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Seasons Greetings from the President and everyone on the Committee.

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elcome to the last quarter of Airflow for the year. Over the past few months we have seen some highs and lows within the modelling fraternity with the loss of Brian Burke, Jim Palmer, Ian Gillespie, Warren Schumer & Ben Staines. Members of the State Association have been visiting new clubs in the area in particular, visiting Warwick’s new club field at Morgan Park recently. Warwick has just been formed after an absence of 10 years or more. The Wondai club field proposal is well on its way to fruition with an inspection happening in the new year. I have spent considerable time collating the information given on the survey results. Generally speaking most members (120 who responded) which is approximately 5 % of membership, are happy with the current situation but there can be some improvements particularly in the Airflow ( which is happening all the time) , other aspects of communication in the web site,and many other little things that can be improved upon. Remember this is a starting point upon making the association a better one.



“Wings over the Downs “has moved back to the old shop now that renovations have been completed some 10 months since the flood that devastated Toowoomba. The renovation has seen an amazing uplift to the shop. It is a must see for those who remember the past shop and its aurora of yesteryear. A good range of all new stock items and some bling cabinets bring it to life once again. For those who travel overseas particularly into Morocco a new British owned shop in the city of Marrakech a popular destination for holiday makers. A good range of cars, boats, heli & aircraft including Horizon Hobby, Ripmax & Overlander. Marrakech has an RC club with a 120 metre x 8 metre wide strip on the outskirts of town. Visit their web site: I would like to thank Luke Cullen for his “Road to Temora “ article in this edition. I would like to see some more projects that members have completed. It”s not that hard to do, if you need a hand give me a call or email the editor. In closing the President and everyone on the committee would like to send seasons greetings to all members and have a safe and festive season. Catch up in 2012. Doug


New Zealand Aviation Spectacular 13 DAY SOUTH ISLAND GETAWAY Featuring the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow

S**t BONDisUco un

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Warbirds over Wanaka is established as a must see biennial event on the Australasian aviation calendar. Witness biplanes of World War I, heroes of World War II, fighters of Korea and awesome jets of Vietnam recreate history right before your eyes. Combined with a 13 day tour of New Zealand’s South Island, this holiday will certainly keep your head in the clouds. Tour includes airfare, taxes, luxury coach travel, quality accommodation, most meals, sightseeing & attractions including a 3 Day Warbirds Over Wanaka Gold Pass.

Special Departure: 30 March 2012


8 Day Tour option also available.





1800 622 768 or *Conditions apply. Price valid for travel ex BNE & OOL and includes pre paid taxes, correct at time of print but subject to change. **$100 discount is per person. Eyewitness Travel Guide Book is one per household. No other special offers or discounts apply. Applies to new bookings only until 31 Dec 2011. Lic No. 32046.

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MODEL AERONAUTICAL ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA INC. Newsletter NO. 04/2011 President: Mike Close, PO Box 146, West Pennant Hills NSW 2125 Telephone: 02 9872 6469 Fax: 02 9871 0408 Vice President: Paul Winter 25 Jasmine Drive Mill Park VIC 3082 Telephone: 03 9436 0717 Secretary: Kevin Dodd, 16 Illidge Rd Victoria Point QLD 4165 Telephone: 07 3207 9067 Fax: 07 3207 8175 Treasurer: Brian Dowie, PO Box 5137 Cheltenham East VIC 3192 Comp. Rules Ross Cant, PO Box 670 Mount Lawley WA 6929 Secretary: Telephone 0404 634 366 MAAA Internet: Manual of Procedures The Manual of Procedures is a “live” document and is continually being updated. Please check the MAAA web site from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the latest editions of the documents. The MAAA has recently released the following amended documents in the Manual of Procedures: MOP006 Appointment & Reappointment of Inspectors. Amended as a consequence of a change of forms MAAA003, 004 & 028, to clarify who has to complete which sections of the form. MOP058 2.4GHz Equipment. Amended to include ‘Thunder Tiger/ACE, IFh ss Frequency Hopping’ technology and 3.8 & 3.9 in Requirements. Congratulations to the Australian F3D Pylon Racing Team With Team Manager Michael Dallmann at the helm, the Australian F3D Pylon team produced an outstanding performance at the recently held World Championships at Bundaberg, Queensland. First Place & World Champions: Chris & Kevin Callow. Second Place: Beau & Barry Murphy. Fourth Place & Best Junior: Tyler & Warren Mees. Sixth Place: Leigh Hocken & Frank Casella. Team Place: Australia FIRST. The entire team and large support group are to be congratulated for their huge effort. MAAA Insurance Question: Can the MAAA office categorically answer as to whether the MAAA insurance would totally cover me if I caused a model aircraft accident under the following circumstances..? Answer: The short reply is: No, we can’t answer the question. The reason for the seemingly unhelpful answer is that you have asked for a categorical position and unfortunately that is not possible. The liabilities under an insurance contract are legal matters and in the event of any dispute on either coverage, or an attempted recovery of any payout by an insurance company, this would ultimately be determined by a Court of Law. The MAAA is not a qualified legal firm and therefore it cannot provide legal advice. Even if it were, in any court case the final decision depends on the details of the case and any generalized theoretical situation is not likely to totally apply to a specific set of circumstances. That is why Judges are employed and lawyers make a lot of money giving differing advice to their clients depending on which side of the case they represent. In the end, the Judge Page 4

