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4th overall at the World F3D Champs-Tyler Mees Top Junior at Bundaberg recently. IN THIS ISSUE: F3D WORLD CHAMPS, BFFS 2012 CALENDAR, MAAA NO3 NEWSLETTER, SCALE PILOTS . VALE WARREN SHURMER & IAN GILLESPIE,

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FROM THE EDITOR With the year now getting closer to Christmas and the start of the new 2012 year looming its time to advise of your intended events for the next year. Dalby has kicked off the new year with a combined control line, free-flight, Indoor & Old timer r/c “Old Time event�. I would urge clubs to get their anticipated events into the editor for ratification and inclusion into the calendar of events for next year. The calendar is empty at the moment,first in best dressed . The recent world championships for F3D held at Bundaberg has been held recently in August and by the accolades from the various flyers from other countries the flyers want to come back again. Congratulations go to Chris Callow for making it number 4 times world champion, and our top junior Tyler Mees a creditable 4th in the world. Our Aussie team also took out the honours as first in the team event as well. Well done to the Aussies. A report is in this edition.


I would like to thank John Taylor for all his work and contributions over the last 15 years for the Airflow and wish him all the best in his retirement. I would also like to thank the following contributors in this edition- Patsy Brown WBESS Bundaberg , Chris Watt and the advertisers throughout this newsletter for their support over the year so far. The annual general meeting held on Saturday the 27th August has seen a changing of the guard - the retirement of John Taylor and the induction of two new but old faces to the roles of control line administrator Lindsay Price and the freeflight administrator Ted Burfein. Both have a vast experience in their fields of expertise. I have taken on the role also of the PRO as well as newsletter editor. Welcome aboard guys.

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New Zealand Aviation Spectacular 13 DAY SOUTH ISLAND GETAWAY Featuring the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow

S**t BONDisUco un

$100 per person vel + Eyewitness Tra Guide Book

Warbirds over Wanaka is established as a must see biennial event on the Australasian aviation calendar. Witness biplanes of World War I, heroes of World War II, fighters of Korea and awesome jets of Vietnam recreate history right before your eyes. Combined with a 13 day tour of New Zealand’s South Island, this holiday will certainly keep your head in the clouds. Tour includes airfare, taxes, luxury coach travel, quality accommodation, most meals, sightseeing & attractions including a 3 Day Warbirds Over Wanaka Gold Pass.

Special Departure: 30 March 2012


8 Day Tour option also available.





1800 622 768 or *Conditions apply. Price valid for travel ex BNE & OOL and includes pre paid taxes, correct at time of print but subject to change. **$100 discount is per person. Eyewitness Travel Guide Book is one per household. No other special offers or discounts apply. Applies to new bookings only until 31 Dec 2011. Lic No. 32046.

VALE IAN KEITH GILLESPIE 25.08.1941 – 14.08.2011

It is with sadness that we advise the passing of Ian Gillespie. Ian worked tirelessly for a number of years as Treasurer / Registrar of the MAAQ.

The MAAQ conveys condolences to the family and friends of Ian.

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2011 FAI F3D World Championships Bundaberg 10th – 14th August 2011 If you had been at the Bundaberg Aeromodellers’ field over the above period you would have been able to feel the very positive vibe that was surging through the Australian Camp. This positive vibe translated into the performances of the Australian team which I believe was the “Best” we have ever achieved.

Photo courtesy Bundaberg Mail

“Australian Team”

In the individual event, Christopher & Kevin Callow won their fourth World Championship, which is an outstanding achievement. Chris was returning to the scene of his first WC win in 2001 and he seemed to have a steely determination to repeat that 2001 performance, although he was very relaxed, he focussed on the end result which he and Kevin achieved by winning the 2011 F3D World Championship. In his final heat Chris went all out to chase the world record of 56.33 sec but unfortunately came up 0.27 of a second short with a fine 56.60 secs, the fastest time of the competition.

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“We did it Dad” Four Times World Champions - Christopher & Kevin Callow

Beau Murphy, in his first World Championships, but with his WC veteran Father, Barry to steady him, was locked in a battle with Chris for the lead for much of the contest. At the end of round 6 Beau lead by 0.48 of a sec to Chris, it was 0.5 sec lead at the end of round 7. However by the end of round 10 Chris was leading by 2.2 secs and he never relinquished that lead, eventually winning from Beau by 9.74 secs. Beau & Barry’s second place finish is outstanding in Beau’s first trip to the World Champs.

