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Subic Revisited Prime Spots for Day-Trippers

San FranciScO’S creaTive Scene

Underground Dining + Painting Parties

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LaS veGaS SPeciaL

PLUS: One-of-a-Kind Treats • Tagaytay Trip Ideas • Quirky Coffee Shops • Chocolate 101

10 Practical Tips + iconic Showgirls

SneaK PeeK: OLymPicS 2012

HOT PROPERTY The sand beneath your toes… the warm embrace of the tropical sun above … the liquid caress of water crashing to shore; washing away the day’s every worry or care… This is the Azure Urban Resort Residences…your very own personal paradise right in the middle of the bustling metropolis. Wade into the shimmering surf and swim up to the Paris Beach Club, welcomed by the sweet smell of steak barbecuing on the grill as bikini-clad women toast with tropical cocktails at the bar, and a symphony of laughter coalesces with the soothing sound of the waves. At sunset, bronzed bodies stand in worship to the visual spectacle of the country’s very first urban man-made beach and as a day nears its end, the perfect tan may fade away but the memories will last forever. Come home to the Azure and make these memories each and every day. The Azure Urban Resort Residences: Beachfront living right in the heart of the city.



(632) 818-9041 • (63) 917-555-5274

THE AZURE is located on SLEX (West Service Road) between the Bicutan and Sucat Exits, directly adjacent to SM Bicutan – about a 15 minute drive to Alabang in the south, and 10 minutes to Makati in the north via the expanded skyway. Authorized to sell by HLURB: LTS # 24077 (Rio), LTS # 23646 (Santorini), TLTS No. 12-04-018 (Positano), LTS # 25655 (St. Tropez) and TLTS No. 12-05-020 (Miami). Azure Urban Resort Residences Rio Tower will have 756 residential units and 184 parking slots. Santorini Tower will have 525 residential units and 86 parking slots. Positano Tower will have 597 residential units and 320 parking slots St. Tropez Tower will have 561 residential units and 127 parking slots. Miami Tower will have 559 Residential units and 309 parking slots. Target Project completion date is December 2012 (Rio), December 2013 (Santorini), November 2014 (Positano), December 2014 (St. Tropez), May 2015 (Miami). Azure Urban Resort Residences is being developed by Century Limitless Corporation, a member of the Century Properties Group. The design of the beach club by Paris Hilton does not in any way change the name of the project. In no way is Azure or Century related to Hilton Hotels Worldwide. Not for distribution in US and Canada.



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CLANDESTINE DINNER: San Francisco’s Stag dining group puts creative in cuisine by serving dinners in secret venues. Photo by Andria Lo

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If You Are Going To San Francisco Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

Photo by Justin Ventura


f these lines are beginning to make you sing or hum, then you must know this popular song by Scott McKenzie about good old San Francisco. This well-loved city by the bay is our main international feature and our contributor, Flash Parker, has a teasing title: “So You Think You Can Glow? A Night Out in San Francisco.” It turns out that one of the underground clubs that Flash stumbled upon is one where guests are handed out glow sticks to splash paint on one another and on murals, or both. A bit weird? Yes. Common? Yes, only in San Francisco (just like the Philippines). Yet, it is this city’s free spirit that makes it so charming and unique that it is practically silly to ask anyone if they like San Francisco. Not surprisingly, it always ranks as one of the most popular American cities. Oftentimes when we travel, we normally check (through relatives, friends, or the Internet) what’s new in the destination that we are about to visit. To satisfy this common curiosity, we have begun in this issue to have more sidebars such as trends (for San Francisco, it’s a bar with 326 bottles of tequila) and what’s in vogue (again, in SF, “flower power” designs are back.) To complete the update, we also have tidbits called the “It List Hotels” and the “Local Lowdown.” How can you not leave your heart in San Francisco if

We also have a unique fashion shoot in this issue called you just had a grand time celebrating the Golden Gate “Fashion Meets Nature.” It’s not your typical shoot and it all Bridge’s 75th anniversary and trying out the city’s charming, ultra-creative attractions? began when I organized a pre-production meeting between Bien Bautista (our photographer), Krista Kleiner, 2010 Binibining Pilipinas-International, as our model, and our stylist, Racquel Gutierrez. Both Krista and Bien wanted to do something edgy and different. This means instead of wearing something predictable in the rainforest like hiking boots, Bien wanted her to wear a long gown—and Krista and Racquel were all game for it. Those are creative minds at work. It is this unique ability of artistic people to think of unusual things that surprise and delight us all.

Fashion shoots are not always what they seem. In this behind-the-scenes photo shoot alone, some 10 people were involved — model Krista Kleiner, photographer Bien Bautista, stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer’s all-around assistant, coordinator, the behind-the-scenes photographer, the photographer’s wife, and yes, even the model’s mom.

If you are not aware of it, Mabuhay magazine is available as a free iPad app at Apple’s App Store. Instead of merely having a PDF version, we made the app fully interactive. We have animated O covers and 360 images, videos, audios, and many other features to enhance the reading experience. So go ahead and download it—it’s quite fun and it’s free.

Simeon S. Ventura, Jr. Editor-in-chief

For comments and suggestions, you can email me at 6 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012


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San Francisco’s Stag group prepares dinner on a battleship. Photo by Jullie Michelle

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A practical and fun guide for the newbie


40 Let the Games Begin A closer look at the 2012 London Olympics

44 A Night Out in San Francisco

The City By the Bay’s über-creative side revealed


50 Tagaytay: Eat, Pray, Live


74 Premium Bond

Agent 007 still dapper and dangerous at 50


76 Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

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A weekend jaunt that spells F-U-N

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I 68 I 7 Quirky Cafes to Get Your Caffeine On 62 Fashion Meets Nature Subic au naturel

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70 Livin’ La Vida Cocoa!


A decadent journey into Willy Wonka’s world

72 It’s Raining Umbrellas Don’t get caught in the downpour without them



54 A Piece of History, A Link to the World Revisiting Nielson Airport’s heyday

Japan’s Cat Cafe


I I 16 I Travel Log 28 I In the News 32 I Milestones 82 I The Lighter Side 86 I Last Frame 88 I PAL Pages

06 Editor’s Note 14 What’s Up

on the coveR


The former US naval base’s raw beauty comes forth in this special feature that combines the best of nature and fashion. Photo by Bien Bautista.

We, at Philippine Airlines, are happy to have you on board. Please sit back and relax, and allow us to make your flight enjoyable. For your own safety and convenience, please observe the regulations listed on the back pages. “Mabuhay” is a Filipino verb in the form of a command: “Live!” It is also a wish: “May you live!” Whoever says it wishes you the great gift of a long and full life. It is both a blessing and a lusty cheer. “Mabuhay” (ma-boo-high) is such a large word that it lends itself to a wide number of secondary uses: Welcome, Congratulations, Thanks, Godspeed, Hello, Good Luck, Cheers, Posit, Sante, Viva, Kambei, Aloha, and many other expressions of goodwill. All these are a part of life, but it is the gift of life that makes them possible. “Mabuhay,” in other words, is an invocation and a celebration of life itself.

Survival camp at Subic. Photo by Bien Bautista 10 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

ERRATA: Pungtod Island (or Isola di Francesco) was inadvertently referred to as “Puntod Island” and “Virgin Island” on pages 8 and 46 in our May 2012 issue. The island is named after Francesco Forgione, also known as St. Pio of Prietrelcina. On page 68, meanwhile, National Artist for Architecture should have read “National Artist-Elect.”

The Residences AT AcquA LivingsTone inTeRioR design By MissonihoMe The fiRsT And onLy in The woRLd




S T.






























KA Developed by Century Limitless Corporation, an affiliate of Century Properties Group, Inc. LA









Authorized to sell by HLURB: TLTS ENCRFO-12-02-007. JU






Contact: (632) 818-9041 • (63) 917-5555-274 (CPI) • . ST







Acqua XPrivate Residences is located along the Pasig River on Coronado St., Mandaluyong. The closest bridge connecting it to Makati is Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, making Acqua just a couple of minutes drive from downtown Makati. AS E PAS





ANDY ROUND has run a portfolio of magazines

FLASH PARKER is a photojournalist from

in the UAE. Today he works in both the

Ontario, Canada. He was nominated for a PATA

Middle East and Europe as senior editor

Gold Award for destination journalism, and his

for Destinations of the World News. He also

works have been featured in Asian Geographic,

contributes to Portfolio, Penthouse, Harper’s

Lonely Planet, Condé Nast Traveler, and

BAZAAR, Tatler, Playboy and Prestige and

Reader’s Digest. On page 44, he shows us how

carries out corporate work for Ritz-Carlton,

creative San Francisco’s nightlife can be: from

Jumeirah and Living à la Carte. On page 74,

underground supper clubs to contemporary art

for James Bond’s 50th anniversary, he writes

exhibits and public painting parties. He says: If

about the passionate collectors of expensive

I could have any job in the world, I would be a

Bond memorabilia. He says: If I could have any

professional waterslide tester. Someone has to

job in the world, I would be a Victoria’s Secret

do it…


BRIAN JOHNSTON was born in Nigeria to Irish

MICHELLE WILDING is an award-winning

parents. Having lived in Switzerland, the UK,

Australian freelance journalist with a love affair

and China, he seems destined to be a freelance

with all things creative. If she’s not writing,

travel writer. Now based in Sydney, he works for

snapping away or producing feature videos for

major newspapers and travel magazines and is

online and print publications, you’ll catch this

currently preparing for a five-week trip to six

ethnically mixed mongrel traveling the world

European countries. On page 40, he reports

sampling fried tarantula legs and other exotic

about London’s biggest event this year: the

food. On page 34, she lists down 10 things you

2012 Olympics. He says: If I could have any job

need to know when in Vegas, from how to cut

in the world, I would be a vet in a zoo.

through club lines to getting a tattoo. She says: If I could have any job in the world, I would be the CEO of a major record label.



8TH CINEMALAYA FILM FESTIVAL JULY 20–29 CULTURAL CENTER OF THE PHILIPPINES, PASAY CITY Go on a movie marathon in the country’s most celebrated film festival. Every year, 10 fresh talents are offered Php500,000 each to create the film of their dreams. These films are screened in the Cultural Center of the Philippines, along with the works of seasoned filmmakers. Once the credits roll, meet this year’s batch of filmmakers in the film congress. www.

The month of July holds a prestigious film festival, an underwater concert, and a blast from the medieval past. Peninsula in 711 A.D. The fanfare includes street dancing, trade fairs, horse and jetski racing, and a beauty pageant. www.


3RD PHILIPPINE CULINARY TOURISM EXPO JULY 27–29 SM NORTH EDSA SKYDOME, QUEZON CITY Go on a food-tasting spree in this firstof-its-kind trade exposition. To promote culinary tourism, food stalls provide a sample of each Philippine region’s cuisine, as you watch bartenders juggle liquors and mixers or learn cooking from demos and inter-school cookfests. Cultural performances and live bands are sandwiched in between. KINABAYO FESTIVAL JULY 24 DAPITAN CITY, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE In this massive parade, hundreds of locals garbed in intricate tribal costumes ride mock horses as they re-enact the Battle of Covadonga—the first major victory by Christian military force following the Muslim Moors’ conquest of the Iberian

14 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

ABBEY MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL JULY 7–8 BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND In Australia’s largest medieval festival, expect jousting, sword-wielding, Turkish oil wrestling, and sumptuous samplings of medieval cuisine amid colorful Middle Eastern and Viking encampments. Haggle for goods in the Medieval Market or watch live bands, drama, and dancing.

Seven of the 32 elaborate floats in the Gion Matsuri parade weigh around 10 tons each and are pulled on massive wooden wheels by around 50 people.


GION MATSURI JULY 1–31 KYOTO Take to the streets in one of Japan’s most popular festivals. Originally celebrated to appease the gods of fire and quake, the fest features a parade of intricately decorated, temple-shaped floats around two stories high, night stalls selling street treats like takoyaki and yakitori, and dozens of craft stalls selling souvenirs.

In the Underwater Music Festival, costumed snorkelers wield fake instruments while underwater stereos pump classic beats like the Beatle’s “Yellow Submarine” and Jimmy Buffet’s “Fins”.


28TH UNDERWATER MUSIC FESTIVAL JULY 14 FLORIDA KEYS Rock out by the reefs as this fest summons hundreds of divers and snorkelers underwater at Looe Key Reef while preselected radio playlists stream live from underwater speakers. Divers dressed as famous artists play instruments called the “trom-bonefish” and the “fluke-a-lele.” Sound travels 4.3 times faster in water, creating a rather surreal experience.


JUST FOR LAUGHS FESTIVAL JULY 9–29 MONTREAL, QUEBEC Laugh your lungs out in the largest international comedy festival in the world. Now on its 30th year, Just for Laughs presents acts from The Muppets, stand-up comedian Bob Saget, YouTube sensation Epic Meal Time, and other international comedians and local talents.

Live the Life You Love

Adventure. Romance. Indulgence. Delight. InspIrAtIon. Whatever you want in life, eastwood city has it all. And whatever the season, there’s always something to celebrate in your city. Amp up your adrenaline with a vibrant leisure culture. get even closer to the one you love. Feel pampered any time of the day. dine around the world without leaving the metro. or enjoy the high of being at the top of your game. And just when life can’t seem to get any better, go home to the exciting one eastwood Avenue—and discover a whole new world of pleasure. Have everything you love to live for in a place that keeps on sparkling. And keeps on surprising. eastwood city.

Be first in every way, everyday, in the city for all seasons. learn more about what’s in store for you at eastwood city and one eastwood Avenue. visit the grand showroom at 188 e. rodriguez Jr. Ave. (c-5), Quezon city, Metro Manila.

Your very own pad for as low as P 10,000/month


tels: (632) 421-4243

(632) 421-4247 ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED



Sweets for Your Sweet

The Cake Club is a cozy yet elegant space for a quiet weekday lunch with friends or a relaxed meal with clients. Their moist and juicy, robustflavored and aromatic lamb burger is perfectly complemented by the bread’s dark, caramelized crunch. Its cake flavors, meanwhile, have become household favorites. Most popular is the Diamond Ensaymada. Cecilia, a coconut mousse pie named after the president of Diamond Hotel Philippines, puts a creative twist to the traditional Filipino coconut pie. Other popular treats include versions of the cheesecake, apple pie, and super moist chocolate cake. Bonifacio High Street, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City; +632 621 3176 (The Cake Club); +632 528 3000 (Diamond Hotel Philippines) –Ernest Reynoso-Gala

16 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012


ERnEsT’s PIcks Mabuhay’s resident food writer, Chef Ernest Gala, shares his favorite hangouts that serve hearty, meaty paellas. Alba’s Paella Valenciana (38 Polaris Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City; +632 890 4372) is a hearty, wholesome dish of fragrant warm rice cooked in savory broth, topped generously with chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables. Honed to excellence and passion for great food, Alba has been a favorite foodie stop for over six decades. Runners-up: Terry Selection (Karrivin Plaza, Bldg. B, Unit 2, 316 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City; +632 729 7906) Super-Paella Parellada is an eye-opening experience. Using only quality ingredients of chorizo and shrimps, this is an immensely enjoyable dish. Casa Armas (G/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila; +632 687 3663) The Paella Valenciana continues to create a buzz due to its intense, lingering flavors that will charm your palate. Ernest studied in various culinary schools such as the Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary & Pastry Arts in Calebria, Italy; Le Moulin de Mougins Alain Llorca, Cannes, France; École Ritz Escoffier in Paris Ritz Hotel, and École Lenôtre Pattiserie, Plaisir Cedex, France; and at the Thai Cooking School, Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bar of the Month Rocket Room bar-lounge is where retro swag meets Hi-Fi sounds. A “flavors of the sun” menu serves bistro bites (Php195+) and woodfired pizzas (Php295+), while crafted cocktails like Rocket Fuel (Php195) mix in-house infusions like jalapeño vodka. M Sessions throws Friday (In Color) and Saturday (Supersonic) nights with DJs spinning from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Ground Floor Level, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City; +632 621 3222; stella.rocketroom–Lori Blackburn

Thumbs-up for Tourist Info Hub Boracay revelers, listen up! Tourists’ concerns now have a proper venue with the opening of the Boracay Tourism Information and Assistance Center (BITAC) at the Station 2 beachfront. Launched by the Department of Tourism and the Municipality of Malay, BITAC has a lifeguard rescue team, emergency medical response counters, and national police tourism assistance desks.

Magnolia’s ‘Fun’ Ice Cream It certainly is more fun in the Philippines as Magnolia Ice Cream launches their newest line: Best of the Philippines. Now, you can taste the best flavors of the well-loved destinations around the country in a tub of ice cream!

A cLAss by ITsELf Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila just got better with its newest loyalty card deal, offering the Club at the Hyatt cardholders an array of benefits. Enjoy 50% off in the hotel’s restaurants, special dining gift vouchers, a 15% off on gold and silver gym membership and selected spa services, and more. Club at the Hyatt members are also entitled to benefit in over 80 Hyatt hotels worldwide. To become a member, contact Club at the Hyatt at +632 247 8666 or 245 1234 (ext. 7291), or 1588 Pedro Gil corner M. H. Del Pilar Sts., Malate,


18 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

76 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

TRAVEL LOG Abe Opens in Alabang

Abe, the popular go-to place for Kapampangan cuisine is serving its bestsellers like lamb adobo and tamarind shake in their new branch in Alabang. Daring diners can also try exotic dishes like stuffed frogs and sautéed rice-field crickets. Abe was founded by the late Larry Cruz and named after his father, Emilio Aguilar Cruz. Abe (pronounced as ah-beh) means friend, companion, and getting together in Kapampangan—much like the atmosphere of Abe itself. Lifestyle Strip, Alabang Town Center, Commerce Avenue, Muntinlupa City; +63917 550 6033; www.ljcrestaurants. –Jared Millan

Keep Your Head Happy Don’t be fooled by its soft, seamless exterior: this headgear is made of 100 percent polyester microfiber, making it lightweight and durable. It’s so stretchable and tubular you can transform it into a scarf, classic bandana, dust mask, and yes, even a skirt! It also comes in hip colors, helping you beat the heat, weather the cold, and wipe away that sweat in style. Available at malls and sports shops all over the Philippines;; www.

Yet Another Reason to Visit Cebu A giant infinity pool greets all guests on entrance to Crimson Resort and Spa, where the real allure of this six-hectare property is its hospitality and service. Chic Asian style, 250 suites, and 40 villas—the resort big enough to accommodate many guests yet leave you in your personal space. Book the villas with sea views to bask in a private plunge pool, or for more celebrity treatment, there’s the soothing Aum Spa. Seascapes Resort Town, Mactan

Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu; (+632) 401 9999;; www. crimsonhotel –Nyx Martinez

The Essential Andy Warhol

On the 25th death anniversary of pop artist Andy Warhol, Marina Bay Sands Singapore’s ArtScience Museum is presenting “15 Minutes Eternal” showcasing the artist's largest collection of iconic works. Sponsored by BNY Mellon and organized by The Andy Warhol Museum, the exhibit features over 260 of Warhol’s works. Warhol was an American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker known for leading the Pop Art movement and for his masterpieces that include Jackie (1964), Marilyn Monroe (1967), Campbell’s Soup (1961), and much more. Singapore-Museum/Whats-On

20 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Zip, Zip Hooray!

If you can zip above forests, rivers, and in between hills, why not right smack in the city—like in Las Vegas? Flightlinez offers an 800-feet-long zipline that whooshes through the lively Fremont Street. For the best experience, ride it in the evening to see the famed dazzling night lights of Vegas 67 feet off the ground. 425 Fremont St., Las Vegas, Nevada;; US$15 before 6 p.m. and $20 after 6 p.m.

TRAVEL LOG For Kids Only: Be a Roving Elephant Reporter

Did you know?

TV sets, video players, PC monitors, microwaves, and all their accessories still consume electricity even when in standby mode? Households consume at least 120 kilowatt hour of electricity per year by leaving their appliances on standby mode. This is at least 70 kg of carbon dioxide annually. So, either pull out the plugs or use a multisocket power strip with its own power cutout. Information courtesy of Greenpeace Southeast Asia–Philippines;; www.;

Word of the Month


Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas is looking for an elephant lover and budding TV star aged between 7 and 15 to become this year’s Roving Elephant Reporter, at the 11th King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, to be held from September 12 to 16, 2012, in Hua Hin, Thailand. The winner will enjoy an allexpense paid seven-night stay at Anantara Riverside Resort and Spa in Bangkok and Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa, Thailand, with an accompanying adult, including return air fares. To join, simply upload a one- to two-minute video to www.facebook. com/anantara, or mail a CD to I Want to be an Elephant Reporter, Anantara Hotels, 17th Floor, Berli Jucker House, 99 Soi Rubia, Sukhumvit Soi 42, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Deadline for submission of entries is on July 31, 2012.

A Taste of the Past Time travel back to the 1800s as Savoy Bistro’s Chef Robert Lilja brings you recipes from Hungary, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and even Russia. He whips up delicate, delicious courses— including classics like Delmonico Steak with Maitre’d Butter (from Php1,735) and Tournedos Rossini topped with Foie Gras—while you feast your eyes on local art pieces in the gallery. 8479 Kalayaan Ave., Makati City; +632 896 5667; savoybistromakati@gmail. com; www.savoybistro@ –Nyx Martinez

A word from the Maranao indigenous group meaning “to look at oneself in the mirror.” Adam Jacot de Boinod, author of The Meaning of Tingo and other Extraordinary Words from Around the World, published by Penguin Press

In Perfect Harmony

On its 20th year, the UP Manila Chorale presents the “Time of Our Lives” concert on July 20, 2012, 7 p.m., at the Philamlife Auditorium, UN Avenue, Manila. The show features George Shearing’s songs and sonnets, jazz adaptations of selected Shakespearean texts, and the best of the hit U.S. TV series Glee. The award-winning choral group, ranked 92 in the Musica Mundi/Interkultur World Rankings Top 1,000 Choir, will also embark on their 7th European tour beginning April 2013.; +63906 4315511;

22 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

FlightBoard Earns Webby Nod

Popular travel app FlightBoard, developed by Mobiata, is this year’s Webby Awards Best Travel App, and for good reason. The app, well-loved by the frequent traveler, turns a user’s screen into an arrival and departures board for any airport in the world. FlightBoard is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

TRAVEL LOG Organic Skin & Nail Pampering, Anyone? Mod Lei Nail and Day Spa caters to all skin types through its 100 percent organic products and treatments, making it the first Emu-oil based organic skin and nail care spa in the Philippines. Products to try include V&M Naturals and V&M Minerals, synergistic aroma therapeutic oil blends, the Signature 11-Step Nail Treatment, and the 6-Step face. Unit

1B Xavierville Residences, 41 Abada corner Alvero Sts., Loyola Heights, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City; +632 966 3719; +63917 823 2724

Cool News from Haier

Cebu's Mandaue City warmly welcomes Haier’s cool freezers, wine coolers, and showcase refs as it opens its showroom and distribution hub to clients. An emerging worldclass appliance brand distributed by Continental Sales Inc., Haier is the number 1 freezer brand in the country with more than 30% market share, thanks to the vision of the LKG Group, which also markets the Markes brand, a full line of value-formoney home and commercial appliances. EC Masucol Bldg., AC Cortes Alang Alang St., Mandaue City, Cebu;

Rainy Weather Travel Tips

An Earthquake Shakes San Fo!

Prepare to be moved! Earthquake, an exhibit ongoing at the California Academy of Sciences, is the safest way to experience a catastrophic tremor. Be jolted out of your wits in the earthquake simulator; fly over and into the dynamic planet in an immersive planetarium show; and learn more about the 1906 earthquake and fire, the largest disaster in San Francisco’s history. 55 Music Concourse Dr., Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California; +1 415 379 8000;

Look Ma, FiveFingers!

In 2005, Vibram introduced to the market an innovation that remains one of its kind: Vibram FiveFingers. This curiously designed footwear is intended to mimic the same effect of walking barefoot, from which some health benefits come: stronger leg and feet muscles; improved range of motion in the ankles, feet, and toes; stimulated balance and agility; eliminated heel lift; and a more natural movement. Experience excellent “foot feel” with the Vibram FiveFinger’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection. www.

Rapper Meets Harana Kings

Filipino-American rapper and Black Eyed Peas member will try his hand at singing the harana (traditional Filipino serenade) with the Harana Kings, on July 8, 2012, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. The Harana Kings (Felipe Alonzo, Romeo Bergunio, and Celestino Aniel) are featured in classical guitarist Florante Aguilar’s acclaimed documentary, Harana, which chronicles the remaining few practitioners of the traditional courtship tradition. In the old days, the harana was sung by a guitar-strumming suitor outside the window of his lady love. Harana is produced by New Art Media, in partnership with Pacific Ethnographic and Wanderlust Films.;

24 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

❃ Keep track of the weather and travel conditions at your destination. Knowing these in advance will help you adjust travel plans if needed. ❃ If traveling by road, check the news for floods and traffic. If flying, check with your airline for flight delays or cancelations. ❃ Pack lots of light clothing for quick changes. Avoid denim and heavy clothes that don’t dry quickly. ❃ Waterproof your stuff with ziplock bags. They provide additional protection for your camera, electronics, clothes, and valuables inside your bag. ❃ Bring raingear and a small folding umbrella. Remember to pack the umbrella in your check-in bag if traveling by air.

IN THE NEWS Our Islands

TubbaTaha reef named one of World’s besT dive siTes, CNN’s travel news website, named the Philippines’ Tubbataha Reef as one of the eight best dive sites in the world. The UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site’s pristine waters boasts over 300 different types of coral and 379 species of fish. The atoll has also been nominated as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Ranking first in the list by is Barracuda Point in Malaysia’s Sipadan Island. Photo by Tommy Schultz

noT Game over for Pacman Last June 10, Timothy Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao in a controversial split-decision that shocked boxing experts and celebrities. Though experts think Pacman had it in the bag, the judges thought otherwise. Bob Arum, founder and CEO of Top Rank, called for an investigation on the scoring of the match. Both fighters agreed to a rematch on November 10. besT in sTreeT food Pig intestines, fertilized duck eggs, and deep-fried pork rinds—an acquired taste, but according to travel news website, these are what make Manila one of Asia’s 10 Greatest Street Food Cities. The website also listed other must-try food items in Manila such as banana cue, kwek-kwek, and taho. Other cities in the list include Penang, Taipei, and Bangkok. 26 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Pinoy Kids as “asia’s mosT connecTed” In a recent survey by Cartoon Network, Filipino children were found to be among the “most connected” in the Asia-Pacific region, with two thirds of Filipino kids having their own mobile phones. Young Filipinos are also found knowledgeable in many digital fields and are able to operate across many media platforms, from TV to PC and tablet phones.

Jessica sanchez scores record deal Phillip Phillips may have won American Idol, but Jessica Sanchez might already be on her way to recording her first album. Tommy Mottola, superstar singer Thalia’s husband, expressed his interest in producing the American Idol runner-up’s first album. Mottola is most notable for cultivating the careers of Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan, among others.

Bee Happy!

Paco on The rise The 3,000-square-meter Paco Market was once a bustling hub of commerce and culture in Manila. Over time it became dilapidated and littered with garbage—until recently. Various people from the private sector have cleaned up the area and provided a sheltered building for street markets in an attempt to recover its former glory.

Jollibee was ranked as one of the world’s best fast-food chains by Travel + Leisure magazine in its May 2012 issue, along with England’s Pret a Manger, Japan’s Ippudo, and Australia’s Chocolateria San Churr, among others. With 750 branches nationwide and 79 overseas, it is the largest and most popular fast-food chain in the country.

IN THE NEWS Best of the Best


Most Summer Olympic Medals


Greatest Olympic Stadium

Olympic Athletes with the Most Gold Medals

tOp 10 nAtiOns with mOst sUmmeR Olympic medAls

Olympic Athletes with the mOst GOld medAls

the wORld’s GReAtest Olympic stAdiUms

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1. 2.


UsA United kinGdOm FRAnce itAly sweden hUnGARy GeRmAny AUstRAliA JApAn FinlAnd


michAel phelps (swimminG) – UsA RAymOnd ewRy (tRAck And Field) – UsA 3. mARk spitz (swimminG) – UsA 4. cARl lewis (tRAck And Field) – UsA 5. pAAvO nURmi (tRAck And Field) – FinlAnd 6. lARissA lAtyninA (GymnAstics) – sOviet UniOn 7. Jenny thOmpsOn (swimminG) – UsA 8. BJORn dAehlie (cROss-cOUntRy skiinG) – nORwAy 9. mAtt BiOndi (swimminG) – UsA 10. BiRGit FischeR (kAyAkinG) – GeRmAny


BeiJinG nAtiOnAl stAdiUm, BeiJinG, chinA 2. wemBley stAdiUm, lOndOn, United kinGdOm 3. BeRlin OlympiAstAdiOn, BeRlin, GeRmAny 4. Olympic stAdiUm, “spiROs lOUis,” Athens, GReece 5. OlympiAstAdiOn, mUnich, GeRmAny 6. estAdiO OlimpicO UniveRsitARiO, mexicO city, mexicO 7. estAdi Olimpic de mOntJUic, BARcelOnA, spAin 8. stAdiUm AUstRAliA, sydney, AUstRAliA 9. lUzhniki stAdiUm, mOscOw, RUssiA 10. lOs AnGeles memORiAl cOliseUm, lOs AnGeles, UsA


out there that know and revere him.” No actor has yet been cast for the role of Steve Jobs, but Sorkin said that whoever plays Jobs “is going to have to be a very good actor.”

plAstic-eAtinG FUnGUs The notoriously non-biodegradable plastic waste may have met its match. A group of students and professors from Yale University discovered a strain of fungus in the Amazon Forest that feasts on polyurethane, the polymer that makes up the common plastic. The fungus can survive on polyurethane alone and even without oxygen.

it’s A BiRd, it’s A plAne, it’s…A cAR? The first fully integrated flying car with retractable wings was unveiled in the recent New York International Auto Show. The vehicle, which is the first to have met both the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will sell for approximately US$279,000 (£176,300).

