiny bit of extra height he needed. Continuing north, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow still haunts the landscape. The famous story was set in the middle Hudson area. The Hudson River Valley has an even earlier claim to US history than places like Boston, Philadelphia, and Lexington/Concord. Settlement began nearly a decade before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts when the Dutch established a trading post near the current State capital of Albany early in the 1610s.The more famous Manhattan settlement, called New Amsterdam, was used as a transshipment point for trade goods and as a defense point for the northern Dutch trade operations. European goods were brought in and traded to the Indians for pelts.

The river is as rich and lush with family things to do as the banks are lined with rich, lush forests and meadows, and in the area you can stay in a Hudson Valley resort. Picnic grounds, carnivals, local fairs, and celebrations, historic sites almost without number can all be found within minutes of the water.

Family fun at a hudson valley resort  
Family fun at a hudson valley resort  

The Hudson River Valley is one of the most beautiful and historic locations in the United States. Visit: