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Juniors at their best- Alex Davy (on the left) and Tyler Mees with their pylon models at Dalby recently. IN THIS ISSUE: 2011 CALENDAR OF EVENTS, F3D WORLD CHAMPS, VALE BART CARNEY, SCAF HISTORY & AT TINCAN BAY.

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The New Fury 55 and Furion 6

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Almost half the year has gone and it will soon be time again for the MAAQ Annual General Meeting in August. As per the rules, all positions are declared vacant at that time and any member can stand for a position in the committee. I might add that all current committee members will be re-standing for their positions with the exception of John Taylor as he is retiring. Recently the senior executive of the MAAQ attended the MAAA Annual conference in Canberra . A brief will be sent out in the next bulletin in June of the outcomes of this conference. On a sad note the passing of one of the older free flight modellers Bart Carney recently on the 14th of May. A tribute to Bart is in this edition. With the world pylon champs just around the corner in August being held at Bundaberg, the event organizers are still looking for helpers for this fantastic event, the invitation to be involved form has been reprinted for those wishing to help out. The juniors are also vying for a place and are competing for one position in the team ( to fly at the world champs) in Grafton in the coming weeks leading up to the world champs in August. Best of luck to those 3 young guysTyler Mees, Alex Davy and Nathan Nichols. I hope they do well at Grafton. Some more history has been unearthed from a member which has been reprinted on the following page, that may be of some interest to the readers . Am sure there are plenty of other pieces of modelling history out there, and look forward to hearing from you the reader, that may be able to contribute any history of aeromodelling . Happy hunting for that old material. Doug

You can check us out online or email us at Distributors Welcome Mention this ad at checkout and receive your free gift

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Don’t forget, space is available in the newsletter free to members for use in wanting to buy, sell or swap. Email the editor for further information.

Details of earlier days at Hickeys Paddock I was given your email address by the Gorillas football club member Peter Butler, whom I used to work with. My Dad was Bob Anderson, who also flew models at Hickey's paddock in the early days. Dad lived close by in Swinburn St, Lutwyche from about 1935 to 1955. Dad was an only child and the third bedroom of the house was his workshop. Until the late 70s the walls were decorated with hanging models. I still have at least one of Dad's original RC planes (Rudder Bug?). I've just got off the phone to another one of the original model flying group. His name is Ray Parrinder (07 3372 5915). I've also passed on your contact details to him. Ray has movie footage of flying at Hickey's paddock featuring my Dad and others. I believe it was shot in the late 40s or 50s. I haven't yet scored an electronic copy from Ray, but I remember seeing it at a reunion held in (possibly) the 1970's. The original film is a rareish 9mm format. I have several photos, but Ray reckons they aren't Hickey's, and are possibly Wacol. I also have the original letter from the relevant authority (PMG?) granting Dad permission to conduct "experiments" with RC model aircraft. Regards Ken Anderson


64TH AUSTRALIAN NATIONALS HELD AT DALBY QUEENSLAND Model flying with a difference - 31 December to 7 January 2011 by Malcolm Campbell I was asked to write about free flight “Down Under” so I thought running a major event in the recent floods in Queensland would be something unusual for UK readers. Although the freezing rain and snow you’ve been having since Christmas is something we wouldn’t want to contend with. This is a report with very little description of flying. So I hope I hold your interest. The Australian Nationals is a combined R/C, C/L and F/F week long event held by various States of Australia on a rotational basis. 2010/2011 was Queensland’s turn, and the country town of Dalby, 3 hours west of Brisbane was chosen because of their excellent radio club and nearby facilities that suited the other disciplines well. Our club, the Brisbane Free Flight Society, fly our FAI events on paddocks adjoining the radio club and these have been ideal for free flight.

The Dalby MAC on a typical evening

Planning a Nationals event takes a year and everything was falling into place. Now Brisbane is in the sub tropics, and our state of Queensland is affected my monsoonal rains, but the months of December and January aren’t always super wet, but we were about to get caught out. Our dams were down to 17% combined capacity a few years ago and many Brisbane people installed tanks to catch roof water for gardens and clothes washing. Things looked grim in a drought stricken State and a desalination plant was hastily built off the Gold Coast. Recycled water became a political topic and in true Queensland fashion was installed regardless. But the weather pattern changed. In late 2010, La Nina came back, and we started to get realistic rainfalls again, and the dams started to fill. In fact the main dam would fill to 190% capacity by the second week of January 2011. It would overflow at 225% if it wasn’t drained. Extraordinarily heavy rains lashed north Queensland, causing major flooding and this was repeated on the central coast at Rockhampton and further south in Bundaberg. These were called “once in a 100 year” floods, but these were soon renamed “the worst floods in recorded history”. Inland falls were also breaking records and the State was becoming waterlogged. 75% of Queensland became flooded. So what does all this have to do with a model plane competition in Dalby? The rain depression moved south and many southern towns started to flood. Dalby is dissected by the Myall Creek, a passive little thing that soon filled to overflowing and spilt out into the town. The town of Dalby is built on a flat plain, so the waters spread far and wide, flooding the flying fields. The Nationals looked like they would be cancelled. And then there was a break in the weather. And the flat land drained slowly. Flyers made it from Rockhampton, Mundubbera, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. But only a few made it across the border from New South Wales and Victoria, which drastically cut numbers. The way into Dalby was from Toowoomba on the Thursday, but the media frightened everyone away. Locals knew the ways. The MAAQ website data and photos, and text messages they sent to competitors gave them the latest Dalby news. We only had to wait 24 hours to get into our accommodation. And our unit had a foot of water in it the day before. In 24 hours, the flood height had receded by about 2 - 3 metres, with no further rain expected for the week. The afternoon we arrived, we even went out to the substitute field to examine it and some flew on it. We were pleasantly surprised. It’s not often that a fall back field is so good.