28 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

steve JOBs the mOvie? Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the Oscar-winning film The Social Network, is planning to write Steve Job’s biopic. “It’s a little like writing about The Beatles,” Sorkin said. “There are so many people

nOt QUite the end OF the wORld Popular belief has it that as the Mayan calendar ends this year, so does the world. However, a recent excavation in Guatemala led by Mayanist scholar William Saturno discovered that the world is not ending in December 2012 after all. Glyphs on cave walls show Mayan calendars that go way beyond 2012.

zUckeRBeRG RicheR thAn eveR Facebook’s initial public offering has made 28-year-old billionaire Mark Zuckerberg the 29th richest person on earth. The social networking giant sold 421.2 million shares for $38 each. At that price, the 503.6 million shares and options Zuckerberg owns are valued at $19.1 billion, making him richer than the Google Inc. founders.

The 2012 London Olympic Fever

a Star-Studded line-up

Illustration by Ruth Rivera

Around 25,000 international artists will unite in London from June 21 to September 9 for the Olympic Festival. Watch out for Cate Blanchett’s rare performance at the Barbican Center and Jude Law’s appearance as ambassador for the Peace One Day concert. Yoko Ono and Damien Hirst are among numerous artists setting up art exhibitions.

Olympic Stadium GOeS Green

“Going green” has always been an Olympic mantra since the 1990s but this year London is taking it a step further. The 80,000-seat 2012 Olympic Stadium in London with its entire roof structure is the first ever designed to be disassembled and recycled after the Games, leaving only a 25,000-seat athletic structure as legacy once demounted.

the GameS in 3d

Failed to score a ticket to the 2012 Olympics this summer? Panasonic Corporation teamed up with Olympic organizers to produce the first HD 3D live broadcast in Olympic history. Sky HD subscribers will get to watch the opening and closing ceremonies and more than 12 sports in stunning live 3D.

the BeSt reStaurant in the WOrld

Noma, a restaurant in Copenhagen where diners have to wait months for a table, will open a temporary venue in London just in time for the Games. The establishment, which has held the title of World’s Best Restaurant in the San Pelegrino Awards for two consecutive years, will launch a five-course menu in Claridge’s Hotel for £195.

Virtual tOur Guide

Have your own tour guide in London for the Games, straight from your iPhone. Condé Nast Traveller’s City Guide iPhone App for London is available for download free of charge. The app features all of the city’s main neighborhoods, with comprehensive guides to eating, drinking, shopping, nightlife, and accommodation.

On the Web

declared a modern Wonder of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers, joins the city of San Francisco with Marin County. FrOm “in a relatiOnShip” tO “married” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot with Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend for nine years, in a very private ceremony in the backyard of their Palo Alto home in California. The occasion was so low-key that the 100 guests thought they were invited to celebrate Chan’s graduation. Paparazzi shots then surfaced of the two in Italy where they spent their honeymoon. happy Birthday, GOlden Gate BridGe! In celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary, people flocked along San Francisco’s waterfront for the festivities. The 12-hour celebration included live music, art shows, boat parades, and an 18-minute fireworks display. The iconic landmark,

in lOndOn, Still mOre Fun in the philippineS Fifty taxicabs and 25 double-decker buses in London bear the Department of Tourism’s newest campaign, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. The two events are expected to draw tourists from all over the world. Inside, the taxis also display a 30-second video advertisement about the campaign.


Provides video highlights and live streaming coverage of the Games. If you’re in the United States, this is the only place you’ll (legally) get it.


The traffic in London during the Olympics is horrible, but this site lets you get ahead with travel maps designed to steer you away from the crowd.


Features cool clicks like Virtual Tours of London and an interactive UK Map. The site allows you to download a PDF with schedules and ticket prices of Olympic festivities.


With the Olympics in London, this month holds the largest global party ever. Know where to hit the clubs with this handy bar and resto website — the most comprehensive and in-depth London nightlife guide. I 29


LIZ ROCKS! She may have been wearing yellow ear plugs during the Buckingham Palace outdoor concert held in her honor and might not be a pop music fan, but Queen Elizabeth gamely joined music greats like Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard, and Stevie Wonder (who even changed part of the lyrics to his hit song, “Isn’t She Lovely?” to refer to Prince Charles’ beloved “Mummy”) on stage. No, she didn’t belt out a nasty “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover, but she flashed a big smile to the more than 500,000 cheering crowd. Resplendent in her gold lame cocktail dress, the 86-year-old monarch, who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year, was clearly the star of the concert that featured a grand pageantry of amazing special effects, including images projected onto Buckingham Palace’s façade, and a spectacular fireworks display fit for a queen. others. The jetsetting Nobel Peace Prize winner also celebrated her 67th birthday in Britain with family and friends, and enthralled members of the British parliament when she addressed both houses. She also touched base with French President Francois Hollande and, who knows, perhaps did some lastminute shopping.

HOW SWEET IT IS TO TRAVEL AGAIN After 24 years of being isolated from the rest of the world, Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is free again, and gracing a concert in her honor to boot. Dubbed “Electric Burma,” the Dublin concert in June was led by Bono, Vanessa Redgrave, Bob Geldof, and Riverdance, among

30 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

KARMA REALLY CATCHES UP WITH YOU For the longest time, offers for Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak to make a graceful exit fell on deaf ears. Mubarak’s lucky star finally dimmed in June when he was sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption and atrocities done against civilians. Worse, the 84-year-old whose assets allegedly are valued between US$40 billion and $70 billion, suffered a heart attack soon after and has since then been in critical condition. But he should consider himself fortunate for he didn’t suffer the same fate of other infamous leaders: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. forces and later hanged, and Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi

was found hiding in a drainage pipe and was brutally killed soon after. AMERICAN FOOD TRUCKS PULL-UP IN PARIS An elegant blonde giggles, “Mon dieu! I don’t know how to do this,” as glossy lips attempt a dainty nibble from a thick burger. Like many Parisiens, she ignores French burger etiquette (use a knife and fork) and digs in American style— use your hands. The arrival of American food trucks Le Camion Qui Fume (The Smoking Truck) and Cantine California serve something new: quality cuisine made by real chefs at competitive prices with changing locations. It’s gourmet fare prepared a la

minute with artisinal, personally sourced organic ingredients. The Smoking Truck specializes in €10 burger combinations while Cantine California peddles tacos, The ‘Dude’ Burger, and cupcakes.; www. WHOA, AN FB SMARTPHONE?!? Facebook’s attempts to create a smartphone were first reported in 2010. But this time it’s for real, the New York Times says, and the phone will be released next year. Question is, will Facebook’s 488 million users—more than half of the total—who accessed the company’s mobile products in March 2012 “like” this?


From the bronx, to the biLLboards


Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was born on July 24, 1969, in the Bronx, New York. She established her name as an entertainer after the release of her debut album On the 6. Since then, she has released six albums, more than a dozen top singles, starred in a number of films, and launched a fashion line, among others. The Latin singer, who reportedly insured her “famous” buttocks for US$27 million, has an 18-year age difference with her current beau, dancer Casper Smart. Also a popular American Idol judge, E! News reported that she will be leaving the show citing her “too busy” schedule. She has trumped Lady Gaga as Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrity of 2012.

JULY 12, 1996 Michael Jordan, hailed as the greatest North American athlete of the 20th century by ESPN, signs a $25 million contract with the Chicago Bulls, making him the highest paid NBA player during his time. His ability to perform slam dunks from the free-throw line earned him the nickname “Air Jordan.” JULY 17, 1995 Forbes magazine announces that Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft Corp., is officially the world’s richest man at 39

JULY 4, 2011 Azkals, the Philippine Football Team, wins against Sri Lanka in the first round of Asian Qualifiers for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This marked the country’s first win in the World Cup Qualifiers.

years old, with a fortune of $12.9 billion. Despite his longstanding business rivalry with Apple’s Steve Jobs, both were reported to go on double dates together in the 1980s. JULY 21, 1969 Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, and Buzz Aldrin are the first men to land on the moon. Six hours after touchdown, Armstrong uttered his famous line: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” JULY 30, 1935 The first Penguin paperback book is published, which revolutionized the publishing business. Prior to this, books were very expensive because of their fine bindings and sold only in a few bookstores. The first Penguin paperbacks cost only six pence, the same price as a packet of cigarettes at the time.

JULY 15, 1969 Eighteen-year-old Gloria Diaz wins the 18th Miss Universe crown, the first Filipina to win the title. When asked about how she would entertain a man who just landed from the moon, her memorable answer was: “Just the same things I do. I guess since he has been in the moon for so long, I think when he comes over he wants a change...” JULY 28, 1986 The first issue of the Philippine Star is released. Today, the newspaper has one of the largest circulations in the country, with an established readership in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.


Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos. Known infamously for her luxurious lifestyle and collection of around 2,000 pairs of shoes, the Oxford Dictionary coined the word imeldific in her “honor,” which means “ostentatiously extravagant.”

JULY 11, 1934 Imelda Marcos (above) Giorgio Armani (right)

32 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Italian designer Giorgio Armani, famous for popularizing androgyny in fashion. Known today as the most successful designer in Italy, his big break occurred after styling actor Richard Gere in the 1980 film, American Gigolo.

J.K. Rowling

JULY 31, 1965

J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series and the 12th richest woman in the UK, with an estimated net worth of $1 billion. She has a habit of collecting unusual and interesting names from baby name books and war memorials, some of which made it to the Harry Potter series.

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Lavish and decadent, the Bellagio’s Bank Nightclub shimmers with black and gold decor that attracts the sassy crowd, including Hollywood celebrities such as Kanye West, Fergie, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Adrien Brody, to name a few. With a glass-encased dance floor stage that offers a great view of the 6,600-square foot layered lounges and VIP booths, this popular club is a great place to make an impression. Photo by Denise Truscello/Wire Image.

10 Things You need To Know in Vegas Before you think of reliving The Hangover, MICHELLE WILDING shares her tips on entering clubs, following the law, and where not to get a tattoo.


hether you’re visiting Vegas for business, a romantic getaway, family vacation, or all-out bachelor party, there are 10 things you should know in order to get the most out of your trip. 1. Pick a Suitable Resort Checking in to the right hotel can make or break your Vegas trip. So accommodate your needs, as a buffet room full of hungry kids and a slight hangover don’t always mix for either party. Bachelor wolf packs, girls-only weekends, and anyone wanting a “grand Las Vegas” time should stick to resorts with big crowds like MGM Grand or Wynn. The Palazzo, Bellagio, and Venetian are lavish options when romance and honeymoons make the agenda. In summer, skip them for Mandalay Bay, also 5-star, for the pool factor, which features a manmade beach. Affordable, family

34 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

BASIC VEGAS. Always hearing about “The Strip”? This refers to the main, 4.2-mile stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard between Russell Road and Sahara Avenue, where all the Vegas action is. Fifteen of the world’s 25 largest resort properties are found on The Strip.

friendly Circus Circus and Flamingo are ideal for spending time with the kids by the pool or over a nice meal. For those on a tight budget, you can still have a great time if you check in to a three-star hotel like Riviera or Stratosphere. You spend most of your time outside your room anyway, right? 2. Be Smart with Your Cash Avoid using ATMs located in casino floors. Most of these machines will charge a high fee, which is anywhere from US$3 to $6 just to withdraw cash from savings. On top of that, there’s also the amount your bank decides to add for the service. And if you’re getting a cash advance on credit, expect the fees to be considerably higher. A smarter alternative is to withdraw money using non-casino-owned ATMs on The Strip, such as Bank of America, CitiBank, and Wells Fargo machines. Find their locations online or by using the ATM Hunter app on an iPhone. 3. Anything Is Possible at 2 a.m. New York is supposed to be the city that never sleeps, but how much can you do there at 2 a.m.? In Vegas, there are more chances of doing whatever you want, at any hour. Knock over some pins at North Las Vegas

Vegas It List

JUSTIN FISCHER shows where to experience Sin City sans the slot machines é by José Andrés A high-concept restaurant by former Ferran Adrià acolyte and pioneer of molecular gastronomy in the United States, José Andrés. One of The Strip’s most exclusive (it has only eight tables), dinner is a 22-course study in avant-garde cuisine like deconstructed olives, frozen gin and tonics, and “beet jewelry.” Mandarin Bar Situated on the 23rd floor of the ultraluxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this is the spot for stunning views of The Strip. Enjoy an array of creative cocktails like the Champagne Mojito and the Lychee Smash. Artisan Hotel This off-The-Strip boutique hotel is done up in a decadent neogothic aesthetic. On the weekends, the place is notorious for its all-night ragers; most rooms even come with complimentary earplugs. Crystals at City Center A mall with the hottest names in fashion--Miu Miu, Tom Ford, and Bvlgari, to name a few--as well as two-floor flagship stores for Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton. Stunning water fixtures and hand-blown glass installations by Dale Chihuly complement your shopping.

Penn and Teller The legendary comedy duo do their darkly funny and irreverent take on magic and illusion. Expect a few cringe-worthy stunts, biting social commentary, and maybe a little bit of blood and guts. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun.

36 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

HAIL, CAESAR!: Caesars Palace’s sprawling Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis has five pools, a couple of huge spa tubs, and comfy cabanas. Oh, watch for Cleopatra (minus the deadly asp) and her consorts parading around as well. Photo by Stuart Dee

Texas Station’s 24/7, 60-lane bowling alley. Shoot some hoops in your hotel room if you’ve checked in to The Palms’ Hardwood Suite, which comes complete with a half-sized basketball court, lockers, and scoreboard. Twenty-four-hour drinking is permitted in Vegas and buffets are also open at all hours. Plus, you won’t get kicked off the dance floor of a club when it’s just getting good. Matter of fact, some after-hours clubs like Drai’s begin opening at 5 a.m. 4. See the Grand Canyon Safely Seeing the Grand Canyon is strongly recommended— but never compromise your safety to reach it. There are many vendors hanging around The Strip who vie for business. Beware of the unscrupulous ones who offer significantly cheaper prices compared to the going average—they use older planes. Papillion is the best West Rim helicopter operator in terms of safety, quality, and price. Book the Grand Celebration Tour online, starting at US$304 per adult. The trip includes breathtaking views, a 4,000-foot below-rim landing, and a champagne brunch on the Canyon floor. 5. Get Inked the Right Way A visit to Vegas isn’t complete without a new tattoo. But if you’re game to get inked, make sure you do it the right way. Avoid tattoo parlors located inside casinos and resorts. They’re not only pricier, but you’re more inclined to rush into it if you’re under the influence. Instead, head to West Coast Tattoo Parlor or Rock Star Ink as a walk-in or make a booking. Artists Javier Martell and Ron Gonzales are more than capable of customizing a thoughtful design that you

actually want and will be proud to have permanently etched into your skin. 6. Buy Designer for Less Skip the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Forum and Appian Way Shops at Caesars Palace because some of the best designer shopping is done off The Strip. Charleston Premium North Outlets is a must for scoring cheaper-than-retail Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Juicy Couture, Gucci, Coach, and American Apparel. For an Adidas Original store, head to the Premium South Outlets. Another option is Town Square Shopping Mall, a five-minute cab ride from The Strip, where you can shop in peace knowing popular H&M and Victoria’s Secret sizes are in stock. 7. Obey the Law Some people take the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mantra too seriously. No one is invincible to the law, so abide by it. The legal drinking age in the Philippines may be 18, but you still cannot legally buy a drink in Vegas unless you’re 21, despite the fact that the city allows 24-hour drinking. Tourists are also surprised to learn that it’s illegal for a cabbie to drop off or pick up passengers along the main thoroughfare (Las Vegas Boulevard, aka The Strip). The only legal way to flag down a taxi is to head to a hotel and have the front bellman call one on your behalf. 8. The Shows Make Vegas Las Vegas is arguably the entertainment epicenter of the world. Dozens of shows, concerts, big-name


July is summertime in Vegas, so check out the best resort pools.

STAR SPINNERS: XS Nightclub is so popular that it reportedly attracts around 3,000 people on certain nights. Home to an A-list of DJs around, electronic dance fans are sure to groove to the sounds of music legends like Deadmau5 and Tiesto, to name a few.

Mandalay Bay The sandy, manmade Beach boasts the largest wave pool on The Strip, while the secluded, adultsonly Moorea Beach Club turns into a south-beachstyle nightclub in the summer. Flamingo An 18-foot waterfall and family-friendly network of waterslides connecting three pools is a must for the kids. Plus, a menagerie of wildlife, including flamingos, swans, and macaws, roam freely around the garden. Encore Hotel Play blackjack and party in your swimsuit at the 50,000-square-foot, adults-only, cabana-filled Encore Beach Club pool. In summer, the connecting Surrender Nightclub (home to DJ Steve Aoki) opens up to the outdoor oasis. Caesars Palace This resort’s five-acre Garden of the Gods pool is made up of eight sprawling pools. It’s surrounded by stunning, dramatic Roman architecture to create a feeling of being in Italy.

MVP ROOM: Whether it’s half-time or overtime, The Palms Las Vegas’ Hardwood Suite is guaranteed to get you into championship mode and comes complete with a basketball half-court, a scoreboard, a locker room and, yes, your very own cheerleaders

productions, and celebrity acts are showcased daily at afternoon and evening venues. For a true Vegas spectacle, watch Cirque du Soleil’s popular KÀ at the MGM Grand; it’s a mix of martial arts, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and puppetry. For a freebie, don’t miss Mirage Casino’s show-stopping volcano eruption each day after 6 p.m., and every 15 minutes thereafter until midnight. It’s also worth venturing off away from The Strip to Fremont Street (where the locals

hang out). Here is where you’ll find the best free light and sound show downtown featuring more than two million lights!

MGM Grand The 6.5-acre Grand Pool complex is one of the most elegant swimming and tanning experiences in the world. You’re likely to spot a celeb if you can find them!

9. Skip the Club Lines There’s an abundance of nightclubs, lounges, and bars on The Strip that fill up fast. To evade long door lines and pricey entries, get on the guest list by talking to promoters on The Strip or RSVPing online on I 37

What’s in Vogue Burlesque Shows

Along with gambling and Elvis impersonators, burlesque is a pillar of Las Vegas culture. Now in its 28th year, Jubilee! at Bally’s embodies the spirit of Sin City to a tee as over a hundred showgirls clad in $7,000 outfits dance to timeless classics by the likes of Cole Porter. MGM Grand reenacts Paris’ legendary Crazy Horse revue while Planet Holiday’s Peepshow does a risqué romp through all of your favorite nursery rhymes. Bear in mind, the kids should probably sit this evening out…obviously. –Justin Fischer

Illustration by Kasey Albano

Facebook event pages. XS Nightclub plays hip-hop and boasts the hottest line up of electronic resident artists (Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, David Guetta, Tiesto, and Chris Lake to name a few). Wet Republic at MGM Grand is a wild mix of dance nightlife with an outdoor pool party in summer. Bottle service at The Bellagio’s Bank Nightclub grants you access to an elegant VIP booth table that’s very close to the main dance floor; something you would pay a lot more for elsewhere. And if you want to hit the only club in Vegas playing straight hip-hop, then it’s Crown at Rio. Cocktails and glamour? The first-floor Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan serves the classic Cosmo. 10. Eat Lavish or Cheap Come 3 p.m. wakeup time, there are times to eat absolutely delicious $5 -10 hangover food at Denny’s oily spoon diner. Skillets and omelets are just some

dishes making up their 24-hour breakfast menu. Yard House at Town Square serves the best happyhour lunches, including authentic American mac and cheese. Craving Jap? Eat yummy creative sushi rolls, sip sake, and try sushi-inspired desserts at RA Sushi Bar at Fashion Show Mall. If you’re feeling a little fancy, Joël Robuchon is the first and only threeMichelin-star restaurant in Las Vegas. At $385 a head, your decadence begins with a free limo ride before you indulge in a 16-course French tasting menu. Specialty roast lobster in green curry ensures you won’t question your pricey night. Have a fabulous time in Vegas! Take lots of photos on The Strip with dressed-up characters for $1 tips. And remember, airport security lines are legendarily long in this city, so get to McCarran International Airport with a few hours to spare to avoid missing your flight. n

IndePendence dateS

In town on July 4? Celebrate America’s freedom with these spectacular shows along The Strip. Barbra and Frank: the concert that never Was Enough what ifs. This concert pays tribute to legendary Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra and what it would’ve been like if they went on stage together at Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hotel. Ticket prices start at $39.99. BeatleShow! Relive the greatness that is The Beatles as this tribute show presents the band’s greatest

and most iconic songs in Saxe Theater, Planet Hollywood & Casino. Ticket prices start at $40.00. criss angel: Believe Entertainment Company, Cirque du Soleil, and the magician of the century, Criss Angel, team up to bring you an unforgettable collaboration at the Luxor, Las Vegas. Ticket prices start at $99.99.

PAL flies between Manila and Las Vegas via Vancouver four times weekly. Swingaround tour packages are available. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit 38 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

HEAVY HEADDRESSES: Showgirls’ headdresses are intricate creations made with feathers from all kinds of birds –– including vultures and ostriches –– and may weigh up to 35 pounds each. The Jubilee! show in Las Vegas so carefully maintains their headdresses that some have lasted for 30 years in mint condition. Photo by Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita.

BEHIND THE SCENES WITH A VEGAS SHOWGIRL OFELIA DE PABLO and JAVIER ZURITA witness the incredible transformation of a dancer in one of Vegas’ most popular burlesque shows.


n Bally’s Casino’s theater, Patricia Rodriguez, the show’s star, is waiting for us in her dressing room. Among feathers, dreamy hats, and Swarovski crystals, the goddess of the stage receives us. Patricia is getting dolled up for one of the most spectacular burlesque shows in Las Vegas, the 30-year running “Jubilee!”. For serious dancers in the Sin City, this gig towers above all else. Her perfect silhouette is proof that auditions for this show are one of the toughest in the world. Her figure allows her to fit in wonderful costumes that leave the audience speechless. “The truth is,” she says, “people don’t know where to look when we appear on stage. At times, 50 of us are performing at the same time, with each costume more impressive than the other.” She then leads us to the Hats Room, where heavy headdresses make it extremely challenging to perform, more so when donning high heels. She then poses with a stunning hat for a photo. “My work here is very hard. Every six months, they make me go through an audition to see if I keep

So You Wanna Be a Showgirl? JOB: Perform on stage wearing extremely ornate costumes, large headdresses bedecked with feathers, beading, and spangles. SALARY: An average of US$1,000 to $1,400 per week, or $50,000 per year HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 5’8” and over (most shows require 5’10” and over!) QUALITIES: A showgirl must have the following: • Beauty • Long Legs • Dance Skill and Technique • Elegance • Grace

my role or not, and I work six days a week with daily functions. But the fact is, there is no other place in the world with so much shows of such quality.” Although she speaks Spanish fluently, Patricia was born in Poland. She has been working in the Scala de Mallorca in Spain for 11 years and then in Madrid for three years when opportunity knocked. “There was a proposal to come here and my husband also works in the field, designing sets, so we made the move to what they call here, the Sin City.” Patricia misses her life in Europe. “I would love very much to return to live there… but now is not the right time to relocate.” On her dresser are portraits of her family. “We have an 11-year-old boy whom we named Philippe…with that name, he can live anywhere in the world,” she laughs. Back in the dressing room, she reveals all kinds of makeup brushes she uses to create exaggerated features that go with her elegant costumes. A pair of giant false eyelashes and a touch of bright red on her lips, and, voila she turns into a burlesque dancer who is admired by thousands of visitors each night. Suddenly, a woman with a walkie-talkie in hand and an air of urgency barges into the dressing room. Patricia looks at us, “I have to leave you. I must go immediately on stage. But do not miss the show.” These words didn’t fall on deaf ears. It was an impressive production. And the performance? Even better. n I 39

GREEN GAMES: The 2012 London Olympics has the lightest stadium to date, with upper levels made of lightweight steel of only 10,000 tons. The stadium’s seats, if lined side by side, would stretch for 50 kilometers, and the roof can support 34 empty double-decker London buses. Located south of the 500-acre Olympic Park in East London, the stadium also features a 1-km. long wraparound video screen and a “pod village” which are brightly colored capsules outside the stadium. Photo by Daniel Allen

LET THE GAMES BEGIN From Queen Elizabeth II to Paul McCartney and Daniel Craig, the 2012 London Olympics promise to be a star-studded, glamorous event, according to BRIAN JOHNSTON.


he British are famous for their sense of tradition and history. A visit to London provides a bewildering choice of historic houses and palaces, museums, royal pageantry, and some of the world’s most iconic buildings. Yet the city doesn’t just rest on its considerable laurels: it’s hip and cool, constantly innovating, and renowned for its energetic nightlife. This summer, London has even more on offer as it hosts the 30th Summer Games between July 27 to August 12 and the Paralympics from August 29 to September 9. It also becomes the first city to host the modern Olympics three times, having previously done so in 1908 and 1948. This time around, it has spent a colossal £9.3 billion on the endeavor, though that covers not only Olympic infrastructure but wider transport upgrades and urban regeneration in east London, where the Olympic Park is located. In all, 200 buildings were demolished, 1.4 million

‘Tis a Puzzlement ...

Said to have been taken from the last leftover drops of steel from the main stadium’s support girder, the 2012 London Olympics mascots’ public debut were met with head scratches. Love ‘em or hate ‘em... but Wenlock and Mandeville are here to stay.

square meters of land cleared, and 2,818 new homes and 30 new bridges constructed. The former contaminated industrial site now not only has an 80,000-seat stadium and other venues, but 250 acres of green space and riverside gardens planted with some 4,000 trees. The Games will officially be opened by Queen Elizabeth II, a somewhat more cheerful monarch than Henry VIII, who this year celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. The opening ceremony entitled The Isles of Wonder is the creation of Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle and will commence with the ringing of the largest bell ever cast in Europe. It will be a four-hour, £27 million extravaganza whose details remain a tightly guarded secret. Sirs Paul McCartney and Elton John and pop group Take That are rumored performers, and some say Daniel Craig—featuring as James Bond in a mini movie during the event—will parachute into the stadium. What we do know is that dance group Underworld will provide the soundtrack and winged cyclists, BMX riders, ballet dancers, and 900 schoolchildren are somehow involved in the ceremony, said to be inspired by the Shakespeare play The Tempest. Olympic Park might be the main focus of attention,

IMPORTED GOODS: According to reports, 91% of the 2012 London Olympics’ merchandise are made abroad, with 62% coming from China and 9% from Turkey, as well as 4% from the Philippines, which produced Games-related apparel and footwear. 40 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012



WATER SPORTS FEST: Dorney Lake on the River Thames will host the rowing, paralympic rowing and canoeing events at the 2012 London Olympics. For those not watching the games, the river offers a variety of itineraries -- half day, one day, and short break. Photo by Daniel Allen

but events will take place across London and some (such as soccer and sailing) well beyond. Among the more striking venues, beach volleyball is hosted on Horse Guards Parade close to Downing Street, and archery at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground. The marathon and road cycling races begin on The Mall, the avenue leading to Buckingham Palace that is usually the focus of royal celebrations. In all, over a million people are expected to travel to London during the Games, and 10 million tickets will be sold. Some 30 official Live Sites will also broadcast the Games to open-air venues across the country. However, this is just a fraction of the 4 billion strong audience expected to watch on television worldwide. So far, 154 nations have qualified at least one athlete for the Games, but over 200 nations are expected to participate, and over 17,000 athletes will attend. In addition, there are a staggering 380,000 officials, media workers, and volunteers involved in the Games. This time around, the Olympics feature 46 sports divided into 39 different disciplines; cycling, for example, is divided into mountain biking, BMX, road, and track events. Baseball and softball have been dropped, but women’s boxing features for the first time. In all, 771 victory ceremonies will unfold flags and play national anthems for the medalists. Even the sports showcase the best of the city, with

many historic venues being pressed into service. At Greenwich, the views are superb. This is the point from which the world measures its time and its longitude and has a noted maritime museum. During the Olympics it will be an impressive backdrop for eventing, a cross-country equestrian event featuring over 42 jumps and see riders and horses tackle water obstacles, slopes, and hills. Also on the banks of the Thames in the west of the city, Hampton Court Palace will provide a spectacular setting for the road cycling time trial. The palace already boasts a rich sporting history, being home to the oldest surviving real tennis court in England, and an 18-hole golf course. The palace was first built in the 16th century by Cardinal Wolsey, but was so grand it outshone the royal residences and incurred the envy of Henry VIII. Wolsey lost his job and his palace and Henry moved in, greatly extending it, and hurriedly changing the furnishings when he changed wives, which was six times in all. Who said drama is only confined to the Olympic arena? When the flame arrives, it will have passed through 1,000 communities throughout the UK and have been carried by 8,000 bearers. Nobody knows who will have the final honor of lighting the Olympic flame, or how. But one thing is sure: it won’t be the last of the dramas as the Games begin. n

(Not) Seeing Red Stiff upper lip, eh? Well, not when it involves the national flag, fondly called Union Jack by patriotic Brits. When celebrity fashion designer Stella McCartney unveiled the Team Great Britain’s 2012 Olympics uniforms, fans went on a ranting spree. The reason? The deconstructed Union Flag-inspired unis have practically erased the red color that is part of the original flag. It didn’t help that sports psychologists joined in the fray and said that “wearing the color red consistently increased athletes’ probability of victory.” Let’s wait for the final medal tally then, shall we?

