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For further information please contact: Afrim Pacolli President Tel. +41 91 985 01 01


Behgjet Pacolli

Founder and President of Board and Chairman of Mabetex Group




Founder of CRS Credito per la ricostruzione e per lo sviluppo, Switzerland

Founder of SEED, Foundation for the economic development of the South Eastern Europe, USA

Education 1970 – 73

1982 – 83

Bachelor Studies Business & Trade Foreign Trade Institute, Hamburg

Founder and Former President of Mabco Founder and President of Political Party Construction, Switzerland New Kosova Alliance, AKR, Kosovo Master Studies, Marketing & Management Institute Mösinger, Zürich

Professional experience

Founder and Former President of Swiss Diamond Hotel Management, Bermuda.

Member of Center for International and Strategic Studies CSIS, USA (Permanent Advisor of the Committee chaired by Henry Kissinger)

Founder of Corporation Interfin Finance, UK

Member of the Parliament of Republic of Kosovo


Commercial Director Peter Zimmer, Austria

Founder of Insurance Company Siguria, Kosovo

Former President of the Republic of Kosovo

1977 – 80

Commercial Director Interplastica, Switzerland

Founder of Economic Bank, Kosovo

Former First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Republic of Kosovo

1980 – 90

General Director Interplastica, Switzerland

Founder of Sine Tempore International, Kazakhstan

Recipient of several awards, including highest decoration of the Russian Federation and State of Peru, Honorary Citizen of Astana and acknowledgments from Clinton Global Initiative and Nelson Mandela Foundation

1990 – 2009

Founder, Owner and President Mabetex Group, Switzerland

Founder of several other companies in the world

Information Memorandum

Global Engineering and Construction Corporation

Afrim Pacolli

President of Mabetex Group

Mabetex Project Engineering was founded in 1991 by Mr. Behgjet Pacolli and a group of engineers with a wide experience in the field of planning and sales of civil and industrial construction. Today Mabetex is a global company which in a few years has become one of the most important players in the world with subsidiaries in 18 countries. The company is headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, and employs some 14 thousand.

Specialized in Most Areas of Civil and Industrial Planning Mabetex is specialized in most areas of prestigious civil and industrial planning and has an extensive portfolio of works carried out all over the world on restoration of historical buildings, administrative and public buildings, urban planning, hospitals, hotels, sports arena, trade centers, residential buildings, theaters and auditorium, airports and interiors. The company’s primary goal is quality and customer satisfaction which has been the key to success.

Calculated Project Process and Several Areas of Expertise Every project is carefully followed from the initial planning to the full development and strictly follows the regulations and standards of the country, which will be home to the construction. Mabetex has an extensive experience in several areas. Construction and equipment of hospitals is for exemple one of the areas where Mabetex works on a turn key basis, taking care of all phases of construction up to training, final operational readiness and after sale assistance. Furthermore, over the years Mabetex has gained a considerable experience in interior design, development of plants for the treatment of minerals and construction of food processing plants. Mabetex has also been active in the field of environmental protection and the construction of several water purification plants.

Growth and Expanding Business Mabetex Group is nowadays not just a construction company, but a company conglomerate with interests in many fields such as media, banking, insurance, healthcare, hotels, retail and fashion. The Group is also involved in property management, the latest projects in Kazakhstan. In this Country the Group has constructed more than 1 Million sqm over the years. The market share and forecast for the group has increased with a positive trend of revenue in recent years overcoming 1.5 Billion Euros. The medium increase in the last five years has been 12% and the market outlook remains good with a promising future.

Welcome to BS Medical Surgery SA Health Care, Pharmaceutical and Medical Design, Engineering and Construction Company BS Medical’s principal work ethic is to provide a permanent, on-going service to its clients. The client’s problems are BS Medical’s problems and solutions. Members of the management team are able, with over 20 years of expertise and experience in the field, to successfully solve the variety of problems associated with the investment process. We believe that, by working together, we can ensure that our client’s ideas can be transformed into highly profitable productions.



