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Skhumbuzo Mtshali D E S I G N A N D L A Y O U T Mabelane Mogale Jacob Nosipho Maseko C Ever since my high school days, whenever someone mentions the season autumn I instantly recall John Keats ode “To Autumn.” Autumn marks the shift from summer to winter. A noticeable feature of this season is the shredding of leaves from once green trees. Autumn, for me, was symbolic of change. Change is inevitable as the seasons have revealed, and change makes way for new things to flourish. As the more tepid temperatures continue to loom, you can’t help but notice the glaring similarities between autumn and MiCampus. We have added new features and focused more on what really interests students. Check out the fashion pages for the newest trends and how to incorporate them in daily life. Finally in the words of Keats, “for summer has o’erbrimmed their clammy cells,” it’s time for us to discover what the new season has in store.


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Nontobeko Lekuleni Nqobile Khoza Pamela Setati Mothekhi Mphahlele Philanathi Rasmeni Nosipho Radebe

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 1



2 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April


by Nosipho Radebe

With so many popular trends to pick from this season there is no time to get left behind. Both navy and pink are on trend but we can’t pick one! So we will let you.


Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 3


Woolworths has more than you can bargain for! From mother’s day gifts to discounted boots and everything in between. While Stuttafords brings the heat with new brands. Boy what a season this is going to be!

4 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 5

While the original design has stayed the same, the way it is styled has gone through quite an evolution. No longer restricted to just male wearers, more and more ladies can be seen rocking this somewhat masculine design, making it quite a sexy and fashionable trend! Along with the jacket, we also see other items that have been heavily influenced by this sporty aesthetic- in the form of dresses and tops- all forming part of the Sportswear Luxe trend that has taken the fashion world by storm in recent times. Knowing how to style this trend can turn you from looking like you’re drowning in oversized gym-wear, to looking like you actually spent hours getting ready. You can rock the longer-length top as either a dress, with your wedge sneakers, or pair it with a trendy pair of leather shorts or skirt. Just remember to top it up with simple accessories and you’re good to go!

TRENDING… by Pamela Setati

THE VARSITY JACKET/TOP The Varsity jacket- recognized as one of the most iconic clothing items in sports- has made a comeback in a big way. This clothing item can be traced all the way back to the 19th century, worn first by the Harvard 1865 baseball team as a way of singling out their star players. No one could have predicted that its popularity would grow beyond the sporting fields and permeate the street fashion culture of the 80’s. As all things fashionable have proven, it too has recently re-appeared on the runways of major fashion labels, and being rocked by your favourite celebs such as Rihanna (pictured). And as popular culture has a way of always finding its way back to the masses, it has proven very popular among varsity students as well! 6 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April

Your varsity jacket can also be rocked in multiple ways. Whether you pull it over a pair of warm tights for a relaxed day look, or vamp it up with a pair of stilettos for a night out with the girls, this piece is very versatile! Available in a myriad of interesting and funky designs, the varsity jacket should become your wardrobe staple- especially now that the colder months are approaching…

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 7


by Pamela Setati

From fashion to technology, we now take a peep at the latest in gadgetry for students. As a student, most of your days are spent on the move, so you need gadgets that are small, lightweight and portable. The latest in gadgetry is intended to do achieve just that- and add some convenience to our lives! Here are a few of the latest tech trends making airwaves… With tablets being all the rage among students due to their portability and multi-functionality, Sony has come up with a next-generation tablet that has definitely stepped up the game.

The Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is the skinniest and lightest tablet on the market. What makes it even cooler is the fact that it’s waterproof, and offers the first Digital Noise Cancelling technology in a tablet! Other awesome specs include: • • • •

A 10.1 inch HD display Quick-charge technology- with up to 10 hours of battery life An 8.1 megapixel camera that shoots in HD A host of preloaded apps for your enjoyment

With all this awesomeness packed into a tiny, lightweight tablet, you can expect to fork out around R17 500- available at Dion Wired. Talk about dynamite in a small package! What would life be without a smartphone? Not many of us can actually remember how we even functioned without these little gizmos, and Samsung wants to make sure we never have to! Hot on the heels of the Apple iPhone 5S, Samsung has released a slicker and better version to give you an alternative against the former. Said to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely worth considering.

