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Bridget Jones’ Diary Shamaila Ahmad, Parmiss Afsahi, Yussra Ali, Marwa Abuelgasim

Camerawork • • • • • • • • •

Long shot-establishing scene and where the main events of this scene will be taking place. Camera tracks-so the audience feel like we are following her. Over the shoulder shot Two-shot-establishes relationship with mother and daughter. Use of thirds Point of view shot-when she meets Mark, allows the audience to feel they are in the situation with her. 3 shot with her mum and dad-establishes the different relationships with her mum and dad. Camera track when she walks with her mum to see mark-shows the pace and anticipation of her wanting to see who this mystery man is. Zoom out of Bridget when she says ‘Great. I look like a carpet. Shows the audience what she is wearing and her comment makes it seem humorous.

Editing • Dissolve-identifies the unrealism of her situation and emphasises the irony. • shot reverse shot-allows the audience to witness the conversation between the two characters and understand the relationship between daughter and mother. • Slow motion- makes the clip feel like a dream scene • Eyeline match-informs the audience of what she is viewing and how she feels with what she’s viewing, its humorous because the audience can she why she may say ‘maybe not’.

Mise-en-scene • The taxi establishes the location of the film. • Couples in background emphasise her lonliness-ironic. • Snow establishes the time of year- Christmas... Season of Love and festivity • The village shows her upbringing and the house in which her parents live is effective as it emphasises the character qualities she possesses. • The interior of the house is very old fashioned and country like, this could imply that the place her parents live is not in the city and out in the country side where things happen differently etc.

Sound • Voiceover- serious tone but comical foreshadows main character. • Music-eerie non-diegetic whilst outside reflects how she feels about being there magic moments-non-diegetic reflects how her mother feels about her being there • I love you baby- irony as her ‘uncle’is the person who comes into view when the song plays. • Sparkling fantasy music- joins with slow motion to make the colin firth the man of her dreams.

Narrative • Sarcasm-used throughout notoriously British. • Audience establishes she is lonely and single and as desperate as she is for love, her mum feels the same for her too. • Her uncle is slightly perverse which foreshadows how disfunctional her family is.

Titles. Universal Studios-By having an extravagant music playing and by seeing the world being lit up suggests that we are in fact ‘universal’ for when we watch movies. Working Title-simple and straight forward, informs the audience that this is a British film. Miramax Films-small lights gradually turn on to spell ‘Miramax’. It gives a nightlife effect, the audience expects this movie to be enjoyable to watch. Studio Canal-spelt all over the place, gives a sense of confusement and can relate it to the two men Bridget is confused over. Then it boldly comes onto the screen forcefully and fast, this suggests that the audience are going to expect something shocking. Could be who Bridget decides to be with at the end. The title of the movie didn’t come up and therefore indicates that the audience will want to keep watching the film to find out and then end up watching the whole film because the opening sequence has intrigued them.

Bridget Jone's Diary Opening Sequence.  

A description of the opening sequence of Bridget Jone's Diary

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