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rison is a frightening place, not just because of how it looks, but also because of the people that are in there. They like to prey on the weak in there. If you show any type of weakness, they will dominate you. Most people who end up in prison are there because they were in a gang. They most likely joined a gang because no one was there to raise them at home. They depended on the streets to raise them. I know this because I have an uncle who is in prison. I went to go and see him this Labor Day weekend and he was very happy to see me. The last time he saw me, I was four years old. It’s been eleven years. When I saw him, I didn’t know that he was my uncle. The only way I knew it was him was because he was my other uncle’s twin brother. My uncle is in a maximum-security prison. There are four levels in which your security is based. My uncle is in a level four security prison, the highest level. We were inside of a small area filled 28



with a bunch of other people who were there visiting their family members. You and your family were allowed to go outside, but it was an even smaller area than the visiting room and surrounded by walls, guards, and barbwire. The visitors didn’t care about how much space there was for them to spend time with the their loved ones. They’re just happy that they get to spend time with them. In the area outside, there was an old couple that didn’t do anything the whole time but walk around in circles holding hands and staring at each other. To me, that means that no matter where they are and how far apart they are, love will always get them through tough times. While we were visiting, I noticed a big light flashing in the background. Suddenly, the guards yelled, “everyone get down on the ground”. We were on the ground for about ten minutes. While we were on the ground, about ten to fifteen guards ran inside to where all the prisoners were. When the guards ran inside, the door was open. There had been a fight. One of the two men was

The MArk October 2010  
The MArk October 2010  

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