8 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April

With a 5.1 inch 1080p HD AMOLED screen, and a 16 megapixel camera, this model is one of the best in the market. Another great feature is that it is waterproof- which means that it can be submerged in water of 1.5m depth for up to an hour and still work just fine! Other great features include: • A prolonged battery life (lasting for up to 24 hours on standby mode) • Easier navigation of apps on the home screen • Greater security features like the fingerprint sensor that only allows its owner to unlock it and also make online payments with the PayPal app. This allows for greater privacy overall. This really smart smartphone retails for around R10 299 prepaid- available from all major cell phone dealers.

Now, we all know how handy a pair of good headphones can be- especially when trying to block out all the distractions going on around you. The Monster N-Tune On-Ear Headphones are just the perfect solution to your peaceful study sessions. With noise-isolating technology, they are built to drown out any distractions- allowing you to study in peace! Another great addition to their functionality is that you can even make and receive phone calls. We love multifunctional gadgets here at MiCampus because they allow for better multitasking! At just R1204 a pop, you can head over to and check these babies out. PHOTO CREDITS: Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April


Taking a breather from studies and keeping fit... by Nqobile Khoza Breaking into the world of world is a challenge for graduates with the challenges of a constraint market place as a result the competition is very high. Crossing nighting is a norm amongst students and students rely a lot on energy drinks and sugary caffeine. Student always fool themselves into thinking there’s no time between the 24 hours to have a healthy snack or have some physical exercise. There are vending machines at every turn, lifts on campus and res, shuttling services around campus and student life is riddled with unhealthy temptations, but you can beat the bulge with these no-brainer eating and exercise tips. The college website gives the following tips on adjustments you make to you diet now that you staying alone Eat this > Not that o Reduced fat or non-dairy milk > Whole or 2% milk o Frozen yogurt > Ice cream o Diet soda > Regular soda o Egg whites > Egg yolks o White or light meat > Red meat o Baked whole-grain crackers > Fried, oily chips o Brown rice > White rice o Whole wheat pasta > White flour pasta o Thin-crust veggie pizza > Thick-crust pepperoni pizza o Stevia, agave, or other natural sweetener > Processed sugar or aspartame-based sweeteners Everyday Exercise- you can visit your school website to view different clubs and societies that you can join to help you keep fit such as: dance, boxing, gym, yoga etc. However you don’t really need to join gym, there are hundreds of ways to incorporate movement without shaking up your routine. Here are a few: 1. Stay away from the lift between classes, take the stairs. 2. Take the lift also when carrying loads of groceries and laundry instead of tasking the lift. 3. If you’re a commuter, park farther away than normal. 4. Usually outside campus residence is 15-20 minutes away from campus instead of taking a bus to school, walk it will help to wear comfortable shoes too. You can also get off a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way if you are a commuter. 5. Ask the experts. Hire a personal trainer for a session or two to help you with your weight training and flexibility training. This can be a follow student studying towards a relevant qualification around your school. 6. Make it fun – you can practise a dance routine from your favourite artist with your friends this will get your heart pumping. A lot of different things count as exercise you have no choice but to keep moving.

10Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April


By Mothekgi Mphahlele

The skin usually gets dry during autumn. We have brought great expert beauty tips in order to give you that radiant glow that will leave you looking amazing. • Skin To keep your skin moisturized this season you have to: -drink lots of water -use a hydrating moisturizer If you have an oily skin we suggest you use:

Pond’s facil moisturizer

For skin combination:

-Pond’s vanishing cream

Make sure to exfoliate the skin once a week to get rid of any dead cells. There are a lot of products for different skin tones available at retail outlets.

-use Yardley oatmeal moisturizer day and night.

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 11


Go for a darker shade for your lips for instance Tangerine, dark maroon, red. Use it along with a lip liner for colour intensity and for long lasting colour.


