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Free Writing Prompt You have recently been hired to develop an ad campaign for a machine called Magic Maid capable of cleaning entire rooms within minutes. This incredible contraption does everything: sweep, mop, vacuum, and dust hard to reach places. The inventor has requested three separate ads to be run in three popular magazines: Good Housekeeping, Popular Mechanics, and Senior Magazine. Considering the target demographics, describe the different images, fonts, etc. you might use to appeal to these audiences. Describe why you might make this choices.

What To Look For During Peer Edit • • • •

Is there a clear and defined Thesis Statement? (underline it) What is the central claim of the thesis? What is the rhetorical situation? Does the paper outline certain features (images, font, color, etc.) which support the claim • Does the paper identify the target demographic for the ad? Who is it? • Is the desired reaction intended by its creators present in the paper? What is it? • Does the paper state whether or not the ad is successful and/or ineffective? *Be specific! Give the author examples of instances in which their observations could be more fulfilled. Don’t nitpick grammatical mistakes- focus on the ideas. Write an end note to offer suggestions on how analysis may be improved.

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