Logo Loco? The 2012 Olympics logo hasn’t been spared from controversies. Here’s why: 1. An early design reportedly spelled out the word “Zion,” which the Iranian government interpreted as being pro-Israel. 2. The revised logo allegedly was too similar to the Nazi’s swastika symbol. 3. The logo reportedly show the famous cartoon character Lisa Simpson of “The Simpsons” caught in a compromising position.

BIG MAC McDonald’s biggest outlet will be at the Olympic Park, with a 32,000-square foot area and 1,500 seating capacity. About 50,000 Big Macs and 100,000 French fries will be served. 42 I Mabuhay Magazine I June 2012

SURPRISE SUPPER. The Stag dining group organizes dinners in unique venues that are usually announced on the day itself. Here, guests are treated to cocktails and creative cuisine onboard a WWII battleship. Photo by Julie Michelle

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN GLOW? A NIGHT OUT IN SAN FRANCISCO From gulping down alien brains to dabbling in glow stick art, FLASH PARKER uncovers the City by the Bay’s wild side.


n my way to California, I thought I might learn a thing or two about vinification, build my own surfboard, or rub shoulders with a celebrity chef. I never imagined for a moment that I would ride a concrete sewer slide, unlock my passion for glow sticks, crash an underground dinner party, or stay out late eating alien brains, yet here I am, tucked into a cozy corner of the Hemlock Tavern ( in the alt-fab Tenderloin, surrounded by mustached coolios and pithy fauxhemians in ripped-jean jackets, while a band called the Society of Rockets whispers symphonic pop melodies into my ears.

44 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Yet all stories must start somewhere. I live for a good sunrise, and I start every trip to San Francisco with a wakeup call from the Marin Headlands, where the views of the Bay Area and the Golden Gate Bridge are sublime. Today, however, a gloomy pall hangs over the bay as a fierce tempest looms, which forces me take refuge in The Mission, where I get preoccupied with fishing a pair of wornout loafers from the bottom of a consignment shop bin. The shoes should complement my crumpled flannel shirt, stone-battered jeans, and weatherbeaten hair nicely. I decide to finish drying out at the City Lights Bookstore (, where

IN VOGUE Flower Power is back in but did it ever really leave the Bay? Bold, bright floral headbands are back, and colorful floral designs are working their magic all over the body, from printed summer dresses to floral print skirts to daring suit jackets for men.

IS THAT YOU, TOM?: Donning a Top Gun jacket and classic wayfarers, a Tom Cruise impersonator gives guests a good laugh at Stag’s battleship dinner. Photo by Julie Michelle

Cool Denim

The first ever “blue jeans” was invented in San Francisco in 1873 by German immigrant Levi Strauss for Gold Rush miners in search of tough yet comfortable “waist overalls.”

46 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

I’ll be better equipped to reconfigure my day. City Lights, nuzzled among the strip clubs, skyscrapers, and trattorias of North Beach, remains an emporium of difficult-to-find titles, radical charm, and counter-culture charlatans. Here I meet Atticus, a twenty-something gent with a wispy mustache, and a predilection toward Philip K. Dick novels. We strike up a conversation and, after listening to me lamenting over my failure on the bay, Atticus asks me if I want to see a side of the city previously unknown to me. In exchange, Atticus asks that I buy him lunch. After checking out “gourmet Asian street food” at Slanted Door, the restaurant of Bay Area food legend Charles Phan, we headed to the laid-back, blue collar charmer that is the Double Play dive bar in Potrero Hill, and the quirky Lovejoy’s Tea Room, an out-ofplace yet quizzically at home Victorian relic with a sensational tea list and curious food menu. What I hadn’t heard of was an underground supper club. “I got us an invitation to a guestaurant,” Atticus says. We were to be guests at a clandestine

dinner party. Such events, often hosted at last-minute locations by celebrity chefs, are taking San Francisco by storm. Atticus and I roll up on a Victorian home in Haight-Ashbury, and descend upon the dining room with a group of strangers. The fellas at STAG (www. have hosted foodie events in alternative radio stations, elevator shafts, private homes, and parking lots in their efforts to exert force over the world of clandestine dining. These events are some of the most popular in the country for good reason— where else could you find rhubarb cheesecake, and candied egg yolk with a milk chocolate sorbet, but at a chef ’s private party? The food was one thing, but the experience of sharing gourmet meals with a community of likeminded strangers in a wholly unique environment takes everything to another level. We eschew the line at 111 Minna (, and dive deeper underground. The exhibits at 111 Mina rotate every six weeks, bringing fresh contemporary art to the

BEST IN BOHO. Painted walls and graffiti art are a common sight in San Francisco’s iconic hippie hangout, Haight St. Photo by Julie I 47 Michelle

TRENDY CITY BY THE BAY FLASH PARKER checks out SF’s ‘hip’ scene:

Bar: Mosto, a tequila bar with an oomph, offers more than 326 bottles of tequila, mescal, and stool (distilled from a type of evergreen shrub) that will have customers yelling, “Andale! Andale!” a la Speedy Gonzales in no time.

Art: Graffiti & Street Art has been big in San Francisco - it may have something to do with the hipster renaissance in the Mission District, but who can be sure? The Mission School sits at the center of this movement. Southern Exposure is a local ‘hero’ with its 36-year history of supporting local and emerging talent. At the Galeria de la Raza Latino visual, literary and mixed media artists are starting to get the attention they deserve. Food: Pop-ups like Hapa Ramen (www.haparamensf. com) and food trucks are spreading out across the city serving delectable, savory noodle dishes with roots in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and all points in between. Beauty’s Bagels pops up at the 24th Street Deli, while Wise Sons Deli is now a permanent pop-up in the Ferry Building.

48 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

OLDIE BUT A GOODIE: Purchase hard to find titles in the city’s charming City Lights bookstore, which has been around since 1953. Photo by Stacey Lewis

masses. As we roll along the rolled steel bar, Atticus delivers his next surprise. “It’s time we create our own art,” he says. We enter an open space called Club 6ix (www., where it seems like 100 people have gathered to sling paint at one another. Atticus hands me a paintbrush, tunic, and frosty Pabst Blue Ribbon. Over the next hour NoMe Edonna walks us through an art lesson; the goal here is to paint as many 8-foot murals as possible before 11 p.m. If we fail, we fail— the idea is to let our creative spirits soar, and have fun doing it. Atticus hands me a stack of glow sticks. “Crack them open,” he says. “And see what you can create.” What I create is deniably art and undoubtedly

a mess, but it makes me—and everyone else too—feel good. There’s an almost total lack of pretention in this space, unlike in cities like Los Angeles or New York. For every underground supper club, public painting party, and municipal pillow fight, there is a mixology class taking place somewhere in the city. Atticus takes me to school at the Bourbon & Branch Beverage Academy (, where the bartenders from the city’s famous speakeasy pass on a few tricks of the trade over two-and-a-half hours. Before long I know my way around a hi-ball, hawthorn strainer, syrups, biters, and mixers. By the end of the course I’m feeling confident in my skills; I write a list of ingredients on a cocktail napkin, and



Classic: The Parsonage A classy bed and breakfast in San Francisco’s cultural hub and is located close to the Opera House, Davies Symphony Hall, Hayes Valley shopping district, and fine-dining restaurants. Rates start at US$180.

Illustration by Kasey Albano

ask Atticus to help me carry a few bottles. And here we are, holding court in our little corner of the Hemlock Tavern. I’m mixing drinks for Atticus and his friends, anxious to know what they think of alien brains. An alien brain hemorrhage is a combination of peach schnapps, Irish cream, blue curaçao, and grenadine syrup. We pass out shots at Butter (www.smoothasbutter. com), the white trash purveyor of Tater Tots and Beanie Weenies, and one of the most popular bars in

Photo by Julie Michelle

town (I order a Prom Night Punch and suggest you do the same). Atticus insists we put our feet up at Beauty Bar (, the Mission staple that hasn’t decided if it’s a club or a beauty parlor, sprawled out in a salon chair with my head in an old 1980s dryer. We even manage to visit 1015 Folsom (, a dance club that has been popular with locals for a day and an age. The night is still young. n


ANIL MARGSAHAYAM is a cofounder of STAG Dining Group, a supper club dedicated to providing a dining experience that incorporates creativity, sustainability, eclecticism, and joie de vivre. 1. What’s the most interesting event you’ve hosted with STAG? Previous events include Mission: Battleship, a 470-person event on a World War II liberty ship, and the Anti-Bastille Day Celebration with Franco-Americanainspired wine and cuisine. 2. What is drawing people to underground supper clubs? The mystery and suspense keeps people’s attention and the reward of finding themselves in different and new locations around San Francisco is a thrill.

Hip: Union Street Inn Warm hospitality characterizes this elegant bed and breakfast located in a garden setting in San Francisco’s upscale Pacific Heights. Close to Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf. Rates from $219 to $329. www.   Budget: The Good Hotel An ecofriendly, whimsical hotel with a 101-year history, it is pet-friendly and engages its staff and guests in promoting philanthropic causes. It is located at Fog City’s youngest and most stylish areas: the SOMA district. Rates start at $99. www.

3. Your favorite cafe and beverage? Green Chili Kitchen/Apple Pie Milkshake 4. Favorite hole-in-the-wall hangout? Food & Drink—Grubstake 5. Favorite music scene? The Independent 6. Favorite breakfast meal? The breakfast menu at Nopa 7. One essential thing to purchase in SF? The cookbook from Tartine Bakery 8. A strange SF Saturday night? See a drag show at Aunt Charlie’s

PAL flies between Manila and San Francisco daily. Swingaround tour packages are available. For more information, call PAL reservations office at (+632) 855 8888 or visit I 49


Eat, Pray, Live Day 1

Chapelaobnyrtihne th Hill/L .

9:30 a.m

A PIEC E chapel OF PEACE: It o hills. C verlooking B ’s a charmin h g a Don B apel on the H tangas’ sere circular os n il Batula co Retreat H l, located ins e rolling o, Bata ide the ngas is ouse compo touch un w w venue, ith your inne here you go d in r th to get stained e Chapel’s self. A popu in foc lar glass s un roo al point is th wedding f near e striking the alt A-MAZ ar. E on the -ING GRACE floor in : The L everyo side C abyrin h th n very ce e to walk its apel on the H carved sacred nter. A ill beck it’s a li n inner c ons ir c le to vin jo open h g prayer do urney or pil wards its grimag eart w ne wit ha ith enlighte e, nment a goal of rea calm mind a and cla n ching spiritu d rity. al

alk your shoes. W NEY: Take off attention ur yo INNER JOUR s cu fo d path an slowly on the center, look up you’re at the ined within. Once glow of the sta e th d bask in directly at an e. ac pe d be at glass panel, an

Don Bosco, Batulao, Batangas; +63917 5247192; +63926 616

50 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Gourmet Farms 10:30 a.m.

The organic farm with a quiet nook for the spiritually-inclined engages all the senses. SIGHTS: Feast your eyes on this green zone that boasts rows upon rows of organic arugula, three kinds of lettuce, herbs, and other earthy edibles at the farm that supply the country’s well-known restaurants and hotels.


Illustration by Ida Noelle

ith is alive w The farm h, SOUnDS: f tweet-tweets (u o the sound AT kind), baa-baas, H umps’, no, that T (goose ‘b honk-honk quack-quacks. , anyone?)

SMELL: Need a quick caffeine kick withou t actually chugging a brew? Look for the coffee factory’s exh aust fan and start inhalin g the highly aromatic freshly ground coffee. WARNING: Such act s are highly addictive and can elicit goofy smiles.

Taal Yacht Clu 11:30 a.m



taStE: Our all-ti me favorites—fre coffee; healthy shly brewed tea selections; the surprisingly refreshing signa tur e drinks of fresh lemonade and basil banaba iced tea ; fresh salad ba with a variety of r dr es sings; pizza an dishes with Go d pasta urmet Café’s sp ecial sauces an d toppings.

EntrancE fEE: Php 100 per pax Hut rental: Php400 per day Boat rental: Hobie 16 (3,200 per day); Hobie 21 (Php4,200 per day); Get away (Php3,800 per day); Topper (Php 1,600 per day); kayak single (Php300/ hour; Php800/day); Kayak double (Php400/hour; Php1,200/day)

Bag of Beans (BoB) 1 p.m.

oom bed-andEr: A two-bedr BrIEf StOPOV ven Cuanang Jo . Dr by d owne breakfast home Ilocos in s dio me io Re (the owner of Sit nds boldly on the winding sta ra teo Me ), Norte tangas. Its wn to Talisay, Ba road leading do s offer a ck de w vie le ltip whitewashed mu d lake—perfect an no lca vo grand view of the e nature’s wonders or lat spots to contemp d quiet. e an have some peac art SPacE: Meteora has a treasure trove of art pieces, including works don e by National Artist Bencab sculptor Salvador Alonday, , and painters Tony Leaño and Jim Orencio. Talisay Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City; +63917 332 0217; sitio_manager

52 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

y Tagaytay crossing, Located right at the bus e hankering for it’s a popular stop for thos a great view of Pinoy rice toppings, with boot. Taal lake and volcano to For Php150 each, choose from these all-time favorites: Bistek Tagalog, Kalderetang Baka, Chicken & Pork Adobo, Pinakbet, Adobong Pusit, Lechon Kawali, and Pork Sisig.

pkin m/kidney/gravy pies, pum pie, steak and mushroo BoB StaPLES: Shepherd’s uliflower soup. or cream of broccoli/ca y City y. Silang Crossing, Tagayta Aguinaldo Highway, Brg

Sonya’s arm Garden/F .

2:30 p.m

Taal Vista OH, FOR THE LOVE OF HERBS If chewing on freshly picked herbs is your thing, go ahead and ask the Sonya’s Garden staff to take you on a mini-tour of their organic farm nearby. Don’t be shy, pluck out a handful of Italian oregano leaves here and a few thymes there, and start nibbling. Rub your palms on a bunch of rosemary and lavender leaves… and voila, two freshsmelling hands! rian ’: Vegeta ‘CHICKS t Sonya’s HEALTH A e? n yo an chicken, feathered friends r y diet of Farm, ou per health have a su berries and fresh s, pineapple an juice daily. daland

SPA-TIME: Sonya’s signature massage in three words: Lines, circles and dots. Apart from the linear and circular strokes of the familiar Swedish massage and traditional hilot, the massage is also peppered by short but firm pressures not unlike shiatsu. Relaxing is an understatement; prepare to snore the hour away. A steaming cup of dalandan tea with basil and honey completes the whole experience. Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite; +63917 532 9097; www.

lake and volcano eat view of Taal that offers a gr wing with its st ot ea sp ed op oish ot urb ref ’s famous ph rus hues. stay longer—the cit to th n wi so The iconic hotel d rea nte w ce ther ac t there’s a ne warm tones fur th wi is still there. Bu ed fill s orary room ), fried rice, and fresh, contemp tive to Taal Lake ater sardine na Babes Austria ef hw es ch e (fr lac ilis Pa g taw añan AD: Crispy of former Malac y es urt MORNING SPRE co ge fé on the Rid tsokolate at Ca y breakfast. thentic Tagayta make for an au 1000; www.taa y City; +6346 413 yta ga Ta , ay hw uinaldo Hig Kilometer 60, Ag


What’s the best thing about pigging out on Italian fare like pizza, pasta and everything in between so close to midnight? It’s the nurturing nature of its owner, Pholie Mastropietro, whose generosity goes beyond her delicious authentic Italian treats. Taking on the reigns running the restaurant after her husband and love of her life, Nino, passed away, Pholie is all heart both in the kitchen and in this thing called life. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!: Thanks to Pholie’s secret dough recipe, the 5-cheese pizza whe n ordered for take-out still tastes great even the following day.

Day 2

Moon Garden

Arched trellises teeming Ponds choked with water lilies, glass globes and ceramic frogs. sculptures hanging on walls. with flowering vines. Lush foliage all around. Paintings and st and restaurant exudes Interesting curios everywhere. This charming bed-and-breakfa rustic interiors. Imagine a a Bali-nesque vibe with its thatched huts and its garden suites’ listening quietly, with drink in cool, clear full moon night and you’re in this secret garden while your eyes feast on the hand, to some poetry reading session and acoustic concert, larger-than-life paintings all around. SNACKS TO-GO: Banana-langka turon SVD Road, Brgy San Jose, Tagaytay City; +63939 913 9097;

QUICK PASALUBONG STOP: Pink Sisters’ Angel Cookies I 53

Today, the area of the Filipinas Heritage Library sits nearby the Ayala Triangle Gardens, a popular spot for al fresco dining and jogging. Photo by Imagine Nation Photography

A Piece of History, A Link to tHe WorLd ANGELICA BUAN puts the spotlight on a former airport located right in the middle of Makati’s busiest roads. Photos courtesy of Filipinas Heritage Library Imagine for a moment a five-seater Philippine Airlines Beech 18 twin-engine aircraft landing on that busy intersection of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas avenues in Makati City as it reaches the 120 nautical miles descent. A fascinating sight, isn’t it? But 75 years ago, when the skyscraper-dotted Ayala area was still a dusty part of Hacienda de San Pedro (or Sampiro for locals), those roads served as runways for the first domestic-bound aircraft and Asia’s first international commercial airline. The Nielson Airport, a 42-hectare plot in the hacienda, was leased from the Ayala family by enterprising, New Zealandborn Laurie Reuben Nielson, who invested in an airfield project along with partners “Gold King” John W. Haussermann and John Marsman, who were both mining investors, before World War II. The airfield’s location was perfect—it had clear aerial visibility, space for two intersecting runways and dispersal areas, and a sturdy adobe base. 54 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

In 1996, Nielson Tower became home to the Filipinas Heritage Library.

In July 1937, Nielson Airport was inaugurated and became part of a historic year when Tagalog was declared the Philippines’ national language by then-president Manuel L. Quezon and Filipino women were granted the right of suffrage.

FIrst AIrport From being the home of the American Far Eastern School of Aviation, the airport also became the country’s first air transport terminal, serving passengers of the Iloilo-Negros Air Express Company (INAEC) and the Philippine Aerial Taxi Company (PATCO), which flew back and forth to the mining towns of Baguio in Benguet and Paracale in Camarines Sur. Although

PAL officials and crew, led by Andres Soriano y Roxas (standing, sixth from right), during the resumption of PAL’s operations in 1946.

the Visayas region that it eventually forced PATCO to cut its losses and fold its wings. But thanks to PATCO co-founder and businessman Andres Soriano, the airline was revived as Philippine Airways, which later became Asia’s first airline, Philippine Airlines (PAL). The war signaled a lull in PAL and Nielson’s Airport operations, but bounced back in 1946 after some restoration work. It was a milestone start for PAL, becoming the pioneer Asian airline to cross the Pacific Ocean to the United States with a Douglas DC-4. In 1948, operations at Nielson Airport, however, had to be transferred from Makati to what is now the Villamor Airbase in Pasay City, leaving behind the structure of the Nielson Tower and the ownership of the area back to the Ayala family.

The “living” hisTorian Nielson Airport’s contribution to the Philippine economy could have been easily buried among the rubbles of war, if not for its last remaining artifact—the Nielson Tower. Over the years, the tower has been used in various ways: as a police detachment and then an upscale restaurant. But its last incarnation as a library, the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL), gave it the prestige it truly deserves. According to its director Ma. Antonia Ortigas, the library was formally launched in 1996 and is home to a good collection of electronic multimedia resources, as well as extensive Filipiniana and volumes of rare publications dating as far back as the 1600s. In 2001, Ayala Foundation was recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and UNESCO for its “adaptive reuse” of the Nielson Tower into a library.

The former first lady of the Philippines, Doña Esperanza Osmeña, thanks the flight attendants of PAL in 1946.

economic depression was clearly evident that time, the thriving mining operations of said places kept many Filipinos employed. Thus, the Nielson Airport became the country’s commerce gateway, which hinted at Makati’s future decades later. PATCO, one of the two commercial airlines operating in Nielson Tower, was then involved in stiff competition with INAEC, which aggressively pushed for the right to open flight routes to

Declared a heritage site by the National Historical Commission, the two-story tower structure resembles an aircraft in bird’s eye view. Save for minor additions like the awning at the entrance and a portion of the basement, much of the airport tower has been preserved, including its art-deco interiors. Compared to modern air control towers today, the building looks rather diminutive. But during a time when that part of Makati was tree-less and buildingfree, the tower offered a wide-angled view of the old runways. This year, FHL is celebrating Nielson Airport’s 75th anniversary. “We have lined up several activities such as an exhibit that opened in June; a Heritage Preservation lecture series from July to August; and merchandising from July onwards,” says Ortigas. They have also put up a mini-exhibit at the basement gallery, depicting the Nielson Airfield and the Philippine aviation timeline in photographs and text excerpts. Ortigas says that PAL and the FHL share a common mission for the country: “PAL is the country’s link to the world through aviation and the FHL is our link to the world through information technology,” she shares. n

FUll CirCle: Filipinas Heritage Library Director Ma. Antonia Ortigas was an employee of Philippine Airlines in the 1970s. I 55

WhERE ThERE’S SMOKE: Model Krista Kleiner helps JEST Camp instructor Eduardo Tolentino start a fire without matches—one of the basics of surviving in the wild. Photo by Bien Bautista

GET AWAY FOR A DAY AT SUBIC Need to get away from Manila’s chaos? ISABEL L. TEMPLO takes you for a day trip to this exciting former military base, just a two-hour drive north of the metropolis. Photos by JUSTIn VEnTURA.


hink Subic and images of lush trees, inviting beaches, and rolling terrain will come to mind. With its full range of activities and its proximity to Manila—just 110 kilometers north—no wonder it’s a favorite weekend destination. Don’t have the whole weekend? You could still take a day trip to Subic and get away from it all. Fun and adventure await. TEST YOUR SURVIVAL SKILLS Jungle Environmental Survival Training ( JEST) Camp Long before Survivor was a hit and Bear Grylls was even born, members of the indigenous Aeta tribe were already at it. In fact, it was the Aetas who trained American soldiers in the 1960s to prepare them for the jungles of Vietnam. The Aetas’ skills have been honed through years of

56 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

having to survive in the limestone forests of Zambales where food sources are limited. If you want to learn their secrets, JEST offers a 30-minute Survival 101 course and a three-hour Wildlife Walkabout or Camp Craft, which includes a trek to the Boton Falls. Overnight and three-day certificate courses are also available for Survivor wannabes. It won’t be easy for city slickers—but compared to an actual survival situation, it would be a piece of cake. The camp’s aviary with more than 20 species of birds and Mess Hall with luto sa buho (food cooked and served inside bamboo stalks) add to the JEST experience. Ask about customized JEST Camp courses for your organization or group. Course fees start at Php100 per person for a minimum of three. Contact,


Movies Shot in Subic: Captive (2012), directed by Brillante Mendoza Born to Love You (2012), directed by Jerome Chavez Pobocan Music Within (2007), directed by Steven Sawalich (U.S. production) Goodbye America (1997), directed by Thierry Notz


xtensive menu: If you think Xtremely Xpresso is all about coffee, take a suRvivoR suBic: JEST Camp instructor Eduardo Tolentino demonstrates look at their menu: sandwiches, seafood, steaks, ribs, pasta, chicken, and how to make a cup, a spoon, a container for cooking rice, where to get a pizza. End the meal with their freshly made gelato. drink, and how to make gugo (shampoo made from bark). The Aetas claim to have used their survival skills since the Stone Age. Beam me uP: At Ocean Adventure’s Research Station Seatrek, learn more about the predators of the sea. Guess what animal is the most dangerous predator?

Phoenix Rising: From the thick blanket of gray ash from Mount Pinatubo in 1991 rose the country’s first free port: the Subic Bay Freeport. When U.S. troops pulled out in 1992, the Philippine government took over the US$8 billion Subic Bay Naval Base and with the help of thousands of local volunteers, transformed the former base into an industrial and commercial zone. Subic continues to grow, generating more than 80,000 jobs—twice the number of available jobs during the time the base was in operation—as of 2009. 58 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Entrance fee is Php495 per person inclusive of all attractions. Contact +63 9178351111, www.zoobic. Smokin’ Hot Olongapo Even Manileños knew it then—the best bands of the 1960s and 1970s came out of Olongapo City, from bars and nightclubs right outside the Subic Bay Naval Base along Magsaysay and Rizal Avenues. American servicemen on their much-needed R&R rocked the night away to the sounds of bands such as the The Countdowns, Psyclones, Footprints, Funk Campaign, God’s Ego, Horoscope, and Maria Cafra. It was Pinoy rock at its hottest. One of Olongapo’s most recent rockers was Arnel Pineda, now the lead singer of Journey. Rock on!

DARE AND DOublE DARE: Xtremely Xpresso Cafe’s Big Ben pizza comes in regular (14 inches) and xtreme (22 inches) size, with everything on it: beef, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, garlic, onions, olives, green bell pepper, and two kinds of cheese!

苏比克湾休闲一日游 苏比克湾覆盖着茂密苍翠的草木,拥有迷人的海滩 以及高低起伏的丘陵地带。它距离马尼拉北部仅 110公里,因而成了周末热门景点。苏比克湾一日 游让您暂时远离尘嚣,体验充满欢乐与刺激冒险的 魅力之旅。 考验您的生存技能 当地土著阿埃塔人于六十年代培训越战美军丛林 战。您若有兴趣学习,可参加野外求生(JEST)训练 营(。它提供三十分钟的101生 存课程和一项三小时参观野生动植物的徒步旅行或 阵营工艺活动,其中包括了波顿瀑布的跋涉之旅。 此外,幸存崇拜者也可选择参加留宿和三天的文凭 课程。您可寻求JEST野营为您的团队打造自定课 程。 与海豚亲密接触 Ocean Adventure ( 是东南亚唯一一个开放水域的海洋公园。您若有胆 量,可尝试喂鲨鱼,跟海豚或海狮合照,甚至与海

60 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

HIT THE STORES AND RESTOS If you’re a certified shopaholic, then you’ve come to the right place. Duty-free stores such as the Royal Subic Mall and Pure Gold Duty Free carry grocery items, household items, clothing, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, and the quintessential dutyfree store purchase—chocolates! The newly opened Harbor Point Mall also has a duty-free store, so you can shop to your heart’s content while the nonshoppers in your family watch a movie. For the ultimate in Subic shopping, hit the factory outlets like the Nike Factory Store and The Outlet Store. Export overruns of such brands as Nike, Adidas, Fila, Converse, Puma, Reebok, and Van Heusen abound, at 50 to 70 percent less. For food, head for the immensely popular Xtremely Xpresso Cafe, which serves gelato, pasta, and an array of coffee-based drinks. Their bestseller, the Big Ben pizza, is enough to feed a small army. n

豚一起畅泳。入场费为每人550比索,包含所有的 表演和景点。与动物全接触的费用为每人从2800比 索起。 跟老虎一起吼叫 Zoobic 动物园 (专有一名导 游带领您游览11个景点长达二至三个小时,其中老 虎园最受欢迎。游客乘搭定制的吉普车环游两公顷 大的围场15分钟,近距离亲近生猛的老虎。动物园 允许游客抚摸动物,您因此可与幼兽合照留念。入 场费为每人495比索,包含所有的景点。 闲逛商店餐馆 当地设有几家售卖食物杂货、家庭用品、服饰、香 水、化妆品、珠宝、电子产品以及巧克力的免税店 如:Royal Subic Mall和Pure Gold Duty Free。 新开张的Harbor Point Mall亦是一家免税店,您 可在那儿尽情购物,不爱购物者则可选择去戏院看 电影。此外,工厂直销店如Nike Factory Store 和The Outlet Store专售打折50%至70%的出口超 额商品。若想医肚子,不妨试试Xtremely Xpresso Cafe (。此家咖啡馆供 应冰淇淋、面食以及咖啡饮料,招牌菜Big Ben比 萨分量十足。

Fashion Meets Nature

It’s become more fashionable than ever to return to nature and work with it, not against it. For this shoot, we revisit the Subic Bay Freeport and its natural attractions, and let award-winning photographer Bien Bautista and former Bb. Pilipinas-International and model-singer Krista Kleiner derive inspiration from them. Both exercise their eye for the edgy, turning an ordinary fashion shoot into a strong statement. Stylist: Racquel Gutierrez I Makeup and hairstylist: Glenn Ilezarde

Born to Be Wild At the Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST) Camp, Krista leaves the concrete jungle behind and proves she is just as rooted to the earth as the old dao trees and her Aeta escorts. The jungles of Zambales, home of the Aeta tribe, provide a rich source of inspiration for Bien. 62 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Gown by Kim Gan and Allan Laserna

Krista’s clothes by Kim Gan.

