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AN MMA FIGHTER? Dave Jackson tells you how YOB CULTURE Is martial arts the answer?

MARTIAL ARTS PIONEERS Professor Tatsuo Suzuki FREE 8 page event showguide inside!

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Hand made to Hong Kong Council Dimensions Solid hardwood construction. Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage Unique fully height adjustable from 4’8’’ to 6’8’’ Hand applied Tung Oil for ultimate weather proofing Hand Painted Chinese Wing Chun motif Trunk-Kiln dried laminated hardwood Arms-One piece hand turned hardwood Leg-Laminated 6 piece construction,dowelled for extra strength Width of frame can be customised to individual requirements Hardwood supplied from managed forests Purchasing Details: Personal cheques, postal orders, Internet transfer (details supplied with invoice.) Delivery: Typically 14 days. Delivered by insured courier. Notified 48 hours before delivery. Delivery at cost.

The Traditional Wooden Dummy Company was founded with one goal.To produce the very highest quality traditionally handmade Wooden Dummys at the very best price.The Wooden Dummy is,in many ways the trademark of Wing Chun Kung Fu.It plays a vital role,enabling the practicitioner to become proficient in understanding correct body position,footwork and distancing from opponents.This can only be achieved by playing with a Dummy that properly replicates the correct spring,angles of strikes and movement,promoting a deeper understanding of centre lines. We believe in not compromising on quality in any way.This entails hand applying our ultimate weatherproofing,Tung Oil.The most water,heat and mildew resistant treatment available.It strengthens the wood and conditions the fibres,creating a Mook Yan Jong that will last a lifetime and of heirloom quality.Our frames feature our unique height adjustable stand,catering for 4’8’’ children and disabled artists through to 6’8’’ adults.Available customised with short/long legs and arms.The width can also be customised to fit your personal requirements for space saving area’s.Our Wooden Dummies cater for children,adults,disabled,teachers and students alike. Following a recent publication by the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council with cooperation from Grand Master Ip Ching,we now have the exact dimensions for Ip Chings fathers personal Wooden Dummy,namely Great Grand Master Yip Man. Most designs from other Wooden Dummy companies are copies of Yip Mans students Dummies,these do not offer the correct angles as taught by Yip Man through his son Ip Ching. Hand crafted by British Wing Chun Practioners. Contact Details: Cameron Charles The Traditional Wooden Dummy Company

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COMMENT Following on from last month’s editorial, it looks as though the Home Office are definitely going to ban ALL curved bladed weapons, with a blade length of over 25cm. However, due to the delay in a response, to our letter, from the Home Office we will now bring you the full story next month. If in the meantime you would like to see the proposed statute visit our website Well Spring is well and truly with us and martial artists thoughts turn to what else but the prospect of booking their Summer courses, workshops and seminars. In the past the problem has been finding a venue which offers good accommodation and excellent facilities at an affordable price. Well worry no more; if you are looking to book a great Summer/Autumn course venue then check out the advert for Haven on page 112. With centres around the UK Haven are opening their doors to martial arts groups, offering facilities for the whole family at great prices. Just mention Combat when you book. If you are looking to travel further a field then look no further than the Metta Centre, in beautiful Italy, a custom built venue offering a whole range of facilities (see page 38). Combat has secured an exclusive half price offer for groups of 10 or more wishing to train or holiday there. What’s more we have a free weekend for two at the Metta Centre (including flights) to give away. Our generosity just goes on, check our page 33 if you and up to 20 pals want to have the chance of winning a private screening, at a cinema of your choice, of the film “Never Back Down”. This is a chance to experience a fantastic night that would normally cost hundreds of pounds. You’ll have to wait a month for our next competition but it’s worth the wait. So check out Combat next month for the chance to win one of 5 Xbox games consoles! Thats all for now so until next month. Oss! *Cover Photograph courtesy of Zuffa LLC COLUMNISTS Mike Finn Dan Docherty Michael Tse William Sanders Simon Hazeldine Dr. James Fisher Anton Van Thomas Chris Samuel Keith Gilliland Dan Green Don Heatrick Brian Dossett Andy Hopwood Andy Bryant John Graden Nino Bernardo

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GET FIT, STAY FIT! Six general principles of training - part 1

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MARTIAL ARTS PIONEERS - TATSUO SUSUKI Tatsuo Susuki Profile, 1928 - present (Karake)


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THE CANE - A legal and effective weapon of self defence

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LETHAL WEAPONS - Part 4 MOUNT DYNAMICS FOR MMA The importance of positioning in MMA and Submission wrestling

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DAVE JACKSON What do people want from MMA?

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KATA CHALLENGE - You can help! By Hakan Volkan



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Martial Arts Pioneers


1928 - Present [Karate]

Professor Tatsuo Suzuki was born in Yokohama and became interested in Karate at the age of 14 and within six years of beginning his study of Karate, Professor Suzuki was awarded his 3rd Dan at the age of 19. In 1951 at the age of 24 he was awarded the then highest grade in Wado-Ryu, 5th Dan for his outstanding courage and ability... t 45 he was awarded his 8th Dan and also in the same year was given the title of Hanshi (Master) by the international Budo Federation and was presented with a special silver cup by Higashi Kuni no Miya, the uncle of the late Emperor of Japan. From 1945 to 1956 he received direct instruction from the founder of Wado Ryu, Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei at the Wado Ryu Headquarters. Thereafter, as Ohtsuka Sensei’s most senior student, he travelled with Ohtsuka Sensei both domestically and internationally performing demonstrations and teaching at the Headquarters and in such places as Hawaii. From 1956 to 1964 Master Suzuki founded the first Wado Federation in England and from his base in London he spread Wado Ryu throughout Europe. Overcoming many difficulties, he brought senior students from Japan, taught them how to be instructors and sent them to various European countries. Within just a few years Wado Ryu became the most popular style in Europe. In 1991 Master Suzuki took over from Ohtsuka Sensei in protecting the essence of Wado Ryu and established the Wado International Karate-Do Federation (WIKF). In addition to his accomplishments in Karate, Professor Suzuki is a 2nd Dan in Tenshin Koryu Bo-Jitsu (stick fighting) and a 1st Dan in Judo. He has also studied Zen doctrine with the high priests, the late Genpo Yamamoto and Soyen Nakagawa.



(Author: I have refrained from using too many auto-biographical accounts of pioneers & stalwarts, (it can give some a license for self-promotion) but I found the following a fascinating insight into Wado-ryu karate by Tatsuo Susuki and I think readers will enjoy it) >>>

An account of a life in Karate by Tatsuo Susuki. “I was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1928. My father was a fun loving man who enjoyed life to the full. He loved to cook, and owned a large restaurant. Businessmen often hired it and local dignitaries for private parties where they could eat, drink and be entertained by Geisha.” “This all came to and end when we were forced to move to the country to avoid American bombers during the war. School life was hard, and senior students would often beat the younger children for no reason. It was very militaristic, we looked upon our teachers as gods, and I suppose it was just like the Samurai and his Lord”. “I desperately wanted to become a soldier but was too young. I tried to join a naval academy but was rejected due to an eye problem. In hindsight I was actually quite lucky as they were all training to be Kamikaze pilots but at the time I was devastated. I was raised with the Bushido code, to die for my emperor and country would have been a great honour.” “It was while at school that I had my first taste of martial arts. We practiced Kendo every day. When I was 14 years old I met one of my school friends older brother. He had studied Wado Ryu Karate while at university; from then on whenever he

came home I would ask him to teach me. Eventually he agreed, it was all fighting nothing technical.” “After the war my family moved back to Yokohama. The Americans were occupying Japan and despite my hatred of them I ended up working at one of their army bases as a cleaner. Government propaganda had turned Americans into demons that killed our men and raped our women. Through working at the base I came to realise that this was a lie.

At that time food was scarce, we were living off insects and rice. The Americans gave us food, chocolate and of course Coca Cola. I loved it; it was all I ever wanted to drink; now I hate the stuff!”...

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Grades mean nothing; all that matters is to train hard. Many people call themselves 10th or even 12th Dan, but most of them are rubbish




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To celebrate the cinema release of Never Back Down we are giving you and 20 of your friends the chance to have your very own private screening of the film Shortly after moving to a new town with his family, Jake Tyler finds himself face-to-face with local martial arts champion Ryan McCarty and suffers a humiliating beating. After relentless taunts Jake seeks the mentoring of a veteran fighter (played by two-time Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou) to train his mind and body for one final, no-holds-barred, elimination fight with his unrelenting nemesis.

