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Deepening our Imprint

MAC has worked to strengthen communities through education, religious service and charitable giving since 1997. As we approach our 20th anniversary, MAC is deepening its imprint on many communities across the country by creating healthy environments for sharing experiences, programs, activities, and providing spaces where bonds can be established. With 15 chapters, and 35 projects including 13 community centres, MAC is delivering many programs and serving more people year after year. By investing in community infrastructure, by helping youth reach their potentials, by investing in the wellbeing of community members, MAC is deepening its commitment to the communities it is serving. From providing spiritual spaces in the heart of the financial district in Toronto to students harvesting produce to donate to local food banks in Edmonton, MAC is reaching more people and serving more communities across Canada. Not only are the reach of our services important, but also their quality. For example, in 2014, MAC Schools in Ontario are amongst the best according to the Fraser Institute ranking. Additionally, Olive Grove School in Mississauga, Ontario, attained the top rank in the province in 2014. Also, both Olive Grove and Maple Grove Childcare programs are ranked highly by the regional agencies regulating childcare services. MAC aims to inspire Muslims in communities across the Canadian mosaic to engage in community involvement and service not only within the Muslim community, but with every community, regardless of faith or background. As our organization charts its journey, we aspire to touch more lives and expand our footprint to many more communities, and welcome many more volunteers to help us reach our destination.

A Message from the Chair of the Board Asalamualaikum (Peace be with you), Though I am in my first year as Chair of the Muslim Association of Canada’s Board of Directors, what impresses me most in this privileged position is the commitment and keen sense of purpose of our members, the dedication of our volunteers, and the generosity of our donors regardless of their own financial situation. I believe the reason for this support is two-fold. First, MAC’s national footprint and reputation as a committed non-profit faith-based organization with a visible grassroots presence delivering programs and services that meet the needs of the communities. Secondly, MAC’s focus on youth and families over the years, as the foundation for building healthy and productive communities, is getting us noticed. We are constantly seizing opportunities to expand our programs and services and to collaborate with individuals and organizations. That comes with experience, commitment, and a clear sense of purpose. Building a generation of youth who will be future leaders, and stable families who are productive and contributing members of society is a formidable task. With your continued support and by working together, we can do it one day at a time. Wa alaikumasalam (Peace be with you), Abu Nazir Chairman

A Message from the Executive Director It is our pleasure to share with you our Annual Report 2014 - 2015. MAC had another great year as exemplified in the solid performance on the organization’s key priorities. Committing to the premise that stronger communities are built when people living in those communities can interact and participate in quality programs that meet their social, spiritual, cultural and recreational needs, MAC continued to invest in our children, youth, and communities. Indeed, our programs are growing in reach and scope, and our investment in our communities is bearing fruit. Our daily efforts in delivering tangible and meaningful value forms the core tenet in our commitment to you. Welcoming hundreds of youth into safe and welcoming community spaces every week, providing quality options for parents to send their children to, and creating community hubs where thousands of people meet, work and play every week are some of the services you can count on. It is the support, enrichment and impact our efforts provide to the lives of those we are serving is the most rewarding and empowering for our members, volunteers, and staff. Our measure of MAC’s social impact is determined by how effectively we leverage our national reach to deepen our presence in local communities. MAC provides inspired leadership and a strong voice in the community. This had put great demands on MAC. As we recognize that role, we spent considerable time in 2015 to strategize for the next 4 year term to steer the organization to the path of growth and sustainability. Indeed, we look for a day when our community will be held as an exemplary community and sharing the essence of what a true community of faith ought to be. For this to succeed, we need to partner with our volunteers, donors, neighbors, government officials, community partners, and civic leaders. We invite you to be part of this journey. Yours, Sharaf Sharafeldin Executive Director

About MAC MAC is a wholly Canadian organization that operates only in Canada. It is a religious, educational, social, charitable and non-profit organization. MAC provides services and programs designed to assist in the holistic educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual and family. A primary tenet of MAC is community involvement and service not only with the Muslim community, but with every community, regardless of faith or background, across Canada. Our practice of Islam is one that is balanced, constructive, and integrated, though distinct, in the social fabric and culture of Canada. MAC offers an approach that emphasizes the holistic message of Islam within the context of a pluralistic society and hence, a message that respects all faiths and Canadian institutions, traditions, and values. MAC believes that the personal development of every individual is key to a real and fruitful involvement in the community. It brings a balanced, constructive and engaged understanding of Islam that aims to inspire Muslims.