“Beau receives his FAI Medallion” Presented by President MAAA, Mike Close

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Photo courtesy S Mees

In their first World Champs also, Leigh Hocken and his caller, Frank Casella were working very hard to stay in contact with the leaders. Leigh & Frank at one stage were in eight place but fought back to finish in a very credible sixth placing, a great performance for a first timer. The consistent performance of all three Australian pilots resulted in them winning the F3D World Team Championship by 136.9 points to the Netherlands and 168.22 points from France in third place. This was is outstanding result for Australia and I am lead to believe it is the first time we have won both the individual & team events together. Well as if that was not good enough, it only got better with Tyler & Warren Mees competing in the Junior competition which was being held for the first time. Unfortunately there were not enough entries to class it as a Junior World Championship however Tyler was not put off by that and went on to win the Highest Placed Junior award. Now that was a good effort, but what was even better was that Tyler & Warren actually finished in fourth place against all comers in the world. A fourth placing in their first World Champs event was an achievement that they can be justly proud off & it will give them bragging rights for some time, well done!!!! The Team manager Mick Dallman had the team well organized and looking fantastic in their Australian Team shirts and Jacket. The many team supporters were also resplendent in the Australian team supporter’s shirts. Again a great effort from Mick in his first team manager role. Although I have not been to any other World Championship, there were enough comments from other countries’ team members that confirmed that these were very well Page 6

run championships, by any standard. A big Congratulations must go out to the organizing committee principles. These are Bruce De Chastel, Joe Luxford, & Trish Luxford who did the bulk of the organization. The volunteer workforce who sacrificed a week of their time to travel to Bundaberg and incur all the expenses of accommodation etc must also receive an enormous congratulations on the fantastic job that they did. Glenn & Nerida Matthews had the timing system working overtime with 208 heats run with barely an error caused by the timers or cut judges. The few reruns that were required were as a result of plane midair collisions. Jeremy Randle from NSW pylon also did a good job keeping the workers on the job and rotated at the end of every round. This ensured that the timing and cut judges only had to work every second round and did not become overworked. Jeremy also had the ability to replace workers with spares if the need arose, this was a great situation to be in as far as workers were concerned. I think that Glenn Matthews & Kevin Callow deserve a special mention for the timing system which worked almost faultlessly. This is a great achievement for them as you will all know the problems that can beset any timing system.

Photo courtesy S Mees

“Australian Team & Supporters”

To all those who chose to participate in the FAI F3D 2011 World Championships & make them work so well “Congratulations” on an excellent job, you have all done the MAAA & AMPRA very proud Thank You Chris Watt President AMPRA F3D WC PR Page 7

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An e-mail from Joe Luxford to all the helpers at the Bundaberg F3D world champs, was received a few days ago. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for all your help with the F3D World Championships at Bundaberg. All the competitors and the judges have said that it was one of the best world championships for a long time and a key reason was all the experienced and competent officials at the event. Everyone I spoke to has said what a great time they had - and when are we going to do it again! We may do it again if the opportunity arose and we could get sufficient help again. To that end, I am working on a review of the event so that we can pass on what we learnt to Rob Metkemeijer who is organising the next WC in Holland in 2013. I would appreciate any comments on what went well and what we can improve on etc. Thanks again, Joe

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You don’t need a high powered glider to compete in F5J


F5J is the new international thermal competition for electric gliders. The aim is to fly for 10 minutes starting at the lowest height possible, but you have 30 seconds to climb to height. You can even fly this event with a Radian! If you have an electric glider that thermals well, join in the new event!

F5J at Picton on 2 October - NSW long weekend

Jointly organised by Macquarie Model Soaring Club and the Australian Electric Flight Association Data logging devices are required for this event - they will be supplied by the AEFA Bring along your glider, add a device between your ESC and the receiver and you are in the event • Location: Abbotsford Road, Picton • Start time: 9:00am • Toilets available • MAAA membership essential Information:

Rob Watson (02) 9872 4192 Peter Pine (02) 6676 1437

• GPS coordinates -34.15429, 150.597324 • Entry fee $10 • Bring your own food, drink & shade • Join in the first trial of F5J


JETS STOLEN I’ve recently had my workshop broken into, two of my large Jets where stolen plus radio gear. 1 x Century Jets F-18 Twin. 1 x Jet Mart A-6 Intruder Twin. Both are twin turbines, with Jet Munt 36’s, both with full retracts,these are show quality, full detailed aircraft, both run PCM10’s modified.. please pass the word. Please contact Andrew on 0407-448-414

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Saturday 17 Sunday 18 September 2011 at the TAA Westbrook Field * Pilots to be have Gold Wings or Gold Wing standard (MAAA- MOP019 definitions) * All entries must be a scaled version of real aircraft * Competition fee $5.00 per aircraft * Gate entry - pilots free, everyone else $2.00 *All proceeds go to the Cancer Council (Children’s Section)

Entry Classes


* Warbirds

* Top Gun Trophy

* Civilian

* Pilot’s Choice

* Jet/Ducted Fan * Helicopters Events and Classes Registration Forms available from Dan Norton - Pre-registrations are not required to pre-pay. Please pay on the day at the TAA field Model Engines Australia 03 8793 5555