Featuring adrenaline-pumping action and starring Sean Faris (“Smallville”), Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond, Gladiator), Amber Heard (Friday Night Lights) and Cam Gigandet (“The OC”), NEVER BACK DOWN is a coming-of-age story that is sure to pack a punch this April.

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The Great

Escape Italian Style

By Charlie Storer

It’s not very often that we realise our dreams, and it can be pleasing to hear about those who do, especially if they have had to overcome particularly challenging or trying circumstances. Jeff Sawyer, a GoshinRyu Ju-Jitsu 5th Dan with twenty eight years experience, lives and teaches in Italy. His is one such story... eff and his wife Nicky own and operate The Metta Centre, a residential martial arts, retreat and recreation centre in Penna San Giovanni, an historic thirteenth century hill town in the beautiful and unspoiled Le Marche area of central Italy. Jeff began training in Juko-Ryu JuJitsu as a member of the B.J.J.A. in 1979, studying with Professor Richard Morris and Jim McDade Sensei, earning his Shodan in May 1983. He continued to train in Ju-Jitsu and studied Iai-Do with Trevor Jones Sensei (7th Dan IaiDo, 4th Dan Kendo), and holds Shodan in Z.N.K.R. Setei Iai-Do. He moved into Goshin-Ryu Ju-Jitsu under Philip


Courtney Sensei (6th Dan Ju-Jitsu) and has cross-trained substantially in Filipino Kali and Muay Thai with Mr.Gordon McAdam. He continues to train in Boxing and Muay-Thai with Mr. Domenico Merrante. Jeff was awarded his 5th Dan and the title of “Renshi” (“Polished Master”) by Peter Browne Hanshi - the founder and Chief Instructor of The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain, in 2002. He is qualified as an Assistant Coach with the A.B.A. (Amateur Boxing Association) and is soon to study for classification as an Instructor in Commando Krav Maga with Mr. Moni Aizik - the founder of the system.

S.W.A.T. Team Continuing to this day to train in, teach, and research Ju-Jitsu, Jeff has taught Master Sawyer’s Goshin-Ryu JuJitsu internationally to organisations as diverse as: military personnel and police forces in West Africa; martial arts groups in Scandinavia, Tunisia and Spain; U.S. Corrections Officers, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation; S.W.A.T. teams from Gwynette County and Atlanta, and to the guards and counsellors in a medium security narcotics and alcohol detoxification facility in Worcester, Massachusetts. He joined London’s Metropolitan Police Service in 1991 and served for fifteen years as a uniformed response officer. Whilst a member of The Met’ he was a Home Office approved instructor of police self-defence techniques, arrest and restraint, use of force legislation and the use of the baton, handcuffs and C.S. spray.

Crushing Blow In 2004, he was retired from the police service as a result of injuries sustained whilst on duty. As a direct result of the incident in which he was injured, Jeff developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and one of the physical injuries he sustained has taken years to heal properly. For Jeff to lose his livelihood and his vocation in one hit, felt to the Sawyer’s like a crushing blow, and one from which they would never recov38 COMBAT WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK

If you are not one of the lucky winners of our competition overleaf The Metta Centre has a Exclusive Combat reader half price offer. Any group of 10 or more can book a week at the centre for the special offer price of £100 per person. So whether you are looking for a Summer camp or just a relaxing getaway this could be the place for you. Just quote reference

‘combatmag’ when booking

To find out more about the centre visit WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK COMBAT 39

replied “The people here honour and respect old people and children, there’s so much less stress and tension here. There is no rush hour, no difficulty in finding a parking space, and the views of the mountains and valleys are unbelievable; also I’ve watched Jeff regaining his health and strength, and the man I married is back”. Jeff’s answer was less poetic: “We were very demoralised by England generally and by what’s happening in London in particular. We moved here to give ourselves and our children a decent life. Le Marche is more gentle and an easier going place. We’ve been here for two years now and I’ve not seen any aggression, or even heard raised voices, and crime is almost unheard of here.”

Purpose Built Dojo er. They had lived all their lives in London, and they had grave concerns for their future, and for the futures of their young children. Throughout the period when Jeff’s injuries and his condition were at their worst, the love of his family and his love of Ju-Jitsu helped him to keep going. Although unable to train with his previous commitment, he maintained his close connection to the art, and taught and trained to the extent that his circumstances allowed.

Less Stress When he was retired from the police service, he and Nicky made the decision to move to Italy, in an attempt to aid Jeff’s recovery in a more comfortable and less stressful environment. When asked why they had chosen Italy, when neither of them had any family connections with the country, Nicky

Throughout his involvement in JuJitsu, Jeff has - like many of us dreamed of one day opening a full-time, purpose built Dojo. Also, he committed to following the Buddhist path about eleven years ago, and here in Italy, he has turned his dream of running a martial arts, meditation and retreat centre into a reality. With the help of an exceptional team of like-minded friends, The Metta Centre was born (Metta is a word from Pali - the language used by The Buddha - and it translates as love, kindness and compassion). Villa Metta is a beautifully refurbished 120 year old hotel. Every room is en-suite, has traditional tiled and beamed ceilings, and gorgeous views out into the woods surrounding the centre. There are three lounges - one with satellite TV, a video/D.V.D. library, and a music system. There are shelves filled with books (entertainment and instructional) throughout the residence for the compli-

mentary use of the guests. The centre has a lovely conservatory dining room and outdoor dining by candle and torch light, and beautiful and expansive gardens in which there are designated nature walks and shaded areas where hammocks can be found amongst Birch, Sycamore and Pine trees.

Superbly Equipped The centre has a large private onsite Dojo, built to Jeff’s specification, which is superbly equipped. It has complimentary training weaponry such as Bokken (swords), Kali sticks, Nunchaku, Bo’s (6’ staves) and daggers. There are also replica handguns for use in self-defence training, hook and jab pads, Thai-pads, and air-shields. There is sufficient equipment for up to thirty people to train simultaneously. The stained and varnished wooden floor can be utilised bare, fully matted or “half and half”. The tatami are of superb quality and are specifically designed for Judo. They are also firm enough to be used by practitioners of stand-up arts and have been used (and overwhelmingly approved!) by a group of Tae Kwon Do exponents who stayed for one week in September, training in their art and cross-training with Jeff. Large sections of the front elevation of the Dojo are made up of panels which are removed during the spring, summer and autumn, allowing those inside to look out into the woods, and at the surrounding hills. There are meditation stools, pillows and blankets supplied for the complimentary use of guests, and the Dojo is heated during the winter. There are other areas used for activities too. There is a large area of decking, a meadow used for meditation, martial arts and relaxing, and less than 120 yards from the centre there is parkland with an entertainment space, ponds, a five-a-side football pitch and picnic areas. In the summer months there is a delightful - and very tranquil - outdoor municipal swimming pool, with both adult and children’s pools, a fresh water shower and fountains/water jets that the children can activate and play amongst.

families and friends welcome “The Metta Centre is predominantly for groups to use” explained Jeff, “we invite teachers, instructors and facilitators to bring their students here for an introduction to or an immersion in their 40 COMBAT WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK

chosen activity, whether it’s martial arts, meditation, worship retreats, writing or painting workshops, Yoga retreats, or walking and cycling trips. But groups of families and friends are always welcome here for holidays too.” There will be regular “open” courses at the centre; Bernadette Hobart, the administrator at The Metta Centre explains: “Jeff is held in high regard by the masters who have seen him teach, and who have trained with him, and they are some of the finest martial arts instructors in the world; many of them have undertaken to come here and teach courses and seminars for and with us. There is something about what we are doing here that is attracting extraordinary people. We’ve had wonderful feedback from our guests; we work hard at making their stay here special, to provide the kind of courses and seminars that people feel moved to attend, and we are all genuinely committed to keeping the costs of a stay here fair and manageable. Jeff uses the phrase ‘for the benefit of all and exclusive to none’ and that sums up the ethos here.

