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Clean Up Company Servers With Cloud Services Email once seemed like the optimal way to manage workflow, and its convenience has led to some unintended consequences. Many companies found, several years ago, that hosting their email clients on their own servers was an efficient way to maintain communications. However, with the ubiquitous nature of email in the business marketplace today, this has become a less efficient solution. Years of archived emails take up an enormous amount of space, and much of the data preserved is redundant. Yet today's employees are often very much dependent on email as a workflow tool, so simply clearing out old emails can lead to big problems. By utilizing cloud based services, your organization can solve the problem of emails piling up.

Different Needs, Different Solutions

One of the many wonderful aspects of cloud based data solutions is the fact that they're so flexible and very versatile. There are a plethora of different options to choose from, so you can find one tailored to exactly your organization's needs. There are cloud based email services that allow you to retain your company's personalized domain (so you needn't worry about changing every email address), or, if you still prefer to host your email software on your own servers, you can opt for a cloud based back up of your local data.

Going Completely to the Cloud

For many companies, choosing to migrate their email platform to an entirely cloud based solution is ideal. It cuts down on server costs, and it's frequently more cost effective to have the cloud service maintain the data there. However, this solution isn't for everyone. There are a variety of different hybrid solutions to choose from as well.

Cloud Based File Back Up

If the contents of the emails themselves aren't important for your organization to archive, you can select a service that simply archives the attached files you've sent. This can help save a great deal

of space on your own servers, even if you continue to host email there. This eliminates redundant files on your servers and offers a more streamlined solution for file back up.

Cloud Based Email Back Up

If, however, you'd like to save the contents of email as well there are plenty of options for doing this in the cloud. This can be done with or without hosting your email client on your own servers. With a professional team devoted to curating your cloud based back up, this can be a very cost effective solution as it allows you to clear out your own servers as desired.

The Choice is Yours

Whichever method you find best suits your organization's needs, you'll find that cloud email archiving, in some form, is quite likely to provide your organization with savings, greater efficiency, and streamlined data backup.You don't have to concern yourself with the amount of storage space, because you're not required to buy new servers to save more data--your chosen cloud service will take care of that for you. For more query, you can visit without any doubt: cloud email archiving.

Clean up company servers with cloud services  

Email once seemed like the optimal way to manage workflow, and its convenience has led to some unintended consequences. Click on: www.sonian...

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