decides, based on the evidence presented to him. As an example, under ‘Just Culture’ which MAAA is committed to, and also to illustrate the problem of stating a categorical position, consider the case of someone flying at a club without being an MAAA Member or properly signing the visitor book. This seemingly obvious situation might have factors that affect how it would be viewed. Assuming that this circumstance was relevant to a particular case, there could be a range of overall reasons leading to it which are not limited to those listed below: The person presented the club with a forged MAAA Card. The person was well known at the club as an MAAA Member but his MAAA Membership had lapsed. The club had a clearly displayed notice on visitor policy and the person ignored it. The person was signed in as a visitor but it was not noticed that it was the fifth time over a number of months. The person was signed in as a visitor but it was not noticed that it was the fifth time in five days. The person was not signed in but it was intended to do it when the club member finished another task. The person was not signed in but the club has a visitor’s policy which is normally followed. The person was not signed in but the club has a visitor’s policy which is followed only if a committee member is present. The person was not signed in but the club has a visitor’s policy which is followed occasionally. The person was not signed in and the club does not have a visitor’s policy. The person was not signed in and the club policy is knowingly to let anyone fly. The person was not signed in and it is generally known locally, and promoted at Hobby Shops, that anyone can just turn up and fly. The MAAA would take different stances at points in the above list, ranging from tolerance of human error to full liability and disciplinary action, which is why a definitive single position statement is not possible. Insurance companies might show similar tolerance against their own standards, or they might not. A similar set of arguments could be applied to the parameters in the circumstances of any case that may be asked. In the end, as previously stated, it could end up in court if there was an incident and a Judge would decide on liability and the insurance company would then pick up any insured liability. This and other questions and answers regarding Insurance are available at the Frequently Asked Questions page on the MAAA website at www.maaa.asn Incident Reports The latest Incident Reports relating to finger strikes by propellers indicate that some members may not be aware of the safe way to remove the glow plug driver. Reaching over the propeller from the front of the model is dangerous and should be avoided. Removing the glow driver from behind lowers the risk of propeller strike considerably. Clubs may wish to include this advice on their field safety notices. MAAA Forms When needing to download MAAA forms, members are asked to do this directly from the MAAA website www.maaa.asn It has been found that using Google or other search engines to find a particular form sometimes results in an out of date document being located from a website other than the MAAA site.

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65th MAAA Nationals Aeromodellers of Western Australia (AWA) will be hosting the 65th Nationals in Perth from 12 -20 April 2012. The Central point for the Nationals will be the Whiteman Park Flying Field Complex with a number of other events being run at several other locations to the south and north of Perth. 2012 F5D Electric World Championships – Romania QMARA, on behalf of the Electric Subcommittee wish to advise that they intend to conduct an F5D electric pylon racing team selection event for the 2012 World Champs. The date will be 25-26 February 2012 and the venue will be the Dalby Model Aero Club field (Queensland). The selection will be conducted over the 2 days with 9 rounds flown and will be held in conjunction with other racing classes which will be advised. International competitors to this event are also welcome. Standard entry fee $20.00. For further information contact Bruce DeChastel at ‘Big Bruce Racing Products’ 2012 F1D Indoor Free Flight World Championships – Serbia The VFFS in conjunction with the MAAA Free Flight Subcommittee now propose to run a single team selection trial for F1D as indicated. Due to time constraints, the previous proposed team trial had to be abandoned. The event will be held in conjunction with the Victorian State Indoor Championships. New date and times provided for a single event to determine team places are: Place: Manningham D.I.S.C. Springvale Rd., Donvale, Victoria. Date: 18 December 2011 Time: 12.30-4.30pm. World / Continental Championships and Trans Tasman Events Calendar MAAQ GENERAL MEETING DATES FOR 2012 AT THE CHERMSIDE LIBRARY IN BRISBANE. FEBRUARY 18TH, MAY 12TH, AUGUST 25TH, NOVEMBER 10TH.