flexible programme We offer a really flexible programme we have mid-week, weekend, and weeklong courses planned, and we’ve just had a fantastic wilderness survival course with (British survival expert) Alex Travers. We will be running more open courses with Alex next year. Villa Metta can comfortably house twenty eight people in the en-suite rooms, and if the group is larger than that we will gladly organise accommodation for the other group members at local hotels, pensions and guest houses. Accommodation in the Villa is allocated on a first come, first served basis and if appropriate, people can camp on the grounds or sleep in the Dojo.” David Storer - the manager of the centre - adds: “We have qualified and experienced local instructors in Yoga, Karate, Thai-Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing; and they will be running classes and open courses here too. We are really committed to making this an affordable place where people can come for spiritual and/or religious retreats, for rest and rejuvenation, to prepare for


martial arts competitions and gradings, to improve their health and well-being or - as is the case with our next retreat to spend an entire week without leaving the centre at all and getting some hardcore training done.” The Metta Centre opened formally in July; already this year some very eminent martial arts instructors and their students have sampled the welcome, hospitality and facilities at the centre. Senior instructors in Aikido, F.A.S.T. Defence, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu have attended, and without exception all have undertaken - or arranged - to return in 2008. So out of what was a devastating series of events and a seemingly hopeless situation for the Sawyer family, something accessible, wonderful and absolutely unique has been created: The Metta Martial Arts, Retreat and Recreation Centre. For more information about booking your group’s training camp, a retreat at The Metta Centre, or about training with Jeff Sawyer, please visit www.mettacentre .com or telephone the centre on: 0039 0733 699087.

a weekend for 2 at the Metta martial arts, retreat and recreation centre in Italy. Flights and transfer included.

The weekend offers the opportunity to train with the F.A.S.T. Defence team on one of their real self-protection and conflict resolution training courses. Your leisure time can be spent in one of the many other activities in and around the centre. You will fly out on Friday morning returning on Sunday. Your stay will be on a b&b basis. For a chance to win this prize simply tell us two of the many activities on offer at the centre. Then email your answer to: To find the answer to this question log on to





THE NEGOTIATOR By Aran Dharmeratnam

One of the purposes behind The Negotiator column is to raise awareness about the many different aspects that make up self protection training. It’s a big subject after all and so far, we have looked at various forms of aggression facing people today. Plus we’ve explored some of the factors that need to be considered in training. There is still much to cover and the column continues to gain interest from martial artists practising all kinds of disciplines and working in all kinds of occupations. Recently, someone asked about self defence situations which take place in or around vehicles. So let’s gets this rolling... Today a lot of hostility happens on the road. And if a driver or passenger finds themselves being attacked, it could be because of road rage or other types of aggression, such as carjacking. Sadly, it’s not just on road sides where an attack can happen. Car parks, residential streets and city roads are some of the places where incidents occur. But it’s not always the driver or passenger who is on the receiving end of vehicle related violence. In some cases, the victim is a pedestrian and it’s the aggressors that spring out of a vehicle. There have been quite a few carjacking or kidnapping cases, where the aggressor(s), uses their own vehicle to pursue or obstruct their target.

Vehicle based hostility In some assault scenarios, the attackers actually use their vehicle as a set up zone. A vehicle can act as a place for aggressors to sit and wait, without drawing too much attention to themselves. They then launch their ambush from the car. There have also been cases, where a predatory attacker breaks into the victim’s car and ambushes the driver, just as the driver enters the vehicle. And if self defence training is going to help people to survive vehicle related inci-

Road Rage is another form of car based aggression.


Aggressor could try to attack passenger seated in front

dents, it must cover the subject from different angles. Attacks can take place inside the vehicle. They can occur as the person is trying to enter or exit their vehicle. And they can occur as a person walks past a car, van or truck. For example, the attacker may try to drag the targeted person into a vehicle. In some countries, people are kidnapped and ransomed for money. The kidnappers could be part of some sort of terror groups. One of the case studies I created for the manual Safety Response... described a situation where a lady is attacked by a man in a car park. The man attempts to drag her into a van. In this case study, the man first tries to distract the lady by asking for directions. He wants her to stop moving and lower her guard. So again, just as its good to be aware of the different types of attackers; it’s also useful to understand why they apply certain moves or physical actions.

Things to consider Vehicle based hostility doesn’t have to be within a car. It could ignite within a train, bus or aeroplane. But since this feature is titled four wheeled fight zone, let’s stick with car related incidents for now. At the same time, I won’t go into detail about awareness and the numerous safety tips that can be applied. Many of the previous Negotiator features

already explore the awareness principle. And there are many sources of info from which to gain safety tips. Things to consider are: route selection, the approach to the vehicle; calm observation without attracting unwanted attention and vehicle maintenance. Understand some of the blind spots that attackers may use and avoid parking in high risk areas. We also have to understand: how some attackers try to lure people into a trap; or how they try to get unsuspecting drivers to stop. The list goes on- but for now I’m just going to focus on the more physical component.

In depth survival tactics within a car When it comes to the physical preparation, credit must go to the Russian martial art masters. Vladimir Vasiliev is one of the first Russian teachers to share with the general public - in depth survival tactics within a car. In his intriguing DVDs collection, he has helped people to realise some of the ways attacks can occur in a vehicle. And this seems to have inspired other instructors to study and learn about this subject. The Russian instructors have in some cases, developed their strategies based on real life incidents that they themselves have had to overcome. They have studied and researched the methods used by carjackers. They also understand the ambush tactics used by more professional opponents...

To read the rest of this article make sure you get your copy of combat available from WH Smiths & all good newsagents





YOB CULTURE: AN EPIDEMIC Do Martial Arts offer the answers to what is rapidly becoming everyones problem? s a young boy I used to take a short cut through a garden to a friends house on a regular basis (daily in the school holidays). This involved standing on a fence and climbing over a wooden gate. Someone else’s fence. Someone else’s gate. In someone else’s garden. On one occasion, while climbing over the gate, the gate came away from it’s support and I ended up on top of the fence with the gate on top of me. I will never forget what happened next. Mrs Jones, who lived in the house, came out and helped me, showing kindness and compassion. Her husband, however, scared the living daylights out of me. He, understandably, was in such a bad temper and told me what he wanted



to do to me (namely, where he wanted to put his tools!). The shock and the fear that I got from his ‘telling off’ was greater than that from the actual fall. I never did take that short cut again. I always went the longer way round and I always tried to avoid coming face to face with him again. Many years later I accidentally did come face to face with him again. Although he had aged considerably and looked quite frail and I was no longer the 10 year-old boy but a young adult, I went straight back to ‘that day’, the day he ‘corrected me’ and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

Respect I remembered him shouting at me at

the time of the incident, saying I should not have been in his garden in the first place and if I was not there, I would not have got hurt. I recalled how he told me that I should have respect for other people’s property and belongings, more respect towards other people. He was right. It did not take me all those years to realise that he was right. I realised the very second he told me, while I still had the gate on top of me! It was this realisation and understanding of how he was right that was THE reason why I never did take that shortcut again. On reflection, I wish that I’d have had the courage and strength to go and see Mr. Jones the very next day to say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ (and also to say the same to Mrs Jones).

But the point is, he gave me a ‘telling off’, was right to do so, and helped me in doing so.

Society gone wrong This was in 1973, a time when adults could tell off other people’s children! Not like today. I was worried that he would tell my parents, I feared further consequences and I did not answer back. I was also ashamed and genuinely sorry that my actions had caused upset to others. It was a time when neighbours, who had pride in their community, reinforced the discipline and respect that parents instilled in children at home and this was backed up at school. Today, this appears to be lost and shows something that has gone wrong in society. There has been a turn around for the worse.

