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Common Foot Problems Caused By Improperly Fitted Shoes With so many women searching for the perfect color, style and look in shoes, fit is often overlooked. Improper size and fit of a shoe can lead to a variety of foot problems. From toe deformities to painful corns and calluses, wearing the wrong type of shoe for your foot commonly causes foot problems. Below are common foot problems that are caused by wearing the wrong shoe size and too tight of fit: •


A bump or deformity that develops around the joint of the base of the big toe is known as a bunion. As the bunion grows it can become extremely painful. When the shoe pushes in the big toe, swelling and inflammation may occur. A bunion may require nonsurgical treatment or surgery when symptoms do not subside or cause a great deal of pain. •


Shoes that put pressure on the foot or rub against the toes and areas of the feet may cause calluses to develop. Constant pressure may push the toes together. As the toes rub together a callus may form. Some calluses may crack or split resulting in pain. •

Crimped or crossover toe

When toes are boxed in for long periods of time and cramped in a crimped position, crossover toe may develop. Women who wear the same type of toe cramping shoes are prone to developing this condition. Treatment may require spacers, taping the toes apart and wearing comfortable and roomy shoes. •


Corns are hardened calluses that develop when constant pressure is placed on the skin. Cramped toes that rub together may result in corn formation. Corns can be found on the outer region of the toes or in between the toes when pushed together. •

Diabetic foot problems

People with diabetes are at risk for developing foot problems due to a loss in sensation in the feet. Nerve damage, or neuropathy, in the feet prevents the person from being able to feel a cut, wound, abrasion or skin irritation. Too tight of shoes may result in blisters that can lead to infection if not cared for. •


When the toes start to curl instead of remain flat, hammertoes may develop. Hammertoes may be

genetic or caused by wearing too tight of shoes that cramp the toes together. When the toes are cramped the muscles become weakened and the foot remains in an abnormal shape. •

Ingrown toenail

Cutting the nail too short and the toenail growing back into the bed of the nail generally cause an ingrown toenail. When a person wears tight fitting shoes the toenail is susceptible to re-injury and infection. Constant pressure from the shoe may result in inflammation and pain around the affected nail. If you are based in Phoenix, AZ, and you have foot problem or if you want to know more, you should visit the following website:Foot Doctor Phoenix

Common foot problems caused by improperly fitted shoes  

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