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December 2013

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Happy Three Kings We hope that everyone enjoyed the Grapevine Trivia Quiz that is currently featuring in the Grapevine Group on Facebook Thinly disguised as Fred, I have managed a few reasonable scores, but I have to say, it has been almost as much fun finding out the answers to the questions I didn’t know as sometimes guessing right. Which sums up last year pretty well for me - not everything in 2013 was perfect, but it was an interesting journey. I do hope that 2014 is an even better journey for everyone - and that we all have time to enjoy the view as the year flashes past, what better place to be :-) Happy New Year


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Dear Grapevine Friends, Almost without realizing it we arrived at the end of 2013, a year which began with a great deal of uncertainty in the Town Hall, due to financial issues arising from 2012. However, the great team effort and work done by everyone in the

municipal government has enabled us to overcome all the odds, thanks to the solidarity, effort, generosity and diligence of your councillors who have given of their best to improve the lives of our fellow citizens.

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In the last few weeks I have been intensely engaged in the political and social life of our Town.

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On the political side the highlight has been the apspeech and then invited me to speak. For the first proval of the municipal budget for 2014. time ever I made an impromptu speech in English, I was very nervous as you can imagine, but also A realistic and workable budget that prioritizpleased with my progress with English. es social services, culture, education, sports, and giving great importance to the Services Dear Grapevine Friends, I am proud of my Town, department headed by Doris Courcelles. A large and proud to be the mayor of a Town where around part of the budget will be dedicated to invest90 nationalities live together, and I am grateful to ments in improving the town. In the plans are you all. It only remains for me to wish you a more asphalting of streets in the urbanizations, Happy New Year and the hope that 2014 is a year improved cleaning, better pavements, more effull of health and good news for everyone. ficient lighting, and the project which will stand out in 2014; the refurbishment of the Central Cinema. This will provide a place for cultural activities; theatre, music and the arts, after many years of delay. Thanks to my personal efforts and lobbying in my capacity as a Deputy in the Alicante Provincial Government, this has resulted in Xàbia receiving a subsidy of around 600.000 euros for the project. On the social side I have attended countless events of all kinds, cultural, sports, and social. I had the great pleasure of being made an Honorary Member of the Caledonian Society and was invited to the Christmas lunch organised by the Montgo Residents’ Association, together with my esteemed colleagues Oscar Anton and Doris Courcelles. At the end of the meal Tim Fawle, the President of the association made a fantastic

José Chulvi

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The Councillor for Culture, Empar Bolufer visited the two exhibitions currently featuring municipal art: “Arrels Contemporànies” by Band 3 (Sandra Vidales, Ana Beltran and Yasmina Garcia) which will be until January 12 in the Casa Cable (Port Sea front pedestrian area) and a selection of paintings by José Antonio Chrysostom running until January 11 at the Centro de Artes Lambert de la Casa de Tena (calle Mayor)

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Winter Sports Days Two afternoons of sport and fun for kids of Javea - These free activities on the evenings of 3 and 4 January is offered at the Palau d’ Esportes Miguel Buigues

The Department of Sports has scheduled another “ Nadal Esportiu “ two evenings of healthy childrens’ activities who spend the Christmas holidays in the town entertainment. The municipal department, supported by various sports clubs of Javea will open on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 January at the Palau d’ Esportes Miguel Buigues ( from 16:30 to 20:30 pm) numerous fun activities for children from 3 years.

Youngsters will be able to “psychomotor”, and older children will have tennis, basketball, gymnastics, Birlas ( wooden bowls ), chess, and other games related to martial arts. There will also be a climbing wall and wii sports games. Nadal Esportiu is free and features the collaboration of several sports clubs, which the organiser, Juan Luis Cardona, wants to thank for their the involvement and support.

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Esportiu Nadal takes over Nadal, Jove, who in December met hundreds of children and adolescents in the afternoons of games that have been featured in both the palau d’ esports and foreign sports court. This campaign , offered by the Department of Youth , is a success every Christmas since it was set up.

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Winter Sports Days

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Winter Sports Days

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The raffle this year was a fantastic success, thank you to all who bought tickets, donated prizes and helped us make these children’s Christmas special. La rifa de este año fue un éxito fantástico, gracias a todos los que compraron boletos, donaron premios y nos ayudaron a hacer Navidad de estos niños especial. Die Verlosung war in diesem Jahr ein fantastischer Erfolg, vielen Dank an alle, die Tickets gekauft, spendete Preise und half uns diese Kinder Weihnachten besonders machen.


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We are open for most of Three Kings

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This Month’s Featured Outfits from the Cancer Care Boutique in Jåvea Park Priced at around 10-15 Euros there is lots of choice and inexpensive accessories are also available

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The Boutique specialises in “labelled” items. Try before you buy support Cancer Care

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VINTAGE GEMS 1) When the family opened their presents, did you make a list of what they received and from whom, ready for the thank you letters! 2) Recycle greeting cards, make gift tags ready for next year and the blank side is always useful for shopping lists. 3) Tablecloths not big enough, use a sheet, duvet cover or curtain. 4) Add a spoonful of stuffing to the left over turkey gravy (which will freeze). 5) Step on tissue boxes, cereal boxes, cardboard packaging etc, to flatten them before throwing them away.



ww .sta







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‘ Hazel Taylor

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Diversification could pay dividends John Hayward What does diversification really mean? For most people the aim of diversifying their savings and investments is to reduce risk. This is a creditable approach but the proof of its creditability can generally be seen over the long term. The danger of focusing on the FTSE100 “The FTSE100 has gone up 50% over the last year. Why haven´t my savings gone up by the same amount?” Focusing on the FTSE100 can be misleading as it represents a small percentage of global economic performance and, for the cautious investor, is not a realistic indicator. If the savings had increased by 50% in a year, undoubtedly they would have gone down by a similar amount in times gone by. When putting together a cautious portfolio for the retired expatriate, who tends to focus on capital protection, firing 100% of the cash at equities would seem risky if not careless. Investment cycles The fact is that ALL investments tend to work in cycles. With a diversified range of investments, whether this is based on asset type or geographical area, history has shown us that when one might be going down there is another going up. If everything moved by the same amount, albeit at different times, there is the risk that, over time, nothing would be accomplished as the ups would merely counter the downs. Timing the markets There is an expression that it is time in the markets not timing the markets. The perfect situation would be to time exactly when to get into, and then out of, investments. There are not many, if any, that get timing correct. The benefits of dividends In volatile equity markets, dividend paying shares and funds can create cashflow. Whilst the underlying capital might be reducing in value due to a major global catastrophe in or mismanagement of finances by those in global authority, many companies could be making significant profits and translating these into dividends. There are funds which have been pay 5% or more a year in dividends. In time, whilst the dividend flow has been merrily producing the necessary income stream, the underlying investments should rise. One thing is clear. After a perceived Armageddon there has often been an opposite and greater Valhalla. The long term view The problem is that, as much as people say they understand the long term nature of investments, when there is a downturn in markets there tends to be panic. They sell when markets have fallen and potentially guarantee a loss. The need to improve on bank deposit returns The simple truth is that interest rates are low and are likely to stay that way for some time to come. Traditional savings are not paying what they use to. Low interest rates are great for mortgage holders but not for those who rely on interest to pay their bills. Therefore there is the need to find other sources for the desired income. With a well-diversified portfolio ranging from deposits for today´s expenses through to equities for longer term needs, reviewed on a regular basis, the chances of having an affordable retirement are greatly improved. Wrapped in a Spanish compliant bond, you can also benefit from very low taxes in Spain. Whether it is QROPS, financial planning, or life assurance advice in Javea, Denia, Moraira, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga, we can help with your financial planning needs.

For more information and for a review of your current situation, call (+34) 96 558 7633, email, or visit “The Spectrum IFA Group” is a registered trademark, exclusive rights to use in Spain granted to Baskerville Advisers S.L. CIF B-63/137.020 Correduría de Seguros; No de registro RDGS J2306; Paseo de Gracia 63, principal, 2a,08008, Barcelona. Seguro responsabilidad civil CHARTIS Europe No 0131900503.1330 Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo 35489, Folio 170, Sección 8, Hoja B-269534

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Asociaci贸n Protectora de Animales de San Antonio A.P.A.S.A. Cif: G-53334454 Reg. No. 6692 Cami de les Sorts s/n, Perrera Municipal de Javea Apartado de Correos 577, 03730 Javea (Alicante) Tel: 807 429 454 / 966 463 976 / email: Sabadell / CAM, Calle Pla 55, 03730 Javea IBAN / BIC: ES 2600811045900001042507 / BSAB ESBB

Apasa was founded 15 yrs ago by a group of Spanish, English and Germans. It started from humble beginnings: a few concrete kennels and no fencing, but over the years it has grown so much and we now have upwards of 200 dogs, we also have quarantine kennels for when new or sick dogs are bought in. We work with the town hall and the police in collecting dogs that have been lost or abandoned. We need the support of our members and all the fundraising events to keep us going. Thank you to everyone for their continued support.

IRIS, female, Shelter since 08.05.2013 Crossbreed, DOB 15.01.2012 52 cm Iris is our super mummy. She was found in a field with her eight big puppies. They were all full of ticks and flees but in good condition and well fed. She had been able to give them all what they needed. Iris has a nice face and a strong but agreeable character. She is not really happy here in our shelter as she had been enjoying the freedom on the street she had had before. She has not much interest for the other dogs here but she likes people and their attention. Iris should ideally be kept alone, she listens well, when addressed and her lovely behaviour would be a good basis for her adoption.

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DÖDEL, female, Shelter since 07.05.2009 Pointer Mix, DOB 15.03.07- 50 cm Dödel had been placed two years ago already and at that time she was named Twiggy. Now she was brought back to us by her owner. She is too wild although the owners pretend to have tried everything to calm her down. Dödel is now sitting here again and she does not feel too unhappy. She keeps playing obsessively with her new friends. It seems she had been bored with her former owners and this means that Doedel would need a new home that is full of action. Long walks as well as meeting dog friends would make her happy. And of course she would appreciate being trained on agility.

ZITO, male, Shelter since 21.10.2009 Alsatian Mix, DOB 21.08.2009 – 54 cm Zito was simply thrown over our fence during the night, together with his sister! When we arrived here in the morning, we found them sitting on the ground like two teddy bears. Zito has developed very well although he still is very cautious. It seems he is still suffering from the trauma of being treated so badly. He has no worries with other dogs although sometimes one even has to slow him down. As soon he is taken out of the group he behaves like a puppy again. Zito would be a good family dog. However, we think that grown up children would be better for him.

PINOS, male, Shelter since 30.05.2011 Podenco, DOB 15.05.2009 – 65 cm Pinos used to live on the street for a long, long time and could take care of himself very well. But the police caught him one day and brought him to the shelter. At the beginning he did not like the small pen he was put in but as soon as we found a companion for him he relaxed. Pinos is very friendly but will not come to anybody right away. He needs to get to know you first. But who would blame him as he has been living on the street for such a long time.

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103 Zona Encinas, Cumbre del Sol, 03726 Benitachell 636 92 93 26

DRYCLEAN • WASH • DRY • IRON Domestic & Commercial. From 1 sheet to a 100 sheets or more!

