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Aussies do well in Japan in F3D pylon racing! 

                Front Row ­ Pilots L­R     Kozo Oi­Japan 2nd, Nathan Nichols 1st, Minoru Sasaki­Japan 3rd.     Back Row – Callers L­R    Toshinori Hanajima, Chris Watt, Narao Sasaki(Minoru’sFather)  


From the Editor.

Haven’t been getting your newsletter lately ? Since the last two editions there has been quite a few of the Airflow being returned. For the Jan-March edition there were about 20 returned and for the April-June well over 50 have been returned. Most have left addresses approximately 40 , some have been gone from their addresses over 2 years ago and some have insufficient address details to allow the correct mailing address to go to the member. To address this issue all members who do decide to move /change addresses to please advise their club secretary of the change and or check your current address with the secretary to make sure that the address is right. Duplications Quite a few duplications of names have appeared lately. The most likely scenario could be the duplication of VH numbers. These could be the blame for 2 newsletters going out to the same member. Please advise the secretary of your club and the registrar of the duplication to change details on the MR1. What to do with the second copy? Pass it on to a member who may have not got theirs or take it to the field . There is always someone that can gain information/ use from the newsletters. Changing of the guard Since the AGM the four top executive positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) ,have now seen a change. From what I can remember this has never happened before in the time that I had been involved with the MAAQ (12 years) . The four remaining members were under pressure to postpone the AGM but stood firm for the good of the organization. There is now a cohesive and enthusiastic committee of 8 to serve all clubs in Queensland. The Airflow will also see some changes some in this edition and others in the future with more emphasis on modelling rather than reports. There is an updated listing of office bearers on the back page of this edition. Page 2

MAAQ Web Site. Don’t forget to check out the latest updated web site of MAAQ at The new site has been given a bright new feel and look. On this site you will also find special intrest groups by clicking on the related links - APAAustralian Pattern Assoc., ASAA Australian Scale Aerobatics Association, Electric and Gliding, JAAA- Jet Aerosport Association of Australia, QMARA- Queensland Model Aircraft Racing Association, Queensland Pattern Flyers Association, QRCHA Queensland Radio Control Heli Association , Southern Cross Airforce to name a few. You may notice some snippets on modelling history in this edition. I would like to encourage the clubs or members of the clubs to submit snippets of history of their clubs for inclusion into the newsletters. Am looking forward to some information from the readers in the near future. Doug Airflow Editor

Vacancy on Committee: There is currently a position vacant on the MAAQ committee for a control line administrator. For further details of this position can be obtained from the MAAQ secretary.

Don’t forget, space is available in the newsletter free to members for use in wanting to buy, sell or swap. Email the editor for further information.

Queensland Model Aircra0 Racing  Associa3on (QMARA) Report Members of QMARA recently travelled to Kasaoka in Japan to compete in the Inaugural Kizu Flying Club’s(KFC) International Pylon Racing event for F3D & Q40 classes. Kasaoka, in the Prefecture of Okayama, is approximately 3.5 hours west of Osaka’s Kensi airport. The travelling time to Osaka from the Gold Coast is just on 9 hours. The International Pylon Racing event was sponsored by the Kizu Flying Club, Japan Radio(JR), Big Bruce Racing Products ( ) the Kasaoka Regional Development board, OS & K&S Co Ltd. This was the first time that Nathan Nichols, Chris Watt & Brad Darr had travelled overseas to compete in such an event, which included other teams from Japan, Taiwan & also Mark Giggins from WA, competing in Q40. Bruce DeChastel had travelled to Kasaoka in April to compete at a KFC Club event and to assist in coordinating the coming International event. “The conditions for racing were very hot with the daily temperature ranging from 30c in the morning up to 38 in the afternoon & with humidity up to 82%, quite different conditions to what we had been practicing in, here in Australia,” Nathan said. “We were able to adjust the performance of the Planes by changing the compression of the engines and selecting props to allow for the conditions” said Chris. “We competed in two events, F3D, which is the top class in Pylon racing & and also Q40 class. We normally fly F400 class in Australia which does not use the 15% Nitro used in Q40 so we needed to change the engine set up to compensate for the Nitro. We Flew F3D heats in the morning and Q40 heats in the afternoon, so we had quite a full schedule” said Nathan. “In the F3D heats we were going quite well until the 11th of 12 heats. Something went wrong with the glow driver and we did not get the motor started. Up to that point we had a comfortable lead of about 10 seconds to a Japanese Team which did the best time for the event so far, 60.73 seconds, closing the gap to only 5.03 seconds. It was now all down to the last heat, if anything went wrong we would lose the

championship. In the final heat the Japanese team again produced a fast time of 61.98secs, the second best time for the event. Fortunately we had a good safe run in our final heat with a time of 64.56 secs which gave us victory by only 2.45 seconds after 12 heats. It was a great relief and a great feeling to win an International event like this which justified the time spent practicing and the cost of travelling to Japan”, “Nathan had flown very consistently & surprised many with his ability for such a young pilot(17)” said Chris. Bruce & Brad, who where calling for each other, had their hands full with small problems that seemed to dog them right through the F3D heats, although in the Q40 class they really shone.

Bruce De Chastel doing some of his sumo warm-ups. In the Q40 class the Australian Teams filled the top 4 places, Brad Darr 1st, Bruce DeChastel 2nd Nathan Nichols 3rd & Mark from WA, 4th. This was a great follow up to Nathan’s 2nd placing & Bruce’s 3rd placing in F400 at the Australian Championships in June in Victoria. Brad & Bruce fought it out to set the fastest time for Q40, and the crown changed almost every heat, however Brad was victorious by winning the event with the fastest time of 64.35secs. A great effort from all the Aussies.

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Q40 Placegetters Front Row Pilots L – R Bruce DeChastel, 2nd, Brad Darr, 1st, Nathan Nichols, 3rd Back Row Chris Watt, Caller for Nathan, Brad & Bruce called for each other.

The New Fury 55 and Furion 6

Photographs Kindly provided by YamaHen, RC Air World, Japan

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Not easy to capture at this speed and this close- Nathan Nichols and the Japanese Champ round pylon 3 together.


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F3D Pylon Racing World Championships Bundaberg, Queensland August 2011 Australia is hosting the FAI World Championship for RC Model Aircraft F3D Pylon Racing in Bundaberg next year from 10 - 14 August 2011. The 45 best pylon pilots in the world will be attending from over 15 countries. The event is being supported by QMARA, VMPRA, MPRAWA, NSWPRA, AMPRA, MAAQ, MAAA, the Bundaberg club, and the Bundaberg Regional Council. The organizers must find 41 officials for the following roles from Wednesday 10.8.11 through until Sunday 14.8.11. Our aim is to have two teams covering every role (except for the CD and two supervisors) to ensure everyone gets regular breaks to relax and enjoy the racing. If you would like to be involved, please complete the form below and return as soon as possible. Looking forward to gaining your support Many thanks 2011 F3D WC Organising Committee

Please indicate which days you are available against the roles you are interested in and either email the completed form to or fax it to 07 3630 0017 Name ................................................................................................................................... …. Home #...............................................Mobile #........................................................................ Email……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Position Contest Director x1 Starter x 2 Cut judge supervisor x 1 Pylon cut judge x 18 Side line judge x 2 Timing supervisor x 1 Timer x 6 Scorer x 2 Fuel marshal x 2 Pit marshal (& announcer) x 2 Spares & relief x 4

DATE AVAILABLE TO HELP Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 10.8 11.8 12.8 13.8 14.8

Information and photos from the 2009 World Championships can be seen at The 2011 web site is under construction at

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FROM THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN I will take this opportunity to advise members on the progress so far. A considerable amount of work has been put into the organizing of this prestigious event by the members of the Committee and Bulletin Two was released at the MAAA Conference in Adelaide. Bulletins are now available on the revised MAAQ website and also the Dalby R/C club website and will include more updates posted there also. Regular meetings have been held so far, but as the event is now 2 months away , we have scheduled monthly meetings to better cope with the large workload associated with the organizational requirements. I would urge competitors and spectators who are coming to Dalby to take time out to watch some of the Free Flight Competitions. You may get a shock to see the level of hi Tech equipment that is being flown in the many classes. Even if you are not attending as a competitor try to find the time to drive up to Dalby and spectate at some of the many disciplines that will be on show. The disciplines of free flight and control line have been the poor brothers of R/C for many years and I hope the new committee will endeavour to assist in the promotion of the these aspects of our great sport. All the information about the venues, events , accommodation etc can be found on the web-sites mentioned. Should any one require further information do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the Nationals Committee.

MAAQ MEMBERS PAY TRIBUTE TO WELL KNOWN IDENTITY Ron deChastel passed away on Saturday 18th September after a battle with Alzheimer’s . A gathering of family members and modellers were present at the funeral which was held at Caloundra for a celebration of his life and shared memories of this great man. A short extract from the “Pioneers of model aviation in Australia” and photo obtained above depicted a great lover of scale aircraft , pylon and control line in the early years He had built his first model back in 1940 from a kit and then went on in 1941 designing and building own rubber powered models at the age of 14. In 1946 Ron commenced control line flying, and became president of the MAAQ from 1947-1950 and started flying r/c in 1961 . In later years Ron designed and built the first twin ducted fan model in Australia the “Gloster Meteor” flown at the Melbourne Spectacular Air Display. We will miss his great knowledge of all types of aircraft describing them from behind the microphone at various displays round the clubs.

John Taylor Page 7

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Mike Close, PO Box 146, West Pennant Hills NSW 2125 Telephone: 02 9872 6469

Vice President:

Fax: 02 9871 0408

Paul Winter 25 Jasmine Drive Mill Park VIC 3082 Telephone: 03 9436 0717


Kevin Dodd, 16 Illidge Rd Victoria Point QLD 4165 Telephone: 07 3207 9067 Fax: 07 3207 8175


Garry Anderson, PO Box 471 Devonport TAS 7310

Comp. Rules

Ross Cant, PO Box 670 Mount Lawley WA 6929


Telephone: 08 9227 9131

MAAA Internet: Manual of Procedures The Manual of Procedures is a “live” document and is continually being updated. Please check the MAAA web site from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the latest editions of the documents. The MAAA has recently released the following amended documents in the Manual of Procedures: MOP027 Guideline for the Award of MAAA Wings - Amendments to the Helicopter Bronze and Gold Wings including the associated forms. MOP058 2.4GHz Equipment - Amendments to MOP058 – Addition of 2.4Ghz Downlinks guide. (See next item in Newsletter). Added to Appendix A: Amended Frsky to V8 ACCST 2.4 GHz and V8 compatible systems. ESCALE 2.4 GHz Radio Control System 242. 2.4GHz Downlinks A recent amendment to MOP058 2.4GHz Equipment was the addition of a guidance section for 2.4GHz Downlinks. A common form of downlinks is miniature video equipment, readily available for use in models. Video downlinks use different technology to that used for model control. Many of the systems available do comply with Australian standards but that does not mean that they can be used with impunity on model aircraft, particularly when operating on 2.4 GHz. Many users have found no issues with video downlinks but there are reports of mutual interference. Whilst this can be just with the video quality, there can also be interference with the model control system. MOP058 is available on the MAAA website for further information and guidance on video downlinks. Frequently Asked Questions A recent addition to the MAAA website at is a Frequently Asked Questions page. The page is broken up into two sections at this stage, one for general questions and the second relating to questions and answers regarding 2.4GHz equipment. The intention of this page is to provide members and prospective members with easy access to typical, everyday information, which may not be contained within the MOPs 2010 - 2011 MAAA Membership Members are reminded that the MAAA Membership period runs from 1st July to the 30th June each year. All Membership expires at midnight on the 30th June. To continue to enjoy flying and

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to be covered under the MAAA insurance for the next financial year, your membership needs to be renewed with your club. Once the required fees are paid to your club and a receipt issued, this then is proof of current membership until you have received a valid MAAA Membership Card for the new period. Outcomes from Reported Incidents As reported in the last MAAA Newsletter there has been a sharp increase in insurance pay outs for the repair of vehicles damaged by model aircraft and this continues to be cause for concern. In most cases, damage could probably have been avoided with some extra thought when parking vehicles at model fields. Due to the large payouts being made by MAAA to repair vehicles, a review of the MOPs dealing with distances which vehicles should be parked from is currently underway. Several Incidents resulting in damage to vehicles were due to pilots losing sight of their model in the sun when taking off. This has been more prevalent in the morning or evening when the sun is low on the horizon. If this is a situation which occurs at your flying field during this time of year, then it is asked that members and visitors are made aware of the hazard, both verbally and by notices. Unfortunately, there continues to be a regular flow of incidents where members’ fingers have come into contact with spinning propellers. With risk minimisation in mind and following a suggestion from a VMAA Member, a safety brochure was commissioned and produced by MAAA. This A3 brochure (shown) is meant to be a stark reminder of the dangers involved in and around propellers. The brochure is currently being printed and will be distributed to all State Associations for their Clubs. 64th MAAA Nationals Dalby Queensland The Chairman of the MAAQ organising committee has confirmed that arrangements for the 64th Nationals are on schedule and he hopes to make it ‘the best Nationals ever’. Bulletin number three is due out at the end of August with updates as well as the official registration form. This will appear on the MAAA website at World Record Notification has been received that the Australian claim for a World Duration Record has been accepted and recorded by FAI. Anthony Mott is to be congratulated for this outstanding achievement. FAI has ratified the following Class F (Model Aircraft) World record: Sub-class :F3 Open (Radio Control Flight) Category: Aeroplane Group : Piston Motor Type of record : Duration: 141 Course/location : Melbourne, VIC (Australia) Performance : 24 h 10 m 24 sec Date :21.12.2009 Anthony and his World Record ‘Tedium ’ model

