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Green Architecture

40 June 2014

The UN “Box”ing of Greenfort GREENFORT (SIFY), B7, Sector 132, Greater Noida

The project required to amalgamate an office component with the need for a Data Storage facility in the suburban context of NCR in Noida. The storage facility binds its own challenges, be it necessitated by security concerns, large capacity electrical demand, high tonnage HVAC, excessive water requirements or the huge dead loads on the structure.

Typically, such buildings result in a windowless “BOX”. The opportunity in diversity was to be able to conceal the scale of the built form and adding simple reflective and transparent volumes to the BOX to arrive at the final representation. The curved reflective surface with the sculptural glass and steel staircase lend the

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necessary softness and depth to the BOX. The landscape and lighting are an implicit part of the structure.

The facade of the building is composed of 3 masses (components): A solid windowless base, the vertical element of the staircase and the office floors above. Each component has further been detailed where the stone clad base is embellished with Stainless Steel and Frosted Glass block inserts as they allow light to filter without compromising on the security.

The exposed riser-less Mild Steel staircase in a clear glass enclosure is the vertical thread tying up the various elements of the building. The curvilinear office block forms the perfect offset from the geometric base and the straight jacket treatment of the staircase column. Eventually, the office block seems to hold the “Bread loaf� box within it.

The building is well-planned with externally located parking for visitors, stilt parking for associates and basement parking for staff. This was done keeping in mind to deal with the parking menace which is the 42 June 2014

biggest challenge faced these days by most commercial buildings. All services such as heating ventilation and air-conditioning are placed in the basement, terrace and the rear setback areas in order to utilise the space in a conventional manner.

The floors from the first to the fifth level are used as data storage facility whereas from the sixth to the eight level are designed as office spaces. The front setback is utilised for the underground services like septic and storage tanks, rain water harvesting etc. The building is beautifully covered with greenscape and water bodies at the front.

On closely examining the facade of the building, it further comprises of a Saint Gobain single Glass unit (Pilkington Eclipse Advantage Blue-Green), which is a world leading on-line coated solar control glass that combines low emissivity, with solar control, high visible light transmittance and glare control. The usage of this glass is relatively advantageous keeping in mind the climatic context of the site, durability, as well as adds an aesthetic appeal to the building.

This makes a well-designed climate sensitive faรงade. The cladding of facade is done using Sand blasted mint Gwalior Stone, Granite and Teakwood Stone which merges well with the Gwalior Stone and the painted surface. The Stainless Steel while being resistant to corrosion, heat and stains conceals wall washer LED lights within it. Additionally, the frosted Glass block strips which gives a softer feeling the glass as well as mutes the harsh sunlight coming from outside. n

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