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VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November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


#<I $E=@E@K< 18I@<KP 8 GC8P G<I=FID<; 9P 8NJFE J K?@I; P<8I GIF;L:K@FE JKL;<EKJ I<:<@M<; 8 >FF; I<M@<N 9P FLI M<IP FNE .8D .:?D@;K E; @= PFL I< =<<C@E> 8 C@KKC< ;FNE K?@J N<<B J +@:BJ F= K?< 2<<B @J >L8I8EK<<; KF 9I@E> 8 JD@C< KF PFLI =8:< FE>I8KLC8K@FEJ KF K?< '8;@<J CL<J IL>9P K<8D =FI N@EE@E> >FC; 8E; =FI 8::FDGC@J?@E> K?<@I =@IJK LE;<=<8K<; J<8 JFE 2< CFM< K?< J<OP C8;@<J EAFP PFLIJ<CM<J <M<IPFE< 8E; E<M<I I<>I<K JFD<K?@E> K?8K D8;< PFL C8L>? FI JD@C< ?<<IJ &8I@E< L9< ;@KFI @E ?@<=


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Disturbing the student peace


VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009


NEWS EDITOR: Gage Michael Wheatley CONTACT:

The African Legacy club exceeds noise levels, says Student Services

/?< =I@:8E '<>8:P CL9 N@CC JFFE 9< DFM@E> CF:8K@FEJ ;L< KF K?< EF@J< C<M<C K?8K <D8E8K<J =IFD @KJ :LII<EK CF:8C<

“Thatʼs news to me. Nobody from the DSU came to talk to me.” -Terri Joseph, African Legacy

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

“I donʼt know why they would move us.” -Joseph

N?8K ?<P\I< ;F@E> KF LJ Z :FDD<EK<; -FD@E8 &89<P8 =@IJK J<D<JK<I '8N 8E; .F:@<KP JKL ;<EK FE ?<8I@E> K?< E<NJ K?8K K?< :CL9 NFLC; 9< I< HL@I<; KF DFM< Y(8P9< 8 HL@<K<I :CL9 NFLC; 9< DFI<

“When counsellors are meeting with students in distress, they donʼt want to hear loud noises.” -Raymond Boucher, Student Services

Comfortable learning Y2?<E :FLEJ<CCFIJ 8I< D<<K@E> N@K? JKL;<EKJ @E ;@JKI<JJ K?<P ;FE\K N8EK KF ?<8I CFL; EF@J<J I@>?K FLK J@;< K?< ;FFI Z FL:?<I J8@; )FK <M<IPFE< 8>I<<J N@K? K?@J :FE :CLJ@FE ?FN<M<I Y.<>I<>8K@FE /?8K\J J<>I<>8K@FE

8GGIFGI@8K< @E K?8K CF:8K@FE Z JK8K<; -8PDFE; FL:?<I YC@B< /?< ?<JJ

New School performs demo to gain members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

98J<; FE K?< GI@E:@GC<J F= ?LD8E@J K@: <;L:8K@FE Y$E 8 ELKJ?<CC G<FGC< C<8IE 9<JK @= K?<P ?8M< 8E FGGFIKLE@KP KF @E=CL <E:< N?8K K?<P C<8IE 8E; ?FN K?<P C<8IE Z )<?<I J8@; ?I@JK@E8 (8N;IPB 8 )<N .:?FFC >I8;L8K< J8@; K?8K @K @J ;@==<I<EK 9< :8LJ< PFL D8B< PFLI :FLIJ< FLKC@E< @E :C8JJ N@K? K?< K<8:?<I

“People learn best if they have an opportunity to influence what they learn.” -Allister Neher, teacher

Y4FL ;<:@;< PFLI ;<8;C@E<J 8E; 8J J@>ED<EKJ 8E; N?8K PFL N8EK KF K8B< =IFD K?< :C8JJ 9LK 8K K?< J8D< K@D< K?< K<8:?<I @J K?<I< KF D8B< JLI< K?8K PFL 8I< FE KI8:B Z J?< J8@; Y K I<>L C8I :C8JJ<J PFL ?8M< EF J8P @E N?8K

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

By: Shannon Rose

CL9 FI CL9 : :<JJ Z ?< :FE:CL;<; /?@J @J K?< J<:FE; J<D<JK<I @E IFN K?8K =I@:8E '<>8:P ?8J 9<<E DFM<; 9P K?< .0 K?<P N<I< J@KL 8K<; E<OK KF CL9 K:<K<I8 @E 9LK ;L< KF K?< C8I>< 8DFLEK F= EF@J< :FDGC8@EKJ N<I< I<CF:8K<; KF N?<I< K?<P 8I< EFN @E /?< .0 <O<:LK@M< :FLE:@C N@CC I<

Virtual Dawson

By: Samuel Schmidt

Dawson launches new program

By: Jeff Moscato

8NJFE\J M@;<F >8D< ;<J@>E GIF >I8D ?8J 9<<E 8IFLE; J@E:< 8E; @J @;<8C =FI JFD<FE< CFFB@E> KF >F @EKF K?< M@;<F >8D< @E;LJKIP /?@J GIF>I8D @J K?< FECP GIF>I8D 8K 8NJFE K?8K @JE\K K8B<E 8K K?< K N8K<I :8DGLJ 8J 8NJFE 8CFE> N@K? " + (8K8E< 8E; FCC<>< ;L 1@<LO (FEKI<8C 1( ?8J 8 :FEKI8:K N@K? 09@JF=K 8 M@;<F >8D< ;<M<CFG@E> :FDG8EP KF K<8:? K?< :FLIJ<J 8K K?< 09@JF=K 9L@C;@E>

“You must be creative and have a sense of technology.” -Madeleine Bazerghi, advisor

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

the plant

M@<N K?< ;<K8@CJ F= K?< J@KL8K@FE 8E; :?FFJ< N?<I< KF DFM< K?< =I@:8E '<>8:P CL9 =FI K?< 9<E<=@K F= 8CC JKL ;<EKJ

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

“Video games are the best bang for your buck. The future is bright.” -Pietro Calderone, AEC