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2010 World Championships During late July several of the MAAA Australian teams were competing in World Championships. There were a number of successes. Robert Fitzgerald and Mark Ellins placed first in the F2C Team racing. In doing so, despite confusion caused by FAI with the results, they are claiming two World Speed Records during the heats and final racing. Congratulations to the two new World Champions. Tom Linwood placed third in F2D Junior Combat in Hungary. Carl Strautins placed third in the Senior F3J Gliding event in France.David Law placed fourth in the F4C Scale event in Poland. On behalf of all MAAA members, the MAAA Executive would like to congratulate those who placed in these events as well as all the other team members and supporters who assisted. Two MAAA Australian Judges officiated at these World Championships and their commitment is appreciated by the entire membership. These Judges are: Joan McIntyre F2 Control Line Stunt & Noel Whitehead F4C Scale. F3C (Helicopter) 2011 World Championship Team Trials Notification has been received that the Helicopter Subcommittee intend holding team selection trials for the 2011 World Championships to be held in Italy between 18 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 28 August as part of the 64th MAAA Nationals. Further details will be available in the Nationals Bulletin number 3 to be issued at the end of August 2010. F3D (Pylon) 2011 World Championship Team Trials The 2011 F3D Pylon World Championships are being run in Australia from the 12 to 14 August. AMPRA will be hosting the following multi team trials for the 2011 F3D Pylon event. Any one of the following State Champs: Victorian State Champs, Hamilton

16 - 17 October 2010

64th Nationals Queensland

29 Dec.2010 to 7 Jan 2011

In addition to the competitors, the Organising Committee for the 2011 F3D World Championships would like to hear from as many members or interested people who wish to be part of this event in the capacity of a helper. A World Class event such as this requires an enormous amount of outside assistance, so if you are able to help please contact the Secretary of the 2011 F3D Organising Committee at F3K (Hand Launch Glider) 2011 World Championship Team Trial This is a new event on the World Championship calendar, to be held in Sweden from the 4 to 10 July 2011. Proposed Team Trial Contest Event - Australian F3K Hand Launch Glider Championship 2010 Diggers Rest Victoria, Davis Road ( Melways 351 F1) Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November 2010 Contest Organisors : Brett Anthony 0412 518 554 Theo Arvanitakis 0414 626 464 Contest Director - Gerry Carter

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World / Continental Championships and Trans Tasman Events Calendar 2010

EVENT F5B, F5D F3A Asia-Oceanic F3C Asia-Oceanic

Awarded to USA - Muncie Dates: 20 – 25 August Philippines Dates: 19th - 25th September, Bacolod-City Tung-shih (Chinese Taipei) 17-23 Oct


Awarded to Argentina- Late April early May (dates to be confirmed) USA – Late July early August (dates to be confirmed) China Italy Dates:18 – 28 August Australia Dates: 12-14 August Sweden Dates: 4-10 July


A little bit of history in Queensland modelling Would you believe that the Rockhampton club has been going 64 years this Christmas. With the humble beginnings with 10 members , was named Rockhampton Aeromodellers Club in December 1946. Activities back then were mainly Free Flight sailplane and rubber powered models. Not long after this small deisel motors became available and control -line and powered freeflight began appearing. Most members were young , either school boys, or working lads in their late teens. Plenty of field activity but by the 1950’s, meetings became infrequent. In 1954 a meeting was held to reform the club. Fees were 20 cents to join, 5 cents weekly for schoolboys and 40 cents to join, and 10 cents weekly if working. Happy birthday Rockhampton club!!

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Eric Taylor Eric born in England 1922, later on joined the R.A.F., and ended up being stationed in South Africa during the war. His role in the RAF was a fighter pilot. After the war instead of waiting for the air force to fly them home a number service men made their own way across Africa end counting various hardships along the way like the time they were attacked by the Arabs and feared for their lives. Eventually ending up in England. After a short stay back in England, Eric came back to South Africa where he took up motor bike racing. In 1957 Eric and his young family migrated to Australia arriving in Melbourne. Eric moved to the Sunshine Coast in the 1980’s. Eric took up again his love of aircraft . Eric 1922-2010 will be missed by many, no more than his son Allan and Partner Joan. There will be a service at his much loved gliding spot at Maleny 6th August, 2010 for details ph Allan 0457781333 Kind regards Allan Taylor Page 14

An article from the local newspaper dated 25/10/1993. “Model

array catches Enthusiasts eyes”

About 300 people cast their eyes skywards at Coolum over the weekend to catch a glimpse of an impressive array of model aircraft at the Suncoast Model Flyers Scale Jamboree. One of the clubs oldest members Eric Taylor of Maleny (pictured above) proudly showed off his scale models of the “Westland Lysander” (left) and the “Hawker Hart” (right).

Gentleman start your engines.

The Cobram Air Races Queens Birthday Weekend June 11-12-2011 Racing starts 10.30 am Saturday MOIRA MODEL AIRCRAFT CLUB 3639 Pye Rd Moira 6km from Cobram on the Murray Valley Hwy On site camping. Vice President: Bryan Harper 0409195265 *RRJOH0DSWKH¿HOGœ´6´´(



up to 100cc

up to 100cc

RENO WARBIRDS up to 62cc

Formula 1 up to 56 cc

AT-6 TEXAN 20cc glo

SCALE AERO 1/4 scale ARF 20cc glo or 30cc petrol no retracts

Entry forms and rules Enquiries and Mailing list Contest Director Stephen Green 0418 662 557


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+ $#&   $ % # 

The Rockhampton Model Aero Club’s  ‘Rocky Rally’ Control Line Weekend By Matthew Dennis, RMAC


n recent times, control line has made a come back with its popularity increasing between modellers who have rekindled their passion for this facet of aeromodelling, and for those eager to try it out for the first time. With this, a group of keen control line flyers from the Rockhampton Model Aero Club Inc. decided to organise a control line weekend that would enable all those who enjoy control line flying, to get together and share in the camaraderie and the fun of control line. The ‘Rocky Rally’, was held on the  18th and 19th of September 2010 at the Rockhampton Model Aero Club’s Gavial Airfield.  The event showcased various control line models from sport models to vintage stunt, and even profile models that were completed the night before the event! The club had two circles in operation to allow for smooth running of the weekend and most importantly, more flying!

