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REFERENCE PROJECTS Timmerhuis | The Netherlands | Rotterdam


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Municipality of Rotterdam


OMA – Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Rem Koolhaas)

Contractor Heijmans

Products String², solid wall, Rw = 50 dB, up to 2.700 mm String², solid wall, bi-block with clear anodized profiles,

Rw = 46 dB, up to 2.700 mm

Panorama, clear anodized profiles, Rw = 47 dB, up to 2.700 mm

Curved wall, fully glazed wall, 3.037 mm radius, up to 2.500 mm

Curved Glass doors, Framed Glass doors, Sliding doors, Wooden doors

Total m² Living Walls

3.700 m²

Timmerhuis Rotterdam is the first multifunctional building that received the BREEAM Excellent ****certification.


The history The Timmerhuis is a place of great historical importance. The old Stadstimmerhuis was destroyed during the bombing of World War II. During reconstruction of the city a new Stadstimmerhuis was built. The building was finished in the 70’s and became the Rotterdam Municipal Office. In 2009 all officials have left the building to make space for the new design of OMA.


The heart of the city Timmerhuis Rotterdam is the meeting point of the city. A place where living, working, culture and relaxation come together in one building. It’s the home of Museum Rotterdam, various shops and restaurants. There are also flexible workspaces for officials of the municipality of Rotterdam and 84 residential apartments.

The architect of Timmerhuis is OMA. OMA is a leading international partnership practicing architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. For Rotterdam’s Timmerhuis they conceived a modular building with repeated units gradually set back from the street as they rise into two irregular peaks. The building’s composition of smaller cells creates an impressive, complex form when viewed from Coolsingel, one of Rotterdam’s main arteries, and allows for subtlety and adaptability as the new building meets the Stadstimmerhuis which surrounds it on two sides. (2016)

Curved Living Walls The curved walls in Timmerhuis create a dynamic effect and make this building truly unique. The radius of the curved walls is 3.037 mm.

Curved doors The Curved doors are constructed from round extruded aluminum profiles. The curved doors are mounted on a floor concealed door closer.

Completely custom made In Timmerhuis Rotterdam we used various heights of the top and bottom profiles. Our Living Walls connect perfectly and the open walls flow smoothly in to the solid walls. Height variations throughout the building creating an exciting relationship with the base of the building.

Revitalization Within the existing walls, Maars seeks to push back the boundaries in order to achieve a totally new concept with great creativity.

In Timmerhuis we were able to adjust for building tolerances by assembling our bi-block doorframe with the special Framed glass door of 80 mm directly against the concrete structure.

Maars doors and doorframes This project contains several special door and doorframe solutions.

A custom made bi-block doorframe to adjust for building tolerances

40 mm Framed glass door, up to 33 dB 100 mm Curved glass door 40 mm Wooden door, up to 38 dB 50 mm Wooden sliding door, up to 37 dB

Minimal floor profiles & custom 90 degree corner detail for showcasing an impressive design.


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