Our Chapters

LEGEND MAC School MAC Mosque/Centre

EDMONTON MAC Islamic Centre MAC Islamic School Alhuda Weekend School Creative Minds Preschool MAC Learning Centre



MAC Islamic Centre of Cold Lake

Al-Rahma School Ottawa Abraar Daycare Abraar Elementary Abraar Highschool Al-Furqan School Ottawa MAC Youth Centre Ottawa

MAC Community Centre - Vancouver Al-Bayan School


MONTREAL Laurentian Community Centre Alhuda School West - Le Savior Al-Bayan School Montreal Alhuda School (St. Lauren) MAC Islamic Centre of Verdun Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization MAC Scouts

MAC Youth Centre - London MAC Southdale Project

QUEBEC CITY MAC Information Centre

WINDSOR Rose City Islamic Centre Alhuda Weekend School Quran Academy


WATERLOO Kitchener Masjid Maple Grove School Islamic Centre of Waterloo Al-Huda Weekend School Masjid Aisha

Masjid Toronto - Dundas Masjid Toronto - Adelaide MAC York Islamic School Alhuda Weekend School

MISSISSAUGA Islamic Community Centre of Ontario Al-Otrojjah Quran Institute Alhuda Weekend School Olive Grove School Olive Grove School Daycare

OUR IMPACT Operating


110,000 people

15 cities

from Vancouver to Quebec City



projects across

1,290 volunteers devoting

113,740 volunteer hours

enabled to celebrate their faith and other community

240 programs and

3,120 sessions TOTALING



program hours

39,500 people served on a regular basis including

13,375 children 3,186 youth


434,400 participation opportunities1

THE STORY BEHIND OUR NUMBERS • 11,658 are benefiting of our school and after-school programs • 3,186 youth were served in various youth-based programs • 2,315 use our programs daily, and 9,380 attend our weekly programs • We have a strong and committed volunteer base where every program hour2 is supported by 3.8 volunteer-hours3

1. Participation opportunities is the number of spots created in the delivered programs. 2. Program hours are a measure of the length the programs delivered in hours. 3. Volunteer hours are a measure of the time volunteers put in support of the program delivery.


Community Engagement


Social and Spiritual




Recreational & Active Living


Children-focused programs Community programs




Youth-focused programs

16% Note: These are volunteer-based programs and do not include services like full-time schools and childcare services or weekend schools.


MAC adopts similar concept for “Healthy Community” as the one promoted by the YMCA (basically health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being). MAC is investing in infrastructure and programs to support healthy living.

BUILDING COMMUNITY HUBS 1 • MAC recognizes that creating healthy environments for sharing experiences, running programs, and conducting activities, are essential for communities to grow and thrive:

MAC operates 16 vibrant centres across the country, serving 26,500 people and creating 292,000 participation opportunities (social, recreational, education and spiritual) and 18,000 program hours supported by 71,000 volunteer hours. 2 • MAC invested in renovation projects across many chapters: - Laurentian Community Centre in Montreal, - Vancouver MAC Community Center, - Masjid Aisha in Guelph, Islamic Center of Waterlo in Waterloo, - Edmonton MAC Community Center, - Cultural Center in downtown Montreal.

- Modernize the Elevator at Masjid Toronto.

CONTRIBUTING TO ECONOMIC HEALTH OF THE COMMUNITIES - Creating 174 full-time employment opportunities and 522 part-time employment opportunities, majority in the field of education and early childhood learning. - Supporting many small-businesses and vendors and service-providers by either buying their services or increasing their exposure through our programs and events.

