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Damaged Goods, The Great Play "Les Avaries" of Eugene Brieux Novelized

The other answered, "No! No! No!" George caught him by the hand, imploringly. "Yes! Science in all powerful!" "Science is not God," was the reply. "There are no longer any miracles." "If only you wanted to do it!" cried the young man, hysterically. "You are a learned man; seek, invent, find something! Try some new plan with me; give me double the dose, ten times the does; make me suffer. I give myself up to you; I will endure everything--I swear it! There ought to be some way to cure me within six months. Listen to me! I tell you I can't answer for myself with that delay. Come; it is in the name of my wife, in the name of my children, that I implore you. Do something for them!" The doctor had reached the limit of his patience. "Enough, sir!" he cried. "Enough!" But nothing could stop the wretched man. "On my knees!" he cried. "I put myself on my knees before you! Oh! If only you would do it! I would bless you; I would adore you, as one adores a god! All my gratitude, all my life--half my fortune! For mercy's sake, Doctor, do something; invent something; make some discovery--have pity!" The doctor answered gravely, "Do you wish me to do more for you than for the others?" George answered, unblushingly, 'answered, unblushingly, "Yes!" He was beside himself with terror and distress. The other's reply was delivered in a solemn tone. "Understand, sir, for every one of out patients we do all that we can, whether it be the greatest personage, or the last comer to out hospital clinic. We have no secrets in reserve for those who are more fortunate, or less fortunate than the others, and who are in a hurry to be cured." George gazed at him for a moment in bewilderment and despair, and then suddenly bowed his head. "Good-by, Doctor," he answered. "Au revoir, sir," the other corrected--with what proved to be prophetic understanding. For George was destined to see him again--even though he had made up his mind to the contrary!



by Upton Sinclair Damaged Goods, The Great Play "Les Avaries" of Eugene Brieux Novelized 1 Damaged Goods, The Great Play "Les Avaries" of Eu...

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