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General Meeting Calendar for 2016. Saturday 6th February 2016 Commencing at 2 pm. Venue to be advised . Hope to see you there. Further dates will be advised in the next edition. Please note the new treasurers address for MAAQ material is : Barb Cugley P.O.Box 635 Buddina Qld 4575


M.A.A.Q. Executive and Office Bearers President: Tyson Dodd

0417 727981

Vice Pres: Mick Dallman

0411 285 665

Secretary: Kathy Moody

mobile: 0421 844079

home: 0746 344078

Treasurer: Barb Cugley

mobile: 0447 473668

C.F.I.: Warren Hathaway

0457 456001

R/C Admin : Randall Mowlam

0414 312586

Airflow Editor: Doug Moody.

07 4634 4078

F/F Admin: Vacant

C/L Admin: Vacant PRO : Vacant

PLEASE NOTE THE CUT OFF DATE FOR CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE JANUARY-MARCH EDITION WILL BE THE 11TH OF MARCH 2016. Front Cover: Tin Can Bay member Neil Low with his Avro 504k and the trophies he won. The model won best biplane for both pilots’ choice and people’s choice. Marty Pugh flew it to win the most scale-like flight by any plane. This model was scratch built over 1000 hours. Spanning 9 feet, weighing in at 16 kilos, it is powered by by a nine cylinder 100 cc Evolution glow engine. One of the features of the model is that the pilots hands move on the joysticks when the working flying surfaces are moved. The numbers on the model are from the full size aircraft that is in the Shuttleworth Collection in England and is still flying today. Almost 9000 Avro 504’s were built from about 1914 and remained in service until 1935.


Welcome to the Christmas edition of Airflow The Kingaroy club (KAMS) participated inb the Australian model flying day held on the 25th of October. A short report and some photos can be seen in this edition. Did your club participate in the Australian model flying day held on the 25th of October? If your club did participate then I would like to hear from you. Our treasurer Barry McDonald has tendered his resignation recently to travel round the country and to have a break from the late nights of being treasurer and registrar, and to finish some of the projects in the workshop that have been waiting to be completed. The MAAQ committee would like to wish Barry & Fran all the best for the future. Events for 2016- For those clubs planning their events for next year it is advisible to plan and submit your dates for inclusion into the calendar of events on the web site. So far there is only a couple of events listed, so if you can get your events into the editor as soon as practical so that there will be no date clashes with events in the same area on the same day/weekend. Change of venue for the general meetings: Since the planned destruction of the Chermside library our meeting rooms are no longer available at this location. Considerable searching and many phone calls later the secretary has found a couple of scout halls in Brisbane at a reasonable price and with plenty of parking space available. The first meeting was held at the Taringa Scout Hall in Taringa on the 28th of November. This meetiing did not attract a quorum of clubs so the general meeting was just a informal gathering. There will be more investigation into obtaining another venue planned for next year. I would like to thank all the advertisers for their support over the past 12 months, and the numerous members who have provided material for the newsletter over that time. Without your support this newsletter would certainly not be a going concern . Finially the MAAQ committee would like to wish all the readers & members a very merry Christmas and have a safe & prosperous new year. Kind Regards Doug

AIRFLOW SUBSCRIPTION FORM FOR A 12 MONTH PERIOD 4 EDITIONS I (name) .................................................................................VH Number..................... of (current postal address re........................................................................................... wish to subscribe to receive the Airflow newsletter by post for the period of 12 months for the cost of $6.00 for 12 months . Signed ............................................................... PLEASE POST YOUR FORM ALONG WITH $6.00 TO THE TREASURER AIRFLOW 4

MODEL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND 1NC. ABN: 75 937 441 868 Presidents Report 2nd August 2015 As the MAAQ approaches the new year with the AGM booked in for the 28th of this month I refer to the reporting that will be released in the coming week from the Treasurer/Registrar and reflect on some of the pertinent aspects of our sport both within Queensland and Nationally. Reviewing the membership system which is now in full swing and all clubs accessing and updating information as necessary, our Queensland membership is slightly up on last year which we can only attribute to club activity and possibly the 2015 Queensland Nationals Exposure after which some renewals were activated. The membership numbers for the year ended up well over 2400 across over 60 clubs and some interest groups. The 2015 Queensland Nationals event saw one of the largest attended events for some years, with over 220 competitors across the disciplines. I would like to make specific mention to the National Committee and the clubs who assisted throughout the event with hosting and assistance. Without volunteering your time, the event would not have been as successful as it was. May also saw the MAAA National conference which was held in Brisbane. Now, I will take this opportunity to remind all or members that the Board of the MAAA is made up of the presidents from all the states and territories. During the conference many pertinent decision are discussed, debated as needed and voted on in a rather orderly fashion. Some of the key aspects from the conference included: • Insurance updates, new policy information and related MOP revisions adjustments where necessary. Interesting, as I have documented previously to the clubs, the MAAA policy that is in place for our members provide many benefits which are unsurpassed within sporting organisations in Australia. An example in that the MAAA policy now covers our clubs with $10,000 initial facility/equipment coverage within the current fee structure. This assists some of our smaller clubs dramatically that might only have $10,000 worth of equipment and is now covered within the policy, saving the clubs up to $900 establishing their own coverage. Additionally, for larger clubs which may have significantly more equipment/infrastructure, this $10,000 can be boosted to provide sufficient coverage for the amount that the club needs. Again, this provides a potential significant saving to member clubs. This is information that will be circulated by the MAAA Secretary • Control Line world Championships will be held in WA in May 2016. Our peers in WA have been working extremely hard on the facilities for the event which is set to bring the best competitors from around the world to WA for the event.