- Supporting other local charities across the country.

CELEBRATING OUR FAITH AND CULTURE This is the year Greater Toronto Area MAC Eid festival celebrated its 40th anniversary. From humble beginning as CNE Eid, it grew to a national festival celebrated in 6 cities and attracting 85,000 visitors. In addition to the Eid festival, MAC organized other cultural festivals such as The World in One City – Muslim Summer Festival in Ottawa attended by 20,000 visitors, the MAC multicultural food festival in Waterloo, Southdale annual festival, and Sister Gala in Mississauga.





Kitchener/ Waterloo Vancouver

COMMUNITY GIVING Through its signature program MAC Give, MAC facilitated many giving opportunities and opened doors for many Muslims to join hands with other communities and faith groups to help out:

- Feeding the homeless in Montreal downtown in collaboration with Old Brewery Mission. 2 • Promoting environment stewardship: - Tree planting – to date planted 1300 trees in Mississauga - Adopting a Park – Old Oak in Waterloo and Pine Tree Hill Park in Mississauga - Lachine Canal clean-up in Montreal - Earth Day activities through MAC schools. 3 • Building community connections:

1 • Supporting food banks across 6 chapters: - CANstruction project in Waterloo - won two awards, collected food items to make 40,000 meals. • Click on the links below for more information - YouTube video - CTV News - Qurbani Project – donating fresh meat from 195 lambs and Cow Udhiyas to foodbanks: Daily Bread and Flemington, and ISNA. - Farm harvesting and donating the collection to the foodbank in Edmonton. - GoodFood Box drive in Verdun QC - joint project with the United Church.

- Joined our veterans at Verdun royal Legion Remembrance Ceremony. - Holding Friday prayers at the Alberta Legislature to show support for the falling soldiers in Ottawa and Montreal. - Joined our neighbors at McDoughal Church for the peace walk in Edmonton, as well as sponsored Kites over Collingwood event. - Developed specialized educational programs: American sign Language based study circles, and Convert Connect educational program for new converts to Islam.


A Community Institution & A Cultural Icon The year was 1975, the CN tower was just completed and the Eaton’s Center was not open to shoppers yet, a new star was born. One of the largest Eid celebrations took place in North America was held in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Building in the CNE, where few thousands of the nascent Muslim community gathered to celebrate Eid. It was truly a glorious and memorable Eid. The morning prayers led by the late Dr. Ahmed Sakr from the US. The food was home-cooked and the children await from one year to another as it was their Christmas. Since then, the name CNE Festival persisted, thus, carrying with it an enduring legacy. Since early 2000, MAC has stepped up and taken over the mantle of keeping this venerable Toronto institution going and growing. Since then, the Eid Festivals grew in size and importance. The signature of the Festival is the Carnival which offers spectacular celebrations including fun-filled rides (includes mechanical rides, inflatables, Toddler Zone games), booths for video games, and for other activities like face painting and Henna painting and many shows like Magic show and Mad scientists to name few. The carnival also includes sport tournaments, a variety of international cuisines and a unique bazaar. It is becoming the destination for many people from across the GTA and beyond. Residents from these communities join the celebrations creating a supportive environment for their families to engage in this celebratory event. Historically, the event has maintained a focus to ensure affordability for low income families and new immigrants within GTA. As a result, the event has always provided free entrance and subsidized carnival passes. Built around the idea of affordability and accessibility, the whole layout of the venue will be reconfigured so that it will be barrier-free for people with disabilities. Services including sign-language interpreter was implemented. Signifying its importance as a cultural event, community, civic, interfaith, as well as political leaders attend the festival annually. The Hon. Premiers Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty, the Mayors of Toronto including Mayor Tory and Mayor Miller and several Ministers and MPs attended past events. Further, the Eid Festival is covered widely by the major media outlets including newspapers such as the Toronto Star to news channels such as CTV News, Global TV and OMNI television. Branded as MAC Eid Festival, it grew to become a national festival, celebrated in six major centers across the country, and enjoyed by 85,000 visitors this year alone. In addition to the GTA, the festival is currently organized in Ottawa , Waterloo, London, Windsor, Vancouver and Edmonton. On its 40th anniversary, we are committed to redefining the MAC Eid festival as a national cultural icon running across the major cities in the country, and showcasing the best cultural features in our communities through: - Celebrating and sharing our community cultural diversity and heritage. - Creating a forum to display the new Muslim Canadian art will be in display. This includes street art, wood work, calligraphy, and spoken word festival. - CuisineFest - our food court will feature many unique opportunity for local restaurants and chefs to show their delicious dishes in a grand fashion.


