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MAAQ Presidents report 2013 AGM. I have pleasure in providing my final report as president for 2013 and as you now know I will not be restanding. The current executive was again re-elected unopposed last August with the only change being the addition of an R/C administrator for the first time in many years as this position had been managed by others on the committee. We have continued to communicate and consult widely and regularly through the monthly Bulletin with some 31 having been issued since I introduced it in 2010. The bulletin is emailed to club secretaries and presidents with all committee members asked to contribute as often as they can. $500 grants to Clubs for any worthwhile purpose has also continued which helps to give a little back from funds collected over the years by the State Association. The major expenditure item for this year has been the granting of $25,000 towards the building of a State control line concrete circle at our Maryborough club. The control line fraternity put up a good proposal to have it built then lobbied other clubs to have the proposal passed at a general meeting late last year. This year our advertising budget has been spent on website optimisation particularly to accommodate smart phones as people are now accessing the internet in greater numbers using these devices. We also ran a competition on our website to attract interested people by offering $500 worth of model aircraft equipment. We have continued with RACQ advertising albeit a classified as its readership is in excess of one million. Advertising can be difficult to quantify in terms of direct membership growth as there can often be a long lag time to when people actually join a club, but we are finding many new members joining. The most worrying trend is the number of people not rejoining after only one year. The reduction in junior fees is now showing up in the stats however there are still nowhere near enough young people interested in flying model aircraft which is not something new. Our quarterly Airflow magazine is now issued with a gloss cover sheet to improve its appearance with the intention of making the inside front, inside back and back pages being offered to prospective advertisers as premium space. Floods have had an impact on several of our fields earlier in the year with one of the worst affected being (LARCS) which lost almost its entire infrastructure in January. This highlights the need for a field to be acquired and run by the State to the west of Brisbane to provide a stand by field for events and to provide security well into the future but without MAAA help it cannot be achieved. It is highly probable that it may in fact be too late due to the current demand on land in the SE corner which has been driving prices up for many years and also the reluctance by some Council’s to change zoning regulations. As mentioned in previous years aircraft are getting bigger and faster making many fields totally unsuitable which is causing great consternation in some clubs. The single most challenging issue for the MAAQ is the aging of our members which if not addressed will eventually lead to a decline in numbers. In closing I can now say that the MAAQ is a much more open organisation than it was when I joined 6 years ago as secretary and I know under the leadership of Keith Quigg that the transparency and reforms will continue. I thank the committee for their service and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve not only as president, but secretary, treasurer/registrar/webmaster during the past 6 years as I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of you in my travels, but the time has come to walk away from all model aero club committees & let history be the judge of my achievements. Robin Klau


Next MAAQ General Meeting date : 23rd November 2013 at Chermside Library 375 Hamilton Road Chermside at 2.00 PM. Afternoon tea provided after meeting. Hope to see you at the next meeting. PLEASE NOTE THE CUT OFF DATE FOR MATERIAL FOR THE OCT-DECEMBER EDITION WILL BE THE 29TH NOVEMBER 2013. Please consult the calendar of events or the web site event calendar for the meeting dates for 2013. Front Cover: Top Left- Doug Moody, Keith Chamberlain,Jason Reid & Phil Chamberlain at Coominya. Top Right- The Girls of Bundy club. Bottom Left: Patsy Brown. Bottom right: Shania on the buddy with Patsy and instructor . Cover by Jim Henry. Photos supplied by Phil Chamberlain and Patsy Brown. email:


Welcome to a jam packed Airflow for the quarter. By the time you have read this the Annual General Meeting would have been finialized and new committee members settling into their new roles for another 12 months. The past 12 months have gone quickly with some changes seen in the presentation of the newsletter as well as new advertisers supporting the association and its members with their wares. For those who like to travel and taketours, the Wings over Wanaka in New Zealand is being held in April 2014, with two options of tour duration . The cost for 8 days works out to be $385.00 per day twin share. See pages 14 & 15 for further information. For those clubs planning events next year now is the time to get in early with your planned events for next year. The calendar is growing into next year already with quite a few events planned by the clubs. The next 12 months of planning is ahead for the Nationals and MAAQ committees to get things in order for the upcoming Nationals being held here in South East Queensland in 2015 . Doug Moody- Editor


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Super CASH prizes totalling $1,000 $900 prize pool for LSq/100 and $100 for “No Frills” Wake

It’s on again at Dalby AUSTRALIA’S RICHEST two-day free flight event 21st - 22th September at Dalby MAC SATURDAY 7 am LSq/100 3 rounds, 5 min max, ROT or ROG * 10 am BFFS Open Rubber State Champs 3 flights, 3 min max