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The substitute field at the Dalby Cotton Gin exceeded our expectations - high and dry!

Our prime field covered in water and the road in was impassable. And it was all soft, gooey black soil. Luckily the planning committee had identified a backup field! So we started a day late, using the alternate field that was high and dry. The bonus was it allowed very easy motorised retrieves for those who chose to. Downwind paddocks weren't hard to negotiate but there were wet patches best avoided without gumboots or old shoes. And there was a couple of large dams.

The massive portable lighting system turned night into day

On New Year’s Eve, the Dalby MAC put on some great entertainment at their field, with giant 3D models performing their impossible aerobatics, little ducted fans and fast high wing aircraft chasing each other around the sky, and colourfully lit helicopters doing what helicopters aren’t supposed to do. An awesome display of combat skills was given by Australian Junior Champion Tom Linwood as he hurled his wing around at incredible speed performing the tightest aerobatics I’ve ever seen. It was humbling to see he wasn’t even looking at his model a lot of the time! All this was made possible by a lighting system second only to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, or so it seemed. The ladies of the club put on one of their delightfully nourishing two course meals which we ate out on tables under the stars. A fantastic night that would have made their club proud.

One day was held up for 3 hours, but we enjoyed the low level flying display

Early morning entertainment It was sunny every day and we experienced a few light showers on F1G day and heavier rain on the last night. We managed to fly all bar the last day’s competition. We had blue skies for 90% of the Nats, and manageable and mostly light winds. Some days were glorious. F1B had shortened maxes for the first 5 rounds, although the fly off was in perfect conditions. F1G had the worst of the wind to contend with. We wisely choose to cancel the final day, after the 5.30 am drizzle affected LSq/100 fly off, and head for home, as a broad band of light rain returned. We quickly left the field and repacked the car as the rain intensified.

The way home was tricky, and dangerous

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The trip home was quite dramatic by contrast to our easy arrival, as the rain seemed heavier the closer we got to Toowoomba. We received an in car phone call to tell us that Dalby was again bathed in sunshine by 10 am. Short lived optimism. The next day, our accommodation was once again flooded, and this happened a further 3 times in January. Country people are so resilient.

This was our view of Murphy’s Creek when we forded it.

Of course, it didn’t end there for south east Queensland. It hadn’t even started. We couldn’t descend the Toowoomba range on the way home as the full 4 lanes were blocked by a mud slide. We were forced to detour through Murphy’s Creek, where floodwaters raged and we only just got through. We then drove back along the Brisbane Valley, near Grantham and country town names that would soon be ravaged by massive water flows. Four days later, Toowoomba had a massive rainfall; pushing cars like ping pong balls. Murphy’s Creek and Grantham were literally washed away, and then an extraordinary rainfall event combined with massive releases from Wivenhoe Dam pushed a wall of water into Brisbane, for a flood of epic proportions.

But back to Dalby and the organisers. Congratulations must go to the committee for running a successful Nationals under exceptionally gruelling conditions. Certainly, it was down on numbers, but the obvious planning, facilities and services offered to flyers at each field were extraordinary. I am sure that all those who attended will leave Dalby with fond memories. Our substitute field was great, the New Year's Eve flying spectacular and the hot food was sensational. The Nats dinner, hastily rearranged from the Dalby RSL to the Dalby Leagues Club due to flood damage was excellent and I was amazed to see how the small band of caterers could keep up with the indulgent appetites of most modellers. The Mayor gave a wonderful speech and thanked us for supporting his town. The icing on the cake for us were the daily food drops, the shade tent, ample chairs and the cool water. A water taxi (Hobie kayak) for the drowning models was also over and above our expectations, as was the ladder retrieval of treed models. This was a Nationals we would never forget. Oh, and Cyclone Yasi, a category 5 cyclone bigger in area than Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans was still to form in the north!