Behind the SceneS: (LEFT) Krista blows on the sparks on a piece of bamboo to start a fire; (RIGHT) An intense pose for the camera. Photos by Justin Ventura

With her gown disappearing into the roots of the dao trees, Krista seems to have sprung from the earth. But she is actually balancing herself on the trees—in heels, mind you—with a lot of support from behind. It’s a worthy effort. Not even a huge spider could ruin the shoot. 64 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

JUNGLE QUEEN It’s a dramatic gown in any setting. But with the full skirt almost mimicking the graceful roots behind Krista, it’s more than dramatic—it’s regal. Bien captures an ethereal quality through the glint of the sun amid the shadows. Gown by Kim Gan and Allan Laserna HHH Dancing Queen Krista’s dance background (since the age of 7) and the advice she received from Julio Iglesias when she joined his world tour as a guest artist inspired her to do a dance album. Krista K – Double Trouble, produced by Homeworkz Records, features 18 songs which she either wrote or co-wrote. The album is about duality. “I’m a Gemini with two sides to me—as the album has two different personalities to it,” Krista says. I 65

MakING a SplaSh Inspired by the marine life at Ocean Adventure, Krista makes like a mermaid in this serpentina gown and greets Hali, a female dolphin, face to face. Gown by Frederick Peralta

Behind the SceneS Hali doesn’t need much prodding to perform. While Bien waits for the perfect shot, Ocean Adventure trainer Ronald Operaùa encourages Hali with hand signals and rewards her with a tasty treat. Inset photos by Justin Ventura

66 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Feathered Friends Colorful birds flock around Krista and her feathery gown. At first they stayed away, but by the end of the shoot, the birds felt so at home with her that one curious fellow even tried to explore the gown’s feathers. Gown by Allan Laserna I 67

Photo by Annalyn Jusay - Zoglmann

OFFBEAT: (CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT) Subspace Coffee’s walls are decorated with posters of popular K-pop artists; Modern Toilet’s chocolate icecream is served in toilet-bowl shaped plates; a cup of Purple Potato Latte in Subspace Coffee; guests draw on paper cups and display them in Cafe Noriter’s shelves.


tables beckons you to kick off your shoes and sip on smoothies and frappuccinos.

In Neko no Mise, Japan’s first cat café, people pay to pet furry felines every day. Cozy up to a cup of coffee while a clutter of cats wait for you to rub their backs. Order a latte, flip through a manga, or surf the Internet—but don’t expect to get any work done. Cats here crave lots of attention, and that business report would get in the way.

THE ‘EEWW’ FACTOR Sweet Spot Ice Cream and Café Davao City, Philippines

PAY IT BACKWARD Ogori Café Kashiwa, Japan

Tired of the usual? Get your caffeine kick at any of these zany coffee shops around the world. COFFEE, K-POP STYLE Subspace Ortigas Center, Manila, Philippines

Inspired by Seoul’s quirky coffee-shop culture, this café is a welcome break from the usual coffee joints that pepper the Ortigas central business district. Inside, funky vintage pieces, like typewriters and old cameras, and wooden chairs anchored to the ceiling give the effect of anti-gravity. Sip on peculiar beverage choices—Peanut Butter Latte or Purple Potato Latte (a drink made from sweet potatoes)—while Korean pop plays in the background.

PLAYFUL BREW Café Noriter Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines

Café Noriter’s environs more closely resemble a playground than a café. In every corner of this Korean-inspired art café are little wooden toy dolls climbing tiny ladders or sitting on top of shelves. An area with pillows and low

SIP, KITTY, KITTY Neko no Mise (Cat’s Store) Tokyo, Japan

If crocodile encounters in Davao Crocodile Park don’t get you on your toes, the coffee in its café shack will. For around Php150, you can enjoy a cup of civet coffee, one of the world’s most expensive coffees. Know, however, that the beans come from an unusual source: the droppings of the catlike palm civet. Other notable offerings include civet coffee ice cream and an exotic ice cream made from crocodile eggs and durian!

CYCLISTS’ CHOICE One on One Bike Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Get your bicycle tires pumped while you wolf down caffeine in One on One Bike— the prime venue for cyclists who need their adrenaline going before a lengthy ride. Grab a bite while your bike’s tuned up, or browse their gallery of cyclingrelated art.

Located inside the Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha, this café looks pretty ordinary at first glance. But prepare to be thrown aback once you order. The secret: you get what the person ahead of you ordered. If you’re in on the game, you can either be a generous benefactor—treating those that come after you with a feast—or be a cheapskate and buy a glass of orange juice. Either way, you’re in for a surprise!

COFFEE DUMP Modern Toilet Taipei, Taiwan

Sip a cup of Joe while sitting on a john, which is exactly where owner Wang Zi-Wei developed the concept for this unsettling café. In this latrine-inspired coffee shop, plops of chocolate ice cream and brown curries are served in toilet-bowl-shaped dishes, while drinks are served in plastic toy urinals.n

LAND OF COFFEE: The first coffee tree in the Philippines was planted in Lipa, Batangas in 1740 by a Spanish Franciscan monk. Since then, the coffee industry so flourished in Lipa that it once made it the richest municipality in the country, earning it the title “Coffee Capital of the Philippines.” 68 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Livin’ La Vida Cocoa!

Move over nectar and ambrosia, the luscious, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolate is the one to beat. This bittersweet confection, discovered in Central America some 3,000 years ago, has become the undisputed comfort food of all time. Whether in solid or liquid form, chocolate is pure bliss and, yes, it’s here to stay.

ChoColaTe liQuor a non-alcoholic ingredient obtained straight from the cocoa bean

dark ChoColaTe consists of 30-80% cocoa solids; does not contain milk

ChoCo Quiz Time!

Name the titles that immortalized these quotes. The first six winners will win a jar of Nana Meng’s Original Tsokolate Filipino. Send your answers to: info@eastgatepublishing. com (subject title: Chocolate Quiz). Winners will be announced in our Facebook page on July 31, 2012. 1. “Life is like a box of chocolates… You never know what you’re gonna get.” 2. “After about 20 years of marriage, I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of that one. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.” 3. “I never met a chocolate I didn’t like.” 4. “Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate.” 5. “No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall.”

CoCoa BuTTer fat procured from chocolate liquor

BiTTersweeT ChoColaTe dark chocolate composed of at least 50% cocoa liquor

CoCoa powder cocoa solids extracted from pressed chocolate liquor

semi-sweeT ChoColaTe dark chocolate containing at least 35% cocoa liquor

TsokolaTe de BaTirol

CulTure in a Cup

The batirol, a wooden beater with carved dents at its tip, is Spanish in origin, but is the traditional Filipino instrument used to make tsokolate. The batirol froths the drink and ensures its consistency. 1. Heat one cup of water (225ml) over medium flame

unsweeTened chocolate – chocolate in its most basic form

milk ChoColaTe composed of at least 10% chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and condensed milk or dry milk solids

whiTe ChoColaTe does not contain cocoa liquor, but is composed of 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids, and 55% sugar

and add one piece of tablea (pure cacao in tablet form). 2. When the mixture starts to boil, use your palms to twist the batirol. Keep mixing until you are satisfied with the thickness of the drink. This may take 15-30 minutes; the longer you stir, the more viscous it becomes. 3. Add your preferred amount of milk and sugar, then pour the mixture into a cup. Tsokolate de batirol is best served warm.

Illustrations by Ruth Rivera sweeT seduCTion: The belief that chocolate is an aphrodisiac can be traced back to the court of Montezuma of Mexico in the 1500s. Montezuma, who reportedly kept 4,000 women in his harem, drank 50 goblets of frothy vanilla and spice-flavored chocolate daily before entering his love nest. nuTs oVer ChoCnuT: You can’t call yourself Filipino if you’ve never tried ChocNut at least once in your life. This sweet and crumbly milk chocolate minibar was once a staple of sari-sari (mom and pop’s) store as a coin-shaped, silver paper-wrapped sweet treat. After more than 50 years, ChocNut has become synonymous with “home” for Filipinos living abroad.

70 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

CHIPS OF CHOICE: Royce’s sweet and salty Potatochip Chocolate

CHOCOHOLICS’ DELIGHT: Royce’s signature chocolate nibbles

WONDER BAR: Every sweet tooth’s dream come true

Love at First NibbLe There’s a reason why Royce’ Chocolate, a premium chocolate brand from Sapporo, Japan, is called the “Rolls Royce of Chocolates.” It is decadent and melt-in-your-mouth creamy that chocolate-loving Filipinos ecstatically adore. Thanks to Royce’ Philippines owner Cecile Ang, choco fans need not go all the way to Japan to get this kind of chocolate fix. Royce’ Philippines general manager Crystal Rebucas happily shares some yummy morsels. On the beginnings of Royce’ Philippines: Cecile and I have been friends since college and she’s the one who introduced me to Royce’. When I’m abroad, I would buy a lot to last me until my next trip. I’d also ask friends who travel to buy for me. It’s Cecile’s passion and love for the brand that pushed her to bring Royce’ to the Philippines. She really believes in how good it is and she wants to share it with others. On the Filipinos’ chocolate choices: Most Filipinos gravitate toward the milk chocolate variant primarily because it has the kind of sweetness we like. Filipino men tend to prefer dark chocolate, while kids like white chocolate-flavored products. On Royce’s bestsellers and personal favorites: Our customers like the Royce’ Potato Chips and our signature product, the Nama. The Potato Chips’ salty and sweet combination is the formula for its popularity. The Nama is really something special – it has a fine, delicate combination of selected chocolate and fresh cream milk that melts in your mouth.

I love nuts and I will have to pick the Nutty Bar, Amande Chocolat, and Macadamia Chocolate. I can finish our Royce’ Chocolate Bar in one sitting! On the Japanese’s “Midas Touch” when it comes to business excellence: The Japanese have a high regard for anything that they do, in every aspect, down to the tiniest detail. That’s the key to their success. We take our job at Royce’ seriously. It’s all about giving clients excellent customer service and premium chocolates at an affordable price. On a dream premium chocolate product: It would be great to feature local ingredients in future Royce’ products. We always share with them how great ube (purple yam) is or some other local ingredient. I hope this will be realized eventually.

IN THE NAME OF… Royce’ was named after company president Yasuhiro Yamazaki. When reversed, his first name spells “Rohisuya,” or “Rohizuya.” “Ya” in English means “confect.” Thus, “Rohizu Confect.” When spelled (and pronounced) in English, it becomes “Royce’ Confect,” which was then shortened into “Royce’s” and eventually clipped to Royce’.

On the qualities of a “great chocolate”: If it tastes good, it’s halfway to being great already! But now with a lot of chocolate brands claiming to have good taste, you have to go beyond that and factor in ingredients, quality, originality, price and customer service. On Royce’ Philippines’ future plans: We already have seven shops in Manila and we have plans to open up more here and in the provinces. For now, however, we will focus on giving the best chocolate experience to our customers. n

CHOCO HAVEN: From its first branch at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City, Royce’ Philippines now has branches in Greenbelt 5, Makati City; Trinoma and Eastwood Mall in Quezon City; The Podium in Pasig City; Cake Club in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City; and at the Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City. I 71

MAKES SENZ°, EH?: The senz° umbrella has a light but very strong frame that easily slices through all winds and always finds the position in the wind, thanks to its aerodynamic design. Available in Travel Club branches and Duty Free Philippines. Photo courtesy of SENZ°

IT’S RAINING UMBRELLAS! This ubiquitous rain shield is the world’s greatest equalizer, with queens, movie stars, and designers, being avid fans. Here are some of the more charming umbrellas popular around the world lately. The Birdcage With England’s wishy-washy weather, even members of the Royal family need some rain gear. Enter the Fulton umbrella, a birdcage-shaped umbrella with a fiberglass frame favored by Queen Elizabeth II. Her only requirements? It has to be transparent so people can see her and the color trimmings must exactly match her outfit. STARRING… THE UMBRELLA Movies that prominently feature the umbrella: Singin’ in the Rain Batman Returns The Avengers Lost in Translation The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Mary Poppins

senz° & Sensibility It’s a design made in heaven…at least for those who have become tired of umbrellas turning inside out or rendered useless under a nasty downpour. Known as the “storm umbrella,” senz° can battle raging 100 km/h winds without disintegrating into pieces, thanks to the genius of Dutch industrial design engineering student Gerwin Hoogendoorn,

who had had it with three umbrellas breaking down one after the other within a week in what must have been an awful lot of storms (that, or the umbrellas were made in you know where). Head’s Up! This umbrella seems to be suffering from a serious case of identity crisis. Is it a hat or an umbrella? You decide. While it’s always a risk that you’ll end up looking like a droll wearing this to the beach or in the golf course, think of the practicalities that this rain-and-shine accessory provide —a good grip on that fishing reel during the guys’ weekend bonding, and, yes, two extra hands for heavy groceries. 0% Alcohol, 95% Dry Imagine seeing high school kids lugging around what seems like a bottle of beer, or a sweet elderly lady with what looks like hard liquor. But take a closer look and you’ll be glad to know that these “bottles” are actually umbrellas with wine design cases. The bottle caps make up part of the umbrella’s handle and the bottle designs are usually duplicated in the umbrella fabric. So what’s it going to be— cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot noir, or shiraz? n

YOU NAME IT: Tired of the word “umbrellas”? Go ahead and say parasol, gamp, parapluie, bumbershoot, brolly, and bumbersoll. 72 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

LICENSED TO THRILL: The gadgets-laden Aston Martin series, including the DB 3, is every Agent 007 fan’s dream car. Among its “features” are: a homing device; a gun compartment under the driver’s seat; secret compartments that hold a “mini-hospital” including a small defibrillator; front-firing rockets; spike-producing tires; passenger ejector; a camouflage that makes the car invisible; pop-out gun barrels behind the front indicators; and an ability to self-destruct, to name a few. Oh, hey, it gets the beautiful girls too. © 1962-2002 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation.

PREMIUM BOND As James Bond prepares for his 23rd film adventure and celebrates his cinematic 50th birthday, ANDY ROUND talks to the collectors and dealers to discover classic Bond is always box-office gold.


ood old James Bond. He may be entering serious middle age, but there’s still plenty of life in the world’s most famous spy. Fifty years after the release of the first 007 film, Dr No, super villains worldwide will be gnashing their steel jaws in frustration that Bond’s appeal is bigger than ever. This year sees the release of the 23rd film in the Bond franchise, the highly anticipated Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig; there is a new DVD box set of all 22 films by MGM and 20th Century Fox; a reissued autobiography by legendary Bond producer Chubby Broccoli; the commissioning of a new as-yetuntitled Bond novel from author William Boyd, and the reprinting of all 14 of Ian Fleming’s 007 thrillers. Quite frankly there are more 50th anniversary Bond

74 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

tributes than you can throw a razor-sharpened bowler hat at. Bond has always been a big box-office draw, but in auction houses around the world, demand for memorabilia associated with Her Majesty’s most famous spy is now generating stratospheric interest. In 2010, Christie’s sold the Walther air pistol held by Sean Connery for the Russia with Love poster for US$437,500—a world record for a Bond gun. When the original artwork for Diamonds Are Forever was sold for $129,500, it was another record, this time for a Bond poster. “It will always be the case that props and associated memorabilia from the earliest films will attain the largest sums at auction,” says Christie’s Helen

THE BOND IDENTITY Dramatic Bond changes were introduced for 2006’s Casino Royale to return Bond to the roots of the original book, portraying him as a cold-blooded assassin. The move followed the grittier 24 series and Matt Damon’s Bourne Identity.

Tomkinson. “The most important Bond memorabilia auction took place at Christie’s South Kensington in 2001. Of the 300 lots, 94 percent were sold achieving a total of $900,000. The bikini worn by Ursula Andress in Dr No sold for $59,755.” For most of us, our Bond dreams vanish with the final credits, but some people buy into the dream for real, like American Harry Yeaggy. In 2010, he took what he described as a “last minute decision” to fly into London to attend an auction by RM Auctions. He left in Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 after paying £2.92 million. The car was the only known remaining example of two that were used in Goldfinger and Thunderball. After the auction he said: “Now I’m going to get my money’s worth. We’re going to fire it up and drive it around London tonight. We’re going to have fun with it.” Of course, Yeagy is not the only man with the resources to buy iconic cars. Peter Nelson started collecting Bond “bits and pieces, magazines, cards that sort of thing” when he was a boy. By the time

StraIght FluSh Ian Fleming originally wrote Casino Royale in six weeks at his Jamaican home Goldeneye, writing for three hours every morning.

It seems incredible now but at the time, the casting of blond-haired Daniel Craig was highly controversial. Fans had threatened to boycott the film and numerous websites provided an outlet for blog-obsessed venom. David Dettman © 2011 Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. and MGM Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Skyfall ©2011 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

urSula aNDreSS

I, SPY You don’t have to be a good undercover agent to discover these fascinating James Bond facts: • Fleming also wrote the children’s classic Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang and produced a total of 14 books in 12 years. • It’s been 50 years since a bikini-clad Ursula Andress first emerged from the surf and asked 007: “What are you doing here, looking for shells?” And Connery replied: “No just looking.” • Bond has visited most of the world’s countries; been told he’s going to die on innumerable occasions; exhausted

halle BerrY © 1962 - 2002 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation.

he was 21 he had bought the iconic white Bond Lotus from the Spy Who Loved Me. Almost 40 years later, Nelson had amassed one of the biggest Bond collections in the world featuring snowmobiles, boats, helicopters, Aston Martins, Microjet, a T-55 tank, and thousands of props, paraphernalia, and costumes. “My favorite items? Difficult to say. I became friends with Desmond Llewelyn, the actor who played Q in 17 of the Bond films. I have his tweed suit; the trilby Bond first threw on the hat stand by Moneypenny; a bug detector from Russia with Love; original DB5 seats from studio close-ups; the original Golden Gun… many of my items are loaned to museums.” So what’s that all worth? “I’d hate to think.” What it is worth is what a room of Bond enthusiasts in an auction room are prepared to pay. And they have deep pockets. “Every time you see a new Bond film release you see the same enthusiasm in the saleroom,” says Katherine Williams, senior specialist for entertainment memorabilia at Bonham’s London. “And there is nothing they like more than seeing original Bond items, particularly from Dr No, the crème de la crème of memorabilia.” So where do you start if you want your own Bond collection? “Buy the best you can afford, buy it because you love it, and you won’t go far wrong,” says Adrian Roose, director of Paul Fraser Collectibles. “At the top end of the market James Bond’s DB5 returned a 15.61 percent per annum after he bought the car in 1969 and sold it in 2010. Even movie posters that were doing the rounds at $300 each 10 years ago are now changing hands for $5,000 plus.” The range of Bond material is endless. “Popular culture is a diverse category that ranges from autographs and awards to scripts, clothing, films props, and posters,” says Christie’s Tomkinson. “The international collectors’ market for memorabilia is driven by passion, it doesn’t take a millionaire to build a collection.” n

himself on numerous Bond girls; and indulged in dangerous liaisons that have included trains, planes, and automobiles, as well as barns, space stations, gypsy tents, submarines, and even a motorized iceberg. • Seven men have played Bond so far (if you include David Niven and many purists don’t). Popular vote always seems to favor Sean Connery as the quintessential 007. • More than 40 million Bond books were sold by the time of Fleming’s death. • Favorite Bond line? Munger: Tell me, Bond, how far does your expertise extend into the field of diamonds? Bond: Well, hardest substance found in nature, they cut glass, suggest marriages, I suppose they replaced the dog as the girl’s best friend (Diamonds Are Forever). I 75




ith blogs dramatically changing the world of fashion, a 23-yearold Filipina-Chinese has risen to the top. From casually posting photos of her outfits online, photographer Tricia Gosingtian—now Forever 21 Philippines’ brand ambassador and one of Tumblr’s 24 internationally sponsored fashion bloggers sent to New York Fashion Week Fall 2011—has gone a long way and is now shaking hands with some of the biggest names in the industry. How did you get into fashion blogging? I’ve been into fashion ever since I was in high school, but my eyes were so set on being a professional photographer that I had no time to look glamorous behind the camera. After seeing all the unused clothes in my closet, I decided to utilize them and put a bit more effort into how I presented myself. As a New Year’s resolution, I started documenting my outfits in, a famous fashion website showcasing member-uploaded fashion, and things blossomed from there. How do you think fashion blogging has changed the fashion industry? It brings fashion to a more relatable level. Fashion bloggers aren’t exactly the six-feet-tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed types, and it’s refreshing to see normal people style themselves in their own unique ways. How would you describe your sense of style? I’d like to think of it as a mix of sophistication and cuteness, a marriage between the classic and the quirky. I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture and aesthetics and I love that dolled-up look they have. You’ve met fashion giants in New York Fashion Week. What are they like up close and personal? I shook Oscar de la Renta’s hand. I froze in front of him so I couldn’t really say anything else, but I did enjoy the tour we had in his studio a week before his show. It was glorious—the best-quality textiles were being cut and sewn by the most talented seamstresses, photos printed in black and white were hung in Oscar’s office (he had one with Audrey Hepburn—my favorite),

Tricia Gosingtian poses by the Eiffel Tower, clad in her favorite travel outfit.

Fashion bloggers aren’t exactly the sixfeet-tall, blondehaired and blueeyed types, and it’s refreshing to see normal people style themselves in their own unique ways. and samples of a then-yet-to-be-released perfume were given to us as gifts! It was also so surreal seeing Nina Garcia up close. She is definitely a role model! You’re one of’s mostfollowed lookbookers around the world. Why do you think thousands of followers admire your style? I have no idea! I always joke about how they’re just fascinated by how an Asian girl could have bleached blonde hair! But really, I started documenting outfits way before it became mainstream, so I got lucky.

With Project Runway’s Nina Garcia, who has held the position of Fashion Director at Elle and Marie Claire magazines.

A seat reserved especially for Tricia in the Nicole Miller show during New York Fashion Week Fall 2011. “Tricia Will Go Places” is the name of her fashion blog.

What’s your most unforgettable travel experience? Going to Japan for the first time was such an emotional experience for me. I teared up when I landed and when I was handed my first bento box! What’s your favorite local destination? El Nido in Palawan is my happy place. Any practical advice for aspiring fashion bloggers? Do it for the right reasons. Fashion blogging should never be about fame and freebies. Your passion for something will translate into your blog, and everything else will follow naturally. n Visit Tricia’s fashion blog at blog.

ON THE GUEST LIST: Tricia has around 40,000 followers in and hoards more in Twitter and Facebook. With such a huge fan base, fashion bloggers are quickly becoming fashion influencers, and major labels and designers buy into this by requesting them to be at the front row of Fashion Week and other star- studded events. 76 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012


Lady Gaga Storms the Castle in Manila Five-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga performed in the Philippines last May 21 and 22 at Manila’s newest concert venue, the Mall of Asia Arena. Gaga fans supported the concert by dressing in outrageous costumes, but conservative locals gathered outside the venue to protest Mother Monster’s often scandalous performances. In retort, she tweeted: “Don’t worry, if I get thrown in jail in Manila, Beyonce will just bail me out. Sold out night [two] in the Philippines. I love it here.” The concert, which promoted positive themes like freedom, acceptance, and love, was sponsored by Philippine Airlines and had Gaga performing in a moving medieval castle while garbed in Filipinianalike Armani costumes. Lori Blackburn, Mabuhay’s Special Projects Manager who was at the concert, said, “Although I arrived a casual listener, I left a bonafide fan. This show was one for the books.” Photos by Lori Blackburn. n

Two Flags, One Path

This year, the Philippines and Vietnam celebrate their 25th anniversary of aviation cooperation made possible by Philippine Airlines. PAL first flew to Vietnam in 1968 with a weekly service called the Saigon Express. In 1987—12 years after Vietnam's unification—PAL re-established regular flights to Vietnam, reciprocated later by Vietnam Airlines. To commemorate this, a gala dinner was hosted last June 1 by Johnathan Nguyen, PAL's former general sales agent who pushed for air links between the two countries. Top PAL, Philippine and Vietnamese officials cited Nguyen for his invaluable contribution to existing aviation cooperation. - Photos by Frederik Wissink and courtesy of PAL n

A symbol of partnership

An audience member in a quirky ensemble by Filipino artist Leeroy New. Photo by Jill Lejano

PAL Charisma girls

Philippine Ambassador to Vietnam Jerril G. Santos, speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Johnathan Hanh Nguyen

The Philippine Ambassador with Richard Cuevas, Miriam Melgar, Michelle Narvaez, Elna Artajo, and Marissa and Dennis Mendoza

Mr. Enrique Javier, speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., Mr. Felix Cruz, and Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tu with Mr. Dinh La Thang (both holding wine glasses) I 77

STARTING ‘EM YOUNG: Teacher Hershey Cruz supervises a session with a young patient. A Child’s DREAM Foundation advocates and practices early intervention as the key to the successful treatment of special needs children. Photo by Carl Taawan

FULFILLING SPECIAL DREAMS ISABEL L. TEMPLO witnesses how dreams can come true for special needs children.


eventeen-year-old Sean Tampoa likes watching TV and playing with gadgets. Smiling and affectionate, he is like any other boy— except that he can’t speak and learned to walk at the age of five. Sean was diagnosed with autism when he was around four. At first, his father, Dennis, kept telling himself that there was nothing wrong with Sean. He started looking for intervention when it became obvious that he was different. There are 5.49 million Filipino children with special needs, or about 13 percent of the country’s children, according to 2004 statistics by the Department of Education (DepEd). These are the children that Baguio-based A Child’s DREAM Foundation has been helping for almost 10 years now—children with autism, attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing and visual impairment, and even gifted children. Since 2003, they have helped around 1,500 special children. DREAM stands for Developmental Rehabilitative Early Assessment and Management. The key word is “early,” says Anne Marie Dimalanta, the foundation’s executive director. “As a child grows older, the chances of successful integration get slim,” she explains. For instance, a child starting speech therapy at the age of two would have a success rate of 60 percent. At four, it’s down to 30 percent. Crucial to early intervention is the parents’ acceptance of their child’s condition. “From there, we can move forward,” says Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, the developmental and behavioral pediatrician behind DREAM. Knowing how difficult it would be

for families in the area with special children to go to Manila for intervention, he decided to bring it to them. Dennis has been bringing Sean to DREAM two to three times a week for hour-long therapy sessions since he was five. Because of these sessions, Sean learned to walk. But the biggest improvements, Dennis says, have been in Sean’s behavior and ability to communicate. “There’s communication with him now, through gestures and pointing. Before, there was none.” TJ Camba, 17, was in two special education (SPED) schools before his mother, Rhoda, brought him to DREAM. Rhoda liked DREAM’s one-on-one approach and now brings him thrice a week. For the school year 2004–2005, only 4.8 percent of affected children received appropriate educational services, according to DepEd data. TJ and Sean are among the lucky few, but Rhoda has met other parents unable to afford any kind of intervention for their special child. “How about others like them who are in a worse situation? There should be more institutions assisting them.” Rhoda says her dream was for TJ to speak and go to a mainstream school. Now she just wants TJ to know how to help himself and avoid danger. “I will not be here always to look after him,” she says. “I don’t know if his siblings could care for him the way I do.” DREAM helps fulfill these simple but special dreams. n HOW YOU CAN HELP A Child’s DREAM Foundation accepts donations to sponsor indigent patients and keep the foundation going. Php500 covers the cost of an hour-long session, the bulk of which goes to the therapists. Visit for more information.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah, Pulitzer Prize–winning music critic Tim Page, and Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri were all diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. American jazz prodigy Matt Savage, meanwhile, has autistic savant syndrome. 78 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012



The Origin Of DewDrOps A

ccording to a folk story from the Ilokos, there was a time, long ago, when there were no dewdrops. Leaves were never wet in early mornings except when it rained the night before. The following legend explains the dews as tears from a heartbroken maiden. In the old, old days there lived a prince beloved by his people. Dashing and gallant, he epitomized the ideal of young manhood. His name was a by-word even in the realms beyond his father’s kingdom, and princesses vied one another in winning his attention To all of them he was pleasant and charming, but he loved only one maiden. He was Lin-na-aw, lovely and unaffected, but alas! She was but a fisherman’s daughter. Her pure heart and winning ways melted the king’s opposition to the match, and the wedding was set for the coming full moon. A princess in a neighboring kingdom heard of the prince’s impending marriage. She intended to marry him herself; she must act quickly before it was too late. She dispatched a courier to the prince saying that she needed his help urgently for she was in distress. Always gallant, the prince rushed to her palace. He found her dressed in the most seductive robes, languidly waiting for him. “Oh my prince!” she gushed in welcome. “But first you must take something to drink after that journey.”