Gary De’Chastel and his control line of the era racing machines .. These types of models come under the banner of Nostalgic type models and you may get to see some of these type of control line models flying at Dalby in March 2012. Should be a great weekend -stepping back in time . Page 6


Nostalgic FUN FLY Weekend

This will be exactly exactly what it says, a

IT IS NOT A COMPETITION NO ENTRY FEES Mystery Prizes and Pilots Raffle

There are some suggested models for each discipline but fly what you bring! e.g. C/L a Phantom, All American, F/F a Cardinal, R/C an O/T or Sport model, Indoor any Frog model, any Slow R/C as well as Rocketry (a vintage one) A chance to watch and/or try a discipline you may not have ever seen!

Listen to the roar of a C/L PULSE JET (perhaps also an R/C one as well?)

SWAP AND SELL YOUR UNWANTED ITEMS Camping on site available (Small daily fee pp) Accommodation in town just 9 minutes drive from field Hot and cold Lunch and Dinner available from the onsite Canteen. Breakfasts can be arranged (by request to Organiser) GREEN FEE (Payable to DMAC) $10 Saturday and $5 Sunday (special reduced rate) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Organiser (for further details) John Taylor 07 33927679 email

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The Grand Southern Cross Model Aero Rally will be on again next year on the 21 and 22 April, 2012. It looks that the GSCMAR will be much larger than 2010. * We will have 4 marquees this year, 3 for retail and trade displays and a very large marquee for meet and greet. * We are expecting at least 120 modellers and approximately 250 models. * As was the case last year, we are providing unserviced camping and caravan space, although toilets are available. * This year we are having 1 runway for Scale models, 1 for Pylon Racing, and a separate area for Helicopters and Control Line. * A PA system will be placed along the spectator area with a model by model commentary throughout both days. * Last year we raised enough money to surgically correct the legs of 2 Fijian Children, next year the funds raised will attend to the surgical needs of children from Papua PNG, * Again next year we will have an aerobatic display provided by Desert Aircraft sponsored Chris Brisline, this time to music. You will see how Chris came second in the world championships last year. His flying is truly amazing. * We will also have a Pitts Special display by the Paul Bennet, the Australian Champion, as well as a fly over Of Pauls WW2 Avenger. There is also a possibility of a fly over on both days of a WW2 Mustang and we have asked Temora if they would also do a fly over of their Spitfire. More on that later Please come and help make the Grand Southern Cross Model Aero Rally - Luskintyre an even greater success than it was last year.

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Ph; LYLE 0458724354 EDDIE 0417639088

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Generosity and Camaraderie is Alive and Well at Club and Special Interest Group’s of Aeromodeling. At Suncoast Model Flyer’s in August 2011 junior member’s 10 year olds Henry White and Matthew Wood were delighted when presented with a scaled down version of the Astro Hog (mini hog) built by member Col Maybury (Air Frame and Engine’s) and Finished by member Paul O’Grady,needless to say the boy’s love these little planes, Mini Hogs for Mini Pilots. At Southern Cross Air Force (SCAF) War Birds events the boys are usually allowed to fly the Mini Hogs as well as the PC9’s BF109 and Zero that they attend with, but at the recent SCAF Fly In at the Maryborough Field the first time a SCAF War Bird Event has been held there they were given the thrill of their lives when Geoff Lowe who had been watching them fly asked permission to fly another model he had with his collection of war birds and his Jet Powered ELAN was taken up by well known pilot Chris Dawson who then handed the transmitter to the boys in turn and talked them through for some quite good circuits and manoeuvres and then took back control and landed. A while later the ELAN was fired up again and then taxied out by Matthew with Chris Dawson at his side who then said well take off then, Matthew did not need telling twice and after a series of circuits and aerobatics landed the ELAN very nicely, Chris asked Matthew to give Henry the transmitter who taxied back up the runway turned the plane round and lined up for take off and a similar flight followed then finishing up with a very smooth landing and turn around to taxi back to the pit’s and the boy’s grinning like Cheshire cats at the applause from the SCAF and Club members present. Many thanks to Geoff Lowe for letting the young blokes have the chance to fly a Turbine Powered model and to Chris Dawson for talking them through, I think its one day the boys will never forget. Roy Salmon, SMF/SCAF.