Comminity on the decline Many adult citizens who see the younger generation behaving badly won’t intervene because it is they, the adults, who now often fear the consequences. Such consequences being finding themselves up in court, getting a criminal record, or getting an aggressive response from the youth, ranging from verbal abuse to a physical attack. So now, huge numbers of good, law abiding citizens feel intimidated, walk on by and communities continue to decline. Four examples of such consequences, and I could have listed dozens, are the murders of Peter Woodhams and Garry Newlove, the attack on Daniel Gordon and the (mis)treatment of Bill Marshall. Radio and newspaper reports told the story of Bill Marshall, a 73 year-old pensioner who has a heart condition and suffers with diabetes. He saw a bunch of yobs throwing bricks at ducks on the canal near his house. The yobs had also been targeting him and his elderly wife. He called the police. When they arrived he was read his rights and then taken down to the station. The 73 year-old was put in a cell, had his shoe laces taken away from him and was made to wait there for a couple of hours. In January 2008, have-a-go hero Daniel Gordon, 21, was blinded in one eye after he stepped in to stop a gang of thugs beating up a defenceless man in a horrific street attack. Daniel Gordon of South Ockendon, Essex, said: ‘I was just trying to stop someone getting injured. Now I don’t think it would be worth getting involved’. In 2006, Peter Woodhams, 22, was shot dead near his home in Canning Town, East London, after confronting thugs who had been tormenting him. In August 2007, Garry Newlove, 47, left his home to speak to teenagers who were damaging his wife’s car. Three booze crazed teenagers, aged 16, 17 and 19, kicked the dad of three to death. One of the thugs, Adam Swellings, 19, had been released on bail just hours before the attack after admitting a previous assault

ten days earlier. Cheshire Chief Constable Peter Fahy said ‘We can’t have a society where people such as Garry Newlove challenge young yobs and pay with their lives’. But, sadly, that is a reflection of today’s society. There is also a growing number of youths killing youths - on the streets of Britain in 2007, 50 young people were murdered (on average, one child per week). Knives were used in two out of three of those killings. A survey of 11,000 schoolchildren for Government Office for London showed one in ten London youths aged 11-15 has carried a knife. Young people are also increasingly resorting to guns. Metropolitan Police reported one in four London gun crimes in 2007 was committed by a youth aged 17 or under. Why is it so many young people can’t manage conflict without violence? What are the causes of yob culture? How should we tackle yob menace and how can martial art instructors and schools help?

Causes Some causes and factors include: poor

family life, children raised with no pride in themselves, no hope for the future, no aspirations, a lack of discipline, a lack of deterrent, education failure, poor role models, negative influence of certain types of music, binge drinking and drugs. A lot of youths who have been let down (need and neglect) put trust in the power of the group and have gangs instead of families. In gangs they receive significance. They also feel safer, protected from other gangs. Many youths get attacked simply by trespassing on another gang’s territory (or postcode). Their feeling of being protected is increased by their possession of guns and knives. Gangs often form around such things as bullying, then this can escalate into other forms of anti-social behaviour, and can finally develop into forms of organised crime. Often with it, attacks that are even more vicious...

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A scene that frightens many people.

by Peter Jagger 5th Dan

This is more like it!



By Richard Cooper

Sammo Hung Kam-bo was born on January 7, 1952 in Hong Kong, where he was raised by his grandparents since both of his parents worked in Hong Kong’s blooming movie industry. From an early age, Hung knew he wanted to perform for an audience... e begged his grandparents to let him enrol in the Peking Opera Academy, which they did in 1960, when Sammo was only eight years old. At first, the Sifu (teacher) Yu Jim Yuen was not sure of Hung’s abilities due to his large size (young Sammo always had a fondness for food). But soon Yuen was swayed by Hung’s acrobatic abilities, and, perhaps more importantly, his stern manner, which Yuen felt would help keep the other students in line. Hung was formally accepted into the school and took the name Yuen Chu (all the members took the surname Yuen out of respect — and fear — of their Sifu). The hard times Hung and other Academy notables such as Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Corey Yuen experienced


Sammo in Iron Fisted Monk


are all well-known, especially after Hung himself starred in a movie about the Academy called Painted Faces (1988). The group would rise before dawn and do exercises until noon, when they were finally allowed to clear their bladders. After a small lunch, the students would train until dusk, after which they would have to do chores until around midnight. Anyone caught goofing off or slacking would be dealt swift punishment, but those who impressed Sifu Yuen would be allowed into the ‘Seven Happy Fortunes’ troupe, which was the main money-making source for the school. As he moved into his teenage years, Hung became the ‘big brother’ of the group, something that irritated his ‘brothers’ to no end, since he was seen by many (including

Jackie Chan) as a bully. By the early 1970’s, it became clear that the Academy was losing money, so Hung left the school to try his luck in the movie business, which was beginning to boom from the popularity of Bruce Lee. (At this point, Hung took the stage name ‘Sammo’ after a popular rotund cartoon character.) Sammo’s skill and dedication to hard work made him one of Hong Kong’s top stunt/action co-ordinators, which led to a signing with the upstart Golden Harvest studio. During his time at Golden Harvest, he began to try his hand at acting as well, often as the bad guy due to his unusual looks — a rough-and-tumble heavy-set man with a prominent scar on his face which he had gotten in a bar fight over a woman. By 1978, Hung had so much clout in HK film (he and his stunt team were regarded as the best in the business) that he was able to form three movie production companies — Gar Bo, Boho and Bojon. In the early eighties, Hung ran into his old brother Jackie Chan at a bar. Hung had previously helped out Chan in the late ‘70’s, when Jackie (as most martial artists in Hong Kong) was struggling to find work. Now, even Hung was having trouble finding work. It just seemed as if audiences had become tired of martial arts pictures (mostly due to the avalanche of Bruce Lee imitator movies that came after his death). Joined by another brother, Yuen Biao, the trio sat around drinking and trying to think of fresh ideas for movies.

One such idea would become Winners and Sinners (1983), which became a huge hit and revitalized the martial arts genre.

Jackie Chan - I would kill him!

The trio of Hung, Chan and Biao — known as the ‘Three Brothers’ — would go on to star in a series of highly successful films in the mid-1980’s, including Project A (1983) and My Lucky Stars (1985). However, the old Academy rivalries could not stay buried forever. By the time filming wrapped on Dragons Forever (1988), Hung and Chan were literally at each other’s throats. Some say it was because Hung was jealous of Chan’s international success with films like Police Story (1985), but Chan himself admitted in his biography that he was just as much to blame for the breakup of the

Three Brothers. Undaunted, Hung kept on working on both sides of the camera in such films as 1989’s Pedicab Driver, widely noted as one of the best martial arts films ever. By the mid 90’s, things had cooled down between Hung and Chan. Sammo was the action co-ordinator on Chan’s Thunderbolt (1995) and directed 1997’s Mr. Nice Guy. Hung moved over to the US in 1998 to work on a short-lived TV series called Martial Law. After the show’s failure in the ratings (mostly due to extremely poor writing and a second season which scrapped much of the momentum built up during the

first by deleting and replacing some of the show’s major characters), he moved back to Hong Kong, where he has made several more films, including Highbinders, where he once again directs his old friend Jackie Chan and also explodes on the screen the gritty action dramas Dragon Squad (2005), Sha Po Lang (2006) where he battles against Wu Shi maestro Donnie Yen and Fatal Move (2007).

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The Truth about:

BLADE WORK By Pesilat Scott McQuaid

The blade was designed simply to cut as it evolved from the caveman’s rock flint into metal it spawned various forms. From Europe’s kingdoms of heavy swords to China’s fast, light waited spears to Japan’s sharp elite katana, the blade is constantly changing its shape but never its form...


he martial art systems of today are generally practiced unarmed but almost all fighting styles used a weapon originally before adapting an open hand approach. The blade is an extension of the hand aiding the practitioner’s skills in combat, the fight is determined on distance, be it arms length or up close the blade is the foremost efficient weapon in fatal combat. The Roman short sword known as ‘the sword that conquered the world’ is said to be the most effective sword in battle, due to its size and adaptable use, this blade works on the inside as well as capable of killing at a distance. It is the compact size and sharpness

of the common knife blade which makes it so devastating in its application. A full length sword is only as effective as its handler, its weakness lies beyond its hilt, if the opponent has managed to get passed the blades length the sword is obsolete. Its handler is disabled by holding onto the weapon whilst their opponent is free with a knife blade to stab and cut with full dexterity, utilizing their body manoeuvres to aid the attack with combative limbs such as legs, arms, knees and elbows without their mobility being hindered by a long blade in their hand. Despite the flamboyant blade display’s shown by various martial art systems today in truth a practitioner needs only to place the blade in the way of oncoming attacks to cause damage. The most important use of the blade is placement and the awareness of your own weapon, to know where it is directed and where your body will be in relation to it, only then will your hand and knife act as one. The blade of Indonesia known as the keris was said to have been constructed by enlighten priests, these empu (blade smiths) not only crafted the weapon but they also performed rituals upon it, making it a spiritual matter, the term keris comes from the Malay

meaning dagger. Sculptures of the keris that date back more than 400 years have been found in central Java’s Chandi Borobudur where it is known as kujang. The Javanese refer to this keris as tosan Aji (magic metal) the most famous recognizable design is the wavy blade Sarpa Lumuka (snake in motion). Indonesia’s fighting system Pencak Silat originated from West Sumatra in the 7th century, the pesilat (silat player) adopted the keris in their silat, warrior tribes such as the Batak and the Minangkabau have shed blood using this pocok (blade) in many land disputes. The application of the blade is in stabbing rather than a cutting motion, warriors soaked warangam (arsenic) onto their blades. When the keris was thrust into their victim it was then snapped at the top of the fragile handle leaving the blade entrapped in the body. The victims die a slow death as their intestines explode within. The keris is a blade noted for its spiritual powers, the blade was sometimes forged from fallen meteorites, believing the weapon would poses a cosmic universal power. The blade varies in its size it has played an essential