Club member’s Peter Cutler and Laurie Chetter prepared excellent control line circles for the rally. The support from the Rocky members was fantastic with a sausage sizzle being held at lunch time each day, organized and prepared by Nick Welburn and Bert Fleetwood. ‘Rocky Rally’ stickers were donated by Barry Fredrickson, as a memento of the weekend. Club member and wood turner, Laurie Chetter produced a wooden control line handle and a trophy which were presented to worthy participants at the weekend. Also, a couple of control line kits were given out as prizes as well. We envisage holding the rally again next year. So, if you are into control line flying, or gaining an interest as many of us are, look out for next years ‘Rocky Rally’.

'Rocky Rally' participants. (from left): Trevor Fenning, Laurie Chetter, Curtis Helmrich, Dave Helmrich, Barry Fredrickson, Geoff Black, Marg Larsen, Trevor Larsen, Peter Cutler, Garry deChastel, Don McKenzie, Brian Harris, Neale Oswald and Matthew Dennis.

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President’s inaugural speech MAAQ AGM 18th Sept 2010. Before I take the Presidents chair and commence my official duties, I would like to say a few words. This is not just a victory for Robin Klau and his team; it is a victory for common sense and fair play. My first vote of thanks must go to the 4 remaining Committee members who stood together in very trying circumstances to keep the MAAQ running so that this AGM could be held tonight. Thank you to all clubs and the many individuals who have helped me over recent months, with out you my team and I would not be here tonight. In particular Yvonne Fordham for her knowledge of rules, Neil Brockley for standing up for me, and Trevor Owens for keeping a professional eye on things. At this point in time I will also mention that Trevor Owens was involved in a serious road accident towards the end of August causing life threatening injuries, which would have most people at home convalescing and not attending meetings, this to me shows the calibre of the man. Thank you Trevor and get well soon. My thanks also go out to an individual who played a part in getting me back into the MAAQ after my resignation in February. This man not only came to my house in TCB to give me a pep talk but also worked very hard behind the scenes to have me reinstated as the Treasurer. I understood his passion for the sport and commitment to his club; he understood my passion to improve services to all clubs. His name is Ross Milne from the Dalby club. Thank you Ross for showing me the light. To show how I feel about the win for my team, I could leap up and down punching the air like a 10 year old, but I won’t. Instead I will take you back to around 1960 when I acquired my first engine; it was a Cox 049 with screw on glow head. This was mounted into a purpose built balsa and tissue model. The first flight was held in the nearest park, because that’s where we flew in those days.

After some gentle underarm throws to check balance and gliding characteristics it was time to start the engine. I launched the model with a short run and let it fly from my hand. I stood watching in awe & excitement as the tiny model climbed in ever widening circles until the engine cut out, and then the model glided back to earth for a perfect touch down. The feeling of achievement I felt then is how I feel now. Now you may be wondering just who is Robin Klau, so I will give you an insight firstly into the name Klau. My ancestor fled Prussia in the early 1800’s to escape religious persecution along with many other people of the time, and migrated to Australia. They settled in the Barossa Valley S.A. at Bethany. He remained in Bethany until his death and is buried in the pioneer cemetery. Recently my name became the object of scrutiny when my wife and I cruised from Asia across the top of the Pacific to Alaska and down to Vancouver. One of the ports visited was Vladivostok home to the now rusting Russian Pacific fleet and until 1995 was completely out of bounds to tourists. I had been ashore walking about by myself in freezing cold wet weather arriving back at the ship late in the afternoon. Rushing up the gang plank in order to get into the warmth I stepped into the security section and discovered a large Russian Customs woman was blocking my path through to the ship proper. Now some years ago I had seen a James Bond film in which a KGB woman was trying to stab him with poison spikes protruding from her shoes, and here she was, immaculately dressed in her uniform towering over me with a serious look on her face hand outstretched muttering something about Passports. I must have looked a site because I was wearing a Russian fur cap purchased from a nearby stall, with the ear covers pulled down, complete with hammer and sickle Page 21

badge on the front. She looked at the passport, glared at me, looked at the passport again then pointed at me saying in a booming voice, “you Russian”. At that point I had visions of not getting back on the ship, however she smiled handed me back the passport and stepped aside. I scurried through the door and headed for the nearest bar to have a Martini neither shaken nor stirred. In a slightly more serious vein, I will relate to you a lesson learnt many years ago which I have followed ever since. It was my first day at work and I had been employed by G J Coles & CO LTD. as a trainee manager, requiring 5 years of training in many of their stores. I was being shown about the store by the Manager, introduced to staff and was given a run down on my duties. Then he said to me “Mr Klau”? Now that grabbed my attention because I had never been called Mr before only Klau as my Headmaster at school was ex Navy and he ran the school like a ship. He said “Mr Klau you may be thinking at this point in time that I am the most important person in the store, but I am not, neither you nor any of the staff are important”. The most important person in this store is the customer without them you and I do not have a job. “You are here to serve”. Fellow members, you are my customers; “I am here to serve you.” Our goals in the immediate future will be to focus on getting the MAAQ books back in order. This will commence with an audit from July 1 up to September 18 so that the incoming Treasurer will start with a clean slate. Phil Argent our new web master will also be working hard to restore all missing files from the web site. We will concentrate on informing all States that planning for the Nationals are well Page 22

in hand and have the full support of the incoming committee. After the Nationals have finished we can then focus on club visits and other issues such as the Rules. Our vision for the future can be found in paragraph 2.1(a) of the rules, and I quote:“To promote the development of Model Aviation in Queensland by, in particular the promotion, protection, organisation and encouragement in every way, the building, flying and development of model aircraft and to develop and encourage model aeronautics generally within Australia through the medium of model aeronautical clubs within the State of Queensland or elsewhere and those who elect to become ordinary members of this Association” Thankyou Robin Klau.

Photos wanted: If you have any photos of modelling in general, old photos, even unusual photos that we can scan or copy .