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The Road to Temora It’s not too often these days that we hear about the people who make it possible to build, fly and compete with the models we build. In 2009 I decided to build a twin engine scale model to compete at the Nationals at Dalby. I decided on the B25J Mitchell called “Russell’s Raiders” that is still flying in Europe today. I purchased numerous books and a 1/24th scale Monogram model to detail the model as much as is necessary for this level of competition. It flew in WW2 mainly in Northern Africa, Europe and the Balkans. I purchased the plans, cowls canopy’s, retracts, and wheels etc from Nick Zirolli in the U.S. I commenced the build in late January 2010 and after purchasing large quantities of balsa and plywood from Robbo at Wings over the Downs. I then began the build and purchased all the necessary electronics too. The basic airframe went together very well and the plans were both accurate and straight forward. I purchased two Desert Aircraft 50cc petrol engines as they are so powerful and reliable. I then purchased and built a Pitts Python to run the engines in. I was assisted by Adam Grofski from T.A.A who flew the Python in some I.M.A.C competitions and practice. By Easter 2010 I had the basic airframe together and began the fit out of retracts and engines. Once the motors were mounted in the Mitchell I fabricated exhausts from stainless pipe and mandrel bends from Desert aircraft. I decided to use 2 EQ6 Smartfly powerboxes to divide the power delivery and then split the batterys using 4 x 2650mah lithium battery’s to power the radio. This offers redundancy for battery failures and also utilises separate powerboxes for the ignition systems. It also means I can trim the engines separately and have dual ignition switches. By May 2010 I had “glassed” the airframe and began the lengthy task of detailing the exterior. To compete at this level of scale I also detailed all the cockpit areas including the front gunner, pilots and co-pilot as well as the side and rear gunners. As winter approached I began the paintwork which was hindered by the cold weather. By July 2010 I had the paintwork finished and spent many hours on the radio set up. I was assisted by Troy Brodrick from T.A.A with the electronics as I had to use 13 channels on a 12 channel radio. The difficulty was the bomb drop and bomb bay doors. By August 2010 I was ready to run the engines and do some taxi testing and then ready for the initial test flights at the end of August. The test flight was done in very windy conditions but all went very well. Minimal trimming was needed and the certification was completed by Peter Lambert also from T.A.A. I then focused on the Temora Scale Classic Invitational. It was great to be invited and good practice at this type of competition. I had limited opportunities to practice for the compulsory manuvers for Temora so I arrived for the competion with only 8 flights on the Mitchell. We arrived to cold and windy conditions and a great learning curve. I have never competed in this type of competition and did get some insights from Steve Thomas and Peter Love from T.A.R.M.A.C. I was also assisted by Brisbane’s Ron Cavanah who had great tips into the judging aspects of the competition. I entered the B25J in Expert and my 55% Pitts Special in flying only. I also flew my Composite ARF Extra 260 in the breaks for the crowd entertainment. We were welcomed by all at the competion and the museum was worth the trip alone. We saw the P40 and Spitfire fly together and we were able to get up close and also talk to the pilots. At the end of the competition my team was awarded 1st place in expert for the B25 Mitchell which also gained the highest static points for expert. I also gained 3rd place for the Pitts Special which was a great result. This was a great lead up to the Nationals at Dalby with our biggest problem being the weather. The organisers and Dalby club did a spectular job in achieving such a great event in the midst of terrible flooding and turmoil. I was able to gain 2nd place with the B25 at the Nationals and 1st place with the Pitts Special in flying only. Page 13

This success is only due to the team of people who make this all possible. Nothing is possible without my wife Veronika, and my caller Mark Williamson has travelled many miles to gain the success we have had over the years. Special thanks also to Geoff Jenkins who drove from Bendigo to be part of the “Russell’s Raiders” team at Temora. Aeromodeling is a great hobby but the people you meet and the friends you make are what it’s all about and what motivates me to be involved. I look forward to competing again at the 2011 Temora scale classic with the B25J and the new Composite ARF Pitts S12 that I am building now. I hope to see you at a field soon. LUKE CULLEN

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TCBMFC members assembled in the carpark at the Carlo sand blow at Rainbow Beach recently 06/11/11 What a great view !

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Brian Burke’s Passing 19.12.1944 – 28.09.2011 AUS 2738

Well it started off with a very sad week with the death of Brian Burke on Wednesday after an ongoing illness. He was put in hospital for about a week and was not getting any better, so he decided to come home. After visiting him at home a few times everyone could just see him deteriorating rapidly. We were going to hold a get together fly in on Burky’s premises but his health just rapidly decreased so had to cancel. Many thanks to Andrew and Tom Linwood for flying up from Sydney that weekend to visit him. He was very overwhelmed to see them. His biggest wish was to make it to the Ipswich & District CL Champs at Ipswich but sadly fell 3 days short of the weekend. (Dad) Mark McDermott got everyone around at the start and said a few words about him and had a minute silence to finish the speech. Brian’s funeral was held on the 5-10-11. There were a lot of people in attendance and a very big thanks to Michael Comisky for driving 12 hours from Sydney to attend. Geoff Burke said a great eulogy for his father and held together for his family very strong. He would have been very proud of you. Brian was one of the finest combat pilots and won many state and national events in all aspects of combat and even a few racing events. He had a great passion for open combat especially. He also invented the event and made the rules for .35 slow combat in QLD. He loved building models for everyone and has built hundreds for us. He only just finished building a goodyear model for us 3 months ago and looked absolute amazing for a combat “guru.” If it wasn’t for Burkey building so many models for me and giving me heaps of combat advice I would not be half the pilot I am now. So this weekend is for you Brian. Thanks heaps Tight lines in the sky mate! Never forgotten ( R.I.P mate) Trent McDermott AUS 55720 Clasi Member