Wattsuprc DL Engines Australia Balsa Central 08 8276 4482 08 9701 9424 07 3345 9343

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An art of making scale pilots What do you get when you cross an RC modeller with interests in engineering and technology with an arty, crafty, doll maker? Well it could be a complete disaster but luckily this is a match made in heaven. We’ve both always made things and for nearly three decades Richard has been building and flying planes while I turned my hand to various other interests including sewing, polymer clay sculpting, doll making and recently painting. Over the years I’ve had countless requests to make pilots for his various planes and have been presented with a variety of latex or moulded bits and pieces to assemble or paint but they didn’t inspire me to do anything with them. When I started the polymer clay sculpting I produced a few caricature style heads and then tried my hand at more serious look-a-like pieces. I eventually managed a couple of reasonable efforts but it was extremely time consuming and fiddly especially in the small scale requested.

Over the years the planes became bigger and more scale and then when Richard went electric I became interested enough to learn to fly. No noise, smell, oil slick or fingers in props! Then a few years ago Richard built a small CNC (computer numerical cutter) router for cutting plans. That soon developed into bigger and better machines for cutting large plugs, panels with rivets and the necessary learning of mould making techniques began. But the age old question of “where do I get a proper, full bodied, light weight pilot for my …..?” still remained and with the need for a good pilot for the cockpit of the current project—a fully moulded, composite, quarter scale, CAC Boomerang, we put our heads, and our skills together. The process has developed and refined over a couple of years and we’re still learning, but basically it starts with a photo, preferably a clear front and profile view, of the person to be modelled. With the old aviators this is often not possible and we have to make do with what we can find. Using three separate computer programs, a 3D head mesh is created then pulled, pushed, poked and manipulated until the features resemble those in the photo. Hair and moustaches are added with 3D virtual clay modelling and if a cap and goggles are to be moulded onto the head, they are created in another 3D drawing program. Once the likeness is achieved the head can be scaled to any size for cutting. A toolpath is then created which tells the CNC machine how to cut it. Richard added a 4th axis to the CNC for 360 degree rotary cutting of the heads, hands and boots. The first faces we tried were cut as 3D reliefs in MDF and later we went to plaster and now all the body bits are cut from machinable wax which is cooked up on the kitchen stove. We also used to make them with a breast plate, but by just cutting the head and neck it allows for the head to be turned from side to side, or tilted up and down slightly for different poses. The wax is soft enough to carve with a knife so the heads can be tidied or finely detailed with hand tools and smoothed and polished with fine steel wool. It can all be recycled, back into the pot and melted down to go again as well. Once the head has been tidied and smoothed a silicon rubber mould is made. The final head is then slush cast inside the mould from light-weight polyurethane resin. We now have something that is ready to paint.

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The bodies are based on a 6’ tall, thin male—not a bulky GI Joe. We wanted the bodies to be as light as possible and probably WW1 and WWII pilots wouldn’t have been large, heavy or muscular men. Once again a 3D modelling program is used to create the body in its correct proportions. The body itself is made from a light-weight foam with an internal aluminium wire running from the neck, down the spine and through the limbs making it fully poseable and free standing. Currently we’ve made 1/5, 1/4, and 1/3 scales with plans for 1/6 and 40% in the future. The height can be shortened slightly if you want by trimming a little from the ends of the arms and legs. The head, hands, gloves and boots are hollow cast so they just fit over the neck and ends of the limbs. This makes it possible to easily change a head or hand grip or style of boots and gloves. Because the bodies are properly proportioned and have good shape (plenty of women have remarked on – and squeezed - the shapely “buns” of the pilots!) the clothing fits and sits nicely and naturally, not like a sack stuffed with cotton wool. Making the uniforms has turned out to be a really interesting and fun part of pilot making for me. A lot of time is spent researching the correct uniform for the nationality, theatre of operation or era of the pilot. Choosing the correct weight of fabric is also very important for the scale to look right. Some people have remarked that real clothing looks oversized and bulky and I agree that it often does in the smaller scales like one sixth. However, with the larger scales, if appropriate fabrics with small weaves are used it looks realistic. Accessories like buckles are cut on the cnc and tiny emblems and badges such as Air Force Wings for shirts and jackets are cut then moulds and thin castings made which are painted and glued on. The patterns for the uniforms are designed to fit the bodies and can take several prototypes to get really right as there is nothing available commercially. It’s just a matter of referring to the old photos and making it look right. We even have three different styles of Mae Wests—RAF, US Navy B-1 and USAAF B-3. For the smaller 1/6 scale I don’t intend to make clothing for that as there is a range of extremely cheap clothing in 1/6 size made in China which can’t be competed with on price. Those clothing pieces would fit our 1/6, light, foam bodies. Almost a year ago I started a thread on an online forum and over those months the interest has grown with lots of great feedback and also requests! We had to get organised and decide how we were going to manage it since we have full time jobs. The sewing and painting is a very time consuming part so to make it affordable for as many modellers as possible we decided to offer the pilots as unpainted bits and pieces and the clothing patterns in PDF format which can be printed out with instructions on how to make them. Most modellers would know someone who can sew or worst case could ask a professional dress maker or even doll maker. I am planning on doing video instructions on Youtube to make it even easier for people to make their own. We thought it would also be a great way to get the “other halves” involved in the hobby too as it’s a common remark “I wish I could get my partner/ wife interested”. Don’t just ask her to make you a pilot, buy her a doll kit!