Aircraft wanted to buy: A tug airframe 2m in span or bigger suitable for aero- towing like in the photo below. Contact the PRO Phil Argent

MAAQ 2010

Membership Survey The most important Document you may ever fill in for the MAAQ! Over the past few years, MAAQ have focused on recruitment to increase our membership. To accomplish this, we need to hear from you! Attending a competition recently I had the chance to chat with many members from all over the state and beyond. I asked a number of questions to many of them, and noticed the large variety of answers to the same questions. Many people – many different opinions. From this has come the 2010 members Survey – probably the most important document for all of us. Companies who want to sell a product, first go out and look at the market to find out, who will buy it, where they live, when the will buy it and what price they would spend, to purchase this product. IE market research. We have built an easy 3-page survey that we need EVERY SINGLE MEMBER to please fill it out. This will help to define things like where do are members live, how old are we, where you fly, what you fly etc etc etc. This also gives you, the chance to really have your say on what you are doing and what you want of your sport/hobby, but also what and where you want MAAQ to head in the future. With your feedback, not only will it assist to retain our current members, but we’ll have the feedback to gain new membership too. Data from this survey will be used to make recommendations for strategies for our associations continuing and future growth and development. Please fill it out and get it back to your secretary, and they can send them to me. Alternatively you can mail them to me directly or even email them to me. I don’t how care I get them. I just want them! To this end and after requests at the AGM I have also made it possible to do the same Survey via www.maaq.orq and follow the links. This way you do have to pull the survey out of the Airflow. Help us Help you! Your input is very valuable and important to us. Thank you very much for your time in participating in our survey. Yours sincerely Phil Argent Public Relations Officer MAAQ PRO@MAAQ.ORG

Address: PO Box 369 Rosewood QLD 4340

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Membership Survey

1. What year were you born? 3. Any other members of your household fly aircraft? Yes Do you currently fly Model Aircraft


2.What is your postcode?


If so how many?


If so how many models you own?


What type? Please tick all that apply. Plane










Non Powered

Control Line-






Old Timers-


Others types - Please specify? Do you own any Larger models?


Heavy Models


Giant Models

Do you have any models that you would consider "Parkflyers"? Yes No

What Frequencies do you fly?

2.4g -



If so how many?



Where you Fly? What is your Local Field? How long does it take you to get to your local Field? 1 Please rate your local flying field 1-5





(5 = I love my field to 1 I wish I had an alternative)

In A few words 'What is the best thing about your local Field'? What is the worst thing about your field? Do you fly at any other field or park?


What is the furthest you travel to fly? Approx



In kms please.

Do you compete in any flying competitions? Would you like to compete?



More training/instruction available?





If so how many times a year?

What would assist you to compete?


More information about competitions?

Make a difference!

Please list all!


No Someone who competes to communicate with?


No Unsure

Any thing else?

Page 1 of 3

Thank you for you participation!

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Membership Survey

Do you have availability to the Internet?






Have you been to the to the MAAQ website? Did you find what you were looking for?


Have you been to the to the MAAA website?


If not what were you looking for? What else would you like to find on the website

Do you read your Airflow?



What would you like to see more of?

What would you like to see less of?

Does Airflow have information relevant to you? (1= I always read it all 5= I never bother)

Would you like to receive Airflow electronically â&#x20AC;&#x201C; IE a pdf via email? Yes









No Unsure

Tell us about your club Yes



Does your club keep you abreast of the latest news concerning your flying? Does your club offer training / instruction to improve you flying if you wanted it? Does your club pass on current & important MAAQ issues to you? What would you like to see your club do more of?

What would you like to see your club do less of?

Would you like to see more or less members in your club? More Less Could you rate you club overall 1 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5

(1= I love this club to 5= I would find another club if I could)



Are you a member of any other modelling club? Please list how many. Full



Do you belong to any Special Interest Groups?

Make a difference!

Other (please specify) Yes


Page 2 of 3

If so which ones

Thank you for you participation!

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Membership Survey


In a few words - What do you think the MAAQ does?

Do you read the articles and updates from MAAQ in Airflow?






(1= All the time 5= I've got better things to do)

Is there a way we could communicate this information to you better?

What do you think the MAAQ could do to assist your club?

What do you think you or your club could do to assist the MAAQ?

Any other comments you would like to add?

All over! Thank you very much for you valuable time and effort.

Make a difference!

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Page 3 of 3

Thank you for you participation!

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QLD STATE PYLON CHAMPIONSHIPS The state championships were held in Bundaberg on the 21st & 22nd of August, and as a result of the successful visit by members of QMARA to Japan in late July, a team of nine Japanese came to compete and visit the Bundaberg area. There were four pilots who competed in Q500, F400, & the F3D event â&#x20AC;&#x153;This was a great opportunity to return the hospitality that had been shown to our members only weeks earlier in Japanâ&#x20AC;?said Bruce De Chastel. The Japanese visit was Sponsored & coordinated by Bruce from Big Bruce Racing Products, Whilst not everything worked out well for their racing the Japanese contingent certainly enjoyed their visit. The State Champs were also a selection event for F3D for the Australian team for the F3D World Championships to be held at Bundaberg in August 2011, so they were very hotly contested by those seeking selection, including Ranjit Phelan & Adam Argus, both from NSW. There were 9 rounds of competition flown over two days with varying conditions to contend with on each day.

Australian Team and that will be decided by performances at the Nationals. In the F400 class there was some very fast and furious & close flying which was being enjoyed by all until they remembered that trophies and the State Title was on offer, then it got down to being a little more serious. However at the end of 6 rounds of competition Tyler Mees on 348.9 points emerged as the winner & State Champion with Bruce De Chastel, 349.9 hot on his heels and Nathan Nichols again 3rd on 355.7points. The Q500 State Champion title went to Mick Dakers on 391.9points, Joe Luxford 2nd, 395.0 & Craig Scotney 3rd 404.6 points. In the QE46 Class the State Champ is Joe Luxford, 379.0points, Steve Porter,2nd on 400.1 & Warren Mees 3rd with 401.4 points. The full results from the State Championships are available from the QMARA website, au/results

However after some very close flying, which saw one mid-air collision, after the end of a race between Adam Argus & Brad Darr, Ranji Phelan won the F3D event with 414.2 points from Chris Callow 1.5 seconds behind on 415.7 & Nathan Nichols third on 436.6 points. Chris Callow uncharacteristically had a cut in the last heat of the competition which opened the door for Ranjit to take the Trophy back to NSW. After two team selection events that have been held, AMPRA champs in June & now the QLD Champs, Chris Callow has an average time of 58.42seconds which will almost certainly secure him a place on the Australian team. The final Team selection event will be the National to be held in Dalby in December 2010. There are still two more places to be decided for the Page 28

CLOSING DATES FOR AIRFLOW October-December edition will be on the 29th of November 2010.