Go for a darker shade, Smokey eye make-up is in trend now. Remember if you go dark on the eyes, the lips should be a lighter shade and if you go dark on the lips put less eye make-up as eyes and lips complement each other.

12 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April

HOLIDAYS/VACATIONS by Philanathi Rasmeni

Do you have any idea on how to have awesome productive holidays/vacations?

Most people regard holidays or vacations as a time to take a break from what one has been occupying throughout the year, term or semester. During this time other people more especially students’ desire a short, memorable and productive week with their loved ones, while others occupy this time doing something constructive to their careers. The best way for everyone is to make a balance between their studies and time for a break. Sometimes you can’t wait to be on holidays because of home sickness, maybe missing your loved ones too much. But the reality is you end up spending only a week with them and get satisfied or bored, then it’s good to have plans maybe to go out with friends and visit one of the beautiful icons/attractions such as the table mountain in Cape town or the Cradle of Humankind in North west. In this way you get a chance to explore the country, have a peace of mind and enjoy the beauty of nature outdoors with your loved ones, while you get to learn more other things such as the importance of hospitality and tourism in South Africa. Other than that there are many other ways of having awesome and productive holidays. One can spend his or her spare time in making change in the community, by visiting the old age homes or work with charities to encourage other people to contribute or take care of those who are in need. This movement can change someone’s life and add in your experience under your CV. Also, other people would like to get a pocket money over their holidays for various reasons, then that’s one’s responsibility to search and apply early for part time jobs, or else you can even start a small business and cell airtime and sweets. Or do people’s hair and nails for various occasions. This experience can help to learn independency and stop depending to government or parents in order to survive, also one can learn various skills that can help to build the future. Most importantly it’s good to look for an internship or in-training that is related to your career job, so that it can be easy to find a permanent job after your studies. The student and graduate placement or career shop in most universities can help to suggest companies that can offer various internships. Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 13


A hand that gives is blessed than the hand that’s receiving. So charity begins at home,by contributing to those that are in need such as charities or old age homes, you stand a chance to be a better person in life too.

INTERNSHIP How about an in-service training or an intership during holidays?


Thousands of people across the world voted and on November 11, 2011, Table Mountain was named among the New7Wonders of Nature.You can get to the top of Cape Town's most famous icon in just five minutes by taking a cable car, or spend the better part of your day hiking up.

14 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April


Family time is the best ever, you get to refresh your mind and gain new strength to keep going. So to organise a trip and go out together can decrease stress too.

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is one of eight South African World Heritage Sites. It is the world's richest hominin site, home to around 40% of the world's human ancestor fossils.The 53 000ha area is also home to a diversity of birds, animals and plants, some of which are rare or endangered

HUMANKIND Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 15

SOCIETIES AROUND CAMPUS TO HELP KEEP YOU FIT by Nqobile Khoza Participating in sports can be a big part of your university experience it also benefits students in a number of ways such as psychologically, mentally and physically. Different campuses offer sporting activities which you can join for fun or with an intention of representing you school or country internationally. Not more attention is given to the more fun kind of sporting activities that you and I can join.

TUKKIES CLIMBING CLUB The university of Pretoria has an exciting climbing club they have training sessions twice weekly and if you are also outgoing this clubs has lots of trips and climbing clubs camps throughout the year as part of the package this includes trips to Boven in Mpumalanga and smaller trips to Harrismith, Umgeni Valley and the White Umfolozi Gorge in Natal and Barn Climbing Gym in Pretoria East where you can practise on the cool routes and purchase gear at the shop. Rock climbing is an ideal student sport, offering a mental and physical challenge as well as an opportunity to explore the country.