• The membership system was discussed at some length and discussion was held on individuals being able to access the membership system to update personal information like contact details etc. I implore you to take the opportunity to login and have a look, and ensure that your details are correct. • Some MOP’s were updated, discussed and reviewed following suggested changes from SIGs and states. One included the Turbine MOP for the removal of a remote kill switch. Again, it is important for all clubs to share updated information from the MAAQ secretary with your members. • I was also pleased to be present at this year’s conference as one of our Queensland Aeromodellers, Darryl Gunst was awarded the MAAA Service Medallion. This Award is the result of a qualification process undertaken up the MAAA Executive on review of the achievements of aeromodellers nationwide. Darryl’s dedication to our sport though a number of clubs, interest groups and State Associations (not only MAAQ) is currently unparalleled and his hard work to assist with the 2015 Qld Nationals was an example of this. I would like to congratulate Darryl on his award and what a privilege to have Darryl enjoying our sport here in Queensland. Darryl was pivotal in the success of the 2015 Nationals event. The Introduction of the MAAQ Allocation of Funds policy late in 2014 has seen many clubs complete applications (including all forms requested and proof of association) for funding assistance for clubs infrastructure including mowers, shade cloth, shipping containers and concreting etc. If clubs are interested in applying for club assistance funding, refer to the MAAQ website for the policy, forms and guide.

Lastly, as the AGM will also be held on the 28th August, I would like to thank the current MAAQ committee for their assistance this last 12 months and look forward to another 12 months of working with our member clubs.

Tyson Dodd MAAQ President


Hitec “D” Series Wide voltage servos. Recently Hitec released their new “D” or Dynamo series servos. The best thing about this series is the “Wide Voltage” capability allowing them to be used with a voltage anywhere from 4.8V up to 7.4V. They are also the first in the Hitec range to begin using the Futaba compatible 25T spline meaning that this will be a direct swap for many of the 1/10 or 1/8 scale cars with a Futaba type servo saver. One modeller is in the process of installing 10 of the HTHS-D645MW into the new JSM Xcalibur Plus Jet. The reason behind this is, this servo gives the opportunity to run a 2 cell lipo for the receiver pack and is also a Digital version of the all time favourite HS-645MG. At 7.4V it gives a speed of .17 sec/60° and Torque of 13 kg-cm. Also available in the range are the HTHS- D940TW, HTHS-D945TW, HTHSD950TW & HTHS-D980TW. Approximate prices range from $147 to $170.00. For the HTHS-D625MW, HTHS-D645MW approximate prices of $60.00 each Check them out at your local hobby supplier

From the MAAQ Secretary. Wings applications. Please do not send any wings applications to the MAAA Secretary,instead please forward all wings applications to the MAAQ CFI or the MAAQ Secretary. When filling out your wings forms please put in your AUS number as there have been quite a few that have been received with no AUS numbers. Trainee pilot log books and flight instructors manuals are available from the MAAQ Secretary. I would like to wish all the members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks for all your kind support during the year . Kathy Moody Secretary


Control - line stunt at Maryborough recently .


Commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Kelvin Hutchinson

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are the official ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) terms for aerial robots. The general public and media love to call them drones, maybe because it makes them sound more sinister and dramatic. So what is an UAS or RPAS? Basically it involves a computer (Ground Station), operational software for datalink and sensorlink, a payload – a deployable device, camera or sensor and either a fixed wing, helicopter or multirotor type device. RPAS in general are computer controlled. RPA pilots are trained to manually control an RPA in the event of an emergency. Being a robot and programmed to undertake a specific mission, RPA they will do exactly as programmed. With the human element minimized the mission is likely to be much more accurate and safer. Numerous operational failsafe’s are built into the RPA autopilot. Return to home, land now, orbit now can be activated automatically if the RPA looses contact with the base station. The RPA autopilot can detect when the battery onboard only just has sufficient life to get the RPA home and will automatically return the RPA to the take off point and land it. The type of RPA you choose to operate depends on the business model you choose and also the anticipated mission type. It is not a ‘one type fits all’ situation unless you are an owner operator with only one intended function, such as crop monitoring. If you need to cover a large area for agricultural, mining, surveillance or search and rescue purposes a fixed wing RPA with 2-3 hours endurance might be the best solution. If you need a stable platform to carry sensors, cameras and or deployable devices within smaller areas a multirotor may be the best choice. CASA issues UAV Operators Certificates (UOCs) to commercial operators based on RPAS weights. 2kg up to 150kg and beyond depends on your operational history (safe operations over time), rigor in your training and operations, safety and risk mitigation procedures and pilot qualifications. RPA under 2kg are classified by CASA as toys so the operator does not need formal training or a license and the RPA does not need certification. Considering there are thousands of these currently operating in Australia this is a major issue for licensed operators! CASA also issues licensed operators with strict operational height restrictions. 400 feet AGL is the general height approved unless the pilot and RPAS are approved by CASA to go higher. Most missions over 400 feet need what is called an Area Approval issued by CASA before you can fly. More on this later in the series. If you decide to apply for a CASA issued UOC your first approval will probably be - visual line of sight, not above 400 feet, VMC (Visual Metrological Conditions) and a CASA approved <7kg RPAS (and all that entails). As stated above, a good safe track record, professional procedures and interaction with CASA along with additional RPA pilot (knows as a Remote PIlot) qualifications will get you beyond line of sight and >400 feet in airspace undertaking fully autonomous operations. Make sure you consider this if you decide to start an RPAS business! There are a number of good quality <7kg fixed wing RPAS on the market. You will pay between $2500 and $80,000 for an entire system and then there is the payload. Remember the payload is what makes the money. The RPA is simply an affordable delivery platform. The client does not care how you achieve what they are paying for they just want affordable, timely, quality and meaningful results. The same applies for multirotors. Good platforms range from $5000 to $35,000. Commercial multirotor operators tend to use either hexacopters or octocopters. These RPAS can still operate


