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Dr. Charles Livingston's Fat Loss Factor (FLF) gained a lot of fame when many people have testified that they have lost as much as 30 pounds when they were already at the verge of giving up on their weight loss ambition. While some diet plans and products would only make the dieter spend more, the fat loss factor is said to be worth the investment.

An Effective Diet Program Dr. Charles and the Fat Loss Factor have received lots of positive reviews as an effective diet program. When dieters have tried other programs prior to the fat loss factor, many have gained less inspiring results which made them think that they would never lose weight anymore and that being overweight is just to stay because they have a genetic disorder, have children, are adults and that they are born to be overweight. For some people, losing weight may be an aesthetic goal but others aim to be more than just looking good. They want to be healthy as well.

The Trouble With Too Much Weight With so much weight comes along "unhealthy" facts such as bad accumulation of bad cholesterol, difficulty in sleeping and putting too much work to the knees in carrying an oversized body. Dr. Charles' Fat Loss Program was said to be a gift from heaven. First impressions of its video are already good and have the viewers getting hooked. With the current diets still applied, some did become skeptical. However, the concepts presented make a lot of sense, work outs doable and the goals attainable.

The Video Features the Liver Shown in the video is Dr. Charles talking about many fad diets and products such as drops and pills which many have tried but to no effective result. He then laid the foundation of the diet plan - the liver. The liver is the fat burning factor of the human body. When it does not function well, the body increases fat deposits. When it does, everything shall be fine. Such reckoning about the liver would bring the audience back to their primary school days when the liver was introduced in school and its functions explained. Dr. Charles explained it well that even the most skeptical viewers decided to try it.

Saving Time and Money As Well The beginning is a brief liver cleansing. This phase alone can already make some people lose pounds. Some even experienced losing six pounds during the first week, thus the dieters were more inspired to continue. Diets are said to be easy to follow. The program gives everything that is needed in terms of recipes and workouts. Even grocery list is provided that makes shopping easier. Those who have less time with demanding careers found cooking for themselves, tough. However, Fat Loss Factor recipes are easy to shop, prepare and cook. Even such saves a lot of time. In fact, cooking for oneself can also save one some money. The FLF is effective in losing weight, as well as in increasing the bank account, instead of decreasing it



Introducing the Fat loss factor of Dr. Charles Livingston