SUNDAY 7 am “No Frills” Wakefield 5 flights, 3 min max *

AIRFLOW 6 * See rules in 2012 BFFS Rules book

My name is Phill Chamberlain President of the A.M.O.C . ( Coominya) Every now and then you have a day in the RC life that makes you feel good and at the end of the day you think what a great sport we have. This was one of those days. My Dad now in his Eighty's has been flying RC planes from way back when they used rubber band powered servo's and the transmitter had a remote single button and a eight foot antenna. (Wow ain't we spoiled). A while back he started to put together a semi scale cub with a 12 foot wing span, fitted with a five cylinder radial ,but half way through the build his eye sight started to fail and within a few weeks had only slight peripheral vision, so it would seem that he would never get to fly this big bird. I insisted that I help finish the build "which we did” and came the day to maiden her and get her certified. The week leading up to certification date had rain, wind and did not look good for the day, but we kept to the plan and the RC god's favoured us with a sunny day with minimal wind. To cut the long story short, It was a successful maiden flight with only a few minor trim adjustments needed, the radial performed great and the sound had all of us enthralled, but it was the look of sheer pleasure on my dads face that had all of us smiling .This may be his last model but man it was definitely the best and one we all shared. We took many pictures and a few video's of the flight. A photo is at the bottom of this article. I would like to thank two of the nicest people Doug & Kathy Moody, with out them the day would not have happened. Doug did the certification but also went out of his way to help and assemble the plane his knowledge and experience was of great help and thanks to his lovely wife Kathy who came down just to be part of the day but ended up making tea coffee and even had a couple of flights on our club trainer (made a damn good go at it well done). Two really pro active ambassadors for our sport and just damn nice people. Kind Regards to all out there in RC land. P.Chamberlain

Sweet Sounding ASP 5 cylinder radial

Keith Chamberlain and the Cub. Note the logo on the fuse side “Down Under Mail”. AIRFLOW 7

MAAA NATIONALS 2013 We would like to bring to your attention that the Nationals for 2013 are being run by the VMAA and that SAM 600 are running the Old Timer events.   These are being run at the Wangaratta Model Club’s field which is about a ½ hour drive south of Albury.   The schedule for these events are as follows:   Saturday 28th December is registration at the Wangaratta field. Sunday 29th  December 1/2A Texaco & Standard Duration Monday 30th December Duration Tuesday 31st December Texaco Wednesday 1st January Burford & Nostalgia Thursday 2nd January ‘38Antique   These dates are up to date as of today but there is some talk that they may try to put ‘38 Antique on an earlier day with either Duration or Texaco, if so we will notify you.   Hoping this information is of some use to you & may enable more people to attend the Nationals if they can plan in advance.   Nationals Contest Director & SAM 600 President Steve Gullock

TAA -Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association member Luke Cullen now ambassador for Kids for 5 Charity. With the events that Luke has run this year, he was able to make the largest single contribution to the charity. Luke was awarded a 5 night holiday at the coast which he and Veronica are both honoured and happy with the award. Luke was invited to a morning tea at Fibbers on the 15th of July. This was to thank people who had contributed to the Kids for 5 campaign where he was given a plaque thanking him for the contribution that has been made this year. They then awarded numerous plaques to local contributors who had helped with the campaign. They then announced the award for the biggest contribution this year and selected me with the ambassador for the campaign this year. Luke won a trip to Caloundra for 5 nights which was an amazing award. We have booked for our holidays this year in November. Its great to see the results of Luke’s efforts over the last 10 years. The totals around $30000 with both events from TAA and the Spektrum Invitational.  


New MAAA Heli Sub Committee Representative I have just been appointed as the MAAQ representative on the MAAA Heli Sub-committee. I have been involved in RC helicopters since 2007 starting with a $25 eBay special. Since then I have had an Align 600 nitro, 500, 550, Blade mSR, mCPX, Blade 300, and, most recently, a Whiplash gasser.  I still have each of them in flying condition.  I love the challenge of building and setting up.  I am currently Treasurer & Registrar of Queensland Radio Control Helicopter Association Inc (QRCHA). MAAA has a number of sub committees. These are “committees comprising representatives from State Associations appointed by the M.A.A.A. Council”. To assist me to address any issues which arise, I want to set up a reference group of interested r/c heli pilots. This will operate through email. No material or discussions are to be made public: eg no posting on social media, forums etc. If you want to be involved, please email me at stating your name, your Club, how long you have been flying RC helis, your current helis and whether you have any wings or instructor ratings. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Russell Ravenscroft

M.A.A.Q. Executive and Office Bearers President: Keith Quigg

0448 749 865

0417 727 981

Secretary: Kathy Moody

07 4634 4078

Treasurer: Barry McDonald

07 5483 2201

R/C Admin : Mick Dallmann

0411 285 665

SFI Southern : Jeff Linton

0400 440 000

Airflow Editor: Doug Moody.