if one of the motors stop. Essential for saving what can be $10,000 sensors and other types of payloads. The above prices include the RPA, autopilots, software and sensor deployment systems such as gimbals or retractable devices used on fixed wing RPA. The prices also include basic FPV (First Person View) video systems to monitor progress during a mission. Ground stations with datalink trackers (extends a datalink signal out to 50nm) vary in price from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on the degree of sophistication and the autopilot and ground station software involved. Tools, batteries, chargers, spare parts, shade structures, tables and chairs, custom trailers, generators and the like will cost up to $10,000. You will need them! The current challenge for RPAS operators wanting to fly beyond visual line of sight and above 400 feet is the CASAs (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) possible requirement that an automated â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;sense and avoidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; solution be installed to detect and fly the RPA around other aircraft. VHF Radios and transponders, linked back to the base station operator, may also be a requirement for larger RPAS. Next edition we will look at what is involved in flying a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System.

Kelvin Hutchinson is a Chief Flying Instructor in the aviation sector, President of Warwick Aero Modellers and has a wide range of RPAS operations including a CASA approved RPA Training Academy based out of Warwick Aerodrome in Queensland. Contact Kelvin at or on 0407733836.


UAV Controllers Certificate issued Multirotor or Fixed Wing Training Radio and English Proficiency covered

Remotely Piloted Aircra (Drone) theory and flight training and licensing from $3490.00

0407 733 836


OEM / Type Training available Warwick QLD or in Capital cities



Presidents Report to KAMS AGM 13 September 2015 It is my pleasure to present the Presidents report on the activities of KAMS for the 2014 – 2015 period.

What a year!! As Club Members would be aware, we were successful and have expended the $12,245 Grant from the ‘Gambling Community Benefit Fund’. This has allowed us to totally upgrade all the facilities. Thanks to all the members who assisted in the projects. Special thanks to our Treasurer Denis Hansen, for biting the bullet and supervising and busting a boiler to keep the projects on track in my absence.

The projects completed: • Replacing the old rusty gal tank with a new plastic version • Sale and removal of the old shed and long drop toilets • Installation of a 20’ storage container • Removal and replacement of the pits outer fence • Installation of 2 chemical toilets • Painting the structures and replacing the shade cloth over the pits • Installing a solar system to charge the mower battery (donation from Treasurer - Denis Hansen) • Painting the KAMS Hilton and installing shade cloth walls (sign provided by Member - Trevor Howe) • Fitting bows and braces, mid span in the shade cloth over the pits ( $100 donation from Paul and Alison Lawless) • New Field sign – assistance from MAAA • A donation of $250 from Member Ron Coster to assist with the upgrades Hopefully I didn’t miss anything or anybody as there has been a super effort with a lot happening this year.


We put on a Flying and Static display at the annual â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Motors in Motionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; event on 25th of October 2014. Thanks to Darryl Hansen for his flying display which was greatly appreciated by the crowd. Quite a number of promotional pamphlets were handed out at the event and they are also available at the Battery and Stihl shops Kingaroy. Goals for 2015-16. Top dressing and levelling the runways. Organising some form of competition or fly-in to draw flyers from south east Queensland and put KAMS back on the MAAQ map. Club T Shirts for new members. My thanks for a successful year go to VP Roger, Secretary Darryl, Treasurer Denis and the Stihl Shop for their ongoing support. Cheers, John Box KAMS President 2014 -15










Sat 30

12pm - 4pm

Club meeting plus “show and tell”

John’s place


Sun 6th Sun13th th Sun 20

3pm - 6pm 7am - 2pm 7am - 2pm

Indoor Delta Dart Club Event 2 Minute class models (all in 3 flights) Dale’s Fun Day (P20, Sport and limited RC)

BSHS Coominya Coominya


Sat 2

7am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm 7am - 12pm

F1C (2014 rules – 5 flights) State Champs Open Power (3 flights) State Champs F1J (5 flights) State Champs


Dave Anderson Memorial and AFFS Champs Southern Cross Cup


3pm - 6pm

Indoor HLG/Catapult State Champs


7am - 2pm 7am - 12pm 7am - 12pm

Scale, HLG and CLG State Champs F1A State Champs (5 rounds) F1B State Champs (5 rounds)

Coominya Dalby Dalby


3pm - 6pm 7am - 2pm

Indoor F1L (EZB) State Champs F1G (5 flights) State Champs

BSHS Coominya


Sun 5 Sun12th th Sun 19 Sat 25th


8am - 2pm 3pm - 6pm 8am - 2pm 12 - 4pm

P30 State Champs (3 flights) Indoor Hanger Rat State Champs A1 Sailplane and E36 (both 3 flights) AGM plus “Show and Tell”