Retrievals of note. From two metre high sorghum crop (left) and the kayak rescue of UK flyer David Brawn’s F1A

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Loganholme Aeromodellers  Radio    Control  Society    

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F3D Pylon Racing World Championships Bundaberg, Queensland August 2011

Australia is hosting the FAI World Championship for RC Model Aircraft F3D Pylon Racing in Bundaberg next year from 10 - 14 August 2011. The 45 best pylon pilots in the world will be attending from over 15 countries. The event is being supported by QMARA, VMPRA, MPRAWA, NSWPRA, AMPRA, MAAQ, MAAA, the Bundaberg club, and the Bundaberg Regional Council. The organizers must find 41 officials for the following roles from Wednesday 10.8.11 through until Sunday 14.8.11. Our aim is to have two teams covering every role (except for the CD and two supervisors) to ensure everyone gets regular breaks to relax and enjoy the racing. If you would like to be involved, please complete the form below and return as soon as possible. Looking forward to gaining your support Many thanks 2011 F3D WC Organising Committee Please indicate which days you are available against the roles you are interested in and either email the completed form to or fax it to 07 3630 0017 Name ................................................................................................................................... …. Home #...............................................Mobile #........................................................................ Email……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Position Contest Director x1 Starter x 2 Cut judge supervisor x 1 Pylon cut judge x 18 Side line judge x 2 Timing supervisor x 1 Timer x 6 Scorer x 2 Fuel marshal x 2 Pit marshal (& announcer) x 2 Spares & relief x 4

DATE AVAILABLE TO HELP Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 10.8 11.8 12.8 13.8 14.8

Information and photos from the 2009 World Championships can be seen at The 2011 web site is under construction at

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COMMENCING 9AM Sharp Each Day This will be a Pre-entry Competition open to all financial MAAA members (Cards MUST be produced)

Closing Date for Entries will be 5PM Friday 2nd September Hot and Cold Food and Drinks on site Both Days •

Two immaculately groomed grass circles are available for use.

Toilet facilities close by (200 metres )

F2C, F2A, F2F and Goodyear will not be offered.

Grass Speed will be conducted. •

We will be offering all other events which are able to be run on grass surface. Including F2D Modified, Mouse and Slow Goodyear.


Trade stalls catered for (Contact Secretary for details)

Scale Static Display.

ENTRY FORMS will be distributed in early August Further details can be obtained from President Mark McDermott 07 32889263 or Secretary John Taylor 07 33927679 email

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“JETS OVER THE FRASER COAST WEEKEND” COMMENCING ON THE 30th of June through to the 3rd of July 2011. WITH PUBLIC DISPLAYS ON THE 2 Th AND 3 Th OF JULY. After a spectacular first time event of this kind to be held on the Fraser coast with 36 pilots attending in 2010, the word has spread on how good the event was, and there will be a greater number of pilots attending the 2011 event. The fastest aircraft in 2010 was clocked at 408 kilometers an hour, so the big boys will be out to better that this year. THESE MODELS ARE POWERED BY MINATURE GASTURBINE ENGINES. THE COST OF THESE MODELS RANGE FROM $5,000.00 RIGHT UP TO $40,000.00 Also on the program for this year is the addition of “Turbine Powered Helicopters” and “Turbo prop driven Aircraft” these guys put on a great show and are a “must see” for young and old alike. THERE ARE ALSO FOOD AND DRINK STALLS OPERATING BOTH DAYS SO BRING SOME CHAIRS AND SIT A WHILE, HAVE A BITE TO EAT, AND WATCH SOME AWESOME FLYING at MARYBOROUGH AEROMODELLERS CLUB

Boonooroo Road (4 km. from the Granville Pub)

ADMISSION: Adults $3.00 Family $6.00 Page 11


Letter to the Editor MAAQ Airflow Newsletter Dear Doug, It would be appreciated if you could print this letter in full in the next edition of Airflow, in reply to the article on page# 10 of the January–March 2011 Airflow titled MAAQ Museum. I hope that the information I am able to offer will clarify statements made in the article, especially ‘for some unknown reason the plan fell on its face and never came to fruition’. This remark could not be further from the truth and indicates a lack of prior knowledge, although the facts are readily available with a little research. Briefly, the MAAA Historical Collection commenced with the tireless efforts of Val Vickers and assistants who sourced and maintained a Museum collection for RCAS, as the NSW State Association was then known. This collection was housed in a shared building in Windsor, NSW for some time.

When the arrangement with the premises at Windsor ended, the collection was donated to MAAA and transported to Wangaratta, Victoria where it was successfully housed for many years at the Drags Airworld facility as part of the Sports Aviation Centre. Due to unforseen changes in the relationship between the Local Council and the Sports Aviation Centre, the collection eventually had to be moved from this location and it was prominently displayed at the Bankstown Aviation Museum where it remains today.

Australia. Should any members wish to donate or lend any items for the MAAA Museum they would be most gratefully accepted. Kevin Dodd Chairman MAAA Historical Collection

Maryborough Aeromodellers Club Inc. BREAKING NEWS The Control Line / Free Flight Weekend on the 18th & 19th of June that was cancelled recently is now back on “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT” Unfortunately the Free Flight side of the weekend will not be held this year, but to make up for it, we will host the Control Line Flyers for the both days, and also anyone wishing to fly R/C Old Timers with us on the Sunday are more than welcome. This will be a great social Weekend. The Canteen will be operating all day Saturday, and for Morning Tea on Sunday. So come along, meet some old mates, and make some new one’s, and have a lot of fun.

