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Passion for regarding our clients' need as our need Tailor-made business solution to every unique organization

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Our Predominance Ecomma ( ) was established in April 8th, 2003. We are a team with rich experience and all kinds of backgrounds of expertise. Our team members' excellent communication skills enable us communicate well with our clients from all over the world.

We have > Passion for regarding our clients' need as our need > Super-preferential price, high-guarantee services > Website design with search engine concept, more search engine friendly. > Effective internet sales strategy to specific need of our clients > Tailor-made business solution to every unique organization

What we can do 1. Enterprise Website Design 2. Flash Website Design 3. Portal, Industry and Business Website Design 4. Government Website Design 5. Technical Characteristics 6. English Website Design 7. Medical Website Design 8. Packages of Website Design Want to know more details? Please visit our site:

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Our Clients

Work Flow 1. Client's requirement Contact with clients, analysis client's requirement. 2. Solution and quotation We supply the website solution and give a quotation. 3. Sign contract Discuss the details about website design style or SEO service with client. Then we will know the direction to start working. Sign contract with client, start to design page details. 4. Pay advance and supply the files Client supply us the text or picture files. And pay us the advance. We would start design the homepage when we got the advance. 5. Design Draft design picture comes out, send to client for confirmation. Normally two page, one is home page design, and another is one of sub pages design. Because homepage and one sub page can determine website style. After client confirmed draft design, we start to make more sub HTML pages. Most of HTML pages are done, and then send to clients to check. Programmer start to code based on designed HTML pages. 6. Client checking a. Upload the Website to our testing server, client can take testing work in prescribe time. b. The checking including validity of the links, text content, functions and if the page is based on the design draft. c. After fix all bugs and changes 7. website complete and is online. Client pay the rest. 8. Finally we supply one more year technical service accounting to the contract.

Chinahourly Website Design Thank You. Contact Us: Denny Email (MSN): Add: ShangHai,China


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