Coominya BSHS Coominya John’s place


Sun 3 th Sun 10 th Sun 17 Sun 24th


8am - 2pm 3pm - 6pm 8am - 2pm 8am - 2pm

100gm Coupe (3 flights) Indoor P18 (club sponsored) State Champs F1H State Champs (5 flights) Dale’s Fun Day (P20, Sport and limited RC)

Coominya BSHS Coominya Coominya


Sun 7 Sun 21st Sun 28th


8am - 2pm 8am - 2pm 3pm - 6pm

Combined % (3 flights) Col’s Comb Vintage (3 flights) Indoor Peanut Scale State Champs

Coominya Coominya BSHS


Sun 11th th Thu 15 th Fri 16 th Sat 17

8am - 2pm 7am - 12pm 7am - 12pm 7am - 9am 9am - 1pm 7am - 12pm

Frog, KKK and Vic Smeed Rally (each 3 flights) F1A & F1C Team Selection Trial (5 rounds) F1B Team Selection Trial (5 rounds) LSq/100 (3 flights) Open Rubber (3 flights) No Frills Wakefield (5 flights)

Coominya Dalby Dalby Dalby


7am - 2pm 7am - 2pm

BFFS Mini Power and E36 (both 3 flights) Dale’s Fun Day (P20, Sport and limited RC)

Coominya Coominya


7am - 2pm 7am - 2pm 12noon-4pm

QDP (3 flights) + ½ hour Walking Scramble General Flying and Reserve day BFFS Xmas Party

Coominya Coominya Bremer Waters

nd rd

Sun 3 th

Fri 8 – Thu th 14 th Sat 16 – th Sun 17 Sun 24th st


Sun 1 th Sat 14 th Sun 15 Sun 22 Sun 29th

Sun 18th October

Sun 9 Sun 23rd


Sun 6 Sun 13th Sat 19th

John Lewis 07 3848 4280


Malcolm Campbell 07 3278 7164


West Wyalong


Albert Fathers 0755 343490



FPV RACING DEMONSTRATION AT TMAC- TINGALPA The Tingalpa field was converted to an obstacle course complete with temporary poles, flags and obstacles that you can fly under and round for the drones to fly. These little guys really motor along, some are physically not much bigger that the size of your hand. Daniel McKenzie runs weekend meets with a couple of mates but yes this was the first big demonstration/race held at TMAC. FPV Rebels hold monthly meets and yesterday was a big one for us with 20 pilots and about 40 people attending our Caboolture Strawberry Field meet. The FPV Rebels filmed a demonstration for channel Tens The Project two weeks ago at Kingston Park Raceway, this will be aired on Friday the 4th of December as part of a segment on Drone Racing. We had Chad Nowak, Mark Cocquio and Ross Kerker for the night. Please note the we, along with other Clubs within Australia will feature in the Australian Drone magazine due to come out next month. The Australian FPV Racing Association has been established to protect the integrity of the FPV Sport nationally and internationally. We are working with the World Rotor Sports Association in conjunction with over 30 nations on a world stage for the sport. Please take a look at The World Rotor Sport Associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website & The Australian FPV Racing Association was set up by individual FPV Special Interest Groups and FPV Clubs around Australia in line with the MAAA - We are very passionate in what we do and as pilots who enjoy getting together to fly with like minded pilots we work together to better educate the public on this new activity and promote this sport as a fun safe and exciting one not only for pilots but spectators as well. Tighe Brown Australian FPV Racing Association QLD State Representative. Pilots on the day: Chad Nowak (Californian Drone Nationals World Champion) Mark Cocquio (Placed 13th in the Californian Drone Nationals) Ross Kerker (Placed 18th in the Californian Drone Nationals)




John Bray sent in some photos of his latest project the Fokker D8. This model is from the Glen Torrance kit and is 83 inches in span powered by an OS 30 cc petrol fourstroke. A bit on the history obtained by wikipedia The Fokker E.V was a German parasol-monoplane fighter aircraft designed by Reinhold Platz and built by Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. The E.V was the last Fokker design to become operational with the Luftstreitkr채fte, entering service in the last months of World War I. After several fatal accidents due to wing failures, the aircraft was modified and redesignated Fokker D.VIII. Dubbed the Flying Razor by Allied pilots, the D.VIII had the distinction of scoring the last aerial victory of the war. Maximum speed: 204 km/h (126.76 mph) Range: 282 km Maiden flight: May 1918 Length: 5.86 m Wingspan: 8.34 m Passengers: 1


Moreton Region Sports Soaring Association Inc

MRSSA is a small club that bases its activities around R/C Soaring, however we also embrace electric flight. I guess we just like the quiet stuff so we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fly gas powered models except for aerotow tugs. We have a core of members in South East Queensland with others spread about the state most members also belong to other clubs.

The club bases its flying activities on a field at the Normanby Winery near Harrisville (south of Amberley). We cater for all sorts of radio controlled soaring flight, thermal flight being the most prevalent. We hold monthly club flying days at the field and regularly attend soaring competitions around northern NSW and SE Qld as well as at our own field. Enjoyment is the aim.

Electric powered models are also welcome and many members fly them. We also hold a couple of scale aerotow events The models you will find at the club range from the cheaper ARF electric models to expensive high performance competition sailplanes and just about everything in between.

