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General Meeting Calendar for 2015 Commencing at 2 pm.

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THE FOLLOWING MEETINGS Saturday 29TH AUGUST (AGM) Saturday 28TH NOVEMBER are to be held at another venuelocation to be advised. These dates are also listed on the calendar on the MAAQ web site

On last editions front cover, I neglected to mention that the photo was taken and supplied by Mal O’Neil from the CRAMS club, and would like to thank Mal for sending the photos of the model in. I would also like to mention that the aircraft is owned by Chris Gratton. ED. FRONT COVER: Steve Beecham's (LARCS Club Logan) magnificent scale model of the B25 Apache Princess. Built from an ESM kit and is powered by two Saito FG 21 petrol motors with three bladed props, this B25 has retracts and is of 2420 mm in span weighing 11.3 kilos. Flies like the real thing and impresses everyone who sees it operating at LARCS. Cover design by Jim Henry (RSSF) and photography by Stuart Webber (


Didn’t you know that 2.4 is the go these days ? AIRFLOW 2

M.A.A.Q. Executive and Office Bearers President: Tyson Dodd

0417 727981

Vice Pres: Mick Dallman

0411 285 665

Secretary: Kathy Moody

07 4634 4078

Treasurer: Barry McDonald

07 5483 2201

C.F.I.: Warren Hathaway

0457 456001

R/C Admin :


Airflow Editor: Doug Moody.

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F/F Admin: Graham Maynard

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C/L Admin: Kerry Ewart

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PRO : Vacant

Next MAAQ General Meeting date: 29th August 2015 ( AGM Annual General Meeting) Location to be advised at 2.00 PM. Afternoon tea provided after meeting. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

PLEASE NOTE THE CUT OFF DATE FOR MATERIAL FOR THE JULY-SEPTEMBER EDITION WILL BE 4TH SEPTEMBER 2015. From the MAAQ Secretary: Trainer log books and flight instructor manuals are available, for those members who are contemplating to become instructors. Please contact the MAAQ Secretary.





elcome to the second quarter of Airflow for the year. By the time you have read this the 68th Nationals is but a very long lasting memory of the work many behind the scenes performed by club members and committee members that made it a success. Indoor at the Sleeman Sports Stadium during the Nationals was so much of a success that an arrangement has been negotiated to hire this venue for the next 12 months with a regular indoor night . This venue has a 22 metre roof height and a large open court area. This night will be the third Friday of each month for 3 hrs from 7 to 10 pm . The MAAQ will pay the costs of the venue at Sleeman Sports Stadium for the year 20152016 and for those MAAQ affiliated members a nominal door fee will be charged on these nights. Without the great efforts of Darryl Gunst the Nationals would not have been successful. Congratulations to Darryl and his band of merry men who were able to put it all together. Weather played an important part with some 4-6 inches of rain fell in the weeks before the event and soon after the event more rain fell. Many of the fields were very well presented in readiness for the event. Reports from the organizers have said that the Queensland Nationals were a success with over 220 competitors over all disciplines with an approximate profit of $6500 . As these extra funds were accumulated by the competitors, the MAAQ committee have decided to return these funds to the member competitors and will be used on obtaining a “competition trailer “ to aid clubs to host future competitions.

It has been decided by members at the general meeting held on the 9th of May 2015 that the Airflow newsletter will now be available in electronic form only which will be made available on the MAAQ web site. For those who do not have internet access contact your club to arrange for a paper copy. Check out the MAAQ web for a sample of the newsletters under the tab of AIRFLOW MAGAZINE. Also at this meeting the MAAQ club fees were set for the next year with the following rates: Senior members $98 was $104 . Senior members over 65 $92.00 Junior rate to remain at $44.00. In this edition you will find a success story from the Rockhampton club putting their club assistance scheme money to good use. I might add that there is still $40,000 approximately left in the funding basket of monies for this year- so get planning and put your submissions into the committee for consideration. AIRFLOW 4

For the next coming edition of Airflow, information on Wings over Wanaka 2016 will be Provided which is scheduled for 25-28th March next year in New Zealand. Despite being a full size aircraft event, this is usually well attended with some exotic war birds that can be seen on display and in flight. Around 80 aircraft will attend this event next year including the Corsair, Catalina, Kittyhawk and Spitfire. In the air you will witness some extraordinary flying with war birds, loud modern fighter jets through to the manoeuverable STOL aircraft flown in this region. Witness a landing competition and an international jet racing challenge. Set in an extraordinary setting of stunning scenery you will watch pyrotechnics, aerobatics, team formations and some skilled flying.... enough memories for a lifetime! On the Ground There’s also lots to do on the ground - come for three days and keep one day just for ground exhibits.... from the warhorses, vintage trucks, aviation trade stands, market stalls, aircraft for sale, wine and food from the region and much more.... Watch what our experts can make out of aircraft parts ... New in 2016 See the first full display of the RNZAF new Beechcraft Texan trainers, Our amphibian display over the Lake front on Friday afternoon will be something you are unlikely to have seen before, featuring the Catalina also. Rides Day 2016 on Monday 28th offers you the opportunity to take to the skies yourself. Ensure you read ‘Airshow Programme’ and ‘Titanium, Gold, Silver and GA ticket’ pages to get all the details you need..... Visit for the program and tickets . Finially I would like to thank the contributors in this edition- Phoenix Model Flyers , Southern Cross Airforce (Phoenix Model flyers), the Rocky Boys- RMAC,Dalby (DMAC) , Wazza Hathaway, Mel Gillott and John Borrill. Some late news just in - Ivor F (Stowe) has passed away at the age of 90. A write up is on line in the Sydney Morning Herald dated May 20th . Doug. The photos below are from the Wings over Wanaka photo album from 2014


FROM THE PRESIDENT. 2015 has gotten off to a blinding start with some major club events, the National Championships here in Qld and the MAAA mid-year Conference among some of the initial interesting aspects to date. The 68th Queensland Nationals: With over 220 competitors across all but one discipline, the 9-day event in SEQ was well received. Many new champions were recognised and of note was the involvement from such a large number of juniors and also female members participating in the event. I would like to personally thank those on the Nationals Committee for your involvement over the 18-months leading up to the event and every CD and volunteer during the event. The Nationals were alive and well here in Queensland for 2015. Allocation of funds Policy: A reminder all member clubs throughout the entire of Qld that the Allocation of Funds Policy is there to be utilised by our clubs. Further requests can be submitted to your MAAQ committee. The forms and policy are available MAAA Mid-year conference: The mid-year MAAA conference was a chance to meet with the presidents from around Australia and discuss some hot topics that all State Associations are currently working through. Ie. Reducing State Association costs, value adding to our clubs, coordinated and constructive approach to growing our sport locally and throughout the country and future proofing our sport/membership/state and federal bodies. The recognition as a Sporting organisation has already filtered down through our clubs with several clubs successful in gaining substantial state grants. The MAAQ committee together with these successful clubs will be sharing the process and helpful hints from those clubs who have recently been successful to assist with your future sporting grants. MAAA has left their fees on hold again this year. Furthermore, they have also been working together with the insurance brokers and have secured additional coverage (up to $10K) for all MAAQ clubs for on-site infrastructure (mowers etc) that maybe subject to approved claims. Just another added benefit for all our clubs. MAAQ through the progression of the Airflow to Electronic format (available from computers, PDA’s, ipads etc) and other streamlining of Association expenses has been able to achieve a reduction in fees for our members for the 2015/16 year. I would to also remind all club secretaries: 1. The next MAAQ meeting in August will also coincide with the MAAQ AGM. It is important for all clubs to be involved where they feel and included where possible. Clubs will be notified of a “virtual” attendance for these meetings. 2. Please circulate the Electronic Airflow when received. The links will be provided. 3. Suggestions of an Events Notification Coordinator have been received. This person will assist in culminating Club events for the entire State and will serve to be an informant to clubs where there maybe clashes. They will also assist in the promotion of events electronically where requested by our clubs. 4. At the May general meeting the membership voted to utilise some of the profit from the Nationals event to establish an “Events Trailer”. The 68th Nationals Event resulted in assets like Marquees etc being purchased. The Trailer will be loaded with these items including esky’s, portable PA etc and will be available for Free Hire to clubs holding events/state championships etc; a great initiative. 5. Lastly but not least how do our members fit into Aeromodelling in Australia?? - MAAA is an effective board which is made up of the presidents from each State in addition to the MAAA Executive being President, Vice-president, Secretary/registrar, and Treasurer. - MAAQ has a position on the MAAA from the president’s position, and the MAAQ is made up of the delegates from all 61 clubs registered with MAAQ. - Member Clubs, all 61 of them are made up of each of the members of those clubs. This highlights the importance of the member. Your involvement has a direct impact upwards from your club committee. The more involvement your club committee has with the MAAQ, the more influence you as a member has towards the evolvement of our sport. AIRFLOW 6 Happy Wheels down Landings!!!