07 4634 4078

F/F Admin: Graham Maynard

07 32862326

C/L Admin: Kerry Ewart

0428 647 658

PRO : Andrew Ireland

0416 166837

Vice Pres: Tyson Dodd


BUNDY WAGS (and Daughters) One of the most commonly asked questions Richard and I get is “how do you get your wife into flying – mine won’t even come out to the field?” The Bundy club now has seven flying women members, more than 10% of our total membership which is apparently almost unheard of in other clubs and we started asking ourselves the same question. Women have been in aviation since its early beginnings and ATA girls were famous during WW2. They are now quite commonly gracing the cockpits of light aircraft and commercial planes so women are interested in flying. It’s not that women aren’t into technology either as they love their smart phones, ipads and computers. So why is it so uncommon to see women flying RC planes? Living in a household with a modeller, wives, girlfriends, daughters and mothers have no doubt already been exposed ad nauseum to the hobby. They would have access to transmitters and planes. There are several reasons that come to mind immediately. The pits are full of guys who seemingly know what they’re doing and are experts while someone like me didn’t know an amp from a glow plug. This is intimidating to a new comer. Then there’s the noise of the engine, smoke, oil and fingers lingering dangerously close to spinning props. None of this is overly attractive to a lot of women. Finally, there’s the public humiliation factor, not wanting to embarrass yourself by asking dumb questions or crashing in front of spectators. In my experience, the guys have actually been more than willing and happy to help out and answer my dumb questions and in fact are delighted to talk about something they are so enthused in themselves.

Above: Female Support Photo on left- Kevin and Allie


Electrics have now become main stream and so the noise, smoke and oil side of things that may have put the girls off in the past is no longer necessary. There are so many reasonably cheap electric ARF’s, heli’s and cute indoor planes like the Night Vapour, it’s far more appealing. It’s never been easier or cheaper to get into flying. The public humiliation factor is real to a lot of newcomers, not just the females. With flight simulators and buddy systems this can do a lot to ease this but in the end you just have to “man up”, put a smile on your face and go have a try knowing that everyone else has been there too. Flying is about confidence and that can take time to build. Getting to know your equipment over time helps build that confidence as well. It’s obviously not for every female and you have to be at least on speaking terms with your partner, but with so many empty nesters looking for something to do together then aeromodelling has an awful lot to offer if you’re both prepared to compromise a little. It’s also a great father/daughter activity. So why do we want more women to join clubs and fly? We’re all aware of the aging population within our clubs and the need to attract new members to keep them going, so ignoring 50% of the potential market is not very smart. When you have women in the pits it can change the atmosphere for the better which then attracts more new members of all ages and gender. And the more members your club has, the more financial it is. That just makes good sense. It may be wise in some cases to get someone else in your club to teach your partner! A bit like parents not being the best driving instructor for their kids. For him, probably if you were going to choose a flying buddy you’d ideally like someone at a similar level to yourself rather than digging out the trainer and starting from square one again with a nervous nelly or attending indoor flying when your personal preference is for heavy metal warbirds. It may be that you’re not into electrics yourself and don’t understand them and it is just so much easier to stick with the nitro’s or petrol’s because you’ve always done that, and besides you like the noise and the oil. But think of the benefits of not having to sneak that new plane in and pretend “it’s been there for ages”! Seriously though, what will your club membership look like in 10 years time if you don’t make changes? For the ladies, it may not be your first passion and it’s more relaxing to sit in the shade and read a book, but you can get so much out of being on the other side of the pits fence. What at first seems daunting, scary and confusing soon gives way to a new understanding on how things work and then it starts to become exciting, empowering and very sociable. Learning totally new things like aerodynamics and electrics is better for the brain than any Sudoku puzzle or crossword! And you don’t have to be mechanically minded and “have always done that sort of thing” before. I can assure you that if I can, then you can too! Honestly, scary has never felt so good and when you nail that perfect, smooth landing you will bond with everyone on that side of the pit fence. Likewise when the landings aren’t so smooth, because everyone’s been there too. I now wish I’d done this years ago! In Bundy, the club has actively encouraged women to join by making the first two years membership just $20 plus insurance. After that they are “one of the boys”. The club recently applied for and received a $500 grant from the MAAQ which we used towards purchasing a Boomerang 60 trainer with electric motor and telemetry. This is used as a “come and try” plane to get people started and it has been extremely well used racking up plenty of frequent flyer points in its first couple of months. We are in the process of installing a flight simulator in the club house


courtesy of a donated PC and a solar panel. The bottom line is, if you want females in your club, make it female friendly. Seven females in the Bundy club and still no lace curtains in the club house Barry (McDonald)!!! J