The field is situated in a picturesque area where you can look to the Great Dividing Range to the west while tackling the strong and regular thermals that pass through.

To drive from central Brisbane will take an easy 60mins. In fact most of our members are in Brisbane and its outlying suburbs. As such, the Monthly Club meetings are held at the Wilston Primary School on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm. The monthly Club Flying days are held on the Sunday after that meeting.

If you are interested in seeing us fly or would just like some more information about R/C Soaring/ Scale Soaring/Electric Soaring flight in general contact us.

Contact: Brian Ford Phone: 0409747737 Email: Website:

To wet your appetite on gliding there are three gliding events (in addition to the flyer on page 21) in the calendar for 2016: 27-28th February 2016- 36th Armidale sailplane expo 27-28 February 2016- Harrisville Hoot- r/c thermal sailplane at Harrisville 14-15 May 2016- Durramboi Thermal Duration at Durramboi/Gunalda AIRFLOW 20

Open to all â&#x20AC;&#x153;Soaringâ&#x20AC;? type models

Powered or unpowered

Fun and Demonstration events

Food and drink available


Winches provided From 0900

From 0900

R/C Sailplane Fly-in Many modelers have a glider in their fleet. It may not have seen the sky for a long time. So get the dust off it, bring it along and see the huge variety of soaring models. From high tech all carbon competition models, giant scale sailplanes to electric foamy gliders.

MRSSA Normanby Wines Dunns Avenue Harrisville QLD

Moreton Region Sports Soaring Association

Contact B.Ford 0409747737


Old Timers at CRAMS The new Old Timer Group at CRAMS held their first competition day at Gratton Field Calvert on the 18th October. The competition was in 2 parts, the Ehling Trophy, an International Postal competition for 1/2A Texaco aircraft complying to the SAM International rules (essentially a higher wing loading than we are used to), and our inaugural Duration event. Both events were controlled by our resident Contest Director, Kim Turner The Ehling Trophy event was flown in reasonable conditions with 3 fliers, Jim Hardy, Mick Walsh and Brad Turner getting a team score of 4034 which will ensure that we won’t have to worry about hosting the event next year. The Duration event was held next with to my mind improved conditions with increased thermal activity, though the wind was getting problematical at 10 mph at times. (Made the thermals more “mobile”). Out of 6 fliers 3 made the flyoff with Brad Turner 1st with a fly off time of 32 minutes 33 seconds, 2nd was Mick Walsh with a fly off time of 28 minutes 59 seconds and Trevor Carey was 3rd with a flight time of 20 minutes 36 seconds with a Bomber. Model preparation and attention to the rules were a cause for concern for some competitors but I am certain the standard will be raised in future competitions. New Name The old Timer group is looking to register as a chapter with SAM International. To this end we have decided on a name which with be COG 4340. (Calvert Old Timer Group 4340, the post code for our field). This name is subject to all the usual hoops etc that one has to go through, but fingers crossed. It is our intention to “bring the gospel of Old Timer Flying” to the other clubs in Queensland, promote local, state and interstate competition and develop better contacts with interstate chapters of SAM particularly SAM 1788 (NSW). We already have a newsletter up and running, Page1, if you are interested in receiving it please contact the CRAMS secretary Jim Hardy, a simple e mail will suffice. New Competition. To stimulate interest in Old Timers and in particular new designs (that is ones not regularly used) it has been proposed that we hold a one design event. The design chosen is the Flying Quaker originally kitted by Megow back in the pre World War 2 years. The contest will be held at our last event for 2016 in October. In essence you can build a “legal” antique, Burford, 1/2A, Texaco or duration type model of this design. I have personally flown it with a 2.5 Taipan diesel (Burford), a Texaco / Duration model powered by an OS 20 four stroke and as an Antique with an Amco 3.5 diesel. For the rest of the rules (it will be a weighted competition) and where to get plans, short kits (very short) either contact Jim Hardy (CRAMS secretary) or look to getting a copy of our club newsletter Page 1. The event is open to all those who are interested. Watch this space for additional info as it comes to hand. Other Stuff I was at the field just a quick trip (it was war birds day) and I noted a couple of our O/T Flyers in the mix of pilots. Don’t know what they were flying but I did note an exquisite Fokker D 8 (Flying Razor), a WW1 parasol fighter, built by John Bray amongst the usual turn up. Will be great to see it fly.

Trevor Carey




Report by John Lewis

The Brisbane Free Flight Society has run two prestigious events for the last 10 years, thanks to the generous sponsorship by club life member Allen Thomas. Numbers have remained strong since the start.

This year’s events for older styled Wakefield (F1B) models were flown at Coominya partly due to the lake receding and the uncertainly of Dalby being available. With 3 minute maxes we were counting on light winds and a friendly wind direction and we got both particularly earlier in the day when LSq/100 was flown.

John started the day taking a hammer to his model (the wing wire was rusted in the wrong position) but things improved for him after that. Most models were similar in design however Albert had a model that looked more like a fat open rubber model than the standard LSq design.

4 maxes were recorded in each round (flight) by what appeared to be well trimmed models in nearly all cases. It was common to see three funny fat Wakefields flying high overhead in what was a most enjoyable morning of flying. I must admit to never finding these models The day kicked off with LSq/100 at very appealing but there was a certain around 7.30 am on the lower paddock.

With Allen’s generous sponsorship and good conditions we had 9 flying in LSq and 6 in No Frills, which was pleasing considering the numbers flying Free Flight in most parts of the world seems to be in decline.