N?<E K?<P 8GGCP =FI 8 AF9 @E K?< @E ;LJKIP Y$K\J >I<8K KF ?8M< " +J NFIB @E> KF><K?<I E>CF 8E; !I8E:F " +J NFIB@E> KF><K?<I Z 8C;<IFE< J8@; E<N >IFLG @E M@;<F >8D< C<M<C ;<J@>E N@CC JK8IK FE %8EL8IP 8E; 8CK?FL>? K?< ;<8;C@E< KF J@>E LG ?8J G8JJ<; C8K< I<>@JKI8K@FEJ 8I< 8: :<GK<; Y1@;<F >8D<J 8I< K?< 9<JK 98E> =FI PFLI 9L:B /?< =LKLI< @J 9I@>?K Z 8C;<IFE< J8@;

December is quickly approaching and that means that the North-South kids will soon be departing for Nicaragua. I made a photo album yesterday of my own trip last year and

the plant


Energy hogs Aweekʼsworthof Daniel The Chill club uses more Dawson culture Tirado energy than it can handle news

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEWS EDITOR: Gage Michael Wheatley CONTACT:

8NJFE FCC<>< :CL9J ?8M< I<:<EKCP 9<<E <OG<I@<E:@E> GIF9C<DJ N@K? K?<@I <C<:KI@:8C :@I:L@K 9I<8B<IJ ;L< KF FM<ICF8;@E> @K N@K? ?@>? GFN<I<; 8G GC@8E:<J Y2<\M< ?8; GIF9C<DJ N@K? K?< 9I<8B<IJ 8 =<N K@D<J -< :<EKCP K?< =LJ< 9IFB< 8E; N< ?8; JFD<FE< =IFD +C8EK 8; !8:@C@K@<J :FD< 8E; =@O @K KN@:< 2< ?8; 8 =I@;>< 8E; D@:IFN8M< GCL>><; KF @K 8E; $ >L<JJ @K KFFB LG KFF DL:? <E<I>P :8LJ@E> K?< 9I<8B<I KF >F F== Z ?@CC CL9 +I<J@;<EK !C@EK <@K8 J8@; /?< :@I : L @ K 9I<8B<IJ 8K 8NJFE FCC<>< 8I< J<K 8K 8DG<I<J 8DGJ <8:? 8E; K?< 9I<8B<IJ N@CC FECP FG<E LG N?<E @K <O:<<;J 8DGJ KF GIFK<:K K?< :@I :L@K FI K?< :@I:L@K 9I<8B<I =IFD <C<:KI@:8C ;8D8>< Y#<8K@E> <C<D<EKJ JL:? 8J D@ :IFN8M<J :F==<< D8B<IJ 8E; :FD GLK<IJ ;I8N LG 8 CFK F= GFN<I 4FL ?8M< KF 9< JD8IK :@I:L@K 9I<8B<I\J 98J@: =LE:K@FE @J KF ;<K<:K 8 =8LCK :FE ;@K@FE 8; KF @DD<;@8K<CP ;@J:FEK@EL< <C<:KI@:8C =CFN KF GIFK<:K K?< <C<:KI@ :8C :@I:L@K =IFD ;8D8>< :8LJ<; 9P

FM<ICF8; /IP EFK KF GCL> @E KFF D8EP D8:?@E<J 8K K?< J8D< GCL> FI <CJ< K?< 9I<8B<I N@CC KI@G 8E; JKFG K?< GFN<I =IFD >F@E> K?IFL>? Z 8E@<C <J:?TE<J +C8EK 8E; !8:@C@K@<J L@C; @E> (8E8><I

“Why would you consume more than you have?” -Eric Shamy-Smith, Sustainable Dawson

$E L>LJK 8NJFE C8LE:?<; 8E <EM@IFED<EK8C @E@K@8K@M< N@K? 8 KNF P<8I :K@FE FEJ<IM8K@FE GIF >I8D K?IFL>? K?< 8IK?M8CL<J $EJK@ KLK< 8 EFE GIF=@K :?8I@K89C< FI>8E@Q8K@FE JG<:@8C@Q@E> @E <EM@IFE D<EK8C <;L:8K@FE 8NJFE\J JG<:@8C GIFA<:K ;L99<; .LJK8@E89C< 8NJFE N8J :I<8K<; KF D<<K K?< E<<;J F= K?< GI<J<EK ><E<I8K@FE N@K?FLK :FDGIF D@J@E> K?< 89@C@KP F= =LKLI< FE<J KF D<<K K?<@I FNE E<<;J

“Itʼs kind of embarrassing that we overloaded the circuits with so many appliances.” -Stefano Diraddor, Chill club

Y2?P NFLC; PFL :FEJLD< DFI< K?8E PFL ?8M< 2?P NFLC; PFL :FE K@EL< KF ;F JF N?<E PFL BEFN PFL :8E\K 2?8K NFLC; ?8GG<E @= <M<IP FE< ;@; K?8K Z I@: .?8DP .D@K? 8 .LJK8@E89C< 8NJFE I<GI<J<EK8K@M< J8@; Y$K\J B@E; F= <D98II8JJ@E> K?8K N< FM<ICF8;<; K?< :@I:L@KJ N@K? JF D8EP 8GGC@8E:<J J 8 GI<:8LK@FE N< EFN DFE@KFI K?< JKL== K?8K N< GCL> @E Z J8@; .K<=8EF @I8;;FI ?@CC CL9 "<E<I8C O<:LK@M<

Christmas corner By: Stefanie Jesuthasan

Christmas festivities begin at Dawson

By: Shannon Rose

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“The Christmas Corner is an opportunity for students to celebrate the Christmas season.” -Mary Di Liello, recreation technician

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the plant

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Dawson hosts its annual Multicultural week with special guest Daniel Tirado

By: Darren Usher

(LCK@:LCKLI8C 2<<B 8 N<<B CFE> <M<EK K?8K @E:CL;<; K8CBJ DLJ@: =FF; 8E; FK?<I :I8=KJ KF LE@K< K?< D8EP :LCKLI<J @E 8NJFE KFFB GC8:< @E FEIF;\J =IFD )FM KF )FM /?@J 8EEL8C <M<EK @J FI>8E@J<; 9P .KL;<EK ==8@IJ 8E; C<; 9P (LCK@:LC KLI8C 2<<B :FFI;@E8KFI (@:?<CC< '<< /?@J P<8I @E:CL;<; D8EP =<JK@M@K@<J K?8K N<I< D<K N@K? FECP 8 :FEJ@JK<EK LE;<IJ@Q<; 8L;@<E:<