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Via Cattori 7 6902 Lugano TI BS Medical Surgery SA Tel. +41 91 985 01 01


Switzerland Fax +41 91 993 06 36



bs medical


mabetex group

Project and deisign of modern clinics and hospitals and complete turn-key plant for the manifacturing of: .

Pharmacetical Products / Infusion Solutions


Disposal Syringes / Needles


“Block” Syringes






Arterial / Venous Sets


Blood Bag System


Transfusion Sets

BS Mediacal Sa manufacturing of biocompatible / generic pharmaceutical products, such as: pills, tablets, powder in ivals, liquid in ampoules solutions

Design and Construction Concept with process simulation for the building of the new production line of solid drugs and active ingredients Аlatan Farma (Ireland) Drawings and plan for production and packaging of solid drugs АО SТОМА; Harkov (Ukraine) Drawings and plan for production and packaging of solid drugs, based on direct production of drugs АВD Арзнеимиттелверк Dresden; Dresden (Germany) GMP- comfort design, planning and realization of production block for continuous granulation and active ingredients Baer S.p.А; Garbagnate (Italy) Production line for clean insulin (licence; Hoechest AG, Frankfurt/a. Main) Biomed Kiev; Кiev (Ukraine) Building of the new production line of solid drugs, incl. logistics, quality laboratory, media and social camp Biofarma; Mosca (Russia) New biopharma production line Zilin Zatai; Changchun (China) Building of the new production line of solutes based on infusions Ladoga; San Pietroburgo (Russia) Pharmaceutical production line for complete drugs Olinefarm; Riga (Latvia) Reorganization of the new production line of solid drugs Shering (ИУД); Shanghai (China) Works for the reorganization of the new production line of solid drugs Shering productions GmbH&Ко.КГ; Veimar (Germany) Restoration and modernization of the production line of solid drugs Schwarz Farma АG; Shennon (Ireland)

BS Medical Main References

mabetex group

mabetex Mabetex Group Main References

Main References of Mabetex Group Textile manufacturing plant, 26 plants Technopromimport - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the Chamber of Deputies building Moscow Raznoexport - Russian Federation

General hospital - Pokrovsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Restoration of the Parliament building - Moscow Raznoexport - Russian Federation

Div. instruments, producing jeans, food processing equipment Moscow Technopromimport - Russian Federation

Construction of the National Bank of Uzbekistan National Bank of Uzbekistan

Industrial plant for producing sun flower oil - Moscow Technopromimport - Russian Federation

Construction of shopping centre “ZUM” - Astana “Sine Tempore”- Republic of Kazakhstan

Exchange for precious metals, stones and currencies - Yakutsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Turn-key plant for dialyses and bloodlines productionBucarest RA Medical sa - Romania

Extrusion plant for halls construction - Moscow Technopromimport - Russian Federation

Pharmaceutical plant - Moscow Fao Ferane - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of “Bor-Vatutinki” recreation complex - Moscow Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Construction of the National Drama Theatre - Yakutsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Reconstruction of the historical Kremlin building - Moscow Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Reconstruction of VIP Vnukovo Airport - Moscow Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Reconstruction of Foreign Affairs building (MID) - Moscow Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation

Food processing equipment factory Stoilinskji Gok Starij Oskol - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the Governmental and Presidential building Astana Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the Government residence - Sochi Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the International Airport - Astana Astana Airport - Republic of Kazakhstan

Construction and equipping of a hospital - Starij Oskol Stoilinskji Gok Starij Oskol - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the Government Residence - Irkutsk Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Motor production equipment factory - Togliatti Autovaz - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the Government Residence - Krasnojarsk Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Production line for h1 and h2 halogen lamps - Togliatti Autovaz - Russian Federation

Swiss Diamond Hotel Golden Ring - Moscow Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Installation line for vehicle lever - Togliatti Autovaz - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of Kazakhstan Embassy Embassy of Kazakhstan - Latvia Vilnius - Lithuania

