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M-A wins the homecoming football Death of Cowboy Giants make the game against The Thursday, rise of Post-season!!! Kings Academy! Intellectual Tuesday





Sleeping in on block days


high mark 1) The girl on the right is wearing a different shirt. 2) She has a bracelet. 3) The girl in the middle is missing her belly button. LOL. 4) Her headband is purple. 5) Her pants are missing the white stripe. 6) Her sunglasses are gone. POOF! 7) The water gun has blue parts . 8) The water gun is missing part of the label. 9) The tree in the upper right corner has more branches. 10) The curb is gone.

Can you find and circle all of them?

the changes? changes? the

The MArk October 2010  
The MArk October 2010  

This is the October edition of Menlo-Atherton's student magazine. Doesn't the weather make you want to curl up by the fire with a nice copy...