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Or at least that’s how it should be. With so much to deal with throughout the course of your day, from maddening traffic jams, to an ever increasing workload, the daily grind can indeed take its toll on body, mind and soul. But imagine, coming home after a tiring day, serenaded by the soothing sound of waves caressing the powdery white sand of the country’s first urban man-made beach. Welcome tomorrow morning’s sunny skies on a private balcony that overlooks your very own tropical paradise, or enjoy a romantic dinner by the water in one of two posh restos at a Beach Club designed exclusively by international icon, designer and celebrity, Paris Hilton. Life’s a Beach at the AZURE URBAN RESORT RESIDENCES, and this is the life you deserve. It’s beachfront property right in the heart of the City that’s yours for the taking. Call Century Properties today.

(632) 818-9041 (63) 917-555-5274

THE AZURE is located on SLEX (West Service Road) between the Bicutan and Sucat Exits, directly adjacent to SM Bicutan – about a 15 minute drive to Alabang in the south, and 10 minutes to Makati in the north via the expanded skyway. Authorized to sell by HLURB: LTS # 24077 (Rio), LTS # 23646 (Santorini), TLTS No. 12-04-018 (Positano), LTS # 25655 (St. Tropez) and TLTS No. 12-05-020 (Miami). Azure Urban Resort Residences Rio Tower will have 756 residential units and 184 parking slots. Santorini Tower will have 525 residential units and 86 parking slots. Positano Tower will have 597 residential units and 320 parking slots St. Tropez Tower will have 561 residential units and 127 parking slots. Miami Tower will have 559 Residential units and 309 parking slots. Target Project completion date is December 2012 (Rio), December 2013 (Santorini), November 2014 (Positano), December 2014 (St. Tropez), May 2015 (Miami). Azure Urban Resort Residences is being developed by Century Limitless Corporation, a member of the Century Properties Group. The design of the beach club by Paris Hilton does not in any way change the name of the project. In no way is Azure or Century related to Hilton Hotels Worldwide. Not for distribution in US and Canada.

Natural, Natural,Original Original

DMIDMI MEDICAL MEDICAL SUPPLY SUPPLY CO., CO., INC. INC. 2nd2nd Floor Floor DMIRIE DMIRIE Center, Center, Cabaguio Cabaguio Avenue, Avenue, Davao Davao CityCity Tel.Tel. (082) (082) 305-4400; 305-4400; FaxFax (082) (082) 300-4967; 300-4967; Mobile Mobile (0918) (0918) 902-3600 902-3600 Email: Email:

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extra energy, whether I am in a climb, underwater, joining adventure races, giving workshops, or just bonding with the family.

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Chairman of the Board Vice-Chairman President Vice-President, Operations Operations Manager Account Manager Account Manager Account Manager PR & Events Manager Special Projects Manager Accounting Officer Executive Assistant Business Services Consultant Legal Counsel Manila, Phils.


CARAMOAN SHINES: Raw beauty is what the Caramoan peninsula is all about. Photo by Erwin Lim

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P R E S I D E N T ’ S


Preparing for Our Flights November is the start of the peak season for travel and we are ramping up our service and fleet to better serve our passengers. Anticipating the arrival of new aircraft in line with PAL’s fleet expansion plans, we launched a series of PAL Recruitment Fairs to ensure we get the “best and the brightest” flight and cabin crew. Over the past 71 years, safety and service competence has made Philippine Airlines a cut above the competition. As such, molding young aspirants into ideal frontliners worthy of being labeled the flag carrier’s representatives in flight is a crucial step before their deployment on a PAL aircraft. Our PAL Job Fairs held in Manila and Cebu from August to October generated queues of young aspirants—all eager to carve a niche in the competitive world of flying. Our growth strategy, anchored on fleet modernization, network expansion and service innovation, can only bear fruit if these initiatives go hand in hand with getting and matching the right people with the right task. After all, the human factor plays a significant role in the strengthening of the “PAL” brand. As mentioned in last month’s issue, we will start flying to Toronto, our second destination in Canada, starting November 30. Toronto is Canada’s cultural, entertainment, and financial capital and a major destination in North America. There has been clamor from our passengers, particularly the large Filipino community, for a PAL service in Canada’s eastern seaboard. We heard them loud and clear and we’re excited to serve them. From the end of this month, the current daily service between Manila and Vancouver will be revised to four times weekly alternating with three times weekly non-stop ManilaToronto flights. The Toronto service (PR118) departs Manila every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 1:55 p.m. and arrives at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 4 p.m. local time on the same day. The return journey (PR119) departs on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 7:35 p.m. stopping in Vancouver at 9:30 p.m., continuing to Manila. The new destination is PAL’s 27th international route. Indeed, exciting days lie ahead for Asia’s first airline!

Ramon S. Ang

President & Chief Operating Officer Philippine Airlines

6 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

E D I T O R ’ S


Holiday Options

Photo by Justin Ventura


The young Koreans’ playful and relaxed fashion sense is evident in the bright colors and whimsical patterns. Photo by Jinyong Kim

ne of our special reports in this issue is South Korea whose progress is simply amazing considering it was devastated in the early 1950s when it was invaded by both the North Koreans and the Chinese. After the war, its economy was left in ruins and its per capita gross domestic product (GDP) was only US$70 in 1954. In 2011, or 57 years later, its per capita GDP is a whopping $31,700 and the world’s 12th largest economy. There is a special kinship between Filipinos and Koreans. In a recent travel conference in Kuala Lumpur, I sat in a table with two senior Korean travel executives and they expressed how deeply Still relatively undiscovered by throngs of grateful the Korean people are that the Philippines sent its own troops tourists, Calaguas’ pristine beaches and clear waters are its top draws. Photo by to join those of other nations during the Korean War. Now, Koreans Amer R. Amor. are one of the top visitors in the country. The other special report that we have is on the Bicol Region in Southern Luzon, which is famous for its spicy cuisine and Mayon Volcano – so picturesque because of its perfectlyconed shape. If you want to rough it up in style, the best place to stay is Misibis Bay where our writer, Amer Amor, spotted young American actor and singer, Zac Efron. He has got good taste. But if you want something really new and pristine with no signs of development yet, check out our feature on Calaguas in Vinzons, Camarines Norte. According to Amer, the waters are crystal clear and the sand is even finer than Boracay’s. There is no electricity but that might be a good thing because neuroscientists found out that by doing away with gadgets for at least a week, our mind With Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron all would be cleansed and our memory would praises for his brief stay at Misibis Bay, we improve. won’t be surprised if other celebrities will soon To round up your range of options on be spotted in the world-famous resort. Photo where to spend your Christmas holiday by Amer R. Amor especially if you are a first-time traveler to the Philippines, take a look at Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ personal top 10 list of Philippine spots. For off the radar destinations, Cynthia Rosenfeld has an interesting collection from visiting the ruins of Siem Reap (the filming location of the movie Tomb Raider) to going deep into the jungles of Malaysia.

Simeon S. Ventura, Jr. Editor-in-chief

For comments and suggestions, you can email me at 8 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012



(02) 836-6333 | (02) 908-8833


Newport City’s Newest Residential Address

Exclusive Marketing Arm:




At 101 Newport Boulevard, a new luxury residential address, you hold the world in your hands. And it’s a world that comes alive only at Newport City, the metro’s premier tourist destination. Explore a setting where the excitement is always high, the attractions are ever-changing, and the action unfolds 24x7. And discover a way of life that’s rich in diversity—and full of vitality—every single day.

Own a prime unit beside Resorts World Manila for as low as Php 15,000 /month.

(632) 855-7580 / 855-7583

TELS: E-MAIL: Newport City Information Centre, Newport City, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: Caramoan is a popular venue for the Survivors series, the latest of which is “Survivor: Philippines”. Photo by Rommel Bundalian


BeyonD tRAVeL

Get off the tourist trail and discover destinations that haven’t been overtaken by hordes of tourists and commercialism.

104 How to Pack Like a Pro


46 Priceless Budget Trips


Mingle with monks in Luang Prabang in Laos, make like Lara Croft in Cambodia’s Siem Reap, and sip a tea or two in Malaysia’s Langkawi.

36 Pahang’s Natural Wonders


Go deep into the green world of Malaysia’s lush jungles

38 Ahoy, Koh Samui


78 Bataan Back in Time


Travel back to the Spanish colonial past filled with impressive stone houses, horse-drawn carriages and cobblestone paths

42 Sulawesi’s Rustic Charm

Dive to your heart’s content in the coral-fringed Bunaken Island, climb up two active volcanoes in Tomohon, or admire the uniquely-colored Linow crater lake


Learn practical pointers for your next trip


68 Top 10 Local Spots Don your quirky headdress and follow Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ lead in ticking off the country’s prime locales


I I 20 I Travel Log 28 I In the News 32 I Milestones 108 I The Lighter Si 110 I Last Frame 114 I PAL Pages 08 Editor’s Note 18 What’s Up

Slip away from the hustle and bustle of city life and go sailing or beachbumming in one of Thailand’s star destinations

on tHe coVeR

Spotlight on Korea

From a country mired in war and poverty, South Korea half a century hence is now the center of phenomenal pop culture and fashion, Internetsavvy residents, and a bullish economy that is going nowhere but up.

We, at Philippine Airlines, are happy to have you on board. Please sit back and rela and allow us to make your flight enjoyable. For your own safety and convenien please observe the regulations listed on the back pages. “Mabuhay” is a Filipi verb in the form of a command: “Live!” It is also a wish: “May you live!” Whoev says it wishes you the great gift of a long and full life. It is both a blessing and a lus cheer. “Mabuhay” (ma-boo-high) is such a large word that it lends itself to a wi number of secondary uses: Welcome, Congratulations, Thanks, Godspeed, Hel

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LIVIN’ ON EASY STREET: Walking the brightly-lit streets of Seoul is always an exciting experience for any visitor, what with a dynamic and vibrant nightlife. Photo courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization.



Asia’s next party capital is definitely the place to be, from Seoul’s vibrant nightlife to Busan’s laidback beach lifestyle

From active volcanoes to fiery cuisine, the action in the Bicol region is sizzling


56 Seoul Delights


Shop to your heart’s content, binge on the freshest seafood, and go club-hopping in the world’s most wired city

64 Busan’s Top Beaches


62 They’ve Got the Look


Korean fashionistas strut their stylish stuff on the streets of Seoul

60 K-Pop Rules

Get a crash course on all things Hallyu (Korean Wave)

Check out this coastal city’s busy strands and see how hardworking Koreans have fun

ERRATA: The photos in the Masskara article in our October 2012 issue are courtesy of the Negros Provincial Tourism; in “A Sweet Life in Sugarlandia,” The Ruins photo caption should have read: “The Ruins was built by sugar baron Don Mariano Lacson in Talisay City.”

14 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012


92 Life on the Edge


Awaken your passion for adventure and food-tripping in Legazpi

88 Isle of Indulgence


Rough it up in style in Misibis Bay, the most luxurious resort in the Bicol region

96 A Trio of Thrills in Bicol


Know what makes Naga City tick, make a splash at CWC and take on Caramoan’s rugged beauty

100 Castaway in Calaguas

Ditch your gadgets and get “unwired” to enjoy this tranquil island to the hilt.


CYNTHIA ROSENFELD, contributing editor to Conde Nast Traveler, is an inveterate globetrotter who has covered the most decadent destinations and exceptional resorts worldwide. She has also contributed for the New York Times, Financial Times, The Huffingtonpost, TIME, and Mabuhay, among others. On pages 46-53, she shares practical tips on how best to enjoy three of her favorite priceless budget destinations. She says: The one extreme adventure I’d like to try before I die is dogsledding.

Soon to be based in South America, Xiamenbased freelance writer BIJU SUKUMARAN is formerly head writer of Xiamen Wave, focusing on travel, lifestyle, and culture. He also contributes for Travel PLUS (China), DestinAsian, Time Out: Beijing, and Eloquence, among others. On page 56, he explains why Asia’s next party capital is the “it” place to be right now. He says: The one extreme adventure I’d like to try before I die is go on a horseback tour of Mongolia.; www.

MATTHEW CRAWFORD divides his time between the Pacific Northwest, South Korea, and an ever-shifting list of new destinations. He currently resides in Seoul, South Korea, where he teaches in a university English department during the week and travels relentlessly on the weekends. On page 64, he surveys Busan’s most famous beaches where workaholic Koreans recharge and unwind. He says: The one extreme adventure I’d like to try before I die is the ascent of a 7,000-meter peak, preferably in the Himalayas, but anywhere else will do.

16 I Mabuhay Magazine I November2012

A formal naval officer, Hong Kong-based STUART HEAVER is a regular contributor to the South China Morning Post, as well as a number of international sailing and travel publications. On page 38, he sails to enchanting Koh Samui where adventure travel is given a luxurious and stylish treatment. He says: The one extreme adventure I’d like to try before I die is to sail an Arabian dhow along the old maritime trade route from China to East Africa and interview a band of Somalian pirates.

Freelance photographer ANNA LEAH DE LEON, an AB Photography graduate of De La Salle—College of Saint Benilde, finds great pleasure in traveling, alternative and indie music, and skateboarding. On page 78, she goes back in time in historic Bataan to experience the country’s Spanish colonial past in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. She says: The one extreme adventure I’d like to try before I die is skydiving. I’d like to feel the adrenaline rush while seeing the world in a different perspective.

W H A T ’ S

U P Photo by ARP/Kirstin



MALL OF ASIA ARENA, BAY CITY, PASAY CITY Music megastar and multislashie producer/dancer/ actress/entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez is bringing her first headlining tour to Manila’s Mall of Asia Arena. J-Lo showcases the best material from her 13-year, 7-album career. Check out her website’s Tour Feed for a backstage peek that includes performance clips and on-the-road interviews.


MERCATO CENTRALE, BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY, TAGUIG CITY Feel like taking an Asian food trip for a fraction of the price? Head over to the Asia Off the Streets Food Festival (34th Street and 8th Avenue, across MC Home Depot) for authentic dishes and cultural performances.

A surfer’s mettle and skill will be put to the ultimate test at North Shore’s Triple Crown of Surfing tilt, where waves are said to swell up to 50 feet high.



November kicks it up a notch with international surf competitions, moonlight movie screenings, and floating lantern celebrations.

NORTH SHORE, HAWAII This big daddy of surfing tournaments rallies top surfers at Oahu’s three famous breaks: Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipeline. Each spot presents unique challenges. The coveted title of overall champion goes to the person who outperforms across all three competitions, making him (or her) the world’s best bigwave surfer.

Photo by Harvey Tapan




ZAMBALES This 3-day festival combines sports, environmentalism, and music. Participants can compete in open-water swimming, kayaking, and biking. Noncompetitive activities include a picnic on Potipot Island, bird watching, and mangrove planting.

18 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

MAJOR CELEBRATIONS TO BE HELD IN BANGKOK, CHIANG MAI, AND SUKOTHAI Gather under a full moon to send bad vibes down the river. Festivities start at sunset when illuminated lotus-shaped raft (krathongs) are released to honor the Water Goddess Phra Mae Khongkha. This nationwide festival offers plenty of photo opportunities like fireworks and light shows.


BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY, TAGUIG CITY Watch free movies at the Fort’s upscale promenade during Cinemanila’s Moonlight Series. Grab snacks from the restaurants or bring your own. Each night features a double bill starting at 7 p.m. The Moonlight Series precedes the 14th Cinemanila International Film Festival, which runs from Nov. 23 – 25 and Dec. 1, 2012.



SHANGHAI Calling all culture vultures! China’s premier arts event transforms Shanghai’s outdoor spaces into a cultural gala. November performances include Chinese Opera, German Ballet, and a Russian Orchestra. Throw in Shanghai Art Museum exhibits and a Taiwanese magician for a celebration of world arts.






Palawan’s Newest Draw






The award-winning El Nido Resorts unveils its latest and most upscale island resort: Pangulasian Island. The eco-luxury resort features eight Canopy Villas, which will give guests a perfect view of Bacuit Bay; 24 Beach Villas, which boasts a private beach front view and easy access to its pristine waters; six Pool Villas; and four Kalaw Villas, located at a secluded cove of the island, a cluster that has a private pool and a Kalaw sala, which is ideal for private dinners and intimate gatherings. In typical El Nido style, the entire resort was designed to preserve the environment and take advantage of the natural topography. El Nido Resorts simply makes eco-sustainability so chic. Tel. no. +632 813 0000;

20 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

sPeCIal ProMotIoNal FeatUre

ChiC in the City adora BrINgs New MeaNINg to PersoNal style

Manila may not be listed as one of the world’s fashion capitals, but a local department store has put the Philippine capital on the fashion map. Adora stands apart for taking a refreshing approach to selecting its wares. The various departments are run by teams of “editors” rather than buyers, who scour the globe to compile an ever-changing mix of products. Adora is not about brands, but about editorial voice. It’s like that favorite magazine you trust whose editorial team consistently gets everything right. Customer service is another crucial part of the Adora experience. Its ”frontline” staff are experts in their products; hence, they can offer unparalleled advice based on the customer’s needs. Just as a fashion designer at the start of a season will focus on key themes and sources of inspiration, so do Adora’s editors establish themes and then travel as far afield as Paris, São Paolo, Antwerp, Madrid, or Istanbul to seek out a mix of brands and suppliers like no other. These “discovery” brands are bought in limited-edition quantities, often for one season only, following the editors’ themes and itineraries. Adora’s 2,500-square-meter space that covers two floors in the chic Greenbelt 5 Mall offers a mix of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories, fine jewelry, timepieces, beauty, fragrance, bed and bath, travel, and even a flower shop. Fashion is an important element of the store’s offering. The women’s and men’s wear brands include Missoni, 58 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Valentino, Givenchy, Jil Sander, Costume National, Neil Barrett, and Kris Van Assche, and accessories from Chloé, Anya Hindmarch, and Proenza Schouler. Adora values accessibility, and offers many “bridge” brands with entrylevel price-points. Ultimately, Adora aims to empower consumers so that they can make discoveries that reflect their personalities and taste. A visit to Adora is also a sensory experience. It has an atmosphere that encourages customers to meet, linger, and discover. The elegant interiors are refined, old school, and sexy, and mixes traditional classic aesthetic with timeless modernity. The result is an iconic design that has a sense of luxurious authority from the past, while at the same time being unmistakably modern. A fitting statement, as Adora is not about passing fads—its design will still be relevant in 25 years’ time. The merchandise, which appears to float tantalizingly within the space, is the hero of each department. The store’s subtle interplay of design elements is intended to be discovered over repeated visits, from the Lucite chandeliers that initially seem like shadows, to a revelation of how comfortable the chairs are, to a visit to the ladies’ mirrorclad bathrooms giving the impression of having entered a labyrinth. Adora is luxurious yet accessible, welcoming, and uplifting. It offers everyday wonders where each visit is a layered, sensory adventure involving new discoveries. Adora is located at 2/F and 3/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center Makati. Tel. No. +63 2 217 4029.



Japanese Cool Japan Foundation, Manila, is bringing to the Philippines one of Japan’s emerging designers, Takahashi Hiroko, for a one-day lecture on Japanese design, using modern product design principles in traditional Japanese crafts. The lecture will be on November 24 at 10 a.m. and a short origami workshop will follow. Takahashi Hiroko, a fashion design graduate of Saitama Prefecture Niiza Comprehensive Technical High School, studied dyeing at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. She worked as an artist at The Cité Internationale des Arts in 2005 and established her original brand, HIROCOLEDGE, in Japan in 2006. To reserve slots, email RCBC Plaza, Corner Ayala & Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenues, Makati City; +632 889 1234;

Stylish Dining at Rockwell Chef Jessie Rockwell Club fuses great food, relaxing ambience, and impeccable service. Bestsellers include the Spicy Tuna Salad, Rack of Lamb, and Princess Carmen. Art works are regularly featured here so your dining experience is made even more delightful. It also now serves an artisanal blend of coffee from select coffeeproducing regions of the Philippines. Ground Level, Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City; +632 8907630

Photo by Tom Falcon

Ballet + Music

Naga’s Newest Hotel Naga City has a fresh new landmark in the form of The Avenue Plaza Hotel, which features well-appointed rooms and suites, as well as complete business convention facilities. When business is over, head on to to two-level infinity pool for a relaxing dip. Meanwhile, the vibrant Café Plazuela is open 24 hours so you can always satisfy your cravings. TripAdvisor also awarded The Avenue Plaza Hotel with the 2012 Certificate of Excellence Award. Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City; +63 54 4739999;

24 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Rama Hari, the hit pop ballet musical from Ballet Philippines' based on the Indian epic Ramayana, is returning to the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Starring Christian Bautista and Karylle in the lead roles Rama and Sita, the performances will run from November 30 to December 9 at the CCP Main Theater, with the Manila Symphony Orchestra playing live. Call Ballet Philippines at +632 5511003 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.



Grand Trail

What’s New: Molito Lifestyle Center Poised to shake things up down south and become the most happening spot in Alabang is Molito Lifestyle Center, which features a line-up of restaurants set in wide-open spaces and clear-cut architectural design. Those with a following already, such as Café Juanita, Chatime, Hermanos Taco, Just Thai, Ralph's Wines & Spirits, Omakase, and Uncle Cheffy continue to reel in the people, but the highlight here are the new restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else in Manila. Keeping the place abuzz during weekends is the Soderno Weekend Market with its offering of organic produce, homemade culinary specialties, and arts and crafts. It's a quick 20-minute drive from Makati City via Skyway, and parking is not even a problem. Madrigal Avenue corner Commerce Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City;

MOLITO SHOPS WORTH cHeckING OuT: Buona Vita A taste of the good Italian life awaits you in this Tuscan-inspired restaurant. BBQ chicken & Beer This Korean restaurant offers you the winning combination of chicken and beer in its fun interiors. Designer Blooms café A charming and quirkily designed flower shop and café. The entire café smells incredibly good, but the food is even better. Franck Provost Now on its 11th year in Alabang, this French salon continues to groom and style the people of Alabang. Gran Trail The neighborhood bike shop that caters to all your biking product needs and services.

I-Scape Need to do some business urgently? I-Scape is a full-service business center and internet shop that will help you get the job done.

Buona Vita

Le Petit cheri The chic Parisian restaurant and bakery also doubles as a library. Pump Juice Bar Get a jolt of energy into your system with their luscious fruit concoctions. Tai’s Best A wide range of Spanish, Filipino, and Continental cuisine await you in this elegantly designed restaurant. Wooden Horse Steak lovers, unite! Wooden Horse serves excellent steaks with a Japanese touch courtesy of its Japanese owner and chef.

26 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Tai's Best




Our Islands

EL NIDO RESORTS KEEP ON WINNING The awards just keep on coming for Palawan’s El Nido Resorts. In the 2012 Best in Travel online poll conducted from May to July by Smart Travel Asia, an online travel magazine with over 1 million readers worldwide, El Nido Resorts’ Lagen Island Resort ranked 9th in the Best Leisure Hotel/Resort in Asia, while its Miniloc Island Resort clinched the 16th spot. El Nido Resorts have won numerous awards from Travel + Leisure and the Pacific Asia Travel Association, to name a few.

REST EASY IN THE PHILIPPINES Looking for a great place to retire? The Philippines, with its gorgeous beaches and beers worth less than a dollar, has been named by the Huffington Post as a great spot to settle down. In the list of 10 great places to retire overseas, the Philippines was praised for its low taxes, allowing foreign retirees to live on a pension of US$3,000 per month.

FILIPINO STREET KID WINS PEACE PRIZE Thirteen-year-old Cris Valdez was once a vagrant physically abused by his dad and neglected by his mom, but after being awarded a US$130,000 International Children’s Peace Prize in The Hague for starting a charitable organization at the age of seven, the kid is all smiles. His “Championing Community Children” organization has donated flip-flops, toys, and toothbrushes to around 10,000 deprived children in Cavite City.

28 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

HEY THERE, TIGER Things are certainly looking brighter for the Philippines as the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch special report dubbed the country, along with Indonesia, as Asia’s “new tigers.” The Philippines’ low national debt, stable stock market, and ample foreign exchange reserves are some of the things that keep the country growling. DIVE RIGHT AT YOUR DESKTOP Who said you needed scuba gear to “dive” and explore the coral reefs of the Philippines’ Apo Islands? Google maps have made virtual scuba diving possible by

stitching together panoramic images of the world’s coral reefs like the Great Barrier Reef, the Molokini crater, and more. Visit

E-Jeepneys Bag Grand Prize BINONDO GETS BIG RECOGNITION CNN’s travel news website CNNGo. com has named the Philippines’ Binondo as the world’s 4th Best Chinatown. The top 10 list included Chinatowns in India, Cuba, the United States, and England. Binondo’s must eat? According to the website, it’s the infamous Soup No. 5, a clear broth made from a bull’s testicles.

The Philippines’ super-sleek electronic jeepneys, which received international attention in its launch in 2007, won grand prize in a country-wide contest dubbed the Inclusive Mobility Challenge. Now used as public transports, these green machines bested two other charity projects in the competition.


Power of

Life Senator Chiz Escudero

Francis Joseph Escudero is a man forever on the go. The well-loved "Chiz" juggles a myriad of jobs as a public servant, from senator who chairs two Senate committees to a member of the Judicial Bar Council to being a second father to his kababayans. And beyond all these he still ďŹ nds the time and the energy to bond with his cute little twins. You wonder what keeps the senator going? It's a small capsule that packs all the power and energy that gives him the extra edge in his waking hours, boosts his immune system and helps him rest and sleep soundly at night. Malungai Life Oil is pure malunggay extract that does not only boost the immune system and give you extra energy, it has also been found to regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, and ďŹ ght cancer. The little pill adds mustard to the "Chiz".





Best of the Best


Top River for WhiteWater Rafting


Best Mountain Climb


Earth’s Most Amazing Cave

TOP 5 rIverS fOr whITewATer rAfTINg 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.





1. 2. 3.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

4. 5. 6. 7.

CAve Of CrySTALS, MexICO MAjLIS AL jINN CAve, OMAN gLOw wOrM CAve, wAITOMO, New zeALANd eISrIeSeNweLT ICe CAveS, werfeN, AUSTrIA CAve Of The ghOST, veNezUeLA fANTASTIC PIT, eLLSION’S CAve, geOrgIA, USA dONgzhONg CAve, gUIzhOU, ChINA




Bye Bye hOgwArTS, heLLO AdULT fICTION The world’s first billionaire author, J.K. Rowling, has put a vanishing spell on the magical world of Harry Potter and moved on to her first adult novel —a tale of sex, drugs, and class tension. Entitled The Casual Vacancy, the book has reportedly sold a million copies.

30 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

fACeBOOK CONNeCTS 1 BILLION PeOPLe There are now 1 billion Facebook users in the planet. With around 2 billion Internet users in the world, that’s half of the world’s netizens posting on their “walls” and sharing Instagram photos. Facebook reached their one billionth active user last October 4.

BILL gATeS STILL AMerICA’S rICheST PerSON Microsoft personal computer sales continue to slump but not cofounder Bill Gates’ bank account. According to Forbes magazine, he is still the richest man in America, with his fortune rising 10 percent from last year, leading to a total of $66 billion and far eclipsing the second richest American— investment guru Warren Buffet with $46 billion.

SPACe ShUTTLe reTIreS After two decades of 25 space flights covering nearly 123 million miles, it’s retirement time for NASA’s Endeavor space shuttle, which flew its final aerial show on September 21. Built as a replacement for space shuttle Challenger, which broke apart during lift off and killed seven astronauts, Endeavor has flown some of NASA’s most important space missions.

Hot Hotels for Adventure SCUBA DIVE FOR MARINE LIFE


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, USA Go on adventure-packed excursions in Picosa Ranch Resort, a Texas ranch so authentic you can’t help but scream “High ho, Silver!” Your booking includes going on a photo safari aboard a Polaris Ranger to see zebras, rams, or roadrunners, hiking, or trying your hand at archery, skeet shooting, horseback riding, or rodeos.

Illustration by Benjamin Abesamis

BACUIT BAY, EL NIDO, PHILIPPINES Why gawk at the unbelievably turquoise waters of El Nido Resort when you can dive right in? The resort’s diving package offers 20 dive points with a dizzying array of marine life, from tiny nudibranchs to giant whale sharks. Packages also include snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and island hopping around El Nido’s limestone cliff–studded paradise.


SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA, CHILE Don’t let Awasi Lodge’s quaint, Balinesque accommodations fool you. A couple of miles away is an arid desert fit for adventure travelers. Their five-day Awasi Adventure package includes trekking the Sairecabur Volcano, steep hikes in Devil’s Gorge, and biking to Moon Valley. The ultimate challenge? Climbing the 19,589foot summit.


MANU, PERU Deep in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest lies Tambo Blanquillo Lodge, a comfortable respite from the busy surrounding wildlife. Five-day packages include night hikes through the forest, boating through lakes and lagoons, piranha fishing, kayaking, and spotting caimans, pink dolphins, and giant anacondas.


CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA The Ellerman House’s spacious suites and pampering services will beckon you to stay, but you’re really here for the hotel’s daredevil activities. Go abseiling off Table Mountain, shark cage diving, paragliding, skydiving, mountain biking, or even flying in a Huey helicopter with the wind rushing in through open doors!

On the Web

FLIGHTFOX.COM JETSETTING TO ECONOMIC GROWTH The tourism sector remains bullish amid the murky world economy. According to the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization, a whopping 467 million tourists have already traveled from January to June, which is bound to hit 1 billion by the end of 2012. ALL THE RAGE FOR THE IPHONE 5 The world has gone gaga over the iPhone 5. Within 24 hours of its release in September, pre-orders shot up to more than 2 million— double the tally of the iPhone 4s last year. It sold over 5 million units on its first weekend, a million higher than the iPhone 4S.

How do you get the cheapest flights? Make real people compete to find you the best ones. Just enter your trip details, launch a contest, select a flight from the competitors, and award a finder’s fee!

AIRBNB.COM APPLE TO HIT $1 TRILLION? From a small-time boutique PC maker to electronic juggernaut, Apple is now about to do the unthinkable: to be the first ever company to be valued at $1 trillion. The New York Times reported recently the multinational corporation will reach the trillion mark in April 9, 2015, if it continues with its current strong growth.

List and book unique private properties in this online marketplace for travelers. With 200,000 unique listings available in more than 25,000 cities and 192 countries, you’re bound to find a place to stay.


Even cheapskates can score great global experiences in this website. Get exclusive deals, expert knowledge, and insider access to the world’s greatest vacations.


Itching to have a travel-related question answered? This travel focused social network with more than 1 million users allows you to interact with travelers who’ll be itching to answer your question too. I 31



November 15, 1935

During the onset of the Philippine Revolution, National Hero José Rizal was incarcerated in Manila’s Fort Santiago (now a popular tourist attraction in Manila’s historic district Intramuros) and charged with rebellion by the Spanish government. He was executed on Dec. 30, 1896 by firing squad for leading a secret society called La Liga Filipina (The Filipino League), which advocated Philippine freedom from Spanish rule.

November 4, 1922 The original Tomb Raider, archaeologist Howard Carter, discovered King Tut’s tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. His team was the first to enter the tomb in over 3,000 years. Among its treasures was King Tut’s solid gold funeral mask. November 19, 1969 Brazilian soccer great, Pelé, scores his 1,000th professional goal in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium. This milestone complemented an electrifying career that included three World Cup Championships and the “Football Player of the Century” award. November 26, 1863 Thanksgiving officially became a turkey’s most dreaded day when American President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday. Observed every fourth Thursday of November to honor the early settlers’

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS November 2, 1755

Marie Antoinette, the 18th century French ruler known for outrageous spending and fashion (like wearing real birds in elaborate wigs) saw her excesses catch up when she was beheaded during the French Revolution.

November 27, 1942

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky,” sang Jimmy Hendrix, an American musician

32 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

harvest feast, it is part of the American holiday season, which also includes Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. November 23, 1936 The first issue of iconic LIFE magazine was published. It was the first all-photographic American news magazine that told the story of major events through pictures. LIFE was wildly popular and, at one point, sold more than 13.5 million copies a week.

The first step toward national independence was when the Philippine Commonwealth was formed and Manuel L. Quezon was inaugurated as the first Filipino president. This marked the foundation for the present day Republic of the Philippines.

November 22, 2009

Filipino Efren Peñaflorida proved that even a simple push cart could change lives. He was named CNN Hero of the Year for empowering poor Filipino youth with education. His pushcart classroom—a cart stocked with school materials— helped thousands of children avoid gangs through personal development.

November 28, 1928

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) was established. For locals with a SMART mobile phone or internet connection, these are your guys.

considered to be history’s greatest electric guitarist. His experimental sounds defined a generation with moments like his Woodstock 1969 performance of Star Spangled Banner, which reflected the anguish of the Vietnam War.

November 27, 1940

This Hong Kong martial arts legend and philosopher, Bruce Lee, developed a combat style called Jeet Kune Do, popularized the One-Inch Punch. This Hollywood icon’s acting paved the way for future Asian stars such as Jet Li and Jackie Chan.


GT Ayala Tower Life-FGU

PhilamLife Tower

LKG Tower


PLDT Tower Rufino Plaza

PBCom Insular Tower Life Bldg. V.A. RUFINO



Two Central

Ayala Triangle

Phil. Stock Exchange Plaza



All residences are PRE-FURNISHED.

Own a lifestyle of success in the most exclusive of locations. For inquiries, please call Or e-mail

0 9 1 7 - 8 87 M C B D

t hre e c e n t ra l @ m e g awor l d c m



RCBC Plaza

Makati Medical Center







One Central


H LU R B L i c e n s e to S e l l N o. E N C R F O - 1 2 - 0 9 - 0 47


TRUE LUXURY means living in the CENTER of the MAKATI CBD. It’s the truth. The location of Three Central on the prime financial side of Ayala Avenue—the center of the Makati CBD—is the very best there is. It’s the only place in the country where the shine of prestige never fades. Where the bar for privilege is set exceptionally high, just because you command it. If luxury is your passion, then location always counts. Three Central in the Makati CBD. A Premier Residential Development of: ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED

2012 Awards

Best Managed Philippine Company, Best Mid-Cap Company and Best in Investor Relations • FinanceAsia Best Investor Relations Company • Corporate Governance Asia Most Organized Investor Relations and Strongest Adherence to Corporate Governance • Alpha Southeast Asia

TOWNSHIPS: THE NEW DRAW OF PHILIPPINE TOURISM Real estate leader Megaworld transforms Filipino lifestyles, writes JACO JOvES.


hilippine tourism has long been defined by its natural attractions, from the white sand beaches of Boracay, the nearly perfect cone of Mt. Mayon or even the diving sites of Palawan. As the country’s tourism culture evolves to suit more diverse tastes, so do the destinations that come to represent what the Philippines is—and what it can be. The urban landscape of Metro Manila has always been malleable. Like its citizens, it bears the marks of change, acquiring influences from all over the world, yet infusing them with Filipino sensibilities. In fact, if you really want an in-depth look of the “Pinoy” lifestyle, this landscape tells a revealing story. Today, townships are where the local and international tourists are. It’s not surprising, as they are centers of dynamism and modern culture. Emerging from the “live-work-play” concept pioneered by prime developer Megaworld Corporation, townships are self-contained communities that combine residential condominiums, retail hot spots and offices. Megaworld currently has several townships in Metro Manila, and all of them are welcoming visitors with their own unique brand of tourism.


As home to the Philippines’ first-ever cyber park, 34 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

the Eastwood City township in Quezon City was originally synonymous with the BPO and IT business. As a business district, it was a big success, but it also gained a huge following as a must-visit night life destination. One of its well-known landmarks is City Walk. Worth checking out is the Philippine counterpart of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which features markers of famous local celebrities. These public monuments can be viewed amid a vibrant restaurant-and-bar scene. Across from City Walk is the four-level Eastwood Mall, which houses signature boutiques, restaurants and an expansive landscaped outdoor space. The Eastwood Richmonde Hotel is conveniently connected to the mall, an added attraction for tourists looking to stay a day or two in the area. FORBES TOWN CENTER

Forbes Town Center offers a tranquil yet sophisticated location in Global City in Taguig. It gives residents immediate access to—and if need be, refuge from—the hustle and bustle of the city. A notable hot spot here is Burgos Circle. Aside from being a mere rotonda (roundabout), it’s also a lifestyle haven with restaurants and coffee shops. What sets Forbes Town Center apart from the

ONE-STOP HUB: The 25-hectare Newport City in Pasay City promises to give visitors a luxury resort feel what with world-class hotels and entertainment venues, including the township’s crown jewel, Resorts World Manila.

Upcoming Townships Two more Megaworld communities are in the pipeline: • Sta. Barbara Heights, Iloilo • The Mactan Newtown, Cebu

WORK & PLAY: (LEFT) Eastwood City’s many attractions, including City Walk and Eastwood Mall, have made the home of the country’s first-ever cyber park a popular destination.

rest of The Fort is its emphasis on relaxation. It showcases the Forbes Town Park and Lagoon, a spacious area where everyone can get physical or simply unwind—all against a panoramic backdrop of the adjacent Manila Golf and Country Club, seen best from Megaworld’s Bellagio residential towers. MCKINLEY HILL

Following on the heels of the Eastwood City CyberPark is the rising BPO cyber park of McKinley Hill at Fort Bonifacio, a township located just minutes away from Forbes Town Center. McKinley Hill is a plum area, home to the main offices of no less than Wells Fargo, Canon and Thomson Reuters and the embassies of the UK and South Korea. The township also introduced the “learn” component to the project with institutions such as Chinese International School Manila, Korean International School Philippines and Enderun Colleges. The “international” feel of the community is enhanced by the Italian-inspired architecture that dominates its

residential and commercial developments. The Venice Piazza, a themed retail plaza, showcases its own version of the iconic tower in Venice. Pigeon-feeding in the area is evocative of Europe, where such a pastime is commonplace. Within walking distance are the Tuscany Private Estates, McKinley Garden Villas and 115 Upper McKinley, with pastel facades and lush landscapes reminiscent of homes from that side of the Mediterranean.

CIAO, MCKINLEY HILL: (ABOVE) This Italianinspired township in Fort Bonifacio will transport you to Europe with its own iconic St. Mark’s tower, a retail plaza, and even a pigeon-feeding area - all located at The Venice Piazza.


At Newport City in Pasay City, the spotlight is on a variety of world-class hotels and entertainment centers, which deliver a truly remarkable luxury resort lifestyle. The township’s luxury hotels, Marriott and Maxims, welcome visitors arriving from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, set across from Newport City. More affordable accommodations are available at Remington Hotel. The crown jewel of Newport City is Resorts World Manila, which spells out entertainment to the nth degree. Transplanting the integrated resort concept from Singapore, this tourist attraction combines shopping, gaming and retail entertainment all in one place. n I 35

THE NATURAL WONDERS OF PAHANG Still relatively out of the tourist radar, eastern Malaysia’s Pahang State is just waiting to be discovered. CYNTHIA ROSENFELD lists down its promising attractions.


alaysia’s third largest state, Pahang, is lush with natural wonders and is as safe and easily accessible as it is unknown and undiscovered. Beckoning wide-eyed explorers of any age and fitness level, Pahang boasts sleek, modern conveniences like the cutting-edge highway through the jungle. This engineering marvel allows visitors quick access to Pahang’s ecofriendly destinations and indigenous cultures.


Go back in time in this 130-million-year-old rainforest easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur. Older than the Amazon rainforest, the park extends 1,600 square miles and is home to many rare and endangered animals, such as the tapir, Malayan tiger, and kancil (a relative of the Philippines’ mouse-deer). Rare bird species also abound. Check in at Mutiara Taman Negara (www. where guests may choose among

36 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

well-equipped camp sites, simple rooms, and rustic chic duplex bungalows with balconies over the Tembeling River. Every morning, the hotel organizes a guided excursion on foot to one of Pahang’s most exhilarating adventures: the jungle trek at Bukit Teresek along the world’s longest suspended canopy walkway at 1,740 feet long and 130 feet high. Spend at least one night sleeping in an observation hide, a simple wooden shelter placed above the primeval forest ground overlooking saltlicks that attract tapirs, bears, and even the occasional tiger or elephant. Bring a sleeping bag or bed sheets (available from the hotel) to place on the rustic bunk beds. Guided night walks are also available, with the possibility to come exceedingly close to sambar deer, wild pigs, and Sumatran rhinoceros. Night caving is a popular way to explore the park’s limestone outcroppings, including Gua Telinga, or Ear Cave, named for its semblance to the human ear, and Gua Daun Menari, the Cave of

A TASTE OF THE GOOD LIFE: A sublime tea plantation picnic experience (LEFT) and a quiet tea time at the Jim Thompson Tea Room are just some of the ways to enjoy a stress-free time at Cameron Highlands.





Pahang Kuala Lumpur


the Dancing Leaves. Bring a flashlight to catch a glimpse of the hanging fruit bats among the artfully twisted stalactites. Elsewhere in the park, Four Steps Waterfall cascades down Gunung Tahan (Mount Tahan), Peninsular Malaysia’s highest peak (the country’s highest, Mount Kinabalu, is located in Sabah). The journey to its summit requires physical fitness, but anyone can make their way to the peak’s eastern flank where one of the major tributaries of the Tahan River crashes down amid vibrant butterflies. Guided walks with park rangers bring visitors to vantage points from which one may witness the Orang Asli, or “original people,” going about their daily seminomadic life: finding water in different tree roots and making fire with sticks and tree resin. Village visits are also possible, providing the unique opportunity to sip local fruit concoctions and even try shooting a traditional blow gun.

BLISSFUL STAY: Cameron Highlands Resort is known for its charming English village appeal, and comes complete with a proper English afternoon tea for guests (LEFT).


Just south of Taman Negara, this sanctuary (www. provides a haven for “homeless” Asian elephants, as well as the chance for humans to learn about these gentle giants in their natural habitat. Elephant guides, called mahouts, lead riders on trail walks through the tropical jungle while braver sorts may head down to the river on elephant back to bathe the endearing nellies. Open to the public daily from 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. TANAH AINA

Elsewhere in Pahang, 90 minutes along the East Coast Expressway from Kuala Lumpur, Tanah Aina ( is a 100-acre green utopia operated as a nonprofit by one nature-loving friend of the Sultan of Pahang. Tanah Aina offers outdoor activities, including caving and white-water rafting. Well-tended accommodations range from camp grounds, dormitories, and riverside chalet to the romantic Siamese Villa that overlooks abundant greenery. CAMERON HIGHLANDS

Another of Pahang’s natural landscapes is Cameron Highlands, named after British explorer William Cameron who trekked these verdant hills in 1885. It soars nearly 6,000 feet above sea level along Pahang’s northwestern interior. Fertile vegetation and abundant flora bloom year round in this temperate climate. Colonial charms at Cameron Highlands

All-Natural Scrub Resort (, a former British tea planter’s guesthouse, begin in the tea lounge filled with authentic woven cane planters chairs and old-fashioned ceiling fans then up to the 56 elegant guestrooms dominated by plump canopy beds. Of the 11 treks designed for every fitness level, most popular is the Jim Thompson Mystery Trail that follows the Thai silk king’s last known footsteps through this dense palm forest where he disappeared on Easter Sunday in 1967. Experienced nature guides ensure nothing sinister befalls guests while also pointing out white-throated fantails, bulbuls, and sunbirds along the way. n

Feeling down and tired? Try Cameron Highland Resort Spa Village’s Strawberry Escapade, a luscious all-over-body polishing with oatmeal, strawberries, and organic yogurt.

ROYAL FAVOR: Pahang State is ruled by Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah or Raja Berjiwa Rakyat, the People’s King. The constitutional monarchy established in 1959 is vested with both executive and religious powers, under the national government of Malaysia. I 37

AnCiEnT PAST: Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket, is said to have been first inhabited by fishermen as early as 1,500 years ago. Its first mention in recorded history is on a 500-year-old Ming Dynasty map.

SAIL AWAY TO KOH SAMUI If you ever get tired of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, STUART HEAVER has the perfect luxurious island escape for you.


ou can often get a hint about a new destination from its airport, and at Koh Samui, just a 40-minute hop from Bangkok, its pretty and informal boutique airport gives all the right impressions. Set in well-tended gardens, the al fresco passenger lounges are appointed with tasteful rattan furniture. There is even a tropical aquarium in the toilets, complete with brightly colored reef fish. Fast gaining a reputation as an international luxury beach holiday and sailing destination, Koh Samui holds a regatta every spring. And at Bo Phut Fisherman’s Village on the northeastern coast, there are dozens of sailing yachts anchored in the bay fringed by white sands and beach-side restaurants. Many of the boats can be chartered for a day trip or longer private tour of the outlying islands and marine parks. A chartered private yacht with an experienced skipper cost 6,800 baht (US$220) per person per day for a group of four adults. Visitors also have the option to try local ferry and speedboat services for

38 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

some island-hopping fun. “Koh Samui provides some of the best sailing in Asia,” says Captain Phil Harper of Gulf Charters Thailand. “Great winds, stunning scenery, and no typhoons.” CRUiSing ALong

Sail to Koh Pha-Ngan, famous for its quiet beaches and wild full-moon parties, or explore the stunning scenery of the Ang Thong Marine Park and its towering limestone karsts. About 30 miles further north is the diving capital of Asia, Koh Tao, with its crystal-clear waters and pristine coral reefs. Take a traditional long-tail boat to unspoiled Koh Kamet less than two miles off the south coast of Koh Samui. Sleep in a simple timber shack under the stars and see traditional Thai cultivation of aloe vera, saffron, and coconuts. “We want to develop more ecotourism on Koh Kamet and want to open a safari with indigenous animals,” says Andre Russell, cofounder of the Koh

Ang THong MARinE PARk Ang Thong Marine Park, 25 miles west of Koh Samui, boasts 42 limestone islands that tower up to 200 meters. A nature trail near the ranger’s station leads 450 meters up a steep rocky path. The park can be accessed by chartered yacht or speedboat, via daily ferry services from Koh Samui, or via rented kayaks. For a longer stay, rent a simple bungalow or camp at Koh Wua Talap.

Photo by Charlie M. Jaceda

ISLAND HOPPING: Koh Phangan has more than 10 kilometers of coral and 20 local dive sites; Bophut Beach Fisherman’s Village (RIGHT) is said to be one of the oldest sites in Koh Samui.

therapy to body masking and detox wraps. Only on Koh Samui can you combine the adventure of island hopping by private yacht or local long-tail boat with the comfort of five-star pampering at boutique spa hotels like Scents just down the coast from Bo Phut. This very stylish retreat is for those who enjoy luxury, and manager James Hang thinks that the island is becoming more and more exclusive.

Stay Eden Bungalows offers rooms with private terraces set in lovely gardens overlooking a swimming pool. Peak season rates: $64–$129.


Hacienda has views across the bay and a rooftop pool. Peak season rates: $80–$110. Waterfront boasts stylish beachfront bungalows. Peak season rates: $96–$141. www. Scent Hotel offers 15 luxurious rooms, from European-style beach-front suites to Chinese-style sea breeze suites. Special deals available for longer stays. Peak season rates: $171–$274.

Illustration by Kasey Albano

Kamet conservation club. And if all that island hopping sounds a little strenuous, the other thing that Koh Samui is famous for is its spas. There are hundreds dotted over the island that offer everything from yoga and hot stone

Even so, you don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy the simple pleasures of Koh Samui. There are many reasonably priced boutique hotels and budget bungalows. And you don’t need to eat at fancy restaurants to enjoy excellent local Thai cuisine. At Bo Phut, sitting at white plastic tables under simple fluorescent lights, with the roar of scooters buzzing past, we feast on spiced pork omelet, shrimp tempura, stir fried vegetables with crunchy pork, and pineapple rice served in a dissected pineapple. At less than 250 baht ($8) per head including a cold beer, it’s very cheap and very delicious. Should you ever tire of the fine local cuisine and don’t mind paying a little more, the Shack run by New Yorker Larry Snyder serves some of the best steaks in the Gulf of Thailand. Whatever the budget, Koh Samui and its archipelago offer a memorable experience. When it’s time to return to the delightful little airport for the flight home, it may be that, like most other visitors, you just don’t want to leave. n

ISLAND FIGURES: According to Koh Samui’s official records, the first half of 2012 recorded a total of 455,778 passengers that arrived at the island’s airport. 40 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

SHOW OF FAITH: The Kristus kase Berkat (Christ Blessing), the icon of Manado City in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi, is made up of 25 tonnes of metal fiber and 35 tonnes of steel. North Sulawesi is made up of 63.6% Protestants, 30.9% Muslims, 4.4% Roman Catholics, .58% Hindus, and .14% Buddhists. Photos by Ferdz Decena

THE NORTH SIDE WONDERS If you think Indonesia is all about Bali, think again. FERDZ DECENA takes you to the lesser-known but equally enchanting North Sulawesi.


orth Sulawesi may not be as popular to the “eat-pray-love” crowd of Bali or to the enlightenment seekers meditating in Yogyakarta. But there’s an active mix of culture, diverse marine life, imposing volcanoes, and enchanting lakes. SOARING JESUS Manado, the modern, capital city of North Sulawesi, has a bit of everything—from mosques to malls, airports, and luxury hotels. Its busy streets buzz with mikrolets (shared taxis) against a backdrop of a bay and active volcanoes. In contrast to the rest of

POWER OF PRAYER The name Tomohon means “people who pray” as the locals usually pray that the volcanoes will not erupt.

Muslim Indonesia, the majority of its residents are Christians. Manado’s Kristus kase Berkat (Christ Blessing) is a 50-meter statue of a soaring Christ. It’s Asia’s second tallest statue, the world’s fourth tallest statue of Christ, and probably the first to depict him flying. DEEP BLUE MARVEL A stay in Manado equals convenience. One of the nearest attractions is the coral-fringed Bunaken Island, part of the Bunaken National Marine Park, where 70 percent of fish species from the IndoWestern Pacific can be found. For beachcombers, there’s a stretch of white-sand beach tucked behind mangroves at the southern end. The crescent-shaped Bunaken Island has a more authentic island-life feel with its modestly developed village. Divers and snorkelers can rent gear and hire boats to popular underwater spots like Fukui or Lekuan.

LABOR OF LOVE: Bukit Kasih, or Hill of Love, found 50 kilometers south of Manado is a “spiritual center” where people from various faiths can gather peacefully together. Believed to be the original home of the Minahasa tribe’s ancestors, Toar and Lumimuut, the people carved huge faces on the hillside in honor of their forebears. 42 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

SCUBA DOO-BA-DOO: It’s easy to fall in love with Bunaken Island marine national park’s underwater treasures. Covering some 890 square meters, this sanctuary home to a wide variety of fish and corals, five turtle species, white- and black-tip sharks, and dugongs, to name a few, is one of Indonesia’s most famous diving and snorkeling sites.


WATER PRISM: Tomohon’s Lake Linow is known for its hue-changing waters—deep blue one moment, then turquoise, and green into sulfur yellow.

From the Manado harbor, boats go to Palau Bunaken for 50,000 rupiah (US$6) per person. A 50,000 rupiah ($6) entrance fee applies at the island. Accommodation ranges from 100,000 to 300,000 rupiah ($10 to $40). COOL HIGHLAND CLIMBS The name Minahasa means “To unite as one.” Despite originally having different groups and dialects, the people managed to unite in fighting a common foe. With their proximity to the Philippines, the movement of people and exchange of culture made the Minahasans’ physical appearance and language similar to those of the Filipinos’. Thirty minutes from Manado City is Tomohon, home to the Minahasa Tribe. The pleasant cool

44 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Have some Tinutuan or Bubur Manado, a Sulawesi staple of rice porridge mixed with pumpkin, spinach, corn, kangkung (swamp cabbage), and potato. Or attempt the Minahasan Paniki, a spicy bat soup.

Buy The Merciful Building in Wanea Plaza sells everything from food to souvenirs. Try the Klapper Tart (Coconut Tart), a Dutch-influenced dessert of thick custard mixed with vanilla and rum.

Stay The 5-star Sintesa Peninsula Hotel (www. sintesapeninsulahotel. com) is luxurious and spacious. It sits on a high hill overlooking the city, mountains, and bay.

climate of this star-shaped highland city tucked between two active volcanoes, Mounts Lokon and Mahawu, makes it a popular site. Several tour outfits offer climbs up both volcanoes, each taking about 3–4 hours to the summit. But check with the local Volcanological Center in Tomohon first for safety. LAKESIDE SCENIC HIKES Looking for a more leisurely and less strenuous hike? Visit the beautiful Lake Tondano. Hop on a mikrolet from Manado for 9,000 rupiah ($1) and take an hour’s ride to Tondano then to Remboken. Along the road are several restaurants serving freshwater catch like Tilapia and shrimps. Or head west for an 8-km hike to Lake Linow, the small but enchanting crater lake. It changes color from deep green to red depending on the water chemistry, the release of gas from the crater vents underwater, and the movement of the lake current. The lush pine tree–filled environment, cool air, and relaxing atmosphere make this a favorite among locals and birdwatchers. There’s a private area that provides closer access to the lake for 25,000 rupiah ($2.6). Clean restrooms, little pathways along the crater, and coffee shops with dining platforms overlook the lake. Cap your adventure-filled day with pisang goreng (fried battered bananas).n

TWILIGHT TIME: Temple Tree’s Chinese heritage house, one of the nine in Langkawi’s prime resorts, affords guests an spectacular sunsets views.

PRICELESS BUDGET TRIPS While Asia is well known for indulgent beach escapes and megacities, savvy travelers can find good value in amazing destinations. CYNTHIA ROSENFELD shares some of her favorite discoveries. LANGKAWI The vibe: Assigned Global Geopark status by UNESCO for its “outstanding geological landscape,” this archipelago of 99 islands off Peninsular Malaysia’s northwest coast has more than its share of natural marvels. The site: Take an exhilarating walk above the tropical forest on the125-meter-long Langkawi Sky Bridge, suspended some 700 meters above sea level 46 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

PAMPERING TO THE MAX: Scrumptious sweet and savory treats, as well as superb amenities await every visitor to Temple Tree in Langkawi.

Photo by Jojie Alcantara

LIVING WELL: Whether it’s dinner by the sea (ABOVE) or a enjoying the comforts of rustic bedrooms at Temple Tree (LEFT), a trip to Langkawi is an experience that will stay with you forever.

between Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s secondhighest peak, and a neighboring summit (www. The bed: Inspired by Malaysia’s rich history, Temple Tree (+604 955 1688; is a unique collection of nine heritage houses collected from Malaysia’s ethnically diverse regions. Watch sublime sunsets from the wraparound verandah at Chinese House. The bite: The Chinese-Malay-inspired Nonya Platter includes tamarind fish, lamb curry, and ladyfinger sambal served on a banana leaf at the open-air Bon Ton Restaurant ( Finish with the chef ’s famous gula Melaka (palm sugar) and chocolate ice cream sandwiches. The shop: Batik artists paint colorful masterpieces in the outdoor workshop at Atma Alam Art Village (Padang Mat Sirat, +604 955 1227) where the indoor emporium stocks Malaysian pewter, ceramics, indigenous jewelry designs, and tropical chic batik clothing. The detour: Learn to identify each feathered friend composing Langkawi’s symphony of birdcalls—the screech of white-bellied eagles, the kek-kek-kek of kingfishers, the eerie whoops of hornbills with the area’s resident Jungle Walla, as Irshad Mobarak is better known ( n I 47

AGE-OLD TRADITION: At exactly 6 a.m. each day, hundreds of monks file out of Luang Prabang’s monasteries and onto the streets to accept food offerings from devout Buddhists. If you must take photographs, do so from a respectful distance, avoid using flash, and do not disturb a highly-revered ceremony.


The vibe: Spend laid-back days wandering among more than 30 wing-tipped Buddhist temples between the Mekong and Khan Rivers. The site: Highlights in this UNESCO World Heritage City include Wat Xieng Thong, a magnificently gilded pagoda; the city’s oldest temple, Wat Sene; and the Royal Palace Museum, home of the Phra Bang Buddha that arrived here from Angkor in 1353. The bed: Skip the hotel experience in favor of four riverside guestrooms amid tropical gardens at Ock Pop Tok Villa (doubles from US$55; www.ockpoptok. com). Each room is filled with hand-loomed textiles from the Hmong, Katu, Tai, or northern hill tribes. The bite: A modern take on Lao cuisine, l’Elephant Vert ( offers a healthy alternative to its more established Franco-Lao sibling, l’Elephant, next door with dishes like green tea, pea, cucumber, and dill soup, and the gojiberry, sesame, and tamari salad in ginger dressing. 48 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

PILGRIMS’ CAVE: Hundreds of miniature Buddha statuettes, deposited by devout Buddhists, are found inside the Pak Ou Caves. Photo by Aaron Vicencio

PULSE OF LIFE: The Hmong Night Market, open daily from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., offers diverse merchandise, ranging from Lao handicrafts, handmade bags and fabrics, to exotic finds such as the famous Lao Snake Wine in bottles; (RIGHT) A young novice monk takes a break from monastic chores and surfs away on the Net. Photos by Aaron Vicencio

The shop: Culture vultures will want to wander for hours through the well-researched museum displays at the Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre (www., but souvenir seekers should head directly to the shop for woven vine purses from the Khmu Lue people plus chic hill tribe clothing and silver jewelry. The detour: Cool off beneath the cascading water at Tat Khouangsi Waterfalls amid a series of unbelievably turquoise pools. n 50 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

SERVICE WITH A HEART: The 18-room Shinta Mani Hotel was cited by the World Travel Mart in London in 2006 as the “Best for Poverty Reduction” for supporting and training disadvantaged Lao youths.