Clothes, duvets, bed covers, blankets, pillows, cushions, cushion covers, sofa covers, sun loungers, curtains etc

Tel: 96 647 1594

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s e t a d p U

from XD

Following our very enjoyable social event at the Toscamar recently, XD are pleased to say that 520 euros was raised for the ISVH Bomberos and the Red Cross through the raffle on the night. A huge thanks goes to Javea Sculptor Toni Mari for donating the first prize, and Lorely and Glyn Griffiths for the stunning prints, and Lorna Ainsworth, Keith Hyde, Tim Ladd and Juan Luis Cardona,and Walid Sider for numerous wonderful prizes. Thanks also to the members who kindly contributed mince pies, sausage rolls etc. A special thanks to the all the XD Committee members who helped to make the night a success with a special thanks to Marion, Pat and Brenda for their assistance at the event and of course, Irish Des for the wonderful music. We were delighted to have many of the volunteer Bomberos with us - with their presence we were covered for any emergency! Thank you to everyone for your support.

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Celebrating One Hundred Years

Mrs Rosemarie Schäller from Jávea was hundred years old in December. As is tradition, the mayor, José Chulvi came to deliver congratulations and was accompanied by the Councillor of relationships with residents, Oscar Anton. They presented Rosemarie with a bouquet of flowers and a plaque comemorating the special anniversary. Rosemarie keeps fit by working every day in her garden and enjoying the good weather in Jávea. She and her family celebrated her century of life with a meal surrounded by family and friends. Pictured is Rosemarie with her daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

The last day to be included in the Electoral Roll will be 31/01/2014 for local elections One week before the elections to the European Parliament will be the FINAL deadline to be included to vote for your MEP for Spain.

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mention other garbage sitting in the desktop recycle bin. The Disk Cleanup tool gives you a nice overview of all the junk files on your system, with files that you can delete without a second thought already checked. You can also click on other items in the list and decide whether you keep them or lose them after reading a brief description. This selection will be remembered for the next time you perform this task, so be careful on what boxes you tick on.



Here’s how to get started:



On the previous post we saw how to delete cookies from our system and following the requests of many of you, today we are going to refresh our memories on how to delete temporary files. Lately the storage space available has increased considerably and perhaps we are not running out of room on our hard drives as fast as with our former computers, but to perform regular maintenance tasks like the one we are about to explain will also improve our system response, in speed and reliability. A quick way to clear some of this hard drive space is to get rid of the junk known as, temporary files, old program setup files, cached thumbnails, and other bits of digital waste that pile up over time just by using normally our computers. For this task, we will scan our system with Disk Cleanup, an essential utility that lives in the Windows Control Panel, and we will be surprised of the amount of files we don’t need that are found on our hard drives. The biggest spaces that Disk Cleanup finds on the system are items so-called “temporary files,” or spare data from various programs that are supposed to be regularly purged. It will also find quite a few setup files used by Microsoft’s programs, like Office (which you don’t really need as long as you have your physical Office DVDs handy, or if you’re an Office 365 subscriber), “system error memory dump files” (which you can safely deep six), and temporary Internet files, not to

• If you’re a Windows 7 user, click the Start menu in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then click Control Panel. On Windows 8, type “Control Panel” at the Start screen and click on the Control Panel icon that appears in the search results. • Next, click the System and Security heading, then click the “Free up disk space” link under the Administrative Tools section. • In period of time that depends on how often we perform this task (short if we clean our disks regularly), the Disk Cleanup utility should open, complete with a summary of potential files in your Windows “user” account to delete and the grand total of disk space they’re using. • If you want to play it safe, you can stick to deleting the items that Windows has already checked for you—most likely “Downloaded Program Files” (basically, temporary helper files for viewing specific web pages), “Temporary Internet Files” (a cache of old web pages stored on your computer to speed your browsing), and Thumbnails (the tiny icon images used for music, videos, pictures, and other documents on your hard drive, which your system can always regenerate later). Just click the “OK” button to begin the cleanup. This task, as the scan performed on the previous point depends on the frequency that we clean our systems with. • Still wanting to eliminate even more junk off your hard drive? Click the “Clean up system files” button, and Windows will scour your entire hard drive for old files to delete—previous Windows installations, for example, or file fragments that were saved following automatic hard-drive maintenance. Click each item in the list, read its description, and

check the box next to the items you want deleted. Once you’re all set, click the “OK” button. Keep in mind that some “junk” files may actually come in handy in certain situations, so read the file descriptions carefully before doing a clean sweep.

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Also, please visit our new Facebook page, where we will try to keep you all posted on latest news about computers and the world around them. Here is the link: After clicking the “Clean up system files” button, you JPG-Asistencia/121514197877746 can also click the “More Options” tab to check for rarely-used programs or old system “restore” points you will find a link to the Grapevine’s website too, to delete, but please have in mind that you should where you’ll be able connect to the latest edition for always back up your system before you start purging online reading. files, or you might find yourself one day searching for something that was erased during the completion of Back to work till the next post! this task. Until then, keep clicking!! Well, that’s all for now, our systems should now be back to scratch and ready to continue assisting us in our daily tasks. Please find our contact details on our advert in this edition; in case you have any questions or queries, we can assure a quick and professional reply. If these queries are of general benefit, we will post the reply on further editions of the Grapevine so they can be for everybody’s benefit.

Please find our contact details below; in case you have any questions or queries, we can assure a quick and professional reply. The JPG team Tel. :

+34 644 46 41 49

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Compiled by Christine Betterton - Jones

Follow Agenda 21 on The shocking price of Spanish electricity

Drones that can save lives

Spain’s electricity bills are among the highest in Europe, having risen 60 percent between 2006 and 2012, with only the Irish and Cypriots paying more…. The Red Cross says that around 40 percent of families who come to it for help - many of them on an average wage until recently - cannot keep their homes warm in winter. …Why such high costs ?? Some electricity is produced by wind, some from a dam that was built 70 years ago, and around a third by a power plant using imported gas whose price depends on a wide range of external factors. But consumers pay the same price, whatever the source… that corresponding to the most expensive electricity produced that day… This is a result of a unique sales system … for full story and fascinating details see: El Pais in English...

Francisco Gayá was glued to the TV screen in 2006, watching the constant news reports about forest fires. “So much misfortune had to trigger a call to action,” he says by way of explanation for what he did next. A businessman who used to specialize in the media industry, and an amateur pilot on the side, Gayá set up Flightech Systems, the first Spanish company to make a drone — an unmanned aerial vehicle — capable of monitoring this type of emergencies. Gayá, a native of Madrid, called up 21 friends to tell them about his business idea. Seventeen of them said yes. Since then, he has attracted 27 shareholders who contributed a total of nine million euros to get the project off the ground. For full story see: El Pais in English

Food bank for pets in Alicante

Stormy weather causes havoc in Northern Spain

The crisis has hit pet owners leading to an increase in abandoned animals, and dogs without their legally required vaccinations. In response to this, Alicante city has set up a pet food bank and free veterinary services at the dog pound. Pet owners who can prove that they are in economic difficulty via a social services accreditaion can get free basic veterinary services such as vaccinations and deworming, and help in feeding their pet so the animal can stay with its owner. The Minimum cost of owning a pet is around €550, 150 of this being vaccinations required bty law, and the rest food. From Las Provincias: Un banco....

and … winds generate half of the electricity over Christma. Storms across northern Spain have caused a train to derail, left four people injured, homes and shops flooded, flights grounded and over 100,000 people without electricity. Winds of up to 185 kilometres per hour (115mph) swept the north of the country and rainfall reached 140 litres per square metre (14 centimetres, or nearly six inches). In Galicia, 88,000 homes were left without power (see ThinkSpain for full story - however the strong winds had a positive side in that wind generated electricity provided about half the power on Christmas eve and Christmas day. From Las Provincias Friday 27th December.

2014 Budget nearly €38 million

Foreign Tourist spending up

The Provincial Gazette has published Xàbia’s 2014 budget which amounts to €37.89 million. One of the costs to increase is subventions to associations, social organisations and sports clubs. see: Budget 2014 From XAD: Xàbia

Spending by international tourists reached 55.896 million euros in the first eleven months of the year, representing an improvement of 8.7% over the same period in 2012, according to figures provided by the tourism expenditure survey “Egatur” by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. The bulk of the expenditure was made by British tourists, €11.517 million - 20.6% of the total, up 7.4% more. Germans € 9.152 million, up 6.9%, French, € 5,600 million, up 19.7%, and the Nordic countries, €5,249 million, up 18.1%. From Las Provincias: El Gasto...

Electricity price rise fixed at 2.3% for first quarter Following an avowal that consumers would not bear the cost of a potential 11- to 13-percent hike in electricity costs resulting from a wholesale auction carried out last week, the government announced Friday that the rise for the first quarter of 2014 would be fixed at 2.3 percent. That was the lowest proposal offered by the CNMC anti-trust authority and is split between a 1.4-percent rise on the liberalized part of consumers’ bills, and 0.9 percent on the regulated component. The increase will affect 18.5 million consumers whose rates are based on the government’s TUR (Rate of Last Resort) system, the most common billing type in Spain. For full story see: El País in English

500,000 “Ghost Cars” The Department of Vehicle registration (Tráfico) has been tidying up its records and checking details with owners of old cars (one supposedly 40 year old banger still in circulation). They have found many “phantom cars” those which are no longer in existence, but have never been de-registered. There are many reasons: owner died, car sold, but ownership not changed over, scrapping nev-

er registered etc. etc. Of the 3.5 million cars registered in the Comunidada Valenciana some 500,000 are thought to be ghosts. People who receive letters asking for clarification of “ghost” car details shouldn’t worry - their records can be sorted out without penalty, and there’s no deadline. From Las Provincias: Campaña... Demolished after 40 years Four Xàbia housing blocks totalling 16 dwellings which were left half built 40 years ago, are finally being demolished. The buildings in question are not far from the canal de la Fontana in the Arenal area. From Diarioinformación Abortion law reform: What it means for pregnant women in Spain and how it differs from previous legislation Spain’s abortion law reform approved on Friday in Parliament is said to be the ‘most restrictive’ in the history of the country’s democracy, only allowing women to terminate a pregnancy in the event of rape or serious risk to her life or health. A comprehensive article in ThinkSpain describes the impact of this and previous laws governing abortion in Spain.

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If you are serving, have served or are the dependant or carer of someone who has served in the UK’s Armed Forces, then you may be eligible for help. The Royal British Legion can offer financial aid in an urgent crisis, help homeless ex-Service people get back on their feet, advise on compensation claims, offer careers advice for those looking to make a fresh start after leaving the Forces, arrange home or hospital visits and much more. Please contact our District Welfare Officer on 676 451 780 to see if she can help you. Or if you would like to help others please visit here

Sheep and goats help clear firebreaks on the Montgó A herd of some 400 sheep and 80 goats from Benissa has been brought in to graze firebreak areas on the Montgó. This is part of a experiment to see if clearing the areas this way is a viable method of maintenance and whether it reduces carbon emissions as compared to machinery. It also restores a traditional use of la Plana on the Montgó. The Valencia Government and la Caixa have renewed a €55,000 agreement which gives silvicultural jobs to 5 socially excluded people for work restoring vegetation and firebreaks on the Montgó. from Diarioinformación.. and Las Provincias... Xàbia gets ownership of public footpaths and historical crosses Xàbia Town Hall has extended its inventory. After years of legal wrangling, it now owns the cliff top footpath at la Caleta (an important tourist route up to Cap Prim) and another footpath at Benimadrocs plus 15 tosca stone crosses which mark two of the old town gates and the boundaries of the municipality. They have also acquired a number of works of art given by artists which hold exhibitions in municipal facilities. From Las Provincias: El Ayuntamient... Three members of same family die of food poisoning after raiding bins A family in Sevilla province has died after eating outof-date food they found whilst raiding bins because they could not make ends meet. Those who knew them say they were among several families in their town who raided bins for food and, like all the others, did so at night to avoid the ‘embarrassment’ of being seen by any of their friends or neighbours. for full story see: ThinkSpain

Local British Legion Branches

The Royal British Legion Javea - BR 3457 Meets every 2nd and 4th Tues in Scallops Restaurant, Arenal, Jávea at 11 a.m. Chairman Mr Roger Dawes Secretary Mrs Jacky Cleary

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The New UK TV Satellite Update Our feature from Jon Worby

After months of waiting speculation and guessing about the second new UK TV Astra 2E satellite, we now know when the rumours about the future of our UK TV in Javea will cease. Astra 2E’s owners and operator SES confirmed in early December 2013 that they expect Astra 2E to be in position and transmitting UK TV channels, from “early February 2014”. This is slightly later than first expected (summer 2013!), due to various delays mainly with launch rockets /explosions! Astra 2E is the second of three new UK TV satellites, being launched to replace the current aging satellite. Astra 2E will transmit a number of free and subscription channels, from the BBC, ITV Channel 4 and Sky. This means that we only have a few more weeks to the end of all the rumours about the loss of UK TV in Spain, and that “satellite TV in Spain is no more” and that “the only way to watch your UK TV is via the internet”! However, as I have said in previous articles, even if this second new UK TV satellite is harder to receive in Javea than the current “temporary” satellite, then you should not lose ALL UK TV channels, as some of the UK TV channels, like some BBC ITV and Channel Five regions are available on the first new UK TV satellite, Astra 2F, which is available in the Javea area on a minimum of a 1m satellite dish. So you should still be able to receive your favourite UK TV channels, via satellite, subscription free, and in higher quality than other TV services after this next change. New BBC HD Channels. On the 10th December 2013, the BBC launched five new HD channels. BBC Three HD, BBC 4 HD, BBC News HD CBBC HD and CBeebies HD are all available subscription free and in full HD on Sky HD and Freesat HD satellite receivers. By now they should be automatically be added to the relevant channel guides.