Above: The Bundy Girls

Below: Patsy Brown Above: Shania Below: “ Girls Don’t Noise” Indiana Porter with the muffs on- her dad flies pylon.



Media Release

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Queensland State Pattern Championships BASF Bundaberg July 2013

Competitors and Planes at BASF for the Queensland State Pattern Championships July 2013 This year the annual Queensland State Pattern Championships for model aircraft aerobatics were hosted by Bundaberg Aero Sport Flyers (BASF), 35km south of Bundaberg CBD. Great credit to Mark Linwood for the venue preparation, the runways being pretty close in condition to your average flat putting green. Also, special thanks to all our club members for their help in making this weekend a great success. Flight line on the first day

Flight line from the other end


Aaron being judged during his routine with F3A pilots Malcolm and John watching on.

The roll-up of competitors included 3 pilots contesting sportsman class and 7 contesting F3A class. With the absence of Advanced and Expert competitors, who are our normal sources of judges for the F3A class. Judging became a little problematical, unselfishly though, both Simon Atkinson and Peter Pennisi elected not to compete and only judge. Subsequently, John Payne, a very experienced competition pilot did a bit of reorganization such that we all competed in this friendly comp. David Carkeek sadly could not make it this year due to health issues, get well soon Dave. We need your judging skills and contesting Expert class. Day one the weather greeted us with low mist, later to clear to a fine almost windless day. The lack of wind indicated at ground level left the pilots to only guess what the wind was doing at flight altitude. As wind direction will favor starting the maneuver sequence toward left or right. After pilot briefing, first up was sportsman class with two flights each. In good conditions the three pilots completed their sequences of 11 maneuvers. Planes in wait, ready.

Landing after F3A routine

Soon to follow was the F3A class pilot’s, their maneuver schedule is different in both complexity and number. 17 maneuvers are flown in F3A consecutively such that the entire flight path from start to finish is judged. We had a short break for lunch. Club members kindly collected some snacks from a nearby Woodgate Beach CafÊ, closely followed by the appearance of Gloria (pilots wife) brandishing a couple of freebee pizzas for all. With a couple of flights under our belts, lunch over with and the morning nerves having eased a bit, we concentrated on the afternoon session which gave most pilots 4 flights each for the day.


Aaron Garle, a youthful pilot with natural talent, recently acquired a pattern aircraft and contested F3A at this event. Although new to F3A competitions, Aaron is an accomplished IMAC pilot, this wealth of experience and knowledge is being brought to bear on a campaign to master F3A, not just in Queensland but fields afar. Aaron is an Australian team member for the world titles being held in South Africa in a matter of weeks, we all wish him success. The rarified air at the competition site will be a tester for all, as the field is at 7000ft altitude! I think it’s fair to say that everyone was flying well in good conditions. As I was doing the scoring, I was necessarily privileged in knowing who was doing OK in terms of the scores and could see a star emerging from the group. Later in the day, after competition was over Gavin Broadbent gave us a show by flying his electric helicopter. The freestyle sequence consisted of every maneuver you could invent, including very low flying. When I say “later in the day”, well it was more like the dark side of twilight. Basically it was dark; stars in the sky now were visible! A single LED on the helicopter was becoming the most prominent feature the spectators could see and then only occasionally as the direction became favorable. Gavin did confess that it was getting a bit too dark, a couple more lumens and he would be in his comfort zone. The weather on the Sunday started misty but improved and was OK for flying mid morning, next to no wind, same as the day before. Peter and Simon caught up by flying rounds 3 and 4 missed from the Saturday. This was closely followed by the final rounds of Sportsman class. F3A Planes

Judges carefully watching an F3A routine

Malcolm Balfour and Aaron Garle are waiting on the flight line to fly their F3A round


Mark Linwood ready to start his round Col May calling the maneuvers

David Garle preparing his model for flight

Our sportsman pilots were doing a fine job; Michael Hobson an experienced IMAC competitor was flying an EF Vanquish. David Garle not only giving support to his son Aaron but also contesting sportsman class and flying the same EF Vanquish. Mark was doing a super fine job considering he has just started pattern flying with a new and unknown model that had its radio gear installed just before the comp. We integrated lunch with the remaining F3A flights all flown in good weather conditions. After a battle with my vintage laptop, scores were eventually extracted.

