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Monday 8/26

Wednesday 8/28

Friday 8/30

1st Day of Classes -Go over syllabus -Get acquainted

Icebreaker Activity: Introduce Paper One FNT: Anne Lamott, “Shitty First Drafts” OW

Monday 9/2

Wednesday 9/4

Journal Free Write Discuss “Shitty First Drafts” FNT: McGraw Hillsection on narration Friday 9/6

LABOR DAY- No Classes

Activity: Discussing popular You Tube videos Discuss Friday’s reading FNT: Bring in 1st Draft of Paper One

Monday 9/9

Wednesday 9/11

Free Write Activity Workshop 1st Draft FNT:Read Michael Hendrickson’s “Music Television Mike” and write Journal to turn in during conferences. OW Bring 2nd Draft of Paper One to conference Friday 9/13




Monday 9/16

Wednesday 9/18

Friday 9/20

Activity: Summary vs. Analysis FNT: Read Lorrie Moore, “How to Become a Writer”OW

Free Write Activity Discuss “How to Become a Writer” FNT: Bring 3rd Draft of Paper One Wednesday 9/25

Workshop 3rd Draft FNT: Bring in some of your favorite song lyrics or album cover art to discuss Friday 9/27

Final Draft of Paper One Due Discuss Dillard Introduce Paper Two FNT: Read Haunani0Kay Trask “Tourist, Stay Homes”

Discuss Trask and how stereotypes shape communities. Discuss the strengths/weaknesses Journal ActivityStereotypes FNT: Bring 1st Draft of Paper Two

Monday 9/23 Discuss Lyric or Cover Art choices Journal Activity FNT: Annie Dillard “How I Wrote the Moth Essay- and Why?” Bring Final Draft

Monday 9/30

Wednesday 10/2

Friday 10/4

Free Write Activity Workshop 1st Draft FNT: Read Corbett, Conners “A Brief Explanation of Classical Rhetoric” OW

Discuss Reading Activity: Stylistic Revision: Maximizing Clarity and Directness FNT: Read Brent Staples “Just Walk on By..” and Response- turn in on Friday OW Wednesday 10/9

Free Write Activity Watch clips of “Exit Through the Gift Shop” FNT: Journal Response on community you consider yourself to be part of.

Free Write Activity Read and Discuss Steve Locke“Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Race” hics-values/why-i-dont-wantto-talk-about-race/ FNT: Read Michael Torralba “Radiohead’s OK Computer” OW Bring OW to class Monday 10/14

Journal Activity Discuss Michael Torralba “Radiohead’s OK Computer” FNT: Bring 2nd Draft of Paper Two

Free Write Activity Workshop 2nd Draft of Paper Two FNT: Bring 3rd Draft of Paper Two to Conferences

Wednesday 10/16

Friday 10/18




Monday 10/7

Friday 10/11

Monday 10/21

Wednesday 10/23

Friday 10/25

Activity Introduce Paper Three FNT: Look over the handout from Blackboard on poetic forms Journal Response to turn in Wednesday

Discuss Reading Activity: Read and Analyze Poems Discuss How To Workshop FNT: Bring Final Draft of Paper Two

Final Draft of Paper Three Due Introduce Poetic Forms w/examples Introduce Poem One: Form Poem FNT: Read Dean Young essay- Blackboard Compose your 1st poem

Monday 10/28

Wednesday 10/30

Friday 11/1

Workshop Form Poem Activity: Details & Descriptions FNT: Read Robert Frost “Birches” Journal Response to turn in Wednesday Monday 11/4

Introduce Poem Two: Concrete Poem Activity: Description & Details FNT: Read Poems ProvidedBlackboard

Activity: Unpacking the Object Analyze Provided Poems FNT: Read Rita Dove “To Make a Prairie” Compose 2nd Poem

Wednesday 11/6

Friday 11/8

Workshop 2nd Poem Activity: Fun With Syntax FNT: Journal Response to bring to class on Wednesday Monday 11/11

Introduce Poem Three: Memory Poem Look at Examples FNT: Provided Reading Wednesday 11/13

Journal Activity: What Makes a Good Poem Analyze Provided Poems FNT: Compose 3rd Poem Friday 11/15

VETERAN’S Day- No Class

Workshop 3rd Poem Introduce Poem Four: Ekphrastic Poem Look at Examples FNT: Read Provided Poems Journal Response to be turned in Friday Wednesday 11/20

Let’s Go See Some Art!

Workshop 4th Poem FNT: Provided Reading

Activity Introduce Poem Five: One of your choosing FNT: Provided Readings Compose 5th Poem

Workshop 5th Poem Sign up for Presentations Discuss Process Memo FNT: Start Thinking About your Radical Revision

Monday 11/25

Wednesday 11/27

Friday 11/29

Look at Examples of Radical Revisions Discuss Possible Ideas with class Monday 12/2



Wednesday 12/4

Friday 12/6




Monday 11/18

FNT: Compose 4th Poem

Friday 11/22

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