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Ipswich and District Control Line Championships Part Two Due to terrible weather on 2nd October, the postponed events were rescheduled to Sunday 30th October. The weather was glorious with virtually no wind at all and unfortunately virtually no competitors. Combined Speed was run first up with John Jacobsen taking out 1st place with 3 nearly faultless runs with each of his two 21 Proto ships. A final best run of 26.50 with Trent McDermott piloting the all carbon fibre models that John has been building. John has a medical certificate to allow him to use a proxy pilot. John Taylor came second running a Class2 model but unfortunately was not able to run his Pulse jets at CLASI field due to agreement with council. Due to shortage of experienced pilots (any kind of pilots actually) we were forced to MixNMatch and handle stop watches and counters as well, in the Vintage A races. The McDermotts won the first heat in a time of 3.15 but then withdrew from further racing in order to pilot for the other competitors. Trent McDermott/Rhys Patten took out 1st place in the final with a 7.56 followed by Ross Stokes/J Taylor with a 9.22 and Mark McDermott/Rod Smith with a 10.24 filled the final placing. Unfortunately only two models turned up for Classic B, and after a practice crash destroyed one, there was no alternative but to abandon Classic B. The rest of the day was spent with further testing of John Jacobsen’s models and I believe it won’t be long before he breaks the Proto record, particularly as there is another model out of the mould which is 100 grams lighter. John Jacobsen competed in the 16th Nationals at Camden coming second in Proto and Open Combat but then stopped modeling in 1965 and only returned 4 years ago when he joined the Maryborough R/C club. He has only been building the carbon models since last September but is booked to go to Perth Nationals. Watch out for him there. I do have a couple of observations to make in light of the lack of interest in the CLASI Championships. In spite of offering Junior and Senior Combat events there was not one entry received from other clubs. The response in general was extremely disappointing and the Championships ran at a loss, CLASI will never again offer to run Competition events under the same conditions. It is quite apparent that anyone wishing to get serious competition in FAI and MAAA events will be forced to travel to the Southern States from here on in. The Maccas and I will be travelling south in future whenever possible. Many thanks to those who did enter, show up and assist in any way. Your attendance was greatly appreciated. As a footnote I would like to add some further comments on the status of C/L (and other disciplines in Queensland as well, because” if the shoe fits, wear it” If you look at pictures displayed on various websites and in club magazines, one fact that becomes extremely obvious is the age of the people portrayed. There are very few juniors. How many does YOUR club have? What is the problem? How do we fix it? Page 19

I am of course of the OLD school and I was brought up by my Grandfather and Father to call a” Spade a Spade and a Shovel a Shovel” We have, I believe too many breakaway events at club level which then splits the entrants into TOO MANY CLASSES, with the result that entries in each event are reduced to minimum, to the detriment of the FAI and MAAA events. We need to cut down the events, not CREATE More! I know that my comments will create some adverse comments, however facts are facts. Think about it!

Can we do something to save our SPORT? We need to act now!

John Taylor John Jacobsen testing his latest carbon model recently

Latest happenings Recently a Flight Training Conference Chaired by Mike Snaibatis was a first and that as a result a new way of training. Instructors will be put in place so that every State and Territory will operate under the same guidelines. MAAQ’s has put forward nomination for Chris & Kevin Callow to be recognized as the sports team of the year. Maryborough Club has just completed a control line hard stand at their field in the last few weeks in preparation of an upcoming control line event. On the old timer scene Dave Paton (plonker extraodinaire) has taken out the Champ of Champs at Wangaratta recently. It must have been all that wine!! Congratulations to Dave. Web sites: Please note the MAAQ web site news section on the home page - this page can be used as a way of promoting ourselves to the public. The Web site should be consulted for contacts and MAAA site for MOPS as people are ringing up and e-mailing the committee with questions easily answered from this site. Please check out this site for all MOPS changes and any other important updates.

No. 5 - 2011 Legal regulations

Aeromodelling – How to Stay Safe All beginnings are easy – but nevertheless potentially risky

Numerous countries have regulations regarding model flying. In most cases, these are issued by the ministries of aviation and are available from there. The most important and also most common regulations regard: ¥ insurance requirements for model flyers ¥ model flying in the vicinity of airports ¥ weight limitations of models ¥ FPV "first person view", also called immersion or camera flying ¥ permitted radio control frequencies National aeromodelling organisations and associations are well informed in these matters. If you cannot find anything on their websites, individual enquiries will no doubt be readily answered.