David Garle took first place in sportsman by winning 3 rounds but only just from Michael Hobson in second place also winning 3 rounds. There was only 106 points between them! rd Mark was placed 3 flying his new electric Mythos.

Sportsman Class place getters


3 Mark


1 David



F3A Class place getters





3 Aaron 1 Malcolm 2 Gavin

The emerging star from the Comp was eventually revealed to all as Malcolm Balfour. Malcolm won all rounds in F3A class with considerable margin. His Wind S pro was guided with geometrical precision and a style that was very smooth, the essence of pattern flying. Malcolm has flown with the UK team competing at world level, so the bar has been raised quite a bit here in Queensland. nd Gavin Broadbent took 2 place flying Peter’s YS powered Impact. Obviously a gifted helicopter pilot, Gavin can also lead the way in F3A. rd nd Aaron Garle took 3 place, only a whisker away from taking 2 place from Gavin (35 points difference)


Discussions before the days flying

IMAC Pilots enjoying the discipline of Pattern flying

Simon as always did an excellent job of presenting medallions, as well as the perpetual shield trophies. Thank you to Barry from the MAAQ for supplying the medallions. Simon observed that John Payne had his name engraved on the F3A shield no less that 4 times and was just outside of the placing this year. John was flying his own design “Tempest”. Club members enjoying the quality of the flying

Congratulations all round

Photo Credits © Mark Linwood In conclusion, the high standard of both F3A and Sportsman flyers shone through this weekend. With more than half of the competitors of an international standard, the flying was top class. The environment was as friendly as I have ever seen and this was noticed by all who attended, both spectator and competitor. Pattern flying is a discipline for everyone. It will give you confidence in your flying, an ability to do maneuvers with skill and precision and take your flying to the next level. Someone said to me at the field, “I only fly for fun”, well the secret is out, and pattern flying is fun, good fun. It is easy to get started too. So, give it a go, come to a comp and talk with the flyers, even better, get inspired and have a go yourself in sportsman class. Always keep your wings level and happy flying. Colin May. Contest Director

To check out BASF go to For more information on the QPFA go to



Wolf Models

07 54657897

LASER CUTTING PLAN SCANNING & PRINTING Wolf Models now has a wide format plan printing and scanning service available. All plans are sent rolled, not folded, in a mailing tube. Up to 36� or 914mm wide by whatever length needed, as it is a roll printer. Our laser is now up and running for cutting short kits or ribs for your new project. Very reasonable prices with a quick turnaround time. We can either work with your CAD files, or email me your PDF or TIFF images and we will convert them in Autocad for the laser to use, and also print off a copy for building from. If you only have paper plans then send them to us and we will scan into our system. Your plans will be returned undamaged and we can print a new set if you need them. Our laser has a 1300 x 1200 bed with pass through capabilities, so the maximum length we can cut is 2300mm. Big models. Check our website regularly for an update of plans we have in stock. Call us now for an approximate price, or send your plans for an exact quote. 6mm depron sheet and some precut foamies now available.

MAAQ Annual General Meeting August 24th 2013 Results: President: Keith Quigg Vice President : Tyson Dodd Secretary: Kathy Moody Treasurer : Barry McDonald R/C Administrator: Mick Dallmann SFI : Jeff Linton Free Flight Admin: Graham Maynard Control lIne Admin: Kerry Ewart Airflow Editor: Doug Moody Heli Representative : Russell Ravenscroft Pro : Andrew Ireland PRO Northern Region : Mike Rankin The amount of proxy votes and individual votes totalled 44 ( 30 proxy votes & 14 clubs) which was the highest that we have ever had. AIRFLOW 22