For Further Information Contact: Barry Freddo.

So I can assure Queensland modellers that the preservation of items of historical significance is of importance to the MAAA. We acknowledge the many MAAA members who have been involved in this successful project with Val Vickers and David Axon providing exceptional energy and guidance.

Pieter Devisser. Neil Brockley. Steve Raskin.

Today, the MAAA, through its Historical Collection Subcommittee, is continuing to progress efforts towards providing a dedicated Museum for Aeromodelling in

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“The Russians are coming!! The Russians are coming!!!! So are 18 other Countries & 50 of the World’s best Remote Control Model Aircraft Pylon Racing Pilots, to the FAI F3D World Pylon Championships to be held in Bundaberg from 10th to 14th August 2011. The last World Championship held in Australia was in Bundaberg in 2001 when a young Australian, Chris Callow & his father Kevin, swept all before them to be crowned the World Champions and also set a World Record time for the F3D Pylon course that remained unconquered until 2009. In 2003 Chris & Kevin again defended their title as World Champions in Melnik, the Czech republic. This was the first time that any team had won the World Championship twice in a row. The question was could they do it three times in a row ???? The answer was “YES” and in 2005 in Tours France, in what could only be described as a real dog fight, Chris & Kevin again won the World Championship by only 0.1 of a second, for an unprecedented THIRD time in a row. This saw Chris & Kevin inducted into the MAAA Hall of Fame in 2006 for the fourth time. “Can they be beaten ?” was the question everyone was asking . Unfortunately the answer to the question was yes, however, where Chris & Kevin left off the Australian team of Ranjit Phelan, Barry Murphy, Chris Graham & their callers took over, and in 2007 they won the ”World Pylon Teams Championship” in Muncie, Indiana, USA. The Championships in 2009 in Ballenstedt, Germany were not the team’s best, with inconsistent performances and delays caused by technology and the weather.

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2009 Australian Team with NZ friends

The Team that has been selected by the Australian Pylon Racing Association, AMPRA, to represent Australia at this years Championships is as follows: Chris & Kevin Callow, Beau & Barry Murphy, Leigh Hocken & Frank Cassella, and a Junior team member to be selected at the AMPRA championships to be held in Grafton in June. This will be the first time that there will be a Junior World Championship being held. The Australian Team Manager is Michael Dallman. Preparations for the World Championships in Bundaberg are well under way. If you would like to be involved in the organization and support for the event please email secretary@ as we are always looking for more supporters. Countries being represented are: UK, Guatemala, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, USA, France, Sth Africa, Czech Rep, Brazil, Sweden, Quatar, Mexico, & the Russians, with Australia set to do our best to beat them all “Go Team Australia !!!!” Dates of events : Welcome BBQ function Wednesday 10th August 2011 Registration, processing & official practice Wednesday 10th August 2011 Racing days thursday 11 to Saturday 13th August 2011 Reserve day, closing ceremonies, awards & banquet Sunday 14 August Departure day - Monday 15th August The World Championship website is

Does your fail safe “FAIL SAFE” ? Next General MAAQ meeting date : 18th of June at the “ Wilston Grange Football club” Hickey Park , Babarra Street Stafford commencing at 2 pm. Afternoon tea will be provided afterwards. Annual General meeting on 27th August at the Chermside Library at 2 pm . PLEASE NOTE THE CUT OFF DATE FOR MATERIAL FOR THE JULY-SEPT EDITION WILL BE THE 26TH OF AUGUST 2011.

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Porter Field Stanton Road West, Tingalpa QLD 4173

Incorporating: The Peter Cutler Memorial Scale Day

Queensland Scale Fest 18-19th June 2011 BBQ Both Days Categories:

Camping Facilities Available

Up to 70" 70"-90" Over 90" Pilots Choice Judges Choice

Trophies awarded for: Convenor: Noel Stewart M: 0412 525 127 E:

1st, 2nd, 3rd all classes Flying commences 9:00am Each Day

All entries must be a reasonable replica of a real aircraft.

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Does your fail safe “FAIL SAFE” ?

BART CARNEY 10 June 1921 - 14 May 2011 Bart Carmey passed away in the Greenslopes Hospital last Saturday 14th May 2011 The funeral service will be held at 10 am on Friday 20th May at St. John Vianneys Catholic Church, Ernest St.,cnr of Kooralgin St Manly All are welcome to attend Bart’s son, Chris said “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and other members for the continued email information regarding the club’s activities. Even though he could not attend club events, especially this last year my father maintained an interest in what was going on. It was his expressed wish that all his model aircraft and associated equipment, parts,etc. be given to members of the club. Sometime in the near future I will make an inventory of all of his aircraft stuff and make this available to you for collection should you so desire. Regards, Chris Carney”