AIRFLOW 24 LSq/100

William Jones

LSq/100 Des Slattery

grace about how the LSq/100 models flew that morning. Apart from John’s close encounter with the local magpie nearly all models flew away from the trees landing in clear open ground. Brian was most unlucky to be clocked off at 4 seconds short of a max when the time keeper lost sight of his model a few hundred feet above the ground. William looked a good chance of making the flyoff but dropped his last flight leaving only John and Albert to make the flyoff. John launched first and looked unlikely to score well as the model power stalled and rolled over a few times like a beached whale. By comparison Albert was gaining good height but unfortunately Albert’s nose block was damaged when it was installed and his prop stop malfunctioned causing the props to hang up thus spoiling the glide. John had hooked into some good air and was gaining good height when Albert touched down. John’s model was the heaviest model on the field and had never maxed previously but on the day it found the right air to win the event. No Frills Wakefield (F1B without moving surfaces) was flown after LSq into the afternoon when both the temperature and wind were on the increase. Models were generally going a lot further and a few flyers were showing signs of fatigue. Both William and John were looking down the barrel of a flyoff when finally John’s luck ran out and he dropped his last flight. William was struggling physically but

LSq/100 Albert Fathers

managed a good launch and a max to win the event with a full house. Brian’s problems continued as he searched downwind for his model without a hint of a tracker signal. Staying back after everyone had left Brian made one last attempt venturing a long way

downwind were he finally got a faint LSq/100 model in my hands I couldn’t signal and located the upturned help think that must have been a wonderful age when lots of youngsters model. glued sticks of balsa together and then So ended a great day where old experienced the satisfaction of seeing simple uncomplicated designs ruled their creations fly. the skies providing a lot of enjoyment John Lewis for their proud owners. Holding an

No Frills Wake Brian Taylor

No Frills Wake John Lewis

No Frills Wake William Jones

This year’s events for older styled LSq/100 RESULTS Wakefield (F1B) models were flown at Coominya partly due to Fl.1 the lakeFl.2 receding Name Fl.3 Flyoff Total John Lewis






Albert Fathers






Brian Taylor





Des Slattery










William Jones





William Jones





Malcolm Campbell





Graham Maynard





Ron Munden





Adrian Bryant






John Lewis





Brian Taylor





Mark Armour





Des Slattery





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Hi fellow aeromodellers I am sending this request from Adrian Bryant sent via Keith Murray, in case you can help. Adrian can be contacted via email Keith Murray said: "Our good friend Adrian Bryant is seeking a copy of the Wing Plan of the David Boddington Fokker D-VII which was published as Part 2 in the January 1979 issue of Radio Control Models and Electronics . Can anyone help him obtain a copy???? Many thanks if you can help and Merry Christmas if you cannot. Keith Murray


RAAID Family Fun Day Nestled about 10k outside of Ipswich Queensland is our small but thriving RC flying club, RAAID (Radio Aeromodellers Association Ipswich District.) Some would say a getaway from the realities of day to day living, others, following a lifetime passion, bit of both perhaps. At the end of the day it all means good fun on a Sunday or any other day. Like mens sheds popping up all over different communities, discussing the weeks events, trading tips or offering advice to the less experienced modelers and pilots, it always proves to be a positive day. We arrive at the club early on Sundays to get a good days flying in, however decided to have one of our Family Fun Days. Weather, whilst somewhat overcast was good for flying (and BBQing). Our Family Fun Days introduce our partners, children, relatives and friends to this fascinating sport and to each other (also, I guess to see where some of the money goes) and is paramount to the success of this sport, not only here but in many clubs. A mixed bag of planes showed up from the routine 40 size ARFs to the purist builds such as the Harlequin, created from scratch. Electrics also are starting to become quite popular here. A couple of the guys brought along the their trainers and the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Buddy Boxâ&#x20AC;? to give a few quick lessons on how to keep these birds in the air, and was enjoyed by everyone who gave it a go. With the BBQ fired up, sausages sizzling and the smell of the RC engines a fantastic day was had by all. The day was well attended. From all of us at RAAID we would like to wish all fellow RC enthusiasts and their families a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

RAY RAIKE Relaxing in the shade.


Above: aerial shots of the flight line. On the left: Could not fit another one in !.

Below: Plenty of room here - the flight line from ground level.