She motioned to a slave who brought in a jar of basi. The unwary prince welcomed the proferred drink, not knowing that it was mixed with a love potion. Soon he was making ardent love to the princess. He tarried in the palace, and for the nonce forgot poor Lin-na-aw. When the full moon came, he found himself married, instead, to the scheming princess. One evening, the prince lay awake and listless. He went out to the garden where he thought he could sleep in the fresh night air. Alone for the first time since he came under the princess’ spell, he fell to thinking of Lin-na-aw. He thought he saw her gentle face; she was looking at him in sadness. There was no reproach in her eyes, there was only sorrow. Tears blurred her gaze and rolled down her cheeks. For a long time he lay rigid and helpless while he watched her weep wordlessly. No longer able to contain his anguish, he reached for the weeping face and cried, “Lin-na-aw, m beloved.” Was it all a dream? The early morning light suffused the garden. He looked around, but where was Lin-na-aw? She had vanished, but the blades of grass glistened with droplets which surely must have been her tears! From then on, leaves and blades of grass are moist with dew every morning. n

THE MYTHS Philippine Folk Literature by Damiana L. Eugenio Published by the University of the Philippines Press, 2001. Paperback, 513 pages. University of the Philippines Press, E. de los Santos St., University of the Philippines Campus; ( (+632) 928 2558; * com; :

SIZE DOES MATTER. On average, women cry 47 times ever year, while men cry only seven times. This, however, is not because women are more emotional than men; the tear ducts (whose primary function is to drain tears) of women are significantly smaller than that of men. 80 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012


Form + Function on Wheels It’s a concept store like no other. Activewear brand AETHER took a Pan America Airstream—the 34-foot travel trailer that can haul all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and action gear—and repurposed it. Called the AETHERstream, this mobile store uses reclaimed oak floor panels, furniture made with sustainable harvested wood and reused discarded materials, and props from a Paris flea market. The result is a statement on form and function that echoes the AETHER philosophy. The AETHERstream carries key items from the men’s and women’s collections around the United States. Next stop: Southern California., www.

82 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012


Calling All Wizards & Muggles ... Prints Charming

Your acceptance letter might not have reached you on time, but you can still hop your way onto Hogwarts as Harry Potter: The Exhibition opens in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore—its first stop in Asia. Ongoing until September 30, live a fantasy and learn how to brew Butterbeer, play Quidditch, peruse the Marauder’s Map, and come face to face with a Hungarian Horntail dragon. Coincidentally, J. K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe also celebrate their birthdays this July (on the 31st and 23rd, respectively). Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore; ( +65 6688 8888; *

Aspiring art collectors in Manila now have an alternative to purchasing paintings with the city’s first prints gallery, DAGC. An acronym for Department of Avant Garde Clichés, the gallery’s name is a play on its aim to veer away from traditional art by offering prints that are affordable, accessible, and reproducible. DAGC has a printmaking studio, occasional art workshops and in comparison to the hefty prices of paintings, they sell prints that start at Php2,000. Check out their upcoming show, “From the Black Lagoon,” a horrorand-sci-fi-themed exhibit that runs until July 14. 2289 Pasong Tamo Extension, UPRC III Bldg., Makati City, Metro Manila; ( (+632) 817 2042; : www.






E-bookworms will flip out. This site lets you download e-books by Filipino and Asian authors fit for your laptop, iPad, or Android device. Find your favorite book from various categories.

It’s a music-sharing site! No, wait, it’s a customized playlist! Actually, it’s both. A great way to network too, this site lets you share one song, follow others based on their songs, and then play all their jams.

The world’s first ambience search engine. Click on your preferred ambience, cuisine, noise level, or even type of people you’re dining with and Hoppit does the rest.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain—but on this site, it goes with you. Rainy Mood plays the sound of rain for those who can’t get enough of it—accompanying music included.


84 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012




Take an Eco-Chic Bow Make your fashion statement an environmental stand, too. The Bambowties—bowties made from bamboo—are stylish yet quirky, and best of all, eco-friendly. From the makers of the Bambikes, bikes made from bamboo, Bambowties are hand-carved by residents of Gawad Kalinga communities. The Bambowtie can be purchased online for US$25, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Proceeds from sales are used to fund a livelihood development program. Comes in classic, ladies’, and kids’ styles. *, :

Silvia’s Book: An Expat’s Guide to Manila Holy Family Home Foundation

Php999 (uS$18) This nifty little book is a go-to guide for expatriates having trouble jumpstarting their new life in the Philippines. A wide range of helpful listings and interesting facts familiarize expats with the bustling Manila lifestyle. Color-coded tabs divide the book into various sections, from finding a new home and navigating the city streets, to finding the best Italian resto in town. Think of it as a compact version of the Yellow Pages, but one that you’d actually bring around and spend leisure time to read. –Pat Nabong

tHe Zen oF SteVe JoBS

Caleb Melby John Wiley & Sons Php898 (US$21) L I S T E N


Encounters with a Yeti Terno Recordings HHHH Encounters with a Yeti uses guitars (a lot of them), bass, drums, and keyboards like most bands do, but this eight-member collective utilizes these conventional rock instruments to construct layers of sound and texture, creating sprawling instrumental soundscapes that climax at the right moments, just like an effective pop song. But tracks like the languid “Feathers of Knives” or the slow-building “The Sleeper (Vishnu in Slumber)” have no need for choruses, as these lengthy pieces can leave a lasting impression on discerning listeners. –Jason Caballa

HaRRy PotteR PaGe to SCReen: tHe ComPlete FilmmaKinG JouRney

Bob McCabe HarperCollins Php2,995 (US$69)



Available at all Fully Booked outlets and at gigs. Visit I 85


Singapore’s Singing ‘Idols’ S e p tem b er

2 009

Several times a year in Singapore, birds chirp melodiously for hours in a bird-singing competition. The practice dates back to the 1960s and rose to popularity when bird fighting was banned in the city-state. The birds are judged based on their singing stamina as well as on the quality and variety of their vocals. No texting your votes and no dimming of the lights either (sorry, Ryan Seacrest, no hosting opportunities here). Priced at $90,000–$100,000 each, the birds are divided into three categories, according to the competing breeds: the Jambul, the Mata Puteh, and the Shama. With his Canon 5D in hand, DAVID MCLAIN, a photographer for National Geographic, captured this image of caged Zebra Doves training before the competition. Hundreds of birdcages line the park at the Ang Mo Kio housing complex as the doves croon for hours. Bird-singing contests are rare tourist attractions in Singapore, but in this highly globalized city, this old tradition still lives on. To view more of David’s works, visit

86 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Broadway’s longest running musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera has experienced sell out seasons around the world, and now will make its long-awaited arrival in Manila playing at the CCP Main Theater beginning Aug 25, 2012 for a limited season.

Broadway’s Most PoPular Musical coMEs to MaNila

Broadway’s longest running show The Phantom of the Opera will open on August 25 for a strictly limited season at the CCP Main Theater. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s critically acclaimed masterpiece has been seen by over 130 million people worldwide, in more than 27 countries, won over 50 major theater awards, and grossed more than US$5.6 billion. The musical tells the story of a disfigured musical genius known only as the Phantom who haunts the depths of the Paris Opera House. Mesmerized by the talents and beauty of a young soprano–Christine, the Phantom lures her as his protégé and falls fiercely in love with her. Unaware of Christine’s love for another man, Raoul, the Phantom’s obsession sets the scene for a dramatic turn of events where jealousy,

Presented in Manila by:

madness, and passions collide. With 130 cast, crew and orchestra members, jaw-dropping scenery, breathtaking special effects and more than 230 costumes by the late international designer Maria Björnson, the musical contains some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous and stirring music, including “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Music of the Night.” The timeless, romantic and much-loved musical has been honored with seven Tony Awards, among them the Tony for Best Musical, seven Drama Desk Awards and three Olivier Awards.

in association with

Official Carrier 88 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

The Phantom of the Opera is produced in Manila by Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, David Atkins Enterprises, Hi-Definition Radio Inc., and Concertus in association with the Really Useful Group. It is presented in Manila by Smart Infinity and Citibank in association with Philippine Airlines. Tickets for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA now on sale. Book now at Ticketworld 891-9999 or log onto

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s story tells of a disfigured musical genius known only as ‘The Phantom’ mesmerized by the talents and beauty of a young soprano named Christine. I 89

PAL’s Rally to Bali Twitter promo winners with event’s host Carlo Orosa and guest performer Zia Quizon

One of the winners enjoying the exotic island of Bali - the place to be

All It took WAs A tWeet And A dreAm lloyd sAlAc recalls how PAL made possible a surprise trip to Bali. One morning, we were just dreaming about going to Bali, and were shocked when my name was called as one of the winners of the Philippine Airlines Rally to Bali Twitter contest. Even though I received the third prize, I was, after all, very lucky to be picked from some 130 prequalified aspirants. The premise of the Twitter contest was pairs must be ready to fly the same night and partake in the historic Philippine Airlines’ inaugural flight to Denpasar in Bali. Like true travel junkies, my friend Dan and I packed our bags, uncertain but hoping. Little did we know that at around 9 p.m. in the evening, we would be flying to an exotic island in Indonesia with only our pooled allowances on hand. Past 1 a.m., we arrived at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The memorable smell of the melati flower and the unusual humidity welcomed our group. Our surprise holiday had begun, and truth be told, we were excited and anxious at the same time. There we were in Bali still in shock, with no plans whatsoever. Seeing the attractions of Bali is best done in tour groups or with a rented vehicle. Unfortunately, our budget was limited so we were really thankful to find a company in Kuta that offered unlimited shuttle bus rides for only US$25. We instantly grabbed the opportunity and took the shuttle to Jimbaran, a popular spot for grilled fresh seafood in an alluring beachside dining setting. We woke up the following morning in our spacious room at the Best Western Resort Kuta to a wonderful breakfast spread. That same morning, we journeyed to the upland town of Kintamani to catch a glimpse of Gunung Batur, one of the grandest volcanoes I have seen in my lifetime. While already on our second day I still found Bali to be similar to the Philippines, but a walk inside Pura Besakih, the largest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali, made me really feel I was in a foreign country. We were awestruck as we watched the natives solemnly gather for their afternoon worship. On our third day, we took the shuttle bus to the charming village of Ubud, which gained popularity through the novel and movie Eat Pray Love. We 90 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

rented bikes and toured the place; seeing Balinese art shops, rice fields, and temples to our left and right. Right after Ubud, we visited one of the most popular temples in Bali, Tirta Empul, well known for its holy springs where Balinese Hindi would bathe and conduct worship. We woke up late on our last day and took a dip at the surfing paradise, Kuta Beach, which fronts the Indian Ocean. In the afternoon, we went to perhaps the most photographed temple in Bali, the beautiful Pura Tanah Lot to watch the breathtaking sunset. Taking advantage of our remaining time in Bali, we sampled as many Indonesian dishes as we could in a traditional warung, then capped off our night with coffee at Kuta Beach while reminiscing how our days in Bali unfolded. Up until now, we still are astounded by our unexpected holiday that started with a tweet and a dream. Thank you, Philippine Airlines, for the wonderful trip and for making our dream come true. *Lloyd Salac is one of the winners of the “Rally to Bali” Twitter promo held last April 23-28, 2012. Other winners are Ella Molina and Diana Ramos. Together with their travel companions, the three winning pairs flew on board PAL’s maiden flight to Bali last April 28, 2012. Philippine Airlines would like to thank the following “Rally to Bali” Twitter promo and inaugural bash partners: SM Mall of Asia Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Swiss Belhotel Segara Nusa Dua Ramada Resort Bintang Bali Best Western Resort Kuta Asia Brewery SPI Global Photo credits: Lloyd Salac and PAL Corporate Communications Department

ASIA'S FIRST AIRLINE Philippine Airlines—Asia’s first airline—is the flag carrier of the Republic of the Philippines and pioneer domestic airline of the country, with a 71-year history that is steeped in tradition and modernity. PAL first took to the skies on March 15, 1941 with a small twin-engine Beech Model 18 airplane, flying 212 kilometers from Manila to Baguio City, carrying a full load of five passengers. Upon the outbreak of World War II in December 1941, the PAL airplanes were commandeered by the military and eventually destroyed in combat. Post-war operations resumed February 14, 1946 with five ex-military Douglas DC-3s. In July 1946, PAL chartered DC-4s to carry American servicemen home to Oakland, California, making PAL the first Asian airline to cross the Pacific. In May 1947, PAL also became the first Asian carrier to fly to Europe by opening regular service to Madrid. This was followed by rapid expansion of services to Asia and the Middle East in the next two decades. By the 1970s PAL international route network covered two-thirds of the world. PAL keeps in step with advancements in aircraft technology, acquiring the latest aircraft type suited to market demands and local aviation conditions. From DC-3s that serve as a workhorse in the 1940s and 1950s, Vicker Viscount turboprops and Fokker F-27s were added to the fleet in the 1960s. After the BAC1-11 jets were introduced in the 1970s, the McDonnel Douglas DC-10—PAL’s first wide-body aircraft—went into

OUR FLEET Since its first flight on March 15, 1941, Philippine Airlines has flown almost 30 types of aircraft to fulfill its mission of providing the Philippines with efficient and reliable air transportation as the country’s flag carrier. Now with a fleet of 39 aircraft, PAL operates one of the youngest and bestmaintained fleets in the region.

service on the transpacific route in 1974. The Boeing 747-200Bs jumbo jet replaced the DC-10s in 1979 on long-haul routes, while the Airbus 300B4s replaced the DC-8s on regional services. In November 2009, the Boeing 777-300ER (extended range)— the most fuel-efficient, twin-engine jet that can fly long-haul—joined the fleet. It boasts of one of the most spacious cabins, fitted with state-of-theart inflight entertainment system. Today, the fleet consists of Boeing 747-400s, B777-300ER, Airbus A340-300s, A330-300s, A320s and A319s. They carry an average of 12,000 passengers and 180 tons of cargo daily on domestic routes, and 10,000 passengers and 170 tons of cargo daily on international sectors. PAL’s modern aircraft and equipment are complemented by frequent customer service enhancements, both inflight and on ground. The PAL website—whose features are regularly upgraded—can now be accessed by WAP-enabled cellphones, making PAL available at the palm of your hands. Mabuhay Class passengers now get to enjoy fine-dining in the sky through a new personalized inflight meal service known as One By One. PAL’s seven-decade tradition of warm Filipino hospitality has always been coupled with strong commitment to continuous improvement of services and operations. Despite the many challenges, PAL remains focused on its vision of becoming a world-class Filipino airline.







3 42 passengers 328 passengers







5 42 passengers 383 passengers







4 44 passengers 220 passengers







8 42 passengers 260 passengers







14 12 passengers 144 passengers








4 8 passengers 126 passengers I 91

WELCOME ABOARD HA N D LU GGAG E One hand luggage small enough to be placed in the overhead rack or under the passenger seat of the aircraft cabin may be carried without charge. The hand luggage must not exceed a total linear dimension of 115 cm or 45 in, and should weigh not more than 7 kg or 15 lbs. If hand luggage fails to comply with the required applicable dimensions and weight, hand luggage will be checked in and charged with the corresponding excess baggage charges (if applicable). In addition to the free hand luggage allowance, the following items are allowed onboard: a laptop with case; a small handbag; a coat, wrap or blanket; a walking stick or a pair of crutches; a small camera or a pair of binoculars; a reasonable amount of reading material; and infant’s food and carrying basket. S EC U R IT Y IT E M S The following items are prohibited from being loaded in the hand luggage or inside the aircraft cabin on all Philippine Airlines flights: liquids and gels; sharp items and blunt instruments; explosives, munitions and fireworks; weapons (including replicas), accessories and martial arts devices; large and heavy tools; and other dangerous items contained in, but not limited to, Section I.D. 8 of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration Model Security Program. All passengers travelling from/to the United States (including Guam) will be prohibited from carrying any type of lighter in their carry-on luggage and into security checkpoints. Please contact any Philippine Airlines Reservations or Ticket Office for the complete list of prohibited items. Prohibited items discovered during the security search will be immediately referred to law enforcement officers or appropriate authorities at the airport for disposition. Security Removed Items (SRI) shall be loaded in the aircraft cargo / baggage compartment subject to security clearance procedures by airport authorities. When traveling in the U.S.A., please give enough lead time for the stricter screening of both checked and hand luggage at all commercial airports. All bags will be subject to search; bags that set off alarms or otherwise raise security concerns will have to be opened for inspection.

T A K E- OF F / LAN DI N G During take-off and landing, ensure that seat back is in the upright position and the tray table is folded or secured properly. Hand luggage should be stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front. S EA T BELT S It is Philippine Airlines’ safety requirement that passengers must fasten their seatbelts for the entire duration of the flight even when the seat belt sign is off. While you are sleeping, please fasten your seat belt over your blanket for the easy inspection by the cabin crew. This is to assure uninterrupted rest during the flight even during moments of turbulence. ELEC T R ON IC E QUI P M E N T In the interest of flight safety, any transportable electronic equipment are not to be operated during take-off, climb out, descent, final approach and landing, except for personal electronic life support systems. Electronic devices which intentionally transmit radio signals should never be used for the whole duration of the flight. These include, but are not limited to: radio transceivers, CB radios, cellular phones, and electronic remote control transmitters. Transportable electronic equipment which are non-transmitters and without any accessories that would transmit/receive radio signals, such as laptop computers without Wi-Fi and wireless peripheral devices, video cameras/players, tape recorders/ players, CD/DVD/MP3 players, calculators, electronic entertainment devices and electronic shavers may be used after the safe use of these has been announced. Some flight conditions may require the discontinuance of the use of electronic devices and will be announced by the crew. Personal electronic life support systems such as hearing aids, electronic nerve stimulators, respirators may be used throughout the flight.

NO S MOK IN G In compliance with the Administrative Order 121 of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, smoking is strictly prohibited on all PAL flights, including when the aircraft is on the ground prior to take-off and/or after landing. EMER GEN C Y O X Y G E N S UP P L Y AN D L I F E V E S T S In the event of a sudden drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop automatically in front of the passengers. An inflatable life vest is located beneath the seat or in/under the armrest. Please watch the live or film demonstration of safety procedures, which will be given or screened prior to take-off. F IES T A BOU T I QUE A selection of duty-free liquor, cigarettes, perfumes and other high-quality gift items can be purchased during the flight from our Fiesta Boutique. Payment may be made on selected currencies. Credit cards acceptable on major routes. The minimum amount for credit cards is US$10.00 and the maximum amount is US$250.00. Please refer to our Fiesta Boutique Catalogue or inquire from our cabin crew. INF LIGHT A M E N I T I E S On long-haul flights, you receive an overnight kit that contains grooming items and other travel essentials to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Mabuhay Class passengers are treated to additional amenities in their kit, such as branded toiletry products and handy travel accessories. Our cabin lavatories are also stocked with other toiletry products to help you freshen up for your arrival at your destination. For a more comfortable rest especially during long-haul flights, pillows and blankets are available upon request or can be found on the seat. Seats can be reclined except those that remain fixed for safety or other physical reasons. We also suggest that

92 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012

Welcome to Philippine Airlines! Here are a few reminders to ensure your safety and comfort on board. Have a pleasant trip!

passengers tune in to the Flite Lite channel of our Flights of Fancy inflight radio program to keep them relaxed during the flight. Fun and treats are in store for PAL Junior Jetsetter passengers from ages 2-11 when they hop in on their flights. On flights between Manila and San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Honolulu, Sydney, Melbourne and New Delhi, kids are provided with Junior Jetsetter Activity Kits featuring some of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time, Mickey Mouse and Friends. The kits contain activity books, coloring materials, puzzles, stickers and toys, which provide children with hours of fun, while educating them on various travel destinations. Two different activity sets, packed in easy-to-carry bags, are available on flights originating from Manila and on flights bound for Manila.

C O MP L IME N TA RY B E VE RA GE Complimentary beverage service is offered on all international flights. On long-haul flights, distilled water is passed around every-hour-on-the-hour in between meals to promote passenger well-being. A L C O HO L IC B E VE RA GE Red Wine / White Wine / Gin* / Vodka* / Whiskey* / Brandy / Selection of Beer (*Available only on long-haul flights) Alcoholic drinks are served only to a passenger aged 18 years or over. Government regulation prohibits passengers from opening and drinking alcoholic beverage other than what is served inflight. For the safety and comfort of all concerned, the cabin crew may decline to serve alcohol to passengers who appear to be intoxicated. Alcoholic drinks are not available on domestic flights and Vancouver - Las Vegas -Vancouver flights.

N O N -A L C O HO L IC B E VE RA GE Cola / Diet Cola / Uncola / Diet Uncola / Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Ginger Ale / Absolute Distilled Water / Tonic Water / Soda Water / Lemon Iced Tea / Lipton Tea / Coffee IN FL IGHT S N A C K S On flights between Manila and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Honolulu, Philippine Airlines invites passengers to enjoy our complimentary snack selection. These include Asian noodle soup, meat-filled buns, and pastries. Preferred snacks may be requested from the Cabin Crew anytime during the flight. READING MATERIALS We carry a number of Filipino and foreign language newspapers to keep passengers abreast with the lastest news and current events. Our inflight magazine, Mabuhay, is available for all classes of service on all international flights. Our Mabuhay Class service on international flights carries an array of News, Business, Fashion, Travel and Sports Magazines, including some Foreign Magazines on selected flights. These may be requested from the Cabin Crew onboard the flight.

B E F O RE YO U L E A VE Passengers must ensure that all personal belongings are in their possession before disembarking. If anything is forgotten, passengers may check with ground staff or call Philippine Airlines. D E E P VE IN T HRO MB O S IS ( D VT ) DVT is the formation or presence of a blood clot (thrombus) in any of the deep veins of the body, most frequently involving those of the legs, thighs or pelvis. The blood clot may interfere with the circulation and manifest as combinations of pain, soreness, heaviness, swelling, warmth, skin discoloration, or prominent superficial veins over the affected area. It may also break off (an embolus) and travel to the lungs or other organs, sometimes leading to undesirable complications. Warning signs of lung involvement (or pulmonary embolism) include shortness of breath, sudden unexplained coughing, or abrupt chest pain. If you experience any of these symptoms during the flight, please inform any of our cabin crew right away; or if you already left the aircraft, please seek medical attention immediately. 1. Internal Risk Factors: DVT especially affects people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as a history of thrombosis or embolism, heart disease, stroke, or malignancy. Other risk factors include advanced age, obesity and paralysis, use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy, recent childbirth, blood coagulation disorders, varicose veins, recent major surgery, and fractures of the pelvis and lower extremities. Prolonged immobility due to illnesses or injuries may also predispose one to DVT. Before you make travel plans, consult your physician to determine your fitness to take a flight. You might also need to secure clearance form our PAL Medical Office before you purchase a ticket. 2. External Risk Factors: Sitting or sleeping in cramped positions for extended periods may occasionally induce DVT. For your comfort and relaxation, we suggest you perform in-seat exercises. Extreme dehydration can also increase the risk of DVT, so drink plenty of water and minimize alcohol and caffeine intake before and during the flight.

YO U R F E E D B A C K WIL L B E A P P RE C IA TE D We encourage any comments or suggestions on how we can further improve our products and services. Please call our Customer Relations Office at telephone number 777-5932, fax number 777-5928 or email

Get acquainted with the Philippines even before you arrive. These tips will guarantee a carefree and informed stay.

PH I LIP P I N E S A T A G L ANC E Stretching 1,839 km north-to-south off the

southeast coast of Asia, the Republic of the Philippines has a total land area of 300,000 sq. kms. Its 7,107 islands comprise one of the largest island groups in the world. About 92 million Filipinos make up the population, 55% of whom occupy the largest island of Luzon. Filipinos comprise 111 cultural and linguistic groups of Malayo-Polynesian origin, with varying degrees of Chinese, Spanish and American influences. Majority are Roman Catholics, though a significant number are Protestants and Moslems. The Philippines is the world’s third largest Englishspeaking country after the United States and the United Kingdom. Filipino is the national language; English is used for commercial and legal transactions. Literacy rate is a high 94%.

CLI M A T E The Philippines is a tropical country with an average temperature of 32°C (89.6°F). March to June are hot and dry (36°C); rains and typhoons abound from July to October; November to February are pleasantly cool (around 23°C) and dry. In mountainous regions, temperatures dip to about 15°C. Light casual clothing is recommended for daily wear and Barong Tagalog or coat-and-tie for business and formal functions.


The secret to a satisfying shopping expedition is to go where the locals go, whether it be to world-class malls, bargain-rich flea markets or “tiangges,” ubiquitous sidewalk stalls, or tiny “holes-in-the-walls.” Handicraft stores can be found all over the country, selling export-quality products like native baskets and hand-woven fabrics, exquisite shellcraft and fine jewelry, or one-of-a-kind home accessories. Antique shops are a rich source of Philippine antiquities such as carved wooden furniture, old religious images, unique tribal artifacts, or vintage collectible pieces. The country’s upscale malls carry international brands with prices comparable to those in Hong Kong or Singapore. Don’t forget to check out the kiosks scattered throughout these sprawling spaces. They sell interesting items you may want to bring back home – from household bric-a-brac to curio items, native delicacies, or even the must-buy souvenir T-shirt.

NIGHT L IF E Metropolitan Manila is considered a pleasure-seeker’s paradise,

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas supervises authorized foreign exchange dealers (at airports, hotels, major commercial establishments and all bank branches), and posts official exchange rates for most international currencies.

with an array of nighttime activities, from the soothing to the sinful. No wonder it has been consistently voted as Asia’s number one destination for entertainment and relaxation by expatriates. You can listen to whatever music you fancy from the country’s popular bands and singers, take advantage of “happy hour” drink promos at bars and pubs, dance up a storm at clubs and street parties, or cap an exhilarating night with a calming cappuccino at the corner café. Hotspots not to be missed are bohemian Malate in Manila, cosmopolitan Fort in Taguig, upscale Ayala and Rockwell Centers in Makati, and the trendy Libis and Timog districts in Quezon City.

T R AN S P O R T A T I O N Philippine Airlines flies between Manila and 19 cities

F OOD Filipino food may puzzle the first-time eater. Philippine history is largely

CUR R E N C Y The monetary unit is the peso, divided into 100 centavos. The

and towns throughout the country. In Metro Manila, taxis, buses, jeepneys and a four-line Mass Transit System (LRT and Metrorail) provide public transport. In certain areas like Binondo (Manila’s Chinatown) and the old walled city of Intramuros, horse-drawn carriages or calesas ply short routes. International and local car rental companies provide chauffeured or self-driven limousine service. Large groups may hire medium-sized passenger vans or tourist coaches.

S H OP P I N G The Philippines is fast becoming a shopping haven, yielding great

responsible for this complex cuisine: on a matrix of native dishes akin to those in the rest of Southeast Asia, Chinese traders added their culinary influence, Spanish colonizers threw in touches of Castillan and Mexican cooking, and U.S. colonization brought in convenience and fast-food meals. Eating in the Philippines can therefore be an outstanding experience at all budget levels. In recent years, a profusion of restaurants has emerged, many catering to continental European or exotic Asian tastes. There are some good Japanese restaurants, too, plus a smattering of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and other cuisines.


bargains if you know what to look for and where.

AIRLINE PARTNERS To serve you better, Philippine Airlines broadened its route network through Codesharing with its Airline Partners, offering you more destinations worldwide. Together, PAL and the Airline Partner, sell the flight sector operated by the Airline Partner.

In Manila, Codeshare Flights operated by PAL’s other Airline Partners arrive/depart at NAIA1. For details on Codeshare Flights, please refer to the PAL Flight Facts and Flight Schedule on pages 95 and 96. When traveling on any of PAL’s Codeshare Flights, Mabuhay Miles members enjoy certain privileges. For specific Mabuhay Miles privileges per Airline Partner, especially on baggage allowance and lounge access, please contact the Mabuhay Miles Service Center at (632) 817 8000. Mabuhay Miles members can redeem travel awards on PAL operated sectors only. The privileges listed in the table shown are applicable provided ticket sales and reservations are under PAL’s seat allocation (ticket should reflect “PR” in the carrier designation box) and upon presentation of the Mabuhay Miles membership card.


















Philippine Airlines is pleased to offer you the following services to make your travel experience not only convenient but delightful as well.

S P E C I A L M E A LS Special meals may be requested on all Philippine Airlines international flights to cater to the various dietary requirements of passengers, for reasons of age, health or religion. These include: baby meal, child’s meal, western vegetarian meal, low-fat meal, diabetic meal, fruit meal, gluten restricted meal, moslem meal, asian vegetarian meal, seafood meal, hindu vegetarian meal, kosher meal and low-sodium meal. Please call PAL Reservations at least 24 hours before date of departure to ensure availability.