Presentation of gold wings at our club, RAAF AMBO (Amberley) . Wings presented by our president, Wing Commander Trevor Owens, Recipient Ryan Hoggett and instructor John â&#x20AC;&#x153;have a chatâ&#x20AC;? Milne. The aircraft is an Ultimate 120 size powered by a YS 140.

Above left :Adrian Bryant launching Senator at Maryborough. Above right: Steadied by the stick Adrian gets away.

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Australia’s oldest competitive free flight modeller?

By Malcolm Campbell

The Brisbane Free Flight Society has two members in their eighties. Bart Carney (pictured on the left) is now 89 and has this year stopped attending fun fly days at Coominya. He always presents beautifully built and light models and his big Korda rubber model is a joy to watch. His high aspect balsa A2 would not handle a day’s competition but on still air days it just floats around the sky like an indoor model. But Bart doesn’t compete any more. Our other enthusiastic octogenarian is Adrian Bryant (pictured below) who actually lives just over the border, in NSW. Another club member, Albert Fathers, makes the trip south to pick up Adrian and then they both drive to Coominya. Adrian is a rubber man, flying P-30, F1G , F1B and vintage rubber. He does most of the preparation himself, sets up his models, walks to the line and usually picks good air for the launch. If things go wrong, Albert is always there to help. Albert does all of the retrieving. And this is not just at Coominya. Albert takes Adrian to Narrandera each year for the Australian Free Flight Championships, and he’s also taken him to Springhurst in Victoria for the Nationals. Even in recent years, Adrian has attended overseas events including World Championships – and he’s flown in supporting events!Life has not been too kind to Adrian of recent years, with a doctors over zealous prescribing of Gentomycin antibiotic, destroying his middle ear and most of his balance. That stopped him driving and he now walks with the aid of a stick, even though the doctor said he should use a walking frame. Sometimes he walks without the stick, such is his Aussie determination. But now he faces a bigger challenge – his sight is failing. What does Adrian do? Well he attends the F1G State Championships last month and puts up 4 out of 5 maxes. Well, it would have been five if he’d set the DT correctly for his first flight! He would have been in the fly-off for first. Adrian has the objective to fly in an event until he gets a max. We’ve changed that for him. He now flies in an event until he stops getting maxes, and that means he is now getting more maxes. So this is just a short story about Adrian Bryant. Those who know him would know that his full story would fill a book. What can you gain out of this? Well, life may be short but live like Adrian and you’ll live life to the fullest. He has no axe to grind; he’s always cheerful and always interested in others activities. He is true blue and dinky die and we all love him for it. The world would be a happier place with a few more like him. So get out there and enjoy your flying! Page 30

The following 5 pages refer to the auditors findings and financial statements for the year ending 30th June 2010. Please excuse the quality as these were scanned copies.

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I would imagine that is considerably under the cost of going to a World Championships in Europe.

As Queensland ‘s 64 th MAAA Nationals is coming up at the end of this year I thought a short article and some pictures from the American National’s I attended in July might provide an insight into the conduct of a Nationals for the benefit of those who have never attended such an event.

The American fliers and all people I met were all very friendly and helpful and I am not sure how many times people asked if they could take my picture or would I just talk to them so they could listen to my Australian accent

The American Nationals is spread out over the year with specified events being held over about a period of a week, sometimes with a number of disciplines being conducted at the same at the huge permanent headquarters of the AMA. The town of Muncie is about a 1 ½ hour drive from Indianapolis in Indiana and the AMA site about 15 minutes drive from the centre of town. The site is in the centre of a rural area surrounded by nearby farms and has a permanent headquarters building, fantastic museum and all venues and hard stands to accommodate all forms of modeling disciplines. It also has a permanent modeling shop where it was possible to buy almost anything connected with modelling. Some hobby shops in Australia could learn a lesson from that shop. I had always wanted to go to Muncie so thought I would compete in my favorite control line event Sport Pulse jet. I managed to get 2 jet engines and 2 jet models into a flight box which did not exceed overall dimensions of 140 cms and relied on the American Speed fliers for fuel and starting gear.

I did look at R/C Scale Pylon and R/C Combat events as well as watch the many control line events including Combat and F2B stunt. I also did some timekeeping for the many team race events which were held prior to my jet speed event. I was fortunate to place third in Sport Jet amongst the cream of American and New Zealand Pulse jet fliers and was privileged to meet some of the top speed legends. All in all I guess the greatest joy of competing at the USA Nats was talking to the fliers in many disciplines and to see and discuss their models. Some of the knowledge gained will be put in place at the Dalby Nationals. SEE YOU AT DALBY John D. Taylor 64th National’s Chairman

Big boxes and extra baggage can cost a fortune in USA now that the baggage limits have all been changed recently, however if you get the right airlines to travel on you will not be charged extra. I do not intend to go into other details of my travel to USA which lasted about a month but I will say that costs of return flights to Muncie and all expenses associated with compe&ng at their  Championships over the week of compe&&on  came out at under three thousand dollars. 

Page 36

Patrick Hemple (USA) Sport jet model (same as mine) on dolly waiting in line for flight.

Team race area with tower for C/D & judges. Interesting to note that although protection is for everyone else, none for peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s upper body in tower.

Speed circle showing safety fences for starters with just a small portion of vastness of Muncie showing in the background.

Above right- L-R Robert Bolton (NZ), 2nd, Andrew Robinson (NZ) 1st, John Taylor (AUS) 3rd and Bill Capinjola (USA) 4th (Builder of jet engines) above

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R.C Combat area with only three planes remaining from 6 starters. Interesting point- sequence for starting and conduct of this competition was that the con- Event headquarters for registration, only trol was an automatic program on a player one or two people operating. hooked up to a loudspeaker system meaning if a competitor was not ready at the start of a contest they missed that bout Bouts were Below: very fast and furious, very well supported. Scores at the end of the competition.