Car batteries production - Togliatti Autovaz - Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the Palace of Congress - Astana Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Complete fabrication plant for leather and shoes - Moscow Technopromimport - Russian federation

Construction of Tashkent city hall Gugs of Tashkent

Production line for a rubber factory - Tirana Machina Import - Albania

Reconstruction of the White House - Moscow Raznoexport - Russian Federation

World Trade Centre building - Yakutsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Construction of a complete plant for chalk treatment cacao Stoilinskji Gok Starij Oskol - Russian Federation

Construction of the new hospital “Mother and Child Care” Astana Administration of the President - Republic of Kazakhstan

Construction and equipment of the hospital “Centre for Mother and Child Care”, 64’000sqm - Yakutsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Construction of the new Embassy of Kazakhstan - Geneva Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Installation of an entertainment park Gubkin - Russian Federation

Construction of Arman complex, three towers and Radisson Hotel - Astana Private client - Republic of Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the bank building - Riga East Swiss Bank - Latvia

Planning and construction of “Saranda Village” (luxury villas and apartments) - Astana Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Plant for electronic equipment production - Rostov on Don Goo Intars - Russian Federation

Concert and theatre hall, 3500 spectators - Astana Astana City Administration - Republic of Kazakhstan

Tires production factory - Togliatti Autovaz - Russian Federation

Velotrek 10’000 spectators - Astana Ministry of Sport and Tourism - Republic of Kazakhstan

Milk processing plants - Yakutsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Cardio centre 180 beds - Astana Ministry of Health - Republic of Kazakhstan

New Conference Hall for the Government of Yakutsk - Yakutsk Sakhavneshstroj - Republic of Sakha

Cardio centre 100 beds - Almaty Ministry of Health - Republic of Kazakhstan

Pharmaceutical plant with clean room - Moscow Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory - Russian Federation

Diagnostic Centre Hospital - Astana Ministry of Health - Republic of Kazakhstan

Turn-key plant for dialysers production - Yuncheng-Shanxi Huading Medical Factory - China

Olympic centre, ski jumping, skiing, stadium, biathlon, h otels and other facilities - Shuchinsk Ministry of Sport and Tourism – Republic of Kazakhstan

Cardio Centre building - Moscow Hemopharm Gmbh - Russian Federation

Steel welded pipes and shapes - Ferizaj New Co Imk Pipe Factory L.L.C - Republic of Kosovo

Clean rooms for ampoules production unit - Moscow Zao Brinsalov - Russian Federation

Rilindja Tower, rehabilitation of the new ministerial building Prishtina Ministry of Public Affairs - Republic of Kosovo

Construction of the Presidential Residence “Akorda” - Astana Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the five star hotel “Swiss Diamond Hotel” Prishtina Swiss Diamond Hotel - Republic of Kosovo

Reconstruction of 5-star hotel “Swiss Diamond Hotel” Vico Morcote - Lugano Swiss Diamond Hotel - Switzerland

Construction factory of alu and PVC facades, doors, windows and glass - Lebane Prishtina N.T.P. M-Technologie Sh.P.K. - Republic of Kosovo

Construction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Astana Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Construction Theatre Opera Ballet - Astana Astana City Administration - Republic of Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the “Banka Ekonomike” - Prishtina Private Bank - Republic of Kosovo

Construction Ice Hockey Stadium - Astana Astana City Administration - Republic of Kazakhstan

Construction of Almaty Banking Building - Almaty Private client - Republic of Kazakhstan

Planning and Construction Expo 2017 Astana - Future Energy Astana City Administration - Republic of Kazakhstan

Reconstruction of the Parliament of Kosovo - Prishtina Government of Kosovo - Republic of Kosovo

bs medical

mabetex group

Projects Realized by BS Medical (Global Design) and Mabetex Group (Construction)

MOTHER AND CHILD CARE HOSPITAL, ASTANA - KAZAKHSTAN Total area: 247,500 sqm Total beds: 484