Multisports (Athlons) Triathlon Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University offers a great programme called Multisports (Athlons) Triathlon. This is a combination of swimming, cycling and running. •Swim - Mon, Tues & Thurs at 6:30am at the NMMU Indoor Gym •Cycle - Tues, Wed & Sat - varies, depending on the session •Run - Mon at 16:30 at Settler's Park & Thurs at 16:30 at the grass track at NMMU

CAPOEIRA CLASSES AT UCT: “Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that was developed by African slaves in Brazil roughly 500 years ago. The slaves needed a way to defend themselves. However, any form of martial art was forbidden. Thus, instead of a fight, capoeira is played as a dance. Through dance and music, it was possible for the slaves to practice their art form which was used by escaped slaves to defend themselves and their villages from the Portuguese. The fluid movements and rhythms of capoeira distinguish it from other martial arts and give it the vibrancy it is known for.” Uct capoeira club website See the training times and be part of this amazing sport. Mondays -4:30 to 6:30 & Thursdays - 4:30 to 6 in UCT Sport Centre Hall 3 (during term times) UCT capoeira membership fee: R250 (per year) Let’s eat well, stay fit, die anyway but not from cardiovascular diseases !!!

16 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 17

miInterv G

raduations are a very exciting experience but thereafter reality kicks in and then comes the anxiety of finding a job. No need to despair, here is some tips to win your new bosses over, get you well prepared for interviews. Generally Preparation for interview involves • Research of the company and employers • Prepare and practice interview questions • Check fine details of what your interview entails  Take the time to review common interview questions as you will most likely be asked some of them.  Review sample answers and advice on how to answer these typical interview questions.  Research the company as well as the department for which you will are applying. You will be asked about this and it is important you are able to explain your reasons to work there specifically.

Commerce Interview

You need to know what the company is all about, this will include: 1. What market they are in. 2. What products 3. Their competitors 4. How they structured, this will include where they be working and who do they report to 5.How profitable and which division is making more money 6. Where do they see the company in the next 5 years 7. How are your teams, their age group? • First impressions do count and choosing well your attire can boost or hinder your chances for the job even before you speak. • Prepare to answer to what your strengths and weaknesses are as it will also be brought up. • Be prepared to ask questions of your own, it is highly likely that you will be asked if you have any questions. Remember: “none” is not an acceptable answer. “It is a signal that you are unprepared, uninterested or uncaring about the job. • Be well-groomed, having a positive attitude, engaging in small talk (a witty comment, perhaps), keeping eye contact and smiling at the person interviewing you will not certainly decide your fate, but it will show that you are making an effort can get you off to a flying start. Acknowledgement: LeratoMangope, Head of Corporate funding

18 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April

view Tips Engineering interview

• Engineering questions are more technical so you should know your specialty well, the questions are there to guide the interviewer to know what kind of engineer you are. • Present yourself well, an interview is a chance to showcase yourself and your professional achievements, this is your chance to impress. And yes, first impressions last. Be on time, dress well, know your field and just relax and be confident. • Don’t overlook reading to brush up your knowledge because technical knowledge will be asked, you don’t want to come across as unprepared. • Be prepared to write a test on your technical knowledge, as it is done on some occasions of interviews. • Do a background check on the company and know what it is all about, show genuine interest in the company you want to work for, prepare to ask your own questions about the company. Acknowledgement: Reggie Nqiwa, Technical director at Kresta Green Technologies

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 19


BOITY Bootylicious

bombshell 1) Tell us 7 facts about you? 1 - I am an actress 2 - I love cleaning (OCD) 3 - I chew elastics when I am stressed 4 - I have over 200 bottles of nailpolish 5 - I have a fear of heights 6 - I loathe manual cars 7 - I studied to become a criminal profiler 2) What are some of the most interesting things about your background. Where did you grow up and what kind of kid were you? I grew up in Potch, North West and I was raised by my grandparents. I had the privilege of being raised by amazing, kind hearted people who taught me that kindness & compassion come first. I had a very happy and colourful childhood in the Kasi - the best place to raise a child. I was such a tomboy growing up....which I still am to be honest. LOL! I was an extrovert, I loved the outdoors and I was constantly with friends, finding ourselves in trouble here and there. The right kind of trouble that assisted in shaping me to be who I am today. :) I love Potch. 3) Our readers are surely interested on some of your favourite items. What is your favourite Car, Book, Artist, Movie, Quote, Sports and Job? Fave car - The latest Merceded A Class. I DIE!!! Fave Book - The Valkyries By Paulo Coelho Fave Artist - Donny Hathaway Fave Movie - Boy In the Stripped Pyjamas Fave Quote - I have quite a few but Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” stands out for me. Fave Sport - Yikes, I don’t have one. :( oh wait, DRUMMIES! Haha! Fave Job - Acting

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 21


4) How where your campus days? Where did you study and what kind of student were you?