Tyson – MAAQ President.

Miniature Aircraft World





MAAQ TMAC inc example)


You MAAQ - Model Aeronautical Association of Queensland Inc. MAAA - Model Aeronautical Association of Australia Inc. ASAC - Australian Sports Aviation Confederation Inc. (NAC – National Airsports Commission) - Commission for International Modelling Inc. MAAQ - CIAM Model Aeronautical Association Aero of Queensland FAI - Federation Aeronautical Internationale - Civil Aeronautical Aviation Safety Authorityof Australia Inc. MAAA - CASAModel Association ASACon - the Australian (NAC – National Airsports Commission) Report Old timerSports eventAviation at theConfederation QueenslandInc. Nationals April 2015. Commission for event International Aero TheCIAM 68th- MAAA Nationals held at theModelling Chris Gratton Field has been run and won. A huge vote of thanks must go to Chris and Cheryl Gratton for all the preparation they put into FAI - the venue Federation ensuring wasAeronautical absolutelyInternationale top notch. CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authoritythe backdrop for seventeen flyers at the Old timer Warm days and fine weather provided event came from as far north as Townswville and as far south as Adelaide. Overall those 17 pilots made up the total entries of 84 over 8 disciplines held at the Gratton Field.

Processing took place on the Sunday and the following four days were filled with events including 1/2 A, 2 cc, Duration, Standard Duration, Texaco, Nostalgia, Burford and 38 Antique. The weather stayed perfect every day with enough variation’s in the lift to sink ratio to make every event a challenge. Of those 17 that entered 9 took away a trophy so there was a very good spread of winners throughout the event. © KEVIN DODD 2013 The SAM pilots are used to travelling to enjoy the competition of their discipline and it was explained that many had spent the Easter at Canowindra. Their efforts to get up to Queensland to support the Nationals is certainly appreciated. The opportunity to enjoy the outstanding conditions and hospitality at Gratton Field was a plus for these nationals competitors. A big thank you must go out to the organizing committee of the 68th Nationals, especially to Mr. Darryl Gunst. This man is a legend and the MAAQ is so fortunate to have a person like Darryl who is so knowledgeable over all disciplines of aeromodelling and prepared to give so much of his time to the organization of this and so many other events. Darryl, you are a legend and I am proud to have you as a friend. AIRFLOW 7 Warren Hathaway

Queensland Nationals at the Old timer field at Gratton April 2015. BradTurner gets his 1/2a Lanzo Bomber away in the 1/2A event. Rob Mercer with the timer. Below- Left Steve Gullock (right) and his mate Brian Stebbing on the left keeping time .

Above: Kev Fryer and the Playboy. Below left Mal O’Neil and Paul Nightingale in between rounds. Below : L-R Peter Van de Waterbeemd, Karen and Dave Paton.


Mick Walsh with his Stardust Special in Standard Duration.

Winners are Grinners in Open Duration. The drag race was won by Brad Turner, second Mick Walsh, Third Steve Gullock. L-R: Mick Walsh .Brad Turner and Steve Gullock .

Texaco Winners: L-R : Brad Turner, Mick Walsh and Steve Gullock. Running on the sniff of an oily rag at 3ml per pound fuel allotment.The winners were Mick Walsh (centre) Lanzo Racer, Steve Gullock (on right) second with 85% Bomber and third Brad Turner (on left) also with 85%bomber.


Overall results of Old timer: Some close times in these events 1/2a Texaco : 1st Brad Turner- Lanzo Bomber 1774, 2nd Jim Hardy -Airborn 1722, 3rd Brian Stebbing -Stardust Special 1716, 4th Mick Walsh Stardust Special 1644, 5th Peter Van de Waterbeemd -Lil Diamond 1247.

Steve Gullock accepts third place.