The new and modern hospital built in Astana is conceived as an integrated structure to house the more efficient technologies for the care of the sick children and pregnant women. The basic architectural concept foresees a linear circulation spine, conceived as a longitudinal gallery with a top vaulted glazed roof, and various medical departments perpendicularly connected to the former. This idea will enhance greatly the “friendly” impression that the medical structure has on the patient. Thus, the natural daylight and the great void of the gallery produces a positive psychological effect on the young guests. The sense of space created by this unique piece of architectural design, together with the linearity of the circulation, will play a relevant key role also for the functionality of the entire layout. Nevertheless, the building was planned according the most modern and rational schemes for a building of this kind. The total surface of the building is of 53,500 sqm for 484 beds, thus assigning 110 sqm for each bed. The six pavilions range from a minimum of three floors up to a maximum of five floors off the ground, giving to the building a dynamic sense of “growth” with the look of a cascade, thanks to the longitudinal vaulted glass. A basement level exists, too. In between the pavilion 4 service towers are located, each housing 3 lifts, stairs and shaft for services. The whole building is provided with concealed fire escape stairs at duly regular distances. Lifts are with interior cars not less then 140 x 240 cm with a 21 people capacity and 1600 kg load transport capacity. The services supplied are at the top level of internal technology standards as follows: a) Images diagnostic service (Radiology) b) Microbiologic and clinical analysis c) Sterilization d) Laundry e) Pharmacy f) Physiologic solutions production g) Administrative and teaching departments h) Kitchen and self service for the employees i) Archives, storage rooms, repair shops The Hospital has a main section for paediatric purposes and a section for obstetrical ones. The paediatric section has rooms with two beds with hygienic services. There are 4 operating rooms complete of all the ancillary rooms. There are also an intensive care paediatric department with 12 places of which at least two will be isolated. The Neonatal area is equipped with at least 6 neonatal units, each of them with a reanimation device connected to artificial lung ventilation. The department of Neonatology has 20 beds of which 12 with servo actuated brooders, 8 thermo cradles and 10 with direct mother assistance. A paediatric ambulant clinic service has 10 doctor cabinets and four dedicated to endoscope activities. Furthermore a quarantine check in department with 20 beds is envisaged, and 10 places dialysis to assure a full paediatric assistance. On the basement level physiotherapy service with 20 boxes and 24 aerosol position, 4 paraffin baths, 6 thermal fungi baths are proposed. This area is completed with 2 swimming pool and 2 gyms. Into the main part of the basement there are the radiology department and laboratory. The radiology department, positioned in the big part on the left, has within the diagnostics of radiotherapy, the simulator, the magnetic resonance opentype 1 Tesla; the Computed Tomography (CT scanner) spiral-type; 4 multi-disciplinary radiology diagnostics two of them remote-controlled, 1 Trocografica and 1 vascular cardiac; 4 diagnostics ultrasound 2 of them Ecocolordoppler and the other two abdominal. In the other side of this floor there is the laboratory for the clinical and microbiological analysis and it is constituted by a transfusion centre where are put into effect 50 blood drawings per day and operates the blood processing and blood storage. Moreover there is a laboratory for the routine analysis for 2000 exams per day. All the medical equipment has been bought from leader companies in the sector that can boast of the best technology in this specific area. The obstetrical section consists of 200 beds plus 24 single bed VIP rooms. Aside from that a pre birth department with 8 waiting places, 6 birth rooms and 2 operating rooms are realized. All the newborn is cared in a physiological department equipped with at least 100 cradle, 12 thermo cradle and 6 brooders. In this section, too, there is an ambulant clinic service with 10 medical cabinets. A first aid service with 6 temporary beds stations is envisaged too. The personnel is supposed to be of roughly 600 people.

REPUBLICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER - RDC, ASTANA - KAZAKHSTAN Total area : 21,495 sqm Total beds: 500

The Republican Diagnostic Center is located on the Northern area of the National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health with 500 beds . Turnout of the Center is 500 visits per shift. Total area 21,495 sqm Length (south) 307.50 m Length (north) 227.50 m Width 80.50 m Construction area 5,110 sqm 3 buildings (first building: 5 floors; second building: 4 floors; third building: 3 floors) Total buildings surface 14,245 sqm Total buildings volume 60,000 cbm External parkings Roads and parking area Walking paths area Lawns

82 sqm 2,480 sqm 480 sqm 13,425 sqm - 80% of the unbuilt area

The RDC is organized in 3 buildings and includes the following departments: - The hall with coatroom for visitors, information office, small shops for medicines, newspapers, cosmetics, post office, café, etc. (first building – ground floor) - Consultation centres for adults (first building – ground floor) and children (second building – ground floor) - Ray X diagnostics (first building – first floor), ultrasound diagnostics (third building – ground floor), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), computed tomography (third building - basement) - Nuclear medicine department with PET CT scanners, Cyclotron, gamma cameras and all the auxiliary rooms for nuclear diagnostics (third building - basement) - Special functional diagnostics with offices for cardiovascular diagnostics, respiratory, neurophysiological and allergological diagnostics. (third building – ground floor) - Endoscopy department (second building – first floor) - Central laboratory with clinical biochemistry, hematology, immunology, allergology, microbacteriological departments (second/third building – first floor) - Day hospital with 30 beds (second building – second floor) - Management and administration offices, conference rooms (first building – second floor) - Medical library, archives (first building – third floor) - Medical, paramedical and medical-technological services, including central pharmacy, sterilisation and disinfection of equipments (basement) - Central services for staff, including internal transportation, coatrooms, kitchen and canteen (first building – third floor) - Technical services, including monitoring of energy systems, fire system, maintenance workshops, storages. - Heating, electric, water treatment, cooling and ventilation plants - Incinerator for medical waste Each building has lifts in the main hall for the direct connection between floors. The lifts are suitable both for the transportation of patients with wheelchair and for the special containers for materials. Beside the lifts there are the stairs. The delivery of material and the waste transportation is made through the east city road. The transportation until the technical services is made through internal electric wagons.


The construction of the Cardiac Surgery Center was carried out by Mabetex Group on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The first project work has started in 2007 and the Cardio Center began to work on 12th of October 2011. The cardiac surgery center is unique in the Central-Asian region with quality corresponding to the world standards, with a domestic and international recognition of research and educational activity with powerful staff potential, with effective corporate and business-oriented management. Cardio Center unites all directions of modern cardiology, cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology and delivers medical aid, both to adults and children. Cardio Center is equipped to carrying out unique operations on heart transplantation to patients with difficult heart pathology, mini invasive operations on heart valves. National Research Cardiac Surgery Center is also scientific and educational base of Nazarbayev University. The total project area of Cardio Center is 6,0 hectars with total volume of edification buildings about 204,000cbm. The «National Research Cardiac Surgery Center» has bed capacity of 180 places. The Cardio Center is decided as medical center both for adults and children. It’s designed to help 6,000 patients a year: 4,600 adults; 1,400 children. The global project of Cardio Center includes medical complex, auxiliary zones, residential building, parkland areas and parking zones. The main building of Cardio Center consists of 6 modules with well developed connections and all modern hospital infrastructures. The Center has its intensive care unit developed for 30 beds (24 for adults and 6 for children). There are 4 isolated chambers in the department, intended for treatment of patients after transplantation of heart and an artificial left ventricle installation. The Surgery Complex of Cardio Center is planned and realized with 6 operation rooms, fully equipped and projected upon the latest medical and informatics technologies, in respect of modern cardiology and surgery requisites. In total it’s planned to carry out in Cardio Center 2,000 operations on open heart, including 1,500 operations of adults and 500 operations of children. The Center is equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment of latest generation of medical technologies: biplane angiografic system : ARTIS zee biplane, angiografic system ARTIS zee floor, operation lamps iLED, heart lung machine Stockert S5, ultrasound units of heart diagnostics. There are established in the Center 4 angiography equipment of the last generation with improved technical characteristics and software. There are also modern medical equipment for carrying out regenerative treatment, diagnostics, treatment and control the efficiency and safety of carried out rehabilitation actions. Various methods of diagnostics are carried out in radiology and nuclear medicine department, they are: a magnet-resonant tomography, a computed tomography, an X-ray, dopier-researches of blood vessels, angiography. The department is equipped by the newest computer systems of images visualization. The children’s cardiac surgery department is specialized on the planned and emergency aid rendering to children with the congenital and got heart diseases. In particular way Cardio Center is developed and equipped to provide the patients with the congenital and got heart diseases, including: • Newborns and children of the first life year; • Patients elder than 18 years with difficult congenital heart diseases Cardio Center is projected and equipped to provide: Emergency aid Various types of diagnostics Day hospital services Night clinic services Open heart interventions Various treatments Multistage cardiac surgery interventions Hybrid operations together with intervention cardiology department Early rehabilitation of patients after cardiac surgery interventions Different rehabilitation programs Examination and treatment of patients


