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Diabetic socks – Best way to take care of feet Suffering from diabetes is bad enough; controlled diets, loss of weight, increased hunger already cause so much of an issue for patient and to add to it diabetic foot ulcers can even aggravate the problem. Major issue with diabetes is that body loses its wound healing capability, which is an innate process of the body to heal itself. Under healing or over healing can cause abnormalities. Diabetic foot ulcers are simple foot sores or ulcers which do not heal on their own because diabetes and take much longer to heal. They are usually painless but if not taken care of on time, complications can reach as high as to getting the leg amputated. Ulcers happen because of the increased blood sugar. Diabetic socks are an easier way to avoid foot sores. Statistics say that 15% of diabetic patients end up having diabetic foot sores. So, if you are suffering from diabetes, you should start taking extra care of your feet. One of the first things to do is to order a few pairs of diabetic socks. These socks are nonbinding and non-elasticated so as to reduce the constriction of the foot or the leg. These can also control the moisture, which can further reduce the chance of infection. They also have antimicrobial properties which reduce the formation of ulcers. Compression type and non-binding property of these socks allow better circulation in the feet. All these qualities put together, these socks serve as a great tool to avoid the ulcers. These socks are made of variety of materials, some of them maybe cotton blend with stretch tops, noncotton type with antimicrobial properties and most of them are non-binding to allow the circulation in feet. These socks look like normal socks and can be used normally. Various different colors are available, but most of the diabetic patients usually prefer white because any bleeding wound would be easily noticeable. These socks fit well and are made of material that does not wrinkle. Cost of these socks is slightly higher than normal ones for obvious reasons but is not too expensive. They are available in multiple pairs online at reasonable cost. They do a wonderful job in fighting bacteria, eliminating friction, protecting sore-prone areas, support the arches, wick away the moisture, regulate the temperature. If any creams or emollients are applied, these socks help retain the hydration of those creams. They work really well in keeping the feet warm. All in all, these will prevent you from getting sores most of the times. Prevention is better that cure. If you are diabetic and prone to sores, you should immediately get a few pairs of these and start protecting your feet right away. Good socks and good shoes is the only way to keep your feet safe and clean. After all your feet carry the weight of your body all the time, they deserve this much of care and importance. So, do not ignore them, contact your podiatrist now to find out if you need a pair of diabetic socks.

Diabetic socks  

Suffering from diabetes is bad enough; controlled diets, loss of weight, increased hunger already cause so much of an issue for patient and...

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