Standard Duration : 1st Steve Gullock- Playboy 1551, 2nd Mick Walsh- Stardust Special 1526, 3rd Dave Paton-Stardust Special 1289, 4th Peter Van de Waterbeemd - Lanzo Bomber 1184, 5th Jim Hardy -Playboy 837. Kevin Fryer accepts second place. Open Duration: 1st Brad Turner - Playboy 1812, 2nd Mick Walsh -Stardust Special 1795, 3rd Steve Gullock -Playboy 1794, 4th Warren Hathaway -Stardust Special 1764, 5th Dave Paton -105% Playboy 1745. 38 Antique: 1st Kevin Fryer -Cumulus 3657 2nd Mick Walsh -Westener 3554 3rd Brian Stebbing -RC1 3023 4th Dave Paton - Schmaedic Stick 2496 5th Peter van de Waterbeemd-Long Cabin 1623

Mr Consistent Mick Walsh

Open Texaco: 1st Mick Walsh -Lanzo Racer 3816, 2nd Steve Gullock -Lanzo Bomber 85% 3591 3rd Brad Turner -Lanzo Bomber 85% 3536 4th Brian Stebbing -Rambler 2954 Above : Brian Stebbing accepts second 5th Kevin Fryer -Cumulus 2416 place. Page 11 bottom Top left-Mick Walsh ready to go, Top Right -Steve Gullock Bottom left- Rob Mercer Bottom right - Dave Paton AIRFLOW 10

2 cc Duration: 1st Warren Hathaway -Kiwi 808 2nd Peter van de Waterbeemd- Stomper 781 3rd Mick Walsh -Perdicto 663 4th Bruce Ramsay -Red Wing 374 5th Kevin Fryer -Atomiser 102. Gordon Burford : 1st Peter van de Waterbeemd -Ollie 2636 2nd Mick Walsh-Calypso 2454 3rd Brian Stebbing- Swiss Miss 2308 4th Steve Gullock -Stardust Special 2114 5th Dave Paton -Stardust Special- 1278 Nostalgia: 1st Mick Walsh-Hyphen 1749 2nd Kevin Fryer -Spacer 1608 Ivor F 1925-2015. 3rd Jim Hardy -Swayback 1234 4th Steve Gullock -Playboy 1164 and Peter van de Waterbeemd 1164. Overall Mick Walsh was Mr Consistent with 7 podium finishes, Brian Stebbing from South Australia along with Steve Gullock were not far behind Mr Consistent as both flyers had taken away 3 podium finishes over the four days of competition.


Presidents Report from Suncoast Model Flyers June 2015. We have had quite a busy couple of months at SMF over the last few months having held the National MAAA Imac and Pylon events. Both weekends were successful with all spectators and pilots enjoying some fantastic flying. We have now completed our facility and field upgrades as follows: 1: Completed concrete under our pit area. 2: New Heli pits and concrete pad. 3: Completed our new toilet shower block including 4 men’s toilets with a hot shower and a separate 3 toilets and hot shower cubicle for women. 4: Our new camping area is now in place with sites having town power and water. We are very thankful to the MAAA for their improvement loan program and MAAQ for their grant support to help with the above improvements. We are still waiting for some fine weather so that we can finish our new international size concrete starting pad for Pylons. We are currently getting quotes for our new 6 bay club house that will be 19m X 8m x 3m high with a 19 x 6m awning. The new club house will have 5 bays for storing models and conducting meetings with the 6th bay fitted out as a new kitchen. So we have been busy with field improvements. SMF have formed a Cadet Partnership with the Noosa districts High School. Students studying Aerospace at the school attended a static display day conducted by SMF at the school followed by an open day at our field as an introduction to RC Modelling. 15 students attended the open day and were assigned to instructors to be taught the skills of flying model aeroplanes. We have some great events coming up this year as follows: 4th and 5th of July - Southern Cross Warbirds 25th 26 and 27th of September - Ron de Chastel Memorial Pylon 6th 7th and 8th November - Jets over Coolum.

Tony Thornton President Suncoast Model Flyers


Yesterday I ran F5J at the MAAA Nats hosted by Queensland this year, at Harrisville near Ipswich, the home field of MRSSA, the glider club for Brisbane. Entries were low, so the event was changed from mid-week to the weekend and picked up a few more fliers. Altogether, nine fliers took part - two from Bundaberg, one from Alstonville, Dave Morgan from Toowoomba, Barry McDonald from Gympie, Russell Wiltshire from Melbourne (AEFA member and participant in the postal events), and the rest from the host club. It was great weather with booming thermals; many fliers exceeded 200m in the climb, but started to get it together as the event progressed. Eight rounds were completed. This could be the start of on-going F5J events in Queensland. First place went to MRSSA glider flier, Evan Bengtson, flying a 3.6m Pulsar PRO. Second went to David Morgan from Toowoomba flying an Xplorer Electric 3.6m. Third place went to Mark Linwood from Bundaberg flying a 2.0m Aero-naut Premiant, so he took out first place in under 2.5m as well! Fourth place was taken out by Russell Wiltshire from Melbourne with a 3.6m Pulsar PRO. Full results are attached. Second place in under 2.5m went to Colin May from Bundaberg flying a 2.0m model, and third to Rod Bailey from Alstonville flying a Radian. Peter Pine


F5J Electric Glider

In 2011 the FAI approved provisional rules for a new electric glider competition that does not require a fast climb; it puts the emphasis on finding thermals and staying in them. You do not need hi-tech equipment or big dollars to participate and be competitive. In fact a simple ready built foam glider such as the Radian 2 metre is currently doing well in F5J comps.

