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ATTRIBUTES OF LUXURY BUYER • WHAT IS A LUXURY BUYER? – The luxury buyer is a person who has specific wishes and expectations. No matter the subject, a luxury buyer looks for efficiency, quality, disponibility, interactivity and speed. – The luxury buyer wants simplicity of use.Yet he absolutly needs to feel unique and understood.

An increasely volatile public •

Luxury buyer & brands : – Nowerdays, with globalization, internet and international competitivness, any kind of buyer has access to a very wide range of choice, no matter the area of expertise. – Any buyer, via the internet, can analyse quickly the market and compare various brands and conceptS to find a set of choice that will suit him. – This mean the potential buyer has become ever more volatile and brands need to be creative in order to continue reaching the right and targeted public.

WHAT SHOULD BRANDS CAPTURE ONLINE THE AFFLUENTS CUSTOMERS • Brands have a wide range of tool to reach the cOstUmers. Any brand can use one or all of the available tools, depending on the marketing strategy adopted and the targeted market.

• Brands NEED to create a bond with the customer in order to push him into being as loyal as possible to the brand. • Today’s digital marketing can use three main direction or a combination of the three: SOCIAL MOBILE & LOCAL

SO LO MO • Social network :

– Facebook : number one social network, creates direct interaction with the buyers. Possiblity of online purchase directly via facebook.

– Twitter : impact on followers. Very quick and efficient interactivity. – Google + : networking platform linked to google and therefore full of important and usefull information on the costumer

SO LO MO • Mobile : mobile app, giving the costumer to access the brand wherever and whenever he is/wants. Live interaction. • Local : from global to local, brands can build a strategic marketing impact that will touch the costumer directly in its every day life all the way to its restricted social circle. Events must be creative and visible to reach a wider target

BRAND STRATEGY CONCLUSION • Brands, depending on their positioning or marketing strategy have to select the tool in digital marketing that will best suit the brand and use its image. • The targeted audiance is a KEY factor in chosing its digital marketing strategy. The brand needs to be aware of what’s happening on the web in order to best be in control of its own impact on the web

Brands and luxury buyers  

How to brand respond to luxury buyers?