“I think itʼs a really good idea since our CEGEP is so multicultural.” -Kayla Moore, Dawson student

Y$ ;@;E\K <M<E BEFN @K N8J ?8G G<E@E>Z J8@; &8PC8 (FFI< 8 =@IJK J< D<JK<I ?@C; .KL;@<J JKL;<EK Y$ 8D JLIGI@J<; 6 8NJFE7 ?8J 6(LCK@:LC KLI8C 2<<B7 9LK $ K?@EB @K\J 8 I<8CCP >FF; @;<8 J@E:< FLI " + @J JF DLC K@:LCKLI8CZ %<JJ@:8 .@E8>I8 8 K?@I; J<D<JK<I @E<D8 1@;<F 8E; FDDLE@:8K@FEJ JKL;<EK <OGC8@E<; N?8K K?<P :FLC; ?8M< ;FE< 9<KK<I KF GIFDFK< K?< <O G<I@<E:<

“[Student Affairs] could have asked Dawson radio to participate or mention it during their shows.” -Jessia Sinagra, Dawson student

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

By: Roya Mnuel-Nekouei

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

addressed it to my Nica family, because I miss them dearly! I hope I can go back soon and relive my experience there. Best month of my life, it isn’t even a contest. Much love to my family.

the plant

Anything you can do

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

canadian university press


CUP Liaison: Jasmine Papillon-Smith CONTACT:

How gender stereotypes hinder fitness goals

By Dave Abbass, The Xaverian Weekly (St. Francis Xavier University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

NFD<E :8E E<M<I ?FG< KF 9< 8J JKIFE> 8J D<E @J 8 GIF9C<D K?8K :8E J89FK8>< 8 NFD8E\J =@KE<JJ <==FIKJ =FI C@=< CK?FL>? K?< JKIFE><JK NFD8E @E K?< NFIC; N@CC E<M<I 9< 8J JKIFE> 8J K?< JKIFE><JK D8E K?<I< @J EF I<8JFE K?8K 8 >@IC J?FLC;E\K 9< 89C< KF 9<8K ?<I 9IFK?<I @E 8 GLJ?LG :FEK<JK >@M<E K?< I@>?K C<M<C F= DFK@M8K@FE /?@J 9<C@<= K?8K =<D8C<J 8I< EFK JKIFE> <EFL>? KF NFIB ?8I; @E K?< >PD @J :FDGFLE;<; 9P K?< 9<C@<= K?8K @= K?<P C@=K :?8CC<E>@E> N<@>?KJ K?<P N@CC ><K 9@> 8E; 9LCBP N?@:? @J K?< FGGFJ@K< F= N?8K K?<P N8EK /?<

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Quebec is about more than French

By Pauline Curtet, The Link (Concordia University)

(*)/- ' 0+ W /?< L9@HL@KFLJ Y8IITKZ J@>EJ FE K?< JKI<<KJ F= K?@J GIFM@E:< 8I< 8 =@OKLI< LE@HL< KF ,L< 9<: 8E; 8I< GIFF= F= K?< GIFM@E:@8C >FM<IED<EK\J >I<8K<JK =8@CLI< K?< GFC@:P F= !I8E:@Q8K@FE /?@J GIFM@E:<\J 8IK@JKJ ?8M< KI8EJ GFIK<; ,L<9<:\J GI8:K@:< F= I<E8D @E> 8CC K?@E>J E>C@J? @EKF !I<E:? W M@J@9C< FE D<ELJ N?<I< JL9D8I@E<J ?8M< 9<<E I<GC8:<; 9P K?< YJFLJ D8I@EZ 8E; 8::FDG8E@<; 9P K?< =8 DFLJ Y?8D9FLI><F@JZ W 8:IFJJ K?<

KC8EK@: /?FJ< @E DP E8K@M< !I8E:< J<< ,L< 9<:\J GFC@:P F= !I8E:@Q8K@FE 8J 8 AFB< JFD<K?@E> KF 9< C8L>?<; 8K #FN <M<I 8=K<I J@O DFEK?J @E (FEKI<8C $ ?8M< :FD< KF LE;<IJK8E; K?8K !I8E :@Q8K@FE @J EF C8L>?@E> D8KK<I @E ,L<9<: '<K\J K8B< 8J 8E <O8DGC< K?< C8JK 8;M<IK@J<D<EK :8DG8@>E C8LE:?<; 9P K?< ,L<9<: >FM<IED<EK 8:? K@D< $ 9F8I; 8 KI8@E $ 8D JKIL:B 9P K?< JD@C@E> ,L<9<:F@J FE

An open letter to every girl Iʼve ever dated

By Conor Meade, The Peak (Simon Fraser University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

kept in a locked cupboard because it’s where they get their role-playing from.

Girl texting

the plant I’m not sure how it happened, but between their sweat and giggles, they gave me Star Wars erotica and sent me on my way.

China executes Xinjiang Shooting at Fort Hood army rioters China: Government executes civilians for riot in July base 06

international news

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009


by Robin Goldstein

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

UN withdraws support from DR Congo

DRC: Army attacks measles vaccination centers; UN outraged


Democratic Republic of Congo army

by Darren Usher

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

Last semester I went looking for some good sci fi. Naturally, my search led me to

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

USA: Pyschologist shoots and kills 13 at base in Texas Mourning soldier at Fort Hood funeral

by Alison Henstridge

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

PHOTO: timesonline

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

The Disaster Corner by Elayne Millar

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

?8J 9<<E I<GFIK<; '8E;JC@;< @E /8EQ8E@8 =FLI ;8P G<I@F; F= I8@E @E EFIK? <IE /8EQ8E@8 :8LJ<; 8 C8E;JC@;< K?8K B@CC<; G<FGC< :?@C;I<E 8E; <@>?K 8;LCKJ FE !I@;8P !@M< FLK F= K?< :?@C;I<E N<I< LE;<I K?< 8>< F= J@O P<8IJ FC; LK?FI@K@<J 8I< JK@CC J<8I:? @E> =FI ELD<IFLJ D@JJ@E> G<FGC< /?< ;<8K? KFCC @J <OG<:K<; KF I@J< @E K?< E<OK =<N ;8PJ

the plant the sci fi club. Let me say that this story is not for the weak of heart. They started suggesting novels, one of which they