Photography by

AIan Llewellyn

And so as the blood poured from the cut tendon in my foot, I ask myself... what have I learnt? 74 COMBAT WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK

The reality of using a live blade

part in Indonesian culture, worn today for many ceremonies including weddings but was also once a weapon for execution. The condemned knelt before the executioner, who placed a wad of cotton on the subjects shoulder area. The keris was then inserted through the material and into the shoulder down through the heart. Upon its withdrawal, the cotton wiped the blade clean. Death was quick...

as it should be. The keris continues to be shrouded in mystery with tales of deaths being caused by simply thrusting the knife into a victims footprint, the blade is a symbol of serenity, respect and simplicity. These are the virtues of the mind. During the writing of this article I suffered a knife injury, this highlighted the reality of using a live blade, although I do not condone the use of

sharp weapons to others I still remain true to my teaching...

‘If it’s not real, it will not work’. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single one and the life of the candle will not be shortened, knowledge never decreases by being shared. For further information on blade work in Harimau Pencak Silat, please visit


LETHAL WEAPONS Muay Thai Elbow Strikes - Part 4 Downward Diagonal Elbow Strike - ‘Sawk Ngadi’ in Thai - with Derry McCourt and Kru Nai

Welcome once again to my monthly elbow strike column. This month I would like to introduce you to the Uppercut Elbow Strike (Sawk Ngad). This particular technique is applied in a similar way to the uppercut used in Western Boxing. It is a vicious technique and when used correctly it can cause great discomfort to your opponent or even knock him straight out. It is also possible to break the jaw with this technique so be very selective as to when you use it, we are practising Muay Thai as a sport after all. ove into a position where your lead leg is placed in the middle of your opponentís legs and drop your body weight slightly lower than the usual by bending a little at the knees. Note that in Muay Thai we can not have the luxury of bobbing down very low with the head, unlike our friends in Western Boxing. If we were to do this we would fall victim to knee strikes to the head. Lift the heels off the floor, dig in the balls of the feet in to the ground and lift your body weight up by straightening the legs. Simultaneously swing the striking elbow, vertically, upward towards the target. Donít forget to open the hands momentarily as you strike. You need to




completely relax the striking arm and reach the hand of the striking arm behind your back just like you are throwing a glass of water over your shoulder. Donít neglect your guard; use your non-striking arm to guard your chin and jaw line. If you have succeeded and made a clean contact with your opponentís chin you will only have to watch him fall. if however, it didnít quite come off, then you must cover up and extract yourself into a position where you can regain your full guard. Even better go for the grapple, as you are sure to be in a position to grab the neck of your opponent and that way you can continue to attack with the forward momentum. You can also use this technique in combination with the uppercut punch.






After you have executed the uppercut punch, or even missed completely with it, you can follow up with this elbow strike effectively. You should practise this technique in the mirror concentrating on being relaxed and throwing it quickly. Trying to put too much power into the technique will just add resistance and make the execution sloppy as well as slow. It is difficult to practise this technique on the Heavy Bag or Thai Pads, If you have a Maize Bag use that instead, as it is ideal for this strike. You can also use Floor to Ceiling Ball. Punch the ball as usual and slip in the occasional elbow strike to practise coordination, speed and timing. You will not get many opportunities to execute this technique; most will present 4






themselves to you at the initiation of the grapple. Some camps teach their fighters to allow their opponent grab the neck, then the tactic is to allow him to force your head downwards by offering little resistance. You can shoot upright with a perfectly timed uppercut elbow strike which will have more of an effect on the opponent because your lack of resistance allowed him to fall on to you. I prefer the simpler method of stopping your opponent from grabbing your neck by stretching out your non-striking arm as if to fend him off. If he backs off then the opportunity is lost and you return to a guard position. If however, he resists your hold/push and tries to grab your neck by forcing you back, then you suddenly relax your holding arm and allow him to almost fall onto you. This is the time to execute your technique. You may also be able to use this technique as a counter to a straight punch or during grapping when your opponent is pre-occupied with throwing knee strikes. The best way to avoid the Uppercut Elbow is to take evasive action, rather than trying to block. When you anticipate your opponentís execution of this technique, sway your head either backwards or to the side. Only move your head suffi-

Pad Craft

Defending the upward elbow strike


Kru Nai Coaches

ciently for the strike to miss. It makes no difference if the strike misses by 1mm or 25cm as long as it misses and if you are still close to your opponent you can counter with whatever technique presents itself to you. Usually these will be hook punches or straight knee strikes. I hope you find these tips useful and maybe one day someone will inform me of their success at using these techniques in a competition situation. You can see Kru Nai coaching this technique on location in North Thailand at Combat magazines website The technique is demonstrated beautifully by Kru Nai (Mr Pongpan Supasorn), coach of the ìFah Muang Neuaî Boxing camp in San Kham Pheng, Northern Thailand. Kru Nai together with his father showed me most of the elbow strikes that I am passing on to you. He was North Thailand champion at 2 different weights and held the Thai National Championship (Rachadamneon Stadium). Kru Nai fought for the famous ìDatelat Gymî in Bangkok. Lethal weapons Uppercut Elbow Strike was filmed on location at Wat U Mong Lake in Chiang Mai Forest & at the ìFah Muang Neuaî Muay Thai camp in San kham Pheang, North Thailand.


Upward elbow strike on bag

Readers can contact Derry Directly at or

Landing the strike

The uppercut elbow strike is best used in the clinch

Derry McCourt

In the clinch


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THE ULTIMATE MARTIAL ART BUSINESS SEMINAR Is it possible for a single school to gross over £30,000.00 in one month every month? One man does, and has done it for years. For the first time Stephen Thompson, owner of a chain of schools in the UK is sharing his PROVEN strategies and reasons why his schools are one of the highest grossing in the UK.

What can S-M-A-R-T do for you? There is no better job out there than being a Martial Arts Professional. Teaching martial arts has always been a passion for me. As a younger man competing was everything. I could not wait for the next tournament to come around. In my tournament career I have travelled all over the world, but I do not want to bore you with that, I just want to assure you, I am a real martial artist. I Love Martial Arts and what is had done for me and my family. I always wanted to teach full time, and tried. My first clubs went well, apart form, of course summer, when things would slow up, and I was back doing my trade, being a poor carpenter.

I have had a decade of building systems! You see there is not one system out there that tells you what to do from the start, well, there is now. Over one weekend, I am going to tell you how I run my schools and how I have been so successful.

What will you learn? If you are thinking of opening a school, or if you have one already, it does not matter. The systems that you will learn on the seminar are the same ones that my staff use every day to generate £30,000 a month from one location. In actual fact you will be able to see the schools in action if you wish to visit one of my locations as a V.I.P. I will even share with you the running school numbers!

“Martial Arts should not be about making money” I have heard this so many times, and you know what, I was once like that! But the gift that God gave me was the ability to do martial arts. It just made sense to me. But I can tell you, having to put my hand in my pocket to pay for hall rent because I did not have enough students to pay it, hurt more than any punch or kick I took on the mat. If you have been in Martial Arts for any length of time you will probably have seen some great martial artist. But all to often, these people had to stop teaching because they could not afford to carry on. I believe martial arts is a wonderful sport and has so much to offer everyone, so this is why my martial art schools must run at a profit. This way I can make sure they stay open, and I am giving a great career to my instructors. Whether your goal is to build a massive organisation, or just to make sure your school is paying for itself, do the S.M.A.R.T thing, and ask for more information.

