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The Best Scooter In Its Class – The Ezip 500 Electric Scooter Do you want to give your child something? Thinking hard of a gift? Kids today are bored of the usual soft toys, and board games or video games. How about presenting your child something that is more functional and will actually serve him some purpose. In addition to that, it will also keep him fit. You can think of scooters. And not just any scooters. A well designed and absolutely safe to ride scooter like the EZip 500 Electric Scooter is what is worth buying. This scooter will give your child so much fun and it will help him explore the neighborhood like never before. In order to understand more, you need to read and know that ever parents have taken fancy to it. They spend time during weekends to go on long hikes with their kids on these machines. It helps them stay refreshed and also helps them spend quality time with their kids in peace. This is a scooted with a different? It is powerful. It can carry you even if you weigh 240 pounds easily. It is perhaps the most powerful and also durable, study scooter out there in the market. The best electric scooters is equipped with an 500 watt motor that can spin at and produce speeds up to 15mph. More unique features on scooter that is hard to find in other scooters is Power on/off switch, easy access charger, port in frame console, throttle with battery gauge. The batteries included can last for 8 miles per charge! The Hi-Ten steel, heavy duty with 1-piece steel-tooled battery box and oversized head tube frame, Rear band with alloy brake inhibit lever, Standard unicrown design with over-steering limit are features that are hard to find on any other scooter. Only the eZip 500 Electric Scooter is capable of power and performance and of providing true value for money.

The Best Scooter In Its Class – The Ezip 500 Electric Scooter  

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