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o Scale- Standoff - Mammoth o ARF Scale o Old Timer- Texaco, Duration Fully Catered all weekendDinner Friday night by request, Breakfast, lunch, dinner on Saturday night, Breakfast and lunch Sunday Soft drinks , bottled or tap water available Camping on grounds, hot shower and toilet facilities available Saturday Night- electric flying under spotlighta great night of b*#* and company of other aeromodellers enquiries to Karen Ashman 0458458673, Ray Ashman 0408776822 Dave Helmrich 0428 185 358

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2010/2011 M.A.A.Q. Inc CHAMPIONSHIPS 1. Over the labour day long weekend in Queensland from 30th April to 2nd May 2011 and (with the exception of events awarded elsewhere) the control line state championships were decided for the last time at our clubs facilities at Loganholme. 2. After almost 12 months of perpetual rain I personally was staggered by the preparation that was achieved by club members and executive especially mowing of the water logged stunt circle. No rain fell at any time and the wind was only noticeable on the Sunday, when I could barely find a parking space! 3. Apart from mouse race, all the team racing events were run on the hardstand - this brought forth many comments from the “grass trackers” concerning how much easier it all was! 4. Trophy winners were:2.5 cc Fast Combat Vintage Combat 1. M. Comiskey

1. M. Comiskey

2. P. Dillon

2. P. Mills

3. T. McDermott

3. M. Dillon

Vintage “A” Team Race Classic “B” Team Race 1. T. & M. McDermott

T. & M. McDermott

2. R. Patten & P. Dillon

2. M. & P. Dillon

3. R. Smith & R. Edgerton

3. P. Laing & L. Winterton

“Z” Class Team Race Goodyear Team Race 1. B. Felschow & G. Cathcart

1. T & M. McDermott

2. T. & M. McDermott

2. R. Tonkin & R. Edgerton

3. M. & P Dillon

3. B. Felschow & P. Dillon

35 Slo Combat 2.5cc Slo Combat 1. T. McDermott

1. M. Dillon

2. M. Dillon

2. P. Dillon

3. M. Comiskey

3. M. Comiskey

Mouse Race Combined Speed 1. C. Turner & R. Edgerton

1. J. Taylor

2. B. Felschow & W. Jackson

2. J. Jacobsen

3. J. Taylor & T. McDermott

3. T. McDermott Page 19

The Aeromodellers of Logan City Inc. are extremely grateful to everyone who entered and/or assisted in any way and look forward to a repetition next year at the club’s new flying facilities.

Brian Burke Aus 2738 Registrar

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THE 64


Due to the fact that there are still some accounts to be paid and unfinished business to be attended to, as well as a final accounting with calculation of GST, the Treasurer’s report will not be the final one until the special th 64 Nats A/C is finally wound up—hopefully within the next month. A separate Nationals Incorporated body would have saved the hassles and cost of GST reporting. The aim of the Committee was to produce “The Best Nats Ever”, and I believe that goal was achieved though not without a lot of dramas and problems along the way. This report will not be similar to previous Chairman’s reports, it will instead deal with issues that arose during the lead-up to, during and after the conduct of the Nationals. I hope that in some ways this report will assist future Nats Committees to continue to improve the stature of the MAAA Nationals and assure its future for many years to come. Whilst my own personal opinions may not be shared by all, I offer these thoughts with the fervent hope that some changes will come from at least some of my comments. Due to the political upheaval within the MAAQ in the months leading up to the MAAQ AGM, and the subsequent changes within the MAAQ Committee, the Nationals Committee seemed to be always battling a th constant stream of rumours around Australia that the 64 Nats would not come to fruition because of lack of competency and experience of the people involved—this in spite of continuous publicity commencing a long way out from the actual commencement date. These rumours continued to circulate right up to the actual start of competition, in spite of assurances from the new MAAQ Committee that the Nationals were being fully supported and would go ahead. I believe it contributed to the fact that some modellers decided not attend. Solution to this kind of problem: ignore the rumours and keep politics out of the Nationals. Possibly try not to have a State Body AGM 3 months out from the Nats, but delay until the Nats are over. This is difficult, but can be done legally. Politics caused a few resignations from our Committee, adding to problems and further rumours of divisions within the Committee. These were not true, so the solution: again, ignore the rumours. Dalby was unfortunate to experience a minor flood of the local Myall Creek in the weeks leading up to the Nats, which was widely reported in the media. Contrary to some media and some people’s personal beliefs, the Condamine and Brisbane Rivers do not flow through the centre of Dalby, and the town of Dalby is not just east of Alice Springs—nor is it one of the hottest places in Australia. The massive rainfalls throughout Queensland at the time did of course produce some severe flooding in some low lying areas of Dalby but more so in neighbouring towns, causing some concerns in the days immediately prior to the original starting date. But at no time was there any intention of calling off the Nats, as was rumoured to be happening or have already happened. In fact another rumour which circulated was that 350 people were being evacuated from Dalby, when in fact the same number of people were actually being evacuated by helicopter from nearby towns into the Dalby Evacuation Centre. The town never ran out of water, nor in fact would this have ever happened. Another rumour In Dalby, the Mayor Ray Brown, and CEO Phil Berting in particular, were emphatic in stating that the economy of the town would benefit greatly from the income the Nats would generate, especially after many years of drought, and that we should proceed as planned. After an announced delay of two days, the Nats got underway and with a day of catch up, all events scheduled were held and conducted as per the programme in fine, mild weather for the next seven days. Unfortunately, due to media coverage, our anticipated number of competitors was reduced from xxxx__ to xxxx who actually competed. All scheduled R/C events were held, and only two C/L events were not conducted on the final day due to a decision by competitors to leave Dalby in view of advice that flooding was likely to occur. . All free flight both Indoor and Outdoor events were well supported and only Vintage Open Power and Glider were not run due to early morning rain, even though the rain had cleared before lunch. In fact the disastrous floods which subsequently occurred claimed the lives of many people in Queensland though not in Dalby. My commiserations are extended to all persons and communities who suffered.