Instructors = £45K a year? My Instructors wages, that’s right not the owner - the instructor running one school Listen. I know you can go along as you are, hey, who says I have something better than the next guy. BUT, you have to wonder, if you had my systems; systems that work; that have enabled me to grow from 1 school that was out of a church hall twice a week, to now running 4 full time locations with hundreds of students.


Martial Art Business Systems


Phone and request an information pack and CD

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One of the most emphasized coaching instructions in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) No Holds Barred and Submission wrestling today is: POSITIONING!

The Oxford dictionary explains positioning as: ‘place occupied by person or thing; proper place;

way thing is placed, mental attitude, state of affairs, situation, rank or status, strategic point’ ties as most cases the top fighter has superior reach and mobility, whereas bottom fighter is limited to strikes and mobility.


he above explanation is clear, but what does this mean in the world of MMA and Submission wrestling? The goal to obtain superior positioning over ones opponent in the stand up and ground ranges to execute devastating strikes, submission and choke holds has become imperative for any combat athlete. Attaining the mounted position is one of the most sought after positions for most fighters & students in MMA/Submission wrestling. This occurs when one fighter is on top of his opponent, astride his chest with both knees on the floor. There are various reasons why this position is sought after: -


Top position will have maximum momentum behind punches, elbows and head strikes. Bottom fighter

has almost no momentum due to being pinned against the floor. -

More options for choking and submissions from top position where it is next to impossible to apply these from the bottom position. - Bottom fighters breathing can be affected with top fighters weight putting pressure on the chest and abdomen area which in result could create the bottom fighter to become more fatigued and start panicking. Thus the mounted position


Fighter with top position has dynamic striking opportuniKeep head off the ground and use your forearms and elbows to deal with opponents onslaught



1. Bridge or Upa escape Your opponents limbs are trapped on the one side of his body. One can escape by thrusting the hips up and to the side making it difficult for your opponent to control his balance. 82 COMBAT WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK

Use yo

2. Elbow escape



Use your forearm and palm to block your opponents knee movement. Shrimp your hips out turning them vertical

Bring your bottom knee up (the one against the mat)



Here your elbow and hands are used to create space between your hips and your opponents legs giving you the opportunity to pull a leg or two out giving you the opportunity to transfer into the half or full guard positions.



Work your elbow in so you can place you forearm on your opponents inner thigh

Bring your leg through

offers a potentially devastating advantage to the person or fighter who attains it.

we must ensure we have a sound foundation of basics which we can apply under most conditions.

Escaping the Mount

One of my coaches and mentors, Burton Richardson has a great quote I would like to share with you which stresses the fact that more is not always better:

If your opponent has mounted you, the onus is on you to escape. Attempting submission holds and strikes from this very disadvantageous position is not recommended. Your focus should be on escape to a better position, such as the guard or to your knees or even standing up.

Four basic mount escapes It will be in your best interest to expose yourself to at least 4 basic mount escapes. Be aware not to just accumulate techniques and hardly being able to apply any of them under full resistance. A ‘basic’ technique is one that has a high chance of success in all out sparring, so

ur knee to drive your opponent forward

‘Knowledge is not power, the ability to apply your knowledge under pressure is true power’ Here are the four techniques I consider to be the basics for your mount escape. Please check the Instructional sequence photographs for more comprehensive explanations: Conditioning yourself to be able to with-


stand being mounted is just as impor- Bringing your tant as the counter other knee up and through so you can techniques to the obtain guard position mount you learn. I developed a term/concept a couple of years ago which is imperative to every MMA and Submission wrestling student. It is called Performance Games and is based on isolated sparring! The basic idea behind performance games is to isolate certain sections within a MMA or submission wrestling bout and to focus specifically on the offense and defense tactics and techniques within that parameter. For example, let’s say I want to improve on my takedowns and improve on not being taken down from the clinch...

To read the rest of this article why not take out a subscription by calling +44 (0) 121 344 3737 d

Attach yourself as high as you can using your body weight to assist keeping your opponent down Roll your opponent off you to the back diagonal corner

Shrimp your hips to the opposite side

f g

Trap your opponents one arm and the same side leg Landing in your opponents guard

Bridge up


How long have you been teaching Thai Boxing for?

Is the equipment a gym has an important factor?

I started teaching in about 1984 or 85 and I have been teaching at the Wolfslair for about two years now. They had a Thai boxing coach there for a while and he was teaching in the evenings. It was actually him that recommended me, the owners of the Wolfslair booked private lessons with me and then from that they asked would I go and teach the pro team. Yeah I think so. There’s the pro team in the day but in the evening there are classes for everybody.

Well with Thai Boxing obviously I need a boxing ring and pads but that’s it. But when it comes to MMA the gyms should have things like a cage and matted walls - in MMA you have to train for situations where you are pushed up against the wall and obviously it’s much safer to have the mats there. Something that’s very important is good clean facilities. Hygiene is very important, the Wolfslair spends a fortune on cleaning and making sure the mats are cleaned everyday. You don’t want your fighters to be out with skin infections and things like that.

Do you need to be fit before you start training or does that come later?

How soon after a person starts training regularly in MMA can they expect to turn pro?

Definitely not. If people are interested in MMA they can start training and its MMA that gets you fit. The training will then be relevant to MMA aswell. We offer classes that are broken into two; Thai boxing classes and Jiu Jitsu classes and then we have classes that purely focus on MMA.

Everybody’s different. It’s really down to the coaches - if they are quality coaches their gonna guide you in the right direction.

Is training in MMA for anyone?

In your experience what seem to be the most important disciplines to train in for MMA purposes and is it best to start in one discipline or to go straight into MMA training? In the past most people have come from a specific discipline and then start training in MMA. But some people also train in a number of gyms - doing Thai boxing one day, Jiu Jitsu on another and then piecing them together. This doesn’t really work because when your training in Thai boxing and your throwing kicks you don’t have anybody trying to shoot and take you down, just like in a grappling discipline you wouldn’t have anybody trying to kick you when you are shooting for the takedown - of course that sort of thing is going to happen in MMA. It can also be frowned upon, because a lot of Thai Boxing instructors don’t want people to do Jiu Jitsu as well or train in another discipline for MMA. Nowadays you also have people starting to learn MMA as the full package rather than them coming from a certain discipline. What’s predominant in MMA is wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing and Boxing. You definitely need at least one form of stand up, because a fight always starts on the feet. But there are a number of other effective disciplines, for example the Wolfslair’s getting a Russian Sambo coach who will be starting soon.

In your experience do you hear of a lot of con-artists that promise the world and deliver very little? - not naming any names I really couldn’t comment to be honest. It’s all down to the credibility of the coaches, it doesn’t take long to spot whether they are credible or not.

Are there any common pitfalls or mistakes that occur when people start training in MMA? Trying to train yourself. You can’t really learn from a book at home. I could read a book and you could read a book and we could both interpret it differently. They can be good to use if you are interested in learning more about the sport but not to train with. Find good coaches and commit yourself.

You offer private sessions yourself at the Cheshire Martial Arts Centre. How is this more beneficial than training in a group? It’s good for people who can’t make it to certain class times and it is easier to work on specific things. Even people from the pro classes have private lessons for whatever reason. The price of these depends on the area of the country but thirty to fifty pounds an hour is quite normal.

What do you personally look for in a new fighter in terms of potential? Will. You can teach skill, you can’t teach desire.

If you are interested in training for the Wolfslair you should check out and people who are interested in learning Thai Boxing should also check out Mike Bisping being put through his paces


So You Want To Be An MMA Fighter? Combat Speaks to Dave Jackson...

Thai boxing coach for the Wolfslair and trainer of UFC stars such as Mike Bisping (pictured) and Cheick Kongo - to ask what people should be looking for when they want to start training in Mixed Martial Arts.



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What to Do Who to See What to Buy! Seni is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and to help you maximise your Seni experience Combat magazine and Fighters Inc have come together to bring you the definitive guide to the World’s greatest martial arts festival and expo.