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are the channel numbers for Sky HD digiboxes and Freesat HD set top boxes for the new BBC HD channels. BBC ONE HD

Freesat HD Channel Numbers 108

Sky Channel Numbers without HD subscription 141







Sky Channel Numbers with HD subscription 101   (Scotland, Wales,  N.I.) 141   (England) 102   (England) 142   (Elsewhere) 115

















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MAR BISQUERT BOVER ELECTED QUEEN FOR FOGUERES DE XÀBIA 2014 by Mike Smith Claudia Sánchez Tachó will be the queen of the children’s court for 2014 Sant Joan celebrations It is the midway point for the Fogueres de Sant Joan, undoubtedly the biggest celebrations in Jávea, and the youngsters who will the main protagonists in 2014 have already come together to form ‘Quintà 2014 - Quin Calvari’. Last weekend, they met in a emotional gala evening, their first official event, to elect their presidents and their queen with her ladies-in-waiting. Before a large audience gathered at the municipal sports hall in the port, the results of those votes were announced with Mar Bisquert Bover elected as Fogueres Queen for 2014, succeeding Ángela Devesa Bas, with Lucía Andrés Lacueva becoming the first lady-in-waiting and Berta Lucas López chosen as second. For the junior court, Claudia Sánchez Tachó was chosen as queen with Nerea Mata and Andrea López Lillo as her ladies-in-waiting. The “quintà” is a group of young people who celebrate their ‘coming of age’ during the year of their office. This tradition has its origins in the 19th century when boys who reached the age of eligibility for compulsory military service – known as the “quintos” – formed the “quinta” for that year. Particularly in rural Spain, the ‘quinta’ held a communal meal from food that they had collected from their family and neighbours, often painting a special message as a memorial of their leaving their youth. As the years passed, the ‘quintos’ would hold annual dinners as reunions to remember times past. As social customs changed, the tradition began to include girls of the same age

and became less directly relevant to military service. These days, for youngsters living in Jávea, it signifies their passage into adulthood. Although they continue to meet throughout the year, the celebrations of the Fogueres de Sant Joan are special for the ‘quintàs’, reminding them of a very special unique bond that was created during their year of office. The election night is a special occasion and mayor José Chulvi and councillor Juan Ortolá (Fiestas) were present at the gala evening to welcome the new group of youngsters and their newly-elected representatives. In their designated couples, the members of the ‘quintà’ were introduced to the audience, consisting mostly of family and friends but also with curious onlookers. Led by the President of the Fogueres Commission Jaime Escudero, responsible for organising the celebrations, the youngsters cast their votes in a special, well-controlled ballot. As the votes were counted, the audience was treated to performances from some of the town’s talented young singers, dancers and musicians as well as a surprise addition by four members of ‘Quintà 2014’ who presented a very special version of ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce. The proceeds of the event would be donated to an association dedicated to the fight against cancer.

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After the performances would come the main event of the night, the election of the representatives for 2014. As is tradition, the holders of each office in 2013 announced their successor. For the junior court, Tere Fornés Catalá announced Nerea Mata as the second lady-in-waiting whilst Arantxa Pons Escudero welcomed Andrea López Lillo as the new first lady-in-waiting. Great applause saw Olivia Clemente Ferrándiz hand over her crown to Claudia Sánchez Tachó. For Quintà 2014, tension accompanied the opening of the envelopes on the huge stage in the middle of the sports hall. First, the 2013 presidents Belén Chorro Sesé and Sergio Camarasa Hernández unveiled Tatiana Caballero Sánchez and Jordi Pons Diego as their respective successors before the hall hushed for the big moment: the announcement of the new queen and her ladies-in-waiting. Lucia Bas Pérez, second lady-in-waiting during 2013, called Berta Lucas López onto the stage as her successor whilst Vanessa Torres Bertomeu did the same for Lucia Andrés Lacueva. And then the big moment that would probably change a young lady’s life for ever, the unveiling of the new Fogueres Queen for 2014. Ángela Devesa Bas calmly ripped open the envelope to announce Mar Bisquert Bover as her successor who will now be presenting the town not only during the Sant Joan festivities in June but also at a number of important events across the region, not least the Fallas of Valencia in March.

For more information about the Fogueres de Sant Joan in Jávea, click here to read our guide to the biggest celebrations in town.

WHAT’S ON THIS MONTH For a regularly-updated What’s On Guide for Jávea, featuring live music, sport, cinema and much more, see Mike Smith SHARING A PASSION FOR JÁVEA

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with Lynn Cobb

Navidad en España - Christmas in Spain Not so much a Spanish lesson this month – just some interesting things about Christmas in Spain & some vocabulary! The first thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t start just as Halloween is over (or even before) ! Although some stores will start putting the Christmassy stock on the shelves in late November, & you might hear some Christmassy tunes & anuncios (adverts) on the radio & TV, it doesn’t really get going until December. December 6th is a National fiesta day – Día de la Constitutión - the day when the country celebrates the adoption of the Spanish Constitution which happened in 1978. Then December 8th is Inmaculada Concepción - celebrating the immaculate conception. It isn’t a national ‘obligatory’ day off though. This is the beginning of the religious celebrations for Christmas. At some point in December, most towns will set up the town Belén. The word translates as ‘Bethlehem’, & is what we would call the Nativity Scene. If you go to see the one in your town, you might notice children looking around the back & coming back giggling…… They have been looking for El Caganer ( the crapper) . It’s a man with his trousers around his ankles, defecating. No-one seems to know exactly why he is there (apart from the fact that he has obviously been caught short) – but nevertherless he’s always there!

December 22nd El Gordo (the fat one) - the national Christmas lottery is drawn. It seems to be live on every radio & TV station & is almost unavoidable….. & it can feel as if it continues all day! It does take quite a long time to be drawn, and almost everyone will buy a ticket – or a share in a ticket. Entire villages will club together sometimes & share a huge prize! There are three main prizes & 1000s of smaller ones.

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Simply heat the aceite until hot then add the ajo & guindilla – until they are at the point ‘a bailar’ (to dance – very descriptive don’t you think! ) . Then take the a¡o & guindilla out, & remove from the heat before adding the gambas . They will cook in the heat of the oil – when cooked simply put the ajo & guindilla back & add sal a gusto!

24th December. La Nochebuena. (the good night) .This is when Spanish families get together for a big family meal, and La cena de la nochebuena (Christmas eve dinner) an important ritual, often the most important get-together of the year. Often a gambas (prawns) or other seafood starter will be served, followed by cordero asado (roast lamb), & then turrón and polvorones. Typically, turrón is similar to nougat, although there are many kinds. Most people find that they either love or hate polvorones - they are a kind of cake/biscuit which literally turns to polvo (powder/dust) in your mouth!

After the cena de la nochebuena everyone will head for church for midnight mass – known as la misa del gallo. ( mass of the rooster). There are various stories as to why it is called this. One is that the rooster crowed at midnight when Jesus was born, & another that the mass continues until the cock crows!! Villancicos (carols) will be sung & the service will often be by the light of velas (candles). December 25th . Children might have been given a small regalo (gift) the night before, or perhaps they’ll get one today – but this isn’t the day for gifts – that has to wait. Nothing much happens on this day – many bars & restaurants will be open, & some small shops for bread & essentials – but really it’s just a day to relax & enjoy a quiet day with the family. December 28th - Spanish ‘April fools day!’ . El día de los inocentes. Just like April 1st in the UK & elsewhere, periodicos (newspapers) & other media will carry ridiculous stories & people will play practical jokes.

My personal favourite starter which will often be served is gambas al ajillo & is very easy to prepare. For four people you need 2 dientes de ajo (cloves of garlic) sliced, ¾ kilo of gambas frescas y peladas (fresh peeled prawns), 150ml aceite de oliva virgin extra (extra virgin olive oil) 1 guindilla seca (dried chilli) & sal al gusto (salt to taste).

December 31st La Nochevieja (old night) Quite a celebration, with dinners with family & friends. Lots of cava is drunk, as is sidra (Spanish cider – nothing at all like the English version, more like a sparkling wine) . The big tradition is to gather at the town clock to tragar las doce uvas (swallow 12 grapes) on the 12 ‘bongs’ at midnight – one grape on each ‘bong’! There’s quite an art to this, & it helps if you have seedless grapes. Most supermarkets sell tins of peeled, de-pipped grapes, especially for this. Success is supposed to bring 12 months of good luck. Another tradition is that you should wear ropa interior roja (red underwear) on la nochevieja. I have to admit I have no idea why – although it’s supposed to be lucky & more so if given to you by someone else.

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January 5th This is the night the children have been waiting for! Los tres reyes magos (the three kings) bring regalos to all the children who have been good all year…. Those who haven’t can expect carbón (coal – actually pure sugar, coloured black & made to look like coal). Many towns will have a cabalgata (parade) through the streets. The reyes , Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior, often on horseback, will throw sweets for the children & in some towns there will also be a gift for each child. Here in Jávea, they arrive by boat, then parade through the port, eventually arriving at a stage. All the children then queue to go onto the stage to be given a gift by their favourite king.

January 6th El Día de los Reyes Magos ( Three Kings day). The children will wake up this day to find out if the reyes have brought them any gifts, or if they have carbón. As I said, they might have had a small gift on Christmas day, but Spanish tradition is that the kings bring the gifts on the night of the 5th January. Feliz Navidad! This is my favourite Christmas song here in Spain. It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without it, since I heard my children singing it when they were little.