Amberley Aerotow 25-5-2013 Well today we had our first aerotow day at the RAAF Amberley Model Aircraft Club, the weather forecast was full of gale wind warnings and yesterday was pretty uncomfortable with cold gusty conditions so I loaded the car with expectations that the day would probably be blown out and I’d be home in the shed by 10.00am working on the new tug, well living a pure life appears to have finally paid off and someone from above smiled at us giving flyable conditions all day, albeit a bit bumpy at times. Let me start by saying today was one of the most satisfying days aerotowing that I can say that I have had, not because I had a couple of reasonable flights, not because the RAAF club made us all welcome and backed that up with $2.00 steak sangas for lunch (although that does take some beating) and not even because everyone went home with models intact with no more than a few minor bumps and bruises, it is because if you look at the photo below, you will see two young fellas – Rory and Callum - from the RSSF Club. These guys towed all day, with a little electric powered tug and a foamy (fox I think) Apart from the fact that they flew and conducted themselves in a professional and safe manner all day and are a credit to who ever has been giving them instruction/direction, it is great to see young blood instead of all us crusty old ….. gents. Also and importantly, they had so much fun and showed a lot of half interested onlookers that you don’t need a $5000 moulded glass slipper to get involved with aerotowing (Footnote: I would prefer nobody tell my wife this trivial piece of info.) But seriously Rory and Callum, this may have been your first outing with us, but I hope to see you again.

Rory (red shirt) and Callum with their Tug and Glider. AIRFLOW 23

So, arriving at the field around 7.30am was pleasantly surprised to find still conditions and the facility to be in great shape, planes were assembled, fellow flyers greeted etc, etc and quick flight of the trusty cub since I had not flown at all since our last aerotow in Toowoomba back in December. After a short pilot briefing from the club president with all the does and don’ts associated with operating at a field on defence land and in active airspace, it was game on!

It only took about 5 or so tows before the wind started to make its self know to all and gathered intensity quite quickly which dampened the enthusiasm of some, but I think most were shamed by the fact that Rory and Callum kept launching again and again that kept us honest and flying and once up there was some awesome lift to be had. The breeze stayed with us most of the day varying in strength but never to bad and at times very acceptable.


Jilles Smits test flew his Primary Glider and after a few nervous moments managed to get it down safely, but unfortunately broke a rigging wire so put paid to further flights for the day. I missed getting a picture of this awesome piece of craftsmanship, but I can tell you that it is a credit to his usual high standard.

I had a couple of flights with the 6m Ventus and also the 4.8m DG600, Dave Morgan got away with some awesome lift with the Salto, apparently it went that fast the aileron hinge tape came off, you’d think after 11 years it would have been really stuck on‌. Go figure.

There were a lot of new tugs out today, Dave Vells and his son Liam both had a new Pawnee with I think 53cc twins in them, they were not flown but did some ground running etc. Brian Ford had his now familiar BIG STICK with a DA 120 on board, this is a great workhorse, Brian also had a new electric Decathlon/Husky/Citabria but also did not get in the air today, Karl Knack had his 50cc Sebach, my cub and also 2 small electric little stick tugs, so the future is looking rosy, not so long back I can remember being almost the only tug and using 10 litres of fuel in a day, today I used about 1.5, we actually need more gliders!


Well that is about it, the next event on the calendar for up here is Susan River on the weekend of 20th – 21st of July, so book it in, and please if you are interested in attending contact Brian Ford on 0409 747 737 or Many thanks to the RAAF Amberly club and members for the hospitality especially, President Bill Hurdle, Dan Robertson for getting us cleared with the club for the day and Kristien Hein for his general help on the flightline as usual. Mick Dakers

Plans available If you’re a builder like me, here’s a good internet site for reasonably priced plans. They’re in PDF format so most good printing houses can reproduce them legally for you. The site address is Email address is There are also plenty of other sources, most are free to download to a pdf file: (foamies) (old timers) SAM society of antique modelers free modelairplane plans scale soaring uk By googling the above sites you will find these sites on the web .



A Full size Jet Pilot in the Making?. Â My son Matthew is 12 years old and is at school at Buderim Mountain State School. He has been flying model aircraft since he was 4 years of age. We attended a 4 day Jet meet at Maryborough last weekend. Matthew took out a prize for the best flown Sports Jet. (see photo with other winners front left) The jet is called a Boomerang XL and was clocked at 290kmh on Saturday afternoon. The fuel it runs on is Jet A1 a per full size jets do. The jet has Futaba electronics accurate installed for guidance. The other photos are of Matthew preparing the jet for flight and returning. We are members of Phoenix Model Aviators Sunshine Coast. Chris Wood 5476 9691 0408 405 007


Matthew Wood Best Sports Jet, Mick Barr Fastest Jet, Chris Venter Most flights for the meet, Jan Roestorf Best Scale Jet , David Louder Furthest Travelled, John Denton for Best New Jet. AIRFLOW 29

NEWSLETTER No. 03/2013

Message from the MAAA President Neil Tank

MAAA LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES - CASA DEED OF AGREEMENT The MAAA is appointed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) as the only Recreational Aviation Administrative Organisation (RAAO) for model aviation in Australia. In accordance with this appointment, the MAAA must fulfill a number of legal responsibilities as part of a Deed of Agreement. The new Deed for the 2013/2014 year is about to be signed by the Executive. An authority for self-administration Being an RAAO provides the MAAA with an authority for self-administration. In short this means that a number of legislative duties and responsibilities assigned to CASA have been delegated to the MAAA. Examples members would be familiar with are: heavy model inspections; the ability to approve public displays at MAAA affiliated fields; to set and monitor safety standards; to investigate model aircraft incidents; to implement corrective action and to participate in night flying – to name a few.

