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I-Creative International Mobility Project for Young Creatives

Project description The I-Creative Project is an international traineeship program for recent graduates (2011, 2012, 2013) in the domain of the creative industries. Flemish participants will get the opportunity to do an internship of up to 5 months in a creative company or organisation in a country of the European Union. During the internship the trainee will receive a reimbursement. Thanks to this program young creatives obtain a first international work experience in their field of expertise. I-Creative is organised by Flanders District of Creativity (, the Flemish organisation for entrepreneurial creativity. Flanders DC has succesfully organised previous editions of mobility programs for designers (I-POD 1, 2, 3 & 4) and I-Fashion (1 & 2).

Keywords of the I-Creative project • • • • • •

Apprenticeship position of max. 6 months In creative and innovative organisations and companies in the EU For recent Flemish graduates (2011, 2012, 2013) Focus on international dimension Focus on creative industries Internship can take place between September/October 2013 and May 2014

Profile of the participants Participants must hold a Master or Bachelor degree (and/or have a max. of 2 years of work experience) in: • Architecture • Audiovisual sector • Visual arts • Communication, PR • Design • Printed Media • Gaming • Fashion • Music • New media • Performing arts • Cultural Heritage

Company/organisation requirements • • • •

Located in a country of the European Union Clear focus on creative sectors Strong interest in international dimension Each trainee should have a mentor

• • •

Company/organisation must clearly define what the task of the trainee will be upfront; will the trainee work on a specific project, which field, etc. Each company is free to give the trainee a compensation Receiving organisations/companies must provide a letter of intent

Reimbursement Each trainee will obtain a grant from the European Commission as this project will be sent in as a Leonardo Da Vinci project. This grant will consist of a fixed fee for travel and lodging depending of the duration of the internship and the location. Each company is free to give the trainee a compensation.

Timing Participants will be able to do their internship in September 2013 – May 2014.

More info Kendy Smits Flanders DC Diestsevest 76 3000 Leuven Belgium E-mail: Tel : +32 16 24 29 16 Fax : +32 16 24 29 19

I-Creative International Mobility Program


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