“Early Bird” advanced check-in service in select airports, to help passengers avoid the rush during peak check-in hours. Check-in counters generally close 45 minutes before flight departure. If passengers check in after the counter closure cut-off time, they may not be accepted for the flight even if they are holding a confirmed booking. Always have your travel documents on hand. As with other airlines, Philippine Airlines may refuse carriage to passengers who lack the necessary travel papers.

PAL passengers can now compare fares across a seven-day period. Our online booking features a fully automated facility called “Calendar Pricing” that displays the lowest fare available over a seven-day range-three days before and three days after the planned travel date thus allowing travelers to decide quickly when it is most convenient and cheapest to fly. Experience the difference. Book online!For more information, please visit us at www.philippineairlines com.

EXPRES S C HE CK- IN CO U NTE R S Senior Citizens traveling with up to two (2) traveling companions and passengers with NO CHECK-IN BAGGAGE on PAL flights departing from Manila or Mactan may avail of the express check-in service at designated counters. For more information on restrictions and check-in procedure, log on to

PAL Mobile connects passengers to us while on the go! Our mobile site, www.philippineairlines. mobi gives flyers the more flexibility and convenience. With web-enabled mobile phone, Blackberry or PDA, passengers can check the latest arrival and departure times, check flight schedules, track Mabuhay Miles mileage, and know more about our latest news and promos. Important advisories, travel essentials, contact information and a lot more can also be accessed. For more information on how to access the PAL Mobile site, check our FAQ at http://www.philippineairlines. com/faq/pal_mobile. Normal browsing charges apply. Please contact mobile carrier for details. NE E D T O RE CON FIRM Reconfirmation is not required for all Philippine Airlines flights. However we recommend that when making reservations, passengers provide telephone numbers at every stopover in their itinerary. This will allow us to call and advise them of any changes in their flight. AIRPORT


Philippine Airlines offers the

AIRPO RT LO UNGE S Philippine Airlines has Mabuhay Lounges in Manila (Domestic and International), Cebu (Domestic and International), Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, General Santos City and San Francisco. Mabuhay Class passengers, as well as Mabuhay Miles Elite and Premier Elite members, can unwind, dine and freshen up in these lounges before boarding their flight. In other International Stations, PAL has contracted the services of airport lounge operators to offer the same amenities to said passengers. AIRPO RT T RANSFE R SE R VICE IN M A NIL A For passengers connecting from a Philippine Airlines flight at the NAIA Centennial Terminal 2, to a code share flight operated by any of its Airline Partners at NAIA Terminal 1 (and vice versa), a complimentary transfer service is available. This service is subject to certain conditions and qualifications. For more information, please inquire with any of our Transfer service staff at the arrival area. C HO IC E ECONO M Y SE A T SU R CHA R GE Feeling cramped-up sitting with limited legroom when traveling on economy class? We are pleased to announce that passengers

may purchase a CHOICE ECONOMY SEAT. These seats are positioned at the bulkhead and exit rows to provide the widest legroom possible on this class of service. Seats may be reserved upon ticketing. Please advise our Customer Service representatives of your request. Seat confirmation will be done at the airport to comply with the Philippine Civil Air Regulations. Fees are collected upon check in and may vary per destination. TR A VE L ING WITH INFA NTS Infants at least 16 days old may be accepted for travel. Passengers requiring the use of baby bassinets should book their flights and make the necessary reservations at least 24 hours before the date of departure. We follow a One-InfantPer-Adult Policy. Philippine Airlines reserves the right to decline bassinet requests without prior reservation. These bassinets are limited in number as they can only be attached to certain seats on the plane and are available only on flights with a flying time of three (3) hours or more. The bassinets are approximately 70 cm long and 30 cm wide, with a weight limit of 10 kg. They are not suitable for infants over 18 months of age. Infants who turn two years old at the time of travel are required to occupy seats for safety reasons. FR E E B A GGA GE AL L O WA NCE O F IN F A N T S ON U S, G U A M A ND C A NA D A F L IGHTS An infant paying at least 10 percent of the adult fare is entitled to one piece of checked baggage weighing 7 kg (15 lbs) and whose dimensions do not exceed 45 inches. The passenger is also entitled to one fully collapsible child’s stroller or pushchair. FR E E BA GGA GE A L L O WA NCE O F IN F A N T S ON NO N- U S, G U A M A ND CA NA D A FL IGH T S From the Philippines, an infant paying at least 10 percent of the fare is entitled to 10 kg (22 lbs) of checked baggage plus one fully collapsible child’s stroller or pushchair.

Philippine Airlines introduces the RHUSH (Rapid Handling of Urgent Shipments) airport-to-airport service, the fastest way to ship cargo domestically or overseas. Enjoy the following advantages with RHUSH: highest priority in cargo, guaranteed space, fast and quick acceptance and release time, and money-back guarantee (conditions apply). But what makes RHUSH the hands-down choice is its guarantee that your cargo is released on the day you expect it. For particulars, please call PAL Cargo Sales and Reservations in Manila at (632) 831 3061 / 853 3062 / 853 3059 / 851 3063 / 879 5879 / 834 0362, or any PAL Office in your area.

FLIGHT TRANSFERS IN MANILA Philippine Airlines offers worry-free transit procedures for passengers coming from an international flight with an immediate connection to a PAL domestic flight. Upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Centennial Terminal 2 in Manila, all passengers have to do is clear with immigration, claim their baggage from the carousel, and proceed to the Special Customs Examination Counter for baggage clearance. They must then return the baggage to the carousel to ensure its loading on the domestic flight. If passengers onboard a PAL flight from the U.S.A., Canada or Narita are connecting to Cebu or Davao, they can proceed directly to the PAL Domestic Terminal at NAIA 2 after clearing Immigration. Baggage no longer has to be cleared in Manila, as the appointed Customs personnel in Cebu or Davao will take care of your baggage clearance. If passengers do not have their boarding passes for domestic flights, they may proceed to the PAL Transfer Desk at the Arrival Area for assistance. Passengers may take the escalator or elevator located at the Arrival Lobby to go to the PAL Domestic Terminal. Airport Terminal Fees: Php550 for international departure and Php200 for local departure (paid in Philippine pesos only). Departing passengers for international destinations are advised to check with airport or tourist information counters (Tel. Nos. 524-1703; 832-2964) for the departure fees which may change without notice.

PAL PASSENGERS FROM USA, CANADA OR NARITA WITH CONNECTING FLIGHT TO CEBU, DAVAO OR LAOAG (FOR CHECK THROUGH PASSENGERS ONLY): 1. Disembark from plane and go through Immigration check. 2. Proceed to PAL Domestic Terminal (via escalator or elevator at Arrival Lobby). 3. Pay terminal fee of Php200.00 at the Domestic Terminal. 4. Proceed to the assigned gate for your connecting flight.

94 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012


PASSENGERS FROM ANY OF PAL’S INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS BOUND FOR ANY PAL DOMESTIC STATION: 1. Disembark from plane and proceed to the Transfer Desk to check in for your connecting flight. 2. Go through Immigration check. 3. Proceed to Baggage Claim Area. 4. Proceed to the Special Customs Examination Counter for clearance. 5. Return baggage to the PAL staff at the baggage area for reloading. 6. Proceed to PAL Domestic Terminal (via escalator or elevator at the Arrival Lobby). 7. Pay terminal fee of Php200.00 at the Domestic Terminal. 8. Proceed to the assigned gate for your connecting flight.


Below are useful facts and figures about are flights and schedules.

Distances and flight times may vary due to weather conditions, flight path changes and the type of aircraft utilized. FLIGHT TIME refers to the time from when the aircraft engines start up before take-off, until the aircraft comes to a halt after landing. MM MILES refers to flight miles earned when travelling on Fiesta (Economy) Class, as adopted from the IATA standards.



Abu Dhabi Bahrain

4,352 4,580

9:00 9:58

Bangkok Busan

1,368 1,515

3:15 3:45




Doha Dubai

4,528 4,294

8:15 8:45

Fukuoka Guam Ho Chi Minh Hong Kong Honolulu Jakarta

1,445 1,596 1,002 712 5,296 1,732

3:30 3:40 2:30 2:00 10:15 6:15

00971 2 6351700 00973-17225650 extension 212 (662) 633-5713 / 14 (8251) 466-0333 (8251) 464-7890 (8610) 6510 2991 2992 / 2993 (974) 455-8760 (9714) 203-3788 / 316-6632 (8192) 415-3232 (671) 632-1615 / 17 / 19 (848) 832-872105 (852) 230-19350 / 51 1-800-435-9725 (6221) 300-15757 (6221) 526-8668



(via Singapore) Manila-Singapore Singapore-Jakarta Kuala Lumpur (via Kota Kinabalu) Manila-Kota Kinabalu Las Vegas (via Vancouver) Manila - Vancouver Vancouver - Las Vegas Los Angeles

3:35 1:35 3:40 7,393

1:55 16:15


12:05 2:40 12:30

Macau Melbourne Osaka Nagoya San Francisco

723 3,927 1,651 1,741 6,978

1:55 8:00 3:55 4:00 12:00

Seoul Shanghai Singapore Sydney (via Melbourne) Manila - Melbourne Melbourne - Sydney Taipei Tokyo Vancouver

1,624 1,152 1,476 3,883

4:00 3:10 3:35 10:50

731 1,879 6,560

8:00 1:30 2:00 4:15 12:05






Bacolod Busuanga Butuan

298 489

1:10 1:05 1:30

Cagayan de Oro












Cotabato Davao

552 597

1:30 1:45

Dipolog Dumaguete

438 390

1:30 1:15

General Santos









Laoag Legazpi Naga Ozamiz

257 250

0:55 0:55 0:50 1:25

Puerto Princesa Roxas San Jose

364 311

(603) 2141 0767 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 (853) 2835-5770 (613) 965-02188 (816) 6444-2541 (8152) 588-7131 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 (822) 774-3581 (8621) 6279-8765 (65) 6336-1611 (612) 927-92020

1,060 617 1,634

2:40 1:45 5:00

4:25 4:40

1:15 0:55 0:55 1:40

Tacloban Tagbilaran

352 387

1:10 1:10

Tuguegarao Zamboanga


1:00 1:30


(034) 433-3045 (0919) 511-2797 (085) 226-5118 / 4777 (085) 341-5156 (088) 857-2294 / 95 (088) 857-2688 (088) 858-8863 (055) 209-2885 (055) 533-8885 (055) 209-9228 (055) 251-8996 (055) 500-9886 (036) 288-7536 (036) 288-7538 (036) 288-7539 (032) 340-0191 (032) 234-2713 (064) 431-0136 (082) 233-0284 (082) 232-8010 (082) 234-0073 (082) 221-5513 (082) 225-0990 (065) 212-2355 / 2356 (035) 225-4266 (035) 226-1301 (083) 552-1235 / 36 (083) 552-5282 (083) 553-3943 (033) 333-0003 (033) 320-4893 (036) 262-3260 (036) 262-1261 (077) 670-8533 (052) 481-0780 (054) 473-2277 (088) 521-5565 (088) 521-0462 (048) 433-4565 (036) 621-0244 (043) 491-1604 (043) 491-1923 (086) 231-9680 (086) 826-8589 (053) 321-2213 (038) 412-2232 (038) 411-4226 (078) 844-9238 (062) 991-5800 (062) 993-0488

(852) 2301-9300 (603) 2141-0767

ReseRvations, tou R Packages, Mabuhay Miles and Flight in Fo RMation

1:45 2:25 1,884 2,024


Surigao (8862) 250-67255 (813) 515-74167 1-800-435-9725 1-800-635-8653 (86592) 239-4729 / 30 /65


Hong Kong Kota Kinabalu Kuala Lumpur (via Kota Kinabalu) Cebu-Kota Kinabalu Kota Kinabalu-Kuala Lumpur Seoul Tokyo


0082-1544-1717 (813) 3593-2421

PHILIPPINES: Manila (632) 8558888 Cebu (032) 3400191

US/CANADA: 1 (800) I FLY PAL or 1 (800) 4359725

For more information, visit I 95


Flight schedules printed in these pages are correct and current at time of printing.

DOMESTIC FLIGHTS MON Manila - Bacolod Bacolod - Manila Manila -Butuan Butuan - Manila Manila - Cagayan de Oro Cagayan de Oro - Manila Manila - Cebu Cebu - Manila Manila -Cotabato Cotabato - Manila Manila - Davao Davao - Manila Manila -Dipolog Dipolog - Manila Manila - Dumaguete Dumaguete - Manila Manila - General Santos General Santos - Manila Manila - Iloilo Iloilo - Manila Manila - Kalibo Kalibo - Manila Manila - Laoag Laoag - Manila Manila - Legazpi Legazpi - Manila Manila - Puerto Princesa Puerto Princesa - Manila Manila -Roxas Roxas - Manila Manila -Tacloban Tacloban - Manila Manila -Tagbilaran Tagbilaran - Manila Manila - Zamboanga Zamboanga - Manila





4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 9Q 9Q 9Q 9Q 8Q 9Q 9Q 7Q 9Q 8Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q 5Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 4Q 3Q 4Q 5Q 4Q 4Q 5Q 5Q 5Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q L E G E N D Q Code Share with airphil expreSS Manila - Busuanga 2Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Busuanga - Manila 2Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Manila - Calbayog Q Q Q Q Q Calbayog - Manila Q Q Q Q Q Manila - Catarman Q Q Q Q Q Catarman - Manila Q Q Q Q Q Manila - Caticlan 10 Q 10 Q 10 Q 10 Q 10 Q Caticlan - Manila 10 Q 10 Q 10 Q 10 Q 10 Q Manila - Masbate Q Q Q Q Q Masbate - Manila Q Q Q Q Q Manila - Naga 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Naga - Manila 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Manila - Ozamiz Q Q Q Ozamiz - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Pagadian Q Q Pagadian - Manila Q Q Manila - San Jose Q Q Q Q Q San Jose - Manila Q Q Q Q Q Manila - Surigao Q Q Q Q Q Surigao - Manila Q Q Q Q Q Manila - Tuguegarao Q Q Q Q Q Tuguegarao - Manila Q Q Q Q Q Busuanga - Puerto Princesa Q Q Puerto Princesa - Busuanga Q Q Cagayan de Oro - Davao 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Davao - Cagayan de Oro 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Caticlan - Cebu Q Q Q Q Q Cebu - Caticlan Q Q Q Q Q Cebu - Bacolod 2Q Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Bacolod - Cebu 2Q Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Cebu - Butuan Q 2Q Q Q 2Q Butuan - Cebu Q 2Q Q Q 2Q Cebu - Cagayan de Oro 2Q 3Q 2Q 2Q 3Q Cagayan de Oro - Cebu 2Q 3Q 2Q 2Q 3Q Cebu - Cotabato Q Q Cotabato - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Dipolog Q Q Dipolog - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Dumaguete Q Q Dumaguete - Cebu Q Q Cebu - General Santos Q Q Q General Santos - Cebu Q Q1 Q Cebu - Iloilo 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Iloilo - Cebu 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Cebu - Kalibo Q Q Q Kalibo - Cebu Q Q Q Cebu - Legazpi Q Q Q Legazpi - Cebu Q Q Q Cebu - Ozamiz Q Q Q Q Q Ozamis - Cebu Q Q Q Q Q Cebu - Pagadian Q Q Q Pagadian - Cebu Q Q Q Cebu - Puerto Princesa Q Q Puerto Princesa - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Surigao Q Q Surigao - Cebu Q Q Cebu - Tacloban 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Tacloban - Cebu 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q Cebu - Zamboanga Q Q Q Zamboanga - Cebu Q Q Q Clark-Cebu Q Q Q Cebu-Clark Q Q Q Clark - Davao Q Q Davao - Clark Q Q Clark - Kalibo Q Q Q Kalibo - Clark Q Q Q Clark - Puerto Princesa Q Q Puerto Princesa - Clark Q Q Zamboanga - Davao Q Q Q Davao - Zamboanga Q Q Q

96 I Mabuhay Magazine I July 2012



4Q 4Q Q Q 5Q 5Q 9Q 8Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 4Q 4Q 6Q 5Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 2Q 2Q

4Q 4Q Q Q 5Q 5Q 9Q 10 Q Q Q 5Q 5Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 4Q 4Q 7Q 6Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 3Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q 10 Q 10 Q Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q

2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q 10 Q 10 Q Q Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 3Q 3Q

2Q 2Q Q Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 2Q 3Q 3Q Q Q Q Q Q Q



2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q

Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2Q 2Q


Q Q 2Q 2Q


Zamboanga - Jolo Jolo - Zamboanga Zamboanga - Tawi-Tawi Tawi-Tawi - Zambonga








UNITED STATES Manila - Guam Q Q Guam - Manila Q Q Manila - Honolulu Q Honolulu - Manila Q Manila - Los Angeles Q 2Q Q Los Angeles - Manila Q 2Q Q Q with technical stop in Guam Manila - San Francisco Q Q Q San Francisco - Manila Q Q Q Q with technical stop in Guam Manila - Las Vegas via Vancouver Q Las Vegas - Manila via Vancouver Q CANADA Manila - Vancouver Q Q Q Vancouver - Manila Q Q Q Vancouver - Las Vegas Q Las Vegas - Vancouver Q AUSTRALIA Manila - Sydney via Melbourne Q Q Q Sydney - Manila via Melbourne Q Q Melbourne - Sydney Q Q Sydney - Melbourne Q Manila - Melbourne via Sydney Q Q Q Melbourne - Manila via Sydney Q 2Q CHINA Manila - Beijing Q Q Q Beijing - Manila Q Q Manila - Shanghai Q Q Q Shanghai - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Xiamen Q Q Q Xiamen - Manila Q Q Q TAIWAN Manila - Taipei Q Q Q Taipei - Manila Q Q Q HONG KONG code share and operated by Cathay Pacific (Cebu-Hong Kong vv) Q Manila - Hong Kong 5Q 5Q 5Q Hong Kong - Manila 5Q 5Q 5Q Hong Kong - Kalibo Q Kalibo - Hong Kong Q Cebu - Hong Kong Q Q Q Hong Kong - Cebu Q Q Q SINGAPORE Manila - Singapore 4Q 4Q 4Q Singapore - Manila 4Q 4Q 4Q INDONESIA Manila - Bali Q Bali - Manila Manila - Jakarta via Singapore Q Q 2Q Jakarta - Manila via Singapore 2Q 2Q Singapore - Jakarta Q Q Jakarta - Singapore Q Q JAPAN Manila - Fukuoka Q Fukuoka - Manila Q Manila - Osaka Q Q Q Osaka - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Nagoya Q Q Q Nagoya - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Tokyo Q Q Q Tokyo - Manila Q Q Q Cebu - Tokyo Q Q Tokyo - Cebu Q Q KOREA Manila - Pusan Q Q Q Pusan - Manila Q Q Q Manila - Seoul 2Q 2Q 2Q Seoul - Manila 2Q 2Q 2Q Cebu - Seoul Q Q Seoul - Cebu Q Q MACAU Manila - Macau Q Q Macau - Manila Q Q THAILAND Manila - Bangkok 2Q 2Q 2Q Bangkok - Manila 2Q 2Q 2Q Bangkok - Delhi Q Q Delhi - Bangkok Q INDIA Manila - Delhi via Bangkok Q Q Delhi - Manila via Bangkok Q VIETNAM Manila - Ho Chi Minh Q Q Q Ho Chi Minh - Manila Q Q Q MALAYSIA code share and operated by Malaysia Airlines Q Manila - Kuala Lumpur 2Q 2Q 2Q Kuala Lumpur - Manila 2Q 2Q 2Q QATAR code share and operated by Qatar Airways Q Manila - Doha 2Q 2Q 2Q Doha - Manila 2Q 2Q 2Q UNITED ARAB EMIRATES code share and operated by Etihad Airways Manila - Abu Dhabi 2Q 2Q 2Q Abu Dhabi - Manila 2Q 2Q 2Q







2Q 2Q



















Q 2Q Q Q Q 2Q

Q 2Q Q Q Q Q

2Q Q Q Q Q Q


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2Q Q



5Q 5Q

5Q 5Q

5Q 5Q


5Q 5Q Q Q Q Q



4Q 4Q

4Q 4Q

4Q 4Q

4Q 4Q



2Q 2Q Q Q


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Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q

Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q

Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q

Q Q 2Q 2Q Q Q

Q Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q


Q Q 2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q








2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q

2Q 2Q Q Q

2Q 2Q 2Q Q

2Q 2Q Q Q

2Q 2Q Q 2Q

code share and operated by Emirates

Manila - Dubai Dubai - Manila Manila - Bahrain Bahrain - Manila

2Q 2Q Q Q

2Q 2Q 2Q Q

2Q 2Q Q 2Q

Bacolod / Butuan / Cagayan De Oro / Cebu / Cotabato / Davao / Dipolog / Dumaguete / General Santos City / Iloilo / Kalibo / Laoag / Legazpi / Manila / Ozamiz / Puerto Princesa / Roxas / Tacloban / Tagbilaran / Zamboanga


















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Bali / Bangkok / Beijing / Delhi / Fukuoka / Guam / Ho Chi Minh / Honolulu / Hong Kong / Jakarta / Las Vegas / Los Angeles / Macau / Manila / Melbourne / Nagoya / Osaka / Pusan / San Francisco / Seoul / Shanghai / Singapore / Sydney / Taipei / Tokyo / Vancouver / Xiamen



Auckland I 99


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20 kgs 20 kgs


PAL Philippine domestic flights PAL flights within the Philippines / Asia, and to/ from Fukuoka and Osaka

1 piece not exceeding 20 kgs.

PAL flights to/ from Nagoya, Narita and Guam

20 kgs

PAL flights within Philippines / Asia/ Australia, Fukuoka and Osaka

1 piece not exceeding 20 kgs.

PAL flights to/ from United States / Canada/ Guam, Narita and Nagoya

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Mabuhay Miles Elite

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Salmon fISHInG iN tHE yEmEn


Flights Fancy of



Bride Wars Clash of the Titans Kingdom of Heaven



Filipino Pop Hitline Best of 60s, 70s & 80s

Asian Air Safari Horizons Just for Laughs



Mabuhay Class Fiesta Class

Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday Madonna: MDNA



A Thousand Words Wrath of the Titans Salmon Fishing in the Yemen




Angeline Quinto: Fall in Love Again





Trivia Challenge Chess Bookworm

salmon fishing in the yemen

How far would you go to achieve someone else’s vision? From the director of Chocolat and the Oscarwinning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire comes an inspirational comedy entitled Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Turn to page 104 for more information or page 112 for movie schedules.

Britain’s fisheries expert Alfred Jones (Ewan McGregor) is approached by Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Emily Blunt), who asks for help to fulfill the sheikh’s vision of introducing salmon fishing to the desert country of Yemen. Doubtful of the plan’s feasibility, Alfred is pressured by the Prime Minister’s press secretary into working with Harriet, taking the opportunity as a “good will” story. Now joined together in an unlikely team, the characters put it all on the line to embark on a journey of faith and love, just to prove the impossible possible.

Flights of Fancy




Journey 2: the MySteriouS iSlanD

SalMon fiShinG in the yeMen

a thouSanD WorDS

Stars Eddie Murphy, Cliff Curtis, Allison Janne Director Brian Robbins Comedy 86 mins Rated PG-13 L

Stars Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Caine Director Brad Peyton Adventure 94 mins Rated PG L

Stars Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas Director Lasse Hallstrom Drama 107 mins Rated PG -13


Stars Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith Director John Madden Comedy 124 mins Rated PG -13



Fast-talking Jack's insincere patter often gets him into trouble. He suffers karmic repercussions from a magic tree that sheds a leaf for each word Jack speaks. After one thousand words, he will die.

The new family adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island begins when seventeen-year-old Sean Anderson receives a coded distress signal from a mysterious island where no island should exist.

A fisheries expert is asked to help realize a sheik's vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desert and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.

A group of British retirees decide to retire to India; however, their hotel isn't as luxurious as they'd hoped, but they still find themselves seduced and transformed by their new environment.

临终前言 杰克是一个快人快语的人,因此常在无意中得 罪不少人。有一次,他闯祸后“召唤”来了一 棵带有魔法、一千片树叶的菩提树。他每说一 个单词,树叶就会掉下来一片,等到一千片树 叶落尽的时候,杰克的生命就到了尽头。

历险新片《地心历险记2:神秘岛》,源于17 岁的肖恩•安德森收到的一组发自无人知晓的 神秘岛密码求救信号。

鱼跃奇缘 一位也门富人怀有一个梦想,将鲑鱼引进也门 沙漠地带。他于是委托一名渔业专家协助实现 这个奇迹。在此事背后呈现的美好远景下,似 乎谁也挡不住奇迹的必然发生!

涉外大饭店 一群英国退休人士决定去印度旅游,享受生活 。然而,他们发现所留宿的酒店不如想象般的 舒适美好,但是他们也因此有了一次别样的生 活体验。

イエメンで鮭釣りを (原題:Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) 水産業研究員のもとに、砂漠でフライフィッシン グが楽しめるようにというシークの構想実現を手 助けして欲しいという依頼が舞い込み、流れに 逆らっても信条を貫き、不可能を可能であると証 明しようという旅が始まる。

ザ・ベスト・エキゾチック・マリゴールド・ホテル (原題:The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) 引退したイギリス人グループがインドで隠居生 活を送ろうと決心する。しかし、滞在するホテル は望んでいたほど豪華ではなかった。それでも 、彼らは、新しい環境に魅了され、自分たちが変 わってきていることを発見する。

새먼 피싱 인 더 예멘 (Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) 한 해양 전문가는 사막에서 낚시를 가능케 하고자 하는 부족장의 비전을 실현시키기 위해 도움을 주고 오라는 명을 받아 불가능을 가능하게 할 수 있음을 보여주는 여행에 나선다.

메리골드 호텔 (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) 영국인 퇴직자 한 무리가 인도에서 은퇴 생활을 보내기로 결정한다. 하지만, 그들이 그 곳에서 묵을 호텔은 바라던대로 전혀 호화스럽지 않다. 하지만, 이들은 새로운 환경에 매료되고 서서히 변화하는 자신들을 발견하게 되는데..

ア・サウザンド・ワーズ (原題: A Thousand Words) 言葉巧みなジャックは、矢継ぎ早に口から出ま かせを言っては、しばしば自らを窮地に陥れてき た。因果応報、そんなジャックは一語話すたびに 葉を落とす不思議な木の呪いに悩まされている 。千語話してしまうとジャックに死が訪れるのだ。

センター・オブ・ジ・アース2:神秘の島では、17歳 になったショーン・アンダーソンが、島など存在す るはずのない場所にある神秘の島から暗号化さ れた遭難信号を受け取ったことから、新たなファ ミリー・アドベンチャーの旅が始まる。 뉴 패밀리 어드밴처 잃어버린 세계를 찾아서 2: 17세 소년 션 앤더슨이 미스테리한 한 섬으로부터 정체불명의 부호를 받게 되면서 이야기는 시작된다.

어 싸우전드 워즈(A Thousand Words) 빠르게 말을 하는 잭의 무성의해 보이는 말투는 종종 그를 곤경에 빠트린다. 잭이 한 단어를 말할 때마다 나뭇잎을 떨어뜨리는 마술 나무로 인해 그는 숙명적 영향을 받게 되는데.. 1,000마디 단어를 말하면 그는 죽음에 이르게 된다.

WARNING LEGEND: A Strong Adult Themes


the beSt eXotiC MariGolD hotel

Flights of Fancy

G Gore

I Aircraft Incident

L Strong Language

N Nudity

S Sexual Content

V Violence

PE RSONA L CI NE M A alVin anD the chiPmunkS: chiPwReckeD

wRath of the titanS

thiS meanS waR

Stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy Director McG Comedy 98 mins Rated PG -13 V


act of ValoR

Stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike Director Jonathan Liebesman Adventure 99 mins Rated PG -13 V

It's a case of spy versus spy when best friends and deadly CIA operatives FDR and Tuck both fall for the same woman, employing an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against each other.

After his defeat of the Kraken, Perseus lives quietly as a fisherman and parent. But unknown to him, a struggle for supremacy has been raging between the gods that will threaten his idyllic life

塔克和FDR是美国中央情报局的顶尖探员,并 且是生死与共的最佳拍档,但却没料到两人会 爱上同一人。他们为了赢得佳人的芳心,各自 使出看家本领。

诸神之怒 珀尔修斯在击败海怪之后,就与家人和孩子过 着平静的渔民生活。然而,他还不知道生活中 巨大的动荡正在慢慢地侵袭其悠闲的生活。

親友同士であり、とことんCIAエージェントであ るFDRとタックの二人が同じ女性に恋をし、次 から次へとハイテク兵器を駆使して恋のさや当 てをすることに……。これはもうスパイ対スパ イの対決だ。

タイタンの逆襲 クラーケンを討伐した後、ペルセウスは、漁師 としてそして父親として静かな生活を送ってい る。しかし、ペルセウスの知らぬ間に、支配権 を求める神々の争いが激化、ペルセウスのの どかな生活を脅かす。

한 여자를 동시에 사랑하게 된 베스트 프렌드이자 CIA 요원 에프디알과 턱의 이야기. 첨단 장비를 동원하여 끊임없는 경합을 펼친다.

