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Photograghy Prescott Foland

being carried out on a stretcher. The other man was tasered, and then taken to solitary confinement. My little cousin that came with me was afraid, but my uncle held her tight, and told her that it was going to be ok. After everything was over, I looked at my uncle. I didn’t tell him, but I was thinking to myself that he has to go through this everyday. It must be hard. Mainly because every corner you turn you must watch your back and be ready to defend yourself. This meeting showed me that in prison there are always people watching you, just waiting for you to slip up. These people are lucky if they get a visitor twice a year. Some people haven’t had one visitor since they’ve gotten their sentence. Because of this, people in prison end up forming their own family, a gang. They do this because they need someone to have their back. But what people don’t get is that prisoners are still people—not animals. They are just people that have had a rough time getting through life. Its just that they made the wrong decision that changed the outcome

of their life. What most people need to see is that it’s really easy to do what’s wrong and hard to do what’s right. Students need to know that prison isn’t a walk in the park. They need to know that it’s actually hard. You may think that if you go to prison, you’ll be a gangster when you get out. You must also realize the fact that there is always a chance you won’t make it back out. You must also know that when your doing time, your family is doing time with you. And that what ever affects you, affects you family. They’re going to be the ones that will always love you and comes and visit. People may say, “yeah, I got your back, I’ll always be there for you”. But what they don’t understand is that those are just words, and that no matter what, your family will be the one to be there to support you, always. Why did I share this with you? Well because my uncle doesn’t want me to follow in his footsteps, and I hope that you won’t either. I hope that you take the advice that he has passed on to me. Tevita Langi 29

The MArk October 2010  
The MArk October 2010  

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