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American Masterpiece Of Extinct Species Worth Millions Caught Up In Subjectivity Versus Science PRESS RELEASE: New York NY, 09-DECEMBER-2013 - Retired Army Senior Sergeant Victor Hall from Atlanta knows he has found a lost masterpiece by Martin Johnson Heade. Attempts at verifying the find by connoisseurs have been met with deception and refusal to authenticate the painting, despite overwhelming evidence that it is genuine. Hall says that he has discovered a signed painting worth millions of dollars at a local flea market. He blames corruption within the art world for the fact that art galleries and connoisseurs familiar with the work of the artist, Martin Johnson Heade, refuse to authenticate the find. He has submitted the painting to a well-known art restoration and conservation center in Atlanta which confirmed that it is an original oil painting and that several features of the work are consistent with works known to have been created by Heade. Hall said, "The painting is the epitome of pre-Raphael works and shows the influence of John Ruskin throughout. It is unquestionably a masterpiece with direct historical connections to John J. Audubon's, 'The Seaside Finch'". Hall says that this may be the greatest of all Heade's works, as it is stunning and "the essence of who this great artist was". The work is of iconic importance to American art history, yet it is stagnated by a fickle authentication system that disregards the forensic science that supports its authenticity. The work is signed, and there is a comparative signature circa 1900 available. Hall said that a prominent art dealer in New York City did contact him with an offer of a huge amount of money but nowhere close to the true value, which was puzzling as to such a proposal in light of stagnation. "I have been researching and reading about the art market for many years now and have come to a conclusion that it is a place of great corruption, filled by dogmatic elites who dominate it as despots do, in contradiction with American values" stated Hall. "I have also come to believe that this great work by Martin Johnson Heade may cause problems for the art markets in his hummingbird line as it is the only known work of the great American-only Dusky Seaside Sparrow and trumps all others intellectually and in beauty, thus problematic and at the sacrifice of true American art history" added Hall. "This is an American disgrace and certainly not the American way. There was a time in this country when virtue was better than gold, but it now appears to be about egos and greed. How can a civilized society put people to death using forensics and that same science cannot authenticate a work of art?" Hall said. "There is much to be learned in accepting forensic science as the main focus in authenticating art as we should not be remiss in our recognition of a new book on forgeries that is on the market that provides examples of Heade's works which have been successfully forged!" Hall plans to continue publishing articles and keeping the press informed about the status of this Martin Johnson Heade masterpiece, possibly his greatest work of a now extinct species that now seems to be caught in market that it intimidates. Hall, as well as many he has spoken with on this topic, have come to realize that federal regulation is a must in order to save national treasures from being exploited and caught up in a place where secondary markets are pervasive at the denial of history. "The work possesses a standard of ethics in its profound objectivity that is beyond superficial speculation and bias" said Hall. "This painting will one day find its way into the great American halls of art and justice."

Learn more about the disputed work by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Victor Hall at the location described below. Contact Person name: Victor H. Hall Contact Telephone Number: (914) 536-1027 Contact Email:

American Masterpiece Of Extinct Species Worth Millions Caught Up In Subjectivity Versus Science  

Victor H. Hall has acquired a work at an Atlanta flea market which has been authenticated by a well-known art restoration center, but denied...