VALE - MICHAEL NILE HART A TRUE GENTLEMEN OF THE SKY 24TH NOVEMBER 1921 -  19TH JANUARY  2015 It is with a sad heart I announce the passing of my great friend MICHAEL NILE HART. The loss of Neil as most people knew him go by, leaves a tremendous void not only in the Radio Control community, but also full size Aviation, including Ultra lights & his passion with full size gliding there was no wing  left unturned when it came to Aviation. He listened to the clattering roar overhead as the Brisbane / Sydney bound airline planes the tri motored Avro 10 headed for their destinations, to a small boy the romance of flight had began there. Neil served with the Australian Forces in WW2. Being stationed in India & Burma flying Hurricanes Neil’s favourite, amongst others P40s Kittyhawks, P39s  Avengers,P47s (Jugs) & Spitfires to mention only a few, Neil showed me a list of all the planes he had flown during his life time which totalled to be 120 different Aircraft even Turbines wow ! Neil was an inspiration to many people over the years, He helped found some of the early Gliding clubs in South East QLD as well when he went to Mount Isa. After a long stint up their he returned to South East QLD & settled in Laidley & retired. While here he  helped to form the Lockyer Valley Aero modellers Club which is still going strong today. That is where I met this true Gentlemen He was a quiet & reserved person & always only ever had something nice to say about most people. Neil was a walking encyclopaedia not only in Aviation but a great knowledge of the world we live in, very well travelled all over this magnificent planet we call earth. Neil could talk to anyone on any subject matter, he had a passion for journalism & as such he wrote numerous articles for magazines such as the Ultra light magazine  The Pacific Flyer he never once had to pay for a subscription. Airborne, Radio Control Modeller  He was the Editor for Big Torque magazine coming up with the majority of the content which was very informative if you were into large scale war birds. He was a long time member of the early Southern Cross Squadron I remember accompanying him to quite a few of these flyins where everyone was friendly & helpful to further the interests of  Aeromodelling. Neil was a man of immense dignity a true Gentlemen of the Air his love of Aviation was infectious. We will miss him, Farewell my old friend you can soar free now may you be free of your earthly bonds. In Neil’s final words I HAVE HAD AN ENJOYABLE LIFE OF AVIATION INTERESTS, NOW TO MY FINAL LANDING JUST A GRAIN OF SAND ON THE BEACH OF TIME. TO THE MANY PEOPLE THAT MET NEIL THEIR  LIVES HAVE BEEN TOUCHED BY A TRULY GENUINE PERSON  YOU ARE SADLY MISSED MY FRIEND. John King



News from the

Fellow modellers just a few words from the Turbine Community. We recently held a three day meeting at Suncoast Model Flyers (Fantastic committee, club and facilities) with thirty six pilots registering for the event over those days. The weather was the kind of weather hot and humid like good Queensland weather is this time of year with the exception of the Sunday morning where some precipitation closed the event earlier than expected. You could see the visitors from down south were sweating it out especially on the Saturday. Smoke trails filled the sky with many litres of fuel and smoke oil burnt over the Sunshine Coast. There were some maiden flights which included Tyson Dodd’s Avanti S jet with Kingtech K45G & Kevin Dodd’s F104 Starfighter with Kingtech 210G. Kevin was particularly excited after the first touchdown was completed by Tyson. Derek Pontarolo from LARCS entertained us with his CARF J10 model with thrust vectoring. An amazing model with his deft hands and piloting skills. At one stage it looked like some pylon models had taken over the flight line but it was a couple of Jet Legend Vipers (Shane Dowling & Jason Russ from Central Coast NSW) and a Pirotti Rebel 2m (Steven Hughes) fighting out to see who would cross the line first. Chris Ventur’s Mibo A10 Warthog was there as well such a big model but very lively in his hands. With many and varied models on display all who attended had a great time along with the good company. The visitors to the club were truly amazed at the variety of models on display. Our calendar of events has also been finalised for 2016 and can be found on our Facebook page. Google “QTF Facebook” or and download the calendar. Another option is to direct download from this link. Here are some of the models that were at the event. Christmas blessing to all and hope to see you at an event in 2016. Next event @ Suncoast Model Flyers 16th & 17th January 2016.

Regards Secretary QTF Steven Hughes


Calendar of Events 2016 January 16th & 17th Suncoast Model Flyers February 27th & 28TH TAA March 26th or 27th TMAC One Day Event Awaiting Confirmation May 6th, 7th & 8th Goondiwindi Airport June 17th, 18th & 19th Maryborough Aero Modellers Club August 5th, 6th, 7th Maryborough Airport QTF Annual Tarmac Event September 3rd or 4th or 10th & 11th LARCS Awaiting Confirmation November 4th, 5th & 6th Suncoast Model Flyers AIRFLOW 31


he inaugural Queensland Scale Model Muster was held at Tin Can Bay on the weekend of October 3 and 4, under sunny skies, with about 30 models being brought to the Bay for the event. As the minimum size for biplanes was 72 inches and 80 for monoplanes, the quality of the models was very high, and augurs well for future Musters. The local club had put a lot of time and effort into preparation of its facilities, with half a tonne of fertiliser being spread about three weeks before the show. This accelerated the growth on the runway, and coupled with the local Country Club’s assistance in mowing with its cylinder mower, the take off and landing of the planes was enhanced.