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F1A STATE CHAMPS – Dalby 29 May 2010‐06‐01 

by Malcolm Campbell

All week, we watched “WeatherZone” on TV and saw the green bars (winds over 20 kph) steer crazily towards “our weekend”. And by the time the weekend had arrived, so had the winds. F/F luck? The locals said the previous 3 weekends were glorious! In defence of Dalby, the weather across the whole of SE Queensland was pretty bad that weekend. So we arrived to flyable weather on Friday afternoon, and slept to the sound of rain on the motel roof. It was cool at the field on Saturday morning, and quite calm. With eight entries and some good flyers amongst them, it looked like an open contest with many possible winners. I doubt if anyone would have predicted the first 3 places. Des Slattery was first up with his Pink Elephant, recording 100 seconds in the damp air. Van did somewhat better (161 secs) with his Sija, with Albert’s W-Hobby long model bunting high off the launch to be only 7 seconds behind. John Lewis decided to fly an older (proven model) in the conditions and suffered the inconvenient unlatch while circling so down in 83 seconds. Ben Lewis, flying glider for the first time in quite a while, headed the pack with an impressive 161, off a well executed circle and bunt. Unfortunately, his fin was knocked off on landing. While I managed to circle, I was surprised by the wind strength over 40 metres and recorded a 144 from a launch off centre. Where was Ted? The round was nearly over when he arrived and launched in the last ten minutes to max. Bill was not so lucky, flying his first glider comp, he misjudged the strength of the upper air. His model pulled to the right landing fast and hard in the crops, removing both wingtips. Photo: Athletic launch by Ben Lewis getting his father John’s model away.

Upper winds caught us all out, making for long retrieves. And these retrieves tested us, being through mature sorghum crops and wet black soil. It wasn’t long before we all had wet trousers, shoes and socks. Trackers were essential. Round 2 and the winds for launching were still reasonable, although I copped a real blast during circling and zoomed off low to save the model, for a dreadful score. Albert maxed and Des and John improved from R1. Ted and Van went backwards and Ben had an awful flight, flying an out of trim bunter after his good model lost its fin. Photo: Cold, wet and windy day F1A flyers Ted Burfein and Albert Fathers prepare.

Round 3 was the upset. Those away early were very lucky and these included Des, Van, and Albert, with Des topping the scores. John never made it back in time, and Ted also had a shocker in more ways than one. He spent the next round looking for it! I went out later in the round and that’s when the real wind came in - 9 m/sec. Ben and I elected to retire. Many came in looking the worst for wear after long and difficult retrieves, but the scores were starting to look intriguing.

Photo: Sonya Burfein launches husband Teds F1A glider

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Albert was leading by 7 secs from Van, with Ted in 3rd one second ahead of Des as the survivors went into Round 4. Van then jumped ahead of Albert with a 132 sec flight. But Ted and Des hadn’t flown R4 – Des had retired and Ted was looking for a lost model! It was around then that John sniffed a chance of a podium finish, so he put up a score significantly better than the rest to be just 2 seconds off 3rd place. Only 4 flyers attempted Round 5 and they finished looking like drowned rats. Ted’s model did something on launch that none of us could fathom, seeming to bunt while still on the line, causing a 33 second flight that played right into John’s plan for a podium finish! After such a difficult round, it was decided to break for lunch to see if the winds would moderate. The warm fire near the club house, the hot soup and the BBQ foods revived many but the winds still blew. At 1.30pm the CD asked the remaining 4 flyers (John, Van, Ted and Albert) whether they wanted to continue. The decision was unanimous as the wind was accompanied by more rain. Photo: Dianne Richards-Smith launches for husband Van. The final results were unpredictable. A very happy Van RichardsSmith took home his first 1st place in a BFFS competition, ahead of Albert and John. An hour later, blue skies broke through and another 2 hours later perfect flying weather returned. Isn’t that so often the case?











Event shortened due to  weather



Van Richards‐Smith







A Fathers







J Lewis








T Burfein








D SlaUery








B Lewis








M Campbell 








W Jones








FIG State Champs 11 July Coominya by John Lewis

With all the confusion leading up to this event I would rate both the decision to hold the  event on Sunday at Coominya and the event itself a major success.  Originally the State  Champs were set down for Saturday at Dalby followed by the Big  Bird on the Sunday.  AYer some confusion with changes to the  Big  Bird  date  and  finally  the  decision  to  discon&nue  this  event  Sunday became available and as the week progressed it became  apparent the beUer loca&on in terms of wind was Coominya on  Sunday.    Twelve  compe&tors  as  well  as  Brian  Taylor  who  also  tested  his  coupe  on  the  day  took  advantage  of  almost  perfect  condi&ons.  Had Van, Dianne, Ted, Sonya and Pieter aUended we  Page 40

could have had numbers similar to our best years. Flying continued after the event till late in the day as flyers took advantage of the great conditions. Photo: Graham Maynards hitech bubble machine worked to give him 3rd place. Round 1 began in cool overcast conditions with neutral air and little drift. George, Mark, Dale, John, Ben and Malcolm all maxed this round. William Jones was a surprise omission to the max club while Adrian suffered from a premature DT on a certain max. Round 2 seemed to produce more down air than up with only 3 maxes recorded. George was the only one left on a perfect score while Adrian and Graham joined the max club. After a low first round score Albert retired to help Adrian. Mark with his highly developed homemade design was unlucky to fall 1 second short of his max. Similarly John dropped by 2 seconds with Malcolm close behind only missing out by 3 seconds. Round 3 produced 8 maxes ensuring a close result. With 5 maxes in round 4 George was still leading with a pack including Mark, Graham, Dale and Adrian hot on his heels after only dropping one flight each. Malcolm dropped out of contention with a 7 second 2nd attempt following an ill chosen trim change. With round five open the pressure was on the first five not to falter and drop out of podium contention and none of them did with the final results revealing the first 5 places separated by 19 seconds. George Baynes maxed out to win, Mark was second just 1 second in arrears, and Graham following up from his superb P30 win was third after dropping 7 seconds. Adrian Bryantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 5th place result was amazing, considering his premature R1 DT. He almost certainly would have been in a fly off with George! Interesting to note perhaps was the first 4 places were achieved without the use of VIT, AR etc. Often flyers are phased by the use of bought sophisticated models but as is nearly always the case careful air selection is the most important factor. Photo above left:George Baynes gets his last flight away timed by Ron Munden. Regardless of the results I feel it is fair to say everyone had an enjoyable day. Common opinion on the day was we should have more coupe events and this has been provided for in the 2011 draft calendar. All we need is good weather to go with these events. Photo: An F1G on the glide 70 grams dry weight

The final results in F1G George Baynes 1st 600 points (perfect score of 120) each round, Mark Amour 2nd place with 599 , Graham Maynard 3rd with 593, Dale Jones 4th place with 584 ,Adrian Bryant 5th place with 581, John Lewis 6th place on 553, Ben Lewis 7th place with 508, Mal Campbell 8th place on 471, William Jones 9th place with 460, Des Slattery 10th place with 369, Ron Munden 11th place on 353, Albert Fathers 12th place on 20 points.