I loved my days on Campus. I think it was mainly because I enjoyed what I was studying and my friends made all my days bearable. I also loved the fact that our campus was small and intimate, it was a very friendly environment and the students were from all walks of Africa so there was always so much to learn from each other. I was a chilled student. I went to class when I had to although I had a late assingnment here and there. I balanced my studying and student night outs pretty well. I loved my time on campus. :) 5) How did you get into the industry? What are some of the most interesting gigs you’ve done, how are you finding the industry and what are you plans for the future? I got into the industry through my first advert ever, which was the Wimpy cheesanator. It all starts with getting a good agent and I was fortunate enough to have been directed to one when I was searching for ways to get started with my acting career. The most interesting gig I have done thus far is Big Brother Africa. It exposed to a big portion of Africa and I met some of the most incredible people in the process. I learned a lot through my experience in BBA. My plans for the future involve acting, fitness and more acting. Acting is all I have wanted to do so I hope I will be doing it for as long as I can. :) 6) What are some of the factors you enjoy as a South African woman, do you think women have a stronger voice in SA? What is your vision of a twenty second century African woman? Being a woman in SA means endless opportunities. It means respect. It means having to work the hardest. It means constantly having to prove yourself worthy of a lot of things. But all in all - it genuinely just means being one of the most beautiful creations on this earth. Women in this country are incredibly strong and so empowered. I meet them on a daily. We are more blessed than we actually admit and realise. My vision for women in general - Independence, Education and Freedom comes to mind. A woman who can be strong and independent without having to conform to societal rules. A woman who is accepted in high positions without being compared to a man. Women supporting each other. That would be phenomenal. 7) You are iFani and probably many guys out there’s biggest crush what do you have to say about that and who is the Current lucky guy? It is incredibly flattering. And I appreciate all the love. I am happily single. :) 22 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April


8) What message do you have for young girls out there who aspire to be like you? Well, this is the advice I give to everyone for whatever it is they wish to achieve: do not allow anyone to convince you that your dream is not worth chasing. Only you, God and your heart know and understand the worth & importance of that dream. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dream and are willing to do whatever it takes to assist in making that dream for you. Do not confuse the universe - don’t pray for something and then act like u don’t believe that its going to happen. Assist God and the universe and take the necessary steps to making it happen. Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts and words. Speak your hopes and dreams into the world. And lastly - recognize, understand, appreciate your worth. :)

Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April 23

miEVENTS Workshop and Presentation: BEING PROACTIVE, PRODUCTIVE AND SELF-PROMOTING THURS, 8 MAY WEST CAMPUS, CCDU, Wits University Time: 14H30-16H30 For who: Students in their final year of study Program entails: In being proactive, we often avoid “analysis paralysis”. However, we can strike a balance by weighing up when to “just do it” and how to measure the the risk attached without procrastinating. In this short workshop, you will learn to play the continuum of “proactive versus reactive”, learn techniques to harness your energy and resources to be “the very best You”. Presented by Lesley Witt, Coach Approach Student Expo 2014 at Micolway-Byanston, Sandton, Johannesburg What is The Student Expo? “The Student Expo” is South Africa’s only exhibition that is designed to provide both current and prospective students with the necessary tools to succeed in professional tertiary education and beyond Why should you attend: • Gives awareness about graduating employment opportunities, brand visibility and graduate recruitment about program sustainibilty. • Opens the opportunity to meet influential leaders, companies and institutions that give you insight of where your career can take you. For Who: • Current students • Prospective students • School leavers • Graduates • Postgraduates Times: • Thursday: start at 9am • Friday: 9am-6pm • Saturday: 9am-4pm

EC Round 2 May 2, 3, 14, 15, 16 Speaker Series (Business Breakfast Maybe) or Business Factory workshop 24 Vol (5) Issue 29 2014 Autum - April


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