The new generation of ready-built model aeroplanes and helicopters – mostly made from foam materials – make aeromodelling easily accessible for everyone. While getting started is easy, a few safety issues must nevertheless be considered. These include insurance, legal regulations, handling of technology and flying itself.

Not to forgotten insurance Delighted with your newly acquired flying model, including engine and radio control, you'll immediately want to rush outside, find the nearest field and launch your fantastic machine. But wait! Have you checked whether you have insurance that will cover you for damage caused by model aircraft? Should you lose control over it, even a relatively small model plane

has a certain hazard potential and can damage property or cause personal injury. This could be expensive for you. Read your insurance policy carefully and check if model flying is covered. If not, have the policy changed accordingly.

The technology of modern aeromodelling The technology involved in aeromodelling has rapidly evolved in recent years – especially with regard to microelectronics. The areas most affected by this are propulsion technology, remote control technology and on-board electronics with data

Page 21

CIAM Public Letter 5/2011, Page 2 Editor: Emil Ch. Giezendanner ·

transmission to the pilot, stabilising instruments, GPS, etc. In addition to conventional internal combustion engines, gas turbines and increasingly electric motors are used today. While handling turbines requires a large degree of know-how, electric motors are easier to work with but do present certain hazards. Individuals must always stay behind the propeller. A propeller that has become detached and is whizzing through the air can release a large amount of energy and cause serious injury.

If you want to change any settings on your transmitter, always make sure the power supply to the electric motor has been disconnected to ensure that it will not suddenly start. Sadly, accidents due to unintentionally and suddenly starting motors do keep occurring – both with planes and helicopters.

Many radio control systems have the option of programming a so-called fail safe. All functions can be set so that a loss of transmission

Page 22

immediately causes the engine to stop and the control surfaces to assume a neutral position. This may not always enable you to recover your plane but it does dramatically reduce the risk of an accident occurring. A quick and simple test: hold your plane, with transmitter and receiver turned on and the motor connected but switched off, from behind and turn now off the transmitter. If the motor does not start, you've got it right. You should generally make sure that the RC system is working properly. Both receiver and transmitter batteries must be full charged. The proper functioning of the entire system should be checked regularly and especially prior to initial flights. The RC system manuals include information about the procedure for checking the range of the system (distance check).

…and now it’s time to take to the air Once you've done everything conceivable to ensure your model is safe to fly, it's time to take to the air. If taking off – after the function check – with motorised model planes or

helicopters, no people or animals may be present in the flying area. Distances must always be sufficiently large – 20 metres for smaller aircraft and at least 50 metres for larger and faster machines. Avoid flying near buildings or roads. The risks of gliding on slopes are also often underestimated. In slope winds, modern gliders in CFC construction can easily reach speeds of 200 km/h or even much higher. Sufficient distances to other pilots and spectators must be observed. Zooming closely past spectators is no heroic achievement – on the contrary, it's irresponsible and criminal!

Vitally important In strong or turbulent wind conditions or poor visibility, always make the safe decision. And should something be wrong with the model, if there are people or animals in the flying area or anything occurs that makes you feel unsure – don't start and err on the side of caution. This way you won't experience any unpleasant incidents to spoil your enjoyment of model flying. Good luck and have fun with your model airplane!

Rifle Fish Road – Tin Can Bay QLD Contact: for entry


Page 23

Notice to all Members Control Line State Championships – 2012. I am pleased to announce that the 2012 Control Line State Championships will be held at Maryborough Aeromodellers Club inc. (M.A.C) Boonooroo Rd Maryborough on the 15th– 16th-17th June 2012. It is believed the extra day (Friday) will be needed to get through what we hope will be a larger event than we have seen in previous years. This weekend will also coincide with the usual MAC Fun Fly weekend and a Free Flight Event which is scheduled for the Sunday morning. As you can see we are expecting many MAAQ members to be in attendance. The organisers will do their best to schedule the program so that you won’t miss out on anything. We have also been advised that a number of NSW flyers are considering attending. This promises to be the largest event of its kind in many years and we encourage all CL members from all over Queensland to take advantage of this unique opportunity. M.A.C has offered the use of its excellent facilities. Grounds – Preparations have already started on the flying circles to ensure they are in ‘tip-top’ shape for the weekend. Facilities – Camping facilities - $10 max per person for the duration. Also - hot showers, septic toilets and electricity. Catering –

The event will be catered by M.A.C.’s dedicated canteen staff who will provide hot food and hot & cold drinks.