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‘Twas the noche before Christmas and all through the casa,  Not a creature was stirring- ¡Caramba!  ¿Qué pasa? Los niños were tucked away in their camas, Some in long bragas, some in pijamas, Tendiendo the stockings with mucho cuidado Esperando que Santa would feel obligado To bring all children, both buenos y malos, Una bolsa of dulces and other regalos. Outside in el patio there arose such a grito That I jumped to my feet like a frightened cabrito. Corré a la ventana and looked out afuera,  And quién in the mundo do you think that it era? Saint Nick in a trineo and a big sombrero rojo Came dashing along like a crazy bombero. And pulling his sleigh instead of venados  Were ocho burros pequeños approaching volados. I watched as they came and this quaint little hombre  Was shouting and whistling and calling by nombre: “Ay Pancho, ay Pepe, ay Cuco, ay Beto,     Ay Chato, ay Chopo, Macuco, y Nieto!” Then standing a pie with his manos on his pecho  He flew to the top of our very own techo. With his round little panza like a bowl of jalea, He struggled to squeeze down our old chiminea, Then huffing and puffing por fin in our sala, With soot smeared all over his red suit de gala, He filled los calcetines with regalos maravillososFor none of the niños had been very malos.   Then chuckling aloud, seeming very contento,  He turned like a flash and was gone like the viento.   And I heard him exclaim, and this is verdad,  “Merry Christmas to All, and Feliz Navidad!”

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Los Reyes Magos CABALGATA


















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966 461 913 & 681 001 300

Bringing Business Together in Spain

Marina Alta Business Club

Sarah Farrell is a journalist and managing director of the online travel guide

Your Health

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Going Back to Work after a Holiday Easing back into work after a vacation is tough. Think about going back into the work on your average Monday. Even after only two days off, it takes some time to get back into the flow. Keep your expectations in check for your first day back. 1. Start with voicemails, then emails. Typically if someone has called you, it’s more urgent than an email. Similarly, if they called, they probably emailed first. Calling them back means you can skip reading their messages afterwards. See also: Tips to Tackle Post-Vacation Email. 2. Stick to busy work, leaving deep thinking and strategy for later in the week. On vacation you got used to moving around, so sitting still and thinking about a complex task may be too much for the first day back. This is not the time to plan or strategize, so harness your lower level of productivity right now to do those little things you never have time for like filing, organizing, and transcribing random notes you left for yourself around your desk, cube, or office. Busy work is just as necessary as “big thinking” work. 3. Schedule meetings. You may be tempted to dig into all of your work, but that typically ends in staring blankly at your computer screen. It’s super hard to self start after a vacation, so this might be a good time to have meetings where you’ll benefit from other people’s energy, and announce your presence back in the office. 4. Plan to be in the office during a slower time of day. Stay late or come in early, but take more breaks or a longer lunch to balance it out. I find it about a million times easier to dive back into my work when the phone is not ringing off the hook and my coworkers aren’t asking about my vacation. 5. Use a fresh set of eyes to organize your desk. Rearrange your office equipment, files and desktop now. You may have your desk set up a certain way because “you’ve always done it like that.” Now that you’ve been away for a while, take another look and see if your setup makes sense. 6. Wash Your Hands. Often. This means every time you use the restroom, before you eat, after you sneeze or cough and any other time your hands feel dirty. Also, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk, for when you can’t get to a sink.

7. Keep your workspace clean. Clean your phone, computer keyboard and anything else that you use frequently. Even if you are the only user, germs can live on these objects and you can reinfect yourself. 8. Eat balanced meals every day – including breakfast! Many people are tempted to skip breakfast because it takes too long to eat in the morning or in an (misguided) effort to lose weight. It has been proven that people who eat breakfast are healthier and more likely to remain at a healthy weight. 9. Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day. Sodas and coffee may help you stay awake, but they will also contribute to dehydration. So you need to be sure to drink water also. Just keep a water bottle with you all the time, drink throughout the day and you will probably get what you need. 10. Take frequent breaks throughout the day. When you are feeling tired or sore, get up and walk around for a few minutes. Or try some of these tips for stretching at your desk. Taking breaks and keeping your body in shape will help you feel better and make you more productive. by Elizabeth Larkin


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Bringing Business Together in and around Jávea and Denia & Dear Gaile, So when will the meetings be in 2014? The first meeting after Christmas is the evening of the 16th January at Restaurant Asia on Ausius March near the Port. The following meeting is on the 20th February. Please check the website to check dates and locations. What is the newest website that the Club sponsors? The most recent website that we have started is all about Spain, it includes articles from over twenty writers who write about Spain, from Spain. “Writers in Spain” www. and the 65 plus articles includes several from local Jávea Authors. Can more than one business in a particular genre join? Yes - we follow the Chamber of Commerce Template - so we do not limit the number of businesses from any sector. Does the magazine only take advertising from members? No - The Grapevine Magazine is there to support all legal and established businesses in Jávea. We are delighted to see so many members here :-) and we do offer a members’ rate. How do the Magazine and the Club’s aims coexist? Both are concerned with promoting Jávea, its people and its businesses in a positive way - to encourage economic growth in order to benefit all its citizens. How do we know that you understand about business What have you done in the past that will help us now? Please visit to read more about me - To join or to visit and try out the club contact Gaile on manager@ 966 461 913.

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Save thousands against used car showooms SANDYCOASTAL is a specialist used car dealer based in Jávea on the Costa Blanca, Spain. We offer a first class service and highly competitive pricing on all our second hand cars, vans and motorcycles. SANDYCOASTAL also buys used cars for cash, or trade your second hand vehicle in part exchange. With 25 years main dealer experience behind us, you can be confident you’re talking to the professionals.

Call Gary 0034 622431788 OR VISIT SANDYCOASTAL.COM

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Spain +34 68 864 0092 (Glenn Tullett) Regulation - Infinity International is registered by the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services.

Community Administration by English Chartered Accountants & Surveyors providing premium quality services at competitive fee rates to communities across the entire Costa Blanca from Denia to Murcia. Sevices include- Monthly site meetings with Presidents & community members; monthly accounts, community website, ,maintenance schedules & estimates , professional advice on all aspects of the running of communities.

Cabo La Nao, El Pla no135, Buzón: 37, 03730, Jávea, Espana t: + 34 966 460625 m: + 34 606 0061241 e: w:

Our firm reference number (FRN) is 67835.

Jacksons Administradores S.L. CIF: B-54485834 Administradores: F.A.L. Parkinson

Infinity International is also registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a money Services business. Our registration number is 12273818. As a Money Services Business we follow a strict code which incorporates all the requirements of the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations and other legislation. You can look us up on the HMRC website

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We create bespoke websites, manage existing ones, help clients with SEO using a top-ranking search engine optimisation package (IBP from Axandra).

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Portable Heat kit

We also have a marketing expert available to all of our clients to advise on website text and all aspects of marketing strategy

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902 636 570

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Have you ever been to IKEA? You go to the nearest store, miles away, wander round picking up pretty things you don’t really need, find the checkouts, pay, figure out how to fit it all in the car, load up then drive it all back home. The next day you open the flatpack box and find a set of cryptic instructions, a bag

Putting it all together of screws and different sized bits of wood with holes in odd places only to find yourself at war with your own sanity. It is tedious at best and tantrum-inducing at worst - which is where we come in, we take the stress away completely! We buy, deliver and assemble IKEA furniture on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

For more information about easy flatpax visit or like our Facebook page If you want advice about which IKEA products we recommend just get in touch! Get your stylish, affordable IKEA furniture delivered straight to your home safely and stress free! We cover the Costa Blanca & Costa Calida. We guarantee to beat any other quote you receive and we are faster than any other shopping service. www. We can also assemble your furniture for you so your dinner chairs don’t end up with the legs on the wrong way! Just ask for a quote, our assembly work is guaranteed for 2 years!

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If you are a British Citizen over 18 who has lived outside the UK for less than 15 years you are entitled to vote in the UK General Election Register by filling out the form here - Please print off, sign and date this form and return it to your local UK electoral registration officer. For the address of your local officer, visit and fill in the postcode of your last permanent UK residence

Tony and Corinne - 

The Sign Shop, Jávea is next to Sparta Gym in the Arenal Telephone 96 579 0710

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PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES - IT HELPS EVERYONE Sensible comments and updating of information etc. are always very welcome at : © 2013  J.G. DEACON BOOKING: Good restaurants are busy; best to book. Prices are only a rough guide. * = A MICHELIN STAR  “f.” means when closed (fermé) tlj (tous les jours) = 7/7 = everyday

JÁVEA’S FIRST EVER MICHELIN STAR The local - and already greatly esteemed Restaurante BonAmb (on the roundabout at the end of Cami Cabanes) has been awarded a Michelin star. We offer our sincerest congratulations to the whole team for this wonderful achievement and within two years of opening. This makes 5 Michelin stars for the area of Denia, Ondara & Jávea. Details of these restaurants can be found in the text below.


VERY TOP OF THE CLASS - for all true Gastronauts !

JÁVEA :  Restaurante BONAMB :  November 2013 sees this superb Dutch-owned restaurant as the newly proud winner of a Michelin star. BRAVO !! Situate on the Tarraula roundabout at the end of Cabanes and the beginning of the Benitachell/ Golf Club Road it offers a sophisticated and comfortable interior and  beautifully laid out gardens and terraces and truly the best cuisine in Jávea.  This award confirms that this most important gastronomic investment in Jávea has been recognised by the professionals and – as we have said before - really puts Jávea “on the map” completing the triangle of world-class restaurants formed by Quique Dacosta (Denia) and Casa Pepa (Ondara).   In October, after their 28-year old chef Alberto Ferruz had received the honourable invitation to attend ‘Millesime Madrid’, we were confident. Then we wrote : We have little doubt that a Michelin award cannot be far away ?

Reports from serious gastronauts are consistently full of praise and look out for their Azpilicueta (Rioja), Crianza 2009 – a delight. Watch this space for the next forecast ! We suggest that you telephone for details of menus. Booking has become essential ! The special menu under the heading “Xabia al plat” (sic) of €30 including wines is operative until December 1st. The menu-del-día is €24 - Aperitif BonAmb/ two  starters/ 4 main courses/ 2-3 desserts + one beverage or glass of red or white house wine).  DINNER : The 7-course dinner is € 49.50 and the 9-course dinner is €70. f.Sunday p.m & Monday.Tel : 96 508 4440 / E-mail: Reservations  / Website: The PARADOR OF JÁVEA  THURSDAYS : DEC 5nd & JAN 2nd ENGLISH TEA at the JÁVEA PARADOR We celebrate that these superb teas have become such a popular and well established feature of Jávea life and if you haven’t yet been – don’t hesitate ! The hotel offers perfectly made tea (incl. Earl Grey) as well as cucumber sandwiches, delicious scones (with clotted cream and red jam) and carrot & walnut cake and a glass of Cava to finish.  A delight.  Yes, readers .... this is a triumph and all for €10.  Because the teas have been so successful it remains essential to book [96 579 0200].  Make up a small group - and book early. JÁVEA’s TOP MENUS DEL DÍA   [ between €14 - €20 : full details in text ] Many restaurants are now producing menus-del-día of such outstanding quality that we thought it best to recognise their achievement in listing them here.  Fuller details in the main text.   Amarre 152   -   Masena   -   El Rancho  -  Parador (€33)   -   Piri-Piri   -   La Plaza - Los Remos   -   La Renda   -   Sophia’s (Thurs. only)   -   Tosca   -   THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE MOVIES are on Tues., Wed., & Thurs. and, as before, the special dinner menu offer at La Renda continues. JÁVEA : CINEMA JAYAN - special offer (dinner + cinema ticket on Tues - Wed - Thurs at 18:45h for only €14) : The excellent Restaurante LA RENDA  is right beside the Cinema Jayan and offers a pre-performance menu del día including your cinema ticket for €14 (which means  a meal will cost you €8 !).    This newly and beautifully appointed restaurant offers some some serious, adventurous  and very creative cuisine.  To take up this offer you must book.  Tel: 96 579.3763 / f. Monday / E-mail: N.B.  To find out what film is showing, go to : http://www. click English “English version”.

IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN (from €35+ per head)

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Restaurante SOFIA’S : Avda. del Pla 20, Jávea.  Really delicious   and excellently prepared food. Muzak now tamed !   The MenuRestaurant ATALAYA : On the right side of Jávea’s Arenal del-día is one of the best, cost/quality, that we know (currently beach.  This restaurant serves creative dishes of superb quality.  Euros 14.50 with a glass of wine - but available Thursday lunch Previously held to account for appalling muzak, we learn that only.  High standards pervade all their dishes and the restaurant this is now less of a problem so we are pleased to acknowledge is beautifully appointed. Easy parking. Tel: 96 646.2903 / Open their excellent culinary skills with the proviso that we hope 19:00 - 22:30h / f. Sun/Mon that common sense has now prevailed and that clients are now   spared the (previous) infernal noise !Tel: 96 628.9666 / f.   / Restaurante TOSCA (Arenal beach, on the bridge overlooking Web: the creek and  close to Jávea Parador);  Creative cooking. Approx. €35.00. Excellent Menu-del-día €17.90.   Muzak Restaurante LA BOHÈME (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : This here can be irritating (they say they play it to cover the noise restaurant (and Los Remos de la Nao, La Perla & Atalaya) are from the kitchen !). BYO is a good idea but “corkage” is the  best  French styled  restarants on the  Arenal beach front.  charged at an outrageous €9. Tel : 96 579.3145 / f. Monday Fine tapas, superb steaks. Menu del dia €15.95. Consistently midday / Web: excellent reports throughout the summer but comments reveal Restaurante-Tosca-105829-0.html this is an expensive place (revealed, perhaps, by the excellent refurbishment).  Parador end of Arenal promenade.  Tel : 96 EXCELLENT (c. €25-30 per head) 579.1600 / open daily.    / javeacompany/boheme/index.html Restaurante CALIMA (Jávea port, Avda. de la Marina Española - pedestrianized seafront).  Next to Piri-Piri and Restaurante LE GOURMAND : Carretera Jesús Pobre 202.  recently refurbished. Imaginative and sometimes rewardingly Eight months have passed since Le Gourmand moved to their experimental.  Jazz on Thurs.  Menu del dia €11.95 (Monnew premises and excellent reports from many sources continue Sat) but Sun. €13. Tel : 96 579 4821 / open daily.   Email: to reach us regularly showing that it has become  a major success in our community and is established in the affections of a very wide range of resident gastronauts as one of the very best Restaurante CHEZ ANGEL (Jávea Arenal - close to Humpty restaurants in the area.  Recently we have organised two group Dumpty  on right after Arenal traffic lights).   Brasserie style.  lunches there – a success with everyone ! Away from the beach, Excellent meat - absolutely the best Châteaubriand in the area they are flourishing and are admired amongst serious eaters.  (with Masena at No. 2 !).  Wonderful Cous-Cous.  Serves Booking essential !  For summer there is a large (muzak-free) copious vegetables.  Menus del dia c.€16.00 & €25.00.   Tel :  covered area in the garden. Beware - occasional jazz evenings. 96 579.2723 / f. Tues  Tel: 96 628.9686 / f. Monday  /  E-mail : legourmand.javea@  Le Gourmand re-opened on 3rd Dec. Restaurante LA COCINA : leaving Jávea port towards the old town - on the corner of the last of row of shops before Restaurante MASENA  (Jávea) :  Go to the end of Cami petrol station.  This restaurant is acclaimed all over the Jávea Cabanes road (behind Barclays) and immediately left onto community.  The food is truly excellent, well presented and the  Benitachell (Golf Club) road. Beautifully appointed served with charm and showing flair.  Adventurous regional Belgian-owned restaurant with a stylish  air of quasi-Mexican Spanish & international cuisine.  What is remarkable is the decoration.  Menu del dia €17 (but not Sundays).   Good meat pricing structure of €16 (two courses) or €19 (three courses) a speciality notably Châteaubriand and steak cooked on hot making the whole experience, in terms of quality/price, “top stone. They are always busy so must book!  Muzak always of the class” !  The wine list is fascinating and very honestly turned down on request.  Tel : 96 579.3764 / f. Tues   Web : priced; it is also a challege but do not be intimidated as you will receive good advice if needed !  Quality wines also available by Javea-Xabia/Masena/ the glass.  Open evenings …….   Restaurante LA PLAZA No.6 : (in the “triangular square” *** ….. BUT they have announced that .. “We are now open (sic) opp. Humpty Dumpty).   All-year-round successful and for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays from 12:30h until 15:00h delightful German-owned establishment offering excellent offering a fixed price menu for €15.95 alongside our usual international cuisine (which can even include an excellent menu.  We have put together a set lunch menu and to enable us Wiener schnitzel !).  A favourite with residents and in tranquil to monitor numbers we would appreciate it if you could make surroundings.  Menu del dia €12 (midday) & €19.50 evenings. a reservation if you decide to come along”.  Please e-mail them Kitchen open till 23:30h.  Live music one evening a week for details in advance of your visit. Tel: 96 579.5140 (f. Sunday (Thurs). Tel: 96 646 2314 /f. Monday /  /  /  & Monday) / Web: / E-mail : info@ E-mail: Restaurante EL RODAT (Jávea) : Superb restaurant of the Rodat Hotel (A small hotels of the world member - but regrettably with muzak - although beautifully appointed).  Menus at €55 & €42. Tel: 96 647.0710 /  E-mail:  / Web: / http://www.elrodat. com/gastronomia

TO BE NOTED : This restaurant offers many of its main courses deep-frozen at about €5 each to be taken home. We’ve had several so far – marvellous – perhaps essential if you don’t much feel like cooking !

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Continued... TAPAS – JÁVEA OLD TOWN CASA MIA (old town Jávea behind the old church in the corner - used to be “Patissería Diego”). Beautiful interior – modern and old. Run by a young man from Dénia, Jonatan (a guitar musician) & his Cuban partner, Liuva (former ballerina). Good sandwiches / salads / tapas – and cakes from Patissería Diego. Lovely, quiet location & friendly service. Most Saturdays live flamenco & singing. Great atmosphere. On music nights: special tapas menus - reservation necessary.Tel: 670 539 806 /   IBERIA GASTRO BAR, C/ de San Buenaventura 9 (off town hall square, Jávea). Tapas of a very high quality indeed (chef did a stretch at the Savoy, London). Portions designed for two so choice of 3 tapii makes a meal ! Try their “Other tortilla” for a delicious surprise. Cost 20-30€ per person. English spoken. Muzak inside is variable but controlled. Tel: 96 599 6716 / E-mail: / info@iberiagastrojavea. com Open Mon-Sat 13:30–15:30h  &  19:30–22:30h (Sat. to 23:00h) Restaurante NESFOR : Cta. Cabo de la Nao-Pla 25.  Re-opened by the same family after 14 years, this restaurant has immediately impressed.  A lunch visit (we ate à la carte) proved excellent.  New rear parking area. Tel: 96 646 3872 / E-mail: reservas@  /  Web :  Restaurante LA PERLA de JÁVEA (Arenal beach front, right hand side).  Menu-del-día €14. Some very good reports have been reaching us. Tel : 96 647 0772  / open daily / Web : www.   Restaurante EL RANCHO : Cta. Cabo de la Nao (between the German clinic & Saladar Supermarket).  Another recently reopened  restaurant !  A young British couple (Simon & Danielle) have taken over and added, recently, a French chef to make the 3-chef team.   Well appointed and  in delightful surroundings the kitchen team has settled down well and, after all these years, the food can again be taken seriously !  Sunday lunch recommended. Reports are good to  excellent side.  Menu-del-día (€13.95 & €22).  We think you need to book !  Good parking either side of main road.  Tel: 96 577.1126 / f. Sunday p.m. & Monday.  E-mail:  /  Web :  (under construction)   Restaurante LOS REMOS de la NÃO (Jávea, Arenal beach front) : French owned and was probably  the best of all the Arenal beach restaurants and although there are now recent reports of improved standards.  Lies at the extreme right hand end of the bay on the edge of the large car park overlooking the beach.  Fish a speciality.  Great views.  Menu del día €15 (Sunday €20).  Best to book. Tel : 96 647.0776 /  f. Tues.  www.

Restaurante LA RENDA : Cristo del Mar, Jávea  Port, right beside the Cinema Jayan.  Beautifully appointed restaurant with some serious, adventurous and very creative cuisine - we even found sweetbreads on the menu.   Menu del día €12.50.  Live music on Friday.  Muzak turned off on request.  Tel: 96 579.3763 / E-mail: N.B. This restaurant offers a bargain pre-cinema special menu from 18:45h (Mon-Thurs) at €14 which includes your cinema ticket ! FAMILY RESTAURANTS / GOOD & RELIABLE (Euros 20 - 35 per head)

  Restaurante AUSTRIACO has been sold and a new Italian restaurant has taken its place - see under LA TAGLIATELLA.   AUSTRIACO  Bakery (Jávea; Arenal beach front).  This excellent bakery continues to offer their superb bread/croissants & gâteaux from 07:00h daily.  (also served at their café. Tel : 96 647.1004 / open daily / (Another source of very excellent bread is the expensively-priced Saladar Supermarket).    Restaurante AZORIN  :   Jávea Port (in street behind Napoli). Superb fish (especially sole) /chicken & chips. Menu del dia €9. Kids love it. Tel : 96 579.4495 / f. Sat.   Restaurante BACCHUS (Jávea) : Wonderful quality,  Swiss owned.   Cook your own  (superb) steak on stone.  PinosolCansalades road. Must book. Menus-del-día from €15 (W/ends €18).  Tel : 96 647.3096 / f. Mon.  / http://www.infocostablanca. com/bacchus/first%20en.htm Restaurante L’ÉCHALOTTE : Jávea Costa Nova, beside the tennis club just before the La Guardia cross roads. International cuisine of excellent quality with covered terrace behind. Good parking. Tel: 96 647.3364 / [ no web site ] Restaurante EL GAUCHO (formerly Las Brisias on the Jesús Pobre road). This re-opened restaurant has gained many plaudits under the management of the excellent Pizzeria Pepa (at Arenal) and offers an especially worthwhile restaurant for the residents of Montgó. Superb meat is their speciality. Best to book. Tel: 96 646.1338 /   Restaurante LUNGO MARE  (Jávea,  Arenal beach front) : Italian restaurant - beware large portions (some can be shared !) and, also, muzak can be bad !  Often fairly full so best to try to book.  In spite of hot competition next door recent reports have not been as good as previously ! Tel : 96 647.1196  / open daily   Restaurante MEZQUIDA  : Main road from  Jávea towards Arenal, on right side, just after Iceland roundabout on left but before Sol-Mar offices.  Good ambience/very popular Spanish ‘family’ restaurant. Serves the best Arroz negro (a delicious rice and squid dish) that we know of.  Good prices, superb meat. Spotless & mostly muzak-free.  Delightful, large and musak-free terrace.  Menu-del-día €16. Tel : 96 579.3620 / open daily / E-mail: rtemezquidaxabia@  

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Restaurante MINTT RUSTICA (Jávea - Cami Cabanes). Take road to right of Barclays, right at roundabout; it’s along on the left after the first burmp. Formerly La Rustica and now under new management. One very good report has reached us. Tel : 96 577.0855 /  Open 7/7.  

