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Building The Next Big Thing - Letter From The Editor ma-luxe studios inc. is a lifestyle company focused on providing unique and innovative bridal, beauty and fashion services to women of all ages. We specialize and possess extensive experience in freelance hair, makeup and creative consulting. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a vast body of work which we believe best reflects our expert skills. We have successfully built a large and loyal fan base that follows and supports our goals, creative projects and each of our individual careers. The goal of ma-luxe for 2012 was to create the appropriate amount of momentum that is essential to building a lasting professional reputation and a strong business foundation in the beauty and fashion industries and we believe we have exceeded our expectations. Our team has been featured in almost every major Canadian bridal magazine including but not limited to the following: WedLuxe, Bride & Groom, Wedding Bells, The Wedding Ring and We have also been featured on various famous cult websites like Style Me Pretty, and Style

Other noteworthy successes this year have included becoming the visual creative team for the promotional and marketing efforts of The Fairmont Empress and The Bengal Lounge, providing key hair and makeup services for The David Foster Foundation Concert as well as consulting on a promotional viral video for Trevor Linden and his new residential development, 601 Herald Street. We currently hold many commercial client files including having consulted on the recent off-shoot magazine launch of The Wedding Ring - Vancouver Island and being the official bloggers for the online downpayment registry, Home For The Honeymoon. We have travelled for work to New York, Paris, Norway, Mexico, Palm Springs and San Francisco and we are currently booking weddings into 2014. Collectively, we can proudly state that we are providing our services for over 100 weddings in 2012 alone and we believe that we are perfectly primed for the ultimate expansion.

A Story of Essential Experience ma-luxe studios inc. is the brain child of Marion Groot - a professionally trained hair and makeup artist - and began as a sole proprietorship in August 2006. Marion had spent a good portion of her young adult life working as a professional singer/songwriter and upon deciding to no longer persue her singing career and graduating from beauty school, she quickly decided her strengths would be best suited to running her own establishment. Marion and her team were able to build a loyal following in The Lower Mainland and the studio became well known for providing quality work while offering interesting twists on classic services. It took on the identities of a monthly cocktail lounge, an art gallery and became a popular place for women to socialize after work while engaging in the latest beauty techniques. Marion focused on building a strong team of stylists whose work reflected a very high standard. Education was a big priority and word spread quickly in the local wedding industry that ma-luxe was a great place for brides to have their hair and makeup done. These were formative years for Marion as she was able to expand her styling horizons and build on her up-work skills as well as become intimately familiar with the day-today operations of running a small business. ma-luxe moved locations in 2008 to Victoria, BC when Marion met and fell in love with her husband - a Government Communications Director. They were married in September 2010.

Behind The Brand Marion Groot is 29 years old and has been working in a professional leadership capacity since the age of 16, when she successfully founded a non-profit organization called YUM - Youth United Music - for which she won a community spirit award in Chilliwack, BC. One of Marion’s strongest passions has been to lead teams of creative people and to inspire other young women to accomplish their dreams. Marion’s experience in the music industry has offered her unique insight into small business start-ups and has provided her the opportunity to develop expertise in the fields of online marketing and social media.

A Unique Opportunity After moving to Victoria and experiencing the trials and tribulations of becoming a bride herself, Marion began to notice large holes in the Vancouver Island bridal market. There was a salon on every corner offering hair and makeup services but nobody was specializing in mobile, on-location freelance styling. In the industry, hair and makeup artists felt they had little support and were working themselves to the bone to hardly make a living. Marion knew that the key to establishing a successful and lucrative business was to look for dynamic, energetic personalities who could work together to create the ultimate experience for brides and their families. ma-luxe studios inc. launched on January 15th, 2012 with The Collective - a team of professional hair and makeup artists hellbent on supporting each other and creating mutual exposure by sharing creative ideas, engaging the public in online beauty education and discussion and offering unique, never-donebefore services. It was a bold move and people definitely took notice. Three months after launching, The Collective had successfully raised its online following to that of ten thousand people and established a Midwest Correspondent in Omaha, Nebraska and a West Coast Correspondent in Portland, Oregon. Professionals in other industries began taking notice as well and started to enquire about potential collaborations. The Collective developed important relationships with influential commercial vendors and began to see another avenue of growth in editorial and fashion marketing through visual photography and creative consulting.

The Studio Collective cultivating an existence that is artistically driven and rooted in wonderment.

