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Formed in 1983, the band hails from Oklahoma, has 13 albums to date and is one of the most intense and awe-inspiring live acts ever. Now touring behind their latest album, Embryonic, the Flaming Lips have pulled out all the stops. The show opened with the Lips tradition of lead singer, Wayne Coyne, rolling around on top of the audience in his signature “space ball”, and from there the concert just got crazier. Giant hands with lasers shooting out of them, a megaphone with fog flowing out of it, and a strobe light hung from the neck of Mr. Coyne created the illusion of being in a world where only music and pure fun exist. However, the music itself would have created this feeling. The setlist drew heavily from the new album while still including older classics like Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1, and She Don’t Use Jelly, all of which induced sing-along’s that brought the entire audience to their feet in euphoric excitement.



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The MArk October 2010  
The MArk October 2010  

This is the October edition of Menlo-Atherton's student magazine. Doesn't the weather make you want to curl up by the fire with a nice copy...