Restaurante THE GREAT INDIAN : Another quality Indian at Arenal beach (in the middle outside of the road that runs right around the beach area). Takeaway facility and Wi-Fi.  Noisy, but with appropriate(!) muzak and TV.  Open 7/7.  Tel: 96 646.3768 NEPALESE RESTAURANTS

Restaurante MONTGÓ  : 2-3kms along  Jávea -Jesús Pobre road (on left, with large stone tablet outside).  Amazing choice/ value/ quantity/quality & well presented.  Best fish ‘n’ chips of the region (with Azorin).  Menu-del-día €11.50.  We remind readers of the slightly more up-market ALMENDROS restaurant (slow service) on the opposite side of the road and for which there have, quite recently, been some good reports. Tel : 96 579.5020 / f. Thurs.   Restaurante PIRI-PIRI  : Excellent/imaginative (copious) ‘tapas’.  Widely praised and popular with residents.  On the port’s pedestrianised sea-front, leading from the bridge. Arrive early for lunch, but best to book.   Excellent Menus-del-día €11.50 (w/ends €14.50). Charming host & very professional one of our favourites Tel : 96 579.4745 / barpiripiri@hotmail. com f. & Mon (closed early New Year).

Restaurante BUDDHA PALACE : Arenal - opposite Banca March (newly opened). This was a most enjoyable experience! Tel: 96 579 2894 / Open: tlj



BREAKFAST at Jávea’s Arenal beach: For those looking for a breakfast of some quality on the sea front – especially what is known as a “Full English” - we recommend the Champagne Bar and Black Beluga.

Restaurante < The WOK BUFFET > : Jávea, at the Barclays roundabout. Very good. Recently refurbished and now with an extensive choice of shellfish included in their bargain price. Eat all you like for Euros 9.95 (special price for kids under 7). Go early (12:30h for lunch, 19:30h for dinner) when the huge spread is at its best. Attentive service. No muzak. A bit of a “canteen” ambience but a great quality “fill-up” if you are hungry and feeding hordes of kids. Tel : 96 579.7016 / daily 12-24h.

Being largely ignorant of Indian cuisine I have wondered why these next two restaurants are talked about over and above all other (Indian? style) restaurants and both are listed at Trip Advisor higher than the other Indian restaurants. I can only assume it must be the Nepalese influence ! Now there are 3 of them – so go and try them.

Restaurante GURKHA PALACE : Avda. Jaime 1, No.8 in Jávea port.  Fine food with good ambience. Take away service. Menus del dia : €9.50 & €11.99 A la carte €20-30. Tel: 96 579. 3331 / f. Tues.midday.

Restaurante EVEREST SPICE (previously Riu Rau) (Costa Restaurante PIZZERIA PEPA (Jávea: Arenal beach front,  nr. Nova):  Another Nepalese restaurant with charming décor; top middle).  Spanish; excellent value, swift service. Pizza takeaway.  of road up from Saladar to Costa Nova Panorama just after VERY efficient, popular with  good atmosphere;  muzak hairpin bend on the road towards La Guardia and Granadella low; must book !  Menu-del-día €16. The best quick-service (just after the closed kindergarten). Pleasant atmosphere. One “family” restaurant at the beach. But beware when ordering good report so far. Tel : 96 577.0230 / water : Bottle arrived at the table open and was charged at €2.90 INDONESIAN both of which are unacceptable. Tel : 96 579.2572 / open daily TAPINDO (& “Take-Away”) : In the last row of shops   Restaurante LA TAGLIATELLA : (Jávea, Arenal beach front) on the right side as you leave Arenal shopping area towards Another elegant looking  Italian restaurant, close to Lungo Mercadona. Produces excellent Indonesian food (especially Mare, but with dark 19thC décor.  Reports (4) have commented Bami Goreng & Nasi Goreng). All sorts of combinations can upon poor service and high prices. Tel: 96 647.2984 / www. be served to take home although there are facilities for eating on their terrace. Ideal for the hungry! Tel: 96 646.4191 / f.Sun. / 7/7

LE PARISIEN (Horno y pasteleria artesanal) : Next to Deutsche Bank (or opposite Humpty Dumpty) at Jávea’s Arenal: French coffee bar with superb bakery & patisserie – everything here is to be praised. Stylish and clean and delicious snacks. Open 08:30h – 19:00h (Sundays till 14:00h). Tel : 96 579.1466 / EASTERN RESTAURANTS (Jávea) INDIAN RESTAURANTS Restaurante TAJ MAHAL  (Indian) : The “top rank” Indian restaurant at Arenal beach, overlooking main car park.  Lunch buffet €7.40. Tel : 96 647.1684  / open daily / http://www.

Restaurante (the 5-star) BENI ASIA !! : On right side of the Cumbre del Sol road which leads off Benitachell high street (left at traffic lights just after Mas-y-Mas).  This is regarded by very many (including your writer) as the best Chinese restaurant in the whole area, lead by the charming owner, Fan-Fan.  Recent visiting residents of Singapore and Hong Kong have strongly confirmed this view.    Peking Duck a speciality - of course  !  Every dish tastes different and the food is free of MSG.  Take a group of 6 people and order these dishes : 10, 24, 34, 51, 54, 70, 89, 99 & 121 and then tell me that wasn’t the best chinese meal of the year ?? Tel: 96 649.4042 /

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Outside the Ermita supermarket (by the little church on the Jesús Pobre road) at 10:00h on a Saturday morning is to be found an enterprising Dutchman (Arjen) who is selling fresh martjes, Continued... smoked eel, roll-mops, smoked mackerel, buckling (a herring Bar/Restaurante LAS OLAS : HAVE YOU EVER smoked whole – as opposed to kippers which are smoked flat), WONDERED...... why there are always so many cars outside smoked trout and potted shrimps ……. AND (only to order) the Bar LAS OLAS (on the Cabo de la Nao road, on the right, fresh/frozen HERRINGS (mostly with their roes – and at €1.25 half way between Barclays and the Ferreteria PLA48) ?  Well, each). When did you last enjoy a fresh herring ? Surely the go discover it for yourselves.  Here is, indeed, a real surprise.  most marvellous of fishes ? Orders to : 667 997300 (every Sat. A huge range of really good, copious tapas far cheaper than morning from 10:00h) or the Arenal beach front !  The size of the portions means this is perhaps 50% of the cost of the beach establishments ?  Be [ and inside this supermarket, at Xavi’s excellent meat counter, careful how much you order - you may not be able to finish.  can be found the very best STILTON in the whole area ]. Ideal for hungry kids !  Clean tables, good service, bi-lingual menu. TV inside but mostly quiet outside. Tel:  96 577.0175  Arjen is in MORAIRA on Thursdays 10 - 14h at Tabaira – Palco. FISH (from Euros 25.00 per head) :   INCODNITO < Fish ‘n’ Chips  > : Jávea, Arenal beach, on Restaurante AMARRE 152 (Jávea) : literally “Mooring 152”, main car park.  It is not usual for such an establishment to find tranquil situation by the bobbing boats at the very head of the its way onto this list but it has proved to be very reliable with mooring creek that goes inland from the Parador. Menus del dia both fish and chips of excellent quality.  Tel : 95 577.0068 / f. €18 & 20 (fish). Excellent for rice/fish dishes.  A recent visit Sunday. showed them on top form. Tel : 96 579.0629 / f. Monday BOOKING: Good restaurants are busy; best to book. f. = fermé xabia-javea = Day closed (if known)   Restaurante LA CANTINA DE JAVEA : Situate right in PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES - IT front of the fishing fleet of Jávea’s port (on the ground floor HELPS EVERYONE right around the back – left side - of the one storey building by the fishing boats). Clientele is almost all Spanish. They are NOISE ANNOYS : Your editor/complier interviewed. RTN often fully booked so you must go early (say 12:30h). Very headline on subject of noise (and most especially the scourge of good prices. Their fish menus consist of the catches of the day. muzak in restaurants and shops) : They are serving all day long (and even after the cinema). rtn-newsflash/item/44154-noise-annoys.html Tel: 96 579 2190 / open tlj : 7/7. “Tranquillity lubricates the soul, muzak destroys it” (Spike Restaurante SUR : the beautiful Granadella creek (down Milligan) off the Cabo de la Nao and the No.1 beach of the Marina Alta);  certainly the best fish restaurant in Jávea (they own their own “Like a loathsome monster, muzak spreads its tentacles wider boat!).  Our absolute favourite for fish and a beautiful location.  and wider” (John Humphrys, BBC Radio 4) Sensational puds !  Highly rated in Spain’s Gastronomía Pipedown: Campaign for Freedom from Piped Music < Guide.  Best to book. Tel : 96 577.1612  /  July/Aug daily 10- E &OE 2013-1129 © 2013  J.G. DEACON 23h / otherwise open lunch only (closed c. 15 Dec - end Feb).   TEULADA : Exceptional item  RESTAURANTE : POISSONERIE : FISH SHOP << LES FOUGES >>, Teulada.  On the dual carriageway in Teulada on a corner at No.74 (on the left side going down) is a marvellous French-run fish shop with restaurant added  offering a huge range of fish & shellfish (incl. scallops, fresh haddock, oysters, potted shrimps, tarama and many other sorts of fruits de mer).  They now have whole kippers.  They also have pastries/gâteaux, French bread, patés and a better range of French cheeses than we have seen anywhere in the area (even Boursault - wow !).  All this is now served in their restaurant (fish only cooked a la plancha).   Booking essential - and they’ve up-graded all the furniture. Tel: 96 611.3100 / Wed - Sat 10:00h - 17:00h / Sunday 10:30h - 17:00h/ f. Mon. & Tues.  E-mail: franck@ / There is talk of them moving to bigger premises.

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JUAN LUIS MILLET SANCHO NOTARY AV. DEL PLÀ 130, C.C. ARENAL IV, PL. 1ª 03730 JÁVEA (ALICANTE) TEL. 96 646 33 53 – FAX 96 646 30 28 Winter Opening Times from October Mornings:

Monday to Friday from 9h a 14h Evenings:

Monday to Thursday 17h a 19h

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Focus on

Amparo Botella Moreno

Born in 1966 in Jávea, she studied economics at the University of Valencia whilst working working in the company IMPRENTA BOTTELLA founded by her father Francisco Botella Gualde in the sixties in Jávea. From 1989 to 2008, she worked in the company in business management and wrote the local magazine Semanal Jávea. In 2008, with her husband Luca Zampieri, she split from Imprenta Botella and founded the publishing and graphic service Botella Ediciones S.L. where the two continue to direct and edit Semanal Jávea. Her love for editing, the printing world, art, society today, photography and education make her embark on projects like the books published so far: Año 2008: GENT AMB GENT, AMICS AMB AMICS, ELS NOSTRES RECORDS XÀBIA. Año 2010: JUAN ORTOLÁ SEGARRA, SACERDOTE Y AMIGO. Escrito junto a Juan Bta. Codina Bas. Año: 2011: GENT AMB GENT, VIVÈNCIES D’UN POBLE. XÀBIA.

Her interest in discovering local traditions, concern about the lives and respect for older people has created a passion for defending our historical and artistic local, regional and provincial heritage and artisan values. Today Amparo is part of the Committee of Women Entrepreneurs of Javea (M.E.J.) and is the representative of Red Cross communication Jávea. During recent years she is very proud of the work done in their new printing company with a service that cares about customers and she has addressed various publishing projects such as local festivals magazines, books of children’s stories of Puri Hernández (“Mis Cuentos” and “Mis Cuentos 2”), Jávea Christmas magazines and her latest publishing project under the direction of artist Oscar Bento will soon see the light. December 27, 2013 launched an three month exhibition in which the painter Oscar Bento reviews thirty years of artistic work. The art catalog will be available in the bento.s@ibgaleri. com.