The painting is done with a combination of airbrush and a very fine bristle brush for the eye

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and mouth detail using acrylic paints. They are finally sealed with a tough matte sealer to protect the paint from scratching. If there’s enough interest I can also do tutorials on how I paint to help modellers out. We’ve done special requests like making the limbs extremely free moving to move with working rudder pedals and joy stick by replacing the wire with cord. Another special project we’re doing is for someone in the US who is building a B-17 bomber in honour of his father who captained the plane and is still alive and well today at 87. We’ve made the head of his dad in 1/8th scale to fit onto the moulded 1/8 bomber pilot body from “Best Pilots”. We’ve also cut the head in 1/4 scale and turned him into a US fighter pilot complete with leather jacket and crusher cap much to their delight. It’s the real life stories that connect you with these people that bring a whole extra dimension to the doll/pilot making. There’s also the history of the many famous pilots and their achievements that is so interesting when you start researching them. From all these developments there is now a website and we will continue to develop accessories like parachute harnesses and goggles and add heads and other nationalities. Feel free to contact us at

PHOTOS ON THE LEFT FROM THE TOP: The process from photo to finish: curtiss-2b – the original photo Glenn Curtiss 004 – painted, dressed and posed holding the wheel Vt57290 – in the Hudson Flyer taking to the air

Page 15

. *Big Doug is the WW1 American Ace Douglas Campbell made in 1/3 scale. *Group pilots – left to right, all in 1/4 scale: Gregory “Pappy” Boyington WW2 corsair Pacific pilot, “Stew” the US B-17 pilot who is still alive today, (seated) Tom King an Australian Boomerang pilot dressed in RAF uniform as Spitfire pilot, Glenn Curtiss the early aviation designer and Eric Cooke the Australian CO of 4 Squadron flying Boomerangs in north Qld and New Guinea. *Stew painted is the US B-17 guy again ** b&w photo - Spitfires at Oakey after the war

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VALE WARREN SHURMER 10/3/1940- 28/6/2010 (AUS 560) Another of our earlier modelers has passed on to the big flying field above. Warren started modeling at an early age and competed over many years at numerous Nationals concentrating mainly on Team Racing, Speed and Scale. First of his many successes over nearly 5 decades of competitions was a win in Class 3 Team Speed at the 10th Nationals held at Traralgon in 56/57 using a K&B 35. Over the following years Warren also flew in a number of Trans Tasman events and was well known and respected in New Zealand for his achievements and flying ability. He moved to Queensland in the early 80’s joining the Stardusters Club and from there to ALC Club where he and his team mate partner were nearly invincible for a number of years particularly in Class 2 events. In 1996 he joined the newly re-formed Ipswich Club (CLASI) and remained a very enthusiastic club member always willing and ready to assist anyone in any way he could with his vast knowledge and experience. He returned to Sydney in mid 2000 and continued to fly and build many models, though his attention turned more to Scale after he admitted he could no longer fly the fast team race models. He remained fairly active and was still building till his untimely departure after suffering a stroke and heart attack. To his family and friends we offer our sincere condolences.

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QE46 & E-F1 Combined on the short course, Q40/F400, F3D, Q500 & the new F3R!! 5 Rounds per class‌

(F400 & Q40 will run within the same Rounds) (Q500 & F3R will run in alternating Rounds) (QE46 & E-F1 will run in alternating Rounds)

Weekend Schedule September 10th & 11th 2011 Friday: Field will be open for practice as usual Saturday: Field closed at 8am Pilots Briefing 8:15am 8:30am Start QE46 & E-F1 for 5 Rounds followed by Q40/F400for 5 Rounds Sunday:

Field closed at 8am Pilots Briefing 8:15am 8:30am Start F3D for 5 Rounds followed by Q500/F3R for 5 Rounds


The Dalby club has a $10 per day fee for each day you fly‌ Please be prepared for this and cough up!!! :) If you have a plane that fits the E-F1 Rules by all means bring them along and have some FUN!!! If you are also setup with an F3R Q500 then this will be a great opportunity to give them a go!!!