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FILM FESTIVAL Sucker Punch Ten Dead Men Underground Furor

SEMINARS Dan Henderson Somluck Khamsing Steve Morris Robert Chu Royce Gracie And many more!

PAIN AND GLORY Kickboxing Muay Thai K-1 MMA



Zone into Seni Seni boasts over 150 trade stands, hundreds of demonstrations, seminars and live events over 15,000sqm at London’s Excel in the heart of Docklands. Split into six distinctly themed zones ‘Classical Warrior’, ‘FightSport’, ‘PowerSport’, ‘Survival’, ‘Tournament’ and Olympic Youth - each of the zones delivers a unique pro-active experience including exciting feature events and talent to enable the show to appeal to the widest range of fighting art practitioners, visitors and enthusiasts. Alongside the themed zones there is a film festival and an enviable schedule of appearances by the very best National and International Masters, celebrities and sporting legends, making the Seni weekend the must-see event in the fighting arts calendar.

Seni-stay later, shop longer, see more! The Seni show packs so much into one weekend that taking it all in can sometimes seem nigh on impossible, there is just so much to see and do. Well, this year we are giving you extra time to see more, do more and experience more as Seni extends its opening hours in 2008. This year doors will open at 9.00am on the Saturday and not close until 7.00pm, whilst on Sunday the doors will not close until 6.00pm, giving you every chance to fully participate in the Seni experience.

Classical Warrior Zone What to Do

cured from the leading exponents and associations in traditional arts as well as some live showpiece events and bouts. Masters of the Mat, which features top exponents from Karate and Taekwondo’s in superb showcase superbouts. As it is an Olympic year, look out for BJJ, Olympic Wrestling and fencing as part of the action-packed MOTM programme of events.

them to life and make them functional. Saturday 26th April,10:30 - 12:30 Hanshi Joe Carslake and Tony Pillage (pictured left) will focus on debunking the pressure point myth, by taking the student on a pressure point journey from a basic application to combat techniques that will enhance your martial arts whatever the style. Sunday 27th April, 13:00-15:00.

Doce Pares will be performing an exhibition on the Classical stage on both days, and will be having two mats on the Saturday where they will be running two tournaments. “Seni Eskrima Championship 2008” will run as a WEKAF-style competition and after this, there will be a Limited Armour compeTony Pillage tition. Tournaments within this zone will include the Olympic discipline Fencing.

Robert Chu specializes in combat application and health aspects with a focus on the Yip Man Wing Chun Kuen system as taught by Hawkins Cheung and the Yuen Kay-San and Gulao Wing Chun Kuen systems as taught by Kwan Jong Yuen. Sunday 27th April,10:30 - 12:30. Master Ewan Briscoe will introduce you to the ancient Korean Sword art of Haidong Gumdo, as taught by the chairman of the UK Federation. Sunday 27th April, 15:30-17:30

The Classical Warrior stage features a non-stop extravaganza of incredible demonstrations across the full weekend, pro-

Who to meet Pat O’Malley will be conducting workshops across the Seni weekend to launch the new Rapid Response System - a street effect edged weapons defence system that can be taught to anyone in a short space of time. Steve Rowe (7th dan) and Ondra Musil (6th dan) will be taking a seminar showing how the same underlying principles work through all traditional martial arts and reality based self defence to bring 158 COMBAT WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK

Grand Master Danny Guba is a genuine Doce Pares legend and he will be providing workshops across the weekend. Shi Heng Xuan, 2nd 35th generation warrior monk has toured with the ‘Wheel of Life’ show and will be recognisable from numerous videos - watch out for his demonstrations on the classical stage.

What to Buy Stalls to visit - Shaolin Temple China, Black Eagle, Pagoda Imports, Summersdale.

guide 05 Fightsport zone What to do Ringmasters is the UK’s leading amateur Muay Thai tournament is back in the ring at Seni08 but this year the good news is that there are even more categories - 62kg, 67kg, 72kg, 77kg, 82kg, 87kg and 97kg. Due to Ringmaster’s growing popularity there will now also be a 57kg female and a junior category too. For entry details contact Lee on The London ABA Finals are taking place in two rings right throughout the Seni Saturday. The ABA finals are a bedrock of British boxing and this is your opportunity to not only see the prestigious London finals but also talent scout the potential Barry McGuigan’s and Amir Khan’s of the future. This is an event not to be missed! The UK MMA League is the brainchild of veteran MMA fighter Andy Walker, who wanted to give amateur fighters a safe and regular way to develop towards the professional ranks. With no head shots it’s more appealing to all standards of competitors. See if the UK MMA League is for you at Seni. For further information on this and all our tournaments, go to The Gracie Invitational is well established at Seni and is now regarded as the most eagerly anticipated BJJ tournament in Europe and takes place right across the weekend. For regis-

tration go to

Who to See Gracie Jiu-Jitsu legend Royce Gracie began competing at age eight, received his purple belt at 16 and his black belt two years later. He became World famous by winning 3 UFC titles and remains the only man to ever win four NHB fights in one night. Dan Henderson the UFC star and Pride welterweight and Middleweight champion is coming to Seni08 to take a seminar and promote his “Clinch Gear” brand through “Fight Superstore” his Exclusive UK Distributors. Train with the man who has beaten Wanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Renato Sobral, Kazuo Misaki, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Renzo Gracie, Carlos Newton, Gilbert Yvel and Murilo Bustamante. Sunday 27th April, 10:30-12:30. Kickboxing pioneer Pat O Keefe has competed in the ring as a kick boxer at international level and fought 28 times. His opponents included three World Champions and Nigel Benn who went on to become the WBC World Middleweight Boxing Champion. Nicknamed ‘Machine Gun’ due to the speed of his roundhouse kick, Ronnie Green has become a Thai Boxing legend. As a pioneer in this country, Ronnie fought the Thais on numerous occasions and lost only once and won a multitude of titles, including WKA Super-

Featherweight, IMF Lightweight, IFCF Lightweight and numerous other British and European titles. Saturday 26th April, 10:30 - 12:30 (Seminar Room 2) Somluck Khamsing is a legend and hero in his own right. A strong muaythai and traditional Western boxer he became a national hero in 1996 when he became Thailand’s first ever Olympic Gold Medallist winning the Featherweight boxing category. Muaythai fans will also know him as a muaythai champion in his own right and for his Kings Birthday appearance in 2000 where he took apart top French fighter Kamael Djamel. Sunday 27th April, 15:30-17:30 (Seminar Room 1) Barry McGuigan: An enduring boxing legend, this former World champion united Ireland in support of him in the 1980’s with his humble nature outside of the ring and all-action style within it. His career peaked with a memorable World title win against Eusabio Pedroza, who at the time was considered virtually unbeatable. Barry will open Seni08 to help promote the launch of the boxing based charity ‘Fight for Peace.’

What to Buy Stalls to visit - Shop MMA , Caged Steel, Fight Superstore, Fightgear, Fight DVD,Evolution Fightwear, Cage Rage

The Gracie Invitational




Powersport zone What to Do Seni 08 is proud to host the worlds greatest strongman competition - Channel 5’s World’s Strongest Man will be filming live at Seni08, featuring all its famous challenges in all their glory. The Powersport zone also has many inter-active events including the British Novice Arm-Wrestling Championships, the Fame fitness and bodybuilding European Championships, The Dragan Challenge and the chance for a team of three to win £10,000 if they can beat Dragan and his family. There will be skipping, Bench Press and Pull Up Championships

Don’t be blue at Seni thanks to bluetooth but if you fancy less stress then why not simply have fun and join the friendly BNFB Shirt Off competition?

Who to See John Brzenk, the world’s greatest arm-wrestler is attending. John is the inspiration behind Sylvester Stallone’s cult movie ‘Over The Top’. John won his first world title at the age of 18 and has a16’ right forearm!

What to Buy Stalls to visit - PHD Nutrition, Fit2Fight, Green Tea Zero, The Supplement Store

The Dragan Challenge

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of great stuff going on at Seni? Well help is at hand during Seni08 due to bluetooth technology. Visitors will get regular texts as they enjoy their weekend giving them the latest information on special offers, freebies, demos, bouts, finals, films etc, making sure that they maximise their Seni experience. .