“Semanal Jávea” is the only weekly magazine in Jávea and towns nearby “We are an acknowledged and experienced magazine and have been supported by followers and readers for over 29 years.” Over 3.500 issues are distributed throughout the winter season reaching the 4.500 copies in the summer holiday period. “Our on-line weekly-updated magazine is increasingly being visited via social networks and our newsletter already reaches the homes of over 1.500 readers.” The magazine is delivered and available in the towns as follows: Jávea / Gata / Ondara / Pedreguer / Benitachell / Moraira / Teulada. Weekly updates every Friday, visit us on: “Semanal Jávea” online keeps the beat Semanal Jávea in keeping with new times and bearing readers and clients’ requirements, has always proved to remain up to date, proof of which is the latest overhaul and new design of its digital version. The number of online readers is ever increasing as is the number of visitors thus enabling the page to lead many search tools. From the editorial we wish to express our gratitude to our loyal readers’ support, allowing us to further develop. Rediscover our page and find out about the latest news in Jávea at BOTELLA EDICIONES S.L. (SEMANAL JAVEA OFFICE) is an editorial project, led by Luca Zampieri and Amparo Botella, launched in 2008 in Jávea (Alicante). The company was founded as a graphic design company offering editorial advice. According Amparo Botella, local magazine Semanal Jávea is the cornerstone of the whole cultural project, which also services in graphic design, web design and production of printing are complementary. A BRIEF HISTORY OF PRINTING IN THE MARINA ALTA AREA - The workshop was the first known in Jávea, Founded by Francisco Botella Jordá circa 1859. In 1959 the name resurfaces in Jávea Imprenta Botella s.l. under the direction of Francisco Botella Gualde. After he died, the company continues to operate under the direction of his daughter Amparo Botella Moreno, who decided in 2008 with her husband Luca Zampieri, offer more customer service and professional care and open a different company dedicated to the graphic arts (leaving Imprenta Botella S.L. in another direction).

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Avda Lepanto 2, Puerta Real E-30, Jávea Tel: 965 790 803 email THE PROACTIVE JÁVEA ESTATE AGENCY FOR SALES AND LONG TERM RENTALS. We speak English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German





1 perty o r P e r Featu

Property Ref: HO232205 - REDUCED €189,000- 3 Beds - 2 Baths - Jávea - Second floor, corner south/east facing apartment in the popular Puerto Real complex, close to all amenities & beaches in the port area of Javea. Basement parking included. Click Here to see more

rty Prope e r u t Fea


Property Ref: HO232046 - REDUCED €110,000 - 2 Beds - 1 Baths - Jávea - Javea - As new apartment on the second floor in the centre of Javea old town.Close to asll amenities. Transferrable mortgage available of 92,000 Euro. Click Here to see more

3 perty o r P e r Featu

Property Ref: HO232374 - Javea - €395,000 - 3 Beds - 2 Baths - Jávea - A quality villa in the Piver area with fabulous Montgo views, 11 x 5 metre pool, hot and cold air conditioning and underfloor heating. Modern, south & west facing. Click Here to see more

Cli ck h e r e t o v i si t w w w.javea-ham iltons .ne t

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Spectrum Fm is the largest English language music Radio Station in Spain, for English radio Costa del Sol & English radio Costa Blanca on the network we play Hot Hits and Feelgood songs. Our Costa Blanca South service plays classic hits during the day along with the best music mix. Spectrum will also be Updating the World and local news you need to know today and every day. Taking in large English-speaking community regions … Costa del Sol • Costa Blanca • Costa Almeria • Costa Calida …and the major cities of Algeciras, Marbella, Malaga, Murcia, Alicante and Benidorm. Offering the widest variety of Music in the South Costa Blanca Area - The Vfm Asociacion is YOUR one stop shop for all hit music from and era on The Costa Blanca. Offering Vibe FM with its Dedicated Chart hit service and Spectrum FM aimed at today’s radio market in a vibrant & growing entertainment world! We are the only bilingual dedicated service radio stations based in the Costa Blanca!!!! As part of the Spectrum Group, here at Vfm we are dedicated to bringing you the best choice of music on the Costa Blanca. We play ALL the hits, bringing back fond memories from a golden era through to todays best music mix. Spectrum FM brings you the very best gold music in British radio on the costa blanca along with the very best mix of spanish music. What’s more we will keep you fully up to date with all the latest news every day with our entertainment news reports. Dont miss the all new service that everyone is talking about – Welcome to Spectrum FM. As always thanks for listening and if you need any information or charity requests etc, please email myself;

John Migan ..and listen in on 90.2FM or online

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IT & Electrical Satpc Guy- Jon Worby IT & Satellite - The Sat and PC Guy Sky TV Freesat and UK Satellite TV Installers For Javea Ebuys - Mike Wood IT & Electrical :

Body Beautiful

Miscellaneous inc Money Matters

Beauty and Fashion


Lenceria Susan Body Beautiful ! Shop in Javea old town, in the lane between the post office and church. Something for everyone at anytime Fitness and Health Bernadine Davis Turpin - Chiringuito Moskito ( Montañar, Jávea) Sundays 16th and the 30th June FREE Salsa Lessons Hora/ Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Clubs & Associations and Education Clubs and Associations (also see our Club Page on P96) Marina Alta Business Club Bringing Business Together in Spain & - meets in Jávea and Denia and sponsors many projects including the Javea Grapevine

Costa Women @costawomen on Twitter

Costa Blanca Business Association - The CBBA is a group

of established businesses on The Northern Costa Blanca. For more information visit

My Destination Alicante can bring your business to life with videos and 360º tours. Sarah Farrell

Krazykidz - come along to Krazykidz in Javea Port

Childcare and Housekeeping Services, As a mother of 2, I am very aware of the work required in caring for my children whilst running the house. Larisa Cirstoiu Pet/house sitting, dog walking, garden care My sister in law is a very experienced house/pet sitter/dog walker, looking for sit(s) approx Aug 21 to Oct 3. Has own car. tamasine.leadchanges@gmail. com Written Translation Service Available – English / Spanish / Valenciano - confidential service E-mail learn-aprender @ hotmail. com for a quote - fully legal IVA invoices

Money Matters Glenn Tullett, Fully Regulated Independent Foreign Exchange Broker. (v)

Mujeres Emprendedoras De Jávea https://www.facebook.

John Hayward Financial Adviser Spectrum IFA http://www. (v)

Montgó Vegetarians - delicious meals out in Javea and surround-

Peter Sharp Email: - conserve your assets Worried the Euro will fall lower or fail; avoid IHT, all legal, no risk - 96 579 3081


ing areas, special menus created just for us, all welcome don’t have to be veggie!

Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir - always looking for new

singers, rehearse in Teulada every Tuesday at 7.00pm...great cameraderie, a few beers and enjoy our singing, come along for a try

Javea Welsh Society - Javea-Welsh-Society/553465378018197

Costa Blanca Yacht Association - Art Association, Javea – Art Classes, Porcelain Restoration and more Education Howard Westcott, home tuition UK exam subjects

Lynn Cobb - learn-aprender Mike Martin - Home tuition English classes, reading, literacy all ages, from Benitachell. Tel 660930171

Homes and Gardens – cleaning, maintenance, building A D Lawton Construcciones Floor-Restore - Restore Marble, Terazzo, Terrocotta,Tiles and bring them back to their former glory you can contact us on 689075125 or email

Arts, Crafts, Cakes & Gifts Art Association, Javea – Art Classes, Porcelain Restoration and more Javea Photos – local photos and photographers (includes mild “adult” content) Winks Inks - personalised hand crafted cards/glasses/frames -

totally bespoke - made to order - all languages and occasions https://

Tanya Lacey Organic home-grown herbs, scented sweet peas and more. Every Sunday 3-7 Casa Vegana. Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell

Hibiscus Cakes for your cupcakes and celebration cakes..... https://

To add your FREE advert (text only) to the classified section you can fill in the form on or join the Javea Grapevine Facebook Group https://www.

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Foodies Any Javea U3A members who would like to get a taste of what’s going on among Foodies can get in touch with group Gillian Breen at History By definition, everyone in the Jávea U3A is a member of the History Group so anyone is welcome to go along; there is no need to book. Contact group leader Travellers Tales Javea U3A has more than 50 groups, but ideas for new ones are always welcome. Among those currently being considered are Floristry for Beginners. Karen Smith, a qualified florist, is interested in setting up a new group to teach the art. The workshop would be for 2 hours, 1 hour of demonstration, followed by 1 hour of practical. Fresh flowers will be supplied. For more information, contact Karen at Ladies that Lunch This new monthly group is a way of meeting people over lunch and a jolly good chin-wag. It is likely to be limited to 40 ladies, so if you are interested be quick and contact group leaders Sally Wells or Katrina Frost on Badminton There are now two sessions for badminton – on Mondays from 10am-midday and on Thursday from 10am-midday. Any U3A members interesting in finding out more should contact group Philip Gauron at Pilates The Beginners and Intermediate groups have proved very popular and are full. Any members who are interested in being part of a new beginners group with a minimum of 8 people should contact the group leader, Carol Pilgrim. Book Club The group meets at 3pm on the third Monday of the month and the morning group at 10.30am on the first Tuesday, both at the Parador Hotel. If you are interested in joining either group, please contact Kay Thomas (morning group) on bookgroup@ or Pru Hughes (afternoon group) on bookgroup. Cycling The wheels are truly turning for this relatively new group, but any Javea U3A members interested in joining enthusiastic riders “on the road” can contact group Philip Gauron at cycling@ Dining Out Around 88 members have enjoyed recent eating out experiences locally with great service and high quality food. Membership is full, but to join the waiting list contact group leader Peter Speer at Discussion If you would like to have a say, contact Gill Birch, group leader, at

Meetings are in the Javea Players’ Studio in the Old Town at 11 am for an 11.30 am start. Members are asked to contribute 1€ pp to cover the cost of room hire, which includes tea/coffee and biscuits. New members always welcome! Just contact Angela Chantry at Some of the smaller groups such as Backgammon, Bridge, Digital Photography, Poetry and Spanish, do need new members. Anyone interested in these groups should contact the group leader in the first instance. * Javea U3A currently has 1,155 members, but new members are always welcome. Anyone interested in joining can contact the website or turn up at the monthly general meeting at the Parador Hotel at 10am on the last Wednesday of the month.