Vampiresonceagain An infinite bust

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

arts & culture



by alison margaret henstridge

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

by samuel lavigne schmidt

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

Diamonds in the fluff

Dawson Fine Arts Teachers satisfy at gallery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Sea, Land & Silhouette by Michael Smith

the plant

“Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds

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

the plant “Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds the plant

“Heyhuhwhatthefuckeverybodyondrugs” 08

arts & culture

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

ARTS EDITOR: Marley Sniatowsky CONTACT:

Designer Drugs intoxicates Montreal scene euphony by evren boisjoli

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

Before I Self Destruct

the plant

N?P K?< J?FN HL@:BCP JFC; FLK 8E; K?< ;FFI K@:B<KJ K8CB<; 89FLK @E K?< !8:<9FFB D<JJ8>< N<I< JFC; <M<E =8JK<I /?<I<=FI< @K @J 8;M@J89C< KF GLI:?8J< K?< GI< J8C< K@:B<KJ =FI LG :FD@E> <M<EKJ FE:<IK G@:KLI<J 8E;

by michael downs

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

“Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds

M@;<FJ 8I< GFJK<; FE K?< .8@EKNFF;J !8:<9FFB >IFLG )8K?8E "8E8>< 8E @EK<>I8C D<D 9<I F= K?< .8@EKNFF;J K<8D :FD D<EK<; FE E<OK J<D<JK<I J8P@E> Y)<OK J<D<JK<I N@CC 9< F== K?< ?FFB

8J N< N@CC 9< 9I@E>@E> FK?<I 9@> E8D<J KF (FEKI<8C KF ?FJK G8IK@<J K?8K N@CC J<K K?< M@9< =FI (FEKI<8C\J <C<:KIF J:<E< Z


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

the se ason

by t.f

.?<\J .?<\J .?<\J .?<\J

K?< K?< K?< K?<

N8IDK? F= K?< =@I<GC8:< FE 8 :FC; N@EK<I\J ;8P :FD=FIK F= =8D@CP 8IFLE; K?< ;@EE<I K89C< GFN<I F= 8 D@JKC<KF< ?8E>@E> FM<I K?< ;FFI <O:@K<D<EK F= K?< =@IJK NFIK?P JEFN=8CC

.?<\J .?<\J .?<\J .?<\J

K?< K?< K?< K?<

=I@>@; N@E;J :8I<JJ@E> PFLI =8:< ?FK :?F:FC8K< K?8K K@E>C<J PFLI KFE>L< JFLE; F= 8 JB8K< :8IM@E> @KJ G8K? 8EK@:@G8K@FE F= ?I@JKD8J ;8P

.?<\J .?<\J .?<\J .?<\J

K?< K?< K?< K?<

CFE<CP :FC; E@>?KJ JG<EK JK8IM@E> =8D@C@<J ?L;;C<; 8IFLE; IFL>? J@:BE<JJ G8JJ@E> 9P K<8IJ =IFQ<E FE PFLI :?<<B

/?< J<8JFEJ M8IP 9LK K?@J FE<\J JLI< 2?8K<M<I N8P N@EK<I 8==<:KJ LJ '*1 @J K?< :LI<

the plant “Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds the plant


arts & culture

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

ARTS EDITOR: Marley Sniatowsky



by stefanie jesuthasan

Warʼs never been this good

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by sean tepper

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the plant

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Picks of the Week To p S m e l l s o f t h e We e k

by sam schmidt

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1@:KFIP /?< JD<CC F= M@:KFIP @E K?< DFIE@E> @J K?< JN<<K<JK JD<CC F= K?<D 8CC !8IKJ /?@J FE< @J 8 G<:LC@8I FE< $ NFE\K C@< $ CFM< K?< J:<EK F= DP FNE =8IKJ /?<P 8I< JF GLE><EK 8E; F@CP K?8K $ ALJK N8EK KF 98JB @E K?<D #FN<M<I $ =@E; K?< =8IKJ F= DP =<CCFN (8E :FDGC<K<CP I<MFCK@E> 8E; ;@JKLI9@E> F>





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“Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds

the plant “Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds the plant



VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009








A look at the ethical grey-areas involved with film-making, through the experiences of one former Dawson student.

When students studying in Communications finally graduate from Dawson, they will learn that, whether they wish to be a journalist, newscaster, or freelance writer, it is important to be a reliable and trustworthy individual; Someone who can be entrusted with important statements, growing ideas, or exclusive plans; Someone with a strong sense of ethics who can follow a plan, and who will, while under pressure, stick to the task at hand and not give in to their own feelings. This is the moral dilemma that many people must face in their everyday jobs. It is also the dilemma that most Dawson students, come graduation, will find themselves facing. Catherine Therrier is a Montreal-based freelance filmmaker and a former Dawson student who has had

t o learn, throughout the years, when to put her own opinions aside and continue with the job at hand. “Having morals and ethics is important because it makes you who you are, but when your job is representing someone else's vision, you have to learn to keep your view out of it.” This is especially true in Catherine's case, since, as a filmmaker, her work will usually be viewed by the major public through mass media. Ethical decisions based on her own morals can affect not only her own reputation, but her client's.

“Dawson was a perfect place for me to express my opinions, especially since I was in Communications, where we were taught to express ourselves using every different type of media.” -Catherine Therrier, filmmaker

At thirty years old, Catherine is still as bright and youthful as she was during her days at Dawson, yet she claims that she used to be much more opinionated and strong-willed than she is now, as she was always speaking her mind and attending every protest she could. “Dawson was a perfect place for me to express my opinions, especially since I was in Communications, where we were taught to express ourselves using every different type of media.” Despite becoming a filmmaker, she says that journalism was her main inspiration, since “journalists inform the rest of the world through their experiences and the way they describe them,” Catherine said. “In that sense

the plant

[journalists] have a huge responsibilty on their shoulders. I liked that.” She says it was difficult to tone down her strong moral views, but she admits that since becoming a f i l m maker, she has