Page 21

This brings me to my main cause for complaint. The media, police, SES and RACQ road reports were often days behind and frequently quite inaccurate and sensationalized. I am positive many more people would have turned up if the various reports had been more accurate and true. Those contestants who did contact the liaison people on the ground at Dalby were given the true facts and came to Dalby and enjoyed their stay. Many, many people stated that this was the “best ever” Nats that they had attended. In spite of a dedicated Nationals website operating from Dalby with twice daily updates, many contestants chose to believe the media reports and did not attend. The moral of the story is to ignore the rumours and media and believe the officials on the scene. I believe that the $10,000 that the MAAA grants to the State to assist in running the Nats is totally inadequate and should be increased to something more like $25,000 in order to promote the MAAA Nationals in a proper manner. In the case of Dalby, I would estimate that “in kind” sponsorship and not shown in the Treasurer’s report would be something in the order of $75,000 on top of the Treasurer’s figures. Items such as travelling, some accommodation expenses, phone accounts, media and PR clips, field preparations, etc, etc, are taken for granted so, therefore, are not shown. An example of this type of thing would be the all-weather road installed by DMAC costing nearly $40,000, of which the Nats Committee contributed $5,000. A greater involvement, both physically and financially, from the MAAA would go a long way to improving the stature of the Nats, thus ensuring its future. Future committees must be able to promote the Nats to the public in general without restrictions, via electronic and print media. How do you attract major sponsors and potential future members to the MAAA if you do not go public at a time when the National Championships are being conducted? This is perhaps the best time and a major opportunity to promote all aspects of our sport, both locally and Australia-wide. It would seem, based on lots of comments I have heard, that a combination of public displays and serious competitions may be the way of the future in order to attract more members to attend the Nationals and increase the number of contestants. This may require changes to MOP’s and Insurance conditions. If this is the case, so be it. Look to the future, not the past. Move on with the times and give members and the public what they want. I could perhaps go on with suggestions, but that is not my idea in completing this report. Forward movements need to come from all, and the members of the MAAA should heed the rumblings from the rank and file before the National’s lapse into oblivion. The Nationals with all facets of the sport combined and able to be watched by all at the same close venues is by far the best means of ensuring that the modelling fraternity remain united and strong. The old saying “United we stand, Divided we fall” is very true at this point in time. To all the competitors, Contest Directors, Event CDs, Time keepers, Lap scorers and everyone who assisted in any way, especially those from other Sates, a heartfelt thanks for your contributions to the successful th running of the 64 MAAA nationals I will close with sincere thanks to all on the Nats Committee for a job well done and an even greater acknowledgement of the outstanding support and efforts of the members and families of the Dalby Club and the entire community of Dalby, a town of “Friendliness and Open Spaces”. As this will be my final involvement with the conduct of a National’s competition I believe that I can look back and say I gave it my best shot, thanks to all concerned. John Taylor th 64 National’s Chairman

National results have been posted on to the MAAA website at :

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Up for Grabs !!! There’s one thing that Nathan Nichols, Tyler Mees & Alex Davy all want. Thats the only available Junior Pilot place on the Australian Team for this years F3D World Championship in Model Aircraft Pylon Racing which is being held at Bundaberg from the 9th to 14th August. Although they are all mates and belong to the Toowoomba Aeromodellers Association flying Club, the competition for that one place on the Australian team is fierce. The show-down for that place will happen at the Australian Miniature Pylon Racing Championships to be held in Grafton on the 11th June 2011 when the best performing pilot will win an Australian Team Shirt. This is the first year that there has been a Junior World Championship held in conjunction with the open World Championship, which is held every two years. All three of the Juniors have good form going into this selection event. In July last year Nathan won an International event in Japan and came fourth behind Tyler Mees who finished 3rd at the National Championships in December at Dalby. In his first F3D competition at Bundaberg in March this year, Alex Davy finished 3rd with Nathan finishing in 4th position. We have some talented juniors who have shown they can mix it with the seniors and take home the trophies on a regular basis; all that remains to be decided is which one of them will get the Australian Team Shirt for the World Championships this year.

Chris Watt President AMPRA

Left to Right: Alex Davy, Nathan Nichols, Tyler Mees .