The rules of this event are simple. Fly for 10 minutes then land near a spot as close to 10 minutes as you can. Only a gentle climb is required since you are penalized for every metre of altitude when you cut the motor. The event is scored on the total flight time, less the penalty for how high you climbed, plus a modest spot-landing bonus. In practice, the length of the flight is the most critical aspect, the height you climbed is a secondary consideration, and the event is certainly not decided by spot landings. A true Thermal event. Full rules may be found on the Australian Electric Flyers Association web page at www. along with other interesting info.

So, how do we know what height you achieve in your climb? You fit your glider with a height limiting devices and data logger. Several are available commercially. Have a look at www. The AEFA promotes the event by freely handing out a collection of these devices and a few hand-held readers, so that fliers can come to an event without a device and still take part. These are still available, but many fliers now have their own devices, and the AEFA runs a monthly postal competition where fliers log their own flights and submit the results to a central point and a winner for the year is declared. Great for practicing. One of the most recent devices is the Altis V.4, which has an LCD display on the device itself, so you do not need a hand-held reader. You launch your aircraft as the hooter sounds the beginning of the 10-minute window. You can switch off at any time up to 30 seconds in to the flight. Some brave fliers have even tried switching off under 50m when they perceive thermal activity! If you keep running your motor, it will be automatically stopped by the device after 30 seconds and you must not start it again. Some devices do not allow a restart per F5J rules, but more recent ones allow a restart in an emergency situation with a zero score being recorded in an event, but the aircraft can be saved! The F5J event is now popular in many overseas countries. Slovakia has developed a web site to publicise international events in F5J. You can see details here: f5magazin_en.html

So dust off your electric gliders and join the F5J revolution! Mel Gillott.



Nationals Competition brings crowd to Coolum & Logan

rom the first day of competition there was plenty of action in the skies above Logan and the Sunshine Coast. From all reports, the Pylon events,at Coolum took off as would be expected from these pilots– fast and furious! It was a picture perfect day for the competitors with the bacon and egg rolls smelling a treat on the barbecue and a warm welcome plus a few wise words from the President of LARCS, who is also fulfilling the role of Safety Officer for the competition. CD, Peter Pennisi, invited the pilots to prepare their machines for the early rounds. The Logan aeromodellers are to be congratulated on their thorough field preparation, despite March’s rainy days. The LARCS complex looked amazing. Control Line competitors arrived throughout the day to register and many took the opportunity to get in some practice. THE Sunshine Coast have played host to the country’s top pilots and high-octane sport when the 68th MAAA Model Aircraft National Championships hit the town. All eyes were on the sky as model aircraft took flight, controlled by pilots including the Sunshine Coast’s Chris Callow and Brisbane- based Aaron Garle. Chris is a five-time world champion in F3D Pylon Racing; a category of flight that sees pilots reach speeds of more than 300kmh and planes withstand incredible G forces. Aaron is ranked in the top 10 International Miniature Aerobatic pilots and will demonstrate his skill manoeuvring a model aircraft with a wingspan of about three meters in a display of topclass flying. Brisbane and the Gold Coast also hosted a number of events in the national championships. Event chairman Tyson Dodd said last year’s championships attracted more than 200 entrants and hundreds of spectators. “From aerobatics to graceful gliders, replica scale models to exciting, noisy and fast action control line combat, the 2015 National Championships will have something for everyone,” Mr Dodd said when interviewed.. “Event disciplines include radio control, control line and indoor flying.” Model Aeronautical Association of Australia president Neil Tank said the national championships, which was held from April 11-19, provided a chance to raise the profile of the sport and showcase aeromodelling in Australia. “The nationals gives us a chance to show the public that flying model aircraft is a thrilling, fun sport the whole family can enjoy,” he said. “Because model aircraft are now easier than ever to operate, many people buy them to fly in a local park but soon discover that flying is quite a challenge. “The Nationals shows just how much you can achieve if you join an MAAA club that provides a safe place to fly and even have recognised flight instructors to help you get your wings.”