not often encountered situations where she was forced to make serious ethical decisions. So she was asked to pretend. In our ever-growing world, the advertising industry is so enormous and rapidly-expanding that there is practically a never-ending supply of businesses who desperately need filmmakers to relate them to the public. Sometimes Catherine enjoys working for certain companies; Sometimes she even supports them and their causes. But sometimes she doesn't. She believes that if a corporation such as Nike, known for hiring children in third-world countries, approached her to make a short, expensive commercial for them, she would simply decline. “ I've asked myself that question before,” Catherine said, “and I know I would never feel right working for a company like that[...] I know it sounds cheesy, but I just feel that my morals are too strong for me to work for such a big company.” However, she mentioned that if the company was perhaps, for the project, collaborating with an artist or activist that she admired, or a cause that she believed in, that she would be much more willing. “ When you're faced with an ethical situation alone, you feel a lot less strong,” she said “but when you've got some backing, or when you feel part of something, it usually empowers you to keep doing what you think is right.” After talking about abandoning her principles for a corporation, Catherine was faced with a new hypothetical situation. If a law firm known mainly for defending white-collar criminals in cases involving fraud, tax-evasion, and bribery wanted to hire her to make a public-friendly advertisement for their business,

would she accept such a contract. “ I hate to say this, but it would depend on my financial situation,” she

said. She would be worried, however, of being labelled as an opinionated filmmaker, especially if it is for something she does not believe in. “ Thankfully, in this business, it is possible in the business to do contracts for people with a certain level of anonimity in order to discredit yourself. If there was a way for me to distance myself from a project like that, then I probably would do it,” she

“ When you're faced with an ethical situation alone, you feel a lot less strong,, but when you've got some backing, or when you feel part of something, it usually empowers you to keep doing what you think is right.” -Therrier

said. Although Catherine used to be a politically active student, she feels she would never produce a public relations advertisement for a political party. “ It's not that I wouldn't do it for the side I didn't support,” she said,” I wouldn't do it for either side.” Although she used to be a politically-motivated person, she does not want it to be part of her everyday job. She doesn't want to be labelled as a politicallycharged filmmaker, since it would overshadow the rest of her work. “ I would never do any ad for any party during an election.” she added, “ The motivations are too coldhearted.” Later, Catherine wondered if her morals could withstand the realities of war and conflict. Taking last summer's violent protests in Iran and the harrowing footage news audiences saw as an example, she imagined if she had taken the footage herself. Would she sell the footage to the large western news corporations? “ I would if I knew it would have a large positive impact, like educating the rest of the world about such a shocking situation.” she said. “ To make sure of that,” she added, “ I wouldn't allow the footage to be exclusive to a certain news network. I would try to give

it to as many agencies as possible.” “Or what if I was in the Middle East, and I witnessed a man beating his wife in the street while other citizens

simply walked by,” Catherine asked herself. “My initial response,” she said, would be to try and stop this beating.” However, she questioned if stopping this woman from getting beaten in the street would only fuel the husband's anger and beat her even worse in their own home. “Maybe the husband would blame his wife for letting a westerner interfere. It is, after all, a foreign country with a foreign culture.” she said. Perhaps, she wondered, she could do more if she were to stay true the duty of her job and instead capture this act on film. What if she detached herself from the situation and later showed her footage on the news? Would it spark a human rights movement? Maybe. But maybe not, and in that case she would have let the woman get beaten in vain. But, she said, although it would be hard for her morally, she would try to follow through with the duty of her job, and try to have the biggest impact possible. As a filmmaker, Catherine Therrier has learned to keep her emotions aside for the benefit of a project. It is the kind of professionalism any filmmaker should remember. A good photojournalist, for example, might refrain from acting morally in the moment so that his photographs might later influence the world. However, it is also true that a filmmaker's strong code of ethics will help him become better in his craft which, in the end, after being an advantage to everyone around him, becomes an advantage for himself. “ The hardest part of it,” Catherine said “ is pushing your own morals aside. But then again, this is my everyday job, so I've had to learn to be professional. If I didn't, It wouldn't have worked out for me.”





the plant



Dawson’s Capitalist Cafeterias

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

FEATURES EDITOR: Alessia Faustini


By Marc-Olivier Fortin, Catherine L vesque, Anne-Julie Dubois and Francesca Manno

Isn’t it frustrating to go to a store and buy an overpriced item, knowing very well that it could be found at a lesser cost elsewhere? For example, has anyone bought a cheeseburger for $ 4.75 at any place other than the Dawson cafeteria? Or a fork for $ 0.30? At Dawson, students who go to the cafeteria to buy a meal or any kind of food are being ripped off. If you look at the table provided, you can easily see that most of the other CEGEPs have relatively acceptable prices at their cafeteria. A cheeseburger for $2.75 is decent and is certainly a better price when compared to our delicious $4.75 Kraft-cheeseburger available here at Dawson. Now, our cafeterias have a lot of competition around the school. Looking around Dawson College, one might notice that there are plenty of different restaurants as well as two student-friendly food courts within walking distance: one at Alexis Nihon Plaza and the other one at Westmount Square. Taking that into consideration, both the third-floor and the Atrium cafeteria should have lowered their prices in order to stay in competition with these other establishments, but they did not and that is where the problem lies. Dawson’s cafeteria needs to lower the prices mainly because it would put more money into students’ pockets. As a direct consequence, the cafeteria would attract more customers and would therefore make more money in the long run, satisfying everyone. Of course, if you find the prices the plant

to be too high, it is a personal choice not to shop from the schools cafeterias. However, people are still buying from them because students and teachers are paying mostly for convenience. Just take a look at the Laurentian banks that took over all the metro stations recently. They have been placed there because smart businesspeople know that people are going to use their cash machines, as they are more conveniently located. Most people are not going to wander around for an hour to find the right cash machine affiliated to their own bank account. They are willing to pay the 1.75$ fee to get their cash, because... well, they need cash right away. The same thing goes on at Dawson’s cafeterias. Hungry students need food right away, but a 15-minute break is insufficient time to go to Alexis Nihon and buy a more economical meal. Students then go to the cafeterias because it is more convenient. However, if students and teachers take action and decide to stop buying food there, even if it is convenient, the cafeterias would eventually notice a decrease in their sales, and would eventually adjust their prices to attract the students who opted to go to other nearby businesses. Dawson College has had a contract with Chartwells, the food supplier, for over twenty years. Prices have gone up, whereas the food quality and quantity have only diminished. Dawson's only provider of food and beverages makes considerable profit off hardworking students' backs,

the same students who attend classes, hold part-time jobs folding sweaters at Old Navy and who may require financial help in the future. We believe that students should benefit from buying food at school, instead of being treated solely as profitproviders for a corporation. In order to induce change, Dawson's cafeterias should get out of their comfort zones and make significant modifications. Usually, small schools have only one cafeteria. At Dawson, however, we have plenty of space to have different cafeterias that can create competition within the college itself. For example, a different company than the Atrium cafeteria can own the third-floor cafeteria in order to provide competition among them. This would force them to decrease their prices in order to attract more students and to eventually produce more profit. We do not care what the terms of the contract are or how the economic recession has influenced cafeteria prices. There are enough students in Dawson College to create a competitive market and put the cafeterias in a position of decreasing their prices. We encourage everyone to think twice before buying products at the cafeteria, because after all, if we want things to change, we need to take action. That is what New School students are doing right now. Join our Facebook group "Dawson Cafeteria must lower their prices!" to express complaints, suggestions, or to share cafeteria stories.

“Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds


DAWSON OTHER COLLEGE CEGEPS $4.75 - $4.05 $5.50 - $4.50 $3.00 - $1.95 $0.30 - $0.05

the plant “Thug means never having to say you’re sorry,” - U-Turn & Nancy Botwin, Weeds the plant




VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009


Girl 1: I really like having sex on my period Girl 2: Uh... why? Girl 1: Because then he thinks he's popped my cherry. LOWER ATRIUM

Boy: Why the fuck would I want a mouth on my penis. Why would someone suck a dick? SACWICH

Boy 1: So did you bang that broad? Boy 2: How could I have banged that broad if I told you I was a virgin five minutes ago? DE MAISONNEUVE

Teacher: So Kant believed that there were two categories... people and objects. Boy: But sir, what about robots? Teacher: Well, that's not the stupidest question you've asked. CLASSROOM SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE Teacher: The climax should come very close to the end. Well, sometimes, there's a little climax in the middle. (class laughs) Teacher: I shouldn't have said that. CLASSROOM SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE

Boy 1: I can't beleive you had sex with a girl who used to have a penis. Boy 2: She still had it! Boy 1: No way. Boy 2: I was so cracked on coke, I didn't even notice. ELEVATOR GOING UP Teacher: I told you guys not to put that in your essays! Boy: Sir, I just put it in to piss you off. Teacher: And I took off marks just to piss you off. (entire class laughs) CLASSROOM SOMEWHERE AROUND HERE Boy 1: You know that movie 2012? Boy 2: Yeah. Boy 1: Is that a documentary or an action flick? Boy 2: ... UPPER ATRIUM

THROUGH THE PEARLY GATES Y$ K?@EB $\M< >FK 8 =<N D@ELK<J 9<=FI< DP =I@<E; .<I><8EK "I8K<J N8CBJ 98:B @E ?<I< 8E; ;F<J N?8K ?< ;F<J 9<JK JF $\CC =@CC PFL @E FE K?< ;<K8@CJ JLIIFLE;@E> PFLI J@KL8K@FE 8E; @KJ I<C8K@FE KF DP FNE Z Y+ G G GC<8J< J J J<I><8EK $ :8E\K K<CC PFL 8EP K K K K?@E> $ $ $ ;FE\K BE E EFN 8EPK?@E> < < <CJ< Z Y#<EE@:B PFL\I< ?<I< 9<:8LJ< N< BEFN PFL BEFN JFD<K?@E> PFL :8E =L:B FLI ;8K898J< 9LK PFL :8E\K =L:B LJ )FN C@JK<E KF N?8K $ ?8M< KF J8P 8E; C@JK<E N<CC 9<:8LJ< W PFL\I< 9C<<;@E> 8>8@E K8B< K?@J N@G< PFLIJ<C= LG W PFL\CC ?FG<=LCCP :FD< KF JFD< JFIK F= 8E LE;<IJK8E;@E> F= 8CCV K?@J Y/?I<< N<<BJ 8>F FE 8 .8KLI;8P E@>?K $ N8J 8JC<<G @E DP 8G8IKD<EK JKFI@<J 89FM< K?< JKI<<KJ F= K?@J :@KP N?@:? $ ?8M< KF 8;D@K @J 8 I8I< F::LII<E:< .F $ N8J GI<KKP G@JJ<; 89FLK ?8M@E> KF ><K LG 8E; I<JGFE; KF K?< :8CC $ N8J I<:<@M@E> 8K .<I><8EK -<;;J W PFL\I< =8D@C@8I N@K? ?@D 8J N<CC W N8J FE K?< FK?<I C@E< ?< CFFB<; C@B< J?@K 8E; DFJK @DGFIK8EKCP ?< CFFB<; J:8I<; Y)FN @= PFL BEFN .<I><8EK -<;;J C@B< $ ;F 8E; PFL ;FE\K PFL\CC BEFN K?8K ?< E<M<I CFFBJ J:8I<; ;<JG@K< F= ?FN =L:B@E> K<II@=@<; ?< D8P 9< Z Y2 N N?8K 8I<VZ Y.?LK K?< =L:B LG '@JK<E KF D< 8JJ?FC< $ KFC; ?@D $\; C@EB LG N@K? ?@D @E 8 =<N D@ELK<J 8E; LJ<; DP $ 9FK KF =@E; FLK ?@J CF:8K@FE 8E; J<K D< 8 N8PGF@EK N?@:? @K ;@; .FD<K?@E> 89FLK K?< N8P N< FG<I8K< D8B<J D< =<<C JF >FF; >@M<J D< :?@CCJ @E =8:K #@>? K<:? CFN C@=< $ >L<JJ K?8K JLDJ LG FLI <O@JK<E:< Y EP?FN $ >FK K?<I< @E <O8:KCP D@ELK<J /LIEJ FLK K?8K K?< J:<E< F= K?< :I@D< N8JE\K KFF =8I 8N8P =IFD DP GC8:< 8E; DP @DD<;@8K< I<8:K@FE KF @K N8J :F8K<; N@K? 8 J<EJ< F= =8D@C@8I@KP [4FL\M< 9<<E ?<I< 9<=FI< \ $ KFC; DPJ<C= Y D@ELK< FI KNF C8K<I 8=K<I JK8E;@E> FM<I K?< 9F;P 8E; N8K:?@E> .<I><8EK -<;;J JN<8K 9L:B<KJ $ J8N ?<I 8E; @K 8CC ILJ?<; 98:B KF D< CPJ8 -8PE< @E8I>L89CP I8KK<E\J DFJK 9<8LK@=LC NFD8E 4FL\M< ?<8I; F= ?<I I@>?K $\CC K8B< K?8K 8J 8 P<J 2FLC; PFL 9<C@<M< J?< N8J >8P #<I >@IC=I@<E; =FLE; ?<I .8; JKFIP I@>?K K?<I< )FN J?<\J 8 GJP:?< G8K@<EK 8K I8KK<E <EKI8C Y F PFL N8EK KF BEFN ?FN CPJ8



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

WORDINTHEHERD Overhear anything outrageous? Swing by 2C.10 or drop us a line at to fill us in.