The construction and equipment of hospitals is one of Mabetex’s main areas of expertise. We work on a turnkey basis, taking care of all the phases of construction up to final operational readiness. We make use of the latest construction criteria and the best qualified local manpower. Our staff always works on the front line and is constantly present on the sites.


Norlisk General Hospital, Republic of Sahka

University Clinic, Zagreb


The structure aims to achieve excellence in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer through the development of clinical and scientific research and innovation organization and management, in a context of constant attention to the quality of the service offered to patients. The architectural services are divided into the central building, building 1 and building 2. Central building - Basement: nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology with waiting rooms, sterilization area, with production of chemotherapy pharmacy, cafeteria with kitchen, laundry, storage and locker rooms. - Ground floor: reception, sampling, clinical chemistry laboratory , cytology laboratory, blood bank, clinics, specialist clinics, endoscopy rooms, outpatient pain management and palliative care, admissions acceptance of urgency. - First floor: outpatient and inpatient - Second floor: hospitalization - Third floor: hospitalization - Fourth floor: hospitalization, intensive care unit and bone marrow transplant center - Fifth floor: operating theater and intensive postoperative Building 1 - Basement: warehouses and workshops - Ground floor: rehabilitation - First floor: conferences area, training and educational center for the prevention - Second floor: research laboratories Building 2 - Basement: morgue - Ground floor: administrative offices - First floor: health department - Second floor: studio guesthouse / hospice Beds Inpatient and intensive care unit: 513 beds day hospital e day surgery: 46 beds General services and support facilities: cafeteria and shops, conferences and training area complete with classrooms, study areas, library and conference room. Rehabilitation area with dedicated equipment and clinics; relationship office with the public and archives; administrative offices; directorate for health and clinical engineering; kitchen and dining self service with capacity for 600 patients and 300 employees; lunchroom with self-service area for 300 employees on two shifts; laundry, equipped with dry-cleaning machines, centrifugal washing, drying, ironing and spotting tables, presses, trucks, cars dummies breathable, bagging machines, sinks, water softeners, carousels; central sterilization with complete sterilizers, washing systems and benches, tables and shelves for packaging, storage, cabinets and tunnels; morgue with local service, and waiting area refrigerator cells.