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BUDDING DESIGNER - BRETT HODDER FROM RAMS CLUB These are 2 planes that I have completely built from scratch out of Balsa and Carbon Fibre, both are my designs. They have a 3m wingspan and are 2m long, The wings have been made to be used in both planes to save me making another set. "Flytanic" was designed as a dedicated camera plane and holds a sanyo Vpc-FH1 1080p mounted so the camera angle can be changed in flight. "Uncrashable 2" was designed as a performance glider Flytanic: Motor: NTM 3536 910kv Battery: Turnigy 40c 3s 2200mah Esc: Turnigy Superbrain 60amp Servos: 6x HXT 900 1x Bluebird BMS 616mg hs Receiver: Spektrum AR 7000 Prop: TGS 14x7 Uncrashable 2 Motor: Turnigy SK 3542 1000kv Battery : Turnigy 40c 3c 2200mah Esc: Turnigy Plush 40amp Servos: 6x Hxt900 Receiver Spektrum AR7000 Prop: 11x7 folding

For those modellers who have acquired the Blade 400 helicopter and need to tame it down for a beginner- the first thing to do is copy your settings to another model memory before beginning to change the flight set up to the following set up details. The usual modified beginner settings are reducing the motor rpm which makes it easier to learn how to hover. the pitch range is also reduced to minimise the chance of a boom strike if the model is dumped onto the ground. the settings on the table as some suggestions for those wishing to venture into forward flight . The machine will cruise around at half throttle without building up too much speed but full power is on tap if needed. the pitch & throttle curves and revolution mix settings are with the flight mode switch in the normal position. throttle 100% aileron 47% rudder 100% left, 74% right. elevator 100% gyro 74 % high pitch curve pos H pos 4 pos 3 pos 2 pos L

97% 76% 51% 10.5% 0%

throttle curve H pos 4 pos 3 pos 2 pos L

96.5% 69.4% 46.0% 30.5 % 0%

revolution mix up + 52%; down + 44% Page 24

History of the Southern Cross Air Force In early 1998 our founding member the late Rick Rogers was visiting friends in the United States of America and met the late President of World Miniature Warbirds Association (WMWA) Dino Di Georgio. They discussed the possibility of starting a Warbirds branch in Australia. On his return home to Bundaberg, Rick Rogers shared the proposal with Ray Dixon and together they agreed to invite warbird enthusiasts to join the WMWA Australian branch. At that stage we were all bound to WMWA USA rules and regulations, and a clause on our membership card gave us the rank of Colonel! It was decided that Rick concentrate on the Bundaberg and the northern areas while Ray handled Brisbane and the southern areas. Later Chris Howarth of Brisbane took over as leader and he and his steering committee organized a name change to the ‘Southern Cross Air Force’ (SCAF). This divorced us completely from the WMWA in America. During March 2009 at a Tingalpa fly-in meeting, a new constitution and by-laws, prepared by Ray Dixon was adopted by all members present. The objects of the SCAF are for the purpose the construction and operation of radio controlled warbird aircraft of all sizes in a setting where informality and safety of operations prevail. Additionally, it was formed to create an atmosphere where pleasure, recreation, fellowship, and co-mingling can be found amongst members. SCAF also foster and promote warbird building and flying of all classes of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Our members come mostly from South-East Queensland clubs, although we have members as far away as Coffs Harbour and Mackay. Currently, there are 87 financial members in the SCAF. We encourage junior members (who do not pay any fees) to be part of the SCAF and to join us at our events. Happy flying. Southern Cross Air Force Contact details: Roy Salmon:

Phone: Email:

(07) 5441 3252 Page 25

Southern Cross Air Force - 30th April and 1st May, 2011 Tin Can Bay Airfield

Wow, What a week-end! Our appreciation goes to all the members and friends of the Tin Can Bay Club who certainly know how to put on a good week-end. Their large camping area catered for the 32 caravans and tents. We look forward to coming back again next year. We have to say this week-end attracted the largest number of aircraft seen at any SCAF meet with a count of 94 aircraft on the Sunday morning. Registrations showed 42 SCAF pilots and 14 local or visiting pilots attended the meet. Although there was a strong easterly wind on the Friday and Saturday, the weather was almost perfect on the Sunday. It was pleasing to see all categories of WW1 and WW2 aircraft represented. This included extra large, large, medium and small fixed wing aircraft as well as some helicopters. We know the spectators enjoyed their time at the field. The highlights over the week-end go to David Garle with the display of a large Sea Fury, Paul Gordon-Brander with the display of the B25 Mitchell and Chris Venter with the display of the Aermacchi MB-339A jet.

Some of the SCAF members fly both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Peter Love’s helicopter (red and white) is electric powered with retractable undercarriage. Brian Carson’s Cobra and Squirrel are also represented.