What do you hate the most about the voices editor? “Wow, what a self-centered question. No one gives a shit about that guy.” Will O. – Third Semester – Commerce

Consider this: The amount of people that care about a particular person is directly related to the amount of people that know and crowd themselves around that particular person. That being said, I probably know more people than you will ever know. So logically speaking, you smelly piece of dick cheese, people do give a shit about me, and less people give a shit about you. Get mercʼd.

“I actually hate nothing about him, I just feel sorry for him because heʼs going to die alone.” Raphael N. – Third Semester – Health Science

Donʼt feel sorry for me. If I die alone it will be of my own accord. Feel sorry for yourself, for not fully understanding your place in this bucket of shit weʼve all learned to call “society”.

“I donʼt read his fucking column. Itʼs pure shit. Now itʼs his turn to insert a witty comeback. Good fucking job.” Stephen S. – Third Semester – Commerce Girl I refuse, you must have me confused with some other guy, the bridges were burned, now its your turn, to cry... cry me a river, cry me a river, cry me a river, cry me a river, yeh yeh.

tthhee ppllaanntt

“I hate that he doesnʼt have anything nice to say… and I know that heʼs going to say something mean now.” Gabriela S. – Fifth Semester – Theatre

If you were to see me sighing as I read this, youʼd understand my predicament. Gabriela, I have so many nice things to say, but that shit just doesnʼt fly in Word in The Herd. So Iʼll leave you with this: Damn fucking straight Iʼm going to say something mean. I think all theatre students are self-absorbed cry-baby fucking idiots, who canʼt take a shred of criticism when they produce a bad play.

“He doesnʼt write the good shit anymore; he went soft.” Ben D. – Twenty-Ninth Semester – Social Sciences

My dick went soft when I saw that you were in you twenty ninth semester. I wonʼt even be able to rage on you now.

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


“I think itʼs time for him to shut the fuck up and graduate.” M.B. – Third Semester – Commerce

If this was on the Internet, Iʼd reply to this with an ehl-oh-ehl. But since this is in The Plant, Iʼll just have to assure you that when I read this I laughed really hard. Furthermore, the next time you choose to respond to a Word in The Herd question, give us a full fucking first name next time.

“I love Annand! Heʼs so awesome!” Daniel D. – Third Semester – Cinema, Video & Comm.

Thatʼs ironic, because I despise you. Do you want to know why? Because you just said something positive and I thrive off of negativity. Fucking asshole.

“Quite honestly, I donʼt appreciate his view on things. His comments are just rude. His persona of an asshole isnʼt necessary.” Audrey M. – Third Semester – Arts & Culture My views on things are as realistic as they get. And my persona is nothing but a tool to reel in the majority of dumb idiot Dawson kids, who refuse to pick up a college newspaper for anything short of mindless entertainment. Besides, ever since I met my girlfriend a year ago, people have been complaining Iʼve gone too soft.

Liz: What made you think I was gay? Jack: Your shoes. Liz: Well, I’m not gay. Jack: Those shoes definitely bi-curious the lantare Modern Warfare 2 is nothing short of amazing. At one point, during the campaign, I was the p almost brought to tears because I was just so happy. I was so happy that it was finally

the plant



VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009




/?I<< ?FD<C<JJ D<E @E -LJJ@8 B@CC<; 8 P<8I FC; D8E 8E; 8K< G8IK F= ?@D /?< FK?<I G8IK K?<P JFC; KF 8 B89F9 8E; G@< JKFI<

K?8K @J # ) 8K?FC@: :?LI:?<J @E $K8CP ?8M< @EJK8CC<; ;@JG<EJ<IJ K?8K JHL@IK FLK ?FCP N8K<I .FLE;J C@B< 8 J?FLK FLK KF K?< 1@I>@E (8IP

=K<I 8 P<8I ?@8KLJ N< ?8M< =@E8CCP 9<<E ;<<D<; NFIK?P F= K?< GI<J<E:< F= FEF K?< "F; @E K?< GLIGC< >C8JJ<J /?< 98E; #< GC8PJ N@K? 8E; #@DJ<C= ?8M< 8EEFLE:<; K?8K K?<P 8I< KF 9L@C; 8 ( FG<E 8@I JK8;@LD =FI K?< FE< E@>?K G<I=FID8E:< /?<P ?8; @E@K@8CCP GC8EE<; FE K?< *CPDG@: .K8;@LD 9LK N<I< K?<E KFC; K?8K K?< I<KI8:K89C< IFF= ;F<JE\K 8:KL8CCP I<KI8:K N< ALJK :8CC @K K?8K

9C8:B '89I8;FI 9@K:? I<:<EKCP I<KLIE<; KF K?< LJKI8C@8E :8DG @E =>?8E@JK8E 8=K<I DFEK?J ($ .?< ?8; @E@K@8CCP 9<<E CFJK @E 8 98KKC< 8DG F==@:@8CJ J8P K?8K .89@\J I<KLIE ?8J I<8CCP 9IFL>?K LG K?< KIFFGJ\ DFI8C< FE\K JKFI@<J C@B< K?@J ALJK N8ID K?< ?<8IK JFC;@<IJ ;<8; 9LK .89@\J 8C@M< .LIM@M@E> ;F>J K?@J @J N?8K N8I @J 89FLK @E K?< E<NJG8G<I

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.F:@8C .:@<E:<

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Rugby Women Win Gold, Men Not So Fortunate 14


VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lady Blues fight for Gold while the Men just hand it over by Alison Henstridge

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

“It was a dirty, ugly win, but weʼll take it,”

-Rubgy Womens Head coach Jocelyn Barrieau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