Chris (L) and Kevin Callow. AIRFLOW 15

Phoenix Model Aviators’ Park Flyers As the early morning mist slowly lifts away to reveal another beautiful, clear blue day, the Australian Eastern Grey Kangaroos continue nibbling the tender, new, green, grass shoots along the runway. Suddenly, the father kangaroo stands tall and alert onto his rear legs, head held high looking as he hears the sound of the lock on the gate. Members of the Phoenix Model Aviators are here. Within two seconds, all the kangaroos are aroused and they’re OFF! A few quick hops and the family has escaped through the tall grass into the next paddock. All is quiet……… but only for a moment. As the pilots unload their valuable aircraft and place them in the pits area ready for flying, the whole airfield takes on a new and more exciting feeling. This is the age of the ‘Park Flyer’. Any slow flying, light weight radio controlled fixed wing aircraft, powered by a low noise, small electric motor is deemed to be a Park Flyer. Thousands of this category of aircraft, made from foam, balsa, plastic bits and the like (some covered with light weight plastic film) are flying in countries all over the world by men and women, boys and girls. It is so easy to have your own as most hobby shops have these ’low cost’ aircraft for sale with or without radio equipment. ‘Phoenix Model Aviators Park Flyer’s Certificate’ was introduced to encourage pilots to demonstrate their skills by safely flying a Park Flyer aircraft through a set pattern of manoeuvres which includes a smooth and stable landing on the runway in front of the Pilot Safety Barrier. Safety First - The emphasis is on Safety on the ground and in the air. Members have been pleased to accept the programme with many pilots having passed the flying test and been presented with their certificates. Once a member has obtained the ‘Phoenix Model Aviators Park Flyer’s Certificate’, they are encouraged to further develop their flying skills by working towards obtaining the MAAA’s ‘Bronze, Silver and Gold Wings’. For more information, download the manual from the club’s website (click on the page ‘Certificates and Wings’) These photos of Park Flyer Aircraft are of the members of Phoenix Model Aviators.


Confidence Boosting & Safety Awareness Park Flyers are given training with the manoeuvres of Take Off, Flying Parallel to the Runway, Loops, Lazy Figure of Eights, Approach and Landing on the Duty Runway whilst they are standing behind the ‘Pilots Safety Barrier’. Aircraft and Engine Safety on the ground and in the air is a priority. Phoenix Model Aviators Park Flyer’s Certificate boosts confidence within Park Flyer members who know they are part of the club’s activities at the airfield.


Phoenix Model Aviators Park Flyer’s Certificate

Definition Any slow flying, light weight radio controlled fixed wing aircraft, powered by a low noise, small electric motor which is deemed to be a Park Flyer. Aim The pilot is required to demonstrate skills necessary to safely fly the aircraft through a set pattern of manoeuvres which includes a smooth and stable landing on the runway in front of the Pilot Safety Barrier.

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Phoenix Model Aviators


Jets Over Fraser Coast

Hosted by Maryborough Aero modellers Inc.

19th – 21st June 2015

Camping onsite $10 per site per night. Hot Shower Facilities, No power supplied onsite. Canteen Open Saturday and Sunday Commercial Coffee Van onsite Saturday AM and Sunday AM No Pilot Registration Fees If you plan on operating a turbine-powered model, you must show proof that you possess a current turbine permit to fly & MAAA Licence. Please come prepared with this information as you may be asked to provide it.

This is a SOCIAL event for Jet Enthusiasts Please RSVP the CLUB VIA EMAIL We’d love to see you here for great time. Contact: Club Secretary Ian @ Steve @ AIRFLOW 19