The 30 planes were flown by 20 pilots, and someone was in the air almost all the time. Wellknown IMAC champion, Aaron Garle, entertained the large crowd of spectators with his aerobatics in his one-third size Monocoupe and 48% scale Decathlon. Saturday was quite windy which prevented most of the old-timer planes from being flown. However, an intrepid Wayne Cambie flew his Nieuport and handled it quite well until he tried to land. The plane bounced and ended up resting on its nose with the tail up in the air and Wayne chasing it down the runway for about 25 metres. No damage was done and the crowd found the incident quite entertaining. Campers appreciated the club’s improved facilities, an extra shower and an extra ladies’ toilet, and some stayed for a week to enjoy more flying. The canteen operated over the two days and the club was most appreciative of the support and also the help given by members’ wives and children. An event of this proportion would be impossible to stage successfully without the help of sponsors, and these were: Shedzone (David Garle), Top Notch Electrical (John Gunn), Desert Aircraft, Model Flight, World Hobbies, Budget Hobbies, Rippit Hobbies, Model Sports and Sunshine Coast Toyworld. Their combined sponsorship exceeded $4000, an amazing amount for a first-time event. Winners of the various prizes were:Pilots’ choice monoplane: Aaron Garle, Walloon, (Monocoupe); second, Tony Benstead, Deception Bay (Mustang). Pilots’ Choice, biplane: Neil Low, Tin Can Bay (Avro 504K); second Peter Brown, Sunshine Coast (Sopwith 1½ Strutter). Pilots’ choice ARF: Tony Thornton, Maroochydore (Corsair); second, Brian Carson, Maroochydore (Fokker Triplane). Best scale flight judged by pilots: Marty Pugh, Cooloola Cove, flying Neil Low’s Avro 504K. People’s choice, monoplane: Aaron Garle (Monocoupe); second, Tony Benstead (Mustang). People’s choice, biplane: Neil Low (Avro 504K); second, Peter Brown (Sopwith 1½ Strutter). The pilots’ raffle, which was a $700 portable solar generating unit with battery, donated by Top Notch Electrical, went to Neil Low of the local Tin Can Bay Club. All who were present voted the event a success and are looking forward to returning to beautiful Tin Can Bay next year. Neil Low


Above: Aaron Garle’s magnificent Monocoupe, which won both pilots’ choice best monoplane and public’s choice best monoplane. Below : Tony Bensteads Mustang


SMF Jets over Coolum On the 6th 7th and 8th of November SMF played host to “Jets over Coolum” our last event of the year. The weather forecast was for rain and storms all weekend. We had sponsors travelling from Victoria and flyers coming from central coast NSW as well as north Queensland the decision was made to continue on with the event despite the bleak forecast. The weather turned out glorious blue sky’s Friday and Saturday with in excess of fourty jets flying both days. You have never seen a bunch of guys with bigger smiles. We had just completed our new viewing awning and shed extension to include a new kitchen and storeroom. The visiting public were amazed with the quality of flying along with the size and standard of the jets. At SMF we see the growth in our club is from holding such events. It creates public awareness, support and interest in our sport. A special thanks to Shed Zone for helping us build the new shed and viewing awning, also our fabulous sponsors KMRC, Intairco , Rebel jets, Extreme hobbies, and jet products Australia. Also a special thanks to MAAQ and the Queensland Gaming Commission for their grants that assisted us financing our new shed.

Tony Thornton SMF


OLD TIMER NATIONALS AT SHEPPARTON 2016 Gary Ryan has advised us that SAM 600 with the support of SAM1788 and the other chapters, under the auspices of VMAA, will be holding the “ Old Timer Nationals “. On March 4th to 6th, 2016, at Shepparton. Provided a minimum of five entrants in any one discipline enter, there will be an opportunity for a complete EOT program to be run concurrently with the IC Comp’s. Gary has been requested to confirm the type of Comp’s that may attract support / participation and would consider offering up the following, noting that we are reasonably guaranteed of more than sufficient entries in 1/2A, given the latest interest. ( In the last two Sam 600 Comp’s, Electric 1/2 A Has Outnumbered IC participation, with many flying both types).  We would anticipate that 1/2A, Duration, Texaco, and Height Limited  and maybe “ Coota Class “ are viable Comp’s that could be run.  They will of course have to be run to MAAA rules, which are an earlier version and slightly different to our Easter or postal rules. Clearly this is a great opportunity, the question is can we get sufficient support. ????? It should be understood that this date has been selected so as to not compromise the Easter Comp’s, being two weeks earlier, and apparently already has support from Queensland participants who will stay over, for the Easter “ Canowindra “  IC Comp. Please let me know or contact Gary Ryan directly if you would like to attend and compete in the electric events. Gary is suggesting and would like to allow up on a possible change to competition rules, where the majority of the day would be made available to participants to achieve the desired tasks, with qualified fly offs then being held either at the days end, or the next day. It seems that we need to enable crossover participation wherever possible, and ensure maximum acceptance from all participants. So if you wish to fly in the IC as well as electric events we want to accomodate you. Phil Stevenson for the AEFA EOT group



JANUARY 2016 16-17












26 OR 27TH


APRIL 9-10


MAY 6,7,8




JUNE 17,18 ,19











Imagine, the satisfaction you receive as your Warbird (painted in air force colours) rolls out onto the runway in front of an enthusiastic crowd, some of whom have come from hundreds of kilometres away to experience the thrill of being part of a military aircraft display. As the engine/s are given full throttle, the visitors watching from behind the safety fence with their cameras in hand, are ready to experience your presentation of fly pass and aerobatic manoeuvres.

How awesome is that!

Since 1998, the Southern Cross Air force has encouraged many aero modellers in the construction and operation of radio controlled Warbird aircraft of all sizes. The SCAF defines a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Warbird Aircraftâ&#x20AC;? as any aircraft used for military purposes by any country at any time. The model aircraft must be a scale or semiscale rendering, recognizable as such, and marked accordingly. Any prototype offered to the military but not accepted by them would also fall in this category. ARF Warbirds are quite acceptable assuming that they display a good scale quality. Scale military helicopters also fall into the Warbird Aircraft class. Although wet and windy weather has upset our calendar, two very successful displays have been given this year, the first one being at Tingalpa on the 15th March and the 2nd one at Tin Can Bay on the 2nd and 3rd May.

Be part of the action. Come along and join us at the next display which will be at Bundaberg on the 6th, 7th and 8th June, 2015 Public Relations: Peter Johnson

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