There were several catalysts that lead to the idea of The Studio Collective. Makeup artists and hairstylists working for ma-luxe studios inc. became more successful but their part-time employers began to reduce much needed work hours and their booming careers began to conflict with part-time employment. As client appointments became more covetable, the conversation of a common studio space began to occur as Marion and her team came to understand that if they could work more efficiently, they could increase their bottom line. In March 2012, Marion fell upon a very special space in downtown Victoria. She could not help but see the incredible opportunity that lay in front of her. It was the perfect time to take the leap and embark on an adventure of bigger and better things in order to continue to fuel the essential momentum building around ma-luxe. Cut to the present. ma-luxe studios inc. is an incorporated company (March 2012) with a 4200 square foot studio space - oozing natural light and polished decor - located on one the most popular and prominent street corners that Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island have to offer. It took almost six months for Marion Groot to negotiate a unique and special arrangement with the City of Victoria to allow ma-luxe studios and The Studio Collective to fulfill their passionate commitment to restoring the heritage property on the corner of Johnson and Broad to its original grandeur, as ma-luxe studios inc. believes in preserving the rich history of Downtown Victoria, BC.

The Mission It is our purpose to discover and cultivate authentic talent. We believe that creative people deserve guidance, support and accountability to hone their skills, increase revenue and fulfill their dreams. We believe in the experience of beauty. Every woman can and should be able to enjoy and indulge in the act of feeling glamorous on a daily basis. We continually educate ourselves in technical skill, we follow and stay ahead of trends, and we make it our business to pass on our expertise to our clients. Our clients are our top priority. We are committed to building strong relationships by providing value and exceeding expectations in every creative endeavor we undertake.

MARKETING FOOTPRINT ma-luxe studios inc. has established a strong word-of-mouth based business and believes in creating interest and dynamic pull through online marketing and social media campaigning. The current campaign is perhaps the most successful yet - having established a reach on the company’s Facebook page of over 100 thousand people per week. ma-luxe studios and The Studio Collective are very well connected in the community both personally and professionally and each member possess considerable expertise and experience in what Marion Groot often refers to as Guerrilla Marketing. The goal of ma-luxe is to create a company with services that are in demand and covetable while offering continued value to clients and customers - ensuring lasting loyalty. Guerrilla Marketing requires constant attention and underlying support from various people which is why Marion Groot believes The Studio Collective is such a great project. Each member’s networking spiderweb instantly expands beyond anything they are able to grow alone and far more quickly. ma-luxe studios inc. believes it has already established a proven track record of successful marketing strategies. It is perhaps where the members feel their most comfortable. They are experts at creating a buzz. Marion Groot is also Editor In Chief of - the company’s website and online magazine. Each member of The Studio Collective contributes interesting and engaging content to the website on a regular basis. In the past, Marion Groot has built a number of bridal, beauty and fashion focused blogs to receive features internationally with large followings from the ground up. The Home For The Honeymoon blog is a perfect example and is considered one of the largest wedding industry blogs on Vancouver Island having featured several well established companies such as Blush Bridal Boutique, Ooh La La Cupcakes, Jesse Holland Photography, Platinum Floral Designs, Adorn Atelier and many others. The Online Magazine - Beginning the second week of October 2012, ma-luxe studios inc. will transition its website to the format of an online magazine to be published at the beginning of every season. Our goal will be to create the most ideal platform for empowering and furthering exposure of the content that each member of The Studio Collective creates and to control the level of exposure we can bring to each business associated with ma-luxe studios and The Studio Collective.

FAMOUS LAST WORDS A personal note from Marion Groot - Director of ma-luxe studios inc. I truly believe in this project. In my life, I have always been a better leader than anything else. Despite my talent and best efforts, ignoring possibility has proved to be the most difficult task for me. I believe in making things happen and I think it says a lot that we’re already working together and respecting each other. Whether people agree or disagree with my outlook, I believe we really do need each other to succeed. Artists need motivation, businesses need competition, and the economy - currently - needs creativity. In order to go places, we need to think outside the box and take a leap of faith in something bigger and better than our fears, our egos, our setbacks as well as our successes. We have different interests and different yet complementary businesses, but for all of us, one aspect will always continue to hold true: we’re only as good as our last picture, our last hairstyle, our last project. I am passionate about creating a body of work that speaks volumes and I believe that in order to do that, I need to continue to surprise myself as well as those around me. We all do. It can be very easy to sink into a cyclical creative process that brings safety, comfort and confidence but that’s not what I’m looking for in my career. I want to work with people who are passionate about discovering the best parts of their craft and pushing themselves to see the world with clarity and compassion. We’re in this together whether we like it or not. With that said, it makes sense to jump in.

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