Chloe Nudo and Maria Bernier hold championship banners

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

PHOTO: Joseph Saint-Marie

4TH AND LONG by Sean Tepper =K<I KN@:< CFJ@E> K?< 9@; =FI K?< *CPDG@:J /FIFEKF N8J =@E8CCP 8N8I;<; 8E 8D8K<LI <M<EK N?<E @K C8E;<; K?< K? +8E D<I@:8E "8D<J /?< +8E D<I@:8E .GFIKJ *I>8E@Q8K@FE K?FL>?K K?8K /FIFEKF NFLC; 9< 8 JL@K89C< GC8:< KF ?FJK K?< 8D8K<LI M<IJ@FE F= K?< *CPDG@:J J<<@E> 8J ?FN K?< :@KP ;<8CJ N@K? K?< (8GC< '<8=J -8GKFIJ 8E; CL< %8PJ FE 8 J<8JFE8C 98J@J -LDFIJ ?8M< JK8IK<; =CF8K@E> 8IFLE; K?< $EK<IE<K K?8K JCLDG@E> 'FJ E><C<J '8B<IJ >L8I; .8J?8 1LA8:@: @J ;8K@E> /<EE@J J<O 9FD9 (8I@8 .?8I8GFM8 )FN K?8K\J N?8K $ :8CC ><KK@E> FLK F= 8 JCLDG '@B< 8 98; D8II@8>< >FE< NFIJ< ;@J>ILEKC<; GF@EK >L8I; CC<E $M<I JFE 8E; K?< (<DG?@J "I@QQC@<J ;<:@;<; KF :8CC @K HL@KJ 8=K<I K?< "I@Q QC@<J ?8M< DLKL8CCP 8>I<<; KF I<C<8J< K?< K@D< 8CC JK8I =IFD ?@J :FEKI8:K /?< "I@QQC@<J 9<C@<M< K?8K ><KK@E> I@; F= $M<IJFE :FLC; EFK D8B< K?<D 8EP NFIJ< K?8E K?<P 8:KL8CCP 8I< I@>?K EFN $M<IJFE @J 8CI<8;P =@<C;@E> :8CCJ =IFD K?< )<N 4FIB &E@:BJ #@J E<OK :8CC N@CC 9< KF K?< JL@:@;< ?<CGC@E< !FID<I &8EJ8J @KP ?@<=J ILEE@E> 98:B '8IIP %F?EJFE ?8J J@>E<; 8 ;<8C N@K? K?< @E:@EE8K@ <E>8CJ FE /L<J;8P %F?EJFE ?8J D8;< @K :C<8I K?8K ?< N@CC 9< ?8GGP KF AF@E 8E; K8B< K?< =@<C; N@K? ?@J =<CCFN :I@D@E8CJ 8I<P +I@:< K@<; 8 K<8D I<:FI; C8JK .8KLI;8P @E )8J?M@CC< /<EE<JJ<< 9P D8B@E> J8M<J FE J?FKJ /?< 8CC JK8I C<M<C G<I=FID8E:< N8J D<8EK KF J?LK 8CC F= PFL JKLG@; 8I<P +I@:< ?8K<IJ LG 8E; =FI:< PFL >LPJ KF I<8C@Q< K?8K 8K K?< I@G< 8>< F= K?8K ?< @J K?< =LKLI< F= K?< =I8E:?@J< /# /\. -$"#/V$ %0./ 2 )/ /# -<GFIKJ 8I< JLI=8:@E> K?8K LE;<IG<I=FID@E> N@;< I<:<@M<I %8MFE 28CB<I N8EKJ FLK F= *8BC8E; 2?8K 8E8CPJKJ =8@C KF J<< @J ?FN K?@J D8B<J ?@D ;@==<I<EK =IFD 8EP FK?<I -8@;<I /?< &8EJ8J %8P?8NBJ 8I< LE;<I @EM<JK@>8K@FE FM<I 8E LEJG<:@=@<; G<IJFEE<C @JJL< @EMFCM@E> F8:? (8IB (8E>@EF N?F N8J K?< ) \8 E8K@FE8C :F8:? F= K?< P<8I KNF J<8JFEJ 8>F (8E>@EF\J %8P?8NBJ 8I< :LII<EKCP I@;@E> 8 =@M< >8D< CFJ@E> JKI<8B K?8K ?8J K?< CFJK K?< :F8:? K?< JLGGFIK F= JFD< G<FGC< 8IFLE; ?<I< K C<8JK ?< ?8JE\K CFJK K?< JLGGFIK F= (: FE8C;J 2<E;P\J FI &!

Kansas University Head Coach Mark Mangino

the plant micheal downs likes sunny-d. i think its got a dirty after taste. its like fake orange juice the plant whateveeerr as long as it makes him happy :) a happy Downs is a lovely Downs :) the plant

Blues Lose Big At Home sports

VOL. 38 ISSUE 10 - Thursday, November 19, 2009


Womens AA Hockey Saturday, November 21st 4:15PM Dawson @ John Abbott College Macdonald Womens AAA Basketball Sunday, November 22nd 1:00 PM Dawson @ Edouard-Monpetit CEGEP Edouard Monpetit

Men’s AAA BAsketball Sunday, November 22th 3:00 PM Dawson @ Edouard-Monpetit CEGEP Edouard Monpetit



Uninspired play leads to 29 point beating by Sean Tepper

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

N8J LE89C< KF K8B< 8;M8EK8>< F= 8N JFE\J GC8P 8E; N<EK @EKF K?< CF:B<I IFFD 8?<8; FECP

“It was a good game for us. We knew that Dawson would arrive with a lot of energy.”

“We started the game well and applied pressure on them [...] Dawson has a very good team, and to beat the team that came in first place last year feels good.” St. Jerome head coach Alexandre Gobeil

2?@C< 9FK? K<8DJ GC8P<; DFI< @E K<EJ<CP @E K?< J<:FE; ?8C= 8NJFE\J @E<==<:K@M< ;<=<EJ< N8J LE89C< KF :FEK8@E .K %<IFD<\J ;FID8EK F= =<E:< '<; 9P >L8I; %<JJP EE '8 GF@EK< 8E; =FIN8I; (PCSE< '8E>;<8L C8A<LE<JJ< N?F :FD9@E<;

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

the plant elayne needs to do her job ...its really important...annand will die if he uses that nasty anime porn picture for the skanks its gross! the one from last week was so much nicer kthx.the plant

Issue 10  
Issue 10  

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