Bruce deChastel Contest Director Email: Steve Taylor QMARA President Email:

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Toowoomba’s Tyler Mees has zoomed into the top bracket of international model aircraft pilots with a stunning performance at this years F3D FAI world championships. Tyler 17, leapt from a promising Australian Junior to be the fourth best pylon racer in the world against all comers at last weeks championships in Bundaberg. Tyler was part of a four person team who won the team event and claimed the individual championship titles with victory going to Chris Callow of the sunshine coast. It is the fourth time Chris has taken the title of world number one. Tyler won his place on the Australian team with a second placing at this years national open championship held at Grafton but his Bundaberg result exceeded his expectations. His fourth placing saw Tyler finish the highest placed Junior at the competition. “to finish fourth in the world was something I was not expecting and I am extremely happy with the result”. Tyler was partnered by his father Warren ( both Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association members) at the titles where he met 46 rivals from 18 countries including Japan, Netherlands, USA and France. Tyler also gained a milestone with a personal best of 59.2 seconds for the 10 laps. Tyler will go onto to defend his Queensland title next month while looking ahead to the next world championships in the netherlands in 2013. The photo below: Tyler is with the 13 year junior from Guatemala.

Photos taken at world Champs Bundaberg August 2011

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A new art- Plonking ! These avid flyers and partners enjoying the art of having a wine while relaxing after a day of flying at the recent SAM championships held at the Gratton Field. Dave Paton, Karen Paton, Warren Hathaway and Paul Nightingale planking in the background.

great bunch of flyers who braved the weather at Gratton Field

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MODEL AERONAUTICAL ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA INC. NO. 03/2011 President: Mike Close, PO Box 146, West Pennant Hills NSW 2125 Telephone: 02 9872 6469 Fax: 02 9871 0408 Vice President: Paul Winter 25 Jasmine Drive Mill Park VIC 3082 Telephone: 03 9436 0717 Secretary: Kevin Dodd, 16 Illidge Rd Victoria Point QLD 4165 Telephone: 07 3207 9067 Fax: 07 3207 8175 Treasurer: Brian Dowie, PO Box 5137 Cheltenham East VIC 3192 Comp. Rules Ross Cant, PO Box 670 Mount Lawley WA 6929 Secretary: Telephone 0404 634 366 MAAA Internet: Manual of Procedures The Manual of Procedures is a “live” document and is continually being updated. Please check the MAAA web site from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the latest editions of the documents. The MAAA has recently released the following new and amended documents in the Manual of Procedures: MOP011 – Allocation of MAAA Funds Policy and Procedure. Amended to include and highlight restrictions which may be imposed by Municipal Councils and/or relevant authorities. Such restrictions will potentially impact land purchase considerations. MOP024 International Teams procedure. Amended to alter the $ amount for the entry fee from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 as approved by the 2011 MAAA Council. MOP025 Pulse Jet Rules. The Pulse Jet Rules 3.2.1 has additional wording to clarify the difference between operations at organised events and general flying. MOP028 Disciplining of Affiliate Members. Additional clauses now added to remove any possible ambiguity in the current MOP. This was a consequence of discussion with MAS NSW Council Delegates. MOP058 2.4GHz Equipment. Acceptance of JR DMSS technology. Additional amendments provide guidance on antenna orientation. MOP063 Dogs at Flying Fields Policy. This policy was produced in response to safety concerns at flying fields involving unrestrained dogs. MAAA Insurance Excess The excess on any one Public Liability claim is $5,000 but this is normally subsidised by the MAAA. In the past members have only been required to pay the first $250 of any claim resulting from a model aircraft or rocketry incident. In reviewing the current excess at the 2011 Council Conference, delegates agreed that this did not match present day expectations nor provide sufficient deterrent, and an increase to $500.00 was accepted. It was also reiterated that Clubs have the ability to contribute to the excess in consideration of individual circumstances, for example juniors. They should also consider indemnifying their Club Flight Instructors against the excess if they have an accident with a student’s aircraft. Without this, an Instructor might have reservations in taking over control to try to save a crashing aircraft. MAAA Just Culture One of the key elements of any safety management system is the culture which exists around the system. This includes what action is taken against anyone who fails to comply with the requirements, as well as those who report their own, or others safety violations. Without this feedback, systemic and other problems may not be identified before they have lead to a major incident which could have been avoided if they had been addressed earlier. We all are aware that it is difficult to get people to

Page 22

report on issues and then when they do, the question arises - what do you do with a report if the person involved has breached a rule or conducted an unlawful act? How do you be fair and just without shutting down your reporting culture? In the field of aviation safety oversight, there is a discipline called ‘Just Culture’. A just culture is the set of values, beliefs and systems that creates an environment where individuals are generally not punished for human error (mistakes), but rather in cases of a wilful violation. The MAAA is committed to a ‘Just Culture’ as currently used in airspace regulation and enforcement throughout the world, including by CASA. It is however, worth pointing out that in adopting a ‘Just Culture’, that does not mean that other organisations including CASA, Insurance Companies or the Courts will reach exactly the same conclusion as the MAAA would do internally, or form the identical balanced judgements as a result of any specific occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page is now broken up into three sections, one for general questions the second relating to questions and answers regarding 2.4GHz equipment and the third dealing with Insurance. The intention of the FAQ page is to provide members and prospective members with easy access to typical, everyday information, which may or may not be contained within the MOPs.