The ROCKHAMPTON MODEL AERO CLUB Inc. Subject: Erection of 12mtr. Container and attached shed. Work started in late December with the felling of the large tree which was behind the old shed. Don McKenzie with the borrowed Cherry Picker and his Chain Saw in hand soon made short work of that tree. It took about a week to burn the stump out using the branches of the tree as fuel. The container arrived early in January and work started to clean it down and install a personal roller door on the side. The container was then painted green and soon after Rex Marine and Bert Fleetwood produced and applied a Mural to the container. [A beautiful scene of the islands as seen from Emu Park]. While this was taking place, the eight steel posts that were necessary to keep our container out of flood water were filled with concrete. During the next few days, the marking out for the position of the posts was done and the existing concrete floor was cut to allow the posthole digger to dig the holes for the posts. On Saturday 13th January the four corner posts were cemented in their place. The container was lifted onto the posts on 2 nd February. The positioning of the posts proved to be very accurate as the container fitted onto them without any trouble at all. There still remained four intermediate posts to be installed and a small team of six of us came midweek to do what we could. Rain had filled the holes with water, which had to be siphoned out and then remove the mud from the holes. It was hard work for most of us, but we were able to concrete two of the posts in position that day. The last two posts followed the same pattern and we were able to concrete them in their place two days before the cyclone hit our area. A working bee the following Saturday saw the remains of the old shed demolished. Around this time a landing with rails and steps was attached to give access to the roller door. Saturday 14th February saw a great working bee and by just after lunch the work of cleaning up the area and erecting both rooves was finished. Our thanks were offered to the wonderful ladies of our club who provided us with a great lunch that day. The concrete sides and end for our ramp were poured around this time as well. Early March saw the ramp assembled and the new tank stand bolted to our container. Now for the finishing off, like gutter to the top roof, tank on its stand, a bench with sink installed and plumbing, plus other small jobs, all done in time for our opening ceremony on the afternoon of 25th April. Yes, this was a major project for us and it was absolutely wonderful to be part of the effort that was required because of the cooperation of our members and a BIG Thank you to all who assisted in any way. AIRFLOW 20

Our completed project - Front view

Our Plaque – fitted to container (near steps)

Our Mural

Our Social Area

Our completed project – End views AIRFLOW 21

Dixielander from a long time ago. In response to the plan featured in the last edition of Airflow, John Borrill sent in a couple of black & white photos of the Dixie Lander that he built .

The plan on page 23 is of the “Blazer “ which works well in Burford and also complies with Nostalgia rules.Electronic copy of this plan is available. Contact the Editor. AIRFLOW 22


A Tribute to Joe Most of the time being involved with RC flying and being a part of an RC club is full of fun and rhetoric and taking the proverbial out of each other. But (and there is always a but)  there is on occasion, times when the fun and tomfoolery is over shadowed by sadness and for some heavy grief. This is one of those times for we have lost one of our members a friend a comrade in tomfoolery also a family member, father to siblings, brother to others and a husband. We each see people in a different way, so I would like to speak of Joe in the way I feel I knew him. He was to me a bit of a mentor for he had been involved in the RC world almost from the get go, with names like Tom Prosser, Bob Young, Lyall Winley, Alan Swift, Ron deChastel and of course my own father ( Keith Chamberlain) have at some point been instrumental in the development of Radio controlled flight. MY nickname for Joe was THREE WAYS because there was ALWAYS three ways of doing things, the right way, the wrong way, and Joe’s way, for the most part the right way and Joe’s way ended up with the same result, with one small difference Joe’s way on average took about a week longer. Born 1939  in Budapest he came to Australia at a young age, and from some stories I heard from family members, his youth had it’s colourful times and this I think shaped the interests in his later life and there was a few. FOOD RC Planes FOOD Sailing FOOD Ultralight aircraft FOOD Restoration of vintage cars ,Motor bikes, old lawn mowers etc FOOD Gardening FOOD The latter of these I sampled  ONCE   3 meatballs they were extremely tasty and I might mention spicy (I am not a spicy food eater) and for the next two days I lived on Zantac, Quickeze and Mylanta, my doctor told my wife to give me two spoonfuls of castor oil (and don’t point him at anyone, great help he was).   Joe said I should harden up, Have a teaspoon of wet cement. I told him no need the amount of Mylanta I ingested took care of that. Tony Hayes was a buddy of Joe’s and my fathers, all of them heavily involved with ultralight flying, Tony suffered for a long time with cancer before he passed away but Joe was there for him constantly and helped, stuck by him and made his suffering a lot more comfortable. This is the Joe I knew, a man with a helping hand, a joke, constructive criticism, not so constructive criticism and the offer of a meal. Cheers to you old mate and I know your up there saying you should try this flying thing, no wings, no 2.4 ghz you just do it (no landings is a bitch). If my plane ever inexplicably goes out of control  and just happens to land smack in the AIRFLOW 24 middle of our dam I know you did it.


4/4/1939   to   01/05/2015 Aged 76yrs young You will be remembered

Thanks for everything mate.