The project of this new hospital for the city of Astana will complete the existing sanitary district that is now growing in this area. The new hospital is designed as a general hospital. A particular attention has been provided to guarantee to patient high care and comfort. The volume of services provided will allow the building to remain within a framework of overall economic financial sustainability. The site area is almost rectangular, it measures 180x240 m. The covered area of the entire building is 6.100 sqm, by adding also the shape of the basement the total covered surface is of 12.235 sqm. The interstorey height is 4.50 m and the total external area of the building is around 31.000 sqm, so the urban volume is 139.500 cbm. In this calculation are omitted the underground area and the technical building volume. The organization of the main functions floor by floor are grouped as follows: - Basement: Logistics functions and support areas - Ground floor: Diagnostics and treatments functions. This strategy allows a great integration between interventional and diagnostics functions - First and Second floor: These are the levels with the higher concentration of public due to the main entrance, the outpatient department and the rehabilitation unit. - Third floor: fully inpatients level - Fourth floor: VIP and VVIP inpatients level The architectural model chosen for this building is the Classic, the Building is enriched by buttresses, shaped cove and baseboard. The Building front is characterized by an entrance colonnade, accessible by using a flight of wide steps. The side elevation are organized with an alternation of surface covered by stone and plaster and full-height glazed element. The roof following a curvilinear trend, covers a glazed volume that contains the Special Vip area. In order to guarantee enough natural light to the lower level, the building is characterized with a central court covered by a structure made of steel and glass. By the use of wide skylights is it possible to guarantee enough light for the entrance hall and for the waiting area of the basement level. The Basement level is characterized by a large parking area directly connected with the entrance hall. The beds distribution for the VIP Hospital in Astana can be summarized as follows: - 11 - 11+2 - 15+15+15 - 8 - 10 - 11

beds dedicated to the Intensive Care Unit (Basement level) beds for Day Hospital (First floor) beds reserved for the Ordinary wards (Second floor) beds reserved for the VIP wards (Second floor) ward Suites (Third floor) VIP Suites (Third floor)

For a total amount of 88 beds. The new hospital is provided with 5 Surgical Suite, with 17 dedicated beds distributed between the Ordinary ward, the Intensive Care Unit and the Day Hospital.


Building of the pharmaceutical plant for drugs or equivalent drugs production and bottling of insulin according to GMPs standards.

GENERAL INFORMATION The goal of the project is the design, building and validation of an integrated pharmaceutical plant to manufacture oral solids, injectable medications in vials and bottles and freeze-dried drugs. The plant is designed according the latest rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), of European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and local rules of Kazakhstan. The plant will have Clean Rooms, suitable for manufacturing and packaging process, including those of terminal sterilization, preparation of mixtures made by active ingredients and excipients for oral solids (tablets, capsules and sachets) and preparation of solutions for injectable medications, freeze-dried drugs included. Other parts of these Clean Rooms will house the production of pharmaceutical purified waters (PW), waters for injection (WFI) and clean steam. The project will include also the storages, built according to the GMPs for raw materials, materials for primary and secondary packaging and finished products storage. The plant will also include QC (quality control), QA (quality assurance) and R&D (research and development) laboratories, each of them conveniently equipped with instruments for drugs, raw materials and production process control. All the devices involved in the process, including HVAC system and pharmaceutical utilities (pharmaceutical purified waters, clean steam, technical gas, etc.) will be bought, delivered and assembled by high qualified companies and under the supervision of our experts (BS Medical). TECHNICAL DATA HVAC systems are ongoing and are designed based on the following input data, valid for the Kazakh region where the pharmaceutical plant BS Medical Surgery SA will be built. Outdoor design temperature: summer: t = + 35°C winter: t = - 40 °C Outdoor humidity : summer: U.R.= 55% winter: U.R. = 75% Indoor design temperature: summer: t = 23±1°C winter: t = 21±1°C Indoor humidity : summer: U.R. = 55±5% winter: U.R.= 45±5% Fresh air per person: 40 m3/h Maximum load: 100 kpa Employees: ~500 persons (250 persons per shift)


Total area (including service buildings): Area ground floor: Area first floor (for Laboratories and offices): Service buildings area:

