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Desert Spring POETRY Conrad Yu

I dream I am in a desert, Where ubiquitous are the dunes. Forget clear blue water, Because the sand sets the mood. Endlessly and hopelessly, I’ll walk on for days and days. I’m trapped inside my little glass, Until I find some shade. Mirages tease me and soothsayers appease me, But I know they’re all just untruths. They can change or contort the shape of my face, But my heart is caught in a loop.   A misstep causes me to tumble, And I fall off my beaten path. Falling down I smash my leg, What have I done to deserve this wrath?   But the misstep causes me to stumble Upon a desert spring. Though caught in an ocean of sand, This oasis remains green.   Oh Sihaya my desert spring, I have traveled so far in despair. Please let me rest in your comforting shade, Where I’m protected from dry air.   Oh Sihaya my beloved desert queen, Soothe me, for I am all alone. Everywhere I’m an outsider, But with you I’m safe at home.


The MArk October 2010  
The MArk October 2010  

This is the October edition of Menlo-Atherton's student magazine. Doesn't the weather make you want to curl up by the fire with a nice copy...