The vibe: A vibrant modern art, dining, and shopping scene thrives against the backdrop of 300 plus ancient temples of Angkor, chief of which is the mindboggling Angkor Wat. The site: The specialized guides at ABOUTAsia ( have studied the best hours to give their guests alone time in iconic temples like Ta Prohm with its silk cotton tree roots wrapped around 12th-century stones, and Bayon, famous for its 37 towers carved with enigmatic smiles. The bed: “Starchitect” Bill Bensley just redesigned Shinta Mani (doubles from $250 per night; www. with 39 sleek guestrooms, a gourmet Khmer eatery, and bijou spa that support the hotel’s in-house hospitality school. The bite: On the flower-filled grounds of another hospitality training institute, Le Jardin des Délices ( offers fine French cuisine and Khmer specialties like banana blossom salad. Take an afternoon TWG (The Wellness Group) tea break with Cambodia’s tastiest chocolate cake at Upstairs Café (Wat Bo Road; +855 97 304 3600). The shop: Khmer rice sacks get recycled as carryon satchels and funky evening clutches at Bloom Cambodia (, a corner 52 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

store committed to “making trade fair—one bag at a time.” The detour: The spa manager of ultra deluxe Amansara spent a year training four blind massage therapists, including Daley and his wife, who now operate Daley Blind Massage (+855 92 21 91 00), a spotless center near Angkor Wat for foot and fullbody massages with serious feel-good factors. n

CITY OF TEMPLES: The whole 200-acre or so Angkor Wat complex consists of a number of complexes (LEFT AND FAR LEFT) including Ta Phrom and Bayon; (ABOVE) Novice monks wander around Angkor Wat, the largest Hindu temple complex in the world. Photos by Bien Bautista I 53

South Korea Rising

Robust and intense like their much-loved kimchi, the resilient Koreans have gone through so much having been ruled in the past by China and Japan, and invaded by North Korea in the Korean War. Now, South Korea is one of the world’s most industrialized countries. Whether it’s music, fashion, gadgets, or hip party destinations, this country of 50 million people has finally come on its own. Photo by Korea Tourism Organization.

54 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

HAWKER ZONE: Namdaemun market is often abuzz with activity from sunrise to sundown with its diverse merchandise and great discounts. From clothing and accessories, to trinkets and what-have-you, this is every shopaholic’s dream come true. Photos courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization.

SEOUL DELIGHTS Shop till you drop, eat all you can, and party all night long in BIJU SUKUMARAN’s funky Seoul.


ith the great hallyu (Korean) wave surging across the world, all eyes are definitely on this megacity of over 10 million people. Know why the South Korean capital is becoming savvy travelers’ favorite destination. SHOPPERS’ BLISS Namdaemun South Korea’s largest market, roughly 300 meters at its widest and home to hundreds of stalls, is located in one of the eight gates of Seoul’s ancient Fortress Wall. Namdaemun, tucked between Seoul Station and Seoul City Plaza, is a chaotic warren of stalls teeming with everything worth buying, from local and imported clothes to stylish handbags. It’s easy to get lost here, but if you fancy hunting for hidden gems, this market is for you. Savvy hagglers rejoice—a trip to this market promises great discounts! Step inside the buildings for some of the best finds—past shops selling traditional masks, 56 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

IN VOGUE Gangnam District, one of Seoul’s wealthiest neighborhoods, is home to celebrities, politicians, and big corporations like Samsung. It is famous for its shopping and glitzy nightlife.

photography equipment, and packaged Korean foods. As if the maze outside was not enough, the individual stalls inside are even more congested. Check out imported goods in the basement, including impressive selections of high-end scotch and cognac. TIP: If you end up going around in circles, the Information Center is located at Gate #36. Dongdaemun For something less frantic, there’s Dongdaemun Market, a Special Tourism Zone. The place is divided into various indoor malls and specializes primarily in textiles, clothes, leather goods, bedding, and fabrics, often at a higher quality (though slightly more expensive) than Namdaemun. Located at the Great East Gate, the market is also a wholesale electronics and office supplies haven. Pick up premade hanbok (Korean traditional attire), or scour some of the world’s largest wholesale providers of jewelry. TIP: The market caters to newlyweds and older clientele. Doosan Tower and Migliore, the market’s newer areas, appeal to college students and the teenage set.

SEOUL FOOD: Prepare your haggling skills and try to bring down the prices of seafood even further in the sprawling Noryangjin Fish Market; (BELOW) Food-tripping in Namdaemun market is a breeze what with a huge variety of fares from Korean pancakes and sweets to the more exotic fried silkworms. I 57

Illustration by Kasey Albano

FOOD-LOVERS’ CORNER Noryangjin Fish Market Step right this way to experience the glory of this seaside nation. With more than 700 stalls covering over 6,000 square meters, Noryangjin is one of South Korea’s largest fish and seafood markets. This is the place to get the freshest catch of the day—from fish, clams, and shrimps, to sea cucumbers, crabs, and octopuses. To get the best deals, come when it opens at 3 a.m. You can snatch 20%–30% discounts while witnessing the market’s well-known flurry of activity. TIP: Have your seafood roasted or fried by vendors on the spot, or ask them to prepare Korean specialties like maeuntang (spicy fish stew) or sannakji (a plateful of squirming, chopped octopus). Prices are negotiable but grilled prawns are about US$13.50 per kilo while kingcrabs can go up to $90. Itaewon Welcome to Seoul’s International District, a multicultural food haven. Covering several city blocks, this district not only promises excellent shopping, but also Indian restaurants, Turkish pulled

Korean Drinking Etiquette Locals drink as hard as they work. Be prepared to do business! As courtesy, never refill your own glass. An empty glass means you expect someone to pour you another drink—which they will. At a drinking table, alcohol should be offered to the eldest person first. SEAFOOD LOVERS REJOICE!: At Noryangjin Fish Market, one can buy freshly-caught seafood and have it cooked immediately on-site.

PSY GOES VIRAL: “Gangnam Style,” a song popularized by Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer, and record producer Psy (or Park Jae-sang), is now the most-viewed K-pop video on YouTube with more than 420 million views and 3.7 million likes. 58 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

clUb cUlTURE: Don’t let the name “Hongik University” fool you. Hongdae, as the campus is fondly called, is the epicenter of all things indie and underground. Clubs abound and street arts festivals and concerts often take place to the delight of the youthful, party-hopping crowd.

ice cream shops, and Pakistani, Egyptian, American, Thai, and Mexican foods. Located close to the former U.S. army base, the district has gave way to wellknown gastronomic finds, such as Suji’s, known for serving some mean brunch fare, and the very popular Zelen, which serves no-nonsense Bulgarian dishes. High-end Korean restaurant Si Hwa Dam, which serves beautifully presented Korean staples, is a good choice. WHERE’S THE PARTY? South Korea boasts a strong drinking culture, and it’s even more dazzling in Seoul’s thriving club scene. The Confucian ideals that Koreans live by encourage bonding, both in and out of the workplace. The city’s streets are filled with colleagues and friends raucously eating at streetside restaurants, loudly clinking glasses of soju (Korean rice wine), or dancing nonstop to funky tunes at the clubs. High-end hotspots include Club Eden or Club Ellui in ritzy Gangnam District: loud music, shoulder-toshoulder dance space, and a young crowd dressed

Top 3 Seoul Attractions GYEonGbok PAlAcE One of the most scenic spots in Seoul THE WAR MEMoRiAl of koREA A 20,000-square-meter museum located at the old Army Headquarters nAMSAM ToWER A major landmark with an observation deck offering a 360-degree view of Seoul

RETAil THERAPY: Shop in style and comfort at Dongdaemun’s numerous indoor malls.

up to be seen. Some of the world’s top DJs spin at Club Volume. For a college feel, there’s Hongdae, located close to Hongik University. You can leisurely stroll through closed-off walking streets while on the way to catch indie bands in the area’s many bars. Or choose from an array of quiet, British-style pubs in the district. n

PAL flies between Manila and Seoul daily. Swingaround tour packages are available. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit I 59


Wonder Girls

Girls Generation

HALLYU, or Korean wave, refers to the Korean pop culture’s tsunami-like worldwide surge that began with the popularity of Korean dramas and films in Asia in the 1990s, and the rest of the world in 2002.


sUpERsTARs ALL Wonder Girls • 2ne1 Big Bang • Super Junior

Why K-pOp ROcKs

artists’ fashionable * and charismatic style

and upbeat * catchy music appeal * global * targets young fans Asian* culture friendly

K-pop is short for Korean pop music and is a genre that combines dance, electropop, hip hop & R&B music.


Jay Park 60 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

3,000 B.C. - Growth of early Korean civilization 200 A.D. - Establishment of Three Han States

TOp KOREAn dRAmA sERiEs (Koreanovelas) Lovers in Paris Full House My Lovely Sam Soon Stairway to Heaven Coffee Prince

Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace) Dong-yi All About Eve Endless Love I:

Autumn in my Heart Endless Love II: Winter Sonata

1895 - End of China’s influence over Korea after losing the Sino-Japanese War 1905-1910 - End of RussoJapanese war; Japan annexes Korea

War & Peace

The Philippines was the first Asian country to send combat troops with 7,420 soldiers to the Korean War. Among those who took part in the war was retired Gen. Fidel V. Ramos, who later became President of the Philippines, and the late Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., the youngest war correspondent in Korea at 17, whose wife Corazon Aquino and son Benigno Aquino III also became the country’s heads of state.

K-pop’s 2011 revenues:


The year 2011 saw 925,000 Koreans visiTing The PhiliPPines. we asKed Koreans why They liKe iT here:

“I love the all year-long summer and the laidback lifestyle here! Besides the blend of Asian and western culture, there are also many gorgeous beaches and spectacular dive sites here.” -

Chae Won, 33, Chief Mermaid at www., 19-year Philippine resident

“I love your beaches. This is where I saw falling stars for the first time. The Filipinos are so chipper and friendly, and enjoy life. I feel relaxed here, unlike in Korea where everyone is in a hurry.”

net saVVY

seoul is the most wired (and most wireless) city in the world. Here’s WHY:


of homes have * 95% broadband internet million Koreans (half of the * 25 population) have smartphones

Kim DaHye (Shulamite Kim), 22, student; 9-year resident

GDP Per caPita (PPP)

now $31,700 (2011)

PoPular Korean branDs Samsung • LG • Hyundae



$70 (1954 post-Korean War)



as of 2011, south Korea is the world’s 12th and asia’s 4th largest economy, with a gdP of $1.554 trillion (purchasing power parity).

1945 - End of World War II; Korea divided into north and south zones 1948 - Republic of (South) Korea established 1950-1953 - North Korea

invades South Korea 1988 - Seoul hosts the Olympics 1998 - South Korea explores open relations with North Korea

2000 - First meeting in 50 years between South and North Korea presidents I 61

the Look! Seoul’s Got ly world , were mere

me . These ce upon a ti Koreans, onycats. Well, not anymorethe world fashion cop nistas have conqueredl, bold, even K-pop fashioh their edgy, whimsica uniquely by storm witcertainly delightful and illogical but Korean flair.

Photos by Jinyong Kim and Zack Cluley

gging red A: Body-hu OOH-LA-Lnts and black pumpsive leather pa phisticated, seduct exude a so allure.

GO CASUAL: Looking dapper with bursts of rust-reds, pinstripes, and a boatman’s hat.

tones and : Light pinkr a relaxing stroll in fo IN THE RED s nt red pa whimsical the park.

SEEING DOUBLE: Well, almo st, with see-through, white shirts, blac k pants, light sweater, and high-cut boot s.

62 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

dated ‘80s HIC: An up SHABBY C t the shoulder pads ou look with do’s. and weird

DENIM-TIME: A rugged ensemble topped with a vintage-lookin reminiscent of those worn byg patrol cap soldiers in the Korean War.

SUMMER PICK: Songdo, which means “Pine Island,” is Korea’s first official beach that opened to the public in 1913. From 2000 to 2005, Songdo underwent a major restoration, which included an expanded coastline. Photos courtesy of the Korean Tourism Organization.

BUSAN’S TOP 7 BEACHES For hardworking Koreans, a trip to the beach spells F-U-N. Follow MATTHEW C. CRAWFORD as he combs this city’s hot beach spots.


The Lure: This immense stretch of sand is a pilgrimage rite-of-passage for university students, and is frequented by families and couples. Its bragging rights? A 2011 world record of having the largest number of umbrellas—at 7,937—on a single beach. Yep, it’s really famous for sun-worshippers, or shall we say “shade-worshippers”? The View: The beach is lined with high-end business hotels—prominent of which is the Paradise Hotel Casino—and with a number of glistening high-rises under construction. SONGDO BEACH

The Lure: Most visitors to Busan may not know that Songdo even exists. This crescent-shaped bay with fine beige sand first opened to the public in 1913 and

BUSY BEACH: Haeundae Beach, said to be Korea’s most famous beach, is the site of numerous cultural events and festivals, and is a venue for Korean traditional games like seesaw jumping, Korean-style wrestling, arrow throwing, and tug-of-war, to name a few.

In Vogue Anything goes in South Korea, from covered-up beachgoers donning t-shirts over bathing suits and bikinis to middleaged men in objectionably skimpy trunks.

boasts clean and clear waters. The View: A strip of land is the only thing between Songdo and the city train station and shipping yards. Lie on the beach and gaze at the score of tankers and cargo ships anchored offshore. GWANGALLI BEACH

The Lure: From a quiet fishing village centuries ago, it has become Busan’s most accessible beach, being a favorite of strollers, joggers, cyclists, and beach volleyball teams. It is foreigner-friendly and

HAVING A BLAST: Workaholic Koreans de-stress by having fun at the beach, hiking, playing golf, or going to water parks. They are also fond of drinking, karaoke singing, and eating out. 64 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Illustration by Ruth Rivera

“It” List REST Mr. Egg Hostel at Haeundae offers twin rooms for US$63. Group rates available. +8270 7776 4975. Miss Egg Hostel is your next best option if Mr. Egg is full. +8270 7716 6334; Novotel Ambassador, a Haeundae beachfront property, is a 4-star hotel with rooms from $150 to $4,000 (presidential suite, which includes a grand piano). +8251 743 1234; eng/us/about.html

despite the speeding ATVs, the roaring jet skis, and questionable water quality, it is an essential stop on any Busan tour. The View: Its shoreline has a hodgepodge of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ice cream parlors, and karaoke rooms. After nightfall, the place comes alive with places like Moss Bar, Happy Monk, and Thursday Party. At any hour, one can find grilled eel, raw fish, snow crab, and hangover soup. SONGJEONG BEACH

The Lure: This small surfer’s beach up the coast of Haeundae has white sand and refreshingly cool water. Surfing gears are available for rent from a surf shop. The View: A soothing, unobstructed view of the water that offers a welcome contrast to the excitement of the city beaches. Think calm days and a lone surfer struggling to stand and balance on a board facing the horizon. IMRANG BEACH

The Lure: Located furthest up the coast from the city sprawl, Imrang is a place for those who want to do some soul-searching or those who want to get away from it all. The View: Rows of inexpensive Korean guesthouses dot the beach and at the end of summer, fishermen camp out in a tent with their rods planted in the sand. ILGWANG BEACH

The Lure: “Sunshine” beach is like a small Korean

harbor town. It has clear and refreshing waters and is known for the mulhoe, a Korean dish of sliced raw fish served in an icy broth of sliced cucumber, pepper, and pear. The View: The beach is probably the shallowest and least spectacular among the Busan seven, and is slightly overshadowed by a nearby glass factory.

BEACH CULTURE: There’s a lot of things going on at Gwangalli Beach. The 1.4-kilometer long beach popular among young people is home to various water sports and the Busan Ocean Festival where theater plays, concerts, and film showings are held.


The Lure: Located at the western edge of the city, Dadaepo is popular among couples and photographers. There are no lifeguards, umbrellas, or swimming boundaries here. The View: This is quite known for its sunset displays and has wild grasses and ghost crab burrows along its expanse of fine gray sand. Otherwise, it’s all sand, sea, and sky. n

PAL flies between Manila and Busan daily. Swingaround tour packages are available. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit I 65

HEARTY MEAL: Bibimbap is a dish made of steamed white rice topped with beef, egg, Korean chili paste, and vegetables stir fried in sesame oil. Photo courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization

THE FLAVORS OF KOREA Go beyond the usual bowl of bulgogi as ERNEST REYNOSO GALA gives us a crash course on Korean cuisine.


here’s no question about it—Korean dishes have awakened Filipinos’ culinary senses, thanks to the significant number of Koreans now living in the country. Koreans are hearty eaters. Even before you place your orders when dining in a Korean restaurant, you will already have been served at least seven types of appetizers, ranging from different types of kimchi to salty-sweet dried fish. A typical Korean meal consists of rice, soup, kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage), and fresh fruit at the end of the meal. Seafood and meat dishes are often charcoal grilled or sometimes added to broths. One popular dish is the haejookook, a beef soup with generous serving of bones and marrow much like our own bulalo. Generally believed to treat hangovers, Filipinos sometimes refer to it as “Korean menudo.” Other favorites include Korean pancakes, bibimbap (a hefty rice dish with more than 10 ingredients), squid in hot sauce, Korean barbecue, japchae (potato starch noodle), bean sprout salad, and the galbi jim (Korean beef stew).

Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, is pickled Napa cabbage seasoned with garlic, chilies, green onions, ginger, and other spices. Twoenjang, or Korean soybean paste, is fermented soybean pounded into a spicy-salty paste similar to those found in Japanese and Chinese cuisines. It is often used for soup-based dishes and sauces. Another common ingredient is dhweng-jang or Korean bean paste, a thick, reddishbrown salty and spicy bean sauce used as seasoning. Here’s a tip: It tastes great when mixed with steaming white rice! Korean meals are heavily spiced due to extreme cold winters, but these are often toned down when spring and summer come marching in. By taking in spicy food, your body increases the production of endorphins, the brain’s natural mood enhancers, thus making you feel better. Korean cuisine is often compared to dishes from the Bicol region, which are also known for their fieriness. The latter, however, is creamier in that it uses plenty of coconut milk, while the former is based more on clear stock and kimchi. But no matter, both cuisines pack a lot of wallop in the spice department. n

Ernest’s Picks JAN GUN 7 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Quezon City; +632 437 4432 ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT 7232 Malugay St., Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati City; +632 817 1206 POK SUK JUNG RESTAURANT 100 Oranbo Drive, Pasig City; +632 634 2010 TOP DISH KOREAN RESTAURANT 4890 Durban Street, Makati City (near P. Burgos St.); +632 758 1122 KOGI BULGOGI 2nd Level, Eastwood Mall, Orchard Road, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City; +632 470 6884

MIND YOUR MANNERS: When dining with elderly Koreans, wait until the eldest person on the table has begun eating. Stop eating when the elder has finished. Turn your head away from elders when drinking wine. (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

66 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

BEACH BEAUTIES: The Sea Princess (RIGHT) with close friends Crickette Tantoco and Frances Yu at Discovery Shores Boracay

Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ Top 10 Local Destinations Swim with sharks, go nature-tripping, or lounge in private luxury. The fabulous TESSA PRIETOVALDES tells us her top Philippine getaways. Tubattaha Reef Also rated one of the world’s best diving sites, Tubattaha is my favorite local diving location! This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the most diverse and incredible marine life on the planet. Just off the coast of Palawan, Tubattaha Reef rises from the volcanic depths of the Sulu Sea. You’ll find here a myriad of sea creatures—from the tiniest nudibranch, lionfish tortoises and clownfish to graceful eagle rays, manta and sharks. Balesin Island This 500-hectare island ( is a luxuriously private paradise. It’s a “Members Only” 68 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

In Demand

According to the WWF, Tubbataha dive trips are often booked years in advance so better reserve your spot now.

resort, being master-planned to accommodate seven themed villages—each with fifty villas. With its many secluded coves and spectacular views, one can fall in love again and again on romantic Balesin Island. Boracay Island Truly the world’s best sea and sand destination, Boracay has a hundred and one island paradise resorts to choose from. I personally like the more secluded and maximum-pampering resorts like Discovery Shores and Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa. A visit to the other side of popular White Beach is quite exciting. Bulabog Beach welcomes extremesport lovers with kiteboarding. El Nido, Palawan Time stands still in El Nido! This is an amazing cluster of islands with secret coves and caves. It’s a wonderful destination to bond with the family or have a special lovers’ holiday. El Nido Resorts have been recognized for their environmental, sustainable tourism programs.

Clubhouse Poolside

Tessa with Balesin Island general manager Wilhelm Bolton Mykonos Village Cafe

PARADISE ISLE: Balesin Island, which boasts 7.3 kilometers of pristine white-sand beaches, is located off the eastern coast of Luzon and is a quick 25-minute plane ride from Manila. I 69

BONDING TIME: Enjoying the sea and sand at Shangri-La Resort & Spa Boracay with husband Dennis and kids Bryan, Tyrone , Annika and Athena

Cebu As a shopaholic, I love Cebu for all its crafts, fashion, accessories and furniture. The city has been blessed with talented Cebuanos who have spread Philippine products throughout the world. Big names in fashion are Furne One and Cary Santiago. In furniture, Kenneth Cobonpue is known worldwide for his industrial designs, using natural fibers and materials to make them uniquely Filipino. Cebu also has great food and an exciting nightlife scene. It is my second home

CEBU GLAM: There’s never a dull moment in Cebu’s fashion scene; (INSET) Cebu top fashion designer Cary Santiago, Red Charity Gala’s featured designer

70 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Bohol Here’s the best place to go nature-tripping! Bohol’s natural wonders include the Chocolate Hills and the fascinating whale and dolphin watching-tours. Don’t miss the Loboc boat tour! Instead of the traditional inland tour with a bus, Bohol offers a ride on a pumpboat to see the beauty of the smaller outlying islands and islets. If you come at the right season, you could see hundreds of dolphins playfully jumping and spinning next to your boat.

NATURE’S WONDERS: The Banaue Rice Terraces is one of the Philippines’ best example of how man can harmoniously co-exist in harmony with nature; (BELOW LEFT) Whalesharks, which grow anywhere from 4 to 12 meters, are the top attractions in Donsol, Sorsogon.

designer Jean-Marie Massaud and his architectural partner Daniel Pouzet, during the creation of this luxurious destination.

Donsol It’s known as the “Whale Shark Capital of the World” for the steady number of recorded sightings of these gentle giants. Because of the high concentration of the plankton in that area, the whale sharks gather here during special times of the year. Siargao Located in the eastern shoreline of the country, Siargao is the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines.” Lounge at the newly opened Dedon Island Resort. (, nestled between a gentle lagoon, fringed by white-sand beaches and mangroves that lead to the rainforest. Dedon’s vision of a sustainable lifestyle was used in the designs of French

Taal Volcano and Tagaytay One of the world’s smallest volcanoes, Taal is uniquely located in a lake. It’s best seen from the Tagaytay Ridge. Tagaytay Highlands is a resort club with two golf courses and lots of activities for kids. Our family loves to spend weekends here, eating at the romantic Antonio’s Restaurant. Baguio City and the Mountain Province Baguio City is special to me because most of my summers growing up were spent there. Much has changed, but Baguio has not lost its charm. The Banaue Rice Terraces should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Experience this great example of harmonious relationship between man and nature. The native Ifugaos learned how to use the contours of the mountains to cultivate rice paddies, using the force of gravity for natural water irrigation. This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation for centuries. n


To get a good glimpse of the whalesharks, make sure to visit during the peak season, from February to May.

RED ALERT: The 2,000-year-old Banaue Rice Terraces has been declared in danger. Sustainable development projects are now being conducted to save it. 72 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

NEVER A DULL MOMENT: From sunup to sundown, guests at Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa will have their hands full of exciting and leisurely activities, from lazing around the beachfront and meeting its underwater “residents” in a fun snorkeling tour, to savoring Cebu’s oh-so-sweet mangoes while enjoying the breathtaking view of Mactan channel, and so much more.

Shangri-la Mactan’S new SurpriSeS Some resorts—no matter how many awards they have—just seem to be getting better. A dynamic one is the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa. This highly-popular Cebu resort is bound to win even more, with its recent enhancements. New attractions are offered to everyone, be they solo travelers, honeymooning couples or families with hyperactive kids. Photos by Erwin Lim.


ake their new refurbished rooms. In the improved guestrooms, everything that you love and seek staying by the sea is evoked: warm hues like the golden color of the sand during sunset and the cool, refreshing colors of the sea like blue and turquoise. The only thing missing is the salty taste of the sea breeze, but just open the sliding door to your balcony and gaze at the shimmering waters of the Mactan channel. There’s a lot of creature comforts, too. Cozy Murphy beds, padded doors and headboards, a 40inch LCD Flat TV, and a glass-enclosed shower area,

74 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

RECENT AwARds Top 20 Resorts in Asia (14th), Conde Nast Traveler (US) Readers’ Choice Awards 2012 Top Asia Hotel Award 2011, Travel + Leisure 500 Top 20 Resorts in Asia (14th), Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2010

KIDS’ WORLD: Shangri-La’s cool water-themed playground, Aquaplay, is popular with the kids..

with one wall rendered in shades of brown with a beautifully-textured finish. The signature vast, manicured grounds that this resort is known for has also undergone a transformation. The Buko (Coconut) Bar by the main pool is more inviting—its wooden deck, tables

LIVING IT UP IN STYLE: Shangri-La Mactan has perfected the art of pleasing guests from the lavish comforts of its suites and the pictureperfect views, to the lively cocktail hours at the Breeze Bar.

and chairs are an earthy, brown color shaded elegantly by large white parasols. Alongside this snack bar is an ice cream shop, appropriately called Scoops. All kids can have the time of their lives at the newly installed Aquaplay. This brightly-colored play structure has three water slides, a rainbow shower, and interactive nozzles that allow children to create their own water effects. Close by is a 14-hole mini golf putting park. Each hole has its own theme, ranging from the Eiffel Tower to Philippine landmarks like the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. If you are really into golf and want to hone your short game skills, the resort also has a pitch and putt course composed of several short holes. Shangri-La Mactan’s romantic seaside outlet, Cowrie Cove, is now more enchanting. Come evenings, a small, diffused colored light is placed on each dining table. Its neighbor, the Breeze Bar, now has a more open layout, allowing guests perfect, unobstructed views of the sea. Watch the sunset and have cocktails here before moving to the Cowrie Cove for dinner. Like a fashionable lady or a favorite vacation place, Shangri-La Mactan’s charm hasn’t faded. It is familiar and yet, ever changing. A marvelous and always luxurious resort. n I 75

OLD WORLD FEEL: After checking in at Casa Mexico, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar’s reception area, guests will then be taken by carriage to Paseo de Escolta, which houses shops on the ground floor and well-appointed hotel suites on the upper floors. Photos by Anna Leah de Leon

BATAAN, BACK IN TIME What was life like in 18th-century Philippines? To get a glimpse, we visit Bataan with ANNA LEAH DE LEON.


elcome to a peninsula with a dramatic past. This province is known for the epic struggles of battlefront troops and bravery in war. Stay a day or two, and take a soothing break in historical Bataan. DAY 1

Heritage Homes Start your travels at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, a heritage park in Bataan’s Bagac town, about 151 kilometers northwest of Manila. Seven years ago, historical art collector Jose “Gerry” Acuzar began reconstructing his collection of Spanish colonial buildings and bahay na bato (stone houses), which were relocated from different parts of the Philippines. Today, the luxurious beach resort includes 27 heritage houses. 78 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Las Casas’ Oldest Houses Casa Candaba (1780), Pampanga Casa Unisan (1839), Quezon Casa Luna (1850), La Union

Luxury Lodgings While strolling through the cobblestone streets, you’ll be greeted by a colorful building called Paseo de Escolta. Peer into shops on the ground floor, or check out the hotel suites upstairs. Their antique-style furniture includes capiz windows and rooms equipped with comfortable modern-day amenities. Going with a group of friends? Simply rent the entire house for a weekend back in time. (Single room rates start at Php4,050, or US$98, while group rates start at Php16,200, or $391, and include complimentary breakfasts, use of the pool and the beach, and the heritage walking tour.) Rest and Recreation Dip into Las Casas’ swimming pool, the La Piscina. It’s constructed like a batis (stream) complete with rocks. You’ll bathe in quiet nature, with an inspiring view of the beach and mountain backdrop. To cruise around, try a caruaje (horse-drawn carriage) ride around the park, while time slows with the clip-clop of horses’ hoofs. Learn to play traditional games, such as sungka (a game played on a hollowed out wooden block), chess, domino, or Chinese checkers.

Casa Mexico

Fotografia de la Escolta

Shrine of Valor


Illustration by Benjamin Abesamis I 79

CHARMING VISTA: A view of Las Casas Filipinas’ reconstructed colonial stone houses from Paseo de Escolta’s suites. On the foreground are representations of traditional Filipino games. Photo by Bien Bautista

A Filipino Feast Café Marivent serves Filipino and Spanish dishes (try their specialty, Paella Valenciana). Filipino favorites include Adobong Baboy Damo (wild boar stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic), Tapang Usa (cured venison), Pritong Palakang Bukid (fried frog legs), and Kilawing Tanguige (Spanish mackerel ceviche). A meal costs Php115 to Php870 ($3 to $21).

Sand, Surf, and Sunshine Soak up the midday sun at Morong’s and Bagac’s beaches. For amazing sunset views, the Department of Tourism recommends the Waterfront Beach Resort (, the EastWest Beach Resort (www.eastwestresort.multiply. com) in Morong, and Montemar Beach Club (www. in Bagac.

DAY 2 Exploring is endless in Bataan—but use this guide, so you don’t get lost.

Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) The province’s most famous historical landmark is the Dambana ng Kagitingan, and you’ll find it after a 40-minute drive from Morong. Built atop Mount Samat, this tribute in Pilar was built for the 78,000 soldiers of the infamous Fall of Bataan. (On April 9, 1942, under General Edward P. King, the troops surrendered to Japanese forces.) The 92-meter marble, steel, and concrete memorial cross is erected 555 meters above sea level. Take the elevator up and see the breathtaking view of the Bataan Peninsula. You’ll get the feeling that there’s more to Bataan than you expected. n

Pawikan Conservation Center Less than five minutes away from the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is a community-based sea turtle conservation center in Nagbalayong. Observe how they preserve and breed the endangered Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) sea turtles. Each November, locals and visitors celebrate the Pawikan Festival by gathering around Nagbalayong Beach. At dawn, the ceremonial release of thousands of hatchlings begins.

TRAGIC PAST Around 78,000 prisoners of war (12,000 American and 66,000 Filipino soldiers) were held captive in Bataan shortly before the infamous Bataan Death March, which began on April 10, 1942.

GROUND ZERO The zero kilometer marker in Bagac is a reminder of the Bataan Death March where more than 10,000 Filipino and American soldiers died before reaching the province of Tarlac some 128 kilometers away. 80 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

IDYLLIC PARADISE: (clockwIse froM top left) the 159-room Bellevue Bohol; lamian world cuisine restaurant; the pristine Doljo Beach; the chic infinity pool with ocean view

THE BEST OF BOHOL Slide on those sunnies as a hot new resort rises on this tropical island.


n island-province located in Central Visayas, the pristine Bohol is blessed with captivating natural attractions and artistic, cultural, and historical treasures. This unspoiled paradise has become one of the country’s top tourist destinations and a haven for city folks in search of some rest and relaxation. On the province’s southwestern tip is the picturesque Panglao, an island rated by Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the world’s best undiscovered beaches. And in the middle of this tropical paradise is an exciting luxury property: The Bellevue Resort. This breathtaking, five-star resort is a project of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, the brand behind worldclass The Bellevue Manila and B Hotel, both located in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Tucked away in the serene Doljo Beach, a mere 30-minute scenic drive from Tagbilaran Airport, The Bellevue Resort boasts a secluded beach with calm, clear waters and a wide stretch of white sand fringed with tall coconut trees. This verdant development 82 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Barangay Doljo, panglao Island, Bohol; +632 771 8181 (Manila) or +6338 422 2222 (Bohol); bohol

is nestled in an expansive 3.5-hectare property, and features exquisitely designed guestrooms—all of which have picturesque views of the ocean across the peninsula of Doljo—an idyllic spa village, and thoughtfully planned recreation facilities. You will immediately be captivated here as you make your way through the classy welcome pavilion, reception area, and lobby. Be ultimately pampered during your stay in one of its 159 rooms and suites, from deluxe, junior suite, to the Executive Suite, Bellevue Suite, or the Presidential Suite. Stroll on the 250-meter sparkling white-sand beach, take a dip in the chic infinity pool, or indulge in a good book in your plush bed. Whichever you choose, you will be thoroughly relaxed. And for those with tots, don’t worry as the resort has a kiddie pool and an indoor play area. And what’s an island vacation without sumptuous food? Indulge in an array of local and international cuisine in Lamian World Cuisine, Flujo Bar & Lounge, Marea Al Fresco Dining and Cena Fusion Cuisine. With the opening of The Bellevue, luxury standards in Panglao are definitely raised. Whether you’ve been to Bohol or not, this means a reason to visit the island paradise soon. n

Special Promotional Feature

Now Open The historic province of Bohol will be more inviting as the most luxurious five star resort opens in Panglao Island. The Bellevue Resort will surely capture the discerning taste of local and international travelers alike. It boasts of impressive and spacious ocean view guestrooms mostly fronting the exclusive sugary white beach. There is also a Thai Spa, children’s play area, an infinity pool plus three multi-cuisined dining venues. The Resort is designed to please every guest’s whims and caprice making it the choice destination for an unforgettable experience.

Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines 6343

t : f : e : w:

(6338) 422 2222 (6338) 422 2202


SUBIC HIGHLIGHTS: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP) The Lighthouse Marina Resort sits on the edge of the calm Subic Bay; the refreshing Aqua Room; a refreshing dip at the pool; and the lobby

LOVE IN THE LIGHTHOUSE This iconic boutique hotel on the coast of Zambales amps up the romance this holiday season.


ho hasn’t walked into The Lighthouse and instantly fell in love with its romantic ambience? This boutique hotel is situated in its special nook at the coast of the pristine Subic Bay. A beacon, after all, is not hard to find. Allow yourself to be pampered from the time you set foot into the lobby. You will be greeted with warmth and refreshing welcome drinks upon checking in. As you

enter your room, feel free to plop down the ultra-comfort mattress and plush pillows. Make yourself at home. Each room features a 42” LCD TV, DVD/MP3 players, an iPod station, and, from the Aqua Veranda Rooms and Aqua Spa Suites, a stunning view of the West Philippine Sea. Excitement flows as you encounter the glass-walled bathroom—you’ll find an invitation for a soothing soak from the freestanding bathtub hard to resist. But the

private Jacuzzi tub is the crowning glory of the Aqua Spa Suite, which is perfect for that lasting impression. You will never look at the sun the same way again once you’ve taken a sunset cruise aboard The Lighthouse’s sailing yacht. Indulge in a bottle of bubbly, delight in sumptuous afternoon cocktails, savor the views, and relax in the sound of the waves. Afterwards, dine at the beach side or at the top of the magnificent tower. Either way, you’re in for an exquisite meal by The Sands Resto Grill. With its warm ambience, luxurious amenities, and memorable cruise, for sure, your R & R weekend will be beyond romantic at The Lighthouse. n

Moonbay Marina Complex, Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales; tel. no. +63 47 2525000 or +63 47 2527545; 84 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

A Passage to Bicol’s Heartland

Everything is spicy in this fertile southern Luzon region—from its palate-burning chilies and hot-tempered perfect cone-shaped volcano to luxurious island resorts and world-renowned wakeboarding spots. Welcome to the Bicol region, where raw adventure can come with luxurious pampering.

86 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012


ISLAND ESCAPE: A helicopter ride to Misibis Bay, Cagraray Island, gives guests a sweeping view of the island paradise surrounded by crystal-clear emerald waters.

Luxury Adventure: Meet Me At Misibis AMER R. AMOR gets your Albay adventure powered up—and pampered.


here are two ways to kick off a remarkable stay at Misibis Bay: the smooth, 20-minute speedboat to Cagraray Island, or the grand entrance—straight from the Legazpi airport in a helicopter! The renowned service of Misibis Bay includes all the treats and perks you’d expect from a luxurious resort. Start off with an early ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride to catch the sunrise, followed by a hot cup of cocoa and breakfast at the Five Mountain View, while gazing at five peaks, including Mayon, Mt. Bulusan, and Mt. Isarog. The 300-threadcount featherbed is so inviting, you might want to return to your villa and sleep longer. But wait—it gets even better at the pool, where you can swim straight to the pool bar for refreshments! Colors and textures flourish under the sea, including hundreds of giant clams, so make sure to dive and snorkel at the Marina. Or, cruise on a Hobie

88 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

MISIBIS HIGH: An dune buggy ride to the Eco-Energy Park takes guests to a scenic tour around the island.

PLAYTIME Misibis’ Sitio is an indoor playground equipped with a sauna, gym, billiards, foosball, dart boards, and children’s playroom with Wii2.

Cat in the middle of Albay Gulf, feeling the breeze on your face and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, with captivating mountain ranges further inland. Next on your itinerary should be one of many water-sports available: windsurfing, wakeboarding, jetskiing or paddle-boarding. There’s a lot to do here, instructors always on call. Set your afternoon itinerary for an ATV drive to the Ecopark, home to a charming amphitheater with a picturesque cove as backdrop. Stop to try the 200 and 400-meter ziplines through some breathtaking scenery, then continue your rough ATV ride to the hilltop—just in time to watch a magnificent sunset

THE GREAT OUTDOORS: Rugged nature trails abound in Misibis Bay, Cagraray Island and the rest of the Bicol region. The only requirements to enjoy your Bicol sojourn are a sense of wonder, an adventurous streak, and lots of curiosity.

LUXE LIVING: Misibis Bay’s luxury villas and premier suites lend an enjoyable high-end island experience for guests looking for a comfortable, private hideaway. I 89

Photo by Amer Amor

WORLD-CLASS: Misibis Bay, one of only three hotels in the country that is a member of the widely acclaimed Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is a first-rate destination, even for Hollywood star Zac Efron (TOP RIGHT).

over the entire bay! Back at the resort, soak in the hot tub while playing iTunes, and then order a massage. When you wake up the next day, you’ll be ready for another adventurefilled day. Guest-satisfaction and privacy top the island resort’s lists of benefits. In a recent interview on

Ellen, Hollywood actor Zac Efron disclosed that his Philippine vacation was one of the best he’d had so far. That’s because Zac was on the same Misibis Bay adventure—and if you book a stay here, you’ll be feeling quite like a star, yourself. n

PAL flies between Manila and Legazpi on AirPhil Express-operated flights. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit 90 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

米斯碧海湾的奢华探险之旅 AMER R. AMOR 为您打造一趟丰富充实又呵护备至 的探险之旅 游客可选择海或空方式前往米斯碧海湾:乘坐20分钟 的快艇至卡格拉赖岛(Cagraray)或直接从黎牙实比 机场(Legazpi )搭乘直升机! 米斯碧海湾为游客提供豪华舒适的极致度假体验。 旅程第一站:乘坐全地形越野车,沿途欣赏清晨徐徐 上升的日出。接着前往Five Mountain View一边喝着 热可可、享用早餐,一边凝望着巍峨壮观的五座山 峰,其中包括了:Mayon、Bulusan山和Isarog山。

第一站结束后,您或许会经不起别墅所提供的300 经 纬密度羽毛褥垫的诱惑,欲再度会周公。但与其睡 觉,不如到泳池畅泳一番,然后直接游到池畔吧栖 息、放松身心! 斑斓缤纷的海底世界拥有百多种巨蛤,是潜水和浮潜 的绝佳胜地,可别错过与大自然亲密接触的机会哦。 此外,您也可选择乘坐霍比式帆船在阿尔拜湾的海中

央巡游,感受凉风拂面、浩瀚的太平洋以及深入内陆 的迷人山脉。 下一站就是玩转各式各样的水上运动,如:风帆冲 浪、滑水、喷气式滑水或滑板。指导员在场随时待 命,游客可尽情享乐。 到了下午时段,您可乘坐全地形越野车探索生态公 园。该地设有一座以景色如画的小峡谷为背景的露天 竞技场。半途中可停下来尝试长达200和400米的高 空滑绳,穿越秀丽诱人的风景。玩毕,继续艰辛的车 程直达山顶,恰好映入眼帘的是整个海湾的瑰丽日 落! 返回度假村后,先泡一个热水澡,然后找人按摩,舒 缓身心疲累,那么隔天醒来就有精力继续探险。 海岛度假村非常注重游客的满意度和私隐。好莱坞演 员扎克·埃夫隆最近在Ellen的访问中透露,他的菲律 宾之旅是迄今为止的最佳假期。 快前来米斯碧弯探险度假,体验犹如扎克巨星班的非 凡之悦吧。 I 91

“PEAK” SEASON: Extreme adventurers find so much satisfaction in scaling the challenging terrain of the 2,462-meter Mayon Volcano, the country’s most active volcano. It has erupted at least 49 times since 1616. Photo by Amer R. Amor


TAKE-HOME TREASURES Ibalong Pasalubong Center at the Legazpi Grand Central Terminal is your one-stop-shop, while Albay Pili Nut Candy (+63 52 8203529) is the region’s oldest pili nut candy factory. For native handicrafts, shop at Orgullo kan Bicol (Pride of Bicol), in downtown Legazpi, and score abaca handbags at the Albay Pasalubong Center in Albay Astrodome.

AMER R. AMOR does a quick round-up of the hottest things happening in Legazpi City. CLIMB TO THE CRATER The Mayon Outdoor Guide Association organizes hikes up the country’s most active volcano. Contact Bayron Cepria at +63 917 9994716. ACCELERATE! Gear up for a three-hour ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride to and from a lava bed. You’ll throttle over small streams, huge boulders, and rugged roads. Contact Cyrel Chan at +63 905 4557594. FLY HIGH Experience Mayon’s grandness from afar at Ligñon Hill Nature Park, or head to waterfront hub Embarcadero de Legazpi for an even more panoramic view. BOULEVARD STROLL Come nightfall, Legazpi Boulevard is the city’s most happening spot. From Embarcadero de Legazpi, stroll down this seaside strip and enjoy a nightcap.

A Taste of Bicol Some staples in Bicolano cuisine: Chili—in almost every dish, from seafood to desserts and even ice-cream! Coconut—using the leaves, meat, cream or milk for added flavor. Pili nut—an indigenous, pointy-shaped nut that grows all over Bicol. Eat it raw, caramelized with sugar, or salted!

CRASH PADS Get pampered at Hotel St. Ellis (+63 52 4808088) or cozy up in Hotel Venezia (+63 52 4810888) located near the airport. A more affordable option is the nautically-themed Ellis Ecotel (+63 52 4814088) at Embarcadero de Legazpi. FIERY FLAVORS Savor tasty Bicolano fusion dishes, like Pasta Pinangat, Bicol Express Pasta, and Mayon Pasta at Small Talk Café (+63 52 4801393). Dare your taste buds with Chili Ice Cream at 1st Colonial Grill. Try out pili-nut flavored drinks in La Mia Tazza at Embarcadero de Legazpi. For authentic Bicolano cuisine, there’s Kaunan ni Jun, outside the Albay Astrodome. n

PAL flies between Manila and Legazpi on AirPhil Express-operated flights. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit 92 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012




The hoT SpringS aT Tiwi (Bicol)


ccording to the old people of Tiwi, Albay, what is now the hot springs was formerly a peaceful and progressive barrio. In this village lived Rosa, a very beautiful girl, who had many suitors from different places. One day the son of the Sun God came down to earth to take a walk. In his wanderings, he saw Rosa and like ordinary mortals, was attracted by her beauty. When he returned to his kingdom, he immediately told his father that he had found the woman he wanted to marry. But the Sun God would not allow him to marry an earth maiden. The young man grieved deeply over his father’s decision. The next day he refused to bring light to the earth, as he used to do. Consequently, for one whole week, the world of the earth people was very dark. The people thought that the end of the world had come. When the Sun God saw the dark world, he took pity on the people, so he finally consented to his son’s marrying the earth maiden. The young man was overjoyed at his father’s change of mind and wanted to go down to earth immediately. In his hurry, however, he forgot to remove his flaming clothes. He also rode on his chariot of fire, drawn by fire-breathing horses. He also forgot to divest his eyes of the power to set fire to anything they looked on. So when he reached the barrio where the beautiful girl lived, everything he looked at burst into flames. All the houses, trees, and people, including the beautiful girl were burned. When the flames subsided, all that remained was a spring from which welled hot water. Until now, the springs at Tiwi is visited by people from afar, especially by people suffering from rheumatism, who find relief from its hot waters. n

THE MYTHS Philippine Folk Literature by Damiana L. Eugenio Published by the University of the Philippines Press, 2001. Paperback, 513 pages. University of the Philippines Press, E. de los Santos St., University of the Philippines Campus; ( (+632) 928 2558; * com; : www.uppress.

HEALING WATERS: Natural hot springs, which contain minerals such as sulfur, is believed to soothe a number of health problems, including eczema, acne, arthritis, and body aches and pains, to name a few. 94 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

BOOMTOWN: Naga City, Spain’s third royal city after Cebu and Manila, is known for its churches including San Francisco Church (ABOVE) and the Our Lady of Peñafrancia Basilica; Soar 12 meters off the ground in Haciendas de Naga Adventure Park’s 400-meter zipline (BELOW); Spicy dishes, such as the popular Bicol Express, pork with chilies cooked in coconut milk, is a popular fare (BOTTOM). Photos by Tom Falcon

Three Times The Thrill in Bicol Pay homage to Naga’s miraculous “Lady,” practice your wakeboarding skills in Camsur, and get into “Survivor” mode in Caramoan with PHILIP C. TUBEZA.


aga City, the Bicol region’s spiritual and cultural hub, is the first stop for any visitor wanting to experience the thrilling activities at the Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) and Caramoan Peninsula. Get a glimpse of the religious heart of Naga and the entire Bicolandia by visiting the Basilica of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia. It houses the miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary whom Bicolanos affectionately refer to as Ina (Mother). Enjoy the trek up Mount Isarog National Park to visit Nabuntulan and Malabsay Falls, with the former offering a more challenging climb and descent through the rain forest.

SOUVENIR HUNTING: The Naga City Public Market offers a variety of souvenir items, from hammocks to sandals and wallets made from abaca, dried water-lilies, or corn hair. 96 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

SPLISH SPLASH: Wakeboarding, wakeskating, and waterskiing—take your pick from the exciting watersports at the Camsur Watersports Complex. Photo by Rommel Bundalian

SURVIVORS’ POINT: The rough, rocky terrain of the hilly Caramoan peninsula yields to one of the most beautiful island clusters in the country. Photo by Rommel Bundalian

Those not keen on roughing it up in the raw outdoors could always visit Haciendas de Naga Adventure Park, which offers wall-climbing, rappelling, and a 400-meter zipline. It also has a shooting range and, soon to open, a nine-hole golf course. Before you go on to your adventure-filled itinerary at CWC and Caramoan, be sure to have your fill of pinangat (taro leaf–wrapped meat and chilli stewed in thick coconut milk) and kinalas (a noodle dish whose ingredients sometimes include pork brains). Bring some tasty syrup-coated pili nuts, too, in case you choose to “get stranded” in any of Caramoan’s famed islands. BUILD AND THEY WILL COME What used to be a piece of barren land is now one of the hottest spots in the wakeboarding scene. The Camsur Watersports Complex features a winch park for wakeboarding, a skate park, pools, and a range of accommodations.

Illustration by Benjamin Abesamis

RUGGED BEAUTY BRINGS BOUNTY Caramoan Peninsula’s exciting landscape has attracted the attention of the producers of several international Survivor shows. n

PAL flies between Manila and Naga twice a day on AirPhil Express-operated flights. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit 98 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

LA ISLA BONITA: Calaguas’ main island called Mahabang Buhangin (Long Beach) has 1.2 kilometers of pristine, fine, powdery sand that will have you at hello. Photos by Amer R. Amor

Castaway IN Calaguas AMER R. AMOR trades the city for a weekend of sand, sea, and no cellphone signal.


alaguas Islands might just be your best-kept secret, that one destination that will have everybody asking, “Where on earth did you take that picture?” A piece of quiet space is hard to come by these days, and Calaguas in Vinzons, Camarines Norte, is just the kind of private paradise you’ll want to keep all to yourself. Those in the know are familiar with its stunning attributes: crystal-clear water that gently ripples into different gradients of deep, dense blue; palm trees dotting the hilly islets; and sand finer than Boracay’s—yes, it’s possible. DIVERSIONS The trip to Calaguas takes time and effort, and you’ll

100 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

brave some choppy waves—but it will be worth it, you’ll see. There’s also no place for technology here, but you really won’t be missing it. So ditch your iPad and pitch a tent on the shore instead. Prop up with a spellbinding book, meditating on how clear your mind finally is. Or explore another side of the island by walking through the boulders at the far right corner of the beach. You’ll find a cove with interesting rock formations, coarser sand, and rougher waves. The friendly locals here are happy to lend their paddle boats. There are more islands nearby to scour; just remember to leave all nature as peaceful as you found it. IN THE BAG The tranquility of Calaguas is preserved because of the absence of resorts and electricity on the islands. While there are caretakers on the beach and open cottages for rent, best come prepared with camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, can openers— castaway style. If you’re staying overnight, pack some

HOW TO GET THERE From Naga, take a bus or van headed for either Paracale or Panganiban. At the docks, arrange with the boatmen for your transfer to Calaguas. In Panganiban, contact Engr. Dan Galvan at +63 917 8383566. In Paracale, ask around for Boy Camara, an experienced, trustworthy boatman.


A paradise island filled with the bounties of the sun, sand, and sea is not such a bad place to be stranded in, don’t you think?

food. Count in sunscreen, snorkel and mask, and insect repellent for proper company. LOCAL FLAVORS Local fishermen often bring in their catch to share

with you. As a visitor to their island home, offer a gift of small payment. In return, they’ll come back with grilled seafood, hot soup, and steamed fish to enjoy. Newfound friends, new sunset view, new secret escape…now that’s Calaguas. n

PAL flies between Manila and Naga twice a day on AirPhil Express-operated flights. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit I 101


PRIME SPOT: The Address at Wack Wack boasts a multi-purpose roof deck equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment and fitness features, designed in such a way that you can enjoy both a relaxing view of the city without having to step out of your comfort zone.

The Game ChanGer


hink of a game-changing developer and this man inevitably comes to mind. The grandson of illustrious industrialist Senator Vicente Madrigal, Francisco Madrigal-Bayot, Jr. is the man behind the Madrigal-Bayot Development Corporation (MBDC). He is responsible for building the first and only luxury boutique condominium in Mandaluyong City.

Why are properties along Wack Wack Road across the Wack Wack Golf Course and Country Club so much in demand? The village, its residents, the golf course, and the country club combined give a premium appeal and cultured distinction to a Wack Wack address. More than that, Wack Wack is favored with a natural bedrock foundation situated a safe distance from fault lines and high enough to be flood free. Also, and a very serious concern of buyers today, is how close you are to either your office, or your children to their schools, or to shopping malls and restaurants, or to hospitals, or to churches. In Wack Wack, you and your family are close to everywhere and everything because you are at the center of Metro Manila. 102 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

The Address at Wack Wack, a 32-storey luxury boutique residential condominium, is now on its topping-off stage and ready to be turned over by June 2013. Visit its Sales Office and view the model units at 212 Wilson St., West Greenhills, San Juan City, or contact the MBDC Marketing Group at +632 7278301 or +632 7278196. www. theaddressatwackwack. com

What can buyers of The Address at Wack Wack expect from the project? While at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, I noticed the beauty of the travertine cladding. I immediately ordered it match-mix with Carrara marble and onyx for the double height, fully air-conditioned lobby. We replaced the laminated wood flooring in the living, dining, and kitchen areas of all the units with a 1 x 1 meter homogenous Nano-coated tiles for durability, easy cleaning, and maintenance, better hygiene, and exquisite appeal. We are not only concerned about beauty and functionality, but also about structural strength and sturdiness against wear and tear. That is why we had ordered the exterior walls of the building be made of precast, which can last for 100 years even under the prevailing harsh weather condition and pollution. Will you still make money the way you are building and giving the best to your clients? I will never forget why I decided to be a developer—that there are greater things in life than wealth‌like honor and integrity. Those are principles I learned from my parents and grandfather and I hope my children will pass them on. n

How to Pack for travel like a Pro Does travel leave you looking and feeling exhausted? If you pack like a pro, says giancarla espinosa-aritao, you won’t have to worry.

You onlY reallY need two pairs of shoes when travelling.

A smart, versatile choice is a pair of rubber-soled loafers in soft leather. These will come in handy the entire trip: easy to slip off during security checks, dressy enough for evenings, and decent for a day of sightseeing. The second pair should be evening shoes, in case your itinerary calls for a bit of glam.

think laYers.

Cardigans, V-neck sweaters, or a structured blazer should be staples in your travel wardrobe—both for comfort and style. choose a natural color palette. save space with jeans.

You only need one. A good pair of dark denims will never go out of style. Pair it with a nice shirt and blazer for smart-casual dressing at the hotel buffet, or with a T-shirt for side-walk strolling—plus, they go with almost any type of shoes.

Garments in the grey or blue family make it easier to mix and match. By sticking to a particular theme, you can bring a few pieces but still have enough flexibility to make a travel wardrobe look bigger than it actually is.

go wrinkle-free.

Bring clothes that are comfortable and can withstand the rigors of travel. Thick fabrics like denim are hardy, while cotton and wool knits are convenient and hold up well against wrinkles.

to each his own: Garments made out of linen tend to crease easily. It won’t matter, of course, if you’ve embraced the charm of looking like you have been places and experienced adventure. 104 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012




FROM MINIATURE TOY TO MASTERPIECE: Artist Nathan Sawaya has made various playful artworks out of Lego (including a 20-feet T-Rex skeleton sculpture—his largest creation so far), and can design custom works for events, photo shoots and conventions. Check out Photos by Nathan Sawaya.

From Children’s Toy to Stunning Art Count on quirky New York–based artist Nathan Sawaya to turn a humble toy into an impressive artwork. For the first time in Southeast Asia, Nathan will be showcasing his largest collection of 52 large-scale Lego sculptures constructed from nearly 1 million pieces of Lego bricks in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. Ponder on the meaning of life with these three-dimensional sculptures, or just go in an unstoppable spree of childhood nostalgia. 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore;

106 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012 I 107




A Theater Festival by Filipinos Go on a theater-watching spree in the Philippines’ 4th National Theater Festival. Around 18 original Filipino plays (some in English) will be performed, from Battalia Royale, a site-specific production loosely adapted from Koushun Takami’s ghastly novel Battle Royale, to tour guide Carlos Celdran’s glamorous historical account of the Philippines in Livin’ La Vida Imelda. Festival runs from November 8 to 18 in the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Bargain for Art in Singapore Calling all art enthusiasts, photography buffs, and budding art collectors! Go bargain shopping for contemporary artworks from Asia, Australia, and Europe in Singapore’s Affordable Art Fair. The fair will showcase 85 galleries with artworks ranging in price from S$80 to S$8,000 (US$65– 6,545), with 75 percent of work under S$6,000 (US$4,900). Mingle with local artists or join art talks and educational workshops. Fair runs from November 15 to 18. F1 Pit Building (1 Republic Boulevard), Singapore.

SHAKeSPeAre GoeS PInoY: Ateneo de Manila's Sintang Dalisay is a Filipino rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It has been acclaimed at the Belarusian Student Theater Festival in Minsk, Belarus, while an early version was shown in Shanghai, China.


cAn’t You See I’m BuSY


Adventure journAl

Play computer games at work without your boss noticing. All games in this website look like graphs and Excel files so you can destress under the radar.

An addicting website from Cracked, an American humor magazine, filled with hilarious lists like “5 Reasons the Guy Fixing Your Computer Hates You” or “The 6 Most Hilariously Creative Acts of Revenge.”

Itching for an outdoor adventure? Let this regularly updated online magazine devoted to outdoor adventure of all forms inspire you.

This website helps you revolutionize the way your employers view you by creating a beautiful visual resume stuffed with pictures, info-graphics, and timelines.

108 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Friendly Hostel Hits La Union There are no strangers in La Union’s The Circle Hostel, a budget-friendly eco-hostel aimed at creating a friendly community atmosphere among travelers. After its successful launch in Zambales in December last year, the hostel has opened in La Union’s San Juan Beach. Activities include art jams (the hostel is one big canvas, so you can paint on walls, floors, ceilings) and surfing, among others. National Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union;

Make the Most of Your Time on Earth RoUgH gUides Ltd

Php779 (Us$19)

Want a ticket out of your mundane life? Start plotting out your year’s adventures with 1,000 of the world’s most exhilarating travel destinations and events. It will have you exploring the jungles of the Amazon, pondering art in Melbourne, or sleeping in a yurt in Inner Mongolia. Leaf through offbeat experiences in 21 of the world’s regions, with a friendly layout indexed and color-coded by author, country, and theme. – Ignatius Gan

tHe tao oF tRaveL tHe Common aRea: The Circle Hostel's common area is where guests get together to enjoy music, chit-chat, laze on hammocks, or have a few beers.



Philippine Popular Music Festival 2012 is the compilation album of the 14 finalists selected for the annual songwriting contest of the same name. Former Akafellas member Karl Vincent Villuga bagged the grand prize with his song “Bawat Hakbang,” interpreted by his former bandmates and crooner Mark Bautista. Toto Sorioso’s composition “Tayo Tayo Lang,” performed by Ebe Dancel, won second place. Third place went to Soc Villanueva with his R&B song “Kontrabida” interpreted by Sam Concepcion. Album available in all record stores nationwide, distributed by Ivory Music and Video.

Paul Theroux Houghton Mifflin Php999 (US$24)

aRe yoU smaRt enoUgH to WoRk at googLe?

William Poundstone Hachette Book Group Php499 (US$12) steaL Like an aRtist

Austin Kleon Workman Publishing Company, Inc. Php493 (US$12)




Boys Will Be Boys Move over Pelé, Maradona, and Beckham, these young boys could be the world’s future soccer champs... if they decide to trade their monks’ robes with jerseys later on, that is. Taken by photographer Kim Hanyeong at the annual Lotus Lantern Festival at Dongdaemun Stadium in Seoul, Korea, to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday, these young monks practice their athletic moves in the field while waiting for the festive ceremony to start. The family-oriented festival, held each May, features an impressive parade of lanterns of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

110 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

It’s a goIng to be a great day on the green Here’s an irresistible call to all Mabuhay Miles Elite and Premier Elite members who’re golf fanatics as well: Like to spend a day on the green with friends, have fun and, at the end of it, bring home fabulous prizes?


f that sounds like a great deal, then clear your calendar on November 14, 2012, for the 2012 Mabuhay Miles Elite Invitational Golf Tournament. As its slogan says, spending “A Day on the Green” may turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ll be making in a long while. As in previous years, the tournament will be played at the sprawling Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club in Gen. Trias, Cavite, the largest golfing facility in the country and the Invitational’s home for most of the past decade. Three championship courses, designed by golf legends Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, and Isao Aoki, have been reserved for the one-day event that brings together captains of industry, top professionals, power, brokers, and occasionally, celebrities. All have one thing in common: they are all frequent flyers of Philippine Airlines belonging to the exclusive circle of Elite, Premier Elite, and Million Miler tiers of Mabuhay Miles. And while it’s always an event to look forward to every November, this year’s Invitational is extra special. That’s because 2012 marks two important milestones: The 10th year of Mabuhay Miles as one of the industry’s leading frequent-flyer programs, as well as the 20th anniversary of the tournament itself (it was known in its first decade as the Mabuhay Club Invitational). As such, the organizers, PAL’s dynamic Mabuhay Miles team, are pulling out all the stops to ensure a memorable event that is now a fixture on the corporate golf landscape. “Bring your best game because there are amazing prizes in store. It’s going to be a fantastic golfing experience,” says Ria Carrion-Domingo, PAL Assistant Vice President for Product Loyalty Marketing. What she means, of course, is the array of mouth-watering prizes that awaits players at the end of a day on the green: trophies, golf accessories, travel amenities, auto accessories, premium gift items, vacation stays at top hotels, resorts and spas, and round-trip tickets to choice PAL destinations worldwide. However, the most coveted prize will need a great deal of

skill—plus loads of luck—to claim: a Toyota Camry 2.5V luxury vehicle from Toyota Motor Philippines and two PAL Mabuhay Class tickets to Los Angeles for the player who scores a hole-inone shot. This being a Mabuhay Miles golf event where fun and camaraderie are as much a part of the game as the low scores, even the tail-enders get to win something. Yes, there are also consolation rewards for such dubious feats as most number of bogeys and nearest to the pin! And then there’s the entertainment, food, and drinks. If there’s any group that knows how to throw a party, it’s the Mabuhay Miles team. Top-notch performers, alluring entertainers, and overflowing fare at the buffet tables and bar await all participants. The 2012 Mabuhay Miles Elite Invitational is presented by major sponsors Allied Banking Corporation, MasterCard International Philippines, Metrobank Card Corporation, and People Asia Magazine. Corporate sponsor include Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Panasonic Avionics Systems Corporation. Minor sponsors are BDO Unibank Inc., Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines, Union Bank and Victorinox Travel Gear / World Traveller. Donors are Asia Brewery Inc, Clark Shoes UK, Intercontinental Manila, Phiten, RECARO Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG and Tanduay Distillers. Century Park Hotel and Diamond Hotel Philippines are the official hotels. n

The 2012 Mabuhay Miles Elite Invitational is open exclusively to Elite, Premier Elite and Million Miler members of Mabuhay Miles. To join, contact the Mabuhay Miles Service Center at telephone number (+632) 855-8888 in Manila and (+032) 340-0191 in Cebu, or email In the USA and Canada, call 1-800-747-1959. In other areas, contact the PAL District Sales Manager or Country Manager. Confirmation of participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to venue limitations, only the first 200 members with complete entry requirements will be accepted. 112 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Singkupadong Kubo by Don M. Salubayba, mixed media on canvas, 203 x 419 cm (2012)

PhiliPPine Art trek in SingAPore turnS Six

Singapore’s arts and culture scene has become very dynamic in recent years. Based on a Ministry of Information, Culture and the Arts (MICA) study, the number of arts and cultural activities each year more than doubled between 2003 and 2011, which means that almost a hundred cultural events are held in Singapore every day.


he growing number of arts venues, opportunities for partnership with Singapore cultural institutions, and interest among Singaporeans in the arts have been welcomed by other countries, with many riding the arts boom through their embassies in this city-state. The Philippines is one of them, seeing the opportunity to enhance bilateral relations through arts and culture, and to deepen mutual understanding—not only at the level of artists, but also among ordinary people who delight in creativity and art appreciation. Six years ago, the Philippines launched the Philippine Art Trek, a series of exhibits by established and emerging Filipino artists, spread over a month across some of Singapore’s top art galleries. Since then, some 180 Filipino artists have been featured in 20 art galleries and venues in Singapore. These include big names like Amorsolo, BenCab, Sanso, Chabet, and Abueva—artists famous enough to be recognized on the basis of single names—as well as new and exceptional talents, such as Geraldine Javier, Jose Tence Ruiz, Rodel Tapaya, Jinggoy Buensuceso, and Norberto Roldan. The Art Trek in Singapore is now one of the biggest annual expositions of Philippine art outside the Philippines. Last year, Art Trek V was top-billed by David Cortez Medalla, a Filipino avant-garde icon currently based in London. He gave a talk at the NUS Museum entitled “Sites of Practice: Filipino Performance Art Abroad,” followed by a performance entitled “Listen to the Sonar Trees,” which involved active audience participation. Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Minda Calaguian-Cruz recalls that after Art Trek, David returned to the Philippines

I am Darna by Jeho Bitancor, oil on canvas, 3 x 4 ft (2012)

for the first time in more than 25 years. “When he passed by Singapore on the way back to London, he was very excited and full of ideas about projects that he planned to do in the Philippines in the future,” Ambassador Calaguian-Cruz said. This year, Art Trek will involve new galleries, like the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), which will feature the works of Ronald Ventura, one of the most sought-after contemporary artists in the Philippines, and Vue Privée, whose show “Imagine” will bring together nine exciting new names in Philippine art. Art Trek veterans like Valentine Willie Fine Art (VWFA), Artesan Gallery + Studio, and Utterly Art are in the line-up, with VWFA presenting the anchor exhibit this year with the show “Maelstrom: The Monumental in Philippine Art.” The Philippine Embassy said that Art Trek occupies a special niche and should not be seen as competing with other events, like the Affordable Art Fair. Consul Cathy Torres, who is coordinating the preparations for Art Trek at the Embassy, said that: “With so many art events happening in Singapore, competing for the time and attention of art enthusiasts, we have come up with new and exciting mixes of galleries and artists every year.” The Embassy is looking forward to attracting new visitors in addition to its loyal followers, including locals and other foreigners, and Filipinos alike. “We’ve had a lot of Filipinos based in Singapore telling us that they’ve learned more about and seen more of Filipino art here in Singapore than they have back home because of Art Trek,” says Consul Torres. “What could be more rewarding than that?” n

Like to receive updates about Art Trek VI, including participating artists, galleries, and exhibit dates. I 113

ASIA'S FIRST AIRLINE Philippine Airlines—Asia’s first airline—is the flag carrier of the Republic of the Philippines and pioneer domestic airline of the country, with a 71-year history that is steeped in tradition and modernity. PAL first took to the skies on March 15, 1941, with a small twin-engine Beech Model 18 airplane, flying 212 kilometers from Manila to Baguio City, carrying a full load of five passengers. Upon the outbreak of World War II in December 1941, the PAL airplanes were commandeered by the military and eventually destroyed in combat. Post-war operations resumed in February 14, 1946, with five ex-military Douglas DC-3s. In July 1946, PAL chartered DC-4s to carry American servicemen home to Oakland, California, making PAL the first Asian airline to cross the Pacific. In May 1947, PAL also became the first Asian carrier to fly to Europe by opening regular service to Madrid. This was followed by rapid expansion of services to Asia and the Middle East in the next two decades. By the 1970s PAL’s international route network covered two-thirds of the world. PAL keeps in step with advancements in aircraft technology, acquiring the latest aircraft type suited to market demands and local aviation conditions. From DC-3s that served as a workhorse in the 1940s and 1950s, Vicker Viscount turboprops and Fokker F-27s were added to the fleet in the 1960s. After the BAC1-11 jets were introduced in the 1970s, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10—PAL’s first wide-body aircraft—went into

OUR FLEET Since its first flight on March 15, 1941, Philippine Airlines has flown almost 30 types of aircraft to fulfill its mission of providing the Philippines with efficient and reliable air transportation as the country’s flag carrier. Now with a fleet of 40 aircraft, PAL operates one of the youngest and bestmaintained fleets in the region.

service on the transpacific route in 1974. The Boeing 747-200Bs jumbo jet replaced the DC-10s in 1979 on long-haul routes, while the Airbus 300B4s replaced the DC-8s on regional services. In November 2009, the Boeing 777-300ER (extended range)— the most fuel-efficient, twin-engine jet that can fly long-haul—joined the fleet. It boasts of one of the most spacious cabins, fitted with state-of-theart inflight entertainment system. Today, the fleet consists of Boeing 747-400s, B777-300ER, Airbus A340-300s, A330-300s, A320s and A319s. They carry an average of 12,000 passengers and 180 tons of cargo daily on domestic routes, and 10,000 passengers and 170 tons of cargo daily on international sectors. PAL’s modern aircraft and equipment are complemented by frequent-customer service enhancements, both inflight and on ground. The PAL website—whose features are regularly upgraded—can now be accessed by WAP-enabled cellphones, making PAL available at the palm of your hands. Mabuhay Class passengers now get to enjoy fine-dining in the sky through a new personalized inflight meal service known as One By One. PAL’s seven-decade tradition of warm Filipino hospitality has always been coupled with strong commitment to continuous improvement of services and operations. Despite the many challenges, PAL remains focused on its vision of becoming a world-class Filipino airline.



A330-300 : : :

3 42 passengers 328 passengers

: : :

5 42 passengers 383 passengers

: : :

4 44 passengers 220 passengers



114 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012



8 42 passengers 260 passengers




: 16 : 12 passengers : 144 passengers



4 8 passengers 126 passengers I 115

Welcome ABoARD

Welcome to Philippine Airlines! Here are a few reminders to ensure your safety and comfort on board. Have a pleasant trip!

HA N D LU GGA GE One hand luggage small enough to be placed in the overhead rack or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin may be carried without charge. The hand luggage must not exceed a total linear dimension of 115 cm or 45 in, and should weigh not more than 7 kg or 15 lbs. If hand luggage fails to comply with the required applicable dimensions and weight, hand luggage will be checked in and charged with the corresponding excess baggage charges (if applicable). In addition to the free hand luggage allowance, the following items are allowed onboard: a laptop with case; a small handbag; a coat, wrap or blanket; a walking stick or a pair of crutches; a small camera or a pair of binoculars; a reasonable amount of reading material; and infant’s food and carrying basket. S EC U R IT Y IT EM S The following items are prohibited from being loaded in the hand luggage or inside the aircraft cabin on all Philippine Airlines flights: liquids and gels; sharp items and blunt instruments; explosives, munitions and fireworks; weapons (including replicas), accessories and martial arts devices; large and heavy tools; and other dangerous items contained in, but not limited to, Section I.D. 8 of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration Model Security Program. All passengers traveling from/to the United States (including Guam) will be prohibited from carrying any type of lighter in their carry-on luggage and into security checkpoints. Please contact any Philippine Airlines Reservations or Ticket Office for the complete list of prohibited items. Prohibited items discovered during the security search will be immediately referred to law enforcement officers or appropriate authorities at the airport for disposition. Security Removed Items (SRI) shall be loaded in the aircraft cargo/baggage compartment subject to security clearance procedures by airport authorities. When traveling in the USA, please give enough lead time for the stricter screening of both checked and hand luggage at all commercial airports. All bags will be subject to search; bags that set off alarms or otherwise raise security concerns will have to be opened for inspection.

T A K E- OF F / LA N DI N G During take-off and landing, ensure that seat back is in the upright position and the tray table is folded or secured properly. Hand luggage should be stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front. S EA T BELT S It is Philippine Airlines’ safety requirement that passengers must fasten their seatbelts for the entire duration of the flight even when the seat-belt sign is off. While you are sleeping, please fasten your seat belt over your blanket for the easy inspection by the cabin crew. This is to assure uninterrupted rest during the flight even during moments of turbulence. ELEC T R ON IC EQ UI P M E N T In the interest of flight safety, any transportable electronic equipment are not to be operated during take-off, climb out, descent, final approach and landing, except for personal electronic life support systems. Electronic devices which intentionally transmit radio signals should never be used for the whole duration of the flight. These include, but are not limited to, radio transceivers, CB radios, cellular phones, and electronic remote control transmitters. Transportable electronic equipment which are non-transmitters and without any accessories that would transmit/receive radio signals, such as laptop computers without Wi-Fi and wireless peripheral devices, video cameras/players, tape recorders/ players, CD/DVD/MP3 players, calculators, electronic entertainment devices and electronic shavers, may be used after the safe use of these has been announced. Some flight conditions may require the discontinuance of the use of electronic devices and will be announced by the crew. Personal electronic life support systems such as hearing aids, electronic nerve stimulators, respirators may be used throughout the flight.

NO S MOK ING In compliance with the Administrative Order 121 of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, smoking is strictly prohibited on all PAL flights, including when the aircraft is on the ground prior to take-off and/or after landing. EMER GEN C Y O X Y G E N S UP P L Y AN D L I F E V E S T S In the event of a sudden drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop automatically in front of the passengers. An inflatable life vest is located beneath the seat or in/under the armrest. Please watch the live or film demonstration of safety procedures, which will be given or screened prior to take-off. F IES T A BOU T IQUE A selection of duty-free liquor, cigarettes, perfumes and other high-quality gift items can be purchased during the flight from our Fiesta Boutique. Payment may be made on selected currencies. Credit cards acceptable on major routes. The minimum amount for credit cards is US$10.00 and the maximum amount is US$250.00. Please refer to our Fiesta Boutique Catalogue or inquire from our cabin crew. INF LIGHT A MEN I T I E S On long-haul flights, you receive an overnight kit that contains grooming items and other travel essentials to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Mabuhay Class passengers are treated to additional amenities in their kit, such as branded toiletry products and handy travel accessories. Our cabin lavatories are also stocked with other toiletry products to help you freshen up for your arrival at your destination. For a more comfortable rest especially during long-haul flights, pillows and blankets are available upon request or can be found on the seat. Seats can be reclined except those that remain fixed for safety or other physical reasons. We also suggest

116 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

that passengers tune in to the Flite Lite channel of our Flights of Fancy inflight radio program to keep them relaxed during the flight. Fun and treats are in store for PAL Junior Jetsetter passengers from ages 2 to 11 when they hop in on their flights. On flights between Manila and San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Honolulu, Sydney, Melbourne and New Delhi, kids are provided with Junior Jetsetter Activity Kits featuring some of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time, Mickey Mouse and Friends. The kits contain activity books, coloring materials, puzzles, stickers and toys, which provide children with hours of fun, while educating them on various travel destinations. Two different activity sets, packed in easy-to-carry bags, are available on flights originating from Manila and on flights bound for Manila.

C O MP L IME N TA RY B E VE RA GE S Complimentary beverages are offered on all international flights. On long-haul flights, distilled water is passed around everyhour-on-the-hour in between meals to promote passenger well-being. A L C O HO L IC B E VE RA GE S Red Wine / White Wine / Gin* / Vodka* / Whiskey* / Brandy / Selection of Beer (*Available only on long-haul flights) Alcoholic drinks are served only to a passenger aged 18 years and older. Government regulation prohibits passengers from opening and drinking alcoholic beverages other than what is served inflight. For the safety and comfort of all concerned, the cabin crew may decline to serve alcohol to passengers who appear to be intoxicated. Alcoholic drinks are not available on domestic flights and Vancouver—Las Vegas— Vancouver flights.

N O N -A L C O HO L IC B E VE RA GE S Cola / Diet Cola / Uncola / Diet Uncola / Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Ginger Ale / Absolute Distilled Water / Tonic Water / Soda Water / Lemon Iced Tea / Lipton Tea / Coffee IN FL IGHT SN A C K S On flights between Manila and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Honolulu, Philippine Airlines invites passengers to enjoy our complimentary snack selection. These include Asian noodle soup, meat-filled buns, and pastries. Preferred snacks may be requested from the Cabin Crew anytime during the flight. READING MATERIALS We carry a number of Filipino and foreign language newspapers to keep passengers abreast with the lastest news and current events. Our inflight magazine, Mabuhay, is available for all classes of service on all international flights. Our Mabuhay Class service on international flights carries an array of News, Business, Fashion, Travel and Sports Magazines, including some Foreign Magazines on selected flights. These may be requested from the Cabin Crew onboard the flight.

B E F O RE YO U L E A VE Passengers must ensure that all personal belongings are in their possession before disembarking. If anything is forgotten, passengers may check with ground staff or call Philippine Airlines. D E E P VE IN T HRO MB O S IS ( D VT ) DVT is the formation or presence of a blood clot (thrombus) in any of the deep veins of the body, most frequently involving those of the legs, thighs or pelvis. The blood clot may interfere with the circulation and manifest as combinations of pain, soreness, heaviness, swelling, warmth, skin discoloration, or prominent superficial veins over the affected area. It may also break off (an embolus) and travel to the lungs or other organs, sometimes leading to undesirable complications. Warning signs of lung involvement (or pulmonary embolism) include shortness of breath, sudden unexplained coughing, or abrupt chest pain. If you experience any of these symptoms during the flight, please inform any of our cabin crew right away; or if you already have left the aircraft, please seek medical attention immediately. 1. Internal Risk Factors: DVT especially affects people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as a history of thrombosis or embolism, heart disease, stroke, or malignancy. Other risk factors include advanced age, obesity and paralysis, use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy, recent childbirth, blood coagulation disorders, varicose veins, recent major surgery, and fractures of the pelvis and lower extremities. Prolonged immobility due to illnesses or injuries may also predispose one to DVT. Before you make travel plans, consult your physician to determine your fitness to take a flight. You might also need to secure clearance form our PAL Medical Office before you purchase a ticket. 2. External Risk Factors: Sitting or sleeping in cramped positions for extended periods may occasionally induce DVT. For your comfort and relaxation, we suggest you perform in-seat exercises. Extreme dehydration can also increase the risk of DVT, so drink plenty of water and minimize alcohol and caffeine intake before and during the flight.

YO U R F E E D B A C K WIL L B E A P P RE C IA TE D We encourage any comments or suggestions on how we can further improve our products and services. Please call our Customer Relations Office at telephone number 777-5932, fax number 777-5928 or email

Get acquainted with the Philippines even before you arrive. These tips will guarantee a carefree and informed stay.

PH I LI P P I N E S A T A G L ANC E Stretching 1,839 km north-to-south off the

southeast coast of Asia, the Republic of the Philippines has a total land area of 300,000 sq. kms. Its 7,107 islands comprise one of the largest island groups in the world. About 92 million Filipinos make up the population, 55% of whom occupy the largest island of Luzon. Filipinos comprise 111 cultural and linguistic groups of Malayo-Polynesian origin, with varying degrees of Chinese, Spanish and American influences. Majority are Roman Catholics, though a significant number are Protestants and Moslems. The Philippines is the world’s third largest Englishspeaking country after the United States and the United Kingdom. Filipino is the national language; English is used for commercial and legal transactions. Literacy rate is a high 94%.

CLI M A T E The Philippines is a tropical country with an average temperature of 32°C (89.6°F). March to June are hot and dry (36°C); rains and typhoons abound from July to October; November to February are pleasantly cool (around 23°C) and dry. In mountainous regions, temperatures dip to about 15°C. Light casual clothing is recommended for daily wear and Barong Tagalog or coat-and-tie for business and formal functions.


The secret to a satisfying shopping expedition is to go where the locals go, whether it be to world-class malls, bargain-rich flea markets or “tiangges,” ubiquitous sidewalk stalls, or tiny “holes-in-the-walls.” Handicraft stores can be found all over the country, selling export-quality products like native baskets and hand-woven fabrics, exquisite shellcraft and fine jewelry, or one-of-a-kind home accessories. Antique shops are a rich source of Philippine antiquities such as carved wooden furniture, old religious images, unique tribal artifacts, or vintage collectible pieces. The country’s upscale malls carry international brands with prices comparable to those in Hong Kong or Singapore. Don’t forget to check out the kiosks scattered throughout these sprawling spaces. They sell interesting items you may want to bring back home—from household bric-a-brac to curio items, native delicacies, or even the must-buy souvenir T-shirt.

NIGHT L IF E Metropolitan Manila is considered a pleasure-seeker’s paradise,

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas supervises authorized foreign exchange dealers (at airports, hotels, major commercial establishments and all bank branches), and posts official exchange rates for most international currencies.

with an array of nighttime activities, from the soothing to the sinful. No wonder it has been consistently voted as Asia’s number one destination for entertainment and relaxation by expatriates. You can listen to whatever music you fancy from the country’s popular bands and singers, take advantage of “happy hour” drink promos at bars and pubs, dance up a storm at clubs and street parties, or cap an exhilarating night with a calming cappuccino at the corner café. Hotspots not to be missed are bohemian Malate in Manila, cosmopolitan Fort in Taguig, upscale Ayala and Rockwell Centers in Makati, and the trendy Libis and Timog districts in Quezon City.

TR AN S P O R T A T I O N Philippine Airlines flies between Manila and 18 cities

F OOD Filipino food may puzzle the first-time eater. Philippine history is largely

CUR RE N C Y The monetary unit is the peso, divided into 100 centavos. The

and towns throughout the country. In Metro Manila, taxis, buses, jeepneys and a four-line Mass Transit System (LRT and Metrorail) provide public transport. In certain areas like Binondo (Manila’s Chinatown) and the old walled city of Intramuros, horse-drawn carriages or calesas ply short routes. International and local car rental companies provide chauffeured or self-driven limousine service. Large groups may hire medium-sized passenger vans or tourist coaches.

SH OP P I N G The Philippines is fast becoming a shopping haven, yielding great

responsible for this complex cuisine: on a matrix of native dishes akin to those in the rest of Southeast Asia, Chinese traders added their culinary influence, Spanish colonizers threw in touches of Castillan and Mexican cooking, and U.S. colonization brought in convenience and fast-food meals. Eating in the Philippines can therefore be an outstanding experience at all budget levels. In recent years, a profusion of restaurants has emerged, many catering to continental European or exotic Asian tastes. There are some good Japanese restaurants, too, plus a smattering of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and other cuisines.


bargains if you know what to look for and where.

AIRLINE PARTNERS To serve you better, Philippine Airlines broadened its route network through Codesharing with its Airline Partners, offering you more destinations worldwide. Together, PAL and the Airline Partner sell the flight sector operated by the Airline Partner.

In Manila, Codeshare Flights operated by PAL’s other Airline Partners arrive/depart at NAIA1. For details on Codeshare Flights, please refer to the PAL Flight Facts on page124. When traveling on any of PAL’s Codeshare Flights, Mabuhay Miles members enjoy certain privileges. For specific Mabuhay Miles privileges per Airline Partner, especially on baggage allowance and lounge access, please contact the Mabuhay Miles Service Center at (+632) 817 8000. Mabuhay Miles members can redeem travel awards on PAL-operated sectors only. The privileges listed in the table shown are applicable provided ticket sales and reservations are under PAL’s seat allocation (ticket should reflect “PR” in the carrier designation box) and upon presentation of the Mabuhay Miles membership card.

















SERVICE GUIDE S P E C I A L M E A LS Special meals may be requested on all Philippine Airlines international flights to cater to the various dietary requirements of passengers, for reasons of age, health or religion. These include: baby meal, child’s meal, western vegetarian meal, low-fat meal, diabetic meal, fruit meal, gluten-restricted meal, Moslem meal, Asian vegetarian meal, seafood meal, Hindu vegetarian meal, Kosher meal and low-sodium meal. Please call PAL Reservations at least 24 hours before date of departure to ensure availability.

“Early Bird” advanced check-in service in select airports to help passengers avoid the rush during peak check-in hours. Check-in counters generally close 45 minutes before flight departure. If passengers check in after the counter closure cut-off time, they may not be accepted for the flight even if they are holding a confirmed booking. Always have your travel documents on hand. As with other airlines, Philippine Airlines may refuse carriage to passengers who lack the necessary travel papers.

PAL passengers can now compare fares across a seven-day period. Our online booking features a fully automated facility called “Calendar Pricing” that displays the lowest fare available over a seven-day range—three days before and three days after the planned travel date—thus allowing travelers to decide quickly when it is most convenient and cheapest to fly. Experience the difference. Book online! For more information, please visit us at www.philippineairlines com.

EX PRES S CH E CK- IN CO U NTE R S Senior Citizens traveling with up to two (2) traveling companions and passengers with NO CHECK-IN BAGGAGE on PAL flights departing from Manila may avail of the express check-in service at designated counters. For more information on restrictions and check-in procedure, log on to www.

PAL Mobile connects passengers to us while on the go! Our mobile site,, gives flyers the more flexibility and convenience. With web-enabled mobile phone, Blackberry or PDA, passengers can check the latest arrival and departure times, check flight schedules, track Mabuhay Miles mileage, and know more about our latest news and promos. Important advisories, travel essentials, contact information and a lot more can also be accessed. For more information on how to access the PAL Mobile site, check our FAQ at http://www.philippineairlines. com/faq/pal_mobile. Normal browsing charges apply. Please contact mobile carrier for details. NE E D T O RE CON FIRM Reconfirmation is not required for all Philippine Airlines flights. However, we recommend that when making reservations, passengers provide telephone numbers at every stopover in their itinerary. This will allow us to call and advise them of any changes in their flight. AIRPORT


Philippine Airlines offers the

AIRPO RT LO UNGE S Philippine Airlines has Mabuhay Lounges in Manila (Domestic and International), Cebu (Domestic and International), Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, General Santos City and San Francisco. Mabuhay Class passengers, as well as Mabuhay Miles Elite, Premier Elite, and Million Miler members, can unwind, dine, and freshen up in these lounges before boarding their flight. In other International Stations, PAL has contracted the services of airport lounge operators to offer the same amenities to said passengers. AIRPO RT T RANSFE R SE R VICE IN M A NIL A For passengers connecting from a Philippine Airlines flight at the NAIA Centennial Terminal 2 to a code share flight operated by any of its Airline Partners at NAIA Terminal 1 (and vice versa), a complimentary transfer service is available. This service is subject to certain conditions and qualifications. For more information, please inquire with any of our Transfer service staff at the arrival area. CHO ICE ECONO M Y SE A T SU R CHA R GE Feeling cramped-up sitting with limited legroom when traveling on economy class? We are pleased to announce that passengers

may purchase a CHOICE ECONOMY SEAT. These seats are positioned at the bulkhead and exit rows to provide the widest legroom possible on this class of service. Seats may be reserved upon ticketing. Please advise our Customer Service representatives of your request. Seat confirmation will be done at the airport to comply with the Philippine Civil Air Regulations. Fees are collected upon check in and may vary per destination. TR A VE L ING WITH INFA NTS Infants at least 16 days old may be accepted for travel. Passengers requiring the use of baby bassinets should book their flights and make the necessary reservations at least 24 hours before the date of departure. We follow a One-InfantPer-Adult Policy. Philippine Airlines reserves the right to decline bassinet requests without prior reservation. These bassinets are limited in number as they can only be attached to certain seats on the plane and are available only on flights with a flying time of three (3) hours or more. The bassinets are approximately 70 cm long and 30 cm wide, with a weight limit of 10 kg. They are not suitable for infants over 18 months of age. Infants who turn two years old at the time of travel are required to occupy seats for safety reasons. FR E E BA GGA GE A L L O WA NCE O F IN F A N T S ON U S, GU A M A ND CA NA D A F L IGHTS An infant paying at least 10 percent of the adult fare is entitled to one piece of checked baggage weighing 7 kg (15 lbs) and whose dimensions do not exceed 45 inches. The passenger is also entitled to one fully collapsible child’s stroller or pushchair. FR E E BA GGA GE A L L O WA NCE O F IN F A N T S ON NO N- U S, GU A M A ND CA NA D A FL IGH T S From the Philippines, an infant paying at least 10 percent of the fare is entitled to 10 kg (22 lbs) of checked baggage plus one fully collapsible child’s stroller or pushchair.

Philippine Airlines introduces the RHUSH (Rapid Handling of Urgent Shipments) airport-to-airport service, the fastest way to ship cargo domestically or overseas. Enjoy the following advantages with RHUSH: highest priority in cargo, guaranteed space, fast and quick acceptance and release time, and money-back guarantee (conditions apply). But what makes RHUSH the hands-down choice is its guarantee that your cargo is released on the day you expect it. For particulars, please call PAL Cargo Sales and Reservations in Manila at (+632) 831 3061 / 853 3062 / 853 3059 / 851 3063 / 879 5879 / 834 0362, or any PAL Office in your area.

FLIGHT TRANSFERS IN MANILA Philippine Airlines offers worry-free transit procedures for passengers coming from an international flight with an immediate connection to a PAL domestic flight. Upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Centennial Terminal 2 in Manila, all passengers have to do is clear with immigration, claim their baggage from the carousel, and proceed to the Special Customs Examination Counter for baggage clearance. They must then return the baggage to the carousel to ensure its loading on the domestic flight. If passengers onboard a PAL flight from the USA, Canada or Narita are connecting to Cebu or Davao, they can proceed directly to the PAL Domestic Terminal at NAIA 2 after clearing Immigration. Baggage no longer has to be cleared in Manila, as the appointed Customs personnel in Cebu or Davao will take care of your baggage clearance. If passengers do not have their boarding passes for domestic flights, they may proceed to the PAL Transfer Desk at the Arrival Area for assistance. Passengers may take the escalator or elevator located at the Arrival Lobby to go to the PAL Domestic Terminal. Airport Terminal Fees: Php550 for international departure and Php200 for local departure (paid in Philippine pesos only). Departing passengers for international destinations are advised to check with airport or tourist information counters (Tel. Nos. 524-1703; 832-2964) for the departure fees which may change without notice.

PAL PASSENGERS FROM THE USA, CANADA OR NARITA WITH CONNECTING FLIGHT TO CEBU, DAVAO OR LAOAG (FOR CHECK THROUGH PASSENGERS ONLY): 1. Disembark from plane and go through Immigration check. 2. Proceed to PAL Domestic Terminal (via escalator or elevator at Arrival Lobby). 3. Pay terminal fee of Php200.00 at the Domestic Terminal. 4. Proceed to the assigned gate for your connecting flight.

118 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012


PASSENGERS FROM ANY OF PAL’S INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS BOUND FOR ANY PAL DOMESTIC STATION: 1. Disembark from plane and proceed to the Transfer Desk to check in for your connecting flight. 2. Go through Immigration check. 3. Proceed to Baggage Claim Area. 4. Proceed to the Special Customs Examination Counter for clearance. 5. Return baggage to the PAL staff at the baggage area for reloading. 6. Proceed to PAL Domestic Terminal (via escalator or elevator at the Arrival Lobby). 7. Pay terminal fee of Php200.00 at the Domestic Terminal. 8. Proceed to the assigned gate for your connecting flight.


Below are useful facts and figures about are flights and schedules.

Distances and flight times may vary due to weather conditions, flight path changes, and the type of aircraft utilized. FLIGHT TIME refers to the time from when the aircraft engines start up before take-off, until the aircraft comes to a halt after landing. MM MILES refers to flight miles earned when travelling on Fiesta (Economy) Class, as adopted from the IATA standards.



Abu Dhabi Bahrain

4,352 4,580

9:00 9:58

Bangkok Busan

1,368 1,515

3:15 3:45




Doha Dubai

4,528 4,294

8:15 8:45

Fukuoka Guam Ho Chi Minh Hong Kong Honolulu Jakarta

1,445 1,596 1,002 712 5,296 1,732

3:30 3:40 2:30 2:00 10:15 6:15

00971 2 6351700 00973-17225650 extension 212 (662) 633-5713 / 14 (8251) 466-0333 (8251) 464-7890 (8610) 6510 2991 2992 / 2993 (974) 455-8760 (9714) 203-3788 / 316-6632 (8192) 415-3232 (671) 632-1615 / 17 / 19 (848) 832-872105 (852) 230-19350 / 51 1-800-435-9725 (6221) 300-15757 (6221) 526-8668



(via Singapore) Manila-Singapore Singapore-Jakarta Kuala Lumpur (via Kota Kinabalu) Manila-Kota Kinabalu Las Vegas (via Vancouver) Manila-Vancouver Vancouver-Las Vegas Los Angeles

3:35 1:35 3:40 7,393

1:55 16:15


12:05 2:40 12:30

Macau Melbourne Osaka Nagoya San Francisco

723 3,927 1,651 1,741 6,978

1:55 8:00 3:55 4:00 12:00

Seoul Shanghai Singapore Sydney (via Melbourne) Manila-Melbourne Melbourne-Sydney Taipei Tokyo Vancouver

1,624 1,152 1,476 3,883

4:00 3:10 3:35 10:50

731 1,879 6,560

8:00 1:30 2:00 4:15 12:05






Bacolod Busuanga Butuan

298 489

1:10 1:05 1:30

Cagayan de Oro












Cotabato Davao

552 597

1:30 1:45

Dipolog Dumaguete

438 390

1:30 1:15

General Santos









Laoag Legazpi Naga Ozamiz

257 250

0:55 0:55 0:50 1:25

Puerto Princesa Roxas San Jose

364 311

(603) 2141 0767 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 (853) 2835-5770 (613) 965-02188 (816) 6444-2541 (8152) 588-7131 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 (0082) 1544-1717 (8621) 6279-8765 (65) 6336-1611 (612) 927-92020

1,060 617 1,634

2:40 1:45 5:00

4:25 4:40

1:15 0:55 0:55 1:40

Tacloban Tagbilaran

352 387

1:10 1:10

Tuguegarao Zamboanga


1:00 1:30


(034) 433-3045 (0919) 511-2797 (085) 226-5118 / 4777 (085) 341-5156 (088) 857-2294 / 95 (088) 857-2688 (088) 858-8863 (055) 209-2885 (055) 533-8885 (055) 209-9228 (055) 251-8996 (055) 500-9886 (036) 288-7536 (036) 288-7538 (036) 288-7539 (032) 340-0191 (032) 234-2713 (064) 431-0136 (082) 233-0284 (082) 232-8010 (082) 234-0073 (082) 221-5513 (082) 225-0990 (065) 212-2355 / 2356 (035) 225-4266 (035) 226-1301 (083) 552-1235 / 36 (083) 552-5282 (083) 553-3943 (033) 333-0003 (033) 320-4893 (036) 262-3260 (036) 262-1261 (077) 670-8533 (052) 481-0780 (054) 473-2277 (088) 521-5565 (088) 521-0462 (048) 433-4565 (036) 621-0244 (043) 491-1604 (043) 491-1923 (086) 231-9680 (086) 826-8589 (053) 321-2213 (038) 412-2232 (038) 411-4226 (078) 844-9238 (062) 991-5800 (062) 993-0488

(852) 2301-9300 (603) 2141-0767

ReseRvations, touR Packages, Mabuhay Miles and Flight in Fo RMation

1:45 2:25 1,884 2,024


Surigao (8862) 250-67255 (813) 5157-4362 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 (86592) 239-4729 / 30 /65


Hong Kong Kota Kinabalu Kuala Lumpur (via Kota Kinabalu) Cebu-Kota Kinabalu Kota Kinabalu-Kuala Lumpur Seoul Tokyo


(0082)-1544-1717 (813) 5157-4362

PHILIPPINES: Manila (632) 8558888 Cebu (032) 3400191

US/CANADA: 1 (800) I FLY PAL or 1 (800) 4359725

For more information, visit I 119


Flight schedules printed in these pages are correct and current at time of printing.

DOMESTIC FLIGHTS MON TUE DEPARTURES/ ARRIVALS AT NAIA T2 Manila - Bacolod 5Q 5Q Bacolod - Manila 5Q 5Q Manila - Cebu 13 Q 13 Q Cebu - Manila 13 Q 13 Q Manila - Davao 7Q 7Q Davao - Manila 7Q 7Q Manila - General Santos 2Q Q General Santos - Manila 2Q Q Manila - Iloilo 5Q 5Q Iloilo - Manila 5Q 5Q Manila - Kalibo Kalibo - Manila Q Q Manila - Laoag 2Q 2Q Laoag - Manila 2Q 2Q Manila -Tagbilaran 4Q 4Q Tagbilaran - Manila 4Q 4Q General Santos - Iloilo Q Iloilo - General Santos Q







5Q 5Q 13 Q 12 Q 7Q 7Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q Q

5Q 5Q 13 Q 13 Q 7Q 7Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 4Q 4Q

5Q 5Q 13 Q 14 Q 6Q 6Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q

5Q 5Q 13 Q 12 Q 7Q 7Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q

5Q 5Q 12 Q 13 Q 7Q 7Q Q Q 5Q 5Q 2Q Q 2Q 2Q 4Q 4Q

2Q 2Q 4Q 4Q Q Q

Q 2Q 2Q 4Q 4Q Q Q

2Q 2Q 4Q 4Q


DEPARTURES/ ARRIVALS AT NAIA T3 Manila - Busuanga 2Q 2Q Busuanga - Manila 2Q 2Q Manila -Butuan Q Q Butuan - Manila Q Q Manila - Cagayan de Oro 6Q 6Q Cagayan de Oro - Manila 6Q 6Q Manila - Calbayog Q Q Calbayog - Manila Q Q Manila - Catarman Q Q Catarman - Manila Q Q Manila - Caticlan 10 Q 10 Q Caticlan - Manila 10 Q 10 Q Manila -Cotabato Q Q Cotabato - Manila Q Q Manila -Dipolog Q Q Dipolog - Manila Q Q Manila - Dumaguete 2Q 2Q Dumaguete - Manila 2Q 2Q Manila - Kalibo 5Q 5Q Kalibo - Manila 5Q 5Q Manila - Legazpi Q 2Q Legazpi - Manila Q 2Q Manila - Masbate Q Q Masbate - Manila Q Q Manila - Naga 2Q Q Naga - Manila 2Q Q Manila - Ozamiz Q Q Ozamiz - Manila Q Q Manila - Puerto Princesa 5Q 5Q Puerto Princesa - Manila 5Q 5Q Manila -Roxas Q Q Roxas - Manila Q Q Manila - Surigao Q Q Surigao - Manila Q Q Manila -Tacloban 3Q 3Q Tacloban - Manila 3Q 3Q Manila - Tuguegarao Q Q Tuguegarao - Manila Q Q Manila - Zamboanga 2Q 2Q Zamboanga - Manila 2Q 2Q Cagayan de Oro - Davao Q Q Davao - Cagayan de Oro Q Q Caticlan - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Caticlan Q Q Cebu - Bacolod Q Q Bacolod - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Butuan Q Butuan - Cebu Q Cebu - Cagayan de Oro 2Q 3Q Cagayan de Oro - Cebu 2Q 3Q Cebu - Davao 2Q 2Q Davao - Cebu 2Q 2Q Cebu - General Santos Q General Santos - Cebu Q Cebu - Iloilo 2Q 2Q Iloilo - Cebu 2Q 2Q Cebu - Kalibo Q Q Kalibo - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Legazpi Q Legazpi - Cebu Q Cebu - Ozamiz Q Q Ozamis - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Pagadian Q Pagadian - Cebu Q Cebu - Puerto Princesa Q Puerto Princesa - Cebu Q Cebu - Surigao Q Surigao - Cebu Q Cebu - Tacloban Q Q Tacloban - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Zamboanga Q Zamboanga - Cebu Q Clark-Cebu Q Cebu-Clark Q Clark - Kalibo Q Kalibo - Clark Q Clark - Puerto Princesa Q Puerto Princesa - Clark Q Davao - Iloilo Q Iloilo - Davao Q Zamboanga - Davao Q Davao - Zamboanga Q Zamboanga - Jolo Q Jolo - Zamboanga Q Zamboanga - Tawi-Tawi Q Tawi-Tawi - Zambonga Q Iloilo - Cagayan de Oro Q Cagayan de Oro- Iloilo Q

120 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

2Q 2Q Q Q 6Q 6Q Q Q Q Q 11 Q 11 Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q Q Q

Q Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q

2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q


2Q 2Q Q Q 6Q 6Q Q Q Q Q 9Q 9Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q


2Q 2Q Q Q 6Q 6Q Q Q Q Q 11 Q 11 Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q Q Q

2Q 2Q Q Q 6Q 6Q Q Q Q Q 11 Q 11 Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q 4Q 4Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q

2Q 2Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q 6Q 6Q Q Q Q Q 9Q 9Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 5Q 5Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 4Q 4Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q

2Q 2Q Q Q

2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q













UNITED STATES Manila - Guam Q Q Guam - Manila Q Q Manila - Honolulu Q Honolulu - Manila Q Manila - Los Angeles Q 2Q Q Los Angeles - Manila Q 2Q Q Q with technical stop in Guam Manila - San Francisco Q Q Q San Francisco - Manila Q Q Q Q with technical stop in Guam Manila - Las Vegas via Vancouver Q Las Vegas - Manila via Vancouver Q CANADA Manila - Toronto Q Toronto - Manila Q Manila - Vancouver Q Q Q Vancouver - Manila Q Q Q Vancouver - Las Vegas Q Las Vegas - Vancouver Q AUSTRALIA Manila - Sydney Q Q Sydney - Manila Q Q Manila - Melbourne Q Melbourne - Manila Q CHINA Q Manila - Beijing Q Q Beijing - Manila 2Q Q Manila - Shanghai Q Q Q Shanghai - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Xiamen Q Q Q Xiamen - Manila Q Q TAIWAN Q Manila - Taipei 2Q Q Q Taipei - Manila Q Q HONG KONG code share and operated by Cathay 5 Q Pacific (Cebu-Hong Kong vv) Q Manila - Hong Kong 5Q 4Q 4Q Hong Kong - Manila 5Q 5Q Q Cebu - Hong Kong Q Q Q Hong Kong - Cebu Q Q SINGAPORE 3Q Manila - Singapore 3Q 3Q 3Q Singapore - Manila 3Q 3Q INDONESIA Manila - Bali Q Bali - Manila 2Q Manila - Jakarta via Singapore Q 2Q Q Jakarta - Manila via Singapore Q Q 2Q Singapore - Jakarta Q Q Jakarta - Singapore Q JAPAN Q Manila - Fukuoka Q Fukuoka - Manila Q Manila - Osaka Q Q Q Osaka - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Nagoya Q Q Q Nagoya - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Tokyo 2Q Q 2Q Tokyo - Manila 2Q 2Q Cebu - Tokyo Q Q Tokyo - Cebu Q Q KOREA 2Q Manila - Seoul 2Q 2Q 2Q Seoul - Manila 2Q Q 2Q Manila - Pusan Q Q Q Pusan - Manila Q Q Cebu - Seoul Q Seoul - Cebu Q Kalibo - Seoul Q Seoul - Kalibo Q MACAU Q Manila - Macau Q Q Macau - Manila Q THAILAND 2Q Manila - Bangkok 2Q 2Q 2Q Bangkok - Manila 2Q 2Q Q Bangkok - Delhi Q Delhi - Bangkok Q INDIA Q Manila - Delhi via Bangkok Q Delhi - Manila via Bangkok Q VIETNAM Q Manila - Ho Chi Minh Q Q Q Ho Chi Minh - Manila Q Q MALAYSIA code share and operated by Malaysia 3 QAirlines Q Manila - Kuala Lumpur 3Q 3Q 3Q Kuala Lumpur - Manila 3Q 3Q Q QATAR code share and operated by Qatar Airways 2Q Manila - Doha 2Q 2Q 2Q Doha - Manila 2Q 2Q UNITED ARAB EMIRATES code share2and Q operated by Etihad Airways Manila - Abu Dhabi 2Q 2Q 2Q Abu Dhabi - Manila 2Q 2Q code share and operated by Emirates 2Q Manila - Dubai 2Q 2Q 2Q Dubai - Manila 2Q 2Q BAHRAIN code share and operated by Gulf Air Q Manila - Bahrain 2Q Q Q Bahrain - Manila Q 2Q

















2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q




Q Q 2Q Q Q Q Q

2Q Q Q Q Q Q



Q 2Q

Q 2Q

5Q 4Q Q Q

5Q 5Q Q Q

4Q 5Q Q Q

3Q 3Q

3Q 3Q

3Q 3Q Q


Q 2Q Q Q


Q Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q

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Bacolod/ Busuanga/ Butuan/ Cagayan de Oro/ Calbayog/ Catarman/ Caticlan/ Cebu/ Cotabato/ Davao/ Dipolog /Dumaguete/ General Santos/ Iloilo/ Kalibo/ Laoag/ Legazpi/ Masbate/ Naga/ Ozamiz/ Puerto Princesa/ Roxas/ Surigao/ Tacloban/ Tagbilaran/ Tuguegarao/ Zamboanga














122 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

Bali / Bangkok / Beijing / Delhi / Fukuoka / Guam / Ho Chi Minh / Honolulu / Hong Kong / Jakarta / Las Vegas / Los Angeles / Macau / Manila / Melbourne / Nagoya / Osaka / Pusan / San Francisco / Seoul / Shanghai / Singapore / Sydney / Taipei / Tokyo / Toronto / Vancouver / Xiamen I 123


Travel the world with Philippine Airlines and enjoy a host of privileges that add up to miles of difference. Open to anyone aged 2 and above, the Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer Program is designed to deliver to you the best rewards and privileges. And as you move up to higher elite levels, more travel privileges await you.

PROGRAM ENROLLMENT Applying for Mabuhay Miles membership is now more convenient than ever. Simply log on to or visit any PAL office. Enrollment forms come with a pre-numbered temporary membership card that you can immediately use to accrue Miles. EARNING MILES Mabuhay Miles is one of the most generous frequent flyer programs in the market. With Mabuhay Miles, you can earn Flight Miles through qualifying flights on Philippine Airlines and on its code-share partners (with PR in the ticket carrier box) on paid tickets in any class of service. MABUHAY MILES PROGRAM PARTNERS Earning miles has never been easier! Philippine Airlines lines up a growing host of program partners where Mabuhay Miles members can earn additional Miles to get that free ticket fast! For a complete list of our Mabuhay Miles program partners, just log on to BUY MILES You may purchase Miles to redeem your award tickets sooner. Avail of the Mabuhay Top Up Miles feature to add Miles to your personal account or give Mabuhay Gift Miles to family and friends. Simply accomplish the Travel Award Redemption Form (Buy Miles portion) available Online, at PAL ticket offices and the Mabuhay Miles Service Center and proceed to any PAL ticket office. Miles may be purchased in increments of 1,000 at US$25. A US$10 processing fee applies. MILES TRANSFER Transfer your Miles to another Mabuhay Miles member’s account. Miles can be transferred in increments of 1,000 Miles with a minimum of 2,000 Miles. Miles Transfer costs US$15 per 1,000 Miles per transaction. Maximum Miles transfer allowed is 25,000 Miles per calendar year. Recipient may receive a maximum of 25,000 Miles per calendar year. A US$10 processing fee applies. Simply accomplish the Travel Award Redemption Form (Miles Transfer portion) available Online, at PAL ticket offices and the Mabuhay Miles Service Center and proceed to any PAL ticket office. AWARD REDEMPTION For as low as 4000 Miles you can now redeem free flights on Philippine Airlines. You also have more chances of securing an award seat even during peak months with the Flexiflyer award option. With interactive and real-time award ticket issuance at PAL ticket offices, Mabuhay Miles makes it highly convenient for you to redeem your travel awards!

124 I Mabuhay Magazine I November 2012

MEMBER SERVICES The Mabuhay Miles website at gives you one-stop access to useful services from Mabuhay Miles. With a pleasant design and user-friendly features, the website allows you to check your account balance, view your latest activity statement, update your personal profile, refer to the miles accrual and redemption calculators, download important forms, and request for retroactive crediting of Miles. So log on today and experience the online advantage. TAKING OFF THE Y FLYER WAY Created and meant for today’s youth, the Gen Y, Mabuhay Miles’ “Y Flyer Program” is designed for members between the ages 2-21 years. Y Flyers will enjoy a 10% discount on PAL domestic fares (except on Booking Class Codes [BCC] “P” and “O”), purchased at any PAL Ticket Office or accredited Travel Agency in the Philippines and discount from partner establishments. For enrollment and more details, log on to TRAVEL LIGHT WITH SPORTSPLUS SportsPlus is a unique subscription-based program feature available only to Mabuhay Miles Members. As a Mabuhay Miles SportsPlus member, you are given extra free luggage allowance on Philippine Airlines flights for your golf, bowling, sportfishing, cycling, tennis, scuba diving and badminton equipment. To apply, just proceed to any Philippine Airlines Ticket Office, fill out the enrollment form, and pay the corresponding application fee. SPORTSPLUS LEVEL


SportsPlus Philippines


SportsPlus Asia


SportsPlus Global



20 kgs 20 kgs


PAL Philippine domestic flights PAL flights within the Philippines / Asia, and to/ from Fukuoka and Osaka

1 piece not exceeding 20 kgs.

PAL flights to/ from Nagoya, Narita and Guam

20 kgs

PAL flights within Philippines / Asia/ Australia, Fukuoka and Osaka

1 piece not exceeding 20 kgs.

PAL flights to/ from United States / Canada/ Guam, Narita and Nagoya

ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE WITH ELITE & PREMIER ELITE LEVELS A world of exclusive benefits await you as you earn Miles and attain elite levels of membership in Mabuhay Miles. As a Mabuhay Miles Elite or Premier Elite Member, you gain the recognition you deserve as a traveler. There are more ways to qualify and you have the whole calendar year between January 1 and December 31 to attain your privileged status.

EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL BENEFITS As Elite or Premier Elite Members, you also enjoy the following privileges: priority reservation waitlist, priority check-in, additional free luggage allowance, priority luggage handling, priority airport standby, access to Mabuhay Lounges and participating VIP Lounges, Sports Plus Global equivalent privileges, additional discounts and amenities from Program Partners, and many more.



Mabuhay Miles Elite

25,000 Flight Miles flown on Philippine Airlines or 30 one-way segments in any class of service,or 15 one-way segments in Mabuhay Class

Mabuhay Miles Premier Elite

45,000 Flight Miles flown on Philippine Airlines or 50 one-way segments in any class of service, or 25 one-way segments in Mabuhay Class

LIFETIME STATUS FOR MILLION MILERS Mabuhay Miles Million Milers enjoy the benefits of Premier Elite Membership for life. This is our token of appreciation to those who have flown one million cumulative Flight Miles on Philippine Airlines.

CONTACT US MABUHAY MILES SERVICE CENTER POSTAL ADDRESS Mabuhay Miles Service Center 2/F Power Realty Bldg. 1012 A. Arnaiz St. (formerly Pasay Road) Makati City EMAIL ADDRESS TELEPHONE 8am - 8pm, Daily (including Holidays) *Also accepts calls from 12pm-1pm Manila - (632) 855-8888 Cebu - (032) 340-0191 9am-5pm, Daily (including Holidays) Pacific Time USA / Canada - 1(800) 435-9725 / 1(800) I FLY PAL SERVICE LOUNGE HOURS Mondays - Fridays 8:30am - 5pm Saturday - 8:30am - 12NN FACSIMILE (MANILA) (632) 855-3654 / (632) 855-3653 (USA/CANADA) (818) 630-8469






Flights Fancy of


Flights of Fancy



Get Smart In Time Richie Rich



Best Of 60s 70s 80s Christmas Channel Classic Collection

Asian Air Safari The Big Bang Theory Glee



Mabuhay Class Fiesta Class

Looking For Myself - Usher Believe - Justin Bieber Christmas with the Stars



Ice Age: Continental Drift Step Up Revolution The Odd Life Of Timothy Green








In-flight Trivia Challenge Bejeweled Bookworm

ToTal Recall

In the 2012 remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film of the same name, Total Recall forces an ex-spy to remember his past in order to survive. Turn to page 128 for more information and page 136 for movie schedules.

Total Recall is a sci-fi film about a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) who discovers via a memory implant procedure that he was a secret agent working for United Federation of Britain (UFB) Chancellor Vilos Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston). Quaid also discovers that his wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale) is a UFB undercover agent who has been tasked to monitor him. After escaping, he meets his former lover Melina (Jessica Biel) and learns that his real name is Carl Hauser who was captured by the UFB for seeing a code that could stop UFB forces from invading the Colony. Together, and with the help of Resistance leader Matthias (Bill Nighy), they manage to defy the UFB.

Flights of Fancy




Ice AGe: contInentAl DrIft

SteP UP revolUtIon


Stars Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly Director Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman Animation 94 mins Rated PG

Stars Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary Director Steve Martino, Mike Thurmeier Animation 88 mins Rated PG

Stars Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, Cleopatra Coleman Director Scott Speer Romance 99 mins Rated PG-13

Stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans Director Marc Webb Action 120 mins Rated PG -13

The king’s feisty daughter Merida would rather be an archer than a princess. In defying an ancient custom, she puts her father’s kingdom at risk and must spring into action to put things right.

Scrat’s pursuit of the acorn he’s been after since the dawn of time has world-changing consequences: a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all for Manny, Diego, and Sid.

Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean, a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs, called The Mob.

A teenage Peter Parker grapples with both high school and amazing super-human crises as his alter-ego Spider-Man.

勇敢传说 国王争强好胜的女儿梅莉达尽管身为公主,但 却更喜欢当一名弓箭手。她违抗一个古老的习 俗后为其父亲的王国带来战乱,最后得鼓起勇 气打破困局。

冰河世纪:大陆漂移 鼠奎特与松果的疯狂追逐牵一发而动 全身,造成地球板块分裂,开启了曼 尼、希德和迭戈的全新大冒险。

舞出我人生4 艾美丽来到迈阿密一心一意想成为专 业舞蹈员,期间她爱上了希恩,顶尖 舞群THE MOB 的领导者。

メリダとおそろしの森 王様のお転婆娘メリダは、王女より弓の射手に なりたいと望んでいる。古いしきたりに反抗し、 父の王国を危機に陥れてしまったメリダは、物事 を正常な状態に戻すためには迅速な行動をとら なければならない。 메리다와 마법의 숲 스코틀랜드의 전통 깊은 왕국의 자존심 세고 제멋대로인 까칠한 성격의 메리다 공주는 우아한 공주로서의 삶을 누리기보다는 활 쏘기를 더 좋아한다. 왕국의 오랜 전통을 거스르고 금지된 구역에 들어갔다가 나라를 위험에 빠뜨린 공주는 잘못된 것들을 바로잡기 위해 행동으로 옮기는데...

アイス・エイジ4 :コンチネンタル・ドラフ ト(原題:Ice Age: Continental Drift) 太古の昔から続くスクラットのドングリ 追跡、それが世界を変える大陸の地殻 変動をまねき、それがきっかけでマニ ー、ディエゴ、シド全員の大冒険が始ま る。 아이스 에이지 4: 대륙 이동설 다람쥐 스크랫의 도토리에 대한 엄청난 집념이 지구의 운명마저 바꿔놓은 초대형 사고로 이어지고, 갑작스러운 대륙이동으로 매니, 디에고, 시드는 엄청난 모험을 떠나게 되는데……

WARNING LEGEND: A Strong Adult Themes


the AmAzInG SPIDer-mAn

Flights of Fancy

G Gore

ステップアップ4 レボリューション(原題 :Step Up Revolution) プロフェショナル・ダンサーになるという 夢を抱いてマイアミへやってきたエミリ ーは、すぐさま、ザ・モブと呼ばれる手 の込んだ最先端のフラッシュ・モブの 若き仕掛け人シーンと恋に落ちる。 스텝업4: 레볼루션 에밀리는 프로 댄서가 되고 싶은 열망을 가지고 마이애미에 도착한다. 잘나가는 최신 플래시 몹 댄스팀 ‘MOB’의 리더 션을 만난 에밀리는 사랑에 빠지는데……

I Aircraft Incident

L Strong Language

N Nudity

超凡蜘蛛侠 一名青少年彼德.帕克因其另一身份 -蜘蛛侠而需在中学生活和奇异的身 体变化之间展开搏斗。 アメイジング・スパイダーマン ティーンエイジャーのピーター・パーカ ーは、その分身スパイダーマンとして、 高校生活と驚くべきスーパー・ヒューマ ンの両方の危機に瀕し、葛藤する。 어메이징 스파이더맨 여느 고등학생처럼 평범한 학교 생활을 하는 10대 소년 피터파커는 초 인간적인 놀라운 능력을 가진 스파이더맨이라는 또 하나의 자아로 세상을 위협하는 세력에 맞서기로 하는데…

S Sexual Content

V Violence


The ODD Life Of TimOThy GReen


AbRAhAm LincOLn: VAmPiRe hunTeR

Stars Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, Dianne Wiest Director Peter Hedges Drama 105 mins Rated PG

Stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel Director Len Wiseman Action 118 mins Rated PG -13

Stars Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Director Timur Bekmambetov Adventure 105 mins Rated R

Stars Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer Director Tim Burton Comedy 113 mins Rated PG-13

A happily married couple who can’t wait to start a family can only dream about what their child would be like. Then young Timothy shows up at their doorstep one stormy night.

As the notion states Euromerica and New Shanghai vie for supremacy, factory worker Doug Quaid begins to suspect that he’s a spy, though he is unaware which side of the fight he’s on.

Timur Berkmambetov brings a fresh voice to the dark and blood-thirsty lore of the vampire, imagining the secret life of America’s favorite president as history’s greatest hunter of the undead.

Vampire Barnabas Collins is inadvertently freed from his tomb of 200 years and returns to his ancestral home where he must face the challenges of modern life, along with threats from the past.

蒂莫西的奇异生活 一对恩爱的夫妇多年来都无法怀孕。在一个 狂风暴雨的晚上,一个名叫Timothy的小孩突 然出现在他们的家门口,令他俩的生活出现 变数。

全面回忆 两个独立国家欧美国与新上海互相争夺,以 称霸世界。一名工厂工人道格开始怀疑自己 是一名间谍,然而他却不晓得自己是为哪一 方效劳。

林肯总统:吸血鬼猎人 导演提默贝克曼比托夫大胆颠覆历史传奇,讲 述美国人最受敬仰的总统林肯化身恶夜英雄, 铲奸除魔。

黑影家族 吸血鬼柯林费了两百年的时间逃出他 的棺木返回家园,他必须面对现代生 活的挑战和过去的威胁。

ジ・オッド・ライフ・オブ・ティモシー・グリーン(原題 :The Odd Life Of Timothy Green) 幸せな結婚生活をおくる夫婦。二人は子供を持 ち家族を築くことを願っているが、その子がどん な子かは想像するしかない。ある嵐の晩、玄関 に幼いティモシーが現れる。

トータル・リコール 国民国家、ユーロメリカとニューシャンハイが覇 権をめぐって争う中、工場労働者のダグ・クエイド は、自分がスパイではないかと疑い始める、自分 自身が争いのどちらのサイドにたっているのかも 気付かぬうちに……。

リンカーン/秘密の書 ティムール・ベクマンベトフ監督が、アメリカで最 も人気の高い大統領の史上最強のヴァンパイア ・ハンターとしての裏の顔を描き、血に飢えたヴァ ンパイアのダークな伝説に新たな一章を加える。

ダークシャドウ ヴァンパイアのバーナバズ・コリンズは 、不測にも200年間眠り続けた墓から蘇 り先祖代々の家に戻り、そこで、現代生 活になじむという難関と過去の脅威に 立ち向かう。

디 오드 라이프 오브 티모시 그린 단란하고 행복한 가정을 꿈꿔왔지만, 아직 아이를 가지지 못한 부부. 폭풍우 치는 어느 날 밤 꼬마 티모시가 눈앞에 나타나는데……

토탈 리콜 유로메이카와 뉴 상하이 두 국가 간의 패권 다툼 속에서, 평범한 노동자로 지내던 더글라스 퀘이드는 자신의 정체도 모른 채, 스파이였던 과거를 각성하기 시작하는데…

에이브리함 링컨 “ 뱀파이어 헌터 티무르베크맘베트브 감독은 미국인들이 가장 좋아하는 대통령 링컨의 비밀스런 삶을 역사상 가장 위대한 뱀파이어 사냥꾼으로 영상화했다. 옛날부터 전해 내려온 어둡고 피에 굶주린 뱀파이어 이야기에 새로운 해석을 한 액션, 스릴러.

다크섀도우 (Dark Shadows) 희 대 의 바 람 둥 이 인 ‘바나바스콜린스’(조니 뎁)는 자신을 열렬히 짝사랑한 마녀 ‘안젤리크’(에바 그린)의 저주를 받아 생매장 당한다. 200년 후 다시무덤에서 깨어난그는 이제 뱀파이어로서 살아간다. 대대로 살아 온 저택에서 자신의 후손들과 기묘한 동거를 시작하는데…낯설기만 한 현대 문명에 좌충우돌 충돌하며 살아가는 와중, 설상가상 마녀 ‘안젤리크’가 다시 찾아와 끈질긴 구애를 다시 펼친다. 바랑둥이 뱀파이어의 운명은 순탄치 만은 않은데…

Flights of Fancy


P E RS O NAL CINEMA people like uS


men in Black 3

miRRoR miRRoR

maGic mike

Stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey Director Steven Soderbergh Drama 110 mins Rated R

Stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin Director Barry Sonnenfeld Action 103 mins Rated pG-13

Stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer Director Tarsem Singh Fantasy 106 mins Rated pG

Stars Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer Director Alex Kurtzman Drama 115 mins Rated pG-13

Stars Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron Director Ridley Scott Action 124 mins Rated R

Set in the world of male strippers, the film follows Mike as he takes a young dancer under his wing and schools him in the fine arts of partying, picking up women, and making easy money.

Agent J travels back to 1969 where he teams up with a younger version of Agent K to stop an evil alien from destroying the future.

An exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her kingdom.

After his father's death, Sam returns home to put his father's estate in order. But in the course of fulfilling his dad's last wishes, he uncovers a secret that turns his entire world upside down.

Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Alien “prequel.” A team of scientists sets out on a mission to meet our makers.

魔力麦克 这部片是讲述脱衣舞男的世界。麦 克招收了一名年轻舞蹈员,把他训 练成派对红人、懂得讨女人芳心, 又可轻松赚钱。 マジック・マイク(原題:Magic Mike) 男性ストリッパーの世界を舞台に、こ の映画は、若いダンサーを配下に引 き入れ、パーティを渡り歩き、女性を 誘い、簡単にお金を儲ける技を教える マイクの姿を追う。

星际战警3 特务J回到了1969年,与年轻 版的特务K联手阻止外星人攻 击地球。 星际战警3 特务J回到了1969 年,与年轻 版的特务K联手阻止外星人攻 击地球。 맨 인 블랙3 (Men In Black) 1969 년 으 로 시 간 여 행 을

하게 된 제이(윌 스미스) 요원은지구의 미래를 파괴하려는 외계 악당을 매직 마이크 남자 스트리퍼계의 무대. 마이크는 물리치기 위해 젊은 시절의 새로 입문한 젊은 댄서를 보살피며, 케이(조쉬브롤린) 요원과 쉽 게 돈 버 는 방 법 , 여 자 를 팀을 결성한다. 유혹하는 방법 등 업계 노하우를 전수하는데……

WARNING LEGEND: A Strong Adult Themes



Flights of Fancy

魔镜,魔镜 一名被流放的公主在七个足 智多谋的小矮人的帮助下, 重新赢回了属于她的权力。

像我们这样的人 山姆在父亲逝世后返乡处理其父亲 的遗嘱。在他执行其父亲的最后遗 愿期间,他发现了一个不为人知的 惊人秘密。

白雪姫と鏡の女王 追放された王女は、王国を取 り戻そうと機知に富む7人の 小人に助けを求める。 백설공주(Mirror Mirror) 쫓겨난 공주가 지략이 뛰어난 반항아들인 일곱 난쟁이의 도움을 얻어 왕국을 되찾는다.

ピープル・ライク・アス(原題:People Like US) 父親の死後、サムは父親の財産を管 理するために実家へ帰るが、父親の 遺志を全うしようとするうちに、自分の 世界がひっくりかえるほどの秘密を発 見する。 피플 라이크어스 어느 날 갑자기 아버지가 돌아가시자 세일즈맨 샘은 유산을 상속받기 위해 집으로 돌아간다. 아버지의 마지막 유언을 이행하는 과정에서 그의 삶을 발칵 뒤집어 놓을 비밀을 알게 된다.

G Gore

I Aircraft Incident

L Strong Language

N Nudity

普罗米修斯 被誉为《异形》的前传,是 由”雷德利•斯科特执导,讲 述一组科学家寻找人类制造 者的踪迹。 普罗米修斯 被誉为《异形》的前传,是由” 雷德利•斯科特执导,讲述一 组科学家寻找人类制造者的 踪迹。 프로메테우스 (Prometheus)

프 로 메 테 우 스 는 ‘리들리스콧’(Ridley Scott) 감독의 대표작인 에 일 리 언 ( A l i e n ) 의 후속편이다. 과학자 대표단은 창조주를 만나기 위한 임무를 수행하게 된다.

S Sexual Content

V Violence

Snow whiTe anD The hunTSman

Rock of aGeS

The DaRk kniGhT RiSeS


Stars Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise Director Adam Shankman Musical 123 mins Rated PG -13

Stars Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon Director Boaz Yakin Thriller 94 mins Rated R

Stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth Director Rupert Sanders Adventure 127 mins Rated PG -13

Stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway Director Christopher Nolan Action 165 mins Rated PG -13

A small-town girl Sherrie and city boy Drew meet on the Sunset Strip while pursuing their Hollywood dreams. Their romance is told through the heart-pounding hits of the '70s and '80s.

Ex-cage fighter Luke finds himself in the middle of a high-stakes war when he comes to the aid of a young Chinese girl.

Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil Queen Ravenna, and escapes into the Dark Forest, where she joins forces with the Huntsman who was sent to kill her.

As the situation in Gotham worsens, Batman must come out of his forced retirement to save his beloved city from Bane.

摇滚年代 小镇女孩雪莉与城市男孩德鲁在日落大道 相遇,各自追寻他们的好莱坞梦想。在70 和80年代的热血名曲交织下,两人展开了 摇滚浪漫史。 ロック・オブ・エイジズ 田舎町から来た女の子シェリーと都会っ子 のドリュー。ハリウッドの夢を追う二人がサ ンセット大通りで出会う。胸の高鳴る70年代 、80年代のヒットにのせて、二人のロマンス が展開。 락 오브 에이지 할리우드에서 꿈을 이루고자 하는, 작은 마을 출신 소녀 쉐리와 도시 출신의 드류는선셋 스트립에서 만나 사랑에 빠진다. 그들의 로맨스는 70, 80년대 우리의 심금을 울려 주었던 록 히트 곡들을 타고 전해지는데…

火线反击 地下拳坛格斗拳手鲁克因意外解 救了一名中国女孩而被通缉夹击 。 SAFE/セイフ 元刑事の格闘家は、若い中国人の 女性を助けるために、リスクの高い 戦いに巻き込まれる。 세이프 (Safe) 케 이 지 파 이 터 였 던 ‘루크’(제이슨스타뎀)는 중국인 소녀를 돕게 되면서, 절대 절명의 싸움에 휘말리게 되는데…

白雪公主与狩猎人 白雪公主是世界上唯一比拉维纳皇后更美的女人 ,她逃进黑森林里,并与被派来刺杀她的狩猎人 联手对抗敌人。 スノーホワイト スノーホワイトは、この世で唯一、邪悪な女王ラ ヴェナより色白で美しい女性。深い森の奥に逃 げ込んだスノーホワイトは、そこで彼女を殺すた めに送られてきたハンターと力を合わせて女王 に対抗する。 스노우 화이트 앤 더 헌츠맨 절대악으로 군림하는‘이블퀸’(샤를리즈 테론)은 자신보다 더 아름다운 스노우 화이트(크리스틴스튜어트)를 없애기 위해 혈안이 되어있다.스노우 화이트는 이블퀸을 피해 어둠의 숲으로 도망치지만 이블퀸이 보낸 자객인 ‘헌츠맨’(크리스햄스워스)을 만나게 된다. 어둠 세력의 속박을 받고 있는 세계를 구원 할 존재가‘스노우 화이트’란 것을‘헌츠맨’은 깨닫게 되고, 서로 힘을 합쳐 ‘이블 퀸’에게 맞선다.

黑暗骑士崛起 高谭市的情况恶化,蝙蝠侠被逼 重披战袍,与贝恩对抗,以拯救 其心爱的城市。 ダークナイト ライジング ゴッサムの状況が悪化し、己の愛 する町をべインの手から守るため に、バットマンは自ら課した引退生 活からカムバックしなければならな い。 다크 나이트 라이즈 고담 시의 상황이 악화되자, 배트맨은 악당 베인으로부터 고담 시를 구하기 위해 은둔 생활에서 귀환하게 되는데……

Flights of Fancy



SI NE NG P IN OY your SiSter’S SiSter


what to exPect when you’re exPectinG

wrath of the titanS

Stars Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks Director Kirk Jones Comedy 110 mins Rated PG -13

Stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike Director Jonathan Liebesman Adventure 99 mins Rated PG -13

Kimmy Dora anD the temPle of Kiyeme

Stars Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass Director Lynn Shelton Comedy 90 mins Rated r

Stars Eugene Domingo, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo Director Joyce Bernal Comedy 105 mins Rated PG -13

After defeating the Kraken, Perseus lives quietly as a fisherman and parent. But unknown to him, a struggle for supremacy has been raging between the gods that will threaten his idyllic life

After his broher's death, Jac is struggling emotionally and makes a scene at a party. His best friend offers her family cabin so Jack can seek solitude. Once there, he runs into Iris' sister Hannah.

Kimmy and Dora are identical twins with different personalities who have to work together to confront an evil spirit from the past, which is seeking revenge against their father and fiancés.

诸神之怒 珀尔修斯在击败海怪之后,就与家人和孩 子过着平静的渔民生活。然而,他还不知 道生活中巨大的动荡正在慢慢地侵袭其悠 闲的生活。

姐妹情深 艾瑞丝的朋友杰克因弟弟过世而伤心,并在 派对中大闹一番。汤姆的好友为杰克提供一 间小屋,以让他独居。杰克就在那儿遇见了 艾瑞丝的姐姐汉娜。

金米朵拉和齐也乜庙宇 金米和朵拉是一对性格相异的同卵双胞胎 ,她们必须携手对抗向她们父亲和其未婚 夫报复的恶魔。

タイタンの逆襲 クラーケンを討伐した後、ペルセウスは、 漁師としてそして父親として静かな生活を 送っている。しかし、ペルセウスの知らぬ 間に、支配権を求める神々の争いが激化 、ペルセウスののどかな生活を脅かす。

ユア・シスターズ・シスター 兄の死後、精神的にまいっているジャックは、 パーティで醜態をさらしてしまう。トムの親友は 、ジャックが独りきりで過ごせるようにと家族 の持つキャビンへジャックを招待する。そこで 、ジャックはアイリスの妹ハナに出会う。

타이탄의 분노(Wrath Of The Titans) 크라켄과의 전투를 승리로 이끈 페르세우스는 어부이자 아버지로 조용한 삶을 살아간다. 그가 모르고 있는 사이, 절대권력을 차지하려는 신들간의 갈등은 고조되어 그의 한가로운 삶을 위협하기에 이른다.

유어 시스터즈 시스터 잭은 동생 톰이 죽은 지 1년이 지나도 여전히 매우 힘들어하며 동생의 1주기 행사장에서 소란을 피운다. 톰의 가장 친한 친구인 아이리스는외딴 섬에 있는 그녀 가족의 오두막으로 잭을초대하여 스스로 카타르시스를 찾게 한다. 섬에 도착한 후,잭은 아이리스의 언니 한나를 우연히 만나게 되는데…


A heart-warming look at the lives of five interconnected couples as they experience the pros and pitfalls of pregnancy. Based on the bestselling "bible of American pregnancy." 孕期完全指导 这部电影改编自美国畅销育儿小说,讲述 五对夫妇与情侣不约而同因怀孕成功或失 败,生活都起了翻天覆地的变化。 ホワット・トゥー・エクスペクト・フェン・ユー・ アー・エクスペクティング 互いに妊娠を控えた友達同士5組のカップ ルが妊娠の喜びかみしめ、またその落とし 穴を乗り越えていく姿を暖かく見守る映画 。「アメリカの妊娠期の聖書」と称されるベ ストセラーをもとにしている。 임신한 당신이 알아야 할 모든 것 서로 친한4쌍의 새내기 부부들이임신 기간 중 많은 우여 곡절을 겪게 된다. 동명책을원작으로한 작품으로,원작은 ‘미국 임신 여성을 위한 교본’으로 불리는 책이다. 따뜻한 가족애를 느낄 수 있는 가족영화.

WARNING LEGEND: A Strong Adult Themes


Flights of Fancy

G Gore

I Aircraft Incident

L Strong Language

N Nudity

キミー・ドラ・アンド・テンプル・オブ・キイェ メ(原題:Kimmy Dora And The Temple of Kiyeme) 異なる性格を持つ一卵性双生児のキミー とドラは、父親とそのフィアンセへの仕返し を企む過去の怨霊に立ち向かうために力 を合わせなければならない。 킴미 도라 앤 더 템플 오브 키예미 성격이 다른 일란성 쌍둥이 키미와 도라. 자신의 아버지와 약혼자에게 복수하려는 과거의 악령에 맞서 함께 싸워야 하는데……

S Sexual Content

V Violence

aPPaLOOSa Rated R Stars Zac Efron, Blythe Danner, Taylor Schilling Director Scott Hicks

the matRiX RevOLutiOnS Rated R Stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne Director The Wachowski Brothers


PROmetheuS Rated R Stars Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender Director Ridley Scott

tOtaL RecaLL Rated PG-13 Stars Colin Farrell Kate Beckinsale Jessica Biel Director Len Wiseman

fRee WiLLy: eScaPe fROm PiRate’S cOve Rated PG Stars Beau Bridges, Bindi Irwin, Mike Falkow Director Will Geiger

Get SmaRt Rated PG-13 Stars Steve Carell Anne Hathaway Dwayne Johnson Director Peter Segal

Safe Rated R Stars Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon Director Boaz Yakin

ShOOt ‘em uP Rated R Stars Clive Owen Paul Giamatti Monica Bellucci Director Michael Davis

incePtiOn Rated PG13 Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe Director Christopher Nolan

kinGDOm Of heaven Rated R Stars Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Jeremy Irons Director Ridley Scott

the matRiX ReLOaDeD Rated R Stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving Director The Wachowski Brothers

the Day the eaRth StOOD StiLL Rated PG-13 Stars Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates Director Scott Derrickson

yOuR SiSteR’S SiSteR Rated R Stars Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass Director Lynn Shelton

X-men 2: Xmen uniteD Rated PG-13 Stars Hugh Jackman Halle Berry Ian McKellen Director Bryan Singer

abRaham LincOLn: vamPiRe hunteR Rated R Stars Benjamin Walker Dominic Cooper Mary Winstead Director Timur Bekmambetov

auStin POWeRS 2: the SPy WhO ShaGGeD me Rated PG 13 Stars Mike Myers Heather Graham Michael York Director Jay Roach

avataR Rated PG13 Stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana Director James Cameron

cLaSh Of the titanS Rated PG-13 Stars Sam Worthington,

JOuRney tO the centeR Of the eaRth Rated PG Stars Brendan Fraser Anita Briem Director Eric Brevig

mR. maGORium’S WOnDeR emPORium Rated G Stars Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Matt Baram Director Zach Helm

SnOW White anD the huntSman Rated PG 13 Stars Kirsten Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth Director Rupert Sanders

the amazinG SPiDeR-man Rated PG 13 Stars Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Rhys Ifans Director Marc Webb

Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes Director Louis Leterrier

GuLLiveR’S tRaveLS Rated PG Stars Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Billy Connolly Director Rob Letterman

inkheaRt Rated PG Stars Brendan Fraser, Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren Director Iain Softley

the DaRk kniGht RiSeS Rated PG-13 Stars Christian Bale Tom Hardy Anne Hathaway Director Christopher Nolan

the Day afteR tOmORROW Rated PG-13 Stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sela Ward Director Roland Emmerich

auGuSt RuSh Rated R Stars Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan RhysMeyers Director Kirsten Sheridan

feveR Pitch Rated PG-13 Stars Drew Barrymore Jimmy Fallon Lenny Clarke Director Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly

GhOStS Of GiRLfRienD’S PaSt Rated PG-13 Stars Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Lacey Chabert Director Mark Waters

LOve anD OtheR DRuGS Rated R Stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt Director Edward Zwick

RumOR haS it... Rated PG-13 Stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo Director Rob Reiner

SOmethinG’S GOtta Give Rated PG13 Stars Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves Director Nancy Meyers

vaLentine’S Day Rated PG-13 Stars Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Shirley MacLaine Director Garry Marshall

What tO eXPect When yOu’Re eXPectinG Rated PG-13 Stars Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks Director Kirk Jones


men in bLack 3 Rated PG -13 Stars Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones Director Barry Sonnenfield

Die haRD 4 Rated PG-13 Stars Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Oliphan Director Len Wiseman

niGhtS in RODanthe Rated PG 13 Stars Richard Gere, Diane Lane, James Franco Director George C. Wolfe

Flights of Fancy



(500) DAyS oF SuMMeR Rated PG-13 Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel Director Marc Webb

AnAlyze ThAT Rated R Stars Robert De Niro Billy Crystal Lisa Kudrow Director Harold Ramis

BRiDe wARS Rated PG Stars Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Bryan Greenberg Director Gary Winick

cATS AnD DoGS: The RevenGe oF kiTTy GAloRe Rated PG Stars Christina Applegate, Chris O'Donnell Director Brad Peyton

DARk ShADowS Rated PG-13 Stars Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer Director TIm Burton

Down wiTh love Rated PG-13 Stars Ewan McGregor, Renee Zellwegger Director Peyton Reed

FAMily STone Rated PG-13 Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes Director Thomas Bezucha

FlippeD Rated PG Stars Rebecca DeMornay Madeline Carroll Callan McAulife Director Rob Reiner

he’S JuST noT ThAT inTo you Rated PG-13 Stars Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck Director Ken Kwapis

liFe AS we know iT Rated PG-13 Stars Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel Director Greg Berlanti

MAGic Mike Rated R Stars Channing Tatum Alex Pettyfer Matthew McConaughey Director Steven Soderbergh

MARley & Me Rated PG Stars Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston Kathleen Turner Director David Frankel

Sex AnD The ciTy 2 Rated R Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis Director Michael Patrick King

The hAnGoveR Rated R Stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Heather Graham Director Todd Phillips

The whole nine yARDS Rated R Stars Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Rosanne Arquette Director Jonathan Lynn

MiSS conGeniAliTy 2: ARMeD & FABulouS Rated PG-13 Stars Sandra Bullock Regina King Director John Pasquin

RuSh houR 3 Rated PG-13 Stars Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Roman Polanski Director Brett Ratner

whAT hAppenS in veGAS Rated PG-13 Stars Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah Director Tom Vaughan

woRkinG GiRl Rated PG-13 Stars Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith Director Mike Nichols

Alvin AnD The chipMunkS: The SqueAkquel Rated PG Stars Anna Faris Justin Long Christina Applegate Director Betty Thomas The AnT Bully Rated PG Stars Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep Director John A. Davis

FRAcTuRe Rated R Stars Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Rosamund Pike Director Gregory Hoblit


Flights of Fancy

BRAve Rated PG Stars Kelly MacDonald Emma Thompson Billy Connolly Directors Mark Andrews Brenda Chapman

Sex AnD The ciTy Rated R Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis Director Michael Patrick King

FAnTASTic MR. Fox Rated PG Stars George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Anjelica Huston Director Wes Anderson

ice AGe: conTinenTAl DRiFT Rated PG Stars Ray Romano John Leguizamo Denis Leary Director Steve Martino Mike Thurmeier

yoGi BeAR

Rated PG Stars Anna Faris Dan Aykroyd Justin Timberlake Director Eric Brevig

in TiMe Rated PG-13 Stars Justin Timberlake Amanda Seyfried Cillian Murphy Director Andrew Niccol

MAn on FiRe Rated R Stars Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, C. Walken Director Tony Scott

The RiTe Rated PG-13 Stars Anthony Hopkins Colin O'Donoghue Ciaran Hinds Director Mikael Hafstrom

leGenD oF The GuARDiAnS: The owlS oF GA’hoole Rated PG Stars Jim Sturgess, Emily Barclay, Emilie de Ravin Director Zack Snyder

127 hoURS Rated R Stars James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara Director Danny Boyle

aUStRalIa Rated PG-13 Stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham Director Baz Luhrmann

bEfoRE SUnSEt Rated R Stars Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Vernon Dobtcheff Director Richard Linklater

boDy of lIES Rated R Stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong Director Ridley Scott

flagS of oUR fathERS Rated R Stars Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach Director Clint Eastwood

hEREaftER Rated PG-13 Stars Matt Damon Bryce Dallas Howard Cecile De France Director Clint Eastwood

I aM SaM Rated PG-13 Stars Sean Penn Michelle Pfeiffer Dakota Fanning Director Jessie Nelson

InvICtUS Rated Drama Stars Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon Director Clint Eastwood

MaRgaREt Rated R Stars Anna Paquin Matt Damon Mark Ruffalo Director Kenneth Lonergan

My naME IS Khan Rated PG-13 Stars Shahrukh Khan, Christopher Duncan, Steffany Huckaby Director Karan Johar

My SIStER’S KEEpER Rated PG-13 Stars Cameron Diaz Alec Baldwin Joan Cusack Director Nick Cassavetes

pEoplE lIKE US Rated PG-13 Stars Chris Pine Elizabeth Banks Michelle Pfeiffer Director Alex Kurtzman

thE aSSaSSInatIon of jESSE jaMES Rated R Stars Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Sam Shephard Director Andrew Dominik

thE bRIDgES of MaDISon CoUnty Rated PG-13 Stars Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep Director Clint Eastwood

thE boDygUaRD Rated R Stars Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp Director Mick Jackson

thE oDD lIfE of tIMothy gREEn Rated PG Stars Jennifer Garner Joel Edgerton Dianne Wiest Director Peter Hedges

tIME tRavElER'S WIfE Rated PG-13 Stars Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Ron Livingston Director Robert Schwentke

thE toWn Rated R Stars Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall Director Ben Affleck

Wag thE Dog Rated R Stars Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Heche Director Barry Levinson

EntEng ng Ina Mo Rated GP Stars Vic Sotto, Eugene Domingo, Marvin Agustin, Ai Ai delas Alas Director Tony Y. Reyes

anothER CInDERElla StoRy Rated PG Stars Selena Gomez, Andrew Seeley, Jane Lynch Director Damon Santostefano

KIMMy DoRa anD thE tEMplE of KIyEME Rated PG-13 Stars Eugene Domingo Dingdong Dantes Zanjoe Marudo Director Joyce Bernal

RoCK of agES Rated PG-13 Stars Julianne Hough Alec Baldwin Tom Cruise Director Adam Shankman



>> >> RIChIE RICh Rated PG Stars Macaulay Culkin Johnathan Hyde Edward Herrmann Director Donald Petrie

pRaybEyt bEnjaMIn Rated PG-13 Stars Vice Ganda, Eddie Garcia, Jimmy Santos, Nikki Valdez, John Lapus, Derek Ramsay Director Wenn Deramas

MovIE tRIvIa:


StEp Up REvolUtIon Rated PG-13 Stars Kathryn McCormick Ryan Guzman Cleopatra Coleman Director Scott Speer

DUMa Rated PG Stars Alexander Michaletos Eamonn Walker Campbell Scott Director Carroll Ballard

no othER WoMan Rated PG Stars Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, Cristine Reyes Director Ruel S. Bayani

UnoffICIally yoURS Rated PG-13 Stars John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin Director Cathy GarciaMolina

ICE agE: ContInEntal DRIft

Jeremy Renner was originally cast in the movie as Captain Gutt, but he dropped out because of scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Peter Dinklage. Originally, the story was rumored to involve Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, and Scrat frozen solid and accidentally defrosted in a museum in present day. The movie was tentatively titled Ice Age: Th4w . Captain Gutt is a Gigantopithecus , which is a prehistoric orangutan. When on the iceberg ship, Sid the Sloth says “water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” This is from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798. The actual line from the poem, however, is “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”

Flights of Fancy




15/16 17

15/16 17 B747




3/4 5/6

3/4 5/6






11/12 11/12 5/6 13/14 13/14 7 17 17 A340

1/2 3/4 5/6 7





7/8 17

7/8 17




7/8 17


A340 B747

3/4 5/6 17

7/8 17


A340 B747


1/2 3/4

5/6 17

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green The Dark Knight Rises P Short Films Short Films The Dark Knight Rises P AIRSHOW

7/8 17


AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW

Total Recall Magic Mike P Short Films Short Films Magic Mike P AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Total Recall The Dark Knight Rises Magic Mike The Amazing Spider-Man Brave

Unofficially Yours Enteng ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Total Recall The Dark Knight Rises Magic Mike The Amazing Spider-Man Brave

Unofficially Yours Enteng ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Total Recall The Dark Knight Rises Magic Mike The Amazing Spider-Man Brave

Unofficially Yours Enteng ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Total Recall The Dark Knight Rises Magic Mike The Amazing Spider-Man Brave

Unofficially Yours Enteng ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman

Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme

AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW

Total Recall Magic Mike P Short Films Short Films Magic Mike P AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme




Koda/Kido, and Chadd Smith/ Vladd make a cameo and have their own dance scene on this film.




1/2 3/4 C HA NNEL

A340 B747


1/2 3/4

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green The Dark Knight Rises P Short Films Short Films The Dark Knight Rises P AIRSHOW



1/2 3/4


>> Adam G. Sevani/Moose, Mari



Step Up Revolution The Dark Knight Rises P Short Films Short Films The Dark Knight Rises P AIRSHOW




Ice Age: Continental Drift Total Recall Short Films Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter P Wrath Of The Titans P Magic Mike P Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme AIRSHOW

Step Up Revolution Short Films The Odd Life Of Timothy Green The Dark Knight Rises P Your Sister's Sister P Mirror Mirror P The Odd Life Of Timothy Green AIRSHOW





AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW

Ice Age: Continental Drift Magic Mike P Short Films Short Films Magic Mike P AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme

INDONESIA*, MAINLAND CHINA*, SINGAPORE, NEW DELHI The Odd Life Of Timothy Green The Dark Knight Rises P Short Films Short Films The Dark Knight Rises P AIRSHOW



A320 / A319*


A320 / A319*



A320 / A319*


9/10 11/12

AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW

Total Recall Magic Mike P Short Films Short Films Magic Mike P AIRSHOW


AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319*




Total Recall Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter P Wrath Of The Titans P Magic Mike P Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme Brave AIRSHOW


5/6 7/8

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Step Up Revolution Short Films The Dark Knight Rises P Your Sister's Sister P Mirror Mirror P The Amazing Spider-Man AIRSHOW















Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme


>> The role of Cindy was offered to Sandra Bullock, who turned it down. >> Filmed in the same house as Halloween II . >> In an interview, CJ Adams said that he was 10 at the time of filming, “just

before my (11th) birthday (in 2011).” In the same interview, he said that the movie poster of the title character’s legs with leaves growing from them were not his but a body double’s.

Movie titles and channel assignments are subject to change without prior notice. Only short films will be shown on the following sectors: Manila – Hong Kong – Manila, Manila – Macau – Manila, Manila – Taipei – Manila, Manila – Xiamen – Manila, Vancouver – Las Vegas – Vancouver and Singapore – Jakarta – Singapore


Flights of Fancy






1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing

AIRSHOW The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Step Up Revolution Short Films The Amazing Spider-Man

1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing 5th showing






1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing

AIRSHOW Total Recall Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme Brave AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing


AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Total Recall Short Films Kimmy Dora And The Temple Of Kiyeme AIRSHOW



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319* The Big Bang Theory—The Justice League Recombination

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing

AIRSHOW Total Recall Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319*

Just for Laughs S10 E7 Short Films



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319* The Big Bang Theory—The Justice League Recombination

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing

AIRSHOW Total Recall Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319*

Just for Laughs S10 E7 Short Films



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Step Up Revolution Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319* The Big Bang Theory—The Justice League Recombination

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing

A320 / A319*

Just for Laughs S10 E7 Short Films



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Rock Of Ages Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319* The Big Bang Theory—The Justice League Recombination

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW Total Recall Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Ice Age: Continental Drift Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319*

Just for Laughs S10 E7 Short Films


>> Colin Farrell previously appeared in Minority Report , which was also adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story, and had originally been developed as a sequel to the original film version of Total Recall .

>> Actor Colin Farrell actually spent a night on the set because he wanted “to see what it would be like to wake up in the future.”

>> When Quaid retrieves his safe-deposit box, bills with the picture of president Barack Obama can be seen.

>> Most of the futuristic-looking firearms are actually contemporary

weapons with little to no modification. The silver handgun carried by Lori Quaid and by various police in its blued form is a Chiappa Rhino .357-caliber revolver with a laser sight fixed under the muzzle; the police carry TDI Vector .45-caliber submachine guns; and the resistance fighters mostly carry Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifles and UMP submachine guns.


PTV only * Digital IFE-equipped aircraft: RP-C8600 to RP-C8615

* Via Singapore * Except Xiamen

Flights of Fancy





Blown Away

Break the Spell

Get Your Heart On

Looking For Myself


Mylo Xyloto Coldplay

Now That’s What I Call Music! 39

Now That’s What I Call Music! 41

Pink Friday

Talk That Talk


Who You Are

Fall In Love Again

First Class

Himig ng Damdamin

I’ll Be Seeing You

The Definitive Collection Christmas with the Stars With Love of Hits CD 1 Various Artists Gary Valenciano



Various Artists

Christian Bautista

Carrie Underwood

Various Artists

Martin Nievera


Nicki Minaj

Richard Poon

Simple Plan



Adam Lambert


Jessie J

The Company


Angeline Quinto

Justin Bieber


Good Show Show Luo

Japanese Singer Ken Hirai

LeeHom-New+Best Selections

Paradise Chill Out Lounge, Vol. 3

World of Chillout Lounge Vol. 2

LeeHom Wang

Ikimonogakari Newtral

Super Junior Vol. 6 Sexy, Free & Single

Wonder World Wonder Girls


Eason Chan

Disney’s Greatest Vol. 1 Various Artists

Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance (Music from the Discney Channel Series)


Various Artists

Best of Lounge, Ambient and Chill Out Vol.1

Café Del Mar Vol. 17


The Wayman Tisdale Story

Various Artists




Chris Botti


Flights of Fancy

Wayman Tisdale

Ultimate Tony Tony Bennett

Various Artists

Believe—Justin BieBer Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber unleashes once more his 'tween appeal via his latest album "Believe," a dance-pop record that promises to whet his fans’ appetites. Critics are taking note of the 18-year-old singer-composer's "reinvention and reintroduction" in this album especially in what Rolling Stones cite as his "deeper voice and more intense beats". Bieber's album is a believable foray into new musical horizons for the singer, what with hints of motown, electro-pop, and ballads-cum-soothing lullaby, to name some.



Abbey Road

Bee Gees Greatest

Elvis Greatest Hits

Gold Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits 1970-2002 Elton John

Legacy, Greatest Hits Collection

Some Girls

Sounds of Silence

The Best of OMD

The Greatest Hits

True Blue

The Beatles


The Rolling Stones


Whitney Houston

Simon & Garfunkel


Boyz II Men

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)


Looking For MyseLF—Usher Disney Newsies The Musical Various


Original Broadway Cast


Bee Gees

Highlights from the Phantom of the Opera Original Cast Recording

At 33 years old and with seven albums to his name, American R&B singer Usher is not about to

The Sound Of Music (1998 Broadway Revival Cast)

fade away from music tinseltown. Known for his vocal virtuosity and versatility, Usher once again delivers in his seventh album, Looking 4 Myself , which critics describe as a diverse offering from a "reinvigorated leading man." The album is a fresh smattering of various musical genres, including R&B, funk, ballads, and dance pop. From the

The Phantom of the Opera

Various Artists Cast

velvety "What Happened to You" and the soulful Sins of "My Father," to the explicitly written "Dive," Usher's daring experimentations are righton. Produced by RCA Records, this is Usher's fourth No. 1 album in the U.S. Billboards charts.

French Impression Joshua Bell

The String Quartet Tribute To Valentine’s Day

Water Night Eric Whitacre

Vitamin String Quartet

* Available in B747 (RP-C7471 / RP-C7472 / RP-C7473 / RP-C7475) and B777

Flights of Fancy



>> 3

>> 6




BEST OF 60S, 70S & 80S

Stay tuned with your host, Claire, as she brings you OPM Hits from Bryan Termulo, Daniel Padilla, Mark Bautista & many more here onboard Philippine Airlines!

Bringing you the best of Pinoy Favorites! Hot hits from Marie Digby, Amber Davis, and Kris Lawrence!

It's the attack of the hits with the likes of Conor Maynard, Pink, Far East Movement, Carly Rae Jepsen, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and more on Hitline onboard Philippine Airlines!

Get plugged in as we bring you a collection of the best hits from the '60s, '70s & '80s here onboard Philippine Airlines! Remember these songs?

Bryan Termulo

Kris lawrence

carly rae Jepsen


Bihag Bryan Termulo (BWB Records)

Your Love (Solo Version) Marié Digby (Star)

Turn Up the Love Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive (Interscope)

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Michael Jackson (Epic)

Paanong Nangyari Bryan Termulo (BWB Records)

Swoon Marié Digby (Star)

Curiosity Carly Rae Jepsen (604/ Interscope)

Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) Rod Stewart (Riva Records)

Lagay Ng Puso Bryan Termulo (BWB Records)

I Think I'm In Love Marié Digby (Star)

Goin' In Jennifer Lopez ft. Flo Rida (Island)

Rose Garden Lynn Anderson (Columbia)

Hanggang Ngayon Bryan Termulo (BWB Records)

Loving You Is Easy Marié Digby (Star)

Vegas Girl Conor Maynard (Capitol)

Dancing in the Dark Bruce Springsteen (Columbia)

I Do Marié Digby & Jericho Rosales (Star)

Pound the Alarm Nicki Minaj (Young Money)

Love Is All Air Supply (Arista)

Nagtatanong Lang Bryan Termulo (BWB Records) 3 AM Marie Digby (Ivory Music & Video)

Say It Again Marié Digby (Star)

Keep On Loving You Good Time Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen (Universal Republic) REO Speedwagon (Epic) Don't Leave Me This Way Thelma Houston (Motown)

Umbrella Marié Digby (Star)

I Can Only Imagine David Guetta, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne (Virgin, EMI)

Your Love (Duet Version) Marié Digby & Sam Milby (Star)

One More Night Maroon 5 (A&M)

Taas Noo Amber Davis ft. Gloc 9 (Viva)

Blow Me One Last Kiss Pink (RCA)

Gossip Queen Amber Davis (Viva)

Never Close Our Eyes Adam Lambert (19, RCA)

Kontrabida Sam Concepcion (Ivory Music & Video)

Heartbreaker Amber Davis (Viva)

This Is Love ft. Eva Simons (Interscope)

Slowdancing Nyoy Volante (Ivory Music & Video)

Believe Amber Davis (Viva)

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) Ne-Yo (Motown)

Paano Amber Davis (Viva)

As Long as You Love Me Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean (Island)

Manila (Acoustic) Amber Davis ft. Marcus Jr (Viva)

#1Nite (One Night) Cobra Starship (Warner Bros.)

Shine Amber Davis (Viva)

Lights Ellie Goulding (Interscope)

Ain't A Crime Amber Davis (Viva)

Get It Started Pitbull ft. Shakira (RCA)

Disco Inferno The Trammps (Atlantic)

Suddenly Kris Lawrence (MCA Music)

Windows Down Big Time Rush (Columbia)

Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie (EMI)

Right Here Waiting Kris Lawrence ft. Jay-R (MCA Music)

Hello Karmin (Epic)

Love Is All Around The Troggs (Page One Records)

Just Tell Me You Love Me Kris Lawrence (MCA Music)

Heart Skips a Beat Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks (Columbia)

No Matter What Badfinger (Warner Bros)

All My Life Kris Lawrence ft. Billy Crawford (MCA Music)

We'll Be Coming Back Calvin Harris ft. Example (Columbia)

If You Don't Know Me By Now Simply Red (Warner)

Your Song Kris Lawrence (MCA Music)

Remember When Chris Wallace (Think Say)

Mrs. Robinson Simon & Garfunkel (Sony)

Can't Stop Me Afrojack & Shermanology (Robbins)

Fox On The Run Sweet (Capitol)

Don't Judge Me Chris Brown (RCA)

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Eurythmics (BMG)

Settle Down No Doubt (Interscope)

Invisible Touch Genesis (Virgin)

Bawat Hakbang Mark Bautista & The Akafellas (Ivory Music & Video) Dulo Ng Dila Jay R & Deejay Poblete (Ivory Music & Video) Himig Ng Panahon Duncan Ramos, Luke Mejares, Loonie, Thyro, Yum (Ivory Music & Video)

Tayo-Tayo Lang Ebe Dancel (Ivory Music & Video) Hinahanap-Hanap Kita Daniel Padilla (Star Records) Pagsubok Daniel Padilla (Star Records) Paniwalaan Mo Daniel Padilla (Star Records) Ako'y Sa 'Yo, Ika'y Akin Daniel Padilla (Star Records) Pangako Martin Nievera (Star Records) Sana Maulit Muli Aiza Seguerra (Star Records) Iisa Pa Lamang Erik Santos (Star Records) Kahit Isang Saglit Juris (Star Records) Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan Christian Bautista (Star Records) Hanggang Sa Dulo Walang Hanggan Nina (Star Records)


>> 5

>> 4

Flights of Fancy

Now And Forever Kris Lawrence (MCA Music) I Will Take You Forever Kris Lawrence ft. Denise Laurel (MCA Music)

Have You Seen Her The Chi-Lites (Brunswick Records) Up On The House Top The Jackson 5 (Motown) Money, Money, Money ABBA (Polar Music) The Dock Of The Bay Otis Redding (Atlantic) This Charming Man The Smiths (Warner) Time Of The Season The Zombies (Beaver Music) Ring My Bell Anita Ward (Juana Records) She Drives Me Crazy Fine Young Cannibals (EMI) California Girls The Beach Boys (Capitol)

>> 7

>> 8



Get plug-in to the Christmas Channel and enjoy a set of christmas songs from the biggest OPM artists as well as popular christmas carols!

Tune in to Jazz Club, with a sultry blend of the best of new & old Jazz here onboard! Lie back and relax, perhaps a glass of wine or champagne to go along?

DaviD archuleta

chris Botti

>> 9

>> 10



Time to relax and enjoy some soothing Tune-in to Tinseltown and take a musical tour with some of the well-known familiar instrumental classics, as this selection of soporific movies, including Rock Of Ages, Wicked, melodies helps the miles fly by. Philippine Airlines Footloose, and many more! is proud to bring you this selection of well-known hits and timeless classics.

MaMMa Mia!

Kenny G

Da Best Ang Pasko Ng Pilipino Maria Aragon ft. UP Concert Chorus (Star)

Lisboa Melody Gardot (Melody Gardot / Decca)

Only You (Starlight Express) Grania Renihan (JAY Productions)

We Wish You A Merry Christmas Kenny G (Arista)

Ngayong Pasko Angeline Quinto (Star)

Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) Astrud Gilberto (Verve)

I Just Can't Wait to Be King (The Lion King) Original Cast Recording (Walt Disney Records)

The Look Of Love Peter White (Sony BMG)

Give Love On Christmas Day Bugoy Drilon & Liezel Garcia (Star)

My Funny Valentine Frank Sinatra (EQ Music)

Night Fever (Saturday Night Fever) Original Cast Recording (Polydor Ltd)

Semester Days Rob Costlow (Orange Music)

It's Christmas All Over The World Marcelito Pomoy (Star)

Superman Benny Goodman (Sony BMG)

Sana Ngayong Pasko Jovit Baldivino (Star) Pasko Na Sinta Ko Bugoy Drilon (Star)

Come Away With Me Norah Jones (Capitol Records) This Will Be (1991 Remix) Natalie Cole (EMI Music)

Ngayong Pasko Magniningning Ang Pilipino Cry Me a River Gary Valenciano & Toni Gonzaga (Star) Julie London (EMI Music) Star Ng Pasko Cast Your Fate to the Wind Azia Seguerra, Carol Banawa, David Benoit (GRP Records) Juris & Yeng Constantino (Star) Pasko Sa Pinas Yeng Constantino (Star)

Perfect Circle Sun Ken Navarro (EQ Music)

Sa Araw Ng Pasko All-Star Cast (Star)

Dream a Little Dream Michael Buble (Reprise Records)

Tuloy Na Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko Apo Hiking Society (Universal)

Maybe I'm Amazed Carleen Anderson (EMI Music)

Kumukutikutitap Joey Albert (Universal)

You Made Me So Very Happy Lou Rawls (EMI Music)

Mistletoe Justin Bieber (Island)

The Very Thought Of You Tony Bennett with Paul McCartney (Sony BMG)

Joy To The World David Archuleta (19 Recordings)

Simply Beautiful Queen Latifah (Creative Battery)

All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey (Sony)

Italia Chris Botti feat. Andrea Bocelli (Decca)

You Haven't Seen the Last of Me (Burlesque) Cher (Screen Gems) Another Hundred People (Company) Alice Ripley (Fynsworth Alley) Dancing Queen (Mamma Mia!) Meryl Streep (Polydor Ltd) It Takes Two (Hairspray) Zac Efron (New Line Records)

Nobody Does It Better Michael Lington (Rendezvous Entertainment) Joy To The World Walter Chancellor & Mark Ziegenhagen (EQ Music) Angel Band James Galway (BMG Music)

It's A Hit! (Merrily We Roll Along) Original Cast Recording (PS Classics)

Secret Whispers Armik (Bolero Records)

Can't Fight This Feeling (Rock of Ages) Original Cast Recording (New Line Records)

Tropical Breeze David Benoit (GRP Records)

Make a Move (Shrek the Musical) Original Cast Recording (Decca Label Group)

Silent Night Snowflake Christmas Series (Allegro Corporation)

We Are Young (Glee) Original Cast Recording (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Marketed)

Dream Date Craig Chaquico (Higher Octave Music)

At the Beginning (Anastacia) Richard Marx, Donna Lewis (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Atlantic Recordingn Corporation)

All The Things You Are Dirk Damonte (Horizon West Music)

Pandemonium (Spelling Bee) Original Cast Recording (Ghostlight Records)

The Journey Dave Koz (Concord Music Group)

Holding out a Hero (Footloose) Original Cast Recording (Q Records)

Santa Dancing-Deck the Halls Ottmar Liebert (Sony)

Message in the Music (Happy Days) Original Cast Recording (PS Classics)

Arioso Tracy Silverman & Thea Suits (Windham Hill/Sony)

Oh, I Can't Sit Down (The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess) Original Cast Recording (PS Classics)

Christmas You And Me Brian McKnight Feat. Vince Gill (Razor & Tie Direct)

Don't Stop the Music Jamie Cullum (Decca)

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) Maroon 5 (A&M Records)

Namaste Kenny G with Rahul Sharma (Rahul Sharma)

Sixteen Going on Seventeen (The Sound of Music) Julie Andrews, Charmian Carr (BMG)

White Christmas Steven Wisman (Wiseman Productions)

Santa Baby Kellie Pickler (19 Recordings)

Everytime We Say Goodbye Diana Krall (Verve)

Mister Cellophane (Chicago) John C. Reilly (Sony Music/Epic)

Sidewalk Cafe Nightbyrd (Gemini Sun)

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Michael BublĂŠ (Reprise Records)

I'm In the Mood For Love Rod Stewart (J Records)

That's How You Know (Enchanted) Amy Adams (Walt Disney Records)

I Will Know Chris Conway (Paradise Music)

The Little Drummer Boy Sean Kingston (Sony)

All Or Nothing At All Billie Holiday (Verve)

Xanadu (Xanadu) Original Cast Recording (PS Classics)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Jim Brickman (BMG)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Christina Aguilera (RCA/ Jive)

La Vie En Rose Louis Armstrong (Universal Music)

Silent Night Connie Talbot (Rainbow Recording)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Laura Fygi (UniversalMusic)

Christmas Time Backstreet Boys (Zomba Recording) Grown-Up Christmas List Monica (Arsita Records) Merry Christmas Baby Sheryl Crow (A&M Records)

Boy Falls from the Sky (Spider-man: Turn off the Dark) Reeve Carney (Mercury Records) Wedding Qawwali (Bombay Dreams) Sukhwinder Singh (Sony Music) No Good Deed (Wicked) Original Cast Recording (Universal Classics Group) Getting Ready (13) Original Cast Recording (Ghostlight Records)

Don't Know Why Richard Clayderman (Delphine Productions)

Love Tim Wheater & David Lord (Gemini Sun/ MG Music) Eternal Flame Andy Findon (Virgin Records) Movin' On Earl Klugh (Warner Bros)

Goodbye (Catch Me if You Can) David Campbell (Sony Music)

Flights of Fancy



>> 11



Tune-in to Classic Collection channel onboard Philippine Airlines! Relax and enjoy our wide selections of masterpieces as we take you into the world of the classics.

Jam along with us here onboard Philippine Airlines, as we play you a selection of the latest J Pop hits from SMAP, Wonder Girls, U-Kiss and many more!


Romance The Gadfly Violin: Alexander Kerr, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Riccardo Chailly (Decca) Pur Le Piano - Sarabande Piano: Rafał Blenchacz (Deutsche Grammophon) Un Sueño En La Floresta Guitar: Miloš Karadagli (Deutsche Grammophon) Concerto Op. 10 No. 6 in G RV 437 - I. Allegro, II. Largo, III. Allegro Flute: Emmanuel Pahud,, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Artistic Director: Richard Tognetti (EMI) Cello Concerto in C Major, Hob. VIIb:1 - I Moderato Cello: Mstislav Rostropovich, English Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Benjamin Britten (Decca) Rondo In A Minor, K. 511 Piano: Richard Goode (Nonesuch) Oboe Concerto in B Flat Op. 7 No. 3 - II. Adagio Trumpet: Alison Balsom, Scottish Ensemble, Leader: Jonathan Morton (EMI) Nocturne in D Flat Major Op 27 No. 2 Piano: Lang Lang (Deutsche Grammophon) Concierto de Aranjuez - Adagio Guitar: Kaori Muraji, Cor Anglais: Scott MacLeod, Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia, Conductor: Victor Pablo Pérez (Decca) Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana BBC Concert Orchestra, Conductor: Barry Wordsworth (Decca) Andante Cantabile for Cello Solo and String Orchestra, Op. posth. Cello: Yo-Yo Ma, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Lorin Maazel (Sony Music) Sonata No 23 in F Minor, Op. 57 'Appasionata' - I. Allegro Assai Piano: HJ Lim (EMI)


>> 12

Flights of Fancy

Mayu WatanaBe

>> 13

ORI E N T E X PRE S S Enjoy the line-up of Mandarin and Cantonese hottest hits in the pop charts!


>> 14

S E OUL G R O O VES Get the best of K-Pop with artistes such as PSY, BoA, T-ara, Super Junior, After School and more on Seoul Grooves!


FOR AVOD* It's more than just travel. It's all about discovery and adventure. Episodes: Jakarta, Roxas, Hong Kong, Davao, Hawaii, Seoul.

AsiAn Air sAfAri Jakarta, Roxas, Hong Kong, Davao, Hawaii, Seoul

Contestants face a snow-covered course which includes new obstacles like Mogul Madness and the Yule Log.

OUTBOUND AsiAn Air sAfAri Jakarta

Bosses and employees team up to tackle the obstacle course as X-Ray Men, Shock Jocks and Country Club Cuties face the Caterpillar, Total Carnage and a Detour to a Race Track.

Wipeout Bosses and Employees


Wipeout Spring

Just for LAughs Season 10, Episode 7 Wipeout Don't Fear The Beaver

Capt. Joy finds himself in need of a welldeserved sojourn. He travels to the South of Jakarta and flies a Jabiru J400 to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Borobudur in Yogjakarta. Here he begins his quest for nirvana.

the Big BAng theory The Justice League Recombination

nAsA 360 Advanced Vehicle Concept

Despite current aircraft being incredibly efficient, they may be deemed as noisy gas guzzlers in the future. NASA’s advanced vehicle concepts program aims to make future aircraft otherwise.

gLee Very Glee Christmas

Wipeout Winter Wipeout: The Musical

Players will deliver spills, tumbles and falls as they face new obstacles such as The Bed Bugs, and gain speed on the Springavator before they jump onto the Big Balls, all before being served up breakfast in the Wipeout Kitchen.

In the second season opener, in new faces challenge old ones, Glee Club auditions. Meanwhile new and old relationships leave some happy and others alone.

gLee Audition

gLee Britney/Brittany

The guys enter a costume contest as members of the Justice League...and convince Penny’s new boyfriend to join them.

Twenty-four contestants compete against each other and the clock to make it through wild obstacle courses to ultimately be one of the final 4.

This episode features a river guide with an extreme fear of beavers.

Wipeout The Birds, The Bees and The Bedbugs

Be amused with these hidden camera gags performed on the street, in the shopping malls, all around town, and in the countryside. For all ages and funnybones alike!

Contestants tackle obstacles, including the Snowplow Sweeper, the Big Balls and the Spinning Ski Lift.


Wipeout Winter Wipeout : The Musical (New)

Wipeout Winter Wipeout

A trip to the dentist for the Glee Clubbers gives them hallucinations while Brittany's psyche comes to focus and they sing some of special guest star Britney Spears' greatest hits.

As the Glee Club works on a competitive duet assignment, Finn and Rachel conspire to help a new member win. Meanwhile, a love triangle develops between Mike, Tina, and Artie.

gLee Duets

When Will decides to have the Glee Club

perform The Rocky Horror Show for the gLee The Rocky Horror Glee annual school musical, the members of New Directions inject their distinctive Show style to the show's timeless tracks.

A substitute teacher (guest star Gwyneth Paltrow) fills in for Will, and wins over the whole New Directions clan; and Sue fills in for Principal Figgins, and tries to flex her power on campus.

gLee The Substitute

While Finn tries to bring a little holiday cheer to McKinley High, Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa; meanwhile, the teachers pick their Secret Santas, and one manipulative coach rigs the gift-giving in her favor.

Contestants face a snow-covered course which includes new obstacles like Mogul Madness and the Yule Log.

* Additional titles available on Digital IFE-equipped aircraft with AVOD

gLee Very Glee Christmas

While Finn tries to bring a little holiday cheer to McKinley High, Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa; meanwhile, the teachers pick their Secret Santas, and one manipulative coach rigs the gift-giving in her favor.

Flights of Fancy



>> no special tips or tricks here,

except stick to the categories you know best and rely on your stocked knowledge.



Link letters and create words to feed the hungry Bookworm. With thousands of words to form, it's a new game each time you play. No matter your skills level, you'll enjoy this vocabulariffic puzzle.

>> i n

case you've asked: machiavelli wrote the Prince and shania twain's real name is eileen. if more challenging questions pop up and you don't know the answers, you can always ask the person next to you—what a fun way to start a conversation too!

take advantage of quiz show mania with this cabin wide multiplayer trivia game designed to keep you entertained during your flight. Prepare your brain and challenge other passengers to determine who the real trivia master is. this version of the popular quiz game has a diverse selection of topics to suit all ages.

>> if you've read Flights of Fancy, you'd most probably do well in the entertainment category. goodluck!

in-Flight sudoku Sudoku, meaning the digits must remain single, features a partially completed grid that the player must fill in. This exciting game presents quite a challenge and is sure to satisfy puzzle lovers.




Catch some fast and furious gemmatching fun in this colorful puzzle game. Just click on two adjacent gems to swap them and make sets of three to score. This colorful game has four great modes to suit all players.

The objective of this game is to keep the blocks from piling up to the top of the playing field. Sounds easy? Well, it could be if you know how to effectively move and rotate the colored blocks as they fall.

klondike solitaire


Klondike Solitaire is the world’s most popular solitaire card game and is also one of the most difficult variations to play. Amazingly challenging and addicting, you will play for hours.

Hop on board your fighter spacecraft equipped with high-tech weapons and fight biomechanical aliens threatening to destroy the Earth. This challenging game has four difficulty levels.

Match wits with wither the computer or another passenger-even if you are sitting at opposite ends of the cabin–in this multiplayer rendition of one of the world's best-known game: chess! But before you push the START button and get hooked on this classic game of mind versus mind, did you know that:

>> >> >> >>


the chessboard has 64 squares and each player controls 16 pieces at the start of the game: eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king. austrian-american wilhelm steinitz was the first official world Chess Champion winning his first title in 1886. the current world Chess Champion, india's viswanathan anand, is the first chess player in history to have won the world Championship in three different formats: knockout, tournament, and match. eugene torre of the Philippines was the first asian player to earn the highly coveted title of international grandmaster, beating then the world Champion anatoly karpov in a tournament in manila in 1976.

Flights of Fancy

* Available in B747 (RP-C7471 / RP-C7472 / RP-C7473 / RP-C7475) and B777

Quezon City Reimagined by Century Properties For the first time ever, Century Properties brings its 26-year heritage of innovation, excellence and breathtaking developments to the Quezon City area. This is Commonwealth by Century.

Eight modern residential towers rise amidst a sprawling multi-hectare masterplan that brings together spectacular water features and pools, awe-inspiring landscaping and vegetation, and an iconic clubhouse that houses all of a resident’s desires and pursuits.

Amenities include: • Three separate swimming pools showcasing water’s intensifying energies • Two full-size basketball courts (outdoor and covered), badminton courts and an athletic boot camp • Complete gym and fitness center with salon and spa • “The Orchard” playground with 3 ‘apple’ structures of varying scales and themes that offers unique recreational activities for the kids • Multi-level clubhouse with kindergarten, study & library, arts & crafts, dance & yoga studio, cooking studio, rock & roll studio, and more • 24/7 safety and security system with CCTV cameras, highly-trained security personnel and emergency back-up generator • Immediately accessible and close to CBDs, top schools, shopping centers, churches, major thoroughfares and the forthcoming MRT station

818-9041 • 0917-5555-274 • Authorized to sell by HLURB TLTS No. ENCRFO – 12-07-035, 12-07-036, 12-07-037. This advertisement is approved and authorized by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).

OwnErship starts at php8,000 / mOnth

From the creators of Century City azure Urban resort residences Acqua Livingstone interior design by missOnihOmE The Milano Residences interior design by Versace Home Trump Tower at Century City

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Mabuhay Magazine, November 2012  

Mabuhay Magazine, November 2012

Mabuhay Magazine, November 2012  

Mabuhay Magazine, November 2012