KARATE - For Grown-Ups! At The Gym Moraira Classes Start Jan 2014 - WATCH THIS SPACE! KARATE - For Grown-Ups! At The Gym Moraira Classes Start Jan 2014 - WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Costa Blanca Astronomical Soc. Meets on first Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. in Montgó Visitors Centre in Dénia. For details and directions call Ed Morley on 96 574 4612 or Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir rehearse every Tuesday 7-9pm, at Bar Mediterraneo, Teulada. New members always welcome, no experience necessary. Come along and give us a try! Tel: Mike Evans 965744577 or go to our web site: www. Crib Club every Thurs 8pm at Bombers Bar in the Port Costa Blanca Yachting Assoc.The CBYA welcomes all boat owners; We meet every week, please our for details & location of the meeting website

Local Club Directory Al-Anon Support Group The Al-Anon group for friends or relatives of alcoholics to share their experiences. No membership fee. 96 646 3689. Arsenal Costa Blanca Supporters Club, meets every match day at Cheers Bar, Javea Port under the archway. All club matches are shown live. If you live in or around Javea or are just visiting and would like to renew or start your support for the club, come along. All will be made welcome, young or old. Any further information, e-mail, Bob at arsenalcostablanca@ ARNAAP - Association of Royal Navy, Army and Air Force Personnel. If you enjoy lunching in congenial company join us. It is not essential to be Ex-Service, just like minded. Call Susan on 966 404650, or Art Centre Association - Javea Subjects available are: - Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Drawing, Mixed Media, Portraiture, Creative Textiles and Restoration of Porcelain. Join any time. Visit the Art Centre, we can fax, E-mail or post info and map or more details tel: Lorely Griffiths, Javea 96 647 20 49. Facebook Page Art Clubs for Oils, Watercolurs, Pastels, Acrylic now meet in Javea at ArtyFacts, Denia, Cumbre del Sol & Benimeli. Call Lesley Clark 96 579 4462 or email lesleyclarkjavea@gmail. com Backgammon Club We meet on Mondays at the Grand Cafe residential Toscamar at 20.00. For more information please call Steve on 96 647 1708 or 635 377 335. Benitachell Christian Fellowship Sun. 11am in the Arts Museum Tel David Newman 650738638 Ray Davies 96 649 4036 Club Nautico, Javea Yacht Club Crochet & Soft Yarn Club Meets fortnightly in a private house in Javea. Contact or phone 96 579 4462. Costa Blanca Anglo Spanish Association meetings and trips to further our knowledge and understanding of Spain; its history, geography, culture and institutions.New members are welcome. Visit or email the secretary on

Expatriate Ostomates of Spain EOS Contact Cynthia on 96 646 0063. Javea Book Circle We meet on alternate Tuesdays at 19.30 for 19.45 at the Centro Social, behind the Centro de Salud Contact Eleanor Joy on 96 647 2876 Javea Bridge Club Avd de Paris 2. or call Margaret on 96 579 3413. Jávea Conservatives Abroad website meets socially 6 to 7 times a year contact secretary@ Javea Computer Club (More than just Computers) www. JCC meets every Mon/Tues and Thurs morning from 09.30 until 12.30. (Check our Web Site for how to find us) There is something of interest for everybody; whatever your ability or knowledge. We have been teaching beginners for more than 25 years and have widened our scope to cover - ‘connecting your PC to your TV’, ‘Smartphones’, ‘Apple devices’ (iPads, iPhones, Apple Macs) and various ‘Special Interest Groups’...e.g. Video Editing, Genealogy and even Hand Made Cards.If you would like to have a look around, pop in and ask for Morris. Javea Grapevine Group interact with The Grapevine, its readers, contributors and friends on Facebook - add your photos, club and event news for the next issue, via the Group or through Javea Green Bowls Club - Inn on the Green - Javea International Civic Society Enquiries to Jeni Jackson Phillips 96 579 0470, 619 270 493. Javea International Magic Club For more information please call - 627 046 897 or 96 579 2808. Javea International Tennis Club (JITC) is based at the idyllic setting of the La Sella Tennis Complex near Pedreguer on the Costa Blanca. Javea Netball Club Playing Wednesdays, 20.00 - 21.30 at L’Ancora Playa Tennis club. contact Anita on 96 647 2169 or 660 782 165. Javea Public Lending Library Borrow books in English from Javea Public Lending Library, FREE! The English section is open every Tues and Sat morning 10.00 - 12.00. Javea Public Library, Calle Mayor 9, Javea Pueblo, old town. Contact Alma Dorndorf on 96 646 3262 or 636898162

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Javea School of Bridge and Social Club Edifico 80, Avenida Tamarits. Tel 96 649 1539. Javea U3A - 1,155 members, new members always welcome. Anyone interested in joining can turn up at the monthly general meeting at the Parador Hotel at 10am on the last Wednesday of the month. Jávea Welsh Society - meets in Jávea - for more info see our Facebook Page Javea Whist Club meets every Monday and Thursday (7.45 for 8 p.m.) at L’Ancora Playa, Arenal to play progressive partner whist. All players welcome particularly at the Thursday session when the numbers are lower. MABC - The Marina Alta Business Club meets in in and around Jávea & Denia All nationalities welcome. Meetings conducted in English and are currently open to non members, by arrangement, until September - Contact Gaile on 96 646 1913, email MABS Cancer Support Group Jacqui 96 579 4083 or 686 305 006 Brenda 678 843 666 or for Valencia area Cynthia 652 835 063 Kirsten 646 865 308 Rian 619 876 062 Montgó Vegetarians - delicious meals out in Javea and surrounding areas, special menus created just for us, all welcome don’t have to be veggie! Montgó Residents´Association (APMJ) Asociación Propietarios Montgó Jávea - meets monthly throughout the year - multilingual group of local residents with homes along the slopes of the Montgó - includes access to Neighbourhood watch information Mujeres Emprendedoras De Jávea Javea Business Women meets regularly in Javea for lively business networking! www. New Country Line Dancers - Jávea Classes: Intermediate Wednesday 11.30 - 12.30 at L’Ancora, Beginners - Thursday 7.00 - 8.00 at the Dance Cafe Toscamar, Intermediate - Thursday 8.00 - 9.30 at the Dance Cafe Toscamar Tel: 96 647 0632 Patchwork/Quilters Group meet Wednesday 10.00 - 13.00 at the Centre Public Formacio e Persones Adultos in Javea, Calle Ramon Llido, Javea. Contact Debbie on 96 579 0086 Peña Javeamigos The international supporter’s club and now the primary source of info for CD Javea. For more details, see Royal Air Force Association. The North Costa Blanca Branch meets at Los Arcos Restaurante, Pedreguer (N332, west side) on the second Monday of each month at 12:00 to 13:00, followed by lunch. We have nearly 140 members, who enjoy friendship, help and support with RAFA; and we always look for new members who have, or have not, served in the RAF. For more information, or call 966 430 215 Royal Naval Association, Costa Blanca North - Regular events, monthly, including the annual and special Trafalgar Night event contact for more info Scottish Country Dancing To book and for Enquiries please call 96 645 6881.

Stamp Collectors /Philatelists /Postcards meets - 2nd & 4th Monday every month 10.00. For more details please call Derek Guyett on 96 579 5499 or Dave Anderson on 96 647 6034 Stress Busting Yoga Club in Javea Yoga for beginners. We meet Tuesday at a house on the Jesus Pobre Road. For more infomation call Maria Palomar on 96 646 0851. Toscamar Tennis Friends - Join us for a friendly game of tennis on Mondays and Wednesdays 10.00 - 12.00 at Ciudad Toscamar, Javea. Just turn up or ring Christine on 96 649 3900 The Firs Nursery Mother & Toddler Group Every Monday from 14.00 - 15.30. Children aged from 18 months to school age. Call 96 647 2929 for more information. The Javea Branch of the Royal British Legion meets every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at Scallops. We start our meetings at 11.30am but most people start arriving at 11.00am to have a coffee etc, before our meetings. You don’t have to have been in the services to now join the Legion, anyone can join or come along and see what we do. We have a great social programme thoughout the year, so come and join us, you will be most welcome. Make your self known to Pam and Roger. The Javea Players produce 5 plays a year at Gata theatre and in their own Studio theatre. Cine evenings and socials. New members welcome, contact Gerald on membership. jp@gmail. com or 96 647 2876 Taoist Tai Chi Society of Javea New instrucors, new space. Beginners welcome anytime Mon and Wed 11.30 at Danza Ronda Sur (near paint shop in old town) Info 649 161 290. UFO Discussion/Research Group We meet on the first Friday of every month at 10.00 for 10.30 start in the Social Services Centre Javea. contactPresident, Jeanine El Khouri. Tel. no 965795148 or Christine Newton 618111376. e.mail Facebook Page UFOandWorldMysteries Wall Hangings and Rug Making Club We meet every other Tuesday in Javea from 09.30 - 12.00. Contact Amanda on 639 987 301 or email Women in Business Club Monthly Business Meetings open to all members and non members, but you must be a WOMAN 3RD MONDAY OF THE MONTH JAVEA - L’Ancora Tennis Club from 2pm to 4pm Location: L’Ancora Tennis Club Xabia Rugby Club formally Javea Bulls. Our 1st Team plays rugby in the Valencia 2nd division with a multi cultural mix of players and a wide range of ages! We are proud of our Junior section which has continued to grow and is now producing some good players for the future.

If you have changes to make, or have a club you would like to add to this list please email or use the Contact Form on 96 579 5656

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Spinning Fitball Boxercise Spin/Tone Yoga Aerotone Body Pump Body Tone Pilates

FULLY EQUIPPED HEATED AND AIR CONDITIONED GYM FOR MEN & WOMEN includes H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) Special Offer for New Members

For your free information pack call Carol now on 649123238 or visit

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ART CENTRE ASSOCIATION, JAVEA The aim of the Art Centre is to encourage both beginners and experienced artists alike, by offering tuition in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. There is an occasional newsletter, and an ‘Antiques Road Show’ for charity each year. Membership is €5 per year from September to September. Members are welcome to use the Art Centre as a meeting point. The Art Centre is in a quiet country house not too far away from ‘Inn On The Green’ bowling club and near Las Laderas Urbanization. Part of the house has been remodelled with extra windows, special lighting and central heating for the two studios, reception area and coffee lounge. WIFI is available and free. There is easy parking and wheelchairs are welcome. Lorely and Glyn Griffiths have retired after more than 35 years working around the World. Glyn had previously been involved in telecommunications (now promoted to car park attendant and janitor for the Art Centre ! ! ) This will be the 4th Art Association Lorely will be running. She started the first Design College in Nairobi more than 30 years ago and finally was looking after the Art Society in Dubai for many years. Subjects usually available are: - Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastel, Drawing, Mixed Media, Portraiture, Creative Textiles, and Porcelain Restoration. All of the subjects are available for absolute beginners or for those more advanced. Although the Art Centre is a non-profit association, there will be a flat charge of 20 Euros per 3-hour session, whatever the subject, this pays the teachers and covers the overheads. Also everyone is welcome to arrive early and leave late or come for a coffee any morning. Usually groups will meet (3hrs per session) once a week, in the mornings, 10am to 1pm which includes free tea, coffee & ‘choccy bikkies’ at any time ! ! We will always welcome enthusiastic and experienced people to teach any existing or new subject. Those who would like to attend could add their names to the subject “Wish List” and in that way everyone can be tied in together. It is advisable to pencil your names in to secure a place. Didn’t you always say when you had time, you would learn to paint ! ! In addition the Art Centre Association has studio/meeting rooms available for ANY group or club who want somewhere to meet on a ‘one off’ or regular basis or, who just want to come along and make a mess ! ! Fully equipped studios with tables, comfortable chairs, easels, good lighting, projector screen, paper roll, white spirit, art & antiques reference library, car park, central heating, wheelchair access, coffee lounge, ‘choccy bikkies’ and as much tea/coffee/softies as you can drink (but bring your own wine ! !). All of the above included free for €5 per head per morning or afternoon session. As this is a non-profit association, if the meeting is cancelled you don’t have to pay. Come and visit the Art Centre, (we can E-mail or post you a map) or for more details please contact Chairwoman: Lorely Griffiths on Javea 966 47 20 49. E-mail:

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Antiques and Oddities

Limbach 1788-1800 Blue, White, Limbach teabowl Limbach Thurungia, Germany. Late Eighteenth century. Typical hand drawn clover mark used after 1788. The factory closed in the middle of the 19th Century. This teabowl pattern is not unique to the factory – but the quick strokes and confident decoration is. They specialised in quickly produced, simple wares. The teabowl’s large size fits with it being late eighteenth century. As the tax on tea was lifted and tea became cheaper to import – Tea drinking vessels (which had been small to savour and not waste an expensive and precious commodity) became larger and larger – just as tea caddies went from incorporating locks – to simple lidded boxes and jars. Limbach factories using this mark included:- Greiner (1778-), Groszbretenbach (1788-), Kloster-Veilsdorf (1797-) and, according to Cushion, it may also have been used by Ilmenau 1786-1792.

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Useful Telephone Numbers

With thanks to Amparo Botella for this list of contact numbers extracted from Seminal Jรกvea Magazine (has English pages)

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News and views from in and around Javea and the North Costa Blanca in Spain - Clubs, Events, Information, Local Restaurant Reviews, Theatre,...

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