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note from a friend from them to me

note from a friend from them to me

tisha deb pillai she is in product design but shes brilliant in her hand work!

surabhi wadhwa she is in visual communication . she is a neatness freak and her work definitely shows that. also as she likes to call it, ‘her work is very pretty!!!!’

digbejoy ghosh diggie is an animation student. he is really good with his drawing skills and also masters the wacom tablet. but his true love is sleeping. (which also he excels in)

akshataa vishwanathan

she is the graphic design queen! knows it all, and her work speaks for itself.

shruti chowdhury she is a visual communication student, but has various other ‘interests’! extremely creative and doesnt cease to suprise everyone with her work.

karno guhathakurta he’s talented and has his way with words. his work can be really witty but at the same time it can be very thought provoking.

mimansa sahay shes the only other person i know whos shorter than me. she is a wacko! her work is exclusive and neon colours are her best friend!

devashish guruji hes the vc dude! love his work. anything he does, he does it with style!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2007

anuranjini singh shes in love with typography. precision and detailing are her speciality. and she is the cutest person i know! US $6.99


aniruddh dube hes an animator , story teller, illustrator and most passionate about photography! and the best part is that he excels in all!!!

maanvi kapur 2010

note from a friend.  

an attempt at creating a coffe-table book, a collection of work by friends who never cease to inspire me.

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