Phill Chamberlain ( Pres: A.M.O.C ) and all the boys from the Air -o- modelers of Coominiya



LARGE – SCALE MODEL FLYFLY-IN Full weekend of open flying Prizes for pilot’s choice Swap-n-Sell Saturday night dinner at field Camping available with full amenities block Pre-entries go into draw for large model ARF prize! Large Models Definition: Monoplanes 80+” Wingspan, Biplanes 60+” Wingspan, Jets Length + Wingspan = 140+”

MAAA card required. Full details and pilot entry forms:


R/C Indoor Flying for all MAAA current members @ Sleeman Sports Complex 3rd Friday of the Month Flying from 7pm to 10pm (Starting 19th June 2015) - $10/member to subsidise venue cost

Indoor Venue: Chandler Arena = J3 Best Carparking: Carpark 3 @ F3 or Carpark 2 @ L2

Open to all MAAA members with all types of electric powered models ONLY - Venue is the size of 3 basketball courts; - 20m high roof - Power outlets available for charging - $10/member to assist in venue hire. Facilitated by Phil Collings on behalf on MAAQ Email Contacts: Phil: Tyson: Michael:


New Control Line Centre Circle at DMAC (Dalby) DMAC club over the last couple of weeks have been working on more field infrastructure, with the completion of a concrete centre circle. DMAC members and visiting control line flyers were using a grass centre circle which was hard to judge when pitting and after a Saturday morning of team racing the grass surface really took a hammering. DMAC would like to that the local business that helped out with donations of materials and services to complete the project. Dalby General Steel, Stimson Plumbing (DEQ) and Rod Mason Concreting and club members who came out and lent a hand.


Top: Reo mesh laid ready to pour. Bottom : Finished circle Page 14- Top: Digging a round hole Bottom: Packing down the base



Canberra F1 Air Race 17-18 October 2015

NAAS Club Field, Canberra

Round 2 of the RCM News F1 Air Race Championship

We have all had a great time racing at the events in Victoria and South Australia, so now it is  time to bring the thrill and excitement of Large Scale Air Racing to New South Wales / ACT.   

     Classes:        Formula 1        Formula 2        Goodyear        Red Bull        AT6 Texan        Reno        Golden Era             (All subject to sufficient entries)     

Dinner Saturday Night: There will be a roast / baked dinner at  the field on Saturday night. This will allow all the competitors to  socialise together.   

Accommodation: There are three hotel/motels within a 20‐30  min drive from the field.  There is an Outward Bound Camp only 10 min from the field  with bunk house style accommodation  There is camping at the field (toilet available)   

Location: Approx 3:45 hours from Sydney                    7 hours drive from Melb                    35 min from Canberra CBD       

For more information on the club and the great flying field that they have please visit their web site at   

Information:   F1 Air Race Championship‐news‐f1‐air‐race                            Australian Large Scale Pylon Racing     

Contact: Jeremy Randle   0418 390 446 


Imagine, the satisfaction you receive as your Warbird (painted in air force colours) rolls out onto the runway in front of an enthusiastic crowd, some of whom have come from hundreds of kilometres away to experience the thrill of being part of a military aircraft display. As the engine/s are given full throttle, the visitors watching from behind the safety fence with their cameras in hand, are ready to experience your presentation of fly pass and aerobatic manoeuvres.

How awesome is that!

Since 1998, the Southern Cross Air force has encouraged many aero modellers in the construction and operation of radio controlled Warbird aircraft of all sizes. The SCAF defines a “Warbird Aircraft� as any aircraft used for military purposes by any country at any time. The model aircraft must be a scale or semiscale rendering, recognizable as such, and marked accordingly. Any prototype offered to the military but not accepted by them would also fall in this category. ARF Warbirds are quite acceptable assuming that they display a good scale quality. Scale military helicopters also fall into the Warbird Aircraft class. Although wet and windy weather has upset our calendar, two very successful displays have been given this year, the first one being at Tingalpa on the 15th March and the 2nd one at Tin Can Bay on the 2nd and 3rd May.

Be part of the action. Come along and join us at the next display which will be at Bundaberg on the 6th, 7th and 8th June, 2015 Public Relations: Peter Johnson

For photos and details go to AIRFLOW 32




JUNE 6-8






JULY 4-5








AUGUST 29-30












31-1ST NOV









Steve Beechams (LARCS) at TARMAC-- sadly the P47 (bottom left and right) with that lovely radial in it , is bent but will be rebuilt to fly again soon. Photos supplied by Steve Beecham. Photos taken by Stuart Webber.(



Airflow Magazine - June, 2015  

The last printed copy of Airflow. From the next issue in September copies of Airflow will be electronic and only available here.