Flying Instructor Conference

It was agreed at the Council Conference that the Senior Flying Instructors from each State Association should hold a one-off Conference. This will allow the Flight Training Subcommittee to deal with current items before them and look at new ideas in order to provide a guide to future flight training for MAAA. The Conference has been arranged for 22-23 October 2011 in the Hinkler Conference Centre, within The Quality Hotel Airport International, 528 Kingsford Smith Drive Hamilton QLD 4007 It is scheduled for the Conference to commence at 9:00am Saturday and conclude at 4:30pm on Sunday.

65th MAAA Nationals

Aeromodellers of Western Australia (AWA) will be hosting the 65th Nationals in Perth from 12 -20 April 2012. The Central point for the Nationals will be the Whiteman Park Flying Field Complex with a number of other events being run at several other locations to the south and north of Perth.

Pylon models from the Netherlands at the world champs at Bundaberg August 2011

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Australian War Memorial - Big Things In Store

For just five hours each year the Australian War Memorial opens the doors of its Technology Centre. This is where the Memorial stores and restores planes, vehicles and equipment used by Australians in over a century of conflict. Big Things In Store is massive and a rare chance to explore, discover and wander among row after row of vehicles, tanks, trucks, guns and other very big things. See for an overview of what’s involved. This year’s highlights include a Sabre Jet Fighter from the Cold War era and a Hudson Lockheed Bomber, currently being restored and ranked among Australia’s most complex aviation rebuilds. ‘Big Things In Store’ is a great day out for family and friends and this year there is a special kids program. Big Things In Store Treloar Conservation and Storage Annex Callan Street Mitchell ACT Sunday 18 September 2011 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Entry by gold coin donation. Barbeque lunch and refreshments available for purchase. No large bags, tripods or monopods. Closed flat footwear is recommended.

2012 F4C Scale World Championships

The Chairman of the Scale Subcommittee has advised of team trials for the 2012 F4C World Championships to be held in Spain. The event will be run at the Valley Radio Flyers field at Shepparton on 19 September by VFSAA. The cut-off date for entries will be Friday 2 September. There will be a $150.00 non refundable entry fee. Contact details: Keith Schneider 2012 F5B Electric World Championships – Romania The 2012 F5B Team selection trial will held at the Picton field on Oct 22-23 2011. The event will be run by Richard Solomon. Richard has requested that those who intend to fly at the trial notify him no less than 1 month before the event so he can organise any facilities that may be required (02 4683 1426). No entry fee is required.

2012 F1D Indoor Free Flight World Championships – Serbia

The VFFS in conjunction with the MAAA Free Flight Subcommittee now propose to run a single team selection trial for F1D as indicated. Due to time constraints the previous proposed team trial had to be abandoned. The event will be held in conjunction with the Victorian State Indoor championships. New date and times provided for a single event to determine team places are: Place: Manningham D.I.S.C. Springvale Rd., Donvale, Victoria. Date: 18 December 2011 Time: 12.30-4.30pm. 2012 F2 Control Line World Championships Team Trials Multi team trials for F2A, C and D will be held in five States from March to October 2011. Remaining Events for Team Trials. F2A and F2C. 1, 2 and 3 October (long weekend) at Twin Cities, Albury. RECALL NOTICE CASTLE CREATIONS SPEED CONTROLLERS ICE HV SERIES For those electric flyers out there who own castle creations esc’s particularly the ICE HV series speed controllers operating on 12 cells used in helicopters and aircraft .There has been evidence of fires being caused from these units and a warning has been issues to cease all further operation of these units.This matter has been passed onto the electric flight sub committee for further investigation.Please consult the castle creations support service web site for further information. Page 24

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Our online store is now open R


Open 7 days. Shop 2/152 Siganto Drive Helensvale. Ph 07 5665 6700.

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To all fellow flyers, DMAC is hosting a charity day for a local organization. The event is to be held on October 22 starting at 9.00 am. So if anybody in your club has a large interesting model and loves flying for a crowd please let us know. For more information contact Rod Williams (Sec ) on 0428763649. Page 26

Anthony’s Pete-N-Planes Pty Ltd “For all your online R/C RC Hobby needs”   Fiberglass Cloth a Speciality

Old Fashioned Services and prices 0439775051

Fibreglass Cloth 3/4oz, ½ oz and 6oz Williams Bros range of fine scale kits and products. Robart Master Instruments Battery Packs Flycamone2 Miniature R/C Video Cameras and accessories Dubro, Great planes, kits, tools and parts, Thunder tiger, Super Tigre, O.S, Top Flite

Contact us for all your Hobby needs.