22.876 sqm 17.366 sqm 2.300 sqm 2.465 sqm

BUILDING The building is made of concrete/steel according to the national Kazakh rules for a non-seismic area and is designed with a structural grid of pillars 18x12m (9x6m). The foundations are on concrete pillars with square section 30x30cm. Each pole has a load of 500 KN/m2. The first slab will be made in reinforced concrete, with a load of 6000kg/sqm and will lay on the piling and on the isolated plinths built on the frame of poles previously realized. There will be a cavity with a height of 1,90 m, of which 1m over the ground level. The total height of the building will be 12m to the soffit of the last covering slab. The first floor will be at 7m quota from the zero floor, realized with steel slab laying on iron beams, with a load of 500 kg/sqm; also the covering will be made in steel. All the steel parts will be processed with appropriate intumescent paints, fire-resistant REI 120. A thermal coating will thermically protect the plant. The floors will be the following: Clean rooms for the pharmaceutical manufacturing: Self levelling epoxy resin floor – 3/5 mm, walls realized with movable separators made of melamine or steel, covered with PVC, visible along the walls with pharmaceutical finishing, interlocked in and out doors for personnel and materials, with differential pressure control, according to GMPs. Storages for raw materials, materials for primary and secondary packaging and finished products: Concrete pulled with laser machine for flatness and finished with quartz sand and smoothed (topping) Technical rooms and services: Self levelling epoxy resin floors – 3/5 mm The facades will be insulated by a thermal coating with thermic 8cm-thick panels made of painted metal sheets with mineral wool inside and alucobond outside. Windows made of thermally broken aluminum with solar protection Partitioning of the production area, outside the clean rooms, with melamine separators covered by PVC Partitioning of rest rooms with walls. Kitchen floors with ceramic tiles, non-slip floors Laboratories and similar: walls covered by PVC or movable melamine walls; floor made of PVC square elements welded together. The entrance halls to the plant are at the ground floor. There are different entrances: The main entrance is in the front, under the glass-façade and it’s linked to the square, to the parking for personnel and guests, with forced direction to the first floor and Management offices. At the right and the left of the main entrance there are the corridors that lead to the single entrances to each production department with forced direction through the “grey changing room” at the ground floor for the production operators and at the first floor for the lab employees. The raw materials and the materials for packaging have two separate entries with the control office and the quarantine area, waiting for the approval from Quality Control. The finished product, after the linear control, stays in the quarantine area and, after the approval of Quality Control, can be shipped to the customer. The other entries on the master plan of the plant are dedicated to the personnel of production departments, the pharmacy and the other offices.

TECHNICAL DETAILS FOR THE INTERIOR MATERIALS The dividing walls are realized with sandwich panels, minimum 68 mm thick, with expanded polystyrene (EPS) inside and the external sides covered by 4mm thick fireproof melamine glued through high pressure and sealed with silicone, class 1 of fire resistance Windows with double or triple glasses, with aluminum profile and silica gel inside where necessary, with angle of 145°. The doors, with appropriate dimensions and characteristics, will have the internal frame of extruded aluminum, insulating polystyrene, class 1 of fire resistance, total thickness from 68 to 100 mm, joints sealed with silicone and completed with: • Aluminum perimeter frame • Handles according to GMPs • Air stop under all the doors with window, with single wing, double wings, horizontally and vertically sliding • External frame with aluminum joints. Type 1 and 2 for sterilized and unsterilized areas Modular false ceiling, made with a T-grid system with an omega profile of 65mm of thickness, standard dimensions 60x60 and 60x120, the dimensions can be changed according to needs, including hanging elements: • Alucobond. Aluminum or PVC panels • 5 mm-thick HPL panels or other similar Modular false ceiling, made with a T-grid system with an omega profile of 24mm of thickness, standard dimensions 60x60 and 60x120, including hanging elements and alucobond panels. Lighting dim. 60x60 or 60x 120 and HEPA filter of dimensions 60 x 60 mm. Aluminum profiles and accessories Extrused aluminum profile for the connection between: • Partitions and ceiling • Floors and walls (scotia trim in aluminum) • Partitions and partitions • Partitions and partitions (outside) • 3 ways connection at floor (indoor) • 3 ways connection at ceiling (indoor) • Doorstop element The doors, with appropriate dimensions and characteristics, will have the internal frame of extruded aluminum, insulating polystyrene, class 1 of fire resistance, total thickness from 68 to 100 mm, joints sealed with silicone and completed with: • Aluminum perimeter frame • Handles according to GMPs • Air stop under all the doors with window, with single wing, double wings, horizontally and vertically sliding • External frame with aluminum joints

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