For more information contact the MAAQ Control Line Administrator

CL Administrator / Event Organiser. Lindsay Price. (25th Nov 2011)

Page 24

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Our online store is now open R


Open 7 days. Shop 2/152 Siganto Drive Helensvale. Ph 07 5665 6700.

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HELI TALK In this know-it-all article, Byron tells those heli fans how to tension their belts, the right way. One of the most common issues seen with less experienced helicopter pilots is problems with the tail drive belt. I have heard countless pilots comment about losing belts in flight, and/or having to replace them after very few flights. A properly adjusted drive belt will provide a long life, less stress on your power system, and better performance from your machine. At the field, one of the things I noticed were people who mentioned belt issues tend to almost always over tighten their belts. Most manufacturers will suggest adjusting the belt tension so that you can push the belt roughly 2/3 of the way to the other side (near the forward belt pulley) without being able to completely reach the other side. This is correct. What seems to be misinterpreted by many is that this does not mean so tight that you cannot physically push the belt to touch the other side with excessive force. When applying pressure to the belt with your finger, you should be pushing lightly to moderately. The idea is that when adjusted properly, you will feel the tension become tight at about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way to the other side, and it will resist reaching the other side. If you push excessively hard, the belt will certainly stretch to reach the other side. If you tighten the belt to the point of not physically being able to push it to the other side with excessive force, you have adjusted it too tight. Too tight of an adjustment puts unnecessary stress on the whole drive system, especially the motor, tail shaft bearings and belt pulley bearings. This translates to bearings wearing out faster, shorter flight times (due to increased amp draw) and higher motor/esc/battery temps. Check your belt tension often as things such as ambient temperature and stretching or "breaking-in" will cause it to change. One thing to keep in mind is that new belts will stretch after some flights have been put on it (5-15 on average). You will want to keep an eye on the belt tension and adjust it as needed after it has "broken in". After the "break-in" period, the belt should not stretch much at all. Keeping your belt adjusted properly will ensure a long belt life and good performance from your machine. A SPECIAL REQUEST HAS BEEN MADE TO INCLUDE HELI STUFF IN THE MAG. IS THERE A BUDDING WRITER OUT THERE THAT CAN BE A CONTRIBUTOR FOR THIS COLUMN ? IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS & PHOTOS PLEASE SEND THEM TO THE EDITOR Page 26

Collection of heli photos from TAA Top - Peter Loves and Luke Cullens below , and the turbine powered model of Mike Snaibaitis at the Dalby Nationals

On behalf of QMARA I wish to advise we intend to conduct the F5D electric pylon racing team selection event for the 2012 World Champs. The date will be 25th and 26th February 2012 and the venue will be the Dalby Model Aero Club field. The selection will be conducted over the 2 days with 9 rounds flown and will be held in conjunction with other racing classes to be advised. We will also welcome international competitors to this event.

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Saturday 11 Sunday 19th

12 noon 8am-1pm


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3pm-6pm 7am-12pm 12 -1.30pm 2pm – 5pm 8am - 1pm




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7am-2pm 7am-2pm 8am-11am 8-10am 10am-1pm


Saturday 2nd th Sunday 10 th Sunday 24

3-6pm 8am - 1pm 8 am - 1pm


Saturday 7th th Sunday 15

3pm- 6pm 8am – 1pm

Saturday 21st Sunday 29th th Saturday 4 Sunday 19th Saturday 1st Sunday 9th nd Saturday 22


Sunday 23rd Saturday 6th th Sunday 14

12 noon 8am – 1pm 3pm-6pm 8am – 1pm 3pm-6pm 8am – 1pm 7-10am 10am–1pm 7am - noon 3pm – 6pm 8am – 1pm


Sunday 21st Saturday 3rd th Sunday 11

8am 3pm-6pm 8am – 1pm


12 noon


Club general meeting plus “show and tell” Dale’s Fun and Friend’s Club day (No contests , limited RC) Indoor (practice and trimming) F1C State Champs (5 Rounds) LUNCH Open Power (3 Rounds) F1J State Champs (5 rounds) DALBY COMBINED DISCIPLINES NOSTALGIC FUN FLY (All categories + Indoor) Southern Cross and AFFS Champs