Saturday 11 Sunday 19th

12 noon 8am-1pm


Saturday 3rd th Saturday 10

3pm-6pm 7am-12pm 12 -1.30pm 2pm – 5pm 8am - 1pm




Sunday 11 Saturday 24th Sunday 25th nd Monday 2 – Sunday 8th Saturday 21st Sunday 22nd Sunday 6th Sunday 20th

7am-2pm 7am-2pm 8am-11am 8-10am 10am-1pm


Saturday 2nd th Sunday 10 th Sunday 24

3-6pm 8am - 1pm 8 am - 1pm


Saturday 7th th Sunday 15

3pm- 6pm 8am – 1pm

Saturday 21st Sunday 29th th Saturday 4 Sunday 19th Saturday 1st Sunday 9th nd Saturday 22


Sunday 23rd Saturday 6th th Sunday 14

12 noon 8am – 1pm 3pm-6pm 8am – 1pm 3pm-6pm 8am – 1pm 7-10am 10am–1pm 7am - noon 3pm – 6pm 8am – 1pm


Sunday 21st Saturday 3rd th Sunday 11

8am 3pm-6pm 8am – 1pm


12 noon


Club general meeting plus “show and tell” Dale’s Fun and Friend’s Club day (No contests , limited RC) Indoor (practice and trimming) F1C State Champs (5 Rounds) LUNCH Open Power (3 Rounds) F1J State Champs (5 rounds) DALBY COMBINED DISCIPLINES NOSTALGIC FUN FLY (All categories + Indoor) Southern Cross and AFFS Champs

John’s Place COOMINYA

F1A State Champs (7 rounds) F1B State Champs (7 rounds) P30 State Champs Scale HLG and CLG State Champs (best 3 of 6 flights –each) Indoor (Hanger Rat (S/C), Hanger Rat F1G State Champs (5rounds) 2 Minute Class models – “All In” Club Contest (5 flights) Indoor (HLG (S/C) and 6” HLG) 1/2A Power (Queensland rules - 5 flights) A1 Sailplane(Queensland rules - 5 flights) AGM plus “show and tell” Dale’s Fun and Friends day(no contests, Lim RC) Indoor (Frog Event) QDP and F1G (Club Events) (3 flights each) Indoor (Peanut (S/C) and No Doc Scale F1H State Champs (5rounds) LSq/100 (3 flights) Open Rubber State Champs No Frills Wakefield (5 flights) Indoor (F1L/ Mini Stick, P18) Col Somers Vintage rally, Power Ratio Sport event (3 flights) Vic Smeed Day & KKK (Reserve day) Indoor (Delta Dart ) Frog Precision, Combined % (Reserve day) (3 flights) Xmas party and prize presentation





CONTACTS: * John Lewis 3848 4280 * Malcolm Campbell 3263 9339 * Albert Fathers 0755 343490 We are always in need of CDs! Volunteers welcome!

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CONTROL LINE INTERCLUB COMPETITION Some Interclub Team race competition has resumed with visitors coming to CLASI field last week (21/8) for the resumption of Interclub competition with events in Slow Goodyear, Z Class and possibly Mouse on a regular basis at rotating venues according to a calendar. This follows on a recent visit to the T/Bird field by some CLASI members that participated in their club Slo G/Year event and gave some tips on the finer points of T/R. Unfortunately only two teams from T/Birds showed up at CLASI, although others had stated they would attend. This left just three teams to compete and presented some timekeeping problems as well. However under the watchful eye of CD John Taylor racing proceeded with following results. Z Class McDermott/McDermott won the heat in a time of 4.22.60, followed by Edgerton/ Felschow 5.17.24 and Jackson/Tonkin with 155 laps Nats Slow G/Year (27/10 illutrated the difference in models and pitting techniques with Mcdermott/McDermott again coming out on top with a heat of 5.27.85 and a final of 12.13.02 Timing problems were encountered and the finishing order was Edgerton/Felschow 200 laps and Jackson/Tonkin 143 laps. In spite of a lack of competitors racing was keenly contested and all are looking forward to the next round at T/Birds. Come on guys, trot out the models.