… if flying under the auspices of the MAAA, then all individuals doing so must be members.

What are the requirements for an Organisation to be appointed?  To be appointed as an RAAO the organisation must satisfy the following requirements: Have in place an appropriate organisational form, a sound management structure and an appropriate governance framework;  Have ready call on a sufficient number of operationally and technically competent persons, with clearly articulated responsibilities and lines of accountability; and  Maintain an appropriate suite of operational and technical materials, covering in sufficient scope and depth, all pertinent (i.e. safety related) aspects of the aviation activities in which the organisation’s members engage. In other words, the RAAO is expected to utilise the people, processes and structures to set and administer specified safety standards. Safety is the priority RAAOs are required to demonstrate a level of conduct which provides CASA with confidence that safety is the priority of the organisation. The RAAO must demonstrate that it actively supports the concept of “protecting the privilege to fly, rather than the right to fly”. How is the appointment of an RAAO administered? The appointment as an RAAO is administered through a Deed of Agreement between CASA and the RAAO, in this case the MAAA. Other organisations such as Hang Gliding and Parachuting have separate deeds.


Message from the MAAA President Neil Tank (continued) Who is covered by the Deed of Agreement? All members of the Organisation are covered and bound by the conditions stipulated in the RAAO appointment and Deed of Agreement. This includes the MAAA, all Ordinary Members (State Associations) and Affiliate Members and Clubs. What compliance conditions are attached to the Deed of Agreement? The MAAA must oversee members’ activities and assure CASA these activities are being conducted safely. The MAAA must:  seek to ensure that all members and member clubs of the Association operate their model aircraft in accordance with the applicable Civil Aviation Regulations, the MAAA Manual of Procedures and directives of the MAAA;  monitor the operational standards and procedures of member clubs and rectify any deficiencies detected to ensure compliance with the MAAA Manual of Procedures and other applicable MAAA directives;  on behalf of the Authority, investigate alleged breaches of the Civil Aviation Regulations and Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 101: Subparts A, B, C and G by operators of model aircraft;  examine the results of incident and accident investigations to ensure that standards have been complied with; and  provide quarterly statistical reporting in relation to the numbers of MAAA members, accidents and incidents. As an RAAO, the MAAA must ensure all members comply with its rules. How does the MAAA comply with its legal requirements? The MAAA must assure CASA that they are providing appropriate oversight of their sport aviation activities and appropriately managing risks. CASA satisfies itself that this is in fact happening by conducting yearly audits. The MAAA President Neil Tank

Telephone 0439 517539

Primary responsibility for its members As an RAAO, the MAAA accepts primary responsibility for ensuring individual members of the RAAO act in accordance with their obligations. The responsibility for dealing with negligent, errant or refractory individuals remains with the MAAA. Where persistent, repeated or blatant breaches of CASA’s standards occur CASA can escalate disciplinary matters and prosecute these as breaches of the Civil Aviation Act. What does CASA Expect? CASA expects all appointed RAAOs to have in place good Corporate Governance practices. The three main components of Corporate Governance are:  Compliance – how the organisation effectively achieves its statutory and regulatory responsibilities  Assurance – providing confidence that things are happening the way they should and  Risk management


Message from the MAAA President Neil Tank (continued)

Executive Members

The MAAA’s practices and procedures satisfy all of the requirements for good Corporate Governance. What does this mean to members? In short it allows the MAAA, State Association and Clubs to administer their own affairs, to be in charge of their own destiny. If not covered by the RAAO appointment and Deed of Agreement, all action in respect to approvals for particular functions, investigation of incidents and breaches of the Civil Aviation Act would be conducted by CASA and a fee would be charged; under the Deed, the RAAO is delegated the responsibility for doing this. If your club wants to run a public display at your Club field, then the MAAA/State Association can approve the appropriate permits; no charge is levied on the Club.