Built around an integrated educational model at the school and beyond, our programs created many growth opportunities in order to: • Enhance academic achievement. • Develop attitudes and behaviours for healthy and active living. • Develop artistic and creative talents through experimenting with many arts media. • Facilitate wide and comprehensive exposure to science, technology, and the world at work.

ENRICHING STUDENTS EXPERIENCE Fostering healthy living skills at an early age with an integrated approach that emphasizes active living, healthy eating, and youth leadership development is essential for raising healthy communities 90 programs including 1065 sessions were delivered encompassing 5500 program hours, 10,100 volunteer hours serving 4930 kids and creating 70,300 participation opportunities for: CAMPS:


10,830 participation opportunities SPORTS AND ACTIVE LIVING:

Education is the biggest investment in the future of children. At MAC, we champion the right of parents to choose the type of education for their children, and provide parents with quality alternatives to choose from. In 2015, MAC successfully: • Increased full-time enrolments by 30% to 1609 spaces. To achieve that, two new schools were established: Maple Grove School (KitchenerWaterloo) and Abraar Secondary School (Ottawa). • Increased childcare spaces by 42% to 205 spaces. Opened new childcare at the Maple Grove School and added 56 spots at Creative Minds in Edmonton. • Increased weekend school and Quran school enrolment by 295 to 6,550 spaces.

35,075 participation opportunities EDUCATIONAL: 10,619 participation opportunities SOME OF THE PROGRAMS RUN: 1. Enrich-It Summer Camp: 8 weeks day camp 2. Pearls of the Prophets – Live play on Stage, Living Arts Center at Mississauga. 3. Many sports programs focused on teaching fundamentals of movement and coordination. 4. Scientist in School and Let’s talk science. 5. Earth day Activities 6. MAC Youth Leads 7. Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts in Montreal 8. Various self-defence sports 9. Caribu Math Program 10. Aerospace Science and Engineering, MiniEngineer, Creativity and Innovation, and Go Engineering Girls.

OUR PROGRAMS HAVE WON RECOGNITION FOR QUALITY Olive Grove School was ranked the top school in the province of Ontario by the Fraser Institute, achieving a perfect 10 marks.


The Pearls of the Prophets – Act II Imagine capturing the essence of the stories of the prophets on live theatre. Over 100 students of MAC Olive Grove School from grades 1 to 8 did just that by enacting important scenes as described in the holy Quran. Building on their successes in the past 2 years, and with the support and mentorship of 42 adult volunteers, they dazzled and enticed the 1800 spectators who filled the Hammerson Hall in the Mississauga Living Arts Center as well as in Oakville Center for the Performing Arts. The show required 85 hand-crafted costumes, 45 home-made décor pieces, and more than 4 months of preparation and rehearsal. The Pearls of the Prophets II is depicting the message of unity and oneness of God through the miracles presented in the Quran. Indeed, it was spectacular show, and an enriching experience that made the ordinary special. This is part of the Enrich-It experience that students at MAC schools enjoy as the learning paradigm at MAC Schools is centered around the premise that the learning goes beyond the standardized testing, and class instruction. It focuses on enriching students’ experience in school and beyond to develop and nurture inquiring and creative minds. “Olive Grove School continually strives to enrich education through a wide variety of experiences. The advantage of enhancing the theory with hands-on learning methods is that students grasp difficult concepts more easily when they are having fun and seeing the theory of the curriculum bloom into something they created.” Explained Mr. Bakbak, the principal of OGS School. The value of arts as an educational medium is well known. According to the Ontario Arts Curriculum, learning through the arts fosters integration of a student’s sensory, cognitive, emotional and motor capabilities. The same point was articulated in a publication of the Ontario Arts Council “Making the case for Arts Education” in that the arts and artistic expression to enrich students’ lives by providing an outlet for creative expression, developing their aesthetic sense, and helping them see and feel the beauty inherent in shape, colour, harmony and movement. As part of our learning models, we hope to create an integrated program for the Arts that enable Canadian Muslims to express their narrative through multiple platforms of artistic expression such spoken word, visual arts, and poetry and stories.