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2011 EVENTS CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 10-11 QMARA DALBY PYLON CHAMPS AT DMAC (DALBY) FLYER IN THIS ISSUE 18 life members day saambr 17-18 fun scale rally T.a.a. contact dan norton 0418 982100 17-18 Control line weekend at maryborough flyer in this issue 24-25 SCAF WARBIRDS AT TARMAC (TOOWOOMBA) CONTACT GRANT HICKS 0746877994 OCTOBER 16 club challenge fun fly comp saambr 22-23 SCAF WARBIRDS AT MARYBOROUGH CONTACT NEIL BROCKLeY on 07 41215959 22 electric fun fly day at wacol (hellcats) flyer in this edition


WAMINDA CHARITY MODEL AIRSHOW AT DMAC (DALBY) ( FLYER IN Southern THIS ISSUE Cross Air Force - 30th April and 1st May, 2011


Tin Can Bay Airfield

Wow, What a week-end!


Our appreciation goes to all the members and friends of the Tin Can Bay Club who certainly SCAF WARBIRDS ATweek-end. PINE RIVERS (SAAMBR) know how to put on a good Their large camping area catered for the 32 caravans CONTACT COL PARRY 07 38883848 and tents. We look forward to coming back again next year.

say this week-end attracted the largest of aircraft seen at any SCAF Check We outhave the toNew Zealanders web site acrossnumber the ditch for an insight into meet what they have been to. ofVisit with aup count 94 aircraft on the Sunday morning. Registrations showed 42 SCAF pilots and 14 local or visiting pilots attended the meet.

Although there was a strong easterly wind on the Friday and Saturday, the weather was almost 2012 EVENTS perfect on the Sunday.

MARCH to see all categories DISCIPLINES of WW1 and WW2NOSTALGIC aircraft represented. included extra 24-25 It was pleasing DALBY COMBINED FUNThis FLY CONTROL LINE,FREEFLIGHT & INDOOR large, large, medium and small fixed wing aircraft,OLD as wellTIMER as some helicopters. We knowAT theDALBY spectatorsDMAC enjoyed their time at the field. The highlights over the week-end go to David Garle with the display of a large Sea Fury, Paul Gordon-Brander with the display of the B25 Mitchell and Chris Venter with the display of the Aermacchi MB-339A jet.

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World / Continental Championships and Trans Tasman Events Calendar

EVENT Awarded to: F3B China – Lake Xueye, Laiwu Dates: 21 – 29 September F3C Italy - Cascina Bianca, Calcinatello Dates: 18 – 28 August F3D Australia – Bundaberg Dates: 12-14 August


EVENT Awarded to F2A, F2B, F2C, F2D Bulgaria – Primorsko Dates: August/September F3J South Africa – Rustenburg Dates: 29 July – 5 August F4C Spain – Santa Cilia Airfield Dates: 3 – 12 August F5B, F5D Romania – Buzau Dates: 7 – 15 September Space Models Slovakia – Liptovsky Mikulas Dates: 31 August 9 September F3A Asia – Oceanic Philippines – Bacolod City Dates: 6 – 12 May F3C Asia – Oceanic Offers Invited F1 Trans Tasman Location TBA Dates: Easter


EVENT Awarded to F1 A,B & C France – Dates: 3 – 10 August F3A South Africa – Dates: 15 – 25 August F3B Germany – Dates: 1 – 11 August F3C/N Poland – Dates: TBA F3D Netherlands – Dates: TBA F3K Offers Invited

SCAF Calendar of Events All pilots (members or non-members) with warbird aircraft are welcome to attend. Bundaberg - 11th and 12th June, 2011. Page Camping/caravan facilities are available at 31 the airfield. Logan – 10th July, 2011.

Wolf Models

07 54657897

LASER CUTTING PLAN SCANNING & PRINTING Wolf Models now has a wide format plan printing and scanning service available. All plans are sent rolled, not folded, in a mailing tube. Up to 36” or 914mm wide by whatever length needed, as it is a roll printer. Our laser is now up and running for cutting short kits or ribs for your new project. Very reasonable prices with a quick turnaround time. We can either work with your CAD files, or email me your PDF or TIFF images and we will convert them in Autocad for the laser to use, and also print off a copy for building from. If you only have paper plans then send them to us and we will scan into our system. Your plans will be returned undamaged and we can print a new set if you need them. Our laser has a 1300 x 1200 bed with pass through capabilities, so the maximum length we can cut is 2300mm. Big models. Check our website regularly for an update of plans we have in stock. Call us now for an approximate price, or send your plans for an exact quote.

“ We will be closed for business from the 11th of Sept to the 25th Sept. “

M.A.A.Q. Executive and Office Bearers President: Robin Klau Vice Pres: Craig McKenzie

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Secretary:Brian McWilliam

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Treasurer: Barry McDonald

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P.R.O. Officer: Doug Moody

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R/C Admin/SFI Southern & CFI Aust/Education : Michael Snabaitis.

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Airflow Editor: Doug Moody.

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C/L Admin: Lindsay Price

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Airflow Magazine - September, 2011  

September, 2011 issue of Airflow Magazine

Airflow Magazine - September, 2011  

September, 2011 issue of Airflow Magazine

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