타이탄의 분노(Wrath Of The Titans) 크라켄과의 전투를 승리로 이끈 페르세우스는 어부이자 아버지로 조용한 삶을 살아간다. 그가 모르고 있는 사이, 절대권력을 차지하려는 신들간의 갈등은 고조되어 그의 한가로운 삶을 위협하기에 이른다.

Stars Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano, Alex Veadov Director Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh Action 111 mins Rated R L

Stars Justin Long, Jason Lee, Christina Applegate Director Mike Mitchell Comedy 87 mins Rated G


Act of Valor stars a group of activeduty U.S. Navy SEALs in a film like no other in Hollywood's history. A fictionalized account of real-life Navy SEAL operations. 《英勇行动》与好莱坞史上任何一部作品不太 一样的是,由真实的现役海豹部队成员真枪实 弹亲自演出,揭开了最不为人知的机密行动。 ハリウッド史上類を見ない作品ネイビーシール ズでは、現役の米国海軍シール隊員一団が主 役を演じる。実際の海軍シール部隊の戦略をフ ィクション化。 할리우드 역사상 이런 영화는 없었다. 현역 네이비 씰 요원들이 영화에 등장하여 실제 네이비 씰 작전을 허구적 이야기를 빌어 풀어나간다.

On vacation aboard a luxury cruise ship, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore get up to their usual antics, turning the ship into their personal playground, until they become “chipwrecked” on a desert island. 鼠来宝三:明星俱乐部 艾尔文、赛门以及喜多一起去度假,它们把 豪华邮轮当做游乐园尽情玩乐,途中遭逢沈 船灾难,流落到无人岛屿。 アルビン/歌うシマリス3兄弟:チップレッ クド(原題 ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED) 豪華客船で海外バケーション中でも、アルビン 、サイモン、セオドアは、船を自分たちの遊び 場にして、いつものごとく、大はしゃぎ。でも、そ れも無人島に漂着するまでのことだった 앨빈 앤 더 칩멍크스 휴가를 맞아 화려한 크루즈에 오른 앨빈, 시몬, 테오도르는 항상 그렇듯 선상을 개인 놀이터 삼아 천방지축 소란을 일삼는다. 그러다 한 외딴섬에 조난을 당하게 되는데…

Flights of Fancy


P E RS O N AL CIN EMA FrienDS with kiDS




biG MiraCle

Stars Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Ted Danson Director Ken Kwapis Drama 107 mins Rated PG

Stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell Director Josh Trank Drama 84 mins Rated PG-13



Big Miracle tells the true story of a small-town news reporter and a Greenpeace volunteer who enlist the help of rival superpowers to save three whales trapped under the ice of the Arctic Circle. 鲸奇之旅 影片来自于真实的故事,小镇上的 记者和一个绿色和平组织的志愿者 为了拯救受困于北极圈的灰鲸,联 手对抗世界强权。 ビッグ・ミラクル(原題:Big Miracle) ビッグ・ミラクルは、実話をもとに、北 極の氷の下に閉じ込められた3頭のク ジラを救うために、ライバルの超巨大 企業に協力を求める小さな町のニュ ース・レポーターとグリーンピースのボ ランティアを描いた作品。 빅 미라클 빅 미라클은 북극의 얼음 밑에 갇힌 세 마리의 고래를 구하기 위해 경쟁자인 대국들의 힘을 빌린 한 작은 마을의 기자와 그린피스 자원봉사자에 관한 실화이다.

In the new century we post and comment on every part of our lives But for three friends who make a lifechanging discovery, the chronicle of their ordinary lives is about to take an extraordinary turn. 超能失控 三名好友忽然获得异能,他们用手 机拍片记录异能进化并上载分享, 却不知不觉改变众人的命运,最终 搞出人命收场。 クロニクル(原題:Chronicle) 新世紀、われわれは生活のすべてを 公開しコメントしている。しかし、人生 を一変する発見をした3人の仲間にと って、このごく普通の生活の記録が途 方もない展開をみせようとしている。 크로니클 요즈음 세상의 우리는 인생의 모든 부분에 글을 쓰기도 하고 혹은 댓글을 달기도 하며 산다. 하지만 인생을 바꾸는 발견을 하게 된 세 명의 친구들에게 그들의 평범한 삶의 연대기가 놀랍게 변하게 된다. 奪命異能 (Chronicle) 電影預告

WARNING LEGEND: A Strong Adult Themes


Flights of Fancy

John Carter

Stars Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Jon Hamm Director Jennifer Westfeldt Comedy 107 mins Rated r

Stars Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Giovanni Ribisi Director Baltasar Kormákur Action 110 mins Rated r L



Mark Wahlberg stars as a security guard and former alcohol smuggler who is tempted back into the illicit business by his brotherin-law after encountering financial troubles. 禁运品 麦克华堡饰演一名曾偷运私酒的保 安员因其小舅搞砸了一次毒品交易 ,而被逼重返走私老本行。 コントラバンド(原題:Contraband) マーク・ウォルバーグが、酒の密輸か ら足を洗い警備員になったが、お金に 困り、義兄の仕切る違法ビジネスに再 び手を染めたい衝動に駆られている 男を演じる。 콘트라밴드 안전요원이자 전직 밀수범이었던 마크 월버그는 경제적 어려움에 처한 처남으로 인해 불법 밀수 범죄에 다시 휘말리게 되는데..

G Gore

I Aircraft Incident



Two best friends decide to have a child together so they can avoid the strain that having kids can put on romantic relationships. 老友有喜 一对好朋友决定搭伙生个小孩。事 后,两人不但要面对养育孩子的压 力,更重要的是, 如何在带着一 个孩子的情况下继续寻觅爱情。 フレンド・ウィズ・キッズ (原題:Friends With Kids) 子供を持つことで恋愛関係へしわ寄 せが来ることを防ごうと二人の親友同 士は、恋愛関係のない者の間で子供 を持つことを決意する。 프렌즈 위드 키즈 (Friends With Kids) 두 명의 베스트 프렌드가 한 아이를 함께 기르기로 결정한다. 그리하여 그들의 로맨틱한 관계를 아이가 망치는 스트레스를 피해보고자 하는데…

L Strong Language

Stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe Director Andrew Stanton Action 132 mins Rated PG -13

N Nudity


John Carter is inexplicably transported to Mars, known as Barsoom to its inhabitants. Stranded on this wildly diverse planet, Carter becomes embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions. 快乐的噪音 佐治亚州小镇的教堂唱诗班总指挥 猝死,居民皆感到沉痛。然而,他 们仍引颈期盼能在全国《快乐噪音 》的比赛上抱回冠军。 ジョイフル・ノイズ(原題:Joyful Noise) ジョージア州の小さな町パカシャウは 窮地に立っていたが、町民は、ディヴ ィンティ教会の聖歌隊がジョイフル・ノ イズ全国大会で優勝して、意気を高 揚させてくれると期待している。 조이풀 노이즈 조지아주에 있는 작은 마을 파카샤는 힘든 시간을 보내고 있지만 주민들은 디비니티 교회 합창단이 전국 조이풀 노이즈 대회에서 우승해 그들에게 희망을 줄 것이라고 믿는다.

S Sexual Content

V Violence

SheRlOck hOlmeS: A GAme Of ShADOwS

One fOR the mOney

JOyful nOiSe

mAn On A leDGe

Stars Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer Director Todd Graff Comedy 118 mins Rated PG-13 L

Stars Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell Director Asger Leth Thriller 102 mins Rated PG -13 L

The small town of Pacashau, Georgia, has fallen on hard times, but the people are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits by winning the National Joyful Noise Competition. 快乐的噪音 佐治亚州小镇的教堂唱诗班总指挥猝 死,居民皆感到沉痛。然而,他们仍 引颈期盼能在全国《快乐噪音》的比 赛上抱回冠军。 ジョイフル・ノイズ(原題:Joyful Noise) ジョージア州の小さな町パカシャウは 窮地に立っていたが、町民は、ディヴ ィンティ教会の聖歌隊がジョイフル・ノ イズ全国大会で優勝して、意気を高揚 させてくれると期待している。 조이풀 노이즈 조지아주에 있는 작은 마을 파카샤는 힘든 시간을 보내고 있지만 주민들은 디비니티 교회 합창단이 전국 조이풀 노이즈 대회에서 우승해 그들에게 희망을 줄 것이라고 믿는다.


Nick Cassidy makes a desperate and lifethreatening move to prove his innocence after he is framed for the theft of a rare diamond.

SAfe hOuSe

Stars Katherine Heigl, John Leguizamo, Debbie Reynolds Director Julie Anne Robinson Comedy 106 mins Rated PG-13 N

Stars Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson Director Daniel Espinosa Thriller 115 mins Rated R V



Stars Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Noomi Rapace Director Guy Ritchie Action 129 mins Rated PG-13 L




Based on the first book of the international best-selling series by Janet Evanovich, this movie follows Stephanie Plum, who is desperate for a job following a string of bad luck.

尼克.卡西迪策划一项反击计划,以 禁运品 揪出诬陷他私吞钻石的幕后黑手。 麦克华堡饰演一名曾偷运私酒的保 安员因其小舅搞砸了一次毒品交易 希少なダイアモンドを強奪した罪をき ,而被逼重返走私老本行。 せられたニック・キャシディは、その汚 名を返上したい一心で生死をかけた コントラバンド(原題:Contraband) 行動をとる。 マーク・ウォルバーグが、酒の密輸か ら足を洗い警備員になったが、お金に 닉 캐서디는 희귀 다이아몬드 절도 困り、義兄の仕切る違法ビジネスに再 사건의 누명을 쓰고 그의 무고함을 び手を染めたい衝動に駆られている 증명하기 위해 생명을 위협하는 男を演じる。 절박한 상황을 맞이한다. 콘트라밴드 안전요원이자 전직 밀수범이었던 마크 월버그는 경제적 어려움에 처한 처남으로 인해 불법 밀수 범죄에 다시 휘말리게 되는데.

Matt Weston has been frustrated by his post in Cape Town. When the first and only occupant he’s had proves to be the most dangerous man he’s ever met, Weston readies himself for duty.

Guy Ritchie helms a new action-packed adventure, following the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his trusted associate, Dr. Watson, as they match wits with their nemesis, Moriarty.

韦斯顿被派驻开普敦的安全屋。他甚 感沮丧未能一展抱负,直至他第一个 也是唯一一个看管对象,一位棘手的 危险人物出现。

大侦探福尔摩斯:诡影游戏 这部动作片是由蓋瑞奇指导,诠释 世界最著名的侦探故事。福尔摩斯 与其忠诚拍档华森医生联手跟他们 的克星莫里亚蒂教授斗勇斗智。

マット・ウェストンはケープ・タウンでの 駐在に嫌気がさしていた。しかし、初 めての、そして唯一の住人がこれまで に会った中で最も危険な男であること が証明されたとき、ウェストンは任務 遂行に備える。 맷 워스턴은 케이프 타운에서의 그의 자리에 매우 실망한다. 그가 처음 만난 유일한 수감자가 누구보다 위험한 인물임이 드러나자 웨스턴은 작전을 수행할 준비를 하게 되는데…

シャーロック・ホームズ:シャドウゲー ム ガイ・リッチーのアクション満載の新作 アドベンチャー映画。世界一の名探偵 シャーロック・ホームズと彼の信頼す べき相棒ワトソン博士が宿敵モリアー ティとの機知に富んだ対決を追う。 셜록 홈즈: 그림자 게임 세상에서 가장 유명한 재간둥이 형사 셜록 홈즈와 그의 심복 왓슨 박사가 평생의 숙적인 모리아티 교수를 상대하는 모습을 그린 액션 어드벤터이다. 가이 리치 감독.

Flights of Fancy





The Vow


The hunGer GameS

Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth Director Gary Ross Action 142 mins Rated PG-13 G


unofficially yourS

Stars Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill Director Michael Sucsy Drama 103 mins Rated PG N

In a future where North America lies in ruins, Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games, a twisted televised tournament in which teenagers must fight with one another until only one remains. 饥饿游戏 故事背景设定在大灾变后的北美洲,自废 墟建立起的“施惠国”之中。都城要求派 出一对少年少女到竞技场参加“饥饿游戏 ”,同时透过电视转播,最后存活的即为 胜利者。 ハンガー・ゲーム アメリカが文明崩壊してしまった未来。カッ トニスは、ティーンエージャーたちが最後 の一人として生き延びるまで戦い続けると いう倒錯したテレビ・トーナメント、ハンガー ・ゲームへの参加を自ら申し出る。

Against all odds, a young man must win back his wife’s love after she loses her memory in a car accident. 誓约 故事讲述一对夫妻在遭遇车祸后,妻子失忆 ,丈夫尽力唤回妻子的记忆与爱意。 君への誓い どんなに困難であっても、青年は交通事故で 記憶を失った妻の愛を取り戻さなければなら ない。 서약 온갖 역경에도 불구하고, 한 남자가 자동차 사고에서 기억을 잃은 아내의 사랑을 되찾기 위해 모든 노력을 기울인다.

WARNING LEGEND: A Strong Adult Themes

Flights of Fancy

Stars John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin Director Cathy Garcia-Molina Comedy 97 mins Rated PG-13

Stars Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Shammi Kapoor Director Imtiaz Ali Action/Comedy 130 mins Rated PG

Macky Galvez is a depressed young man contemplating why he has had several failed relationships, until he meets Ces Bricenio, a modern-day woman who is afraid of commitment, and things change

The movie tells the story of Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ, a simple Haryanvi boy from Pitam Pura, Delhi, who yearns to become a big star some day. His dreams are, however, only a source of amusement and jokes for his friends. Khatana, the canteen owner (Kumud Mishra) where JJ frequents, tells him that the only way JJ can produce great melody is if he undergoes trauma via a heartbreak. Determined to achieve the level of fame of his rockstar idol, Jim Morrison, he develops a relationship with Heer Kaul, who his college deems as the “perfect heartbreaking machine.” The two then go on an adventure of love, music, and finally, of heartbreak.


헝거 게임 (The Hunger Games) 북미지역이 폐허가 된 미래에 캣니스는 헝거 게임에 참가하기를 자청한다. 헝거게임은 십대들이 한 사람이 최종적으로 남을 때까지 싸움을 하는 텔레비전 중계 토너먼트이다.



非正式的你 Macky Galvez是一个很沮丧的年轻小伙子 ,正为几段失败的恋情而苦思着。当他遇 上了Ces Bricenio,一名很摩登且害怕献 身的女子后,一切就有了转变。 アンオフィシャリー・ユアーズ(原題 :UnOfficially Yours) これまでなぜ女性との関係がうまくいかな かったかを深く考えこんで、落ち込んでい る青年、マキー・ガルベズ。男女の誓約を 恐れるいまどきの女性セス・ブリセニオに 出会い、その状況が一変する。 언오피셜리 유어즈 (UnOfficially Yours) 맥키 갈베즈는 그의 순탄치못한 인간관계를 탓하며 우울한 젊은 나날을 보낸다. 그러던 중 한 사람에게만 충실하는 것을 두려워하는 현대적 여성인 세스 브리세니오를 만나게 되고 변화를 맞이하게 된다.

G Gore

I Aircraft Incident

L Strong Language

N Nudity

S Sexual Content

V Violence

Act Of VAlOR Rated R Stars Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano, Alex Veadov Director Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh

chRONIclE Rated PG-13 Stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell Director Josh Trank

cONtRABAND Rated R Stars Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Giovanni Ribisi Director Baltasar Kormákur

DIE hARD 4 Rated PG-13 Stars Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Oliphan Director Len Wiseman

fANtAStIc fOUR: RISE Of thE SIlVER SURfER Rated PG Stars Jessica Alba, Chris Evans Director Tim Story

fREE WIlly: EScAPE fROM PIRAtE’S cOVE Rated PG Stars Beau Bridges, Bindi Irwin, Mike Falkow Director Will Geiger

INcEPtION Rated PG13 Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe Director Christopher Nolan

KINGDOM Of hEAVEN Rated R Stars Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Jeremy Irons Director Ridley Scott

NINJA ASSASSIN Rated R Stars Naomie Harris, Ben Miles, Sho Kosugi Director Donald Petrie

SAfE hOUSE Rated R Stars Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson Director Daniel Espinosa

SUPERMAN REtURNS Rated PG-13 Stars Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth Director Bryan Singer

thE DAy thE EARth StOOD StIll Rated PG-13 Stars Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates Director Scott Derrickson

thE hUNGER GAMES Rated PG-13 Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth Director Gary Ross

thE lASt SAMURAI Rated R Stars Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly Director Edward Zwick

thE MAtRIX RElOADED Rated R Stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving Director The Wachowski Brothers

thE MAtRIX REVOlUtIONS Rated R Stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne Director The Wachowski Brothers

V fOR VENDEttA Rated R Stars Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea Director James McTeigue

X-MEN 2: XMEN UNItED Rated PG-13 Stars Hugh Jackman Halle Berry Ian McKellen Director Bryan Singer

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOlVERINE Rated PG-13 Stars Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber Director Gavin Hood

AVAtAR Rated PG13 Stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana Director James Cameron

chARlIE AND thE chOcOlAtE fActORy Rated PG Stars Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore Director Tim Burton

clASh Of thE tItANS Rated PG-13 Stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes Director Louis Leterrier

INKhEARt Rated PG Stars Brendan Fraser, Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren Director Iain Softley


JOURNEy 2: thE MyStERIOUS ISlAND Rated PG Stars Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Caine Director Brad Peyton

JOURNEy tO thE cENtER Of thE EARth Rated PG Stars Brendan Fraser Anita Briem Director Eric Brevig

MR. MAGORIUM’S WONDER EMPORIUM Rated G Stars Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Matt Baram Director Zach Helm

PlANEt Of thE APES Rated PG-13 Stars Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter Director Tim Burton

thE DAy AftER tOMORROW Rated PG-13 Stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sela Ward Director Roland Emmerich

WRAth Of thE tItANS Rated PG-13 Stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike Director Jonathan Liebesman

Rated PG-13 Stars Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe Director Andrew Stanton

GhOStS Of GIRlfRIEND’S PASt Rated PG-13 Stars Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Lacey Chabert Director Mark Waters

lOVE AND OthER DRUGS Rated R Stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt Director Edward Zwick

MONStER-INlAW Rated PG-13 Stars Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan Director Robert Luketic

RUMOR hAS It... Rated PG-13 Stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo Director Rob Reiner

thE BODyGUARD Rated R Stars Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, Gary Kemp Director Mick Jackson

thE VOW Rated PG-13 Stars Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill Director Michael Sucsy

thIS MEANS WAR Rated PG-13 Stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy Director McG

VAlENtINE’S DAy Rated PG-13 Stars Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Shirley MacLaine Director Garry Marshall



12 ROUNDS Rated PG-13 Stars John Cena, Brian White, Aidan Gillen Director Renny Harlin

SOMEthING’S GOttA GIVE Rated PG13 Stars Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves Director Nancy Meyers

Flights of Fancy



500 DAyS OF SuMMeR Rated PG-13 Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel Director Marc Webb

A ThOuSAnD wORDS Rated PG-13 Stars Eddie Murphy, Cliff Curtis, Allison Janne Director Brian Robbins

BRIDe wARS Rated PG Stars Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Bryan Greenberg Director Gary Winick

FAMIly STOne Rated PG-13 Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes Director Thomas Bezucha

FRIenDS wITh kIDS Rated R Stars Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Jon Hamm Director Jennifer Westfeldt

he’S JuST nOT ThAT InTO yOu Rated PG-13 Stars Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck Director Ken Kwapis

MARley & Me Rated PG Stars Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston Kathleen Turner Director David Frankel

MISS cOnGenIAlITy 2: ARMeD & FABulOuS Rated PG-13 Stars Sandra Bullock Regina King Director John Pasquin

One FOR The MOney Rated PG-13 Stars Katherine Heigl, John Leguizamo, Debbie Reynolds Director Julie Anne Robinson

SPAce JAM Rated PG Stars Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, Theresa Randle Director Joe Pytka

The BeST exOTIc MARIGOlD hOTel Rated PG-13 Stars Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith Director John Madden

The whOle nIne yARDS Rated R Stars Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Rosanne Arquette Director Jonathan Lynn

FAnTASTIc MR. FOx Rated PG Stars George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Anjelica Huston Director Wes Anderson

cATS AnD DOGS: The ReVenGe OF kITTy GAlORe Rated PG Stars Christina Applegate, Chris O'Donnell Director Brad Peyton hOMe AlOne Rated PG Stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern Director Chris Columbus

cOP OuT Rated R Stars Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Adam Brody Director Kevin Smith

DOwn wITh lOVe Rated PG-13 Stars Ewan McGregor, Renee Zellwegger Director Peyton Reed

In heR ShOeS Rated PG-13 Stars Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, Shirley MacLaine Director Curtis Hanson

lIFe AS we knOw IT Rated PG-13 Stars Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel Director Greg Berlanti

RuSh hOuR 3 Rated PG-13 Stars Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Roman Polanski Director Brett Ratner

Sex AnD The cITy Rated R Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis Director Michael Patrick King

Sex AnD The cITy 2 Rated R Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis Director Michael Patrick King

weDDInG cRASheRS Rated R Stars Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Christopher Walken Director David Dobkin

whAT hAPPenS In VeGAS Rated PG-13 Stars Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah Director Tom Vaughan

leGenD OF The GuARDIAnS: The OwlS OF GA’hOOle Rated PG Stars Jim Sturgess, Emily Barclay, Emilie de Ravin Director Zack Snyder

lOOney TuneS BAck In AcTIOn

The AnT Bully Rated PG Stars Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep Director John A. Davis

JOhn Q Rated PG-13 Stars Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, Anne Heche Director Nick Cassavetes

MAn On A leDGe Rated PG-13 Stars Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell Director Asger Leth

MAn On FIRe Rated R Stars Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, C. Walken Director Tony Scott

Rated PG Stars Brendan Fraser, Steve Martin, Jenna Elfman Director Joe Dante


Rated PG Stars Anna Faris Dan Aykroyd Justin Timberlake Director Eric Brevig

FRAcTuRe Rated R Stars Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Rosamund Pike Director Gregory Hoblit


Flights of Fancy

The SIMPSOnS MOVIe Rated PG-13 Stars Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright Director David Silvermani

127 houRS Rated R Stars James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara Director Danny Boyle

a tIME to kIll Rated R Stars Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson Director Joel Schumacher

auStRalIa Rated PG-13 Stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, David Wenham Director Baz Luhrmann

BEfoRE SunSEt Rated R Stars Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Vernon Dobtcheff Director Richard Linklater

BIg MIRaClE Rated PG Stars Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Ted Danson Director Ken Kwapis

BoDy of lIES Rated R Stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong Director Ridley Scott

flagS of ouR fathERS Rated R Stars Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach Director Clint Eastwood

gRan toRIno Rated R Stars Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, Ahney Her Director Clint Eastwood

I aM SaM Rated PG-13 Stars Sean Penn Michelle Pfeiffer Dakota Fanning Director Jessie Nelson

InvICtuS Rated Drama Stars Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon Director Clint Eastwood

Juno Rated PG-13 Stars Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner Director Jason Reitman

My naME IS khan Rated PG-13 Stars Shahrukh Khan, Christopher Duncan, Steffany Huckaby Director Karan Johar

My SIStER’S kEEpER Rated PG-13 Stars Cameron Diaz Alec Baldwin Joan Cusack Director Nick Cassavetes

SalMon fIShIng In thE yEMEn Rated PG-13 Stars Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Tomas Director Lasse Hallstrom

SolaRIS Rated PG-13 Stars George Clooney, Jeremy Davies, Natascha McElhone Director Steven Soderbergh

SWEEt novEMBER Rated PG-13 Stars Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs Director Pat O'Conor

thE aSSaSSInatIon of JESSE JaMES Rated R Stars Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Sam Shephard Director Andrew Dominik

thE BRIDgES of MaDISon County Rated PG-13 Stars Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep Director Clint Eastwood

thE nEgotIatoR Rated R Stars Samuel L.Jackson, Kevin Spacey, J.T. Walsh Director F. Gary Gray

tIME tRavElER'S WIfE Rated PG-13 Stars Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Ron Livingston Director Robert Schwentke

thE toWn Rated R Stars Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall Director Ben Affleck

BakIt IISa ang puSo Rated PG-13 Stars Christopher De Leon, Dawn Zulueta, Eddie Garcia Director Eddie Rodriguez

EntEng ng Ina Mo Rated GP Stars Vic Sotto, Eugene Domingo, Marvin Agustin, Ai Ai delas Alas Director Tony Y. Reyes

In thE naME of lovE Rated PG Stars Aga Muhlach, Angel Locsin Director Olivia Lamasan

no othER WoMan Rated PG Stars Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, Cristine Reyes Director Ruel S. Bayani

pRayBEyt BEnJaMIn Rated PG-13 Stars Vice Ganda, Eddie Garcia, Jimmy Santos, Nikki Valdez, John Lapus, Derek Ramsay Director Wenn Deramas

foREvER anD a Day Rated GP Stars KC Concepcion, Sam Milby Director Cathy Garcia Molina

unoffICIally youRS Rated PG-13 Stars John Lloyd Cruz, Angel Locsin Director Cathy GarciaMolina

MovIE tRIvIa: anothER CInDERElla StoRy Rated PG Stars Selena Gomez, Andrew Seeley, Jane Lynch Director Damon Santostefano

Joyful noISE Rated PG Stars Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer Director Todd Graff

WRath of thE tItanS

>> The title in Spanish for the first movie (and the old one) is “Furia de Titanes,” which in English means Wrath of the Titans, the name of this sequel.

>> Sent to the cinemas under code name “Torn Between.” >> Alexa Davalos is the only surviving cast member not to return,

citing she was ‘unavailable’ for the sequel. Rosamund Pike was then cast as Andromeda.

Flights of Fancy







11/12 13/14

11/12 13/14

15/16 17

15/16 17


5/6 7/8

5/6 7/8



11/12 11/12 13/14 13/14 17 17





7/8 17

7/8 17


1/2 3/4



1/2 3/4

7/8 17

1/2 3/4


7/8 17





5/6 17

AIRSHOW The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel



7/8 17 A340 B747


1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/10 11/12 13/14 17


Wrath Of The Titans Friends With Kids P Short Films Short Films Friends With Kids P AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Wrath Of The Titans Short Films AIRSHOW

A Thousand Words Wrath Of The Titans The Hunger Games Friends With Kids Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This Means War Unofficially Yours

Enteng Ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman Forever And a Day In The Name Of Love Bakit Iisa Ang Puso

Short Films AIRSHOW

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Friends With Kids P Short Films Short Films Friends With Kids P AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW A Thousand Words Short Films AIRSHOW

A Thousand Words Wrath Of The Titans The Hunger Games Friends With Kids Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This Means War Unofficially Yours

Enteng Ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman Forever And a Day In The Name Of Love Bakit Iisa Ang Puso

BANGKOK, JAKARTA The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel The Hunger Games P Short Films Short Films The Hunger Games P AIRSHOW

A340 B747


recast in this movie, and contenders were Hayley Atwell, Georgina Haig, Janet Montgomery, Dominique McElligott and Clémence Poésy. She was previously portrayed by Alexa Davalos.