Page 41

WANTED Your photos of events and aircraft for the next edition of Airflow. Some guidelines to follow: photos must be clear and correctly framed. Pick a good background preferably where there is no cluttered background for instance peoples legs and shadows. Get down on the ground for maximum effect if you have to . If taking people -use flash to brighten faces if hats are worn, no sunglasses and get up close for better effect. Hope to see your efforts in the next airflow. Contact the editor for further information.

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HOT FORMING DEPRON FOAM WINGS FOR AN INDOOR MODEL By Gary Pryor – RSSF Pictures and text below describe an experimental method to create cambered wings using 6mm Depron without the overbending and crinkling of the concave surface when cold working or using ribs to hold the curve. The wing is 500mm half span and 200mm chord with about 10% camber.

The mould with timber base and 0.5mm sheet aluminium anchored at one edge. Also at the fixed edge is a notch to anchor the leading edge of the foam. The aluminium sheet now curved to the required camber by pulling down the trailing edge. This curve is a parabola which is very close to the Simplex plate wing sections.

The foam blank is fitted into the LE notch, bent over the mould and weighted down. This amount of bend does not crinkle the foam. It is surprising how much weight is required. It is better to put sufficient weight to bring it down to the profile rather than allowing to sag down As it is heated. The foam is curved in place. Light the BBQ (one burner only on low) and close the lid. Allow it to get to 90ºC. It was necessary to lift the lid occasionally to keep it that. (Don’t forget to turn the burner down and keep an eye on it. It can get to 130ºC and shrink and distort the foam. Don’t ask me how I know this.) Leave for 20-30 minutes depending if you start from hot or cold. Turn off the gas and open the lid.

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The finished half wing when cold. There is virtually no springback and the foam feels much the same as unheated foam in terms of stiffness etc. The wing halves are glued after sanding the edges to the dihedral angle and apart from 3mm ply dihedral braces about 120mm long on the leading and trailing edges there are no ribs or spars in/on this wing. The completed model is shown with all Depron fuselage and tail surfaces. The model weighs 270gm. Further to the above, while I pre-cut the wing plan shape I think it would be better to curve a rectangular blank for more consistent and even weighting and then cut the shape later.


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DVD’s For Sale

Interested in Warbirds and general sport flying ? Grab a pack of 14 DVD’s on average 60 min long. Featuring Warbirds , general sport flying and ultralights, from Tin Can Bay club to Logan club in the south including all of Tin Can Bays Warbirds from 2007 to 2010 , Coolum 2008,2009 and many other club events. Cost $22.00 including postage or collect at Dalby Nats this year . Ring and ask for Bill Creed on 07 54450227. MAAQ GENERAL MEETING DATES FOR 2010 NOVEMBER 6TH GENERAL MEETING AT THE CHERMSIDE LIBRARY 375 HAMILTON ROAD CHERMSIDE PH 07-34038888 GENERAL MEETING COMMENCING AT 2 PM FURTHER DETAILS WILL BE ADVERTISED ON THE MAAQ WEB SITE. WWW.MAAQ.ORG

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Attention all COMPETITORs Special event at 64th nationals

This will be australia’s richest free flight event. Cash prizes of $700 1st prize is $300 2nd prize is $200 3rd prize is $100 Run over 3 rounds

5mins max Flown over 4 mornings at 5.30 am.

On 1st, 4th and 5th January, these flights will be ROG (“rise off ground”) from a flat horizontal table.

On 6th January, a mass hand launch will take place. The last one down wins $100 prize. Planes will be scrutinized for eligibility. No entry fee. HISTORY This event will be a repeat of the contest that had the largest number of entries at the 1999 Toowoomba Nats. That event was organised by the Brisbane Free Flight Society, to celebrate the 50th year of the “Courier Mail’ Cup - the trophy for the annual Q’ld State Champs Wakefield event. To make things interesting, it was decided that the event would be for Wakefield class models conforming to the rules that existed in the year of the Courier Mail Cup’s arrival on the scene –1949. The 1949 Wakefield rules were as follows: MODEL TYPE Rubber powered, free-flight duration model. FLYING The models must take - off (ROG) from a flat horizontal surface nominated by the contest director . Pushing at release can result in disqualification. On day 4, the mass launch will be a hand launch. TIMING Starts at the release of the model, and terminates at touch-down; or when the model goes out of sight; or when five minutes has been reached. (If a number of competitors have a full-house score, a tie-break unrestricted-time round shall be organised.) SPECIFICATION The model must weigh not less than 8 ounces (227 gm). Weight of the rubber motor is not limited. The fuselage, at some point, must have a cross-sectional area not less than “L squared/100”, where “ L” is the overal l length of the model. ( “L” can be in inches measured from the tip of the prop winding loop to the D/T hooks at the rear , with the c.s.a. in sq. Inches - alternatively, c.m.’s and sq. c.m.’s can be used.) Wing area must be between 190 and 210 sq. Inches ( 1226 sq. cm. and 1355 sq. cm. ) and is to be measured directly on the cambered surfaces (not projected as is now the rule.) Tailplane area is not to exceed 33% of the wing area. PLEASE NOTE Only one model per entrant (no spare allowed). No multiple entries. Proxy flyers allowed. Entrants are not restricted to flying designs that existed in 1949 but, if you want to design your own, go ahead. GOOD LUCK ! ENTRANTS should advise Dale Jones via email or phone 0412 877 063

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16 – 17 TARMAC-MRSSA AEROTOW 16- 17 23



















25 – 26 WARBIRDS BUNDABERG Trev Nielsen 41960318, George Holland 41593084 24-26 HELI STATE CHAMPS QRCHA com 26

New Canungra field www.qrcha. VINTAGENTS @ TBA

















29TH 64TH



2011 JUNE 18-19


Having fuel problems with your inverted 4-stroke glow engine? …the new ‘NIFTI’ header pump…


Solves issues with flooding and problematic idling when engine is inverted Addresses tuning variations due to falling fuel levels within tank A must for A.R.F. scale models with fixed tank position Designed, built and tested in Australia Suits 4-stroke glow engines Plugs onto existing fuel tank Can be remotely mounted Alloy construction. Wt - 48gms Dia - 33mm Lgth – 25mm Refer Airborne No. 214 Page 12 for full review

…Now offering repairs to glow engines… 360 degree test bed (as shown below) Variable tank height to inlet nipple You can specify your test requirements All repairs performed using designed/special jigs and testing equipment Reasonable parts and labour charges apply

To order or for more detailed information

Contact Nev Dorne Email: Phone: (07) 41241853

Above: Maryborough 2010, Below: Cularis launch into flight.

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Airflow Magazine - September, 2010  

September, 2010 issue of Airflow Magazine

Airflow Magazine - September, 2010  

September, 2010 issue of Airflow Magazine

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