Tahn Stowe – MAAA Vice President

If breaches of the CASA regulations occur, CASA allows the RAAO to conduct its own investigation and take corrective action without the necessity of entering into the legal process. What responsibilities do State Associations, Clubs and Affiliate Members have? State Associations, Clubs and Affiliate Members of the MAAA, as part of the corporate structure, also have a responsibility to ensure all terms and conditions of the Deed of Agreement are complied with. How does the MAAA ensure compliance? The MAAA ensures compliance through a number of ways:  by the maintenance of MOPs;  the investigations of all reported incidents involving model aircraft; and  the oversight and approval of corrective action.

Brian Dowie – MAAA Treasurer P O Box 88 Endeavour Hills VIC 3802 Telephone 03 9555 9445

How does the State Association, Club and Affiliate member ensure compliance? On receipt of the MAAA membership card, all members undertake to comply with all MAAA MOPs. This is a condition of membership. What effect does this have on Club Membership? To be able to satisfy the conditions of appointment as an RAAO and the conditions of the Deed of Agreement, the MAAA must satisfy CASA it can exercise control over its membership. The MAAA can only exercise this influence over model aircraft enthusiasts who have full membership of the organisation. Non-members cannot be compelled to comply. If flying under the auspices of the MAAA then all individuals doing so must be members.

Ross Cant Comp. Rules Secretary PO Box 670 Mount Lawley WA 6929 Telephone 0404 634 366


Message from the MAAA President Neil Tank (continued) If flying under the auspices of the MAAA then all individuals doing so must be members In short any club or group that is a member of the MAAA (be it through a State Association or not) has to have all its members registered (being affiliate members of) through the MAAA. This is the only way in which the MAAA can be confident that it is complying with all requirements of the RAAO appointment and Deed of Agreement. The above is not to infer that non-members flying model aircraft do not do so safely, however if flying under the auspices of the MAAA then all individuals doing so must be members, whether that be by obtaining full membership or in accordance with the MAAA Visitor’s Policy: MOP 042. For further information see:

INDUCTION INTO THE MAAA HALL OF FAME The MAAA Council Conference was held on the 18th and 19th of May 2013. The following members were inducted into the Hall of Fame: Robert Fitzgerald & Mark Ellins: 2nd F2C Team Race Murray Wilson & Mark Poschkens: 3rd F2C Team Race Ranjit Phelan & Trevor Henderson: 2nd F3D Pylon held in Austria 1993 Paul Turner: Services to Aeromodelling and outstanding contributions to the sport over many years Congratulations to all!

from the MAAA Secretary Kevin Dodd … 2012-13 Membership

Kevin Dodd – MAAA Secretary 16 Illidge Road Victoria Point QLD 4165 Telephone 07 3207 9067

At the close of the 2012/13 membership year, 10,815 members were registered with MAAA. This represents 99.40% of the total renewals, based on 2011/12 figures. In member terms, this is 62 members fewer than this time last year. Of this number, 1,204 were new members or members who were returning to model flying after some years’ absence. I welcome these new members and congratulate our clubs who work hard to promote model flying in their communities and in doing so, attract and support those who are new to the sport. 9,590 members renewed their membership with MAAA and this represents the highest percentage of renewing members for quite some years. I know that the State Associations, who together make up the MAAA, appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in future years.

Items from the MAAA 2013 Council Conference Promotion

An amount of $10,000 was included in the Budget for promotion/advertising to be administrated by the MAAA Executive. State Associations and clubs are invited to apply for a grant to assist with promotion of their activities in the 2013/14 period. Applications should be accompanied by supporting details and be sent to the MAAA Secretary for consideration by the MAAA Executive.




Contact Scott White . 21














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MARCH 15-16

COFFS HARBOUR EDF JET MEET See flyer this edition

JULY 5-6


Please consult the calendar of events on the web site : or up to date information on events INCLUDING FLYERS,CONTACT DETAILS & OTHER NECESSARY ENTRY FORMS.

Hi Honey, I found a bargain !


Model Expo 2013 Sunday 22nd September

Food and Drink Available LOCATION: Minnippi Parklands Stanton Road West, Tingalpa QLD 4173

Convenor: Noel Stewart M: 0412 525 127 E:

Activities commence 9:00am

Categories: RC Tanks Tethered Cars RC Cars & Buggies RC Planes RC Helicopters RC Boats

Rochedale Springwood Belmont-Tingalpa

Attention Pilots intending to attend this event please complete the Expression of Interest from the MAAQ web site under the clubs flyer in the events page. AIRFLOW 35

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Airflow Magazine - September, 2013  

Airflow Magazine - September, 2013  

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