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SCAF Calendar of Events All pilots (members or non-members) with warbird aircraft are welcome to attend. Bundaberg - 11th and 12th June, 2011. Camping/caravan facilities are available at the airfield. Logan – 10th July, 2011. For a calendar of Events, directions to the airfields contact Roy Salmon – Email: Phone: (07) 5441 3252. Photos by Ken Bird and Peter Johnson

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“COME ONE COME ALL” The Maryborough Aeromodellers Club Is hosting a Control–Line Fun Fly and Social Weekend at their Club Fields on the 18th & 19th of June 2011. Anyone wishing to fly R/C Old Timers are also invited to bring them along to fly on Sunday Camping facilities are available with Hot Showers Etc. Also our Canteen will be operating all day Saturday and for Morning Tea on Sunday. So come along and meet old friends, and make some new ones, but most of all have some fun. For information & conformation of attendance please contact John Jacobsen. Barry Freddo

Ph 41-289828

Pieter Devisser. Steve Raskin.

Ph. 41-294316

Neil Brockley. Ph. 41-215959

Page 28 Gee Bee spotted at Dalby Fun Fly in May 2011

You are invited To the “ Sarina Aero Modellers Inc ” OLD TIMER COMPETITION WEEKEND on the 30th & 31st of July 2011 The competition starts at 8.30am Sat the 30th and finish's 12 noon Sunday the 31st with the presentation of trophy's. Earlier start Sunday morning for Chuck Gliders. Catering for all meals will be provided from the Friday evening meal on the 29th until Sunday Lunch Texaco, Duration, Half A, Climb & Glide, Chuck Gliders, Electric night flying & Free time are on the Program.

Facility's available 1. A unisex flushing toilet with septic system

2. Clean drinking water available, also bottled water if preferred. 3. A Camping area close to toilet & shower, or Motels within 3 klm's of field. 4. A hot shower with normal facility's 5. A shaded area some seating {but good idea to bring your own} 6. If you need to charge batteries it's best to bring a field charger. Our Members will help if you require repair materials or electricity off site for overnight charging etc. 7.

Freq boards available for AM & FM systems, 2.4ghz radio Users are expected to bring a normal key for ID while using radio.


The Contest director will be Craig Rankin phone 0428 043 222 or 49 432 200 or Craig’s e-mail,

Please contact Craig for catering purposes frequency booking and or further details. And of course, insurance is essential. Our Club is affiliated with the MAAQ / MAAA. Hope to see you there with your Old Timer, Chucky, or electric anything. Or come anyway & enjoy the company. For Final Program details, location of field & to pre-book your freq asap, please contact Craig via the above details. $5.00 per event with $20.00 cap for whole weekend

Does your fail safe “FAILSAFE” ?

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2011 EVENTS CALENDAR june 11-12-13 war birds over bundy


11-12-13 fly in at tracs townsville 11-12 Doug Christensen Memorial Weekend


(scale, sos,mammoth & arf. o/t texaco/duration) 18 maaq general meeting at wilston grange football club 35 babarra street stafford at 2 pm 18-19 Maryborough control line funfly & social weekend SEE FLYER THIS EDITION 30/06-03/07/2011 JETS OVERFRASERCOAST WEEKEND 02-03/07/2011 AIRSHOW AT FRASERCOAST (PART OF THE ABOVE WEEKEND FESTIVITIES) JULY 9-10 xmas in july bbq/campover/don barber day saambr 10


30-31 annual old timer weekend sarina 31 saambr club open day public day saambr AUGUST 5-6-7 HELI FLY IN (TRACS) 10-14






CONTACT ROY SALMON 07 54413252 21 club challenge scale aerobatics saambr

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27 - MAAQ ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AT CHERMSIDE LIBRARY 375 HAMILTON ROAD CHERMSIDE AT 2 PM SEPTEMBER 18 life members day saambr 17-18 fun scale rally T.a.a. contact dan norton 0418 982100 24-25 SCAF WARBIRDS AT TARMAC (TOOWOOMBA) CONTACT GRANT HICKS 0746877994 OCTOBER 16 club challenge fun fly comp saambr 22-23 SCAF WARBIRDS AT MARYBOROUGH CONTACT NEIL BROCKLeY 07 41215959





Check out the New Zealanders web site across the ditch for an insight into what they have been up to. Visit

Robbos Multiplex Pro glider at Dalby Fun Fly in May 2011.

Peter Doolan at the Dalby Nationals 2011.

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M.A.A.Q. Executive and Office Bearers President: Robin Klau Vice Pres: Craig McKenzie

0407 340239

07 55337151

Secretary:Brian McWilliam

07 47256022

Treasurer: Barry McDonald

07 54832201

P.R.O. Officer,Webmaster : Phil Argent

0450 241 983

CFI Aust/Education : Michael Snabaitis.

07 4634 9652

Airflow Editor: Doug Moody.

07 4634 4078

07 3392 7679

07 32889263

R/C Admin/SFI Southern &

F/F Admin: John Taylor. C/L Admin: Mark McDermott

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Airflow Magazine - June, 2011  

June, 2011 issue of Airflow Magazine

Airflow Magazine - June, 2011  

June, 2011 issue of Airflow Magazine

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