John’s Place COOMINYA

F1A State Champs (7 rounds) F1B State Champs (7 rounds) P30 State Champs Scale HLG and CLG State Champs (best 3 of 6 flights –each) Indoor (Hanger Rat (S/C), Hanger Rat F1G State Champs (5rounds) 2 Minute Class models – “All In” Club Contest (5 flights) Indoor (HLG (S/C) and 6” HLG) 1/2A Power (Queensland rules - 5 flights) A1 Sailplane(Queensland rules - 5 flights) AGM plus “show and tell” Dale’s Fun and Friends day(no contests, Lim RC) Indoor (Frog Event) QDP and F1G (Club Events) (3 flights each) Indoor (Peanut (S/C) and No Doc Scale F1H State Champs (5rounds) LSq/100 (3 flights) Open Rubber State Champs No Frills Wakefield (5 flights) Indoor (F1L/ Mini Stick, P18) Col Somers Vintage rally, Power Ratio Sport event (3 flights) Vic Smeed Day & KKK (Reserve day) Indoor (Delta Dart ) Frog Precision, Combined % (Reserve day) (3 flights) Xmas party and prize presentation





CONTACTS: * John Lewis 3848 4280 * Malcolm Campbell 3263 9339 * Albert Fathers 0755 343490 We are always in need of CDs! Volunteers welcome!

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During 2011 the year 9 Technology Students at Citipointe Christian College engaged in construction and flying the Delta Dart supplied by MAAA.


The year 9 students really enjoyed the experience and had a great morning flying the Delta’s. The flying capabilities of the Delta Darts impressed the students and there was great excitement following each launch. The students built their Delta Darts over a two week period and then launched the planes collectively and observed the characteristics of which flew highest and longest. The weather was overcast with a light breeze and the majority of student planes flew well. The students enjoyed the challenge of construction and flying their creations. The year 9 students wish to thank the MAAA for the opportunity to build and fly the Delta Dart. In the Year 2012 we wish to utilize the Delta Darts again but plan on using them in our Technology Studies program in Year 8 as an introduction to flight. David Hatton Senior Technology Studies Teacher: Citipointe Christian College Carindale. Featuring : MATT BOTOS Heli Designer, 3D pilot & Owner of Synergy RC Helicopters

Wagga Model Aero Club 8 km south on the Olympic way heading towards Albury. On Friday 24th February 2012 to Sunday 26th February 2012. 9.00am to 5.00pm daily (3pm finish Sunday) Proudly sponsored by: Extreme Helis - Synergy RC Helicopters - arcHELI Online Forum - RC Bits - Take Off and Land - ZeeJay’s Hobbies - RCRotorz Perth RC Models & Hobbies - Yourhobby - Helicopters and more - ARK RC - For more information visit www.heliheatwave. or find us on facebook.

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2011 EVENTS CALENDAR Check out the New Zealanders web site across the ditch for an insight into what they have been up to. Visit

2012 EVENTS JAN 28-29

TIN CAN BAY HELI FUN FLY - see flyer this issue





FEB 18






MARCH 17-18

MARCH MADNESS HELI FUN-FLY AT DALBY -see flyer this edition





15 (SUNDAY )


MAY 12




JUNE 09-11




AUG 25


NOV 10


65th Nationals in Western Australia information can be obtained from the web site: Page 30


World / Continental Championships and Trans Tasman Events Calendar

EVENT Awarded to F2A, F2B, F2C, F2D Bulgaria – Primorsko Dates: August/September F3J South Africa – Rustenburg Dates: 29 July – 5 August F4C Spain – Santa Cilia Airfield Dates: 3 – 12 August F5B, F5D Romania – Buzau Dates: 7 – 15 September Space Models Slovakia – Liptovsky Mikulas Dates: 31 August 9 September F3A Asia – Oceanic Philippines – Bacolod City Dates: 6 – 12 May F3C Asia – Oceanic Offers Invited F1 Trans Tasman Location TBA Dates: Easter


EVENT Awarded to F1 A,B & C France – Dates: 3 – 10 August F3A South Africa – Dates: 15 – 25 August F3B Germany – Dates: 1 – 11 August F3C/N Poland – Dates: TBA F3D Netherlands – Dates: TBA F3K Offers Invited

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Wolf Models

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LASER CUTTING PLAN SCANNING & PRINTING Wolf Models now has a wide format plan printing and scanning service available. All plans are sent rolled, not folded, in a mailing tube. Up to 36” or 914mm wide by whatever length needed, as it is a roll printer. Our laser is now up and running for cutting short kits or ribs for your new project. Very reasonable prices with a quick turnaround time. We can either work with your CAD files, or email me your PDF or TIFF images and we will convert them in Autocad for the laser to use, and also print off a copy for building from. If you only have paper plans then send them to us and we will scan into our system. Your plans will be returned undamaged and we can print a new set if you need them. Our laser has a 1300 x 1200 bed with pass through capabilities, so the maximum length we can cut is 2300mm. Big models. Check our website regularly for an update of plans we have in stock. Call us now for an approximate price, or send your plans for an exact quote. “ We will be closed for business from the 16th December to the 12th Jan 2012 “

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Profile for MAAQ

Airflow Magazine - December, 2011  

Airflow Magazine - December, 2011  

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