KOREA Wrath Of The Titans The Hunger Games Short Films Short Films The Hunger Games AIRSHOW


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Short Films AIRSHOW

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Friends With Kids P Short Films Short Films Friends With Kids P AIRSHOW


Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Short Films AIRSHOW

A Thousand Words Wrath Of The Titans The Hunger Games Friends With Kids Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This Means War Unofficially Yours

Enteng Ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman Forever And a Day In The Name Of Love Bakit Iisa Ang Puso



5/6 17


AIRSHOW A Thousand Words Short Films AIRSHOW

A340 B747







A Thousand Words The Hunger Games Short Films Short Films The Hunger Games AIRSHOW

A340 B747


>> The role of Andromeda was



5/6 17




Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Wrath Of The Titans Short Films Safe House P Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Friends With Kids P Unofficially Yours AIRSHOW







1/2 3/4



The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Short Films A Thousand Words The Hunger Games P Act Of Valor P Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows A Thousand Words AIRSHOW

A320 / A319*

1/2 3/4

A320 / A319*

1/2 3/4




A320 / A319*



A Thousand Words The Hunger Games Short Films Short Films The Hunger Games AIRSHOW


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel



Short Films AIRSHOW

NEW DELHI Rockstar (also for BKK/DEL) Short Films A Thousand Words The Hunger Games P Act Of Valor P Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows A Thousand Words AIRSHOW

Wrath Of The Titans Friends With Kids P Short Films Short Films Friends With Kids P AIRSHOW


Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319*













Wrath Of The Titans Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Short Films Safe House P Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Friends With Kids P Unofficially Yours This Means War AIRSHOW





A Thousand Words The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Short Films The Hunger Games P Act Of Valor P Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Journey 2: The Mysterious Island









5/6 7





A Thousand Words Wrath Of The Titans The Hunger Games Friends With Kids Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This Means War Unofficially Yours

Enteng Ng Ina Mo Praybeyt Benjamin No Other Woman Forever And a Day In The Name Of Love Bakit Iisa Ang Puso



Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (also for BKK/DEL) Enteng Ng Ina Mo Wrath Of The Titans Safe House P Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked P Friends With Kids P Short Films AIRSHOW

Movie titles and channel assignments are subject to change without prior notice. Only short films will be shown on the following sectors: Manila – Hong Kong – Manila, Manila – Macau – Manila, Manila – Taipei – Manila, Manila – Xiamen – Manila, Vancouver – Las Vegas – Vancouver and Singapore – Jakarta – Singapore


Flights of Fancy






1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing

AIRSHOW A Thousand Words The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Short Films Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing 5th showing






1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing

AIRSHOW Wrath Of The Titans Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Short Films Unofficially Yours This Means War AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Short Films A Thousand Words

1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing


AIRSHOW Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Wrath Of The Titans Short Films Unofficially Yours AIRSHOW



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW A Thousand Words Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319*

AIRSHOW A Thousand Words Short Films AIRSHOW

Asian Safari-Hongkong

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing

AIRSHOW Wrath Of The Titans Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW Wrath Of The Titans Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319* Wipeout - Boss And Employee

Short Films



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing


AIRSHOW Wrath Of The Titans Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319*

AIRSHOW The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Asian Safari-Hongkong

Short Films

Short Films AIRSHOW

1st showing 2nd showing

AIRSHOW Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Short Films AIRSHOW

AIRSHOW A Thousand Words Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319* Wipeout - Boss And Employee

Short Films



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing




The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Short Films AIRSHOW

Short Films AIRSHOW


A320 / A319*

Asian Safari-Hongkong

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing



Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Short Films AIRSHOW

Short Films AIRSHOW

A320 / A319* Wipeout - Boss And Employee

Short Films



A340 (RP-C8168)

1st showing 2nd showing A330



AIRSHOW A Thousand Words Short Films AIRSHOW


1st showing 2nd showing

AIRSHOW Wrath of the Titans Short Films AIRSHOW

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Short Films AIRSHOW

Asian Safari-Hongkong

Short Films

1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing 4th showing

AIRSHOW Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (also for BKK/DEL) Enteng Ng Ina Mo Wrath Of The Titans Short Films AIRSHOW



1st showing 2nd showing 3rd showing


A320 / A319*


A320 / A319*

AIRSHOW Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Short Films AIRSHOW

Wipeout - Boss And Employee

Short Films


AIRSHOW Rockstar (also for BKK/DEL) Short Films A Thousand Words AIRSHOW



>> Four weeks before The Hunger Games’ release, Lionsgate began selling

advance tickets. Not only did the ticket sales break the one-day record originally held by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but also accounted for 83% of the ticket sales of the day.

>> The name of the main character, Katniss, is derived from the name of a group of edible plant species, genus “Sagittaria”, commonly known as “arrowhead”. This is a reference to the character’s archery skills.


PTV only * Digital IFE-equipped aircraft: RP-C8600 to RP-C8615

* Via Singapore * Except Xiamen

Flights of Fancy





Born This Way

Break the Spell

Femme Fatale Britney Spears

Simple Plan

Get Your Heart On


My Worlds Acoustic

Mylo Xyloto Coldplay

Now That’s What I Call Music! 39

Now That’s What I Call Music! 41

Pink Friday

Talk That Talk

Who You Are

Himig ng Damdamin

I’ll Be Seeing You


One Heart

The Definitive Collection With Love of Hits CD 1 Gary Valenciano



Justin Bieber

Fall In Love Again

Martin Nievera

Lady Gaga

Various Artists

Richard Poon


Various Artists

Regine Velasquez & Ogie Alcasid

Nicki Minaj


Sarah Geronimo


Jessie J

The Company


Angeline Quinto



2NE1 2NE1

Ikimonogakari Newtral

It’s Time

Stephanie Sun

Japanese Singer Ken Hirai

LeeHom-New+Best Selections LeeHom Wang

Wonder World Wonder Girls


Eason Chan

Disney’s Greatest Vol. 1


Various Artists

Best of Lounge, Ambient and Chill Out Vol.1

Glee Cast

Brazil Lounge Deluxe Various Artists

Café Del Mar Vol. 17 Various Artists



Glee: The Music, Season Kidz Bop 19 3 Vol.7 Various Artists

The Very Best of John Coltrane John Coltrane


Flights of Fancy

The Wayman Tisdale Story

Wayman Tisdale

Ultimate Tony Tony Bennett

World of Chillout Lounge Vol. 2 Various Artists

Nicki MiNaj: PiNk Friday Nicki Minaj’s debut album is a vivid showcase of the female rapper’s identity, talent, and of course, her life and how she got to where she is now. A collection of 13 fresh tracks ranging from vicious ditties to heartfelt ballads and back again, Pink Friday heralds a new Queen Bee in the hip hop and R&B music scene.



Gold Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits 1970-2002

Legacy, Greatest Hits Collection

Love Songs

Sounds of Silence

The Best of OMD

The Greatest Hits

The Very Best of Sergio Mendes


Boyz II Men

OMD (Orchestral Manouver in the Dark)

True Blue



Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers Various Artists


Nat King Cole

Whitney Houston

Elton John

Simon & Garfunkel

Sergio Mendes

What's The Story Morning Glory Oasis

Highlights from the Phantom of the Opera Original Cast Recording The Phantom of the Opera


Original Broadway Cast

This classic album takes us on a trip down memory lane and back into the lives of Christine, Raoul, and Erik, portrayed by stage veterans Sarah Brightman, Steve

The Sound Of Music (1998 Broadway Revival Cast)

Barton, and Michael Crawford, respectively, in the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Listening to the 13-track recording is like hearing the songs for the very first time;

Various Artists Cast


The PhanTom of The oPera: highlighTs from The PhanTom of The oPera original casT recording

the songs convey the raw emotions of the characters with iconic songs such as “Music of the Night” and “All I Ask of You.” French Impression Joshua Bell

The Most Relaxing Classical Music In The Universe CD1

The String Quartet Tribute To Valentine’s Day Vitamin String Quartet

Various Artist

* Available in B747 (RP-C7471 / RP-C7472 / RP-C7473 / RP-C7475) and B777

Flights of Fancy



>> 3

>> 5

>> 4




BEST OF 60S, 70S & 80S

Stay tuned with your host, Claire, as she brings you the latest OPM Hits from David Archuleta, Angeline Quinto and many more here onboard Philippine Airlines!

Bringing you some the best hits from the hottest Divas! The classics we all grew up with, Regine Velasquez, Lani Misalucha, Lea Salonga, Zsa Zsa Padilla and many more!

It's the attack of the hits with the likes of Gotye, The Fray, Far East Movement, Fun, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry and more on Hitline onboard Philippine Airlines!

Get plugged in as we bring you a collection of the best hits from the 60s, 70s & 80s here onboard Philippine Airlines! Remember these songs?

Angeline Quinto

Regine VelAsQuez

the FRAy

Bon JoVi

Sa Kanya Piolo Pascual (Star Recordings)

Pangako Regine Velasquez (Viva Records)

Honestly Hot Chelle Rae (RCA)

Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi (Mercury)

Maghihintay Sa'yo Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings)

Ikaw Regine Velasquez (Viva Records)

Starships Nicki Minaj (Young Money)

Is This Love Bob Marley (Tuff Gong Island)

Pagdating Ng Panahon Bryan Termulo (Star Recordings)

Kailagan Ko'y Ikaw Regine Velasquez (Viva Records)

So Good B.o.B. (Atlantic)

Bennie and the Jets Elton John (MCA)

Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig Cristine Reyes (Star Recordings)

Dadalhin Regine Velasquez (Viva Records)

Forevermore David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka Regine Velasquez (Viva Records)

Rainbow David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Minsan Lang Kitang Ibigin Regine Velasquez (Viva Records)

I'll Never Go David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Tunay Na Mahal Lani Misalucha (Vicor Music/ Viva)

Hold On David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Ang Lahat Ng Ito'y Para Sa'yo Lani Misalucha (Vicor Music/ Viva)

Wherever You Are David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin Lani Misalucha (Viva Records)

Maybe David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin Lani Misalucha (Viva Records)

Nandito Ako David Archuleta (Ivory Music & Video)

Muntik Nang Maabot Ang Langit Lani Misalucha (Viva Records)

I Just Fall In Love Again Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings)

The Journey Lea Salonga (BMG Records)

Turn Me On David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj (What A Music Limited)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears for Fears (Mercury)

Bakit Ba Minamahal Kita Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings)

Two Words Lea Salonga (Divaako Ltd)

One Thing One Direction (Columbia)

The Joker Steve Miller Band (Capitol)

Lipad Ng Pangarap Angeline Quinto feat. Regine Velasquez (Star Recordings)

Reflection Lea Salonga (Divaako Ltd)

Feel So Close Calvin Harris (Columbia)

Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough Michael Jackson (Epic)

Hiram Zsa Zsa Padilla (Viva Records)

Heartbeat The Fray (Epic Records)

Maggie May Rod Stewart (Mercury)

Sa Kanya Zsa Zsa Padilla (Viva Records)

Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen (Interscope)

Always Something There to Remind Me Naked Eyes (EMI)

Nag-iisang Bituin Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings) Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings) Hulog Ng Langit Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings) If You Asked Me To Angeline Quinto feat. Erik Santos (Star Recordings) Saan Darating Ang Umaga Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings) Ngayon Angeline Quinto (Star Recordings)

Sana'y Maghintay Ang Walang Hanggan Zsa Zsa Padilla (Vicor Music/ Viva) Kahit Na Zsa Zsa Padilla (Vicor Music/ Viva) Wala Na Bang Pag-Ibig Jaya (Viva Records) Dahil Ba Sa Kanya Jaya (Viva Records) Maging Sino Ka Man Sharon Cuneta (Viva Records) Kung Ako Na Lang Sana Sharon Cuneta (Star Recording)

We Run the Night Havana Brown ft. Pitbull (Universal Music) We Are Young Fun ft. Janelle Monae (Fueled by Ramen) Troublemaker Taio Cruz ft. Pitbull (Island Records) Brokenhearted Karmin (Epic Records) Live My Life Far East Movement ft Justin Bieber (Interscope) Alone Again Alyssa Reid ft. Jump Smokers (Wax Records) Wide Awake Katy Perry (Capitol) Is Anybody Out There K'naan ft. Nelly Furtado (A&M/ Virgin/ EMI) Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye ft. Kimbra (Eleven Records)

Boyfriend Justin Bieber (Island Records) Back In Time Pitbull (Mr. 305/ RCA) La La The Cab (Independent) She Doesn't Mind Sean Paul ft. Pitbull (Atlantic) Drive By Train (Columbia) Kiss Me Again We Are the In Crowd (Hopeless Records) Dance Again Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull (Epic Records) Eyes Open Taylor Swift (Big Machine)


>> 6

Flights of Fancy

My Hometown Bruce Springsteen (Columbia) Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac (Warner Bros.) Come On Eileen Dexys Midnight Runners (Mercury) Maniac Michael Sembello (EMI) Bohemian Rhapsody Queen (EMI) All Night Long Lionel Richie (Motown) Unforgettable Nat King Cole (Capitol) In The Summertime Mungo Jerry (Dawn Records)

Sugar Baby Love The Rubettes (Polydor Records) Stand by Me Ben E. King (ATCO Records) Squeeze Box The Who (MCA) Pride (In the Name of Love) U2 (Island) You're No Good Linda Ronstadt (Capitol) Your Mama Don't Dance Loggins & Messina (Columbia) Just Like Heaven The Cure (Fiction Records)

>> 7

>> 8



Tune-in to Spotlight with your all-time favorite love songs that remind us of our first love, lost love etc. with the likes of Michael Learns To Rock, Faith Hill, Backstreet Boys, Phil Collins, Westlife, Brian McKnight and more onboard Philippine Airlines!

Tune in to Jazz Club, with a sultry blend of the best of new and old Jazz here onboard! Lie back and relax–perhaps a glass of wine or champagne to go along?

Micheal learns to rock

Michael Feinstein

>> 9


My Fair lady

Celebration Rolf Lovland & Fionnuala Sherry (Universal Music)

The Flesh Failures/ Eyeslook Your Last/ Let The Sun Shine In (from Hair) Original Cast Recording (Sh-K-Boom)

Crazy Love Peter White (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)

Like A Rose (2012 Version) A1 (Universal Music)

Slam Dunk Wayman Tisdale (Rendezvous)

I Turn To You Christina Aguilera (BMG Entertainment)

Sway Michael Feinstein (Concord)

My Everything 98 Degrees (Universal Records)

Radio Song Esperanza Spalding (Heads Up)

I'll Make Love To You Boyz II Men (Motown Records)

Poker Face Idina Menzel (Concord)

Cradle Atomic Kitten (Virgin Records Ltd)

St Louis Blues Peter Cincotti (Universal Music)

Shape Of My Heart Backstreet Boys (Zomba Recording)

I Get Lifted Kem (Universal Music)

I'm Not At All In Love (from The Pajama Game) Original Cast Recording (Sony BMG)

From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Britney Spears (Zomba Recording)

Mind Trick Jamie Cullum (Universal Music)

Take Advantage (from Thou Shalt Not) Harry Connick Jr (Sony BMG)

If You Come Back Blue (Virgin Records Ltd)

Akujyo Clementine (Sony Music)

Cabaret (from Cabaret) Liza Minnelli (MCA)

Love, Me Collin Raye (Curb Entertainment)

Something In The Air Between Us Sophie Milman (eOne)

Mame (from Mame) Original Cast Recording (Sony Music)

I Need You LeAnn Rimes (Curb Entertainment)

Over The Rainbow Nikki Yanofsky (Decca)

Queen Of My Heart Westlife (RCA, Sony)

Labyrinth The Stanley Clarke Band (Heads Up)

Bombay Dreams (from Bombay Dreams) Dalip Tahil, Raj Ghatak, Karen David & Preeya Kalidas (Sony Music)

Way Back Into Love Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett (Warner Bros)

Billy Boy Oscar Peterson (Verve)

You Took My Heart Away Michael Learns To Rock (EMI Medley)

Struttin' With Some Barbecue Louis Armstrong (Universal Music)

Kiss From A Rose Seal (ZTT Records Ltd.)

Trumbology Frankie Trumbauer (EMI)

This I Promise You N Sync (Zomba Recording)

Playboy Lionel Hampton (Windswept Trio Music)

Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden (Sony Music Entertainment)

Harlem Air Shaft Duke Ellington (EMI)

Back At One Brian McKnight (Motown Records) When You Say Nothing At All Ronan Keating (Polydor Ltd)

Peter White

Legally Blonde (from Legally Blonde) Kate Shindle, Laura Bell Bundy, Natalie Joy Johnson and Company (Sh-K-Boom)

A Thousand Kisses Deep Chris Botti (Sony Music)

There You'll Be Faith Hill (Hollywood Records)


Time to relax and enjoy some soothing Tune-in to Tinseltown and take a musical tour with some of the well-known familiar instrumental classics, as this selection of soporific movies including Dracula, My Fair Lady melodies helps the miles fly by. Philippine Airlines and many more! is proud to bring you this selection of well-known hits and timeless classics.

You'll Be In My Heart Phil Collins (Walt Disney)

Glory Of Love Peter Cetera (Warner Bros)

>> 10

The Strip (from Patti Lupone Gypsy) Laura Benanti (Time Life) Hotpants (from Hotpants) Company (Warner) Bolero De Amor (from Copacabana) Richard Lyndon & Company (First Night)

Carnaval Del Barrio (from In The Height) Original Cast Recording (Sh-K-Boom) Magic To Do (from Pippin) Ben Vereen (Decca) Too Close For Comfort (from Mr Wonderful) Sammy Davis Jr (Decca) Fresh Blood (from Dracula) James Barbour (Global Vision) Hello, Dolly! (from Hello, Dolly!) David Campbell (Sony Music) The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) Original Cast Recording (Sh-K-Boom)

Valentine Jim Brickman (SLG Music) Rivers Of Babylon Antonio De Lucena (Prestige Records) Costa De La Luz Johannes Linstead & Nicholas Gunn (Gemini Sun Records) Visions Jimmy Chan (White Cloud Record) Horizontes Paco Nula (Open Records) Your Song Jim Wilson (Willow Bay Music) Evening Embrace Johannes Linstead (BMI & SOCAN) Azul Jesse Cook (Narada Productions) Driving Will Ackerman (Sony BMG Music Entertainment) The Rap Fionnuala Sherry (Universal Music) You've Got A Friend Various Artists (Prestige Records) A New Day Has Come Richard Clayderman (Rock Records) Euridice Jason McGuire (Bolero Records) The Way You Look Tonight Kenny G (Arista Records) One Moment In Time The Moonlight String Orchestra (Delta Entertainment)

Flashdance (What A Feeling) (from Razzle Dazzle) Wendy Matthews (Warner)

No Matter What Various Artists (Music Collection International Ltd)

Opportunity (from 13) Elizabeth Egan Gillies, Delaney Moro (Sh-K-Boom)

Baile Del Corazon Govi (Higher Octave Music)

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (from My Fair Lady) Rex Harrison (Sony Music)

Song 4 Noemie Jean-François Maljean (Adasong Productions) The Dance Floyd Cramer (Reader's Digest Music) From A Distance Roger Williams (Reader's Digest Music)

Flights of Fancy


>> 11

>> 12




Tune-in to Classic Collection channel onboard Philippine Airlines! Relax and enjoy our wide selections of masterpieces as we take you into the world of the classics

emmanuel pahud

Theme From Sabrina Violin: itzhak Perlman, Pittsburg Symphony Orchestar, Conductor: John Williams (Sony Music) Symphonie Fantastique, Opus 14 - A Ball (Part II). Valse: Allegro Non Troppo Piano: Roger Muraro (Decca) Concerto in E Minor for Flute, Strings and Basso Continuo - I. Allegro Con Brio Flute: Emmanuel Pahud, Kammerakadamie Potsdam (EMI) Concerto in D Minor BWV1052 - III. Allegro Guitar: Xuefei Yang, Elias String Quartet (EMI)

Jam along with us here onboard Philippine Airlines, as we play you a selection of the latest J Pop hits from Kara, UVERworld, 2NE1, Perfume and many more!


スピードアップ KARA (Universal Sigma)

鬆鬆 蕭亞軒 (Gold Typhoon)

Venus Shinhwa (CJ E&M)

7th Trigger UVERworld (Sony Music Records)

積木 陳奕迅 (Universal)

Fantastic Baby Big Bang 빅뱅 (YG Entertainment)

愛してた ナオト・インティライミ (Universal Sigma)

他夏了夏天 刘力扬 (HIM)

나혼자 (Alone) Sistar 씨스타 (LOEN)

はばたくキミへ 菅原紗由理 (For Life)

玻璃絲襪 許哲珮 (Wonder Music)


厚臉皮 Ella 陳嘉樺 (HIM)

2AM (Ariola Japan)

Beat Generation Fairies (AVEX)

(5pb Records)

Lost the way DiVA (AVEX)

水芭蕉 森山直太朗 (Nayutawave) SCREAM 2NE1 (Warner Music)


Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Ki/oon Records)

Four Impromptus, Op. 90, D 899 No 1 in C Minor Piano: Simone Dinnerstein (Sony Music)

Distance Man With A Mission (Nippon Crown)

Carnaval de Venise Op. 184 - Maestoso, Grazioso E Moderato Harp: Xavier De Maistre (Sony Music)

ホタル 藍坊主 (Toy's Factory)

Cello Sonata in G Minor, Op. 19 Andante Cello: Li-Wei Qin, Piano: Albert Tiu (Decca) Romance: Larghetto On A Theme By Carl Maria Von Weber Violin: David Garrett, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Ion Marin (Decca)

Good Day (Japanese Version) IU (EMI Music) SHE! HER! HER! Kis-My-Ft2 (EMI Music)

愛言葉 佐香智久 (SME Records) CANDY CANDY

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Warner Music)

Go Round

Flights of Fancy

為你我想做更好的人 品冠 (相信音樂) 指揮家 任賢齊 (Media Asia) 愛永遠 戴愛玲 (阿璞) 兄弟 福祿壽 (EEG)

Hey You CNBLUE (FNC Music) 벚꽃 엔딩 Busker Busker 버스커 버스커 (CJ E&M) 곰인형(Feat. 해금) LYn 린 (LOEN) 나를 사랑했던 사람아 Huh Gak 허각 (CJ E&M) 한참 지나서 백지영 (Pony Canyon) 사랑비 장근석 (Universal Music) 너도 나처럼 2AM (JYP)

三十嵗前要完成的事 林奕匡 (Sony Music)

니가 필요해 K. Will (LOEN)

現在 Mr. (Universal)

Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note) SHINee 샤이니 (SM Entertainment)

飛鳥 魏如萱 (HIM)

뉴스 News Nine Muses (LOEN)

傷心童話 胡夏 (Sony Music)

비밀(Insane) BTOB (Universal Music)

第二人生 五月天 (B'in Music)

Twinkle Girls Generation 소녀시대-태티서 (SM Entertainment)

我們會更好的 A-Lin (Avex)

FACE Nu'est (LOEN)

對愛期待 黃小琥 (Warner)

다른 사람 품에 안겨서 (Someone else) (With 가인) 박진영 (JYP Entertainment)

不存在的情人 林俊傑 (Warner) 未來 米非 From Roomie (Avex)

Good Day John Park 존 박 (LOEN) 밀고 당겨줘 Seo In Guk 서인국 (CJ E&M)

傻子 林宥嘉 (H.I.M.)

生きてる生きてく 福山雅治 (Universal J)

찢긴 가슴 Ivy 아이비 (CJ E&M)

放過自己 陳柏宇feat.農夫 (Sony Music)

光のストーリー ポルノグラフィティ (SME Records)

Heaven Ailee 에일리 (YMC Entertainment)

明天 古巨基 (EEG)

떠나간다 Noel 노을 (LOEN)

未晚 吳雨霏 (Universal)

연락하지마 (Feat. LE of EXID) Gavy NJ 가비엔제이 (LOEN)

安室奈美恵 (AVEX)


Busker Busker

Volume Up 4Minute (Universal Music)

Sonata for Violin and Piano - Allegretto Violin: Joshua Bell, Piano: Jeremy Denk (Sony Music)

String Quartet in C Major KV 465 "Dissonance" - II. Andante Cantabile Quatuor Ebène (Virgin)

anthony neely

S E OUL G R O O VES Get the best of K-Pop with artistes such as Dal Shabet, Brian, Se7en, FT Island and more on Seoul Grooves!

魁儡 倪安東 (HIM)

未来が私を待っている アフィリア・サーガ・イースト

Trio for Oboe, Horn and Piano, Op. 61 - I. Allegretto Oboe: Albrecht Mayer, French Horn: MarieLuise Neunecker, Piano: Markus Becker (Decca)

ORI E N T E X PRE S S Enjoy the line-up of Mandarin and Cantonese hottest hits in the pop charts!

>> 14

Spring of Life Perfume (Universal J)

Trois Mouvements de "Petrouschka" La Semaine Grasse Piano: Nikolai Tokarev (Sony Music)

Pellas und Melisande Op. 5 - Cliff. 55: Etwas Bewegt Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, Conductor: Pierre Boulez (Deutsche Grammophon)

>> 13


glee The Rocky Horror Glee Show

It's more than just travel. It's all about discovery and adventure.

We examine the world of business while looking at companies that are likely to make the greatest progress in their sectors and influence the way mankind will live and work in the future.

A high-school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school's Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

Captain Joy flies a jet and swiftly takes us all to Hong Kong. A place not so far from the Philippines, he revisits Hong Kong and reunites with two friends. This country has so many sides to it and continues to be a fusion where East meets West. Come join Captain Joy in this really fun adventure!

Adam Shaw visits Texas, the biggest producer of cotton in the world, and famous for its vast oil fields. The State is now embarking on a whole new industry and is home to the world's largest wind farm, with turbines taking over the landscape and driving a cleaner more sustainable economy.

When Will decides to have the glee club perform The Rocky Horror Show for the annual school musical, the members of New Directions inject their distinctive style to the show's timeless tracks.

INBOUND JuSt FoR lAugHS Season 10, Episode 2

tHe BIg BANg tHeoRY The Apology Insufficiency

WIpeout Boss and Employee

Keep your giggles handy! You'll never know when you will need them for this show!

A beautiful woman who moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.

An action-packed family gameshow where contestants from all walks of life compete in the world's biggest television obstacle race, to win a coveted title and a grand cash prize.

When an FBI agent interviews the guys for Wolowitz's security clearance, Sheldon's answers during the screening put Wolowitz's clearance in jeopardy.

Bosses and employees team up to tackle the obstacle course as X-Ray Men, Shock Jocks and Country Club Cuties face the Caterpillar, Total Carnage and a Detour to a Race Track.

Be amused with these hidden camera gags performed on the street, in the shopping malls, all around town and in the countryside. For all ages and funny-bones alike!




It's more than just travel. It's all about discovery and adventure. Episodes: Hong Kong, Davao, Hawaii, Seoul, Guam, Bacolod.

WIpeout The Birds, The Bees and The Bedbugs

WIpeout Don't Fear the Beaver

Players will deliver spills, tumbles and falls as they face new obstacles such as The Bed Bugs, and gain speed on the Springavator before they jump onto the Big Balls, all before being served up breakfast in the Wipeout Kitchen.

Twenty-four contestants compete against each other and the clock to make it through wild obstacle courses to ultimately be one of the final 4. The final 4 then face the Wipeout Zone. The contestant with the fastest time wins $50,000. This episode features a river guide with an extreme fear of beavers.

* Additional titles available on Digital IFE-equipped aircraft with AVOD

WIpeout SpRINg

glee Audition Season 2 Episode 1

glee Britney/Brittany Season 2 Episode 2

glee Duets Season 2 Episode 4

An action-packed family gameshow where contestants compete in the world's biggest television obstacle race to win the grand cash prize.

In the second season opener, some new faces challenge old ones in Glee Club auditions. Meanwhile new and old relationships leave some happy and others alone.

A trip to the dentist for the Glee clubbers gives them hallucinations while Brittany's psyche comes to focus and they sing some of special guest star Britney Spears' greatest hits.

A high-school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school's Glee Club, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

Twenty-four contestants compete against each other and the clock to make it through obstacle courses and be one of the final 4 who will face the Wipeout Zone. The contestant with the fastest time wins $50,000.

As the Glee Club works on a competitive duet assignment, Finn and Rachel conspire to help a new member win. Meanwhile, a love triangle develops between Mike, Tina, and Artie.

Flights of Fancy



>> no special tips or tricks here,

except stick to the categories you know best and rely on your stocked knowledge.



Link letters and create words to feed the hungry Bookworm. With thousands of words to form, it's a new game each time you play. No matter your skills level, you'll enjoy this vocabulariffic puzzle.

>> i n

case you've asked: machiavelli wrote the Prince and shania twain's real name is eileen. if more challenging questions pop up and you don't know the answers, you can always ask the person next to you–what a fun way to start a conversation too!

take advantage of quiz show mania with this cabin wide multiplayer trivia game designed to keep you entertained during your flight. Prepare your brain and challenge other passengers to determine who the real trivia master is. this version of the popular quiz game has a diverse selection of topics to suit all ages.


if you've read Flights of Fancy, you'd most probably do well in the entertainment category. goodluck!

in-Flight sudoku Sudoku, meaning the digits must remain single, features a partially completed grid that the player must fill in. This exciting game presents quite a challenge and is sure to satisfy puzzle lovers.




Catch some fast and furious gemmatching fun in this colorful puzzle game. Just click on two adjacent gems to swap them and make sets of three to score. This colorful game has four great modes to suit all players.

The objective of this game is to keep the blocks from piling up to the top of the playing field. Sounds easy? Well, it could be if you know how to effectively move and rotate the colored blocks as they fall.

klondike solitaire


Klondike Solitaire is the world’s most popular solitaire card game and is also one of the most difficult variations to play. Amazingly challenging and addicting, you will play for hours.

Hop on board your fighter spacecraft equipped with high-tech weapons and fight biomechanical aliens threatening to destroy the Earth. This challenging game has four difficulty levels.

Match wits with wither the computer or another passenger-even if you are sitting at opposite ends of the cabin–in this multiplayer rendition of one of the world's best-known game: chess! But before you push the START button and get hooked on this classic game of mind versus mind, did you know that:

>> >> >> >>


the chessboard has 64 squares and each player controls 16 pieces at the start of the game: eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen and one king. austrian-american wilhelm steinitz was the first official world Chess Champion winning his first title in 1886. the current world Chess Champion, india's viswanathan anand, is the first chess player in history to have won the world Championship in three different formats: knockout, tournament and match. eugene torre of the Philippines was the first asian player to earn the highly coveted title of international grandmaster, beating then the world Champion anatoly karpov in a tournament in manila in 1976.

Flights of Fancy

* Available in B747 (RP-C7471 / RP-C7472 / RP-C7473 / RP-C7475) and B777

Mabuhay Magazine, July 2012  

Mabuhay Magazine, July 2012

Mabuhay Magazine, July 2012  

Mabuhay Magazine, July 2012