Take home a Tatami! Linkamat one of the UK’s leading matting company supplies all Seni’s tournament mats and their mats are made to last because they are made from unique high-density foam, ‘plastazote’ and are lightweight but extremely strong. Once our superb series of tournaments are over, we will be selling of all of the tournament zone mats at Seni08. So pop along to the tournament zone to see the mats in action, have a look at the quality and take the opportunity to bag yourself a full area at the show. There will be 16 x 8sqm in total eight of which are 42mm for grappling and eight are 29mm and all at a reduced rate! E-mail for further details and prices.

Survival zone What to Do

Who to See

This Zone offers everything from interactive taster workshops, hard hitting displays and exhibition stands in recruitment and career paths, training and accreditation courses, security, bodyguarding and outdoor survival products and services. It also hosts interactive challenges such as climbing walls, assault courses and shooting galleries, all with the intention of keeping you active, educated and entertained when visiting the Survival Zone. Can you survive the non-stop adventure that is Survival Zone?

Dennis Jones (The Samurai on the Door) and Gavin Mulholland (5th dan Goju-Ryu) will show the student how the classical art can work efficiently in the practical arena. Saturday 26th April, 15:30 17:30 (Seminar Room 1)


Mic Coup With an extensive and varied background in a multitude of fighting systems, active military service and specialist security operations, Mick Coup provides expert and comprehensive tuition in personal protection, safety and security based only on reality and empirical knowledge. This sem-

inar will cover a selection of fundamental skills from the C2: Core Combatives concept mode Saturday 26th April,13:00-15:00 (Seminar Room 2) One of the most eagerly-awaited seminars is taken by martial arts legend Steve Morris, who will be giving students the benefit of his years of knowledge, honed directly from personal experience. This is one not to be missed! Sunday 27th April, 13:00-15:00

What to buy Stalls to visit - Royal Marines, Bladerunner, TA’s, Koolpak

guide 07 Tournament zone What to do

Who to See

This year Seni boasts more tournaments than ever before for you to participate in and as well as the aforementioned competitions we have the London Wushu Open, the Capoeira Campeonato, London Karate Classic, the Chi Sao Open, the Seni Freestyle Open and the Seni Eskrima Open, quite literally something for everyone, ensuring that Seni is one of the largest open tournament events in the World! With 2008 an Olympic year, Seni08 can announce yet another coup in the shape of a fencing tournament. This ground-breaking tournament will be in association with the Olympic Borough of Newham as it (and the Country) prepares to host the 2012 Olympics. ). Go to tournaments for rules, categories and applications of each of the seni open championships.

Olympic fencer Linda Strachan, Commonwealth Games medal winner, Olympian and seven times British fencing champion. Strachan competed in individual and team events for the Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 games and famously

Pain and Glory

across four fight genres - K1, Kickboxing, MMA and MuayThai, Pain and Glory’ has rapidly become the country’s premier genuinely mixed martial arts showcase and this year promises to be the most dynamic yet with a series of incredible international match-ups. Kickboxing sees England versus Germany with three of our finest against German National champions - John Orchard (Bulldog Gym, B’mouth) vs Rafael Pratnicki (Ger), Quasim Nisar (UK) vs Mohamad Jamal (Ger)and Nick Gill (TSKB, Kent) vs Maroun Bachir (Ger).

The full contact fightsport flagship of the Seni show, Pain and Glory is unique because it brings together top international fighters, matched

Try before you buy! Seni offers a very different experience than simply purchasing from a catalogue or on the internet as Seni affords you the opportunity to try before you buy and speak face to face with service led com-

doubled Madonna in her fencing sequences for the Bond Movie ‘Die Another Day.’

What to buy Stalls to visit - Toraki, Cryogel, EFMA Disneyland Paris, Grapplewear.

Seni Freestyle Open

London Karate Classic

Muay Thai sees more international bouts with world champion Steven Wakeling (Scorpions) vs Cedric Muller (France ), Bernise Alldis (Keddles) vs Florence Delaroche (France)and a domestic tear-up panies and fighting art organisations. Many of the shows exhibitors are using Seni to launch new products so you get to see what’s new in the marketplace and benefit from exclusive show sale offers. Seni will showcase some of the world’s leading

between Michael Wakeling (Scorpions) vs Phil Pullen (Shin Kick, UK). Pain and Glory K-1 winning debutants Dillion White and Leon Waters will be looking to make it two out of two as they take on Daniel Sams and Attil Boros (Hungary) respectively. The MMA match-ups will see UFC veteran and legendary grappler Jeff ‘The Snowman’ Monson top the bill with Jeff Lawson versus Greg Loughan and Chris Rice versus James E Nicolle providing thrilling back-up to round out a night of pure..pain and glory! Tickets - £30, £45, & £80 Ringside. All tickets include free entry to Seni 08. Available from: or Call now - 0844 847 1699 brands as nearly 30% of the companies exhibiting at Seni since moving to London are overseas exhibitors from across Europe, the US, Australia and South East Asia, so don’t just read about it in a magazine product guide, come along to Seni and try it first hand! WWW.COMBATMAG.CO.UK COMBAT 161



Film Festival This year, in a first for Seni, the festival will actively support and promote British film makers by giving first screenings to four independent British martial arts movies - Sucker Punch, Ten Dead Men, Underground and Furor - and offering you the chance to ask the cast and crew’s questions in dedicated Q & A sessions after the films have screened. There will also be four films dedicated to that most mythical of fighters, the Ninja and entry to the Fighting Spirit Film Festival is free once you have entered Seni and Film Passes are provided on a film by film basis. For the full schedule

New for 2008

Ten Dead Men

Sucker Punch

The Wrestling Zone

The Bruce Lee Zone The unique Bruce Lee Museum that will be the centrepiece of a brand new zone dedicated to ‘The Little Dragon’, his life and work. Alongside fascinating rare artefacts, photographs and letters will be personal appearances and Q & A’s with leading figures in Bruce Lee’s life.

Who to See To support this fantastic new zone, ‘Enter the Dragon’ legend Bob ‘O’Hara’ Wall be appearing alongside Bruce’s daughter and movie star in her own right Shannon Lee. Also supporting the zone will be top instructors from Bruce Lee’s JKD including Richard Bustillo, one of Bruce’s original students of Jeet Kune Do and known as ‘The Iron Dragon’ in the JKD World, Tim Tackett, who trained with Dan Inosanto and given senior instructor rank in 1973, Tommy Gong, who trained under Ted Wong and who is a JKD advisor to the Bruce Lee Foundation and a man well known in American MMA circles, bringing his knowledge to top fighters, Yuri Nakamura.

In another fresh new initiative, Seni08 will be bringing all the glitz and glamour, thrills and spills of Professional Wrestling to the Excel with its pro-wrestling zone in associ-

The EFMA Disneyland resort Stage Seni08 brings the magic of Disney to the UK with the launch of the magical EFMA Disneyland Resort Stage with the junior martial artist in mind as it features a non-stop feast of

ation with brand-leaders RQW. Look for maximum high-flying entertainment, big bumps, amazing match-ups and some big name guests in the zone that guarantees the highest quality sports entertainment and Real Quality Wrestling! showcase tournaments and interactive challenges including Karate, Taekwondo and BJJ. The highlight will be a demonstration challenge with the winner getting to demonstrate at Disney. See these top names battle it out at Seni08!

The A AAA Experience Obviously the absolute best way to enjoy the whole Seni experience is the fantastic AAA Pass, quite simply the hottest ticket in the martial arts World. As a weekend experience, Seni08 cannot be beaten and as a dream ticket the AAA Pass cannot be beaten either, as it ensures that the pass-holder is at the heart of the expo with an inter-active experience second to none. Don’t just dream of meeting the VIP’ one!! Entry both days into Seni08 Ringside tickets at Pain and Glory, Saturday 26th Seni08 Show brochure & directory Seni08 Official T-shirt & goodie bag! Unlimited access to training seminars Front row seating in Fighting Spirit Film Festival Access to VIP Green room with refreshments throughout day Private time slot for access to show VIP’s Lunch provided both days Designated member of Seni staff for AAA guests Ticket to official Saturday evening after party (only 150 invited) For more information visit the website New Seni Ticket Line (info box)

The New Seni ticket line is up and running with Ticketmaster on

0844 847 1699 Bob Wall


We have also teamed up with TNT which arranges your clubs coach journey to and from the show as well as fast track ticket entry. Check out the Kids Go Free With T&T



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