Supporting youth through their journey to adulthood is very critical. MAC Youth aims to nurture and develop the potential of our young people through a model of development that places equal emphasis on learning as on community work. It utilizes mentors who are engaged and capable of fostering the development of agency, connectedness, and competence in youth. MAC DOES THIS THROUGH: • • • •

Promoting youth engagement initiatives Fostering youth leadership Promoting active living among youth Providing youth with opportunities to serve

Through 950 sessions encompassing 3,357 program hours and 11,800 volunteer hours, MAC served 2,886 youths creating 29,300 participation opportunities. MAC provided growth opportunities for youth through delivering many quality programs, such as MAC Youth Groups (SYG and BYG) – organized across 10 chapters. MAC Camp Awakening • Organized across 7 chapters. MAC Youth Socials • Organized across 6 chapters On-Campus Study Circles • Delivered at Carlton, Windsor and Waterloo universities.


YOUTH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: • 300 youth participated in the Rawahil Program: A two year Youth Leadership Development Program. • TIC or Tarbiya and Ilm Camp for youth leaders (Tarbiya is an Arabic term for personal development and Ilm is the Arabic term for knowledge). • CAM is a Canada-wide annual forum for MAC youth leaders to share successes, experiences and bestpractices. • LTP (Leadership Training Program) is a training program designed for MSA leaders. • Aspire to Inspire: A bi-weekly workshop dealing with contemporary issues faced by teenagers. • Provide volunteering opportunities for youth – MAC Eid Festivals, Muslim summer Festival in Ottawa, and MAC Give.

Celebrating our youth through EMAAN: • EMAAN is an achievement award Gala-style recognition program. It was expanded to 9 chapters and youth participated has increased by 43% to 911 students. EMAAN in Hamilton

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 2015-2020 connecting the dots — amplifying our impact


BUILD LEADERSHIP CAPACITY MAC is an important leader in the Muslim community and beyond. With that comes a huge responsibility to serve and to lead community building. In order to achieve that, MAC will focus on building human resources that enable growth and sustainability.


BUILD ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY Our strategies will be to utilize technology to build a management platform that enhances the operating management systems, governance across the organization, as well as improve resource mobilization, and enabling the expansion of data-based decision making.


EXPAND OUR REACH At MAC, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is a real premise. Our focus will be to enhance our ability to share expertise and best practices, to replicate programs and initiatives, scale up projects, and to leverage resources. Our footprint will be expanded through deepening our relationships with important stakeholders, expanding our networks, and forming new partnerships.


FINANCIAL VIABILITY MAC attains a strong balance sheet, but ensuring healthy growth and sustainable operations require strategic planning to develop healthy financial resources. Diversifying revenue sources, growing income from operations, and good fiscal management are key to ensuring financial sustainability. Our commitment to our stakeholders is that we will work diligently to ensure our programs and services will be delivered on the highest standards and efficiency.


Our audited financial statement for the fiscal year July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 was prepared by Deloitte LLP. The major highlights of the operations statement are below:


2015 (‘000)

2014 (‘000)




Programs Revenue



Other Income



Government Grants





2015 (‘000)

2014 (‘000)

Management & Administration



Fundraising Costs



Programs & Services






INVESTING IN OUR COMMUNITIES Managing the financial resources effectively and efficiently is one of the most important duties our board and executive team undertake. It is a balancing act between investing in our communities through program delivery and expansion of services, and ensuring long-term viability of the organization and managing risks around that. Therefore, the paradigm for managing the organization’s financial resources is constructed around three general principles: • • •

Program effectiveness Risk Management Community Impact

Strategically, MAC has been focusing on diversifying its revenue streams so that it can ensure sustainable operations in face of any risks such as a downturn in the economy, inflationary pressures and increasing financing costs, or other such risks. The organization is on track to meet some of its milestones on diversifying its revenue sources as highlighted in the chart below. The other strategy for managing risk has been ingrained in good management practices and the implementation of strategic safeguards to prevent losses or reduce their impact. “Effective governance requires strong foundation of ethical and legal processes and direction, and adequate controls to ensure appropriate oversight of the resources.” MAC adopted an “Anti-terrorism Policy” to ensure compliance with all anti-terrorism laws.





Programs Revenue

8% Government Grants



Other Income

PROGRAM EFFECTIVENESS MAC spends only 4% of expenditures on management, and 4% on fundraising activities. We use benchmarking as a way to gauge our performance. At 10%, it ranks very favourably compared to many charities of its size. This year, 92% of revenue was directed towards our programs and services, an increase of 2% from previous year. Our program spending has increased by 30% from the previous year, and by 57% from 2012- 2013 fiscal year. This increase is commensurate with the growth in services and the demand on those services.

92% Programs & Services



Management & Admin.

4% Fundraising


1% Donations to other charities

74% Direct program costs

25% Facilities costs


COMMUNITY IMPACT Above and beyond the auditing of accounts and compilation of the financial statement, we monitor and track the social impact of those investments on our communities. Putting it differently, it is our story in numbers. The major highlights are: • • •

Growth in program revenues by 15%. Increase in program spending by 30%. Increase in total assets by 3%, and reduction of liability by 9% through the payment of loans.


Increased full-time school enrollment by 31% Increased childcare capacity by 42% Increased part-time weekend schools enrolment by 28% Increased Quran classes by 87% Increased participation opportunities by 33% There is more focused effort to increase output per program-hour and volunteer-hour. On average, 15 people were served per program hour in this fiscal year compared to 9 people in the previous year. MAC is also making direct investments in the community by employing staff that includes teachers, daycare specialists, and other professionals.

“We must pass through the barriers of language and race, of geography and religion, of custom and tradition, and we must build on a common foundation.” —Vincent Massey 18th Governor General of Canada

With Vincent Massey’s appointment as Governor General, a new tradition began – he was the first Canadian appointed to the post, and from that day the Governor General has always been a Canadian citizen. Mr. Massey’s speeches often praised Canada’s cultural diversity and he was a champion of all Canadians. Mr. Massey’s term as Governor General was extended twice, first by Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent, and then by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker before he left office on September 15, 1959. Canada was developing a new confidence through its accomplishments in science, business and the arts, and Vincent Massey helped foster this positive identity. In 1961, the Massey Lectures, arguably the most important public lecture in Canada, were created in his honour. Source:

Why MAC Matters •

• •

Because MAC has a dream – to help Muslims build more caring and inclusive communities, where Muslims are well represented in various aspects of Canadian society Because MAC has a vision - To see a time when the understanding of Islam and Islamic values are commonplace in Canadian society Because MAC has the national reach and local presence to deliver on its mission. Where services are delivered across 15 chapters in welcoming environments for families. Because MAC has the capacity for growth and excellence. Espousing a strong framework for social change and community development, enabled by a strong and committed membership and volunteer base. Because MAC is investing in key priorities for our communities. Not only is developing new programs, but also is replicating successful projects across Canada. As a result, more youth are mentored, and greater number of children are enjoying quality programs that nurture their potential to become tomorrow’s leaders